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• An Offer You Cannot Refuse     
Association for Incentive Revenue Research
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27 March 2013

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

   To all Home Owners and Landlords within walking distance of the proposed stations of the new Rail Transport System.
   At a small cost and a large profit to yourselves the best transport system available can be installed.  This applies to both rail and road.
   Property values, namely Land Values, will increase in proportion to the efficiency of the system as perceived by the public.  Therefore only the best will be good enough.
   Experience elsewhere has shown that, where transport has been improved, the value of land affected has increased by three to four times the capital outlay for the improvement, some more than others depending on their relative position.  This would apply to railways, roads, or the building of a bridge.  Even farmers and manufacturers far from the city could benefit from lower delivery costs.
   A good example is the building of the extension to the Jubilee Underground Line in London.  At a cost of 3.5 billion Pounds Sterling, the owners of property showed an increase in value of 13 billion.  They could have financed the system and still shown an immense profit.  So why wait for some level of Government to take action when they are invariably constrained by budgets?
   The public should be agitating for improvements. The question now is:  How Do We Go About It?
   Start by considering Perth and environs.
   The Ring Rail put forward by Professor Peter Newman and Cole Hendrigan of Curtin University would become the foundation starting point.
   A small committee of experts should be appointed to investigate City Planning, feasibility of project, construction and engineering practicality and limitations/ obstacles, cost estimating, and medium term Government loans at lowest interest. A member of each political party should be included in the committee so that they can be kept informed and act jointly in the interest of the community.
   A realistic Property Valuation Roll should be created giving up-to-date market values of all land and improvements. These values will become Datum Values. When the proposed scheme has been accepted then values will already start to rise.
   When the project is completed and becomes functional the land values will continue to rise. An annual rental value can then be collected based on a percentage of this increase. The percentage of rent should be calculated to give say a ten year amortisation of the loan. A year (?) after the end of this loan has been amortised rental payments will cease. Property owners will have paid approximately a third of the increase and be left with two thirds.
   Is this not a wonderful return on investment; twice the initial investment? Still leaving a profit towards the next project.
   This would not have been possible if the investment had not been made.
   What Are We Waiting For?
   Godfrey Dunkley
   Tel. 08 9312 3719  #
[27 Mar 2013]

• Beliefs put into letters; Obituary, Don Jackson     

Beliefs put into letters

DON JACKSON, Teacher, lay preacher; Born: East Perth, 1930, Died: Nedlands, aged 83
   The West Australian, ( letters § wanews com au ), by Torrance Mendez, p 73, Thursday, April 18, 2013
   Don Jackson, a lay preacher and political aspirant who died on March 22, expressed a strong Christian morality in a series of letters and articles published in The West Australian that either inspired or infuriated readers.
   Nowhere was this more evident than on February 3, 1996 when he was guest columnist in a series of articles comparing evolution and creationism. Humans, he said, were created in the image of God and "the theory of evolution is nothing more than escapism from reality".
   His words helped ignite what the newspaper described as "a furious debate".  Within a week, The West's mailbag overflowed with a record number of letters to the editor, many of them praising or condemning his views.  In one, he was lauded for the courage of his convictions.
   The next month, the retired teacher failed to win a WA Senate seat in the Federal election, as a member of the Call to Australia Party, aligned with the Christian moralist and NSW Upper House MP Fred Nile.
   Undeterred, Don Jackson continued to write letters to The West, intoning the cadence of a high churchman, reserving brimstone for questions of morality.
   In January 1997, he drew at least 50 letters to the editor after telling readers that successive Federal governments had gone out of their way to undermine Australia's Judeo-Christian heritage by embracing other cultures and religions.
   Not even The West's children's liftout, ED!, escaped his ire.  "Just what is The West Australian trying to do to our children," he asked in the edition of October 17,1998.
   "Tuesday's ED! Magazine, Spellbound, was nothing less than a promotion of the occult with its witches, ghosts, black magic and demons."
   When the community was outraged by the murder of an eight-year-old girl in public toilets in 2006, his letter to The West supported capital punishment.
   "We shall continue to be horrified by shocking slayings on a regular basis because murderers know their lives are protected by law," he wrote.
   His letter writing often led strangers to phone him at home, supporting or abusing him, but he never responded harshly to critics.

   Donald Arthur Jackson was born in East Perth on March 13, 1930, only child to Tom Jackson and his wife, Cora (Gilbert), whose family originated from Victoria.  His father, a wanderer from England, served in both world wars, raising his age to fight in the trenches of World War I and lowering his years to join the RAN in World War II.
   According to family lore, Tom was meant to join a mate on HMAS Sydney for its last voyage but missed the connection.
   Don grew up in Perth suburbs including Mt Hawthorn and Belmont.  Family recall his stories about playing in a place called Donkey's Paddock in Bassendean.
   Once, he and his mates set fire to the paddock, hoping to find a lost cricket ball.  A passer-by helped them extinguish it and save the neighbourhood.
  [Picture] Man of letters:  Don Jackson was a regular correspondent in The West Australian.  
   He left Perth Boys' School at 15 for office work but much preferred the year spent on an uncle's farm in Koorda, sometimes singing hymns on the tractor.
   His mother taught him to trust God and, after baptism at the Church of Christ in Maylands, he joined the youth group, enjoying the camaraderie to the extent he became an avowed Christian and yearned to be a minister.
   In 1948 he joined WA Government Railways, finishing in 1955 as a train driver with a love of steam engines.  By then, he had wed Faye Sloan, who was printing cheques and race books for Sands & McDougall.
   In the early 1960s Don sat a course to negate his lack of a Leaving Certificate and progressed to teachers' college at Graylands.
   He taught at Collier and East Hamilton Hill primary schools and the School of the Air in Derby before moving to Melbourne to train as a Church of Christ minister at the College of the Bible in Glen Iris.
   But when his mother's health deteriorated after seven months, he returned to Perth, intrepidly crossing the Nullarbor in a car that broke down every day.
   Don returned to teaching and was also invited to preach at Manning, which he relished, imparting his wisdom in both professions.
   In 1970, he moved his family to 6ha [6 hectares] in Caversham, continuing the wine-grape production and trying his hand at growing rockmelons and watermelons, broad beans and tomatoes.
   After selling the property in 1976, he and his wife bought a block in Chidlow but plans went awry because of a succession of house-sitting arrangements that lasted several years before they sold the block still undeveloped.

   Don Jackson aligned himself with Uniting Church minister and Aboriginal leader the Rev. Cedric Jacobs, who in 1986 founded the One Australia Movement to contest State elections and play wedge politics.
   They formed an alliance with the Rev. Nile's Call to Australia Party with the banner, One Nation Under God, hoping to restore righteousness to parliaments.
   For the past 18 years, Don Jackson and another Christian, Kal Nielson, produced an unsigned circular, Repent Australia, sent each month to churches, politicians and Christians to express concern at the direction of the country.
   After ending his teaching career at 55, he showed entrepreneurial zeal when a daughter-in-law challenged him to invent a board game.  The result was World Quest, a combination of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, which once sold at Target but did not break out of the Perth market before production ceased.
   He invented many card games, none of which was offered commercially. A keen monarchist, he believed the British constitution kept Australia safe from dictators.
   His last church was Grace Chapel in Warwick, which is associated with Teen Challenge in which young people with drug problems enter a program in Esperance.
   Don Jackson suffered multiple health ailments and died in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  He was 83.  He leaves his wife of 59 years, sons Alan and Rod and daughter Carolyn and four grandchildren.  Torrance Mendez  #

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Phone: 9482 3153, Fax: 9482 3157, Email: torrance mendez § wanews com au , Post: GPO Box N1025, Perth. WA 6843
[To website 9 June 2013; published April 18, 2013]
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Beliefs put into letters; Obituary, Don Jackson.  WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Railwayman, teacher, lay preacher, letter-writer.  April 18,2013
• AnOffer You Cannot Refuse.  PERTH (W. Australia):  A broad committee ought to investigate city planning, and land values near the proposed ring rail ought to be updated.  As the proposal turns into practical results, land values will rise, and a percentage could be levied on such land values.  It will return a wonderful amount on the investment.  Mar 27, 2013

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