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1996: Sipe Report. - Roman Catholic Church (RCC). United  States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags 
   UNITED STATES: This report exposed the Catholic Church's hiding of child sex-abuse, transferring the abusing priests, downing the victims, Frs. Robert R. Peebles, Jr., William Hughes, and Rudolph Kos re-offending (para 101 c), saying fugitive Father Kos's whereabouts were unknown while paying substantial personal expenses (paragraph 113 m), and claimed that the Bishop of Dallas and the Military Vicariate were blameworthy;
104. It is my opinion that the cases involving Fathers Peebles, Hughes, and Kos fit a nationwide pattern that I have observed over the last 35 years. This pattern involves knowledge of ongoing sexual misconduct by Catholic priests and religious, and co-operation among bishops to keep such misconduct from becoming public knowledge.
conspiracy (para 105), National Council of Catholic Bishops at fault. [Totals 26 pages on many aspects. Probable date 1996] [CHECK], from [Website closed now - June 2006; so click sipe.htm ]
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1996, May 30: "Twice Betrayed" victims being offered deal by unwise Church leaders to remove abuse claims from court. PERTH, W. Australia: The Christian Brothers are not suing the [Catholic] Archbishop of Perth over liability in the child sex-abuse issues, but are considering joining him and other Western Australian parties to the case they are currently involved in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
   Archbishop Barry Hickey confirmed the possibility of being joined to the case by the Christian Brothers in an interview with The Record earlier this week.
   ABC TV's Four Corners programme last Monday alleged the Brothers were suing the Archbishop. Archbishop Hickey said he would be meeting the Brothers to discuss the possibility of being joined to the case on Thursday. "The Christian Brothers have not sued the Archbishop of Perth. They are discussing the possibility of linking the Archbishop of Perth and other Western Australian parties with their court action," he said.
   The Archbishop's comments came as clients of law firm Slater and Gordon considered an offer of settlement for the case, which has been under way in the NSW Supreme Court for three years, put to them by lawyers acting for the Christian Brothers.
   Brother Tony Shanahan, congregational leader of the Christian Brothers Holy Spirit Province covering Western and South Australia, confirmed that an offer had been put to the 200 or so men who have taken action in the NSW Supreme Court against the Brothers but said that he could not discuss any details.
   But he indicated that the offer included a "substantial trust fund" which would provide counselling and other services to those who claimed they had been abused by Brothers as children, a limited provision for direct financial assistance to individuals, and payment of the legal costs of law firm Slater and Gordon, in exchange for the cases being dropped.
   "We're two and a half years down the legal path and neither side has got very far," Br Shanahan said, adding that it would be at least another two years before resolution of the matter, which even then would not be guaranteed.

   VOICES director Bruce Blythe, speaking on behalf of the 200 claimants, said a decision by the men was likely by the end of the week, but he did not want to comment on the negotiations taking place in any way because they were at a delicate stage.
   Archbishop Hickey, responding directly to last Monday's Four Corners programme which claimed the Church was evading its responsibility in the matter of sexual abuse of children, said the public's perception of the leaders of the Church was that they had not always acted as wisely as they should have.
   "And therefore we must accept criticism when it is valid and learn from it," he said.
   He said the Church office at Victoria Square in the city had received a large number of phone calls from viewers after the programme's airing on Tuesday night.
   Archbishop Hickey said people were disturbed at the programme's report that in one State (not WA) priests had been sent from parish to parish when accused; that the Church did not appear to be facing up to the facts; that it should not appear to be playing legal games to avoid financial responsibility; and that priests should live in such a way that people could turn to them in times of trouble.
   "I must say that I accept all these comments as true. I don't believe they all apply to the Archdiocese of Perth but to the extent that any of them does I regret that very much, Archbishop Hickey said.
   "I think that criticisms, while hurtful, often teach us wisdom. We must, as a group throughout Australia be better in future."
   Clarifying comments on the programme about his relationship to the case currently being heard in the NSW Supreme Court, he said that as Archbishop he was responsible for the actions of all the diocese's priests but because of the autonomy of religious congregations it was the superior of the congregation who was responsible for the actions of its members.
   This distinction was sometimes misunderstood both within and out [side] the Church, but people had to understand this reality, he added.
   The Four Corners programme, entitled Twice Betrayed, was highly critical of the handling by senior Church figures, especially bishops, of allegations concerning sexual abuse of children by priests and Religious going back over six decades.
   The programme detailed known cases and new allegations of abuse including at least one where a priest who was eventually imprisoned for sexual abuse of boys had been transferred through a number of parishes over several decades despite Church authorities knowing of his crimes.
   The programme dealt mainly with the dioceses of Ballarat and Melbourne in Victoria. It was not broadcast in that State for legal reasons.
   Canada's experience - Page 11 [Pictures: Br Tony Shanahan; Archbishop Barry Hickey]
   -- The Record, Perth Catholic newspaper, "Archbishop at risk of more legal action," by Peter Rosengren, p 1, [May 30, 1996]
• The shameful tale of our child migrants  Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags   Australia flag; 
   Australian Reader's Digest, readersdigest. com , pp 52-58, issue of October 1996

In the 1940s, '50s and '60s, about 10,000 British children, some less than five years old, were sent to Australia under a government-backed child migrant scheme. Many were told they were orphans. Most of the parents believed they were still in Britain, adopted or in the care of charities. It was a wicked lie. One woman made it her business to expose it.


I T WAS A COLD winter morning when two women got out of a taxi in a quiet street in Hastings, southern England. Social worker Margaret Humphreys noticed that her companion was trembling.
   Pamela Smedley had flown from Adelaide in the height of the Australian summer. But it was not the unaccustomed raw weather that was making her shiver. All her life she had believed she was an orphan. Now, in her fifties, Pamela was about to meet her mother. All she had to do that day in 1989 was to walk up to the neat bungalow in front of her and ring the doorbell.
   "Margaret," she said urgently, "you'll have to hold me up. I can't get to the door." Margaret took Pamela's arm. Her painstaking detective work had brought mother and daughter together, but her pleasure at the coming reunion was mixed with sorrow and anger. At the age of 11, Pamela had been sent to Australia under a British-government backed migration scheme. Her mother, forced by family pressure to place her with the Catholic Church for adoption, knew nothing of the girl's fate.
   The front door opened, and Margaret saw the joy on the elegant elderly woman's face as she held out her arms to greet her daughter. They have lost more than 40 years when they might have known each other, Margaret thought. What a waste!
   Pamela's fate was shared by thousands of youngsters in the care of charities and local authorities in Britain. But until Margaret took up their cause, no-one had ever fully exposed the injustice inflicted on the children who had grown up without a family or even a past. Nor had there been such a concerted effort to repair the damage. "It's like being inside a block of ice. I don't belong to anyone," was typical of how migrants described their experience to Margaret. It was hearing this and her determination to reunite them with their families that drove this warm, quietly spoken woman to set up the Child Migrants Trust in 1987. A service that began with a trickle of requests now has an estimated 20,000 inquiries on its books.
   It all started in 1986 when Margaret Humphreys, then a county council social worker for Nottingham, specialising in adoption issues, received a letter from a woman called Madeleine*. She wrote that she came originally from Nottingham but had been put on a boat to Australia at the age of four, and asked for help in tracing her mother.
   Margaret already ran a support group for adults who'd been adopted as children. She and her husband Mervyn, a fellow social worker, devoted all their remaining energy to bringing up their own two lively children, 12-year-old Rachel and Ben, six. Yet she couldn't stop thinking about the letter - mostly with incredulity. Surely nobody would send a four-year-old girl round the world all by herself?
   Deep loneliness. Intrigued, Margaret threw herself into the search for clues to Madeleine's past, combing through the electoral rolls, street directories, registers of births, marriages, deaths and baptisms. She not only found that Madeleine had indeed been shipped overseas, but traced her mother. They were reunited in January 1987.
   A member of Margaret's adoption group called Marie had mentioned that her younger brother, too, had been sent to Australia as a child. Margaret encouraged Marie to re-establish her relationship with her brother, Harold Haig. For the first time she began to understand the child migrants' ordeal.
* Names have been changed to protect privacy.
   In 1949, a welfare officer told 11-year-old Harold, whose unmarried mother had been forced to place him in local authority care in Sussex, that he was going to a wonderful country of perpetual sunshine, where he would ride a horse to school. With that brief explanation and without the knowledge of his mother, he was put on a ship to Australia. "I was told that my parents were dead, that I had no family. All I had to show that I existed was my entry card."
   Harold grew up in a children's home near Melbourne where life was strictly regimented and love and affection were unknown. Even as a handsome, silver-haired artist in his fifties, he still bore the scars. He found it impossible to escape a chilling sense of isolation. Where most people had memories of family and friendship, Harold had nothing.
   "I started to drink a lot," he said. "I had no idea how to be a father to my children and my marriage broke up. It's as though this feeling of love belongs to other people, but not me. I'm not entitled to love."
   Fearing there must be more like Madeleine and Harold, Margaret placed advertisements in newspapers across Australia. When replies started to come in, she found the work taking up more and more of her time. Her colleagues were sympathetic. David Spicer, a lawyer with the council, gave up private time to help with the legal aspects. Mervyn helped her with research, but the work quickly outgrew their spare-time capacity.
   Realising that Margaret was "a doer, not a talker" who had already committed her own time and money to the trust, Joan Taylor, chair of the social services committee, arranged for her to work full time for the Migrants.
   But Margaret still did not appreciate the sheer scale of her task until March 1988, when she and David Spicer came to Australia. Stories about her work had begun to appear in newspapers here. Arriving in Perth, the pair were swamped with pleas from middle-aged men and women wanting to find their parents.
   At the end of a marathon journey across Australia, Margaret and David flew out of Sydney with six bags full of information and requests. It was then that the realisation of what she taken on hit her. This was far more than a social-work problem; it implicated several highly respected charities, even the British government. She turned to David. "I'm in big trouble, aren't I?"
   His answer was an unequivocal "Yes." A terrible fear gripped her. What if no-one believes what we've found out?
   Most of the children had originally been placed in the care of charities such as Dr Barnardo's and the Fairbridge Society, or with the Church of England and the Catholic Church. But encouraged by the government, these organisations considered it cheaper and healthier to send those without family ties overseas - first to fill the empty spaces of Canada and then, after the Second World War, to swell the population primarily of Australia, but also of New Zealand - where at least 300 children were sent by the Royal Overseas League between 1949 and 1952, and the majority placed with foster parents - and southern Africa.
   Nearly all the children, it turned out, had parents who were still alive. The trust has found only one real orphan among the thousands of cases it has investigated. There were other falsehoods and mistakes, too. Checking their birth certificates, Margaret discovered some had been given the wrong birthday, the wrong birthplace, even the wrong name.
   Punishment. Nor did the injustice cease after the young migrants came down the gangplank in Australia. Local families who offered to adopt these so-called "war orphans" were usually refused - there were legal obstacles, inquirers were told. Instead, most were packed off to children's homes, often in the outback, or to farm schools. For city children transported far from their native country, the blazing sun and harsh conditions compounded their misery.
   Most homes were like the one in Melbourne that Harold Haig described as "strict but fair," but there were notable exceptions. Middle-aged women broke down in tears when they told Margaret how, as frightened little girls, they were beaten for crying, for wetting their bed, for talking of Britain as home. To punish one five-year-old for running away, nuns shaved her head.
   At some places, such as the outback home known as Bindoon Boys' Town run by the Christian Brothers, a Catholic educational organisation, some boys were victims of prolonged physical or sexual abuse. Graham, sent there in the 1940s, remembered helping to build the imposing school with other barefoot children and his fear of the beatings the brothers administered with their thick leather belts. But there was worse still.
   "They were paedophiles and sadists," he said. "Little boys were woken at night and taken from their beds. We'd hear a brother's footsteps on the wooden floor and we'd pray he wouldn't stop beside our bed."
   The abuse was not confined to a single organisation, and as the extent of the child migrants' suffering became clear, Margaret threw what effort she could spare from reuniting families into publicising the scandal.
   Then in May 1989, a television documentary based on Margaret's work, Lost Children of the Empire, revealed the child-migrant tragedy to people in Britain for the first time. It was shown here later the same year. It generated hundreds of donations. But the charities that had run the migration schemes could not see the need for an independent agency and did not contribute. "We cannot be held responsible for things that were done 40 years ago," became the standard response.
   With the publicity came new demands for help and by September 1989 the trust, with its few volunteer helpers, was in desperate straits. Then one night a couple knocked on Margaret's door. The man explained that he'd missed the television programme but would like to see it on video. Margaret gave him her last copy, beseeching him not to lose it. A few weeks later he brought it back.
   "Mrs Humphreys," he said. "I'll come straight to the point. My mind is made up. Next week you will be receiving a cheque for 100,000 pounds." ($233,000).
   The anonymous gift enabled the trust to open an office and employ a full-time administrator in Nottingham, and to buy microfilm copies of all the General Register Office records. This saved time and money searching for birth, marriage and death certificates in London. It also allowed Margaret to travel more frequently to respond to the pleas for help from Australia.
   It was here that she encountered her own nightmare. The documentary's allegations of neglect and abuse had also stirred up opposition and on a visit to Perth, the phone rang and a well-spoken voice threatened to kill her. Later, with chilling hostility, the same anonymous caller threatened her children too. But Margaret refused to be frightened off.
   Then one night, on another visit to Perth, she was woken by a man banging on the front door of her rented house. "We've found you," he yelled. "We told you we would. You're dead this time!" Terrified, she fled into the garden and stayed there until dawn. She hasn't forgotten that fearful night. "But I could never let change what I was doing," she said. "There has to be a price to pay for making these things known." Everyone around her was impressed with her courage.
   Faced with accumulating allegations of abuse, the Christian Brothers changed their denials to an admission of guilt and a public apology in July 1993. In August this year, some 200 victims accepted a compensation package of up to $25,000 each from the brothers. At least 15 victims still hope to seek damages through the Australian courts and dozens more are considering the offer.
   In July 1993 when The Leaving of Liverpool, a two-part television drama about the child migrants, was shown in Britain a year after it had been seen in Australia, it brought the trust more than 15,000 calls. Dr Barnardo's, the Fairbridge Society and other charities involved in the scandal were now offering to open most of their records to migrants who wanted to trace their families. But many migrants still prefer to turn to the trust, which operates independently of the charities involved.
   The fear that time is running out as the migrants' parents reach their seventies and eighties adds a fearful urgency to the work of Margaret Humphreys and her volunteers.
   After three years painstakingly searching the records of innumerable families of the same name, the trust tracked down the mother of Tony Jones, sent to Australia as an eight-year-old boy in 1950. Overjoyed, he began to save for his air fare to Britain and immediately wrote to his mother: "Don't worry about all the questions of the past. The only things you have to tell me, the things I have waited 40 years to hear, are that you love me and you will write to me ..."
  [Picture] Margaret Humphreys with three former child migrants  
   She did write to tell him how much she loved him, but before he could fly to see her, he got a call in the middle of the night. His mother had died suddenly. Beside her body lay the letter she had been reading. It was signed, "Your loving son, Tony."
   The harsh treatment meted out to the child migrants still makes Margaret's eyes fill with sorrow. "Can you imagine growing up without a family, without even a country you feel is yours," she asks, "and then discovering that all the time your mother has been alive in the country where you were born?"
   The British government has had to be pushed into acknowledging any responsibility. It now gives the trust an annual grant that does not even cover the cost of office rent and one social worker. In Australia, the federal government contributes $60,000 a year towards the trust's office and social worker in Melbourne and another worker in Perth.
   In December 1993, at Government House, Canberra, the Governor-General, Bill Hayden, conferred the Honorary Medal of the Order of Australia on Margaret Humphreys - a rare award for non-Australians - in recognition of her outstanding work.
   At the ceremony were Pamela Smedley and her mother, Harold Haig and a dozen other child migrants. Afterwards one of the group, Geoffrey Gray, spoke for all of them "Countless people have asked, 'Why didn't you speak out before?' I'll tell you why. Nobody wanted to believe us. The only person we could turn to was Margaret Humphreys."
   And in her own quiet voice Pamela acknowledged what it meant to be reunited with her mother. "I'm a different person now. I am whole."
FOR FURTHER information write to the Child Migrants Trust at 228 Canning St, Carlton North, Melbourne 3054, phone (03) 9347 7403 or (09) 386 3605.
   Margaret Humphreys' autobiography,
Empty Cradles, is published by Transworld Publishers at $14.95.
 HAS THIS ARTICLE sparked any memories for you of this decades-old scandal? We welcome your letters for possible inclusion in a future issue. Write to Readers Reply at the address on page 1.
   [RECAPITULATION: "They were paedophiles and sadists," he said. "Little boys were woken at night and taken from their beds. We'd hear a brother's footsteps on the wooden floor and we'd pray he wouldn't stop beside our bed." [...]
   ... on a visit to Perth, the phone rang and a well-spoken voice threatened to kill her. Later, with chilling hostility, the same anonymous caller threatened her children too. [...]
   ... on another visit to Perth, she was woken by a man banging on the front door of her rented house. "We've found you," he yelled. "We told you we would. You're dead this time!" RECAP. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: There were also children from Northern Ireland, and from Malta, shipped out to Australia in the child migrant scheme. It has been reported that not all of the children were illegitimate, but had parents who agreed to them going to Australia -- their letters to their children were found years later in cupboards, unopened, at one such "home." COMMENT ENDS.] [issue Oct 1996]

1996, Oct 20: [Catholic Education Office deputy was child abuser.]

  - RCC. [1964-74 Fr McKeirnan] - 9 boys. [Mr Gordon] - Children. [? 1960s- 1990s Brisbane Archdiocese] - Transferring sexual abusers.
   The Courier Mail (Brisbane, Qld, Australia), p 1, October 20, 1996
   BRISBANE (Qld), Australia: [Paraphrase]
  • Father Ron McKeirnan pleaded guilty to indecently dealing and assaulting nine children between 1964 and 1974 before he became deputy director of the Brisbane Catholic Education office.
  • A former deputy director of Catholic Education yesterday confessed to sexually abusing boys in his care, prompting Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby to apologize to victims and condemn the church's past failings. He received a three-year prison sentence.
  • Another deputy director of Brisbane's Catholic Education, Brian Robert Gordon was jailed for indecently assaulting children while a Catholic school teacher. Gordon was a deputy director of Catholic Education in Brisbane but resigned in 1996 after the allegations were raised. [...] [In 1999, Brother Greg Riley, Fr. McKeirnan's subordinate, was convicted of child sexual abuse and jailed for three years.] -- Details from Fidelity magazine (Australia), "On Choosing Wolves to Educate the Sheep; Sex Education in a Brisbane Parish School," by Robert Osmak, pp 13-14, issue of June 2006. [Oct 20, 96]
    1997: U.S. Kos trial deposition by Mr Jay Feierman. UNITED STATES: This psychiatrist, who worked at the Paraclete monastery, testified that he had evaluated 300 sexually disordered priests from 1977 to 1984 alone. (By 1995, he had cared for 1000 priests.) see Kristen Lombardi, part 3, October 4 - 11, 2001,
    !!!: 1997: Jesuit seminary became homosexually-oriented, critical of pious practices. SAN FRANCISCO: "I'm not suprised by it," says a California Jesuit about John Bollard's sexual harrassment suit against the Jesuit order. "It is a terrible thing. It is embarrassing. It has to come out in order for things to get better. Things are so bad." In a suit filed in San Francisco federal court on August 14, Bollard, a former Jesuit novice and scholastic, alleges that three Jesuit supervisors -- Father Andrew Sotelo, Father Anton Harris and Father Thomas Gleeson -- subjected him to "unwanted verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature," creating such a "hostile, intimidating and offensive work environment" that he had to leave the order in December 1996. [Mr Bollard told his story on television after leaving.] -- San Francisco Faith, , "The Walls Came Down: Jesuits entangled in sex harrassment suit," by George Neumayr, possibly Oct 1997.
    1997: Fr Vincent Ryan, 64, was sentenced to six years' gaol for corrupting altar boys. SYDNEY: His career was in the Hunter Valley. (He got a further 16 years for similar offences at a subsequent trial.) Refer to the Feb 27 03 judgment arising from his appeal . Sentenced in 1997
    1998: Australian "whistleblower" found dead, files missing: SYDNEY: R.C. priest Morrie Crocker, who had crusaded since 1989 to expose the abuse of three males at the hands of Fr. Peter Comensoli and Br. Michael Evans, and successfully fought police and Church inaction by going to the Press in 1993, and was at the time pushing for an investigation into three other priests, was found hanged in a boys' gymnasium he ran in Wollongong, south of Sydney on March 26, 1998. Three "perpetrator files" were missing. Read [Seek elsewhere] , Mar 26 98
    1998: Irish Christian Brothers apologise for physical and sex abuse. DUBLIN: An Irish Roman Catholic religious order founded in 1802, involved in teaching generations of youngsters, has issued an unprecedented high-profile public apology for sexual and other abuse inflicted over years in its institutions. The congregation of the Christian Brothers in Ireland has taken out half-page advertisements in Irish newspapers admitting that some victims' complaints have been ignored. The admission follows a number of prosecutions initiated against members of the order, other Irish religious societies and Catholic clergy in recent years over sex and other crimes, often dating back decades. As well as Ireland, the order is also active in other countries [including Australia]. According to reports, in Newfoundland, Canada, nine of the lay brothers were convicted of abuse-related crimes at an orphanage. (includes an image of the advertisement "Message from the Irish Christian Brothers") -- BBC, "Catholic order apologises publicly for abuse," , Mon Mar 30 98
    1998: Austrian cardinal Gröer's sexual misconduct with seminarians; VIENNA: "Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna ... acknowledged that charges of sexual misconduct with seminarians leveled against his predecessor, Hans Hermann Cardinal Gröer, were true." There had been several years of obfuscation on Gröer's part. -- New York Times, "Pope in Austria to Heal a Troubled Church," Alessandra Staley, June 20 1998
    1998: Trial of Father Rudolph Kos in U.S.A., DALLAS: A Dallas jury awarded 11 plaintiffs $119.6 million after ruling that the Diocese of Dallas had concealed information about Kos's sexual abuse of children. (The judgment was later reduced by agreement to $23.4 million to spare the Dallas diocese from bankruptcy.) The 1985 report of F.R.Mouton, Fr T.P.Doyle, and Fr M.Peterson, was part of a battery of evidence at the trial. See Kristen Lombardi, part 2, October 4 - 11, 2001,
    1998: Vatican Monks and Nuns' leaders told: VATICAN CITY: In November 1998, a four-page paper titled The Problem of the Sexual Abuse of African Religious in Africa and Rome was presented by Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa nun, Sister Marie McDonald, the report's author, to the Council of Sixteen at the Vatican. (see 1994, 1995, 2000, and 2001). Nov '98
    1999, Mar: R.C. bishops kept child-abuse priests working, failed to tell police. LONDON: Catholic priests accused of child abuse are being allowed to continue working, an investigation by BBC News has found. Church officials have admitted that some bishops in the UK may be failing to follow the Church's own child protection guidelines. Since 1994, the Catholic Church has had strict child protection procedures. Another, recently suspended, was allowed to work in a primary school while under suspicion of abusing children. He had been accused of abuse twice before. The Church introduced the guidelines following the case of a Midlands priest jailed for sexually abusing seven children. Numerous complaints had been made against him, but the Church failed to call in the authorities. -- BBC, "Church 'ignoring rules' on abuse," , Mon Mar 8 99
    1999, Mar: Fr Sean Fortune, facing charges, found dead. [to 1987] DUBLIN: A Catholic priest who had been charged with 29 sex offences against young boys has been found dead at his home in the Irish Republic. Father Sean Fortune had denied committing the offences between 1981 and 1987. [For later items, search on words Ferns diocese or Commiskey.] -- BBC, "Priest facing sex charges found dead," , Sun Mar 14 99
    !!!: 1999, May: UNITED STATES man tells TV audience he's sueing Jesuit seminary for homosexual advances! John Bollard appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes saying he was subjected to unwanted sexual advances during five years, by at least 12 priests, in a Jesuit seminary in California. Part of the campaign was cards from Jesuit superiors showing pictures of naked sexually aroused men! On Dec 1 1999 the court allowed the case to proceed. (see Goodbye, Good Men, Michael S. Rose, 2002, Regnery Publishing, Washington, p 82. Also refer Pamela Schaeffer, "Court OKs Harassment Suit," National Catholic Reporter, , December 17, 1999. Also see of Oct 1997.) -- TV appearance May 1999
    1999, May: Cork County Council calls for married clergy, other changes. DUBLIN: The local authority for Ireland's largest county has called on the Roman Catholic Church to make the vow of celibacy for priests and nuns optional - to reverse the trend of falling vocations. Church authorities should view the dwindling numbers entering religious life as "an urgent matter", according to a motion passed unanimously by Cork County Council at its monthly meeting. Councillor Conor O'Callaghan, who proposed the motion, said the council should use its weight to press for radical reform of the church. The number of priests ordained last year was just a sixth of the number who took Holy Orders nearly 30 years ago, he said. Almost half the priests in Ireland were at retirement age, and with high numbers of younger priests abandoning their vocation the clerical population in Ireland was expected to drop drastically over the next 10 years. Three people in every five in Ireland currently back calls for the Church to ordain women as priests and Mr O'Callaghan believed similar numbers were in favour of allowing priests to marry. -- BBC, "Irish council calls for church reform," http://news. 1/hi/world/ europe/352 756.stm , Wednesday, May 26, 1999
    1999 (month unknown): [Third child sex abuser from Catholic Education jailed]  [1960s-90s Brisbane Archdiocese; Fr. McKeirnan, Mr. Gordon and Br. Riley] - RCC. Australia flag;  BRISBANE (Qdl), Australia: Brother Greg Riley was convicted of child sexual abuse and jailed for three years. He had been the subordinate to the deputy-director of Brisbane's Catholic Education Office, Father Ron McKeirnan.
       (Archbishop Rush had known that Fr McKeirnan had sexually abused boys, but had promoted him to Deputy Director of the Catholic Education Office, where he promoted a "liberal" form of sex education for students in the RC system. Fr McKeirnan had been imprisoned for boy sex abuse from 1964-74, it had been reported on October 20, 1996. Another CEO deputy director, Brian Gordon, had also been gaoled from indecent assaults on children.) -- Details from Fidelity magazine (Australia), "On Choosing Wolves to Educate the Sheep; Sex Education in a Brisbane Parish School," by Robert Osmak, pp 13-14, issue of June 2006. [1999]
    1999, Sep.: Irish inquiry commission into cruelty, sex in homes. (R.C.) DUBLIN: The Republic of Ireland has been shocked by a torrent of child abuse allegations in recent years and soon an independent commission will investigate what really went on the country's children's homes. The Christian Brothers religious order has been accused of mistreating children in its care. The support group Survivors of Child Abuse (SOCA) now claims 1,500 members in Britain. In north Dublin, Artane industrial school school was the largest borstal style school run by the Christian Brothers. Former pupil Michael O'Brien was among the first to talk publicly about his experiences at a time when suggesting abuse in a Catholic institution was still a taboo. Sixteen years later he is waiting to retell it to the commission. He claims sexual abuse by several Christian Brothers began when he was 11 in the 1960s. "A brother might go through the sexual act, which could involve anything from pet sex right up to rape and then blame you, the child, for tempting him into the situation, taking it out on you, punching or using his leather strap. It was horrendous." With audio of Bro. Michael Murray talking to BBC's Branwen Jeffreys. -- BBC, "Investigating child abuse in Ireland," , Sep 18 99
    1999, Oct.: First dismissal of British priest in recent history. LONDON: In October 1999, Pope John Paul II sacked Father John Lloyd, who raped a 16-year-old girl and indecently assaulted two altar boys in south Wales - the first such dismissal of a British priest in recent history. (see BBC of Wed Jul 19 2000, "Paedophile cases haunt the church," .) Dismissal, Oct 99

    2000: Top Benedictines told again in Rome of priests molesting nuns: ROME: In the year 2000 Benedictine abbots meeting in Rome were told by Benedictine Sister Esther Fangman, president of an organisation of 24 North American monasteries, about priests sexually molesting nuns. (See 1994, 1995, 1998, and 2001 x 2).
    2000: England and Wales: CARDIFF, Wales: R.C. Archbishop John Ward of Cardiff was exposed for ignoring warnings from a fellow bishop in ordaining as priest Joe Jordan, subsequently gaoled for indecent assaults on children. See April 18 2001 item "England and Wales, child-abuse representatives ..."
    2000: [Californian bishop Ziemann covers up theft by priest, begins sex with him.] [1990s-2000s]
       The Press Democrat (Sonoma County, California), "Crowd backs calls to jail Ziemann," democrat. com/ever green/ diocese/ 020200_ jail.html , Feb. 2, 2000
       UKIAH: [The congregation meeting San Francisco Archbishop William Levada backs calls to jail Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann and Vicar General Thomas Keys, and clean up after years of sexual and financial mismanagement, including $30m woes.]
       "I will no longer contribute to this diocese until the people who made this mess start paying for it," said Mary Shepherd of Fort Bragg.
       Sister Jane Kelly, a Ukiah nun, wagged her finger at Levada as she demanded to know what he had done about new reports she turned over to him of alleged misconduct among three current parish priests within the diocese. [...]
       ... the Ukiah church has been center of discontent since disclosure a year ago of Ziemann's cover-up of a 1996 theft of church money by the Rev. Jorge Hume Salas.
       Ziemann later admitted that for the next two years he engaged in a sexual relationship with the priest, who contends he was coerced in return for the bishop's silence. Ziemann has contended the sex was consensual.
       [Some parishioners challenged celibacy and the way the church selects its bishops.]
    2000: Australian R.C. bishops' apology about sex abuse, and abuse of authority. SYDNEY: On March 7 2000 Cardinal Clancy released a statement of repentance on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference which included: "... When confronted with sexual abuse, and abuse of authority generally, we did not always respond appropriately, and many people suffered serious harm. ..." Reported by J.R.Lilburne on Roman Rite .Com Mar 7, 2000
    2000: U.S. Presbyterian missionaries in Congo accused of abuse: WASHINGTON, D.C. - The executive committee of the General Assembly Council agreed during a meeting here last week to create an Independent Panel of Inquiry (ICI) to look into allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) missionaries in Africa between 1945 and 1978. The Rev . Marion McClure, director of the Worldwide Ministries Division (WMD), discussed the church's response to claims from about 20 people concerning child sexual abuse and physical abuse by the late Rev. William Pruitt and others in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire, once Belgian Congo) between 1945 and 1978. The action comes one year after Grace Presbytery launched an investigation into charges by eight women who told of sexual abuse by Pruitt when they were missionary children in Congo. Pruitt, who served in Congo between 1945 and 1978, died last year before the investigation was completed. All of the other alleged perpetrators are also deceased. Archived by Worldwide Faith News archives from PCUSA NEWS, "Independent Panel Established to Investigate Child Abuse," by John Filiatreau, May 1 00
    2000: Bishop overrode doctors and his own orders, and allowed abuser Hill to corrupt more altar boys. LONDON: One of the most senior figures in the Catholic Church in England and Wales has defended his decision to allow a known paedophile to continue working as a priest, despite warnings he would re-offend. A BBC investigation found evidence suggesting Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor ignored the advice of doctors and therapists that Father Michael Hill would carry on assaulting children. In 1985, the archbishop - then Bishop of Arundel in West Sussex - had allowed Hill back to work after earlier revoking his licence to work in a parish. Hill went on to indecently assault more altar boys and was jailed in 1997. But the archbishop said he had been acting on advice from professionals at a time when the behaviour of child abusers was not as well understood as at present. After a trial period, Hill had convinced the Church he was a reformed character, and he was returned to pastoral duties. He later became chaplain at Gatwick Airport where he abused a boy with learning difficulties. (includes picture of the archbishop in vestments, and a poor picture of Mr Hill) -- BBC, "Archbishop defends paedophile move," Wed Jul 19 00
       [COMMENT: Not as well understood as at present? Guess what book contains this statement: "He will guide you into all truth." Yes, the Gospel of John 16:13. What went wrong? Isn't Murphy-O'Connor a cardinal, who will have a vote to select the next pope? Heaven help us! END of COMMENT.]
    2000: Catholic leaders not taking child corruption seriously enough. LONDON: The police are investigating evidence that a known paedophile returned to work as a priest in 1985. It is the latest in a long line of abuse cases to tarnish the Catholic Church's image. Religious affairs commentator Andrew Brown says revelations that Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor - then a bishop - allowed a known paedophile to continue working as a priest, will damage the church's reputation in the UK. John Wilkins, editor of Catholic weekly The Tablet, says the image of the church has been tarnished "appallingly" by paedophile priests around the world. "It has done enormous damage to priests themselves - their morale is very low. They feel depressed and defensive. "It has been appalling for church - there is mistrust between parishioners and their priest, the general public and priests." In October 1999, Pope John Paul II sacked Father John Lloyd, who raped a 16-year-old girl and indecently assaulted two altar boys in south Wales - the first such dismissal of a British priest in recent history. The Pope dismissed American three priests in 1998, and sacked two diocesan priests in Ireland in recent years. Yet Mr Wilkins questions whether those at the top of the church hierarchy take the issue seriously enough. The Pope has twice received the former archbishop of Vienna, Hans Hermann Groer, at the Vatican, despite allegations that he had sexually molested young clergymen. [Admission of his successor reported Jun 20 98.] (includes picture of Archbishop Murphy-O'Connor.) -- BBC, "Paedophile cases haunt the church," , by Megan Lane, Wed Jul 19 00
    2000: Nun convicted of cruelty [to 1980]. ABERDEEN (Scotland): R.C. Sister Alphonso, a.k.a. Sr Marie Docherty, was found guilty of four charges of cruelty against young girls at Nazareth House childrens' homes in Aberdeen and Midlothian, Scotland, between 1965 and 1980. (NETWORK ONLY) Sister Marie had denied all 23 charges. The convictions related to a girl being struck against a radiator and punched and slapped repeatedly, another the same and being force-fed and hit with a hair brush, another was also hit with a hair brush and force-fed, and the fourth the same plus force-fed and had soiled underwear thrown at her. There are more than 411 former inmates who will be suing the Sisters of Nazareth for several million pounds, according to solicitor Cameron Fyfe. -- British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), "Nun convicted of cruelty," Google archive , 17:22 GMT 18:22 UK, Tuesday, 19 September, 2000
    2000: Abuse inquiry at top English Catholic school attended by PM Blair's two sons. LONDON: The inquiry focuses on a former chaplain and governor at the London Oratory School in Fulham, south-west London, who died of a suspected AIDS-related illness, several newspapers have reported. Police and social services were alerted after pupils wrote letters about Scots-born Father David Martin to Childline. Some suspect the accusations are part of an anti-Blair move. Archive, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Tuesday, 5 December, 2000
    2000: Ireland has 38 priest child-abuse convictions so far. DUBLIN: There have been 38 convictions already and new cases are being investigated as ever more victims of abuse dare to come forward. -- BBC, "'Celtic Tiger' or Lamb of God?" , by Rosie Goldsmith, Tue Dec 5 00

    • Hare Krishna child sex and general abuse [to 1986]. A study of child abuse and neglect in ISKCON's boarding schools or ashram-based gurukulas from 1971 to 1986, when they ceased to operate, largely due to the exposure of these problems. Sex abuse was included. A 22-part article, complete with references to theoretical literature. -- Cultic Studies Review, C/S Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001 "Child Abuse in the Hare Krishna Movement:1971-1986," csissueidx/toc2001. 1/grprept2001. 1_harekrishna/ grprept_hk_childabuse/ rochford_burke_ heinlein_p1.htm , by E. Burke Rochford, Jr., and Jennifer Heinlein, 2001
    • Australia's Leading Catholic Conservative Archbishop Gets a Promotion; SYDNEY: Appointment of George Pell to Sydney archdiocese comes as surprise to Melbourne parishioners—and to Pell himself. Some say his appointment will cause an exodus from the Church, and others that it will lead a major revival. Layman Chris Sidoti, a former member of the federal government's Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, told the ABC, that the appointment would take the Church back to medieval times. "More authoritarian, less tolerant, not permissive of differences of views." Paul Collins, a theologian, broadcaster, and author who two weeks ago resigned from the Catholic priesthood, told ENI that Archbishop Pell was an authoritarian, and part of the movement in the Church that was turning Catholicism into a sect. -- Christianity Today, , by Margaret Simons in Sydney, posted Mar 4 2001
    • World: Priests raping and seducing nuns exposed: UNITED STATES: The National Catholic Reporter in the U.S.A. uncovered shocking reports written by senior members of women's religious orders and an American priest asserting that sexual abuse and rape of nuns by priests is a serious problem around the world. (After this the Call to Accountability Campaign was formed.) (See 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, and 2001 x 2). March 16, 2001
    • Dr Pell's transfer criticised by Cardinal. SYDNEY: The outgoing Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy, has accused the Vatican of failing to understand Australia's sense of egalitarianism. Australia had "an openness, a sense of inner freedom" that was not found to the same extent in other countries, Cardinal Clancy said last night. "It is sometimes misrepresented as a disrespect for authority, which it is not," he said. Cardinal Clancy's comments, made on ABC Radio, come just days after the appointment of his successor, the conservative Archbishop George Pell of Melbourne. In the interview, Cardinal Clancy said that after a 1999 meeting between bishops from Australia and members of the Roman Curia, he had come away "feeling our brethren in Rome didn't fully understand the situation in real life as have it here". -- The Age , "Outgoing cardinal criticises Vatican," By Malcolm Brown, SMH, Monday April 2 2001
    • European Parliament condemns Vatican over nun abuse. EUROPE: Read [Seek elsewhere] (see 1994 and various years onwards). Zenit, April 6 2001
    • England and Wales, child-abuse representatives required in each R.C. parish and religious house: "Crackdown on abuse by priests;" LONDON: The Roman Catholic Church in the U.K. was told yesterday [April 17, 2001] that it must appoint child protection representatives in every parish in England and Wales to head off the wave of criticism that has broken over the Church after a series of high-profile abuse cases involving clergy. Even enclosed orders will be asked to do the same, as part of a 50-point strategy recommended by an independent committee headed by Lord Nolan. The review is intended to supersede guidelines in place since 1994, which proved ineffective. They were brought into question last year when Archbishop John Ward of Cardiff was seen to have ignored warnings from a fellow bishop in ordaining a priest, Father Joe Jordan, who was subsequently jailed for eight years for indecent assaults against children. -- click,3604,474428,00.html , The Guardian, Britain, "Crackdown on abuse by priests," Stephen Bates, April 18, 2001
    "Quite exceptional depravity" by Christian Brothers, says parliamentary inquiry: CANBERRA, Australia: "Quite exceptional depravity" by Christian Brothers against boys at Bindoon, Castledare, Clontarf and Tardun migrant hostels and orphanages in Western Australia, period 1938 to late 1960s, (AND some other aspects about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of child migrants from the British Isles and Malta) in chapter 4 of "Lost Innocents: Righting the Record," click , Senate Community Affairs References Committee, Australia, Aug 2001, pp 76-77
    • Christopher Reardon (U.S.), a lay worker at St. Agnes Catholic Church in MIDDLETON, Massachusetts, was convicted of molesting 29 boys, sentenced to a prison term of 40 to 50 years. Testimony in that case revealed that Boston Cardinal Bernard Law's attorneys had encouraged various parishioners to withhold information from investigators, fearing that the case would prompt new lawsuits against the archdiocese. Despite that sworn evidence, an editorial in the Catholic newspaper Pilot of August 24 insisted that "The accusations that the cardinal ignored, was indifferent to, or refused to address the scandalous behavior of any priest is, at best, ignorant." The same editorial went on to claim that "no one has suffered more than Cardinal Law" from priestly sexual abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Boston. -- The Crime Library, "Father James Porter: Pedophile Priest," Michael Newton, , Conviction date August 17, 2001.
    • Confidentiality agreement signed, in spite of being banned since year 2000. BALLARAT (Vic.) Australia: "The Ballarat diocese made a compensation payout of conditional on the victim's silence in September 2001. This is according to an article on page 6 of The Australian newspaper by Nicole Strahan. The bishop of the Ballarat diocese is the Most Reverend Peter Connors." From of Tue 11 Jun 02 at , September 2001
    • Boston Phoenix "Failure to Act" exposé: BOSTON: "They [the U.S. Catholic bishops] did not do anything to protect victims," says Sylvia Demerest, the Dallas attorney who represented three of the 11 plaintiffs in the Kos case. Demerest speaks for many detractors when she suggests that, early on, the Catholic Church knew more about the psychological profile of a serial child molester than any other organized group in the United States that worked extensively with children -- including the schools. Still, thousands of children were repeatedly placed in harm's way.
      "This has been a consistent problem within the Church," Demerest says. And yet, unconscionably, Church leaders continue to claim that they did not have enough knowledge to protect young parishioners. "These people knew they were sitting on a powder keg," says Demerest. "They knew priests were doing unspeakable things to kids. They chose to ignore it."
      Tom Economus puts it. "Church officials will say anything to get themselves off the hook."
      In the end, it might not really matter what the Church knew or didn't know about sexual misconduct among clergy in 1970 or 1980 or 1990. For centuries, it understood one crucial piece of information: such conduct is a moral crime. As Doyle says, "We may not have known how the sexual disorder develops, or how to care for our priests. But we knew about the harm. We knew priests were running loose on our kids." See Kristen Lombardi, "Failure to Act," part 3, The Phoenix, Boston, October 4 - 11, 2001
    • Brothers of St John of God not prosecuted, not apologising, for full-on male-male sex. MELBOURNE (Victoria) Australia: Taxpayers' money is still flowing in, the hush-up continues, and no one has been charged, years after allegations that the Brothers of St John bu..ered some young males entrusted to their care. The allegations concern residential facilities for people with intellectual disabilities. A dormitory supervisor found suspicious behaviour in 1985.
       Now Melbourne law firm Slater and Gordon are preparing a class action involving a dozen people with intellectual disabilities, all clients of the Order. The action will allege sexual abuse during 30 years. Melbourne lawyer David Forster estimates that there have been 60 to 70 civil actions nationally involving the Order. All the agreements had confidentiality clauses. A man had been awarded $54,000 compensation in May. Victorian Owen Swallow is understood to have received about $30,000 in 1996 in a confidential agreement. His statement to police alleged abuse including an.l penetration by five brothers at Cheltenham and Yarra View between 1957 and 1974. The criminal justice system has failed the residents and their families. It is four years since the layman running the Order's Victorian services, David Armstrong, first referred allegations to the police, and still no charges have been laid.
       While police inquiries have continued, in the past two years federal and state funding for the Victorian operation rose from $7.5 million to $12.7m. Broken Rites president Chris MacIsaac said: ". . . how can the government continue to use them as a major service provider . . . ?" The police detective first assigned to the investigations reportedly had no car. Lawyer Sue Tait, who was involved in the early allegations surrounding Yarra View, says: "I think St John of God is a particularly appalling example . . . There has to be some change . . ."
       Two weeks ago the Vatican apologised for sexual abuse by clergy and religious orders in Oceania. The Pope's statement said the Church was developing "open and just" procedures to handle allegations. The Order, however, demands confidentiality clauses from the staff, obedience from its members and the residents, and is trying to bring the Victoria Police to heel with an action in the NSW Supreme Court to suppress documents obtained by police from Encompass, a Sydney sexual counselling agency.
       Abuse by brothers has been established regarding their Cheltenham home in the 1950s. In the early '90s, a lay manager at the Order wrote to the Victorian Department of Community Services raising concerns about a brother's behaviour. The brother denied the abuse to the department, and the manager was reprimanded. A year later, the newly appointed chief executive of St John of God Services Victoria, Heath Lyon, spoke up. No action was taken. The following year Geoff Summers, manager of a nursery, reported inappropriate behaviour, but was reprimanded. He left in 1997.
       The nursery was made to pay $60,000 a year to the Hospitaller Order of St John of God in Sydney, the parent company. Because the nursery received $9000 Commonwealth grant for each employee, Summers felt that the money ought to stay in the nursery. Parents who had helped raise money to buy the Yarra View Farm were upset that when it was sold in 1994 for $2.7 million, the bothers used $650,000 of the proceeds to buy the nursery, and the rest went to Sydney.
       The 2001 financial reports show that the Victorian operation had $1.5m cash surplus, of which $1m was transferred to Sydney. The parents ask why the Order had been charging each resident $344 a month to live in houses that had been 80 per cent Commonwealth funded. Former Victorian Government ministers had "no memory" or did not reply to questions. The present minister said that reviews had found to reason to cut off funds. The department provided about $9m a year to the Victorian operations, which received total funds of $16m. -- The Weekend Australian, Weekend Inquirer, , "House of Horror," by Richard Yallop, Dec 8-9 01, pp 17 and 22.
    • Lifelong pain of brotherly abuse. MELBOURNE: Owen Swallow is still waiting for an apology from the Order of St John of God, 43 years after he was sexually abused from childhood in the care of the brothers. He asked for an apology from the then Archbishop George Pell. In October 1996 Melbourne vicar-general Denis Hart (later promoted to archbishop) wrote that he and the archbishop (Pell) felt deeply for the pain he had suffered. The recent Vatican apology has not quelled the anger that Swallow feels at being violated from the age of 11 until his late 20s. [Picture of Mr Swallow in front of a tree. Wording: "Owed an apology: Swallow says he hates the church because of its lack of action. Picture: Colin Murty."] -- The Weekend Australian, Weekend Inquirer, "Lifelong pain of brotherly abuse," Dec 8-9 01, p 22.

    • Father John Geoghan trial. UNITED STATES: gaoled for years-long child sex abuse in U.S., January-February 2002
    • Church allowed abuse by priest for years; Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish.  United States of America flag; 

    Church allowed abuse by priest for years

    Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish
       The Boston Globe, com/globe/ spotlight /abuse/stories/ 010602_ geoghan.htm,
       As web-republished by BishopAccountability-USA, at www.bishop- accountability. org/news/ 2002_01_06 _Rezendes_ Church Allowed.htm , By Michael Rezendes; prepared by the Globe Spotlight Team: reporters Matt Carroll, Sacha Pfeiffer, and Michael Rezendes; and editor Walter V. Robinson, Page One, January 6, 2002
       BOSTON, Massachussets: Since the mid-1990s, more than 130 people have come forward with horrific childhood tales about how former priest John J. Geoghan allegedly fondled or raped them during a three-decade spree through a half-dozen Greater Boston parishes.
       Almost always, his victims were grammar school boys. One was just 4 years old.
       Then came last July's disclosure that Cardinal Bernard F. Law knew about Geoghan's problems in 1984, Law's first year in Boston, yet approved his transfer to St. Julia's parish in Weston. [...]
    [January 6, 2002]

    Tolkien son accused of sex abuse; LONDON: The eldest son of J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, has been questioned by police over allegations that he sexually abused boys while working as a priest. Following a wide-reaching investigation into Father John Tolkien, West Midlands police have sent their findings to the Crown Prosecution Service. Officials will assess whether to press formal charges against the retired Roman Catholic priest. The alleged offences were said to have been carried out against a number of boys during his ecclesiastical career. Father Tolkien, now 84, was a serving priest at churches in Oxford, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Staffordshire. (Poynter Institute of Thu, 30 Jan 2003) -- The Age, Melbourne, "Tolkien son accused of sex abuse," world/ 2002/01/07/ FFXATFIP3WC. html , Monday 7 January 2002 [AFTERMATH: See out-of-court settlement agreed by Church to one complainant. -- The West Australian, "Payout in Tolkien abuse case," Tue Jul 22 03, p 23 AFTERMATH ENDS] Article date: 7 Jan 02
    Media Abuse, mainstream media say R.C. Church trying to bypass civil law on sexual abuse of minors. PERTH: -- The Record, Perth R.C. newspaper, W. Australia, January 17 2002 p 1
    VATICAN: Vatican's new norms 'not in U.S. dioceses', apply only to religious order priests! The Record, Jan 17 2002 p 13
    BOSTON: U.S. Cardinal Law apologises on past abuse by priests, announces "a new archdiocesan policy that will mandate all clergy, employees and volunteers to report (to civil authorities) any allegations of abuse against a minor"; The Record, January 17 2002 p 13
    • [Cardinal Ratzinger in Rome gives no reason for refusing to hold trial]
       SAN FRANCISCO: "But when the trail of accusations leads right into the Vatican, the obsession with secrecy and cover up is thrown into high relief.
       In 1998 eight former members of the Legion of Christ religious order filed a petition in a Vatican canon law court at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith seeking prosecution of Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, the Legion founder."
       The Pope praised and honoured the accused man. "In 1999 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger dismissed the canon law petition filed at his office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith -- refusing to allow the accusers to give testimony, giving no reason for his action." [And lots more.]
       -- San Francisco Chronicle, "Clergy Sex Abuse - the Trail Leads to Rome," www.survivors News_Vatican/ Trail_leadsto _rome.htm by Jason Berry (a prize-winning journalist), Jan 20 02
    • BOSTON: Priests applaud as U.S. Cardinal Law says he will not resign, Lisa Gentes, The Record, Jan 31 02 p 13

    • [Molesting priest Hill given rent-free Church flat.] LONDON: A paedophile priest who abused nine boys is living rent-free in a flat owned by the Roman Catholic Church, the BBC has discovered. One of Father Michael Hill's victims said he was "sickened" to learn the disgraced priest was being helped by the Church, 14 months after his release from prison. The Catholic diocese of Arundel and Brighton, which had employed Hill as chaplain to Gatwick Airport in 1985 even though he had had his licence revoked, said it had a duty to house him. The Church, which has paid compensation to the victims, said it arranged his accommodation in the £100,000 flat, three minutes walk from a primary school, at the request of the probation authorities to help ensure he was properly supervised. Hill had served three years of a five-year sentence. He had been jailed for abusing boys, including a child with learning difficulties, whom he met through his work with the Church. (includes pictures of Mr Hill and Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, who as the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton in the 1980s had allowed him to continue working.) -- BBC, "Child abuse priest housed by Church," Sat , Feb 9 02
    PERTH: Vigil for paedophile appeal; the mother of a victim of Stephen Ray Hough plans to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and stay on the steps of Perth's Parliament House until the appeal against the leniency of the sentence passed on the perpetrator is in the court. -- The West Australian, Monday February 11 2002, p 5
    Hollingworth fears plot to undermine his office. CANBERRA: Taking advice from former Liberal Party federal director Tony Eggleton; People's Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse leader Ms Hetty Johnston repeats call for Hollingworth to resign. -- The Weekend Australian, Richard Yallop, Kate Legge, February 16-17 2002, p 1
    • G-G 'failed to act' on priest, reports say, but his office denies this and gives details of his inquiries into two allegations. AUSTRALIA: -- The Weekend Australian, Richard Yallop, Kate Legge, February 16-17 2002, p 8
    BRISBANE, Australia: Brisbane Anglican Church tackles sex abuse past, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall catching up with backlog of abuse complaints, has problem with paying $400,000 exemplary damages for Church's wrong handling of the Toowoomba Preparatory School scandal. -- The Weekend Australian, Leisa Scott, February 16-17 2002, p 8
    Non-marital carnal activity of Church workers: -- Guidelines for handling child-abuse clergy, etc.; written at the time of strong publicity about the former Australian Anglican Archbishop, now Governor-General, Dr Peter Hollingworth, plus the longstanding child sex-abuse problems in the Catholic Church; distributed in its initial short form at the second Rally for Marriage and Children, Perth, see , February 19 2002
    • Governor-General under siege -- Listeners' responses. AUSTRALIA: The position of Governor-General is embroiled in the greatest controversy since Sir John Kerr held the office more than 25 years ago. Peter Hollingworth continues to face claims that he did not adequately deal with allegations of sexual abuse within the Anglican church while he was Archbishop of Brisbane. Amid calls for his resignation or an inquiry to clear the air, Dr Hollingworth says he intends to complete his term as Governor-General. Meanwhile, he continues to enjoy the crucial support of the Prime Minister. -- ABC News Online, "Governor-General under siege," , Tuesday, February 19, 2002 .
    BOSTON R. C. Diocese reports 87 clergy; The Record, February 21 2002, p 11
    BUNBURY: Priest in sex case hit in Bunbury court (Rev Adrian Richard Van Klooster); by Kevin Andrusiak, The West Australian, Tuesday February 26 2002, p 3
    • New Rabbi Joins Clergy Child Sex Show; Is it too late to suggest God fire His Personnel Director? What is it about clergy guys makes them lust for the little ones? [2000-01 Marcovitz] - Judaist.

       USA Jewish News, , February 17, 2002


    Is it too late to suggest God fire His Personnel Director? What is it about clergy guys makes them lust for the little ones?

    Richard Marcovitz
    [Awaiting permission to use]

    Formal Charges Filed Against OKC Rabbi

    Marcovitz Faces 11 Felony Counts

    OKLAHOMA CITY -- Prosecutors filed 11 criminal charges against a rabbi Tuesday, alleging lewd acts with two girls who attended a religious school and sexual battery involving two women who worked there. Richard Marcovitz, 64, was arrested last week and was freed on $80,000 bond. He has been placed on administrative leave from Emanuel Synagogue, where he has worked for the past six years. The incidents are alleged to have occurred between August 2000 and May 2001 at the Solomon Schechter Academy, now called the Oklahoma City Jewish Day School. The school is based at the synagogue.

       The girls involved in the complaint were 9 and 12. The allegations against the rabbi involve inappropriate sexual touching. Marcovitz said he is innocent of the charges and plans an active defense in court, said his attorney, Billy Bock. (


    Click for source: AP Photo/Mike Mergen
    [Awaiting permission to use]

    Pope may sack Polish prelate in sex scandal
    By Matthew Day in Warsaw, Published: 12:01AM GMT, February 27, 2002
       THE Pope was yesterday considering the future of the Archbishop of Poznan, one of Poland's most senior Roman Catholics, after allegations that he molested young clerics in his diocese. A Vatican inquiry has been launched into claims that Archbishop Juliusz Paetz used a tunnel between his palace and a seminary to reach trainee priests. In a letter to Poznan's senior clerics, Archbishop Paetz said: "I have never molested, I repeat, never molested any of our seminarians and priests." (Telegraph)
       [LOOK FORWARD: "Vatican absolves Polish archbishop accused of sexual molestation," The News, artykul133740_ vatican- absolves- polish- archbishop- accused- of-sexual- molestation.html ; June 17, 2010. ENDS.]
    Philly Cardinal Apologizes for Abuse
    By Michael Rubinkam
       PHILADELPHIA -- Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua on Tuesday apologized to victims who were sexually abused by priests in his archdiocese and promised that child molestation would not be tolerated. Bevilacqua posted a statement on the archdiocesan Web site calling sexual abuse by priests "among the most depraved of moral aberrations." It was his first public statement since the Archdiocese of Philadelphia revealed last week it had found "credible evidence" that 35 priests had committed sexual abuse against about 50 children dating back several decades. Several priests were dismissed, the archdiocese said.

    Mass. OKs Child Abuse Reporting Bill
    By Leslie Miller
       BOSTON -- Amid the biggest child-molestation scandal to rock the nation's Roman Catholic Church, the Massachusetts state House approved legislation Tuesday requiring clergy to report evidence of sexual abuse of children to authorities. Clergy would not have to report anything they learned in confession or other usually privileged conversations if their religion forbids it. A version of the bill passed the Senate in January; the legislation must go back to the Senate for consideration of House amendments. The measure, approved overwhelmingly in a voice vote by the House, extends to members of the clergy the mandatory reporting law that applies to teachers, social workers and other professionals in Massachusetts. "This is about protecting kids," said Rep. Antonio Cabral.

    Priest Gets 18 Months for Molestation
       WAUSAU, Wis. -- A Roman Catholic priest was sentenced to 18 months in jail and 20 years probation after pleading guilty to molesting and exposing himself to teen-age boys under his care at two churches. The Rev. Timothy E. Svea, 39, was convicted Monday of second-degree sexual assault of a child under 16 and several counts of exposing himself to a child. Svea also pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment. "I've hurt these young men and I've hurt their families," Svea told Marathon County Circuit Judge Patrick Brady. "I've hurt the church and I've offended my God."
       District Attorney Jill Falstad said Svea had shown remorse and cooperated with authorities, but he abused his position as a religious leader, abusing the boys and giving them sleeping pills and alcohol. "Father Svea's crimes quite simply are reprehensible," she said.
    While Catholic priests are getting caught for direct abuse of actual, flesh and blood children, this Jewish guy is being ruined for fantasying about it.
    Former N.J. rabbi admits having child pornography
       TRENTON, N.J. -- The former rabbi of a Morris County synagogue pleaded guilty Tuesday to having child pornography on his temple computer. Juda Mintz Jr., who now lives in Georgia, faces 27 to 33 months in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. He remains free on $100,000 bond pending sentencing June 12 by U.S. District Judge Mary L. Cooper. Cooper barred Mintz from having a computer with Internet access in his home. She also ordered him to continue mental health treatment and have no contact with minors unless another adult is present.
       Mintz, 59, of Dunwoody, Ga., was rabbi for about 18 months at the Mount Freedom Jewish Center in Randolph before leaving in September 2000, Assistant U.S. Attorney Donna A. Krappa said. Mintz admitted that at that time he had at least 10 computer files containing photographs of minors engaging in sexual activity, including some images of children under 12.
       The synagogue said it cooperated with authorities. "We deplore his actions and, indeed, relieved him of his duties because of them," according to a statement released by synagogue vice president Jonathan Ramsfelder. "During his tenure, (Rabbi Mintz) was viewed by many congregants as a warm, generous and dynamic rabbi and teacher. This was a loss." (Newsday)

    JEWISH WORLD TODAY [Awaiting permission to use]

    There's an untapped population that could turn Israel's demographics around. Give me your criminal, your insane, your loser, your violent sociopath...
    [Awaiting permission to use]Prisoner activist aims to bring Lanner here
    By Haim Shapiro
       JERUSALEM (February 27) - Herut Lapid, the kibbutznik who has spearheaded the rehabilitation of hundreds of prisoners, is to travel to New York in an attempt to bring Rabbi Baruch Lanner, who has been accused of sexual abuse of teenagers under his care, here. The case has been a source of scandal for the American Orthodox community since it was publicized by The New York Jewish Week. Lanner was first a top official of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth and later the principal of a Hebrew day school. In March, a Monmouth County grand jury indicted him on two counts each of aggravated criminal sexual conduct, criminal sexual conduct, and endangering the welfare of a child. (Jerusalem Post)
       [The above used to include material that is NOT related to Clergy Child Sex Abuse. -- FPP, 03 Jan 04]

    !!!: [Fr Kelly's escape to Belgium stymied by 77 more charges], (Rev James Kelly, of IRELAND). -- The West Australian, "Priest goes back to jail", Associated Press, p 23, Thursday February 28 2002
    • Age cuts jail term for sex offender who raped daughter from age 5; by Pamela Magill, The West Australian, Friday March 1 2002, p 33
    • PERTH: Gallop 'no' to free vote on homosexual law reversals, The West Australian, Friday March 1 2002, p 34
    • "Rage reflects need for strong policy." CANBERRA: Senator Andrew Murray wants all Churches to address their long history of concealing criminals who sexually and physically abused children. Immediate mandatory reporting must become the norm, with penalties that hurt. A French bishop has been sentenced for failing to step in to prevent the assaults. -- Canberra Times, March 2 2002, p 3
    • PERTH: Eight years for paedophile Stephen Hough following public outcry after he had walked free in February with a suspended sentence by Judge Bill Groves, The West Australian, Saturday March 2 2002, p 5
    Viceroy says sorry to abused woman. AUSTRALIA: He had said that when she was aged 14 she had initiated sex acts with Anglican (later Bishop) Donald Shearman in the 1950s. -- The West Australian, by Alan Thornhill, Saturday March 2 2002, p 8
    • References, (Chronology, Further Reading), first on WWW Mar 2 02
    Senator Bill Heffernan a man possessed: CANBERRA: PM John Howard's man leads child sex vendetta; by Kate Legge and Richard Yallop, The Weekend Australian, "Heffernan a man possessed," March 2-3 2002, pages 1 and 4

    Paying for sins of the fathers; Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, and United Churches in Canada face sex and physical abuse compensation of $C1000m for mistreating indigenous children in orphanages years ago, and Australian Anglican dioceses facing ruin; by Kate Legge and Richard Yallop, The Weekend Australian, "Inquirer," March 2-3 02, p23
    • PERTH: Lesbian teacher gets $10,000 from I.R.C. because Penrhos (Uniting Church) dismissed her, by Kim Macdonald, The Sunday Times March 3 2002, p 5
    • Paedophile wanted to be legendary, Stephen Hough; by Gary Adshead The Sunday Times March 3 2002, p 8
    • G-G quits another charity, (Barnardos), The Sunday Times March 3 2002, p 8
    Fathers would make the best "Fathers"; How to select candidates for the divine ministry who are less likely to corrupt and scandalise the young, or protect clergy offenders, Mar 4 02
    Resign, U.S. R.C. priests in abuse (sexual and physical) cases are told, and New Zealand Anglicans face compensation for events at university hostel. -- The West Australian, Tuesday March 5 2002, p 19
    Hoopmann, Lutheran Pastor, denies Queensland sex charge. AUSTRALIA. -- The West Australian, Wednesday March 6 2002, p 36
    John Geoghan - Deal close on Church sex payout for UNITED STATES priest of up to $60m, Rudolph Kos having already cost $50m in 1998. -- The West Australian, Thur Mar 7 02, p27
    • Feeding frenzy on the GG. AUSTRALIA: Letter to editor saying that the Governor-General does not deserve to be persecuted regarding child abuse, and those baying for his blood support abortion. -- By Mrs Patricia Halligan, Mandurah; The Record, March 7 2002 p 7
    • U.S. bishops act on sex problem. UNITED STATES: In the mid-1980s the public had been giving focused attention to paedophilia; Fr James Porter case of 1992 described; picture of front cover of Newsweek of March 4 2002 showing Cardinal Bernard Law and the words "Sex, shame and the Catholic Church;" the article ends with the claim that the Church was fully alert to the problem, "a page has been turned and a new chapter begun." By Bishop John Kinney, former chairperson of the Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse, U.S. National Conference of Catholic Bishops. -- The Record, March 7 2002 p 11

    • Protest plan for G-G to resign. AUSTRALIA: March to be held April 14. -- The West Australian, Friday March 8 2002, p 9
    !!!: U.S. Catholic seminary director abused trainee who asked counsel for clerical sex abuse! UNITED STATES: "Bishop admits abuse, resigns," Palm Beach, Florida, Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell resigned after admitting he sexually abused a seminary student more than 25 years ago. The Rev. O'Connell says he sexually abused a student at a Missouri seminary where he was serving as the school director. The ex-student says he had been abused by another priest and had turned to O'Connell for counseling. [and see March 14 and 21 entries.] St. Petersburg Times Mar 9 02
    • Adelaide's Archbishop Wilson defends Vatican guidelines. AUSTRALIA: -- The Record, March 14 2002 p 3
    • Claims false, absurd: Judge Michael Kirby. AUSTRALIA: -- The West Australian, by Karen Middleton, Thursday March 14 2002 p 5
    • The real enemy is abortion. AUSTRALIA: "... the hypocrisy of those who purport to express quite understandable revulsion at the sexual abuse of children, while remaining silent over the ultimate abuse which is abortion."; letter from Father Geoff Beyer, Attadale to The Record, March 14 2002 p 7
    • Bunbury R.C. Bishop Gerard Holohan talks to parishioners of Leschenault and Brunswick. BUNBURY, W. Australia: Their parish priest Fr Adrian Van Klooster had faced a Bunbury court charged with sexual offences; [also see] -- The Record, March 14 2002 p 11
    • Sex scandal widens in U.S. UNITED STATES: Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell, of Palm Beach, Florida, resigned over sexual misconduct with a teenage seminarian more than 25 years ago; five priests removed from ministry; Bishop Donald W. Wuerl of Pittsburgh instituted a stricter policy; In Maine a pastor was alleged to have made improper sexual advances towards a young man who wanted to become a priest. -- The Record, March 14 2002 p 12
    • Vatican guidelines on gays applying to become priests were completed last year. VATICAN CITY: -- The Record, March 14 2002 p 12
    • "Four Corners" AUSTRALIA: Father Sean Fortune, an R.C. Irish sex abuser of boys; appearing were members of families of the survivors; his supervisor, Bishop Comiskey, went to the USA to be treated for alcohol addiction. Victims of rape were interviewed. A woman said the Church denied legal liability. --Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), 14 March 02

    • Howard on defensive over homosexuality. AUSTRALIA: Plus, Caring judge with a mission + Grey ghost reveals his agenda. -- The West Australian, Saturday March 16 2002, p4
    • Anglican Church rejects call for inquiry. AUSTRALIA: -- The Sunday Times, by Nick Taylor, March 17 2002, p 22
    • Sex and scandal in the nation's capital. CANBERRA, Australia: -- The Sunday Times, by Matt Price, March 17 2002, p 44
    • Church says sorry to clergy's sex victims through Anglican Primate Carnley. AUSTRALIA: -- The West Australian, Mon Mar 18 02 p3
    • Kirby row spreads to PM defence. AUSTRALIA: Tabling letters gives go-ahead for publication, The West Australian, Mon Mar 18 02 p 4
    • U.S. 93,000 sex abuse all classes. Catholic Church often refuses to abide by civil laws. UNITED STATES: Although every state has laws requiring child sexual abuse to be reported, few cases involving members of the clergy are ever turned over to police by church officials -- and fewer still result in anyone going to jail. Partly this is because most of the laws are aimed at compelling professional groups such as teachers, doctors, and social workers to turn over information on molestation. They do not require church officials specifically to report such suspicions. Yet even in the states that do, religious authorities rarely end up passing on suspicions to law enforcement. In 1999, 2.9 million referrals for child abuse were filed nationwide, according to the US Department of Health & Human Services. Of those, 826,000 cases involved "substantiated" victims of maltreatment. Sexual abuse made up 11 percent of that group -- or some 93,000 victims. "The Catholic Church refuses to go outside their own authority, and therefore often refuses to abide by laws, because they feel above them, or that they feel they can get away with it," says Jeff Anderson a St. Paul, Minn., lawyer who has handled more than 600 civil sexual-abuse cases, most against the Catholic Church. [Picture: SEEKING JUSTICE: Kimberly Brown, mother of a victim of defrocked Catholic priest John Geoghan, reads an impact statement during Mr. Geoghan's sentencing in Cambridge, Mass, last month. TOM LANDERS/AP] -- The Christian Science Monitor "Why child abuse goes unreported," 2002/0318/ p01s05-usju.html , By Mark Clayton, March 18 2002
    • Kirby bungle: PM sacks Heffernan. AUSTRALIA: "As a result of some information that was given to me this afternoon, I've asked Senator Bill Heffernan to resign as a Parliamentary Secretary," Mr Howard said last night. "... he owes Mr Justice Kirby an unqualified apology ... he should apologise to the Senate." Key evidence had been fabricated. The Australian Financial Review, Tue Mar 19 02 p 1
    Church sex sorrow doubted. AUSTRALIA: Anglican Primate Carnley fears royal commission, says W.A. victims' group chief Norman Johnston. -- The West Australian, Tuesday March 19 2002, p 13
    Part of R.C. Church queries no-sex vow UNITED STATES: -- The West Australian, Tuesday March 19 2002, p 19
    • Suing the Pope. IRELAND: The BBC 2 TV show about Father Sean Fortune's [suicided 1999] boy-abuse at Fethard-on-Sea in County Wexford, Irish Republic. The sex abuse of boys was permitted by the Bishop of Ferns, and by his successor, Dr Brendan Comiskey [who left his palace when the news became public, and was later to resign. A government inquiry was started later still.] Mr Colm O'Gorman, raped at 14 and abused for 2 1/2 years more, is suing Bishop Brendan Comiskey, the Papal Nuncio and the Pope. He was the first to report the crimes to the police. Mr Patrick Jackman was first abused aged about 15. With PHOTOS and clickable Transcript. -- BBC Two, "Suing the Pope," , Producer: Sarah MacDonald; Deputy Editor: Farah Durrani; Editor: Fiona Murch; Tuesday 19th March 2002
    • I was wrong, Heffernan apology prompts new Government inquiry. -- West Australian, by Karen Middleton, Wed Mar 20 02 p1
    • Hunt for author of fake Kirby records. AUSTRALIA: Government knew two years ago document was forged: Crean. -- The West Australian, by Karen Middleton, Wednesday March 20 2002, pp 6-7 < br> • WA Democrat Senator Greig presses homosexual discrimination bill. AUSTRALIA: -- The West Australian Wed Mar 20 02 p 6
    • Protestant establishment doesn't tolerate it like Catholic. UNITED STATES: Abuse of children and adolescents by Roman Catholic clergy is, sadly, turning out to be the religion story of the year. "There are absolutely no Protestant equivalents," Anson Shupe , an Indiana University-Purdue University sociologist who researches clergy misconduct and new religious movements, told The Boston Globe. "If I could find some spectacular cases, that would help my career, but I can't. You don't have rapacious serial predators, and the Protestant establishment doesn't tolerate it the way the Catholic establishment has." ... Both The Boston Globe and Boston Herald have special areas of their Web sites devoted to covering the clergy abuse scandals. (The article has quite a few links, and is well worth reading.) -- ChristianityToday.Com, "How the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal Affects Evangelical Churches: Sin and secrecy aren't limited to Roman Catholics, say pastors and scholars." , by Ted Olsen and Todd Hertz, week of March 18, posted March 20 2002
    • School union bans viceroy. PERTH: PLUS, Teachers face tougher abuse reporting rules. -- The West Australian, Thur Mar 21 2002, p 11
    • Homosexual legalisation bill set to go through. PERTH: -- The West Australian, Thursday March 21 2002, p 32
    !!!: Florida has two sex-abuse R.C. bishops in a row, yet parisioners still support, UNITED STATES: [and see entries for March 9 and 14] Boston $15m to $30m extra for Father Geoghan abuse; The Record Mar 21 02, p 13
    • CTA calls for uniform standards dealing with clergy child abuse. UNITED STATES: March 21, the day after the pope's only vague statement about child sex abuse by clergy, Call To Action issued its own press statement calling the papal response inadequate, and calling for uniform standards in dealing with allegations of child abuse.
       Linda Pieczynski, CTA spokesperson and a former assistant state's attorney, said:

    The policies in place in the past have failed. We must drastically change the way the church handles allegations of child abuse. The pope didn't say he was going to hold bishops accountable or make disciplinary responses transparent.
       Bishops must not be the ones to investigate these cases. Only experienced child abuse investigators are trained to interview the alleged victims and perpetrators and weed out false allegations. In most states, people who are required by law to report child abuse must contact child abuse reporting agencies when they suspect a child has been harmed, not when they believe that they have 'probable cause,' a standard that many dioceses use.
       Members of the clergy should report allegations of any kind of child abuse to the local law enforcement authority whenever there is a suspicion that child abuse has taken place. This is the standard to which doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers and other people who have numerous contacts with children are held. There is no logical reason that clergy should not be held to the same standard.
       This would relieve the local church of any potential conflict of interest and prevent the temptation to downplay the seriousness of the offense or cover up the offense due to the fear of scandal or financial liability.
       Priests who have been identified as offenders must never be placed in positions where they have access to children. Our children must not be put at risk. While we can forgive the actions by such men, we cannot fail to be vigilant in protecting our most vulnerable church members in the name of forgiveness.
    -- Call to Action News, , April 2002, News statement released March 21, 2002

    • Pope talks on chastity and priesthood, confirming celibacy rule. VATICAN: -- The Record, Thursday March 21 2002, p 13

    • Racketeers, Corrupt Organisation, U.S. lawyers claim; U.S. seminary students molested: WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., March 22 (UPI) -- A team of Minnesota lawyers filed a federal anti-racketeering suit against former Roman Catholic Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida., and three dioceses Friday charging sex abuse and coverups. The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as the RICO statute, is usually used in prosecutions of organized-crime cases. By filing that kind of suit, the lawyers are calling the Catholic Church a criminal enterprise. It is the third allegation against O'Connell by seminarians at St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary in Hannibal, Mo., made as a result of his 25 years as an instructor and teacher there. Another suit was filed Monday in Missouri alleging similar acts by O'Connell who also as served as bishop in Knoxville, Tennessee. -- Washington Times, "RICO suit filed in bishop's sex abuse case ," March 22, 2002
    • PM backs Heffernan to stay on. AUSTRALIA: -- The West Australian, Saturday March 23 2002, p 40
    • Howard deaf to Heffernan questions. AUSTRALIA: Plus, PM silent on Heffernan future in Parliament. -- The West Australian, Monday March 25 2002, p 1 + p 6
    Pulpit blast for cardinal. UNITED STATES: Blast for Cardinal Law. -- The West Australian, Tuesday March 26 2002, p 21
    Hollingworth dumped again. AUSTRALIA: Charity removes Hollingworth's name, AND, John Elliott abused boys 10 to 13 before Anglican ordination. -- The West Australian, Mar 28 02 p 9
    Compensation in South Australian St Ann's abuse case [to 1991]. SOUTH AUSTRALIA: A bus driver sexually interfered with intellectually disabled children between 1986 and 1991, police fail to charge him. -- The Record, Perth, Mar 28 02 p4
    Commission for the Protection of Children meets. BOSTON: Commission to help Boston Cardinal Law. -- The Record, Mar 28 02 p 16
    • Seminarians in Rome still committed in spite of sexual scandals. ROME: -- The Record, Mar 28 02 p 16
    Beg God for reawakening: Pope. VATICAN: Reports of abuse in France, Ireland $110m, Poland, and Oceania (abridged). -- The Record, CNS, Mar 28 02 p 20
    !!!: What A Time For Catholic Institutions To Promote Pedophilia! UNITED STATES: One point still needs to be made on The Vagina Monologues. A lot of things could be said. But I offer here no criticism of the students who participated in the play or attended it, nor of the author and promoters. And if the play had been done for a class in a course, and not opened to others, including nonstudents, and publicized, there would be no objection.
       The only issue I raise here is the judgment of the administration in permitting academic units to sponsor a public play which presents an act of pedophilia as a benefit to the child-victim. "Pedophilia," as commonly used today, includes adult-child sex, whether heterosexual, man-boy or woman-girl and whether or not the child is prepubescent. Each is an objective moral wrong because it is contrary to nature and the divine law of the Author of that nature. . . .
       In any event, no amount of academic double-talk can justify this public presentation at a Catholic university, which is what Notre Dame claims to be.
       This misjudgment by our leaders is very serious as well as inexcusable, especially in light of the pedophilia crisis in the Church and elsewhere. The university has a duty to rectify this blunder. That rectification would be advanced by the resignation of all those responsible from their administrative positions. -- The Wanderer, (U.S. independent Catholic newspaper), By Charles E. Rice, (Dr. Rice is a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame Law School. This article first appeared in The Observer, Notre Dame's student newspaper.) Mar 28 2002
    !!!: Polish archbishop quits. WARSAW: He was sneaking through a tunnel to a seminary dormitory for junior clerics. -- The West Australian Sat Mar 30 02 p32

    ANCHOR LIST (After reading an article, use Browser's "Back" button to return to Anchor List)
    * Anti-Semites = French criminal court to try Yahoo over Nazi sites, , PARIS, Feb 26 - A French criminal court said on Tuesday it would try U.S. Internet giant Yahoo Inc YHOO.O and its former president for allegedly condoning war crimes by selling Nazi memorabilia. A U.S. federal judge ruled last November Yahoo was not bound to comply with French laws governing Internet content on U.S.-based sites.
    * Call = ARABS DON'T LIKE US, PASS IT ON; Most residents of Muslims countries dislike US: poll, , Fifty-three percent of residents polled in nine Muslim countries have an unfavorable opinion of the United States because they believe it is ruthless and arrogant, a Gallup poll reported by CNN television said. (AFP)
    * Church allowed abuse by priest for years; Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish. BOSTON, U.S.A.: January 6, 2002
    * Culture = Thousands Celebrate Jewish Festival, Washington Post, , By Jason Keyser. HOLON, Israel: Thousands of costumed Israelis turned out Tuesday for a huge, noisy parade here marking the Jewish festival of Purim, despite concerns about attacks by Palestinian militants. (AP)
    * God = God's people have more fun; Mob Sets Fire to India Train, 55 Die. Washington Post, , By Siddharth Darshan Kumar, (AP). GODHRA, India: A Muslim mob set fire to a train carrying Hindu activists as it returned from a religious ceremony Wednesday, killing at least 55 people, including 14 children, in the western state of Gujarat.
    * Israel = Carnage Continues Uninterrupted; Jerusalem Post, Palestinian kills Israeli employer near Jerusalem, , A Palestinian man shot and killed his Israeli employer, Gad Rejwan, 34, early this morning in northern Jerusalem's Atarot industrial area.
    * Jewish = Prisoner activist aims to bring Lanner here, , Jerusalem Post, By Haim Shapiro; JERUSALEM (February 27, 2002) - Herut Lapid, the kibbutznik who has spearheaded the rehabilitation of hundreds of prisoners, is to travel to New York in an attempt to bring Rabbi Baruch Lanner, who has been accused of sexual abuse of teenagers under his care, here. In March, a Monmouth County grand jury indicted him on two counts each of aggravated criminal sexual conduct, criminal sexual conduct, and endangering the welfare of a child.
    * New Rabbi = New Rabbi Joins Clergy Child Sex Show; Is it too late to suggest God fire His Personnel Director? What is it about clergy guys makes them lust for the little ones? [Jewish, 2000-01] USA Jewish News, , February 17, 2002
    * Racketeers = Racketeers, Corrupt Organisation, U.S. lawyers claim; WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., March 22 (UPI) -- A team of Minnesota lawyers filed a federal anti-racketeering suit against former Roman Catholic Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida., and three dioceses Friday charging sex abuse and coverups. The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as the RICO statute, is usually used in prosecutions of organized-crime cases. Washington Times, , "RICO suit filed in bishop's sex abuse case," March 22, 2002
    * Ratzinger = Cardinal Ratzinger in Rome gives no reason for refusing to hold trial, San Francisco Chronicle, "Clergy Sex Abuse - the Trail Leads to Rome," , by Jason Berry (a prize-winning journalist), regarding Legion of Christ founder Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado accusations not given a Church trial. Jan 20 02.
    * Sneaking = Sneaking through a tunnel late at night to see junior clerics. WARSAW: Archbishop of the western city of Poznan, Juliusz Paetz, 67, sneaked through a tunnel to a seminary dormitory for junior clerics. He has resigned due to public pressure. The West Australian, "Catholic archbishop quits over sex abuse claims," Sat, Mar 30 02
    * Tolkien = Tolkien son accused of sex abuse, The Age, Melbourne, world/ 2002/01/07/ FFXATFIP3WC. html , Monday 7 January 2002 . LONDON: The eldest son of J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, has been questioned by police over allegations that he sexually abused boys while working as a priest. [A payout in relation to Fr Tolkien was reported later, on Jul 22 03]
    * Uniform = CTA calls for uniform standards dealing with clergy child abuse. UNITED STATES: March 21, the day after the pope's only vague statement about child sex abuse by clergy, Call To Action issued its own press statement calling the papal response inadequate, and calling for uniform standards in dealing with allegations of child abuse. Call to Action News, , April 2002, orig. released March 21, 2002
    * Vagina = Vagina Monologues at Notre Dame Indiana. What a time for Catholic institutions to promote child abuse! UNITED STATES: The play presents an act of pedophilia (the term is used loosely) as a benefit to the child-victim. The university has a duty to rectify this blunder. That rectification would be advanced by the resignation of all those responsible from their administrative positions. The Wanderer, , By Charles E. Rice, first appearance in The Observer, Mar 28 2002 [Search for repeat performance!]
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