Reminiscent of
the Nazi blitz

AUSTRALIAN senior military officers don't want RAAF pilots to bomb civilian targets, even if the US has selected them. *
  The Pentagon had promised the bombing will mean "there will not be a safe place in Baghdad." [Iraq]
  This looks more like the Nazis' blitz on London and the Allies' destruction of Dresden, than an attack on Saddam Hussein's military.
  Thank goodness the Australians still have some respect for human decency, not to mention international law that President Bush started to defy soon after he was "elected" by courtesy of his governor brother.
  I think the millions of marchers have realised that the U.S. is not a safe partner in this campaign.

John Massam

Wanneroo Times, Wanneroo (Perth suburb), "Reminiscent of the Nazi blitz," letter, John Massam, Tue Feb 25 2003, p 9
* Source: Brian Toohey's page, The West Australian, Mon Feb 17 03

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