Globalists closing gate on Educational independence

  Is it acceptable for a nation's parliament or its university leaders to decide whether or not it will recognise the university and other educational qualifications from other parts of the world?

  Apparently a group called Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE), based in the U.S.A., is planning to have this right taken away from the universities and from elected representatives in parliaments around the world.

From: Richard Sanders  Date: Thursday, 5 August 1999 8:06
Subject: Health and Education services "on the table" at WTO; Australia hosting corporate education conference

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  Read from the GATE's webpage which is seeking information to report to the World Trade Organisation, the WTO!!!

  "Most if not all of the transnational educational offerings represented by organizational or institutional representatives at this Paris GATE conference fall within the definition of "educational services" in such global trade agreements as the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

  Recently, GATE was asked by the services division of the World Trade Organization to provide it examples of governmental restrictions related to the trade of educational services.

  GATE has also provided this information to national systems which request it and to such bodies as the newly-formed Working Group on Transnational Education co-ordinated by the European Centre for Higher Education of UNESCO.

  However, as it is probable that GATE's information is not complete, we would very much appreciate your giving a few minutes' attention to the following categories (and others we may have not thought about) of restrictive practice related to cross-border educational services and provide us some brief examples and what countries practise these restrictions.

  Your identifying yourself is not necessary although you can be assured that restrictive practice is probably epidemic globally so disclosure does not constitute treason!


1. National Legislation and Higher Education Policy: (Examples: laws limiting degrees to be conferred only by or through national universities; policies or laws discriminating against private/non-governmental institutions of higher education; differing approval or quality assurance processes for national and foreign educational providers; etc.)

Please list countries where you have observed this practice:

Please give a brief description of the specific practices observed:

2. Qualifications Authorities and Policy: (Example: policies which do not fully recognize foreign educational credentials whether offered inside or outside national borders; etc.)

3. Customs: (Example: customs restrictions on certain types of cross border educational materials; etc.)

4. Visas: (Example: Visa difficulties for students or teaching/administrative staff; etc.)

5. Telecommunication Laws: (Example: Restrictive use of national satellites or receiving dishes; etc.)"

COMMENT: The above from GATE's website that was reported in August 1999 shows that the super-wealthy people behind GATE are attempting to get academics and other people of good will to believe that the ordinary practices of countries protecting their own culture and their own university graduates is somehow harmful.  The real agenda is not, of course, this woolly kindhearted reason, but it is so that the super-rich may, without paying for them, gain control over the rich material and cultural assets of the universities and other educational institutions, and them make profits from them. The universities and other educational institutions were set up by private benefactors and/or governments, and most of them are subsidised and otherwise helped by governments. The globalist corporations are experts in turning publicly-funded assets into revenue sources for themselves. They also wish to accelerate the harnessing of the staff, graduates, and undergraduates to spend more of their time working for the enshrining of the globalists' outlook, and to do research to increase their profits and power. -- John Massam, 29 Apr and 20 Aug 00.

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