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• Ever-widening gap.

Ever-widening gap

   The Sunday Times, <>, (Perth, W. Australia), <letters § sundaytimes news ltd com au>, Letter to The Editor, p 62, Sunday, June 19, 2011
   WHILE the gap between the haves and the have-nots widens, the present economic system of progress creates poverty.  Our young people can no longer afford to pay for shelter to house themselves.
   Cost of living adjustments by percentages are unreal and unjust, because they constantly widen those gaps, as do bonuses and privileges.
   A real and fair adjustment to the cost of living can be achieved only by one flat amount across society. OWEN LONERAGAN, Claremont.

   [ANOTHER LETTER, same page, same paper: Your report on an increase in the number of committees under the Barnett Government ("Chairman of the boards", TST, June 12) comes as no surprise to me.
   Could it be this government is more incompetent than we first thought?  Never-ending increaes in utility charges, a state that is $20 billion in the red, indecision in policy-making - is this the price we pay for a popular premier with an incompetent ministry. … ENDS.]
   [RECAPITULATION: 1st letter: Our young people can no longer afford to pay for shelter …
   2nd letter: … a state that is $20 billion in the red … ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Western Australia and Queensland are supposedly going through a mining "boom".  There's not much room for a slump if these facts are correctly cited. COMMENT ENDS.]
[June 19, 2011]
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• Call for Submissions for Affordable and Social Housing.     

Call for Submissions for Affordable and Social Housing

   The West Australian, <>, <letters § wanews com au>, Advertisement of the W.A. Department of Housing, p 38, Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17, 2011
[WA revived coat-of-arms]  Government of Western Australia
Department of Housing
Affordable Housing Call for Submissions Launch and Briefing
Tender No: HOU9611711 (Call for Submissions for Affordable and Social Housing)
   The State's new Affordable Housing Strategy tackles the shortage of affordable and social housing in WA by creating more affordable housing entry points and pathways for people on low to moderate incomes who might be at various stages of the housing continuum, be it public housing, social rental, private rental, or home ownership.
   The Department of Housing recently initiated a Call for Submissions from industry to procure new housing from the market to increase the supply of housing available for affordable rental and affordable home ownership.
   The Call for Submissions is targeted at developing affordable housing on the Respondent's land, but innovative solutions for housing products which do not involve the Respondent's land may also be considered.
   A launch and briefing session will be held to provide further details around the Call for Submissions at the Hyatt Regency Perth, Terrace Ballroom, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA on Tuesday 26 July 2011 from 10am-11am
   The Department of Housing will provide further information on:
• the Call for Submissions process
• the various contractual arrangements in which the Principal will engage
• the target of an embedded return on each dwelling procured
• proposals involving land owned by the Department
   Registration for the briefing session is necessary and should be made to the Affordable Housing Administration Team via AffordableHousingEOI § housing wa gov au
   A copy of the Call for Submissions guidelines is available by entailing full contact details to AffordableHousingEOI § housing wa gov au or calling Ph: 9440 2228.
   Closing date for the Call for Submissions is 30 May 2012 (or earlier at the absolute discretion of the Department of Housing).

   [RECAPITULATION: Closing date for the Call for Submissions is 30 May 2012. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: It would never do to hasten these things, would it!?!? COMMENT ENDS.]
[Jul 16-17, 2011]

• Rule of law overruled.

Rule of law overruled

   The Sunday Times, <>, (Perth, W. Australia), <letters § sundaytimes news ltd com au>, Letter to The Editor, p 51, Sunday, October 23, 2011
ON human rights grounds, I object to the seizure of the car of an objector to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.  The seizure of mobile telephones also ought to be reviewed urgently by a court.
   Unless a court has ruled, we are heading into the very forms of dictatorship that many of the former British colonies are suffering. JOHN C. MASSAM, Greenwood

   [COMMENT: Letters forbidding dozens of people to go to various parts of the city were later issued, according to The West Australian, "Stay away; Dozens hit with city ban," by Ben Harvey, State Political Editor, Page One, Tuesday, October 25, 2011. ENDS.]
   [2nd COMMENT: This reminds us of the seizure of the Lamborghini car of Dr Nugawela, although it was a mechanic who was allegedly driving it in an unlawful manner, not the car-owner. ENDS.]
[Oct 23, 2011]

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Call for Submissions for Affordable and Social Housing. PERTH, West. Australia: Developers are invited to submit proposals to a State department to house the poor and disadvantaged. July 16-17, 2011
Ever-widening gap. The present economic system of progress creates poverty.  Young people can no longer afford homes. June 19, 2011
Rule of law overruled.  PERTH, W.A.: Car and mobile phone seized without a trial. Oct 23, 2011

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