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  This Website is to provide facts and links to Webpages that give information and links for people devoted to ECONOMIC FREEDOM allied to SOCIAL JUSTICE, which includes the global and local battles to:
  • Reverse the Exploitation and Under-payment of the World's wonderful Peoples
  • Expose and encourage opposition to the huge Multinational Corporations (less than 1000 people controlling 90 per cent of the world's resources)
  • Halt the rape of the planet's Ecology, i.e., the Environment
  • Oppose our money being used to finance and arm Dictatorships which rule about half the world
  • Turn back the perversion of Democracy in the so-called Free World
  • Switch on a searchlight to the infiltration of Reform Groups by agents of Monopoly Power
  • Expose the twisting of the hydra-headed world forums to largely serve the purposes of those few people at the pinnacle of economic power, including the Dictators and drug lords.
  • Homepage by JOHN MASSAM
    a.k.a. Jack Massam
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    This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at domainnamesales.com. Click here to inquire or call 1-800-385-8489. - Sighted Sunday, February 5, 2012.
    Below are the newsitems Project Censored listed a few years before the closure was noticed. - February 5, 2012
    1. Secret international trade agreement undermines the sovereignty of nations -- the M.A.I.
    2. Chemical corporations profit off breast cancer
    3. Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds threaten world production
    4. Recycled radioactive metals may be in your home
    5. U. S. weapons of mass destruction linked to the deaths of half a million children
    6. United States nuclear program subverts U.N.'s comprehensive test ban treaty
    7. Gene transfers linked to dangerous new diseases

    Others include:

    (Linked 27 March 1999)


    Because the Website I previously worked on has articles in Esperanto, an Esperanto version of that site's homepage was mentioned in the Sep-Dec 1998 edition of Your Esperanto Bulletin, the Newsletter of the Correspondence Course Service of the Australian Esperanto Association. This little bulletin is read overseas. In 1997 Will Simcock, a reader in Britain, who was amazed when a writer in the bulletin asked, after the first South Perth Esperanto article appeared, what was Georgism, wrote an article in Esperanto explaining it, entitled Ne Malaperis la Skandalo de la Ricxeco apud Gigantaj Mizeroj, which means "The Scandal of Wealth alongside Gigantic Misery did not Disappear." That article was then put onto the World Wide Web, too. See it also on my Website in Esperanto at Ne Malaperis … and my English translation at The Scandal …


    ALMOST 4.3 million Australians, nearly a third of the adult population, hold concession cards as recipients of Commonwealth income support payments.
      More than 88 per cent of people 65 and older, 33.3 per cent of those 55-64 and 24 per cont of 18-24 year olds are card holders.
      The figures are lower in other age groups: 17.6 per cent of those 25-34 years of age, 20 per cent 35-44 and 17.9 per cent of 45-54. -- (The West Australian, May 3 1999, page 42)
      Environmental Racism is practised, according to the "Environmental Liberty and Social Justice for All" page of Simmons Buntin, November 1995, at http://www.igc.apc.org/envjustice/ejplan.html

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      OLD-WORLD ART: If you want to see what was scanned as a 548 kilobyte image of a coat-of-arms, but whose manipulated size is 27kb, click images/massam203x311.jpg .   Or read something of how it came to be at http://www.4crests.com/massam-coat-of-arms.html .

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     Directories:  Chronology 2013  Australia 2013  Esperanto  Experiments  Freedom  Georgist  Globalism  Molestation 2013  Religion 2013  Submission 2013 
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