Nuclear Waste Dump -- A Sinister Agenda?

Given recent reports about the desirability of having a storage facility for nuclear wastes ex Lucas Heights I wonder what we are letting ourselves in for.... Politicians (Nick Bolkus) in South Australia think that moves to have a facility in South Australia would destroy the "Clean Air Image" of South Australia. It must be sent to Western Australia which by connotation, must carry a "Dirty Air Image"

With Australian Politicians (major parties) and high ranking officials, backing moves for "Globalisation", Multilateral Agreements on Investments (MAI), World Trade Organisation (WTO), call it what you may, there is a definite danger that in establishing a facility for Australian waste Nuclear products, we may lay ourselves open to become the Nuclear Rubbish Dump of the World.

Treaties bind us to providing the same treatment for Investing Countries as we provide for ourselves. It may be argued that since we accept storage for our own wastes we are bound by treaties. These guarantee foreign investors are never treated less favourably than our own.

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For example, in Mexico, a lawsuit was brought against a local council that had the temerity to declare a reserve on land which the US company Metalclad required for a toxic waste dump. The suit was for $90 million. Canada was sued by oil giant Ethyl Corporation for banning a fuel additive toxin MMT. Ethyl sued the Canadian Government for $251 Million claiming "expropriation." This resulted in the Canadian Government agreeing to settle for damages and allowing Ethyl to continue using its additives.

Media reports that Pangea Resources suggested privatisation of nuclear waste disposal that they would be willing to control....

Now then, here comes the gritty bit... Will Pangea be given the right to manage such a site and then claim discrimination to the W.T.O.?

The risks involved in transporting highly toxic nuclear wastes are self evident. In the period 1949 to 1999, Las Vegas News quotes 72 'incidents' involving nuclear transportation.

In 1997, no fewer than 35 per cent of rail transports were showing signs of radioactivity. In the same year, in Germany all rail transports to La Hague were cancelled. Eleven from fifty-five nuclear transports revealed nuclear contamination. The highest 'hot spot' recorded 13,400 Bq/cm2... This was 3000 times the permitted level.

The Internet articles quote sources from Le Figaro, Le Monde, Liberation, (all French media) Die Tageszeitung (German) Independent (UK)

For Australia to accept Nuclear wastes accepts the inherent risks of transportation over great distances. The first question which needs to be addressed is, When alerted, how is the decontamination carried out? Is water used? If so, How is the water disposed of? Not much future if it goes down the drain to pollute elsewhere...

What of shipping? As I understand, it the proposal is to carry on for fifty years then leaves the 'problem' to the new owners. Contaminated ships would be scrapped long before the expiration of this period. How would they be scrapped? Are they to be broken down and transported to Australia for disposal? . Who does this sort of work? And just as importantly, where?

What about road and rail transports? The Economic Union and USA/Canada are all experiencing problems, not only with transports but also with contaminated sites...

Australia needs to be vigilant. We don't want some future Prime Minister wringing his hands and weeping crocodile tears telling us we are bound by inescapable unilateral treaties... That we have to accept this pollution or pay insuperable reparations, the only way out of the incompetent mis-management of previous Governments is to accept this deadly uranium enriched carrot... -- © P.M.Armstrong

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