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• Rockefeller Internationalism. UNITED STATES: United States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  Throughout the 20th century to the present day, the Rockefeller family, via philanthropy and power politics, has been pivotal in the move to create a so-called New World Order. . . . Back in the 1970s . . . Gary Allen declared in his book, The Rockefeller File, that "the major Rockefeller goal today is the creation of a 'New World Order' -- a one world government that would control all mankind."
   . . . John D. Rockefeller, Senior, . . . devout Baptist . . . in 1920 [John D. Rockefeller] Junior employed the lawyer Raymond B. Fosdick (1883-1972) as one of his key strategic advisers. (p 20 b) . . . it was he who had first urged Junior to embrace the liberal-internationalist creed of President [Woodrow] Wilson.
   . . . Wilson's original New World Order vision entailed . . . the League of Nations . . . as "a community of power" . . . global free trade . . . regional integration . . . weld North and South America together . . . the US should assume a global leadership role (p 21) . . .
   In 1928 Fosdick published The Old Savage in the New Civilization . . . argued . . . The assertion of the absolute sovereignty of the state has become in our time the supreme anarchy. (p 22)
   . . . using Rockefeller wealth to change society, embedding it in a plethora of institutions and organisations that gave the Rockefellers "an unrivalled influence in national affairs." (p 22 b)
   -- Nexus, "Rockefeller Internationalism," part 1 of 3 (revised January 2003), by Will Banyan , April-May 2003, p 19 ff
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261. Free Trade Agreements are to enrich Non-Australians. PERTH, W. Australia: The Singapore Free Trade Agreement [recently signed] is particularly dangerous, because its result will be to replace Australian workers from the cheap Asian labour market (as is happening to the downtrodden Mexican ex-peasants under the NAFTA). The danger is greater in Australia, because of the closer proximity of the downtrodden Asian workers. Already 10 per cent of Australian workers are not in the consumer class. Canberra's invitation to about 100 United States negotiators is opposed. The U.S. under the unelected Bush "thumbed its nose" at free trade a few months ago when the Congress greatly increased the subsidies on agricultural products, thus hurting Australian primary industry and the Third World. The "Teddy Bear War" and the "Fish-shop Batter War" were quoted to warn of the danger of predator anti-competitor behaviour of some U.S. corporations. -- John Massam, e-mail letter to the 12 W.A. senators, and to Mr Graham Edwards, Cowan MHR, Apr 3 2003
• Dictatorship caused 'hunger' in Iraq, not the UN sanctions. No way did 2.5m babies need to die! AUSTRALIA: To: Secretary, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, 19 MacKenzie St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia.
   Dear friends,
   Dictatorship caused hunger: Reading the March issue of Justice Trends was quite a worry, because you had swallowed the "feral left-wing" baloney that 2.5 million Iraqi children had died due to the United Nations sanctions (the ferals say it is United States sanctions). I hope your delegates have had time to watch the extensive television war coverage, by Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC, etc. You now need a "Reality Check."
   I saw huge stocks of munitions, rifles, and suicide vests. There was a huge storehouse full of bagged grain (looted in front of cameras by crowds that included men, women, and youths -- not exactly the "lawless minority" types -- undeterred by their religion's horrendous hand-amputating penalties). We were told there had been hundreds of tanks destroyed in battle.
   Discussion: Ammunition, rocket launchers, rifles, tanks, electronic command systems, etc., all cost a great deal of money. The Iraqi regime was ILLEGALLY exporting oil through a pipeline to Syria (I learnt for the first time in the past few days), and by hundreds of motor lorry-tankers going through the Kurdish lands into Turkey (revealed by Richard Carleton on 60 Minutes some months ago, I think). So, why wasn't food being bought and smuggled in ILLEGALLY, instead of war weapons?
   2. Saddam's palace compounds, portraits and statues (forbidden by strict Muslims) were more numerous and pervasive than we see in the lands of some traditional respected monarchies! All that money and effort could have been put into food production. Did you know that with seeds, a tray, and cereal grains, anyone could produce food on a windowsill?
   Third point: Part of Iraq is blessed with the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. In spite of centuries of warfare, over-population, and other ecological abuse, there is water for growing crops. If even half of Saddam Hussein's armed forces had been trained in irrigation and hydroponic farming and then retired from their murderous duties, enough food could have been produced.
   Sister Sherine's vivid picture in your front-page article of the problems in Iraq was, I regret to say, lopsided. Dictatorships ever since such rulers as the Pharaohs nearly always cause their country's economic and social problems, because they skew human effort and the very earth itself into useless and harmful activities, leaving real human and animal needs as a low priority.
   Did you see the "factory" where living people had been fed into shredders? That had been discussed in recent months by an Iraqi refugee, in "Back to Baghdad," The Weekend Australian, by Ms Zainab Al-Suwaij, Feb 15-16 2003, pp 19 & 26, having been previously published in The New Republic, U.S.A., as "MEMORIES OF A FREE IRAQ: The Fire Last Time," posted Feb 3 03, issue date Feb 10 03
   Today's television and radio news says thousands of graves have been discovered near a northern city. It costs a lot to have people spend their time murdering other people.
   Coalition stupidity/wickedness: The television footage has also further opened our eyes to the stupidity and even wickedness of the U.S. and U.K. leaders, particularly Donald Rumsfeld (who helped build up Saddam Hussein). Did you see him denying that looting was a serious problem, claiming that the same footage was being repeatedly shown? The coalition forces didn't even have the sense to guard the hospitals! In spite of warnings about the antiquities, they just let lorries and destructive mobs go in to loot museums of antiquities plus palaces and government offices!
   The Arabs have no respect for the antiquities -- they defeated the descendants of the civilised peoples of the past, and despise them as defeated idolaters! The "hillbilly" U.S. leaders have no respect -- except to fuel the illegal market in the antiquities by buying them later with their ill-gotten profits from supplying Saddam, and later getting contracts to rebuild Iraq. Britain's Prime Minister Blair and his ministry also let their soldiers in Basra allow disorder, looting, and destroying.
   You need a completely new view! -- John Massam, Perth, Western Australia, 18 April 2003
   [COMMENT: No answer has been received. Are you surprised? - 05 Jan 2004 COMMENT ENDS.]
262. Ex Democrats leader Lees was there when WA was wrecked, now starts rival party; should give up seat. PERTH: Former Australian Democrats leader Meg Lees and former AD senator John Woodley have started a new political party. Why doesn't Senator Lees hand over her seat to a current AD member? After all, AD members raised funds and helped get her into Parliament. The former AD leader Cheryl Kernot, when she crossed over to Labor, resigned her seat in a democratic manner. Among other exploits, Meg plus her then husband and Cheryl Kernot were among those who were partly responsible for decimating the WA division, starting in 1993 and finishing it in 1994. They had refused to act firmly against branch-stackers, and condoned the expulsion of 10 good members. -- The West Australian, "We don't need a new party," , letter from John Massam, Greenwood, Mon May 5 03, p 15
   [FOOTNOTE: This letter left out a lot of details. One of national importance is that Cheryl Kernot conducted a secret love affair with a senior Labor Party federal minister for several years, while leading the Australian Democrats, and supporting Party officials who were destroying the democratic nature of the Party. With two disloyal leaders behind them, one wonders if the AD members will ever decide to review all the decisions made while they and their spouses and/or supporters ran the National Executive and the Parliamentary Party -- but so far (to 26 May 03) no such move has been made to my knowledge. FOOTNOTE ENDS] [Letter's date: May 5, 03]

• Alarm over support for the BNP.  [40% of Britons oppose immigration.] Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  


‘Six out of ten Britons back extremists over asylum’
   UK Mail (The International Daily Mail), By Jonathan Oliver,   EXCLUSIVE  , pp 1-2, Tuesday, May 6, 2003
   FRESH evidence of the alarming rise of the British National Party has emerged as a new poll reveals that six out of ten voters support its extremist stance on asylum seekers.
   Following last week's town hall elections, which saw the BNP score Its best-ever results, an exclusive survey for the Mall discloses surprising sympathy for the extreme right party.
   One in seven adults – 14 per cent – say they would consider voting for the racist party if there was a candidate in their area, while a further one in four support their aims, though they would not actually vote for them.
   Most Britons oppose the BNP, with almost half describing it as 'thoroughly unpleasant'.
   But the new evidence that some of its policies have struck a chord with Britain's voters will send a shockwave through the political establishment.
   The poll will trouble politicians of all mainstream parties, who had hoped last week's BNP successes were a freak result, produced by the low turnout.
   The YouGov poll for the Mail, conducted after the election results, finds that 62 per cent of people back the BNP's policy on targeting refugees and half endorse its hard-line policies on law and order.
   Four out of ten indicated they approved of halting all further immigration.
Alarm as Britons support BNP
   More than a third support the party's plans to send immigrants back to their country of origin, while just over a quarter say it is right to allocate more council homes to white families. Support for BNP policies is similar among both men and women and young and older people.
   The BNP, which wants to see an 'all-white Britain', gained 13 council places in Thursday's local elections, securing eight seats in Burnley, Lancashire – the scene of race riots among white and Asian youth – to become the official opposition.
   It also had success in Midlands towns such as Stoke-on-Trent and Dudley, with little record of ethnic strife, and even won a seat in affluent Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, where the non-white population is just 3.9 per cent and there is virtually no unemployment.
   Shahid Malik, a community activist and member of the Labour NEC, said: 'I just wish people could have seen them leave the hall with their Nazi salutes and their sieg heils.
   'These are the kind of people that the voters of Burnley supported. This was not a protest vote. We have clearly got a large and significant number of people in Burnley who are racist.'
   Election round-up: Page 8
  Do you approve or disapprove of the BNP's views on:  
Cutting the number of asylum seekers: Approve 62%, Disapprove 25%, Don't know 13%.
Sending back immigrants to their country of origin: Approve 37%, Disapprove 45%, Don't know 18%,
Halting all further immigration: Approve 40%, Disapprove 43%, Don't know 17%.
Allocating more council homes to white families: Approve 27%, Disapprove 51%, Don't know 22%. #
   [COMMENT: As well as some pro-Hitler racists, Britain also has a majority who are politically lazy, and a large minority who are bent on overthrowing the country's customs and reverting to violence, using religious mantras.  The Establishment, with its broadacre hunting and fishing estates and huge mansions and castles, by and large is still pretending that Britain is not already heavily populated, and that it has a labour shortage! 
   This newsitem uses all the "Politically Correct" terminology, which keeps the chattering classes agitating against what they see as various "isms", which generally are just healthy inherited suspicion of "the other", spiced with a cynical but accurate suspicion that the "Haves" want to use immigrants to keep wages down and their privileges high.  But Britons, with their undemocratic first-past-the-post electoral system, cannot get the 40 per cent who oppose immigration represented in Parliaments and councils.   COMMENT ENDS.] [May 6, 03]

• "Dismissal of petition for Guantanamo Bay detainee appealed". LOS ANGELES: An appeal was filed Wednesday over a federal judge's dismissal of a petition to bring a Libyan detainee held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before a United States court. U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz "reluctantly" denied access to legal counsel for Falen Gherebi because American federal courts do not have jurisdiction in the case. Gherebi was among some 300 detainees who fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The petition was filed by Belaid Gherebi, who contends that his brother is being held within U.S. territory because the Navy base at Guantanamo is under American control. In throwing out the petition Tuesday, Matz wrote that he quickly issued his ruling to speed an appeal. He said that delaying trials for the detainees was "deeply troubling" and "not consistent" with the values of the American legal system. The captured men have been in detention for more than 15 months, the judge wrote. "Not one Guantanamo detainee has been given the opportunity to consult an attorney, has had formal charges filed against him. or has been able to contest the basis for his detention. It is unclear why it has taken so long for the Executive Branch to implement its stated intention to try these detainees," Matz wrote. Gherebi's lawyer, Stephen Yagman, praised Matz's decision Wednesday. -- The Mercury News, , Associated Press, Wed, May 14, 2003 [ See also the Court filing docket at: Gherebi_vs_Bush/docket_20030515.txt ] Newsitem: May 14 03
262A. Bombings Bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light. UNITED STATES: You had probably never heard of the Vinnell Corp. before the brutal bombing that killed at least nine of its employees in Saudi Arabia this week, but you should have. This is the second time Vinnell's Saudi operations have been targeted. The first attack, in November 1995, hit the headquarters of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, or SANG, and a nearby office complex that housed Vinnell employees. Though both attacks were decried by U.S. officials as senseless violence, they actually had a chillingly clear, brutal logic. Vinnell's job in Saudi Arabia is to train the national guard, which Jane's Defense Weekly has described as "a kind of Praetorian Guard for the House of Saud, the royal family's defense of last resort against internal opposition." That is why company employees were targeted in 1995 and again last week. -- William D. Hartung, "Bombings Bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light," (Silver City, NM & Washington, DC: Foreign Policy In Focus, May 16, 2003).
• US VP's former company continues to break laws while profiting from terror. UNITED STATES: Halliburton Corp, the second-largest oil services company in the world, is US Vice President Dick Cheney's old company. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week, Kellogg Brown & Root, the Halliburton unit that won a controversial no-bid contract to extinguish Iraqi oil well fires, disclosed that it paid $2.4 million in bribes to a Nigerian tax official to obtain favourable tax treatment in the country where it is building a natural gas plant and an offshore oil and gas facility. The bribes were paid between 2001 and 2002 to "an entity owned by a Nigerian national who held himself out as a tax consultant, when in fact he was an employee of a local tax authority", the company said in the SEC filing, which was discovered during an internal audit. -- On Line Opinion, "US VP's former company continues to break laws while profiting from terror," By Jason Leopold (who covered California's electricity crisis, and helped expose Enron), Posted Friday, May 16, 2003
263. Free Trade Hit List - Pensioners, Chronically Ill At Risk. AUSTRALIA: The Australia Institute Executive Director Dr Clive Hamilton said that prices of essential medicines for pensioners and the chronically ill are likely to double if US drug companies are granted the concessions they are demanding under the Free Trade Agreement now being negotiated with the United States of America.. -- The Australia Institute, , May 18 03
• I was wrong. Free market trade policies hurt the poor. The IMF and World Bank orthodoxy is increasing global poverty. GREAT BRITAIN: In November 1999, during the World Trade Organisation ministerial conference in Seattle, I watched from my hotel room as thousands demonstrated against the evils of globalisation. Anarchists clad in black marched alongside grandmothers dressed as turtles and steelworkers from Philadelphia. They saw international trade as a threat - to their jobs, the environment or simply as part of a capitalist conspiracy. As leader of the delegation from the United Kingdom, I was convinced that the expansion of world trade had the potential to bring major benefits to developing countries and would be one of the key means by which world poverty would be tackled. . . . I now believe that this approach is wrong and misguided. Since leaving the cabinet a year ago, I've had the opportunity to see at first hand the consequences of trade policy. . . . The way forward is through a regime of managed trade in which markets are slowly opened up and trade policy levers like subsidies and tariffs are used to help achieve development goals. . . . (Stephen Byers is Labour MP for North Tyneside. He is a former trade and industry secretary and was a cabinet member from 1998 to 2002.) -- The Guardian (Britain), , By Stephen Byers, MP, Monday May 19, 2003
• Hu and Putin bolster ties as balance to US. MOSCOW: Chinese President Hu Jintao, on his first foreign trip since taking office, has visited Russia to try to forge closer links between the two countries. -- The West Australian, "Hu and Putin bolster ties as balance to US," Thu May 29 03, p 22
Prisoners deserve fair go. PERTH: Two Australians have been held in custody in Guantanamo Bay for more than a year. Prime Minister John Howard and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer have both said that, when an Australian is charged with a crime overseas, it is correct that they should be charged and tried for that offence in that particular country. But, neither Australian has been charged with a crime. Though captured and jailed by the [U.S.] Americans, they will neither be tried in America nor under American jurisdiction. Strange indeed when Americans captured in Afghanistan will be tried in America by American courts. United States thinks itself exempt from rules of the rest of world. -- The West Australian, "Prisoners deserve fair go," letter, Jean A. Jenkins [ex WA Democrat Senator], Safety Bay, Fri Jul 25 03, p 18
The Underemployed People's Union WA Inc, Secretary Ms Mary Jenkins and Dr Geoff Pain, presentations to the Senate Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship, hearings in Perth, WA, 28 July 2003. PERTH: Ms Jenkins: Government unemployment statistics fail to count in those who are underemployed. Working families are cutting back on sport for the children, and dentist's visits. Today 2,700 Australians will lose their full-time jobs. The fact that the redundant workers were consumers is still not considered relevant. The Government can no longer afford to allow the present brain drain from Australia. They need to recognise and increase CSIRO funding, investing in and encouraging new inventions.
   Dr Pain: More than 850,000 Australians are working overseas. Today 10 Australians will commit suicide and hundreds of others will attempt it. Household debt has increased from 50% of household income in 1990 to 122% in 2002. Personal bankruptcy increased by 28% after the introduction of the GST [Goods and Services Tax]. A company offered loans of $1000 - $2000 (The Sunday Times 4/Aug/2002 page 20) at 48% interest. I would like to see this Senate Committee call for legislation to cap interest rates at no more than 15% per annum. Rupert Murdoch's CareerOne [web] site linking the total advertising databases of 100 of Australia's newspapers carries 40,000 vacancies, i.e., there are 50 or more job seekers per vacancy. The rival Monster site is losing about $6 million per year. Seventy-nine percent of dole breach reports, 161,000, were overturned by February this year. The number of Australians described as long-term jobless has doubled under the Howard Government. -- The Underemployed People's Union WA Inc, Perth, Jul 28 03
First homebuyers' slump followed imposition of GST. PERTH: I am appalled at the hypocrisy of the Housing Industry Association (Young hit by house boom, 29/7) blaming the three tiers of government for the slump in first home buyers. The HIA in 1993 supported the introduction of the Liberals' GST [Goods and Services Tax]. When the GST was finally introduced the impact on housing was immediate. The Liberals were forced to introduce the first home buyers' grant, but the cost proved unsustainable. -- The West Australian, "GST to blame," letter, Geoff Pain, Thu Jul 31 2003, p 17
He deserves justice. PERTH: David Hicks should be tried in Australia and not in the US, where his is unlikely to receive any justice. Prime Minister John Howard is not the slightest bit interested in David Hicks getting a fair trial. He should be presumed innocent until proved guilty. (One of the letters opposed these views.) -- The West Australian, "He deserves justice," "It's treason," and "You traitors," letters: R.Churchill, Cottesloe; B.Williams, East Victoria Park; and K.Barndon, Doubleview; Thursday July 31 2003, p 16
• Connecticut sends State troopers to order congressmen back to balance budget. UNITED STATES: "It's ironic that almost all states in the world's richest nation are broke, and California, the wealthiest among them, is in the worst state of all," said University of Southern California politics expert Sherry Jeffe.
   The crisis also left law-makers in Nevada and Pennsylvania unable to pass a formal budget for the new fiscal year.
   And Oregon, Connecticut and New Hampshire managed to approve only stop-gap plans that allow their governments to continue functioning while legislators thrash out a proper budget. Connecticut Governor John Rowland deployed State troopers to force state legislators to find a way out of the crippling crisis after he threatened to veto the $US 400 million "mini-budget" passed on Monday night.
   He issued an executive order funding essential services for the next week and dispatched the troopers to deliver subpoenas ordering legislators to return to the state assembly and continue the debate until a Budget was finalised. -- Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia.
• US plans record borrowing to get a "balanced" budget! $US 455,000,000,000 deficit! NEW YORK: The US Government is poised to attempt the biggest borrowing deal in its history as it seeks to plus a record $US 455 billion ($693 billion) budget deficit. About $US 230 billion of government debt is to hit the market in the next six months, just as analysts warn that the bull [paying more than the asset value] market for bonds is over. -- The West Australian, "US looks to plug record deficit hole," by Simon English, Thu Jul 31, 2003, p 30

We Are All Torturers Now.

  NEW YORK: The United States senators are likely to give full legitimacy to a path that the Bush administration set the country on more than three years ago, a path that has transformed the United States from a country that condemned torture and forbade its use to one that practices torture routinely. By Mark Danner, New York Times, Thursday, January 6, 2005.
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* Alarm over support for the BNP; 'Six out of ten Britons back extremists over asylum.'  40% of Britons oppose immigration.   May 6, 03
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