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• [Car should be handed back before law is changed]

[Car should be handed back before law is changed]

   The Sunday Times, , (Perth, W. Australia), Letters to The Editor, p 61, Sunday, January 10, 2010
  [Picture] LOCKED UP: The Lamborghini impounded for 28 days.    Picture: RICHARD HATHERLY  

Common sense

   RE Police Minister Rob Johnson's backflip on the impounded Lamborghini:  Common sense has prevailed, I guess.  He could have continued to stonewall until the story went away, as they inevitably do.  What strikes me as funny is how the press and public outrage only kicks into high gear when it is a Lamborghini on the block.
   This situation has occurred before, with not a whimper from either the press or outraged citizens then.  But Joe Blogg's Commodore doesn't really come close to a Lambo for a headline, does it?  WAYNE, Port Kennedy, via PerthNow
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The law is flawed

  THE impounding of Dr Nugawela's Lamborghini is absolutely ridiculous.  Why should the owner of a vehicle be punished for an offence allegedly committed by his mechanic?  The same thing could happen to any motorist who takes a vehicle in for a service.
   The law as it stood was clearly flawed, and yet Police Minister Rob Johnson had the arrogance to claim it was fair.  Perhaps his attitude would be different if his car was seized under those circumstances.  A.VIJ, Hillarys

[Accolades for opposing hoons]

   The Carpenter government failed to address the hoon problem and the wholesale slaughter and injury of innocent West Australians.  Barnett is doing what should have been done years ago.  A slight hiccup over the Lambo has been quickly righted as the flaw in the law became apparent.  Accolades to Barnett and his government for getting tough on hoons.  CHERYL, PERTH

Stealing is wrong

   STEALING cars is forbidden.  Dr Nugawela owns his Lamborghini and it ought to be handed back to him.  Now.  JOHN C. MASSAM, Greenwood

Defeated purpose

   IS there anyone in Perth who really believes the doctor should not have his car returned?
   The legislation was designed to remove the means by which irresponsible persons can endanger our community.  Impounding Dr Nugawela's car defeats that purpose.  JUSTIN, Perth, via PerthNow

   [COMMENT: The wording of the John C. Massam letter has been changed remarkably from what was e-mailed on Jan. 8.  It is an abbreviation, which is an IMPROVEMENT!  Well done!
   Dr Patrick Nugawela owns his [yellow] Lamborghini car, and it ought to be handed straight back to him. The new seizure law was meant to punish wrongdoers, and it seems that someone else is alleged to have been driving it, so the doctor is not a wrongdoer.
   A very old rule, adopted from ancient law codes, is "Thou shalt not steal."
   Even this dysfunctional WA Government of Scrooges ought to remember that stealing is wrong.  The Premier, Minister, and police ought to be ashamed of themselves. END.]
   [FOOTNOTE: Evidently Dr N. went to Singapore and replied to media enquiries from there. ENDS.]
[Jan 10, 2010]

• Statement from Greens MLA Adele Carles.  - Extramarital affair between married politicians had been exposed on gossip website.    


   The Sunday Times (Perth, W. Australia), , letters § sundaytimes newsltd com au ; by Ms Adele Carles, M.L.A., p 4, Sunday, April 25, 2010
   It is with deep regret that I acknowledge an affair with the Treasurer, Troy Buswell.
   It lasted several months and it is over now.
   I could attempt to portray myself as the vulnerable one who was taken advantage of.
   However, this is simply not true. We made a mutual, albeit stupid decision, as two consenting adults.
   My actions have caused great pain to many people and I have many apologies to make, including to the following people.
   To my husband who I have been with for 18 years, and our three gorgeous daughters aged 13,10 and 7, none of you deserve to bear the embarrassment and pain caused by my selfish behaviour.
   My husband is a man of great integrity and he has always placed his family as his number one priority.
   To my mother, father and brother, to my mother-in-law, father-in-law and brothers-in-law and the rest of my husband's extended family,
   I know that you will all be shocked and furious with me for treating someone as special as my husband in this deceitful way.
   (I apologise) to Troy Buswell's wife and sons for the pain and humiliation this is causing their family.
   (I also apologise) to my fellow Greens Giz Watson, Lynn MacLaren, Robyn Chappie and Alison Xamon for putting them all through hell over this and placing them in a very difficult position in their roles as MPs.
   To Bob Brown and the federal Greens senate team, to Greens members, voters and supporters, I apologise for any damage I have caused to our Greens reputation.
   To the Premier, my state parliamentary colleagues and the staff at Parliament House, I am sorry.
   To the Labor Party, I apologise for blaming you for the gossip website last week and I realise now that there may have been other people behind it.
   To my constituents in Fremantle, I apologise.
   I want you to know that at no time did I allow this to compromise how I voted in parliament, nor did I seek or obtain any favours from the Treasurer.
   The public record shows that on contested votes, I voted with the Labor Party as is my usual voting pattern.
   It is my promise to you - the people of Fremantle - that I will continue to promote the interests of Fremantle as I always have.
   I thank my friends Cherie McNeill and Natacha Hammond for being there for me.
   I cannot turn back time.
   I can only acknowledge what I have done and attempt to rebuild the relationships that I have shattered.
   Finally, I hope that you (media) will respect my family's right to privacy at this difficult time, particularly as there are children involved. #
   [NEWSITEMS on other pages:
   PAGE ONE:   POLITICAL BOMBSHELL     Greens star MP Adele Carles reveals her illicit relationship with Treasurer Buswell.  MY SECRET AFFAIR WITH TROY   (With pictures of both.)
   Pages 4-5: Two-page heading: "I have caused great pain to many people" (With pictures.)
   Pages 4-5: "My regret over Buswell affair," exclusive, report by Joe Spagnolo, Political Reporter.  Ms Carles, 41, married, with three children, revealed the intimate relationship.
   The revelations come almost two years to the day since this newspaper exposed Mr Buswell's chair-sniffing episode.  A few months earlier, The Sunday Times exposed his bra-unclipping prank.  Those events cost him the leadership of the State Parliamentary Liberal Party.
   Page 5: "Treasurer self-destructs," comment by Joe Spagnolo.  What a waste of a talent.  He would be Premier today, but for his lapses of judgment and immaturity.

   Page 5:   THE RISE AND FALL OF TROY  : The dates of his career:-
   March 2005 elected for seat of Vasse. 
   Oct 23, 2007 unclips a Labor staffers' brassiere. 
   Jan 17, 2008 replaces Paul Omodei as leader of the State Liberal Party.
   Apr 27, 2008 The Sunday Times reveals the chair-sniffing incident involving Buswell and Liberal staffer Karry Smith.
   Aug 4, 2008 Buswell replaced as Liberal Party leader by Colin Barnett.
   Dec 5, 2009 admits for the second time he had wrongly claimed on his travel accommodation allowance; an oversight, he said. ENDS.]

   [OTHER REPORTING: In recent days, the Perth daily The West Australian published heartfelt complaints from a lady who had been the subject of one of his sex-oriented acts. ENDS.]
   [LETTER TO BE SENT: The Editor,
   If news reports are correct (ST 25/4), the Busselton electors share some of the responsibility for the latest stupidity at high levels in the WA Parliament.
   Reports some months before had shown that a certain member had his mind on matters other than the concerns of the ordinary Busselton voter.
   Or have the hippies and the yippies gone there in such numbers as to skew the results?
   The chair-sniffing and emitted sounds had shown that he would do better in a special kind of movie, but he was re-elected! # ENDS.]
[Apr 25, 2010]

• Buswell affair casts doubt on Greens vote.     

Buswell affair casts doubt on Greens vote

   The West Australian, , letters § wanews com au , By DANIEL EMERSON, Page One, Monday, April 26, 2010
   PERTH (W. Australia) – WA Treasurer Troy Buswell was in hiding last night and his former lover, Greens MP Adele Carles, was forced to defend her voting record as the fallout from their affair rocked State politics.
   The pair's political future is expected to be clarified today when each addresses the scandal publicly.
   It is unclear whether their marriages, which have both lasted about 18 years, can be saved.
   The State Government refused yesterday to answer questions about the affair on the grounds it would detract from the Anzac Day commemorations. Mr Buswell, a father of two boys, would only say that he "would fight on".
   Robert Taylor's Political Sketch P 12
   Reaction P13
   Brilliance tainted by buffoonery P14

   Speaking from Margaret River, where she was travelling with one of her three daughters, Ms Carles said she had "had better days".
   She stood by her claim that her parliamentary votes as the member for Fremantle had never been influenced by her affair with Mr Buswell, which lasted several months and ended only recently.
   "I make a decision on every call in Parliament in terms of the merit of the decision before me because I'm not aligned with either the Liberal or the Labor parties," Ms Carles said.
   She said she was coping "OK" as the sex scandal gathered pace. "I've had a lot of support from my family and friends at the moment and I'm very grateful for that, and from my Greens colleagues," Ms Carles said.
   She declined to reveal whether she and her husband would stay together or whether she had discussed her decision to go public with Mr Buswell, who moved out of his family home in Shenton Park last week.
   The scandal took a political twist after Labor queried Ms Carles' weekend claim that the public record showed she sided with the Opposition during contested votes, as is the norm for the Greens.
   Labor is expected to pay close attention to instances when Ms Carles bucked convention to side with Mr Buswell's party on crucial matters, including her decision to vote with the Government in November to gag debate on proposed stop and search laws. She also helped the Government block amendments to the Bill suggested by Labor.
   Shadow attorney-general John Quigley said he was "perplexed" about Ms Carles' votes.
   "I was astounded at the time that a member of a party that was left of Labor that was claiming to be staunchly for civil rights was voting to shut the debate down and defeat the amendments," he said.
   Political analyst Harry Phillips said it was possible Labor would try to have the matter referred to the parliamentary procedures and privileges committee on the grounds of a possible undeclared conflict of interests on the part of Ms Carles. #

   [RECAPITULATION: Shadow attorney-general John Quigley said he was "perplexed" about Ms Carles' votes.  "I was astounded at the time that a member of a party that was left of Labor that was claiming to be staunchly for civil rights was voting to shut the debate down and defeat the amendments," he said. ENDS.]
     [Picture] Bernie Masters  
   February 2004: Beats sitting MP Bernie Masters for preselection in seat of Vasse.  Mr Masters, who was outraged over being dumped, subsequently described Mr Buswell as having a ruthless ambition.
   February 26, 2005: Elected to the set of Vasse after convincingly defeating Mr Masters, who ran as an independent in a failed bid to retain office.  Makes maiden speech to Parliament a month later.
   November 8, 2005: Elevated to the deputy leadership just nine months after being elected in an easy win over Rob Johnson.
   December 2005: Mr Buswell sniffs the chair of staffer [Ms] Karry Smith during a prank witnessed by other staff members in the Liberal Party office but the story remained under wraps for more than two years.
   MARCH 24,2006: Mr Buswell betrays leader Matt Birney.  Mr Birney loses a leadership spill to Mr Omodei by one vote after Mr Buswell reneges on his support for the sitting leader.
     [Picture] Karry Smith  
   OCTOBER 2007: Snaps the bra of a Labor staffer during a drunken night in Parliament. The story remains under wraps for three months.
   JANUARY 17, 2008: Despite the revelations of his bra-snapping antics, prompted by a letter to a newspaper from an Omodei staffer, Mr Buswell is voted into the leadership over Mr Omodei in a bitter spill.
   APRIL 28,2008: Refuses to comment on "unsubstantiated anonymous rumours" that he sniffed the chair of Ms Smith.  Later the same day, after she confirms the story to The West Australian, Mr Buswell admits he sniffed the chair.
   AUGUST 4, 2008: Mr Buswell steps down as Liberal leader and is replaced by Colin Barnett.  A month later the Carpenter Labor Government is defeated and Mr Buswell is installed as Treasurer.
   OCTOBER 20, 2009: Labor calls on Mr Buswell to resign after revelations he falsely claimed $240 for a living away from home allowance.
     [Picture] Matt Birney  
   MAY 2009: Mr Buswell's first State Budget is attacked for being too tough on families after paving the way for electricity bills to rise by an average of $750 over three years.
   APRIL 24,2010: Mr Buswell's scandal-prone career hangs by a thread after Greens MP Adele Carles admits the pair had an affair.
     [Picture] Colin Barnett  
   P. 12: Affair was too far-fetched to be true but .. by Robert Taylor. ... What we forgot was that this was the chair-sniffing boy, the bra-snapping dude, the party animal MP who can't remember whether he's in Busselton or Shenton Park so claims for both.  He is an embarrassment to Premier Colin Barnett, the Liberal Party, the State Government, the Parliament and Western Australia, [***] the greater sin in the eyes of Greens supporters will be ... that she chose ... a man whose disrespect for women is on the public record.
   P. 13: Bouquet, brickbats for Buswell by Daniel Emerson and Peter Kerr.  (The article gives the opinions, mainly of politicians, for and against Mr Buswell and Mrs Carles.  Mr Buswell has two sons, and Mrs Carles has three daughters.)
     [Picture] Centrestage: Troy Buswell with his wife Margaret.  
     [Picture] Admission: Adele Carles. Her husband Francois Carles is in the background.  
   P. 14: Buswell's brilliance and buffoonery by Daniel Emerson.   Born Bunbury 1966, elected head of Busselton Senior High School, highest marks economics in final year economics University of WA.
   Married Margaret Cummins 1992, tourist bus operator, shire councillor, Busselton shire president 2003.
   State Opposition leader January 2008; some well-documented scandals before being replaced as Opposition leader by Colin Barnett.  Good parliamentary performer, but seems wooden on camera. ENDS.
   P.14: POLITICAL SCANDALS (of other politicians). Pictures and brief descriptions of events regarding Jim Cairns, John Della Bosca, Mike Rann, Gareth Evans, Senator Noel Crichton-Browne (defrauding the Commonwealth of Australia), Senator Janet Powell.
   P.16: You can be Treasurer for a day by Shane Wright.  Devise a $300 billion Federal Budget on the Internet until May 7.  The results of the poll will be published the day before Federal Treasurer Swan delivers his Federal Budget.
[Apr 26, 2010]

[Apology, saying propositions put to CCC investigator were incorrect.]

   The West Australian, , Apology Advertisement, by Philip Dunn, QC, of Melbourne, p 16, Monday, May 03, 2010

In the course of defending Mr Norm Malborough in October 2009 on charges brought against him by the Corruption and Crime Commission of WA I made assertions about Senior Investigator Mark Ingham's character and put propositions to him that certain "findings" had been made against him in a report by Mr Malcolm McCusker, QC the former Parliamentary Inspector.  I now know that those assertions and propositions were totally incorrect.  I am deeply embarrassed by the fact that I made them.  I unreservedly withdraw them and apologise for both the way the questions were put and what I alleged about Mr Ingham.
Philip Dunn QC,
Crockett Chambers, Melbourne,
3rd May 2010. australia/austchron4.htm#apology_saying_propositions
   [COMMENT: Norm Malborough is usually spelled "Marlborough".  He had been a Member of the WA Parliament when the alleged offences occurred.  See, for example, "Carpenter's men tell me all: Burke"; The West Australian, www.thewest. aspx?MenuID= 145&Content ID=21857 , by ROBERT TAYLOR and SEAN COWAN, Page One, Wednesday, February 21, 2007. COMMENT ENDS.] [May 03, 2010]

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[Apology, saying propositions put to CCC investigator were incorrect.] W. AUSTRALIA: Melbourne barrister apologises for his Perth courtroom assertions. (Unusual spelling of the surname of the man he was defending). May 3, 2010
Buswell affair casts doubt on Greens vote.  Apr 26, 2010
[Car should be handed back before law is changed.] PERTH, W. Australia. A mechanic, not the owner, was allegedly speeding in a doctor's expensive car, yet the police impounded the car under a faulty Liberal-National State statute. Jan 10, 2010
Statement from Greens MLA Adele Carles. W. AUSTRALIA: Extramarital affair between married politicians had been exposed on gossip website. Apr 25, 2010

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