Dear Senator Lees,
  Since you have now been invited by John Howard for discussion on the tax reform issue, may I please draw your attention to the following: I am deeply concerned that all the discussions which have taken place on Tax Reform and the introduction of a GST [Goods and Services Tax] over the last 12 months, in reality, had nothing to do with tax reform at all.
  I fear the much wider implication was and still is the establishment of a global dictatorial world order, under the auspices of a narrowing group of transnational corporations, representing a power concentration the enormity of which has never been seen or experienced in world history.
Subject: Tax Reform discussion with John Howard
From: John Nydam, of Sydney [Doesn't work now, 28 Jan 03]
To: Australian Democrat leader, Senator Meg Lees
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  Following the introduction of economic market de-regulation by Hawke and Keating in 1983, income tax contributions by TNC's  [Trans-National Corporations] declined to a ridiculously low level of 1.5%.
  This was achieved through refinements of practices in transfer pricing and other means, the consequence being that our infrastructure has been haemoraging through lack of available funds.
  Any suggestion to close these loopholes are out of reach as the horse has bolted! A tax restructioning is urgently required,  but at the top end of the market which excludes a GST.
  Senator Harradine took his decision because he was aware of this and realized that there was no room for any negotiation which included this tax. The speech by the PM [Prime Minister] on the 17th May 1999 announcing the strategy to promote Australia as a centre for Global Financial Services contained such an array of emotional and critical opinions/attitudes towards and against our time honoured system of parliamentary democracy that it must have shocked every decent citizen in Australia.
  It also proved how he and his party are virtual prisoners of the global corporate tyranny agenda promoted by TNC's, so much so, that any arrangement or accommodation offered by him to us will be nothing less then a chalice filled with poison.
  At all times it should be realised that international events play a role in any decision-making process here in Australia.
  The hostilities presently taking place in Europe, whereby $65 million daily is squandered in a killing spree of innocent people, (reported by British television station Sky News , May 17).
  Who is carrying the cost?
  Assisting the Coalition in any tax accommodating exercise will not only strengthen their political standing at home but will positively influence international forces promoting global economic developments.

  On Tuesday May 18, 1999 John Pilger wrote: "This week, the unthinkable will again be normalised when NATO triples the bombing raids to 700 a day.
  "This includes blanket bombing by B-52s.
  "Blair and Clinton and the opaque-eyed General Clark, apologist for the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, are killing and maiming hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent peole in the Balkans.
  "And until there is a revolt by journalists and broadcasters, they will continue to get away with it.
  "That is the news, John Pilger."

  Our adage "Keep The Bastards Honest" has become an impossible task since we are dealing with bastards who don't know the meaning of the word...honest.

  Regards, John Nydam

  "Beware of Global Corporate Tyranny" Or is it too late already?
  PS Since the latest poll shows 66% against any GST, accommodating John Howard with his GST could well mean losing most of our [Australian Democrats'] membership.

[FOOTNOTE: The Australian Democrats gave Big Business and the Transnational Corporations what they wanted, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), "trading" this denial of the party members' decision for other bits of objectives, promised by "No GST Johnny". Senator Lees in 2002 was in a dispute inside the Australian Democrats, and left the Party, becoming an Independent. Her predecessor, Senator Sheryl Kernot, had previously switched to the Australian Labor Party.]
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