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• Kennedy says he won't budge.  [Fr Peter Kennedy]     

Kennedy says he won’t budge

   CathNews (RCC Church Resources, Australia), http://www. article.aspx? aeid=11647 , Published: February 10, 2009
   BRISBANE (Qld), Australia – Updated: South Brisbane's Fr Peter Kennedy says he is prepared to be arrested rather than leave St Mary's parish while Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby says he has received hate mail over his decision to remove Fr Kennedy.
  [Picture] Fr Peter Kennedy   
   "The Church wants you to pray, pay and obey and John Bathersby's theology is very fundamentalist theology," Fr Kennedy told the ABC.
   "I'm not going away, I know that could be disruptive.
   "I might get arrested and so might 20 or 30 or 50 parishioners if they bring the police in.
   "If they change the locks, we might change them back."
   Fr Peter Kennedy later told the City South News he would pursue an agenda of "peaceful rebellion" including sleeping in the church, staging rallies and organising protest concerts after he was sacked by Archbishop John Bathersby at the weekend.
   "It's a very defiant act we're doing here but we've got the numbers, we've got the support," Fr Kennedy said.
   "I know my people. I'm not just overly optimistic. I know the energy out there is huge.  It's not about confrontation, it's not about violence."
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   He also spoke out against traditional Catholic teachings, in particular the virginity of Mary, the ABC says.
   "Can you possibly think any individual can believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary," he said.
   "In the medieval times you might have understood that, but do you expect modern people today to believe that somehow she was impregnated with the Holy Spirit?"
   "You've got to be relevant to people's lives, Jesus broke the rules all the time for the sake of the people," he said.
   "It's not we who are in schism with the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church is not in sync with its own people."
   Earlier he said that "it's one thing to say I'm not part of the Catholic Church, one thing to sack me, but then to say to all these wonderful people that they too are no longer part of the Catholic Church … "
   "I mean we are part of the Catholic Church," said Fr Kennedy.
   "It's dysfunctional but it is our mother. It's our family and we all come from dysfunctional families don't we."
Archbishop Bathersby received hate mail
   Meanwhile, Archbishop Bathersby said he had received hundreds of letters from across Australia supporting the decision as well as people who strongly disagreed with it, Adelaide Now reports.
   But despite the mixed response he does not believe the decision will fracture the Brisbane church community.
   "It's awful when Christians fight with each other.  Some of the things that have been said in letters to me were totally unacceptable, you wonder how such a person is a Christian or claiming to be a Christian," Archbishop Bathersby told ABC Radio.
   "They're cursing me to damnation and telling me I should retire, I should resign, get out of the job.
   "You know it really is hurtful stuff but at the same time I have received a lot of letters of people there who are courteous and very strong about South Brisbane.
   "I have also received a lot of letters disagreeing with Fr Peter."
   He added he made the decision to sack Fr Kennedy himself.
   "I have not sought the advice of the Vatican," he said.
   "This is part of the job of being an Archbishop.
   "I've never been happier in my life than I am at the present time and never been more certain of the whole joy and happiness of the Christian vision."
   St Mary's priest Father Peter Kennedy vows he won't go quietly (Courier-Mail)
   Catholic church 'dysfunctional' says sacked priest (City South News)
   South Brisbane priest to stay (City South News)
   Brisbane's Catholic archbishop John Bathersby sent hate mail for sacking Father Peter Kennedy from Saint Mary's (Adelaide Now)
   Archbishop stands firm on sacking Brisbane priest (ABC News) #

   [RECAPITULATION: "Can you possibly think any individual can believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary," he said.  "In the medieval times you might have understood that, but do you expect modern people today to believe that somehow she was impregnated with the Holy Spirit?" ENDS.]
   [COMMENT about VIRGINITY TEACHING: This is a big worry!  The Christian Greek-language scriptures do seem to say Mary and Joseph had not come together, when she was found to be pregnant.  However, one gospel seems to know nothing of the miraculous events before, during, and after the conception and birth of Jesus.  Some parts of the Bible even say his father was Joseph, but the general trend is that his mother conceived Him by the power of holy spirit.  The Old Testament (O.T.) prophecy that someone quoted in the New Testament (N.T.) is NOT fulfilled by the events in the N.T., because the O.T. word just meant an unmarried female, His name was NOT Emmanuel, and His diet was not as described in the O.T.
   In spite of the Bible confusions, the Orthodox and Papist branches, and most reformed Churches, teach universally that Mary was a virgin when she conceived, even if they disagree over the fact that Jesus had brothers and sisters.  If Father Peter Kennedy and his flock don't believe that, should they stop reading from the New Testament in future?  And, one of the prayers of the Catholic mass includes the words "the blessed Mary, ever a virgin."  Did Fr Kennedy drop this part of the RC liturgy? COMMENT ENDS.]
   [2nd RECAPITULATION: "It's dysfunctional but it is our mother. … " ENDS.]
   [2nd COMMENT: There is a book The Dysfunctional Church; Addiction and codependency in the family of Catholicism, by the Rev. Michael H. Crosby, 1991, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana.  The recent blanket lifting of excommunications on a breakaway Church, including a bishop whose ideas about some of the separated brethren and Nazi mass-murders are unhistorical and mediaeval, shows that the Vatican is dysfunctional.  Use search engines, book exchanges, bookshops, and libraries to find more facts and books. 
   Or, if you prefer to look at actions rather than dogma, visit the Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, or click Clergy Child Molesters and ask if the Christian clergy in those reports are really the successors of the Man from Galilee who said "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not." ENDS.]
   [CONTACT -- politely, to: RC Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby, "Wynberg," 790 Brunswick St, New Farm, Qld, 4005, Australia. Telephone 07 3224 3361. ENDS.]
[Feb 10, 2009]

• Bishop sacked over Holocaust denial.  [Bp Richard Williamson] - Bishop doubts Holocaust and Sep 11 explanation.          

Bishop sacked over Holocaust denial

   The West Australian, , letters§wanews com au , p 36, Tuesday, February 10, 2009
   BUENOS AIRES – A Catholic bishop whose denials that the Holocaust ever happened led to Vatican demands that he recant was sacked yesterday as the head of a seminary in Argentina.
   The ultraconservative Society of St Pius X had dismissed Bishop Richard Williamson as director of its seminary in La Reja, outside Buenos Aires, independent Argentine news service Diarios y Noticias and the newspaper La Nacion said.
   They said the society's South American superior, Father Christian Bouchacourt, announced the sacking in a statement.
  [Picture] Bishop Richard Williamson  
   Seminary officials and Father Bouchacourt could not be reached for comment. Bishop Williamson is one of four bishops from the society whose excommunications were lifted last month by Pope Benedict.
   But under pressure from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Vatican demanded that Bishop Williamson recant his denial before he could be admitted into the Catholic Church as a bishop.
   Bishop Williamson has said he did not believe Jews were gassed during the Holocaust and only 200,000 to 300,000 were killed in World War II.  He has apologised to the Pope for the controversy but has not repudiated his comments. #

   [SEE ALSO: Gerard Henderson comment article on p 21. ENDS.]
[Feb 10, 09]

• Super-Catholic Williamson Loses Job For Anti-Jew Myths.               


by Quentin C. Fortis, of Perth, W. Australia, February 10, 2009
   Notice that this "bishop" of an ultra-Catholic breakaway group was in charge of a seminary, which is where men (usually young) go to do studies to prepare them for the Roman Catholic (or near offshoots) priesthood.  How many previous such schismatic and Judaophobic clergy have been turned loose on the unsuspecting faithful?
   Judaophobes generally still downplay the murdering of civilians by the Nazis, treating Judaists (Jews) as if the murder of millions or hundreds of thousands is somehow of little consequence, blaming them for most of the world's ills.  These deluded people seem to forget that, even if only ONE had been so murdered, those who ordered it and carried it out deserved to be tried and punished for murder.  And where was the German judiciary during the Nazi reign of terror?  Terrified, and those who resisted risked torture and death.
   That the destruction of Jews under Nazi control was official policy is a proven fact.  High Nazi officials actually listed the huge numbers in various countries, and worried about the sheer logistics of murdering them all.  Later in the war some official bewailed the fact that the Jews that had been murdered ought to have been used as slave labour for the war effort.  Victims of the murder centres (called concentration camps, or death camps, in some literature) included Jews (the majority), Poles, Russians, and other ethnic groups, and Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, some clergy of various religions and religious group leaders, Esperantists (international language speakers), some other so-called "cosmopolitans," trades union activists, Communists, Socialists, pro-democrats, small numbers of Allied prisoners-of-war, etc., etc.
   CHRISTIANITY'S RECORD: There is a deal of anti-Jewish literature in the Christian Greek-language Scriptures (the New Testament).  Some of the sayings, but not all, are attributed to Jesus.  The "Woe to you" texts about the Pharisees etc., and large parts of St John's gospel, are quite strong.
   The stories of the arrest, trial, whipping, and execution of Jesus claim that the most dominant Jewish leaders, and the street mob, were baying for his blood.  The scripture also claims that the Roman governor gave him over to be judicially tortured and murdered, and Roman soldiery carried out the orders.  However, it is unlikely that the Orthodox Christian clergy of an empire that called itself Roman, and their Orthodox religious successors, nor Latin Christians with similar Roman pretensions right into modern times, nor certain Roman Catholic clergy, ever whipped up their people to attack "deicide" ROMANS as the centuries rolled by!
   In the Bible's Christian Greek Scriptures (i.e., New Testament), at 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, we read: "… the Jews … are against all men … they always fill up the measure of their sins. … "
   This disgraceful passage is contradicted by other N.T. texts, one of which claims that God has a special care for Jews.
   ANCIENT PERIOD: After the Roman Empire under paganism decided that Christianity was not just another Jewish sect, differentiation in persecution occurred.  Later the Roman Empire permitted Christianity, then adopted it officially.
   TALMUDS, Jerusalem and Babylonian:  Long before the time of Jesus, commentaries and "amendments" of the Jewish scriptures were recited, known as the Mishnah / Talmud, and written down around the 1st century A.D.  In time these oral traditions had taken in strong anti-Jesus and anti-Christian texts.  Read more at the Soncino BABYLONIAN TALMUD (translated 1935-36).  It is quite dear to buy.  More information is in Elizabeth Dilling's book (around 1956).
   ANCIENT and MIDDLE AGES: Wherever Christianity gained control, anti-Jewish readings and sermons, especially during Lent and the two weeks before the Crucifixion commemoration called "Good Friday," used to lead in some places and at some times to Jews being attacked, plundered, and/or wounded or murdered, either by organised society action, or mob action.  The charge was "deicide," i.e., God murder, but extras such as the "Blood Libel" were invented, and the cry that wealthy Jews were living off the Christians gave an excuse to steal and plunder.
   However, a CENTRAL Christian doctrine was and is that Jesus HAD to be killed, as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.  That this belief contradicts the vulgar shouts that the Jews killed God had been commented on by a few brave souls over the centuries, but their views were swept aside.  After all, it is easier to blame those who are "different", than one's own failings, isn't it?
   In 1492 the very religious newly-united Spanish monarchy of Ferdinand V (Aragon) and Isabella (Castile), determined to stop terror attacks and insurrection, expelled all Jews and Moslems from Spain.  England and other countries had also persecuted and/or expelled Jews and "blackamoors." 
   Many of the modern charges made against Judaists are ridiculous.  After all, no Jew COMPELS Gentiles to over-borrow money from money-lenders or banks (even though many are owned by and run by Gentiles), nor to watch movies that Jews have made which are said to harm family morality, etc. – but when anti-Jewish emotions come in the door, logic flies out the window.
   MUSLIM CULTURE: Attacks and expulsions have been perpetrated by Muslims against Jews, with scriptural backing, from the time of Mahomet.  One tradition can be interpreted as an order that they all be killed before the earth's last hour.  If not an order, what is it?
   LUTHER CHRISTIANITY: Dr Martin Luther (1483-1546), one of the founders of Protestantism, wrote that the Jews ought to be deprived of "All their cash and jewels and silver and gold."  (Luther, as quoted in Shirer, William L., 1960, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Fawcett Crest, New York, pp 326-7).  Luther also ordered "that their synagogues or schools be set on fire, that their houses be broken up and destroyed … and they be put under a roof or stable, like the gypsies … in misery and captivity as they incessantly lament and complain to God about us." (Ibid, p 327)
   Like many countries, GERMANY has a long history of anti-Judaism, with many famous and learned people writing books against them on doctrinal, ethnic and racial, ethical, etc. grounds.  Adolf Hitler (1899-1945) had plenty of background for his genocidal rantings.
   MODERN FRENCH anti-Judaism has been strong, one of the notable episodes being the Lt.-Col. Alfred Dreyfus case.  Condemned in 1894 on fabricated treason charges with the theme of "Jewish spy divulges secrets to foreign power," and again in 1899, he was exonerated in 1906, reinstated in the army with the rank of Major, and made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, living until 1935.  Anti-Semites still read books claiming he was part of "the Jewish plot" against Gentiles, and so on.  One can assume they mourn that he was reinstated!  The cheating and lies of anti-Dreyfus elements of the French "Christian" Establishment ought to make all Frenchmen, and other Europeans, blush. ENDS.]
   MORE READING: Difficult and objectionable Hebrew and Christian Bible texts, Texts showing similarities of the "submission" parts of Hebrew and Arabic texts, Muslim Koran scripture, Muslim Hadith traditions.
   More reading: Bible (Jewish and Christian) additions, falsifications, and mistranslations.. ENDS.
[Feb 10, 09]

• [Does St Mary's belong to bishop, or people?]
  [Fr Peter Kennedy] - RCC.      

[Does St Mary’s belong to bishop, or people?]

   Letter sent to His Grace Catholic Archbishop J. Bathersby, 790 Brunswick St, New Farm, Qld, 4005, Australia; February 10, 2009
   Your Grace, One or two bishops in the U.S.A., to avoid paying compensation to now grown-up seduction victims, have had lawyers in courts arguing that the parish buildings and land belong to the parishioners.
   Other bishops argue the opposite, and try to overturn ethnic parishes set up years ago in the U.S.A.  Everything is theirs, say such bishops, and they excommunicate parishioners who hang on to the assets, and keep worshipping in the churches.
   Which side are you on?
   Yours truly, NAME WITHHELD
   Enc.: Kennedy says he won't budge.
   Meditations: John 18:36, and Matthew 12:25, Mark 3:24, Luke 11:17. See also Luke 22:26. #

   [COMMENT: The reason certain bishop/s are trying to seize the ethnic parishes is -- to sell them to pay for the compensation due to sexual abuse victims.  How ironic!  Similar cause, but opposite policies. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [FOLLOW-UP: Later reports say that Fr Peter Kennedy has agreed to leave, not stay and occupy the church and presbytery. - Apr 1, 2009.  NO REPLY from either the Bishop or Fr Kennedy by June 19, 2009. ENDS.]
[Feb 10, 09]

• Adams: Let's not exaggerate the terror murders.       

Adams: Let’s not exaggerate the terror murders

   The International Express (Britain), West Australian edition, intexreaders § hotmail com au , p 6, Tues March 24 to Wed Mar 30, 2009
   GERRY ADAMS provoked anger last week by claiming that the latest terrorist murders in Northern Ireland should not be "exaggerated".
   The Sinn Fein leader, last week welcomed to the White House by President Barack Obama at a St Patrick's Day reception for Irish politicians, used the visit to make controversial comments about the killings of two soldiers and a police officer by IRA splinter groups. He said: "It's important that we don't minimise what occurred, but we don't exaggerate what occurred."
   His comments were certain to anger many still mourning the victims of the return of Republican violence.
   Mr Adams also launched an attack on the Army's Special Forces, claiming their use in Northern Ireland would be a "return to past bad practices".
  [Picture] TOP LEVEL MEETING: Gerry Adams and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the White House last week  
   Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army officer who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, said: "I do hope that Mr Adams isn't exploiting the recent tragedies in Ulster to get himself credibility with the new US administration."
   Mr Adams had sparked anger by taking 14 hours to issue a reaction to the soldiers' murders. Yet he received a lavish welcome in Washington.
   He held talks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and before their meeting she said: "I'm delighted to welcome Gerry Adams to the State Department."
   President Obama praised the "heroic" reaction of communities in Northern Ireland who joined together to condemn the murders. He said: "The US will always stand with those who work towards peace." #

   [RECAPITULATION: GERRY ADAMS provoked anger last week by claiming that the latest terrorist murders in Northern Ireland should not be "exaggerated".ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Let's not exaggerate! Are three men dead, or not?  How can three murders be treated as a matter that is not a major tragedy? 
   As with previous murders by Republicans in Ireland, no Roman Catholic bishop has EXCOMMUNICATED the perpetrators, i.e., expelled them from the Roman Catholic Church.  The three victims, including a Roman Catholic, are just as dead as the twin foetuses aborted in Brazil from a girl aged 9.  The life-saving abortion was followed by excommunications of everyone involved – except the stepfather who had impregnated the child!  Reports are that the bishop was asked to explain why, and tried to say that abortion was more serious a sin than the incest with the step-daughter.
   Thinking it through, the impregnating act ALSO included (1) Sex outside marriage, (2) Unfaithfulness to his own marriage bond, (3) Scandal, that is, doing something that might lead another person (the child) to commit sins, i.e., moral harm, (4) Risking physical harm to the child-mother, and (5) Doing an action that could have led to the birth of a child or children with no married heterosexual couple to nourish and support him/her/them.  Counting the incest, that is a six-fold sin!
   Any theologian or prelate who can explain the RCC's failure to see the serious guilt of the stepfather in the Brazil tragedy, and to see that the Northern Ireland tragedies require the Church to impose its most serious punishments, and yet behave in these two situations with such contrasting and cockeyed "jurisprudence," is welcome to send 200 words to the Webmaster. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [FOLLOW UP: No response has come to the Webmaster so far. - June 7, 2009. ENDS.]
[Mar 24-30, 2009]

• Where did something go radically wrong?     

Where did something go radically wrong?

   Catholica Australia, , an extract from Part 31 of a long article by Tom McMahon, E-mail from Catholica dated April 1, 2009
   Where did something go radically wrong? Somewhere between the 3rd century and the 10th there is a malicious influence that steals/creeps into early Christianity. In the 6th century peaceful Christian families gather in community (common union) for Sunday worship, placing their gifts on the altar through the hands of a married priest. By the 10th century Saint Peter Damiani is screaming at the religious order-monk Pope Sylvester that the wives of the priests are "sows, she bitches, whores, devil witches … " Peter Damiani sees Jesus as a virgin and heavily promotes the idea that only virginal hands can touch the holy Eucharist {this is the Eucharist as thing that we addressed in Catholica Commentary of Oct. 26th 2007 – LINK}.  By the Middle Ages the non-sexed priest is on his way to controlling the People of God. Wholesome touch is on its way out.
   In the monastic world gender is no longer a gift of the Creator. Along with her pleasures the female is to be feared as an evil that will defile the monk. The woman is locked away in a convent with her rules written by males. Marriage, except for the wealthy, is to be ignored with 85% of women of the Middle Ages never seeing a marriage ceremony while experiencing a terrifying contradiction to the mind of Jesus and his Abba (papa) God. The Catholic faith will henceforth ignore Genesis as monks take over the papacy.
   Fear dominates the Middle Ages, particularly ignorance of the after life and the soul being taken over by the Devil. With great imagination Dante writes The Inferno in the 12th century [ … ]
   Monastic asceticism that Jesus never sanctioned crippled the medieval institutional church, displacing women as co-equal life partners; the legitimate wives of priests in 1239 CE are torn from their holy positions and some sold along with their children into slavery in the Lateran papal palaces. …

   [AUTHOR: Tom McMahon, a former priest now married, lives a very fulfilled life in San Jose and continues to contribute voraciously (surely "vigorously" would be a better word) to several Catholic discussion lists in the States. He has been an enthusiastic supporter and encourager of the Catholica initiative from the very beginning. ENDS.]
   [RECAPITULATION: … 85% of women of the Middle Ages never seeing a marriage ceremony …
   … the legitimate wives of priests in 1239 CE are torn from their holy positions and some sold along with their children into slavery … ENDS.]
   [LINKS: The non-Jesus teachings on sex, marriage and clergy selection have been exposed repeatedly, even before the days of St Thomas Aquinas and Dr Martin Luther.  One such article in modern times is "Celibacy is the issue," by Thomas G. Lederer, M.A., 1992, at . Some of his research and meditations are quoted on this website at "Celibacy crept in from the outside" . Tom Lederer's article lists some of the pagan religions from which celibacy was possibly copied.  The monastic ideal itself might have been copied from Buddhism, as well as imitating Judaic separating sects such as the Essenes.   ENDS.]
[Apr 1, 09]

• Church is accused of fleecing its flock.  - Church of Scientology.  

Church is accused of fleecing its flock

   The West Australian, , letters § wanews com au , Telegraph Group, London, and Agencies; p 41, Wednesday, May 27, 2009
   PARIS – The Church of Scientology has been accused of manipulating followers into handing over their savings, in a trial which could see it thrown out of France.
   One woman claimed that she was psychologically pressured into paying thousands of euros for lessons, books, drugs and a device called an "electrometer", which the church says measures a person's mental state.
   Charges of organised fraud, including claims of illegally prescribing drugs, were filed on Monday by the country's professional pharmaceutical association and two women who accuse Scientologists of causing their financial ruin.
   Scientology is not banned in France but has been considered a sect since 1995.
   It is a recognised religion in America, where it was founded in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Followers include Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta.
   This is only the second time that the church has been the subject of a case in France. All other trials have been of individuals.
   One of the plaintiffs, Aude-Claire Malton, was allegedly approached by Scientologists in Paris in 1998 and offered a personality test which, according to prosecutors, was "void of scientific value".
   The prosecutors said the Scientologists' sole aim was to "claim their fortune" by Alain Rosenberg "exercising a psychological hold" over her.
   The 33-year-old was allegedly gradually persuaded to hand over about €23,000 ($41,250) for books, communications and "life healing" lessons, as well as "purification packs".
   Three other former Scientologists retracted their complaints after reportedly reaching an out-of-court financial settlement with the church. One was said to have received €33,000.
   The church's main structure in France, the AGES-Celebrity Centre, its bookshop and six leaders face charges of "organised fraud".
   The seven, including centre manager Alain Rosenberg, 60, could get a maximum €1 million fine and 10-year jail term if convicted. The church faces a €5 million fine and closure in the case, which has taken 10 years to come to court.
   The Church of Scientology said: "It's a trial for heresy. This could only happen in France. Let people choose their own path."
   The group's lawyer, Patrick Maisonneuve, dismissed any organised fraud. The trial is due to end on June 10. #
   [COMMENT: Alas, other religions also show a great interest in acquiring the things of this world from their flock.  Originally Scientology said it was NOT a religion, but when lawcases alleging fraud and predatory money-gathering started up in various countries, the leaders somersaulted, and said it WAS a religion. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [BACKGROUND READING: Book The Barefaced Messiah. ENDS.]
[May 27, 09]

UK aims to make Cross illegal.   

UK aims to make Cross illegal

   The Record (R.C. Perth, W. Australia, weekly), In clear view, By Guy Crouchback, p 13, July 1, 2009
   While the anti-Christian ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in the US fights against Christian symbols such as crucifixes being displayed in public places, it seems possible that in Britain a twisted and anti-Christian (I use the word carefully) application of "human rights" may prevent them being displayed even within the private premises of religious buildings, such as Catholic schools and care homes.
   Catholic bishops have warned that that under the terms of Equality Minister Harriet Harman's new "Equality Bill" they could be guilty of harassment if they depicted images "offensive" to non-Catholics.
   Harassment is defined in the Bill, which is being scrutinised by a Parlimentary Committee, as "unwanted conduct... with the purpose or effect of violating a person's dignity, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading or offensive environment".
   The bishops of England, Wales and Scotland have warned that because the burden of proof for such a highly subjective definition is reversed in legal proceedings, it would put them in an impossible position if people complained about any manifestation of religious belief - even on or in Church property.
   Mgr Andrew Summersgill, the general secretary of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, said: "The practical consequences of this are that a Catholic care home, for example, may have crucifixes and holy pictures on the walls which reflect and support the beliefs of the residents.
   "A cleaner may be an atheist or of very different religious beliefs. Nonetheless, if a cleaner found the crucifixes offensive there would be no defence in law against a charge of harassment."
   It would, incidentally, be almost certainly illegal for a Catholic establishment to refuse a cleaner employment simply because of atheism.
   Although the matter is not resolved yet, it shows how "human rights" can be used as an instrument for persecution, of the sort which we thought had disappeared in Britain nearly two hundred years ago, in an allegedly modern and enlightened society when driven by a government imbued and pervaded by a secularist, anti-religious agenda.
   Writing in the British Catholic Herald newspaper Simon Caldwell says:
   "Even though the Bill is supposed to ensure equality for religious groups Miss Harman conspicuously forgot to mention this when she announced the proposals to the House of Commons last month.
   "A fortnight ago she also refused point blank to allow a debate on the rising numbers of Christians complaining that they are discriminated against in the public sector.
   "Her refusal to acknowledge a problem comes in spite of a sudden proliferation in the number of legal battles between [public sector] employers and Christians suspended or sacked for expressing their religious convictions or simply wearing religious jewellery such as crucifixes.
   "Publicly-funded Church schools, adoption agencies and even hospital chaplains have all come under attack while the Government hai given taxpayers' money to groups that promote atheism."
   The government committee has heard evidence from various anti-Catholc and anti-Christian groups in favour of the bill.
   Caldwell quotes Fr Tim Finigan, a priest in south-east London, that: "For the Government to promote this agenda in the extreme form it is taking in the Equality Bill at a time when the political system is suffering unparalleled contempt, is stupid beyond belief."
   Caldwell comments further that: "The Equality Bill is an overarching piece of legislation designed to sweep up the different strands of discrimination law created over the last few decades into one coherent package.
   "Equality and diversity guidelines used by employers have already been used against Christians who expressed their faith at work. Examples include Christian nurse Caroline Petrie, who was suspended after offering to pray for a patient.
   "The Government has made clear that certain provisions in the Bill are intended to make sure churches can no longer insist that employees such as youth workers live lives consistent with the churches' teaching on sexual ethics."
   Caldwell continues that: "Neil Addison, a barrister and an expert on discrimination law, said there was no need for the Equality Bill to contain any clauses on harassment because British law already covered it.
   "He said it had arisen from a misinterpretation of the European legal requirement to prevent harassment in the workplace. But he said the provisions of the Bill lacked the objective test of reasonableness included in the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
   "It is tailor-made for people to come up with silly objections and be petty-minded because it puts the emphasis on the person being offended rather than on an objective test of what ought to be considered reasonable."
      What do you think? Send your letter to the Editor at: cathrec § iinet net au . #

   [RESPONSE (written July 21, '09): Guy Crouchback's article "UK aims to make Cross illegal" (1/7) shows the sorry pass to which unregulated opening of the citizenship registers is bringing to Britain.
   The Equality Bill is masking more serious attacks on Christianity in that country than the article reveals.  There will be loudspeaker calls to prayer against "those who pervert the scriptures" and "those who worship three gods in one," but these will be permitted as being "part of the culture" which is "adding to our richness and diversity," not to mention "inclusiveness."
   Even the sleepiest multiculturalist among the leaders of the Church and their flocks ought to wake up to the dangers shown in the last five paragraphs.
   Caroline Petrie was suspended for offering to pray for a patient, Churches will not be able to insist on paid staff living up to their ethics, and you will discern that the onus of proof has been reversed. Wake up, sheeple! ENDS.]
[Jul 1, 09]

• Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City.  - Judaist Sabbath extremists spitting like rain, and assaulted lady reporter.     

Reporter feels mob’s hate in the Holy City

   Australian Broadcasting Corporation, , (Updated Tue Jul 7, 2009 6:10am AEST), Posted 9:02am AEST Mon July 6, 2009
   ABC's Middle East correspondent Anne Barker became caught in violent street protests involving ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem at the weekend.
   This is her graphic account of her ordeal:
   As a journalist I've covered more than my share of protests. Political protests in Canberra. Unions protesting for better conditions. Angry, loud protests against governments, or against perceived abuses of human rights. I've been at violent rallies in East Timor. I've had rocks and metal darts thrown my way. I've come up against riot police. But I have to admit no protest - indeed no story in my career - has distressed me in the way I was distressed at a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday involving several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews.
   This particular protest has been going on for weeks. Orthodox Jews are angry at the local council's decision to open a municipal carpark on Saturdays - or Shabbat, the day of rest for Jews. It's a day when Jews are not supposed to do anything resembling work, which can include something as simple as flicking a switch, turning on a light or driving. So even opening a simple carpark to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting Jerusalem's Old City is highly offensive to Orthodox Jews because it's seen as a desecration of the Shabbat, by encouraging people to drive.
   I was aware that earlier protests had erupted into violence on previous weekends - Orthodox Jews throwing rocks at police, or setting rubbish bins alight, even throwing dirty nappies or rotting rubbish at anyone they perceive to be desecrating the Shabbat. But I never expected their anger would be directed at me.
   I was mindful I would need to dress conservatively and keep out of harm's way. But I made my mistake when I parked the car and started walking towards the protest, not fully sure which street was which. By the time I realised I'd come up the wrong street it was too late.
   I suddenly found myself in the thick of the protest - in the midst of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in their long coats and sable-fur hats.
   They might be supremely religious, but their behaviour - to me - was far from charitable or benevolent. As the protest became noisier and the crowd began yelling, I took my recorder and microphone out of my bag to record the sound. Suddenly the crowd turned on me, screaming in my face. Dozens of angry men began spitting on me.
   Spit like rain: I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms. It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses. Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face. Somewhere behind me - I didn't see him - a man on a stairway either kicked me in the head or knocked something heavy against me.
   I wasn't even sure why the mob was angry with me. Was it because I was a journalist? Or a woman? Because I wasn't Jewish in an Orthodox area? Was I not dressed conservatively enough?
   In fact, I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I'm not Jewish and don't observe the Sabbath. It was lucky that I don't speak Yiddish. At least I was spared the knowledge of whatever filth they were screaming at me. As I tried to get away I found myself up against the line of riot police blocking the crowd from going any further.
   Reassurance: Israeli police in their flak jackets and helmets, with rifles and shields, were yelling just as loudly back at the protesting crowd. I found them something of a reassurance against the angry, spitting mob. I was allowed through, away from the main protest, although there were still Orthodox Jews on the other side, some of whom also yelled at me, in English, to take my recorder away.
   Normally I should have stayed on the sidelines to watch the protest develop. But when you've suffered the humiliation and degradation of being spat on so many times - and you're covered in other people's spit - it's not easy to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the job. I left down a side street and walked the long way back to the car, struggling to hold back the tears. #

   [COMMENT: So, parts of the Judaist spectrum are not spreading sweetness and light!  (Copied from submit/subchron8.htm and cont21.htm .) COMMENT ENDS.]
[Jul 7, 09]

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