Boston R. C. Diocese reports 87 clergy

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BOSTON Roman Catholic Archdiocese reported to County Prosecutors the names of 87 alleged offenders among the Cardinal's underlings in late January and early February.

  This followed the outcry over the trial of John J. Geoghan for molesting more than 130 children during more than 30 years as a priest, reports The Record, February 21 2002, p 11.

New Hampshire, U.S. State, flag; Mooney's Miniflags  Bishop John McCormack of Manchester, New Hampshire, has stopped seven priests from ministry, and released the names of seven whose allegations date from 1963 to 1987.

  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on 13 Feb 2002 put items about the subject on its website at

based on: The Record, Perth, Western Australia, Thursday, February 21 2002, p 11
The Record, Perth, at , 587 Newcastle St (near Loftus St), West Perth, WA, 6005;  P.O. Box 75, Leederville, WA, 6902, Australia, Tel. 08 9227 7080, Fax 9227 7087,

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