European Union’s Whistleblower counts cost of revelations
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   THE man who blew the whistle on the corrupt practices of some European Union commissioners has been moved to a new job -- counting lightbulbs, buying paint and organising repairs.
   Paul van Buitenen's disclosures about the widespread irregularities in the EU's executive body led to the resignation en masse of the commission in March and the downfall of the president, Jacques Santer.

"Whistleblower counts cost of revelations"

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   According to Britain's the Independent on Sunday newspaper, the commission has retaliated by moving Mr Van Buitenen, a highly-qualified and experienced accountant, to a job in which his responsibilities include paying for carpet repairs. -- The West Australian , page 24, June 7 1999
   By courtesy of the Political Corruption webpage of Roy Davies at here is a link to a letter by Paul van Buitenen to an EU parliamentarian to expose the corruption, at:  The European Union homepage is at
   The news media reported around September 1999 that Mr Van Buitenen was about to be reinstated.
EU rort exposer keeps his job

DUTCH auditor Paul Van Buitenen, who blew the whistle on fraud and mismanagement in Brussels, has been given a formal reprimand by the European Commission.
   After an internal inquiry, the European Union executive stopped short of demoting or sacking Mr Van Buitenen but made clear he had been guilty of breaking its confidentiality rules.
   Mr Van Buitenen, whose disclosures played a big part in toppling Jacques Santer's commission in March, will be allowed to continue work in the financial unit of the commission's personnel department.
   Commission officials acknowledged that mechanisms for staff alerting their superiors to wrongdoing were not as clear as they needed to be.
   But officials said Mr Van Buitenen was still in dispute with his employers over the content of a book he had written about his experiences in the Brussels bureaucracy.
   The book, which he has submitted to the commission for approval, is understood to be highly critical of the organisation's workings. -- THE TELEGRAPH GROUP, LONDON -- The West Australian, page 24, October 6 1999

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