The prevention of electoral fraud: Interim report, Queensland Parliament LCARC - in full


The prevention of electoral fraud:
Interim report

November 2000
Report No 28

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Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee (LCARC), Queensland Parliament
The prevention of electoral fraud: Interim report, November 2000
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   COMMENT: While the MsP on the Committee were investigating and writing the two very different sets of recommendations, the Shepherdson Inquiry into Electoral Fraud had uncovered amazing revelations, being reported in the news media, that one political party was, as a matter of course, making false enrolments on the joint Federal and State electoral rolls. This was done, Party workers said, for branch stacking, in order to control the pre-selection of candidates. This is a serious attack on the democratic process in its own right. In addition, there is no way of proving whether or not the "phantoms" also voted in official elections, making it even more of an attack on democracy and the rule of law. A Queensland State election was some months away. Shepherdson's executive summary was not publicly available until April 2001. The Commonwealth Parliamentary committee's inquiry report was dated June 2001, and made important recommendations because of the evidence of fraudulence which the Shepherdson Inquiry had obtained in Queensland. COMMENT ENDS.

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