The Corporate Take-Over Continues
  A Public Forum to discuss the effects of GATS, National Competition Policy and the major banks on public services, local communities, workers and the environment.

When: Thursday, 7 June 2001, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Where: 4th Floor, Unity House, 79 Stirling Street, Perth

Brian Jenkins
StopMAI Spokesperson - on the GATS treaty and how it threatens local democracy

The Hon. Dee Margetts MLC
Former WA Senator and newly-elected Greens (WA) MLC - on GATS and National Competition Policy
John Croft
John Croft of the Gaia Foundation of WA has worked for over 20 years in community-based economic systems.



For further information,
please contact Brian
Jenkins on 9528 1864

Seesaw, with general people falling off at the left end, and a well-fed man on the right end holding a balloon inscribed *GLOBAL ECONOMY* and shouting to the other people *You're not participating!!*


T here is a growing citizen concern about the power of international trade and investment treaties to over-rule the rights of people and communities.

Despite massive protests at Seattle and against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment [MAI], the threats to local democracy continue in the form of agreements being negotiated behind closed doors. In the lead-up to the next World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in November, international attention is turning to GATS [the General Agreement on Trade in Services] as the latest attempt to impose free market fundamentalism both here and abroad.

GATS -- the General Agreement on Trade in Services -- is one of the WTO [World Trade Organisation] treaties which Australia has signed. It covers a wide range of services, including public sectors that affect the environment, culture, drinking water, health care, education, social security, transportation and a variety of local government services.

The treaty is being renegotiated to extend its power, to phase out all governmental barriers to international trade and commercial competition in the services sector. Under the new GATS, it could be illegal for the Commonwealth or any state or local government to provide a public service to the community if a transnational corporation is denied the right to bid for it.

Several Australian labour organisations, including the ACTU [Australian Council of Trade Unions], have supported a call for action to prevent these changes to GATS. The treaty is also the focus of a major international campaign "Stop the GATS Attack Now!" See

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• See also and/or a current issue of Citizens' Voice at
• A multinational corporation in Hitler's days assisted with punchcards to facilitate the round-up of Jews, gypsies, other non-Germans, trade union leaders, Esperantists, Jehovah's Witnesses, the few outspoken Churchmen and laity, etc., according to:
• It is alleged that a multinational corporation lobbied some minority shareholders in Anaconda Nickel to dismiss the chief executive Andrew Forrest and others. Read "Forrest hits at Anglo's tactics", The West Australian, Wednesday May 2 2001, page 47, or
P.S. The May Day protest near the Stock Exchange and Parliament House in Perth on 1 May was, for nearly all the time it took place, NOT a "day of rage," in spite of the newspaper headlines.
• The World Trade Organisation is at:   A spoof website opposing and exposing the WTO is at
• For law-abiding action on the environmental side of Big Business's push to own and control everything, read Information for Action, of Perth W.A., at

Click for the June 15-16 Conference > > or contact: One World Centre, 99 Hay Street, Subiaco 6008 WA by Friday 8th June 2001. Cheques to be made out to One World Centre. Phone 9388 2508 for more details.

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