Non-profit radio stations can have free coverage of W.T.O. Seattle meeting

  Corporate Watch editor Julie Light and syndicated columnist Norman Solomon will co-host World Trade Watch, a series of five daily radio programmes from the historic World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial summit in Seattle, U.S.A., November 29-Dec. 3, 1999.

  These broadcasts will be supplied free to non-commercial radio stations.

  The air you breathe, the food you eat, even the size of your bank account are all affected by the World Trade Organization.  Yet transnational corporations increasingly call the shots and benefit from international trade policy. Companies like Microsoft and Boeing plan to roll out the red carpet for top officials from 135 countries at the upcoming summit.

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Nov 29-Dec. 3, 1999

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  Environmentalists, labor and community activists from around the globe will also converge on Seattle to hold forums and protests, demanding that their voices be heard.

  The programmes will be co-produced by Corporate Watch:, the National Radio Project:, and the Institute for Public Accuracy:

World Trade Watch will talk to farmers from India, trade activists from Ghana in Africa, peasants from Chiapas in Mexico, and grassroots activists from the US and around the world.  We'll track behind-the-scenes corporate lobbyists, and buttonhole official trade representatives.  We'll have reports from the field and lively in-studio discussion.

Find out how you can get your local station to carry World Trade Watch!  Programs are free to non-commercial stations.  Contact us today: Telephone: (510) 251-1077  Email:

World Trade Watch can be aired live from the NPR satellite or via tape delay.  One-hour programs can also be aired in 29-minute modules.


WTO series in RealAudio™ format on Corporate Watch website:, or the National Radio Project web site,

SATELLITE: Live uplink from KUOW Seattle; A67.7 on the public radio satellite; 13:00-13:59 U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

INTERNET BROADCAST QUALITY: Downloadable version of the programs in MPEG format at  See the site for software and instructions.  Winamp is necessary for playback.  In order to take full advantage of MPEG quality a professional sound card is required.

SUPPORT Corporate Watch: We depend on donations from people like you.  Make a donation at

Or send us a tax-deductible US bank cheque/check or international money order in US dollars made out to TRAC/Tides to PO Box 29344, San Francisco, CA 94129.

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