Watch your back, minister -- Free Trade, WTO

SOMEONE ought to tell the new Federal Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, to be careful of his back.

  He has said that we ought to go easy on reducing tariffs until the rest of the world caught up. At last, something sensible is being said in Canberra!  [He must have heard about the pork import crisis!]

  The Liberal-National response to the lamb debacle has been about as effective as the unarmed police they have sent to East Timor to face gangs who know they are safe to attack even representatives of the UN [United Nations].

  All the wrong people, the farming and business establishment, have been attacking the new Minister, so I hope he sticks to his guns, but I wouldn't gamble on him lasting very long.  -- © The West Australian and the author.

"Watch your back, minister"
Letter to editor, from John Massam

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