Send bill to illegal immigrants' departure country

Nothing speaks louder than a dollar. Indonesia could stop, overnight, all illegal migration to Australia. Right now dollars are spent, and the incentive is to help illegal immigrants on their way.

Australia should count the cost of receiving and maintaining each illegal migrant, and deduct this amount from the last departure country. Such countries would then have an incentive to stop to this nefarious practice. This deduction should be offset against Australian aid.

Years ago, I was flying one way from Singapore to Jakarta. Before boarding, I had to prove that I had accommodation and an ongoing ticket from Indonesia. Bemused by the stand taken, I enquired what would happen if I didn't comply....

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The reply was, 'You would not be allowed to clear Jakarta and you would be returned to us.'

Phillip Ruddock cops a fair amount of flack for his firm stand against illegal migrants. Good on him, I for one, don't think he goes far enough. Canada, USA, UK, experience similar problems. They are considering emulating Australia's detention system. Sweden is more liberal. For their compassion, they are copping more illegal immigrants. -- Anonymous

(Letter to editor of The Sunday Times, Perth, not published. This letter can be read in the light of dozens of illegal immigrants being found dead in containers being trucked into Britain, and the unknown number who are drowned at sea on their way to North America, Western Europe, Australia, etc. On 25 February 2001 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast news about the various people-smuggling and enslavement groups using Hungary as their transit country in Europe.)

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