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7 March 2001

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“CIA worked in tandem with Pak to create Taliban”

LONDON: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked in tandem with Pakistan to create the "monster" that is today Afghanistan's ruling Taliban, a leading US expert on South Asia said here.
   "I warned them that we were creating a monster," Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars said at the conference here last week on "Terrorism and Regional Security: Managing the Challenges in Asia."
   Harrison said: "The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan." The US provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups, and it accepted Pakistan's demand that they should decide how this money should be spent, Harrison said.
   Harrison, who spoke before the Taliban assault on the Buddha statues was launched, told the gathering of security experts that he had meetings with CIA leaders at the time when Islamic forces were being strengthened in Afghanistan. "They told me these people were fanatical, and the more fierce they were the more fiercely they would fight the Soviets," he said. "I warned them that we were creating a monster."
   Harrison, who has written five books on Asian affairs and US relations with Asia, has had extensive contact with the CIA and political leaders in South Asia. Harrison was a senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace between 1974 and 1996.
   Harrison who is now senior fellow with The Century Foundation recalled a conversation he had with the late Gen Zia-ul Haq of Pakistan. "Gen Zia spoke to me about expanding Pakistan's sphere of influence to control Afghanistan, then Uzbekistan and Tajikstan and then Iran and Turkey," Harrison said. That design continues, he said. Gen.Mohammed Aziz who was involved in that Zia plan has been elevated now to a key position by Chief Executive, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Harrison said.
   The old associations between the intelligence agencies continue, Harrison said. "The CIA still has close links with the ISI (Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence)."
   Today that money and those weapons have helped build up the Taliban, Harrison said. "The Taliban are not just recruits from 'madrassas' (Muslim theological schools) but are on the payroll of the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence, the intelligence wing of the Pakistani government)." The Taliban are now "making a living out of terrorism."
   Harrison said the UN Security Council resolution number 1333 calls for an embargo on arms to the Taliban. "But it is a resolution without teeth because it does not provide sanctions for non-compliance," he said. "The US is not backing the Russians who want to give more teeth to the resolution."
   Now it is Pakistan that "holds the key to the future of Afghanistan," Harrison said. The creation of the Taliban was central to Pakistan's "pan-Islamic vision," Harrison said.
   It came after "the CIA made the historic mistake of encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan," he said. The creation of the Taliban had been "actively encouraged by the ISI and the CIA," he said. "Pakistan has been building up Afghan collaborators who will sustain Pakistan," he said. (IANS)

Neighbours | Asia-Pacific | Middle East | Africa | Europe | Americas
China announces sharp hike in defence budget

Despite Eid, Taliban dynamite Buddhas

China warns against US weapons sales to Taiwan

Police seize explosives intended to bomb Colombo

China denies it helped Iraq upgrade air defences

School building collapse kills 41 in China

Lesson to be learned from Taliban : UN official

China denies helping Iraqi military

Norway peace envoy set for talks with Tigers

China no change view of Tiananmen massacre: FM

Nepal PM to meet with French officials

Disabled Indian prepares to scale Mt. Everest

Buddhists protest increasing Christian conversions in Lanka

Ershad bail order stayed H DHAKA: The bail order of former military dictator, Lt. Gen. Hussain Muhammad Ershad, currently serving a prison term on a graft charge, has been stayed by the Supreme Court Monday till March 18. A bench of the Supreme Court's appellate division stayed the bail order after hearing a petition from the government. Ershad's legal counsel, however, expressed surprise at the order. "This move is unexpected and unprecedented," Ershad's lawyer Khandaker Mahbub Hossain told reporters. Naziur Rahman Manzur, the secretary general of the Jatiya Party, the political party headed by Bangladesh's former military ruler, said the party would continue the legal battle to free Ershad. Ershad, currently serving a prison term, has been stripped of his Parliament seat and barred from contesting elections for a period of five years. Earlier on Sunday, the High Court granted Ershad interim bail and asked the government to show cause as to why a one-month detention order, issued under the Special Power Act, against the country's longest serving military ruler should not be declared illegal.


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(The above information is supplied in the public interest, having been published in a well-known newspaper. However, it must be remembered that thousands of commentators for quite a few years have been blaming the C.I.A. for many various campaigns (some rather unlikely), so readers are advised to remain vigilant. It is important to remember that some leading elements in the United States have been exposed for similar actiities in the past, such as the Iran-Contra deal spanning different continents. A son of a former French leader has been accused of very unsavoury deals. In addition his father evidently gave the now-disgraced former German leader Helmut Kohl about $U.S.1 million. In Britain, some politicians have been proven to have charged people money before they would ask certain questions in Parliament. The Bofors arms scandal of years ago is still leading to accusations. - jcm 12 March 2001)
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