PART 2 of "The Tax Reform Bill and the Constitutional Problem"
Open Letter by David Keane, November 1998

(1) Acknowledge that the Australian Constitution guarantees to the States full equity in planning for long term national tax reform and national revenue distribution.

(2) Propose severance of the Tax Reform Bill into two sections; one related exclusively to GST [Goods and Services Tax] issues, and the second related to effects on the States, to tax revenue ceilings for the States and prohibitions of the States collecting specific types of revenue.

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(3) Propose Parliamentary non-approval for any bill which places a tax revenue ceiling on the States, or forbids the States to collect specific types of revenue (other than customs and excise which are prohibited to the States by the Australian Constitution) without the express and considered request and approval of such measures from a majority of States.

Further to these resolutions,

(a) Parliament invites the States to make independent recommendations on how to develop a long term plan for national tax reform and national revenue distribution.

(b) Parliament invites the States to make independent assessments of the probable long term economic impact upon their State of a 10% GST Tax ceiling, together with a prohibition of other taxes nominated by the Commonwealth.

(c) Parliament grants to the States full access to national economic data from Treasury, Tax Office and the Bureau of Statistics, sufficient for the States to make independent assessment of the national economy.

(d) Parliament invites the States to make submissions regarding the ethics of democratic development of national economic policy, guidelines for openness of economic information, the principles for developing a long term national economic policy, ideas on State/Commonwealth economic equity, and ideas for civil representation (such civil representation being at first informal, being granted no legislative authority) in government and economic revue.

(e) Parliament invites the States to meet with the Commonwealth for a conference on States/Commonwealth economic equity and principles and ethics for long term economic management for the nation. The date for such conference to be at least 6 months after a majority of States have agreed to the adequacy of economic information supplied by the Commonwealth under proposal (c) above for sharing of economic data.   NEXT

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