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• [Restore government banks to provide credit to maintain Barmah National Park tracks.]     

[Restore government banks to provide credit
to maintain Barmah National Park tracks]

Numurkah Leader (PO Box 155, Numurkah, Vic, 3636. Australia, Editorial § leader net au ), Letter from Jeff Davy, of Katunga, Victoria, p 8, Wednesday, March 14, 2012
   CONGRATULATIONS to the Numurkah Leader on the front page article 'Park Tracks a disgrace'. [Feb 29, 2012]
   For anyone to say that wet weather and people have done the bulk of the damage is an absolute lie.  Neglect is the only thing that has put these tracks and levee banks into the state of disrepair, and it is neglect over many years.
   When was the last time these tracks were graded?  Any fool would know that a regular grading and crushed rock in the bad sections is needed, and there has been plenty of time over the summer when this could have been done.  There is not one proper concrete boat ramp from Tocumwal to Bearii and beyond, another disgrace.
   What this is, is a breakdown of physical and natural assets – National parks that cannot be maintained properly through a lack of money.  Why is there a lack of money?  Because the debt finance system controlled by the banks allows banks to create money as debt then borrowed by governments and councils, which in turn has to be repaid by taxpayers and rate payers.
   Over the ten year period, from 1997 to 2007, Australia's money supply increased by $527.7 billion, that is $144 million every day, seven days a week, for 10 years created by banks as debt.
   Victoria once had something called the State Bank of Victoria.  It was sold off but provision was made to reinstate it if need be.  The government has no money to pay overworked nurses in an overburdened hospital system, while all four big banks continue to post bigger and bigger profits in the billions.  In the end, something has to give, make sure is [? it] isn't you.
   The Commonwealth Government in 1911, by an act of parliament, established the government bank called the Commonwealth Bank; it too was sold off.
   Maybe it is time for the people to wake up, including Nick Roberts, as to what the real cause behind most of the environmental and social problems are – the flawed financial system, and work towards a positive solution, and reinstating a government bank instead of private credit monopolies.
   [RECAPITULATION: Over the ten year period, from 1997 to 2007, Australia's money supply increased by $527.7 billion, that is $144 million every day, seven days a week, for 10 years created by banks as debt.  ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Interest must be paid on this fictitious "money" provided by the banks.  To see how skewed the bank-credit "financialist" system is, refer to the European Central Bank, which recently offered three-year loans, not to farmers, fishers, local government, professional people, small business, and homebuyers, but to banks – at ONE per cent interest.  And these banks were encouraged to take up government bonds, many of which offer six per cent interest.  (Admittedly, the Greek Government bonds are now subject to a partial perhaps 50 per cent default, but still, a 500 per cent markup on the interest component is not to be despised !)  COMMENT ENDS.]
   [INFORMATION: Since the original letter was written, floods have again hit northern Victoria including Numurkah, as well as many other parts of the eastern States.  And, Mr Kane Weeks, a Ranger in charge of Parks Victoria, had been quoted in the original article as saying "Prolonged and repeated flooding in Barmah National Park since July 2010 has significantly damaged roads and infrastructure, affecting access to many areas of the park."
   He said that a small number of visitors did not respect "road closed" signs, and so drove on tracks when it was far too wet. ENDS.]
[Mar 14, 2012]
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• Bring in unskilled workers: Barnett.  Mining industry shortage.  [Follows heiress Gina Rinehart's call for unskilled Asian workers for mines.]       

Bring in unskilled workers: Barnett

   The West Australian, <letters ¶ wanews com au>, by Ben Harvey and Kim Macdonald, p 4, Friday, March 16, 2012
   Mining companies struggling to find enough workers should be allowed to recruit unskilled foreign labourers to get big resources projects off the ground, Premier Colin Barnett has claimed.
   Speaking in Singapore yesterday, Mr Barnett said he wanted an overhaul of the immigration system to allow unskilled guest workers because they would most likely be needed to help get some big projects under way
   His comment follows a similar call from Australia's richest woman, mining magnate Gina Rinehart, to allow unskilled Asian guest workers on Australian mines.
   Mr Barnett said guest work programs had been beneficial.
   "They have been good for host countries and they allow a lot of poorer people and poorer nations to derive substantial income," he said.
   "I think that in the Australian case, unlike in the Gulf region, it is entirely appropriate that they receive Australian wages and Australian conditions.
   "I would not support very low pay rates, as happens in some parts of the world."
  [Picture] Overhaul needed: Colin Barnett  
   Mr Barnett said a labour crunch was imminent in WA.
   "Take the Gorgon project," he said. "They have got 3000 or 4000 working there now.
   "They have been able to do that but lay on top of that Wheatstone, BHP's outer harbour, Gina Rinehart's project and a few others and I think there will be, at that stage, a shortage of both skilled and relatively unskilled workers."

   The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union accused the Premier of wanting to lock out WA's unemployed youths from entry level jobs in the lucrative mining industry.
   Secretary Steve McCartney said the proposal ignored WA's youth unemployment crisis.
   Official figures released yesterday reveal 27 per cent youth unemployment in the Kwinana area, based on the number of registered jobseekers aged 15 to 19 years seeking full-time jobs.
   "Instead of running around collecting frequent flyer points, why can't the Premier supply incentives for these unskilled jobs at the school exit level in WA," Mr McCartney said.
   "These lowest level jobs open up opportunities for kids to up-skill."
   Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said domestic options to fill the vacancies had not been exhausted.
   "We should employ West Australians first," he said. "There are many unemployed or underemployed locals who need jobs before we go down this route."
   Chamber of Minerals and Energy director Damian Callachor questioned how useful it would be to bring in unskilled labour, considering vacancies were mostly in skilled jobs such as engineering, metallurgy, geology and trades. #

   [RECAPITULATION:  His comment follows a similar call from Australia's richest woman, mining magnate Gina Rinehart, to allow unskilled Asian guest workers on Australian mines. [...]
   Official figures released yesterday reveal 27 per cent youth unemployment in the Kwinana area, based on the number of registered jobseekers aged 15 to 19 years seeking full-time jobs. [...]
   Chamber of Minerals and Energy director Damian Callachor questioned how useful it would be to bring in unskilled labour, considering vacancies were mostly in skilled jobs such as engineering, metallurgy, geology and trades. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT:  Premier Barnett is a former chief executive officer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The CCI empty "growth at all costs" superstition contrasts with the realism of Mr Callachor, quoted in the last sentence of the newsitem.  COMMENT ENDS.]
   [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah in Heaven): 
   3:83 (or 3:77):- Are they seeking a religion other than Allah's, when every soul in the heavens and the earth has submitted to Him, willingly or by comp­ulsion? … SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
   Sahih Bukhari's, 5, 59:600:- Narrated Mujahid:  I said to Ibn 'Umar, "I want to migrate to Sham."  He said, "There is no migration, but Jihad (for Allah's Cause).  Go and offer yourself for Jihad, … TRADITION ENDS.]
   [2nd COMMENT:  As a far-left writer wrote, many capitalists would even sell rebels the rope with which the rebels intended to hang the capitalists and other people.  "Guests workers" have NOT been a success in Germany, for example.  If a nation cannot find workers to do the jobs, perhaps the jobs ought to be postponed, or in the case of mining, for example, cancelled.  COMMENT ENDS.]
[To webpage June 23, 2012; published Mar 16, 2012]

• Keeping the faith: Why privatisation flourishes.     


   Good Government (NSW, Australia), <goodgov § westnet com au>, PO Box 251, Ulladulla NSW 2539, Tel. 02 4455 7880, Fax 02 4455 7881; p 8, April 2012
   Usually when you mistake yourself for someone else you end up in an asylum. But what happens when a government thinks it is a corporation? Capitalism is now so far advanced that even governments are convinced they must earn 'profits'.
   When the profits are not large enough or when they are not there at all, they tend to think it is because they are not well managed. They then hold an audit. Now, what is critical about audits is that they are managed by accountants. And at the centre of what they say is value for money.
   Acacia Prison
   Take the case of Acacia prison in Western Australia.  In an interesting look at privatisation of prisons, Jane Andrews in the latest Journal of Australian Political Economy (JAPE) explores how audits are used to compare the "success" of this privatised prison with the public system.
   This prison is treated as an object lesson for the rest of the prison system. Reports consist in the main of a numerical analysis of the cost of maintaining a prisoner at Acacia compared to that in the public prison system. This numerical difference is impressive. For instance, in 2003, the cost per day of a prisoner at Acacia was $100 while it was $145 when averaged out across the public prison system. While over time this difference in 'cost effectiveness' has grown smaller it is still impressive.
   'Apples and Oranges'
   Yet as Jane Andrews shows prisons are not all the same. And a more searching examination indicates that it is misleading to make such a crude comparison of costs. She sets out some differences between Acacia and other prisons.
   For one thing Acacia is a new prison designed to allow easier and more innovative management of prisoners. For another the costs to the public system, involved in having this privatised prison are not listed. The result is that costs that should be attributed to the private prison are in part attributed instead to the public system.
   Also, some of the uses to which prisoners are put at this medium security prison may give concern. Prisoners for example make profits for the company running the prison. Also, included in the 2003 report was the fact that on a certain day only 61 full time employees were on duty compared with one hundred provided for in Acacia's contract, and with 145 full time employees in a comparable public prison (Labour of course is the largest single cost to a prison.)
   When Acacia started its staff had no custodial experience at all thereby further minimising costs - it was said that this way they were starting afresh without old habits; these costs were further minimised by the recruits signing workplace agreements at significantly lower rates of pay than elsewhere in the prison system. Further, Acacia lacks the extra costs associated with the running of a maximum security prison, including the need for more experienced staff. Finally, extra personnel supplied to Acacia from the public system in the form of extra staff and professionals seem not to be accounted for. The fact that the cost of these becomes part of the cost of running the public system is an anomaly.
   While the article does not go into detail it does argue that Acacia is struggling to meet performance standards. While consistently calling prison privatisation a "success" the government, curiously, has not renewed itg contract with Acacia's proprietor. What this means is that having met problems, the government is not deterred, it merely goes to a fresh contract and a fresh contractor! #

   [RECAPITULATION: For one thing Acacia is a new prison designed to allow easier and more innovative management of prisoners. For another the costs to the public system, involved in having this privatised prison are not listed.
   … on a certain day only 61 full time employees were on duty compared with one hundred provided for in Acacia's contract, and with 145 full time employees in a comparable public prison …
   … extra personnel supplied to Acacia from the public system in the form of extra staff and professionals seem not to be accounted for. ENDS.]
   [ACACIA PRISON is off the Great Eastern Highway, Wooroloo, about 60 kilometres east-north-east of the Perth GPO. END.]
   [ORIGINAL SOURCE: "Accounting and the Construction of the 'Cost Effective' Prison," by Jane Andrews, Journal of Australian Political Economy (JAPE), <http://­www.­>, edition 68, December 2012.  END.]
   SUBSCRIPTIONS TO JAPE: JAPE is published twice a year. Subscription rates for individuals are as follows: Low Income/Student $16 (four issues); Individuals $24 (four issues); Overseas $25 (two issues).  Institutions, including libraries, can take out an annual subscription for $25 (two issues). 
   Write to: JAPE, Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, NSW 2006:
  • Enclosing cheque payable to JAPE, or giving full details of your credit card payment (type of card, card number, expiry date, amount to be paid).
  • Indicating the issue from which you would like your subscription to begin, and
  • Giving the name and address to which you want the journal sent.  END.]
       SUBSCRIPTIONS TO A.G.G. (the publishers of Good Government): $20 for six issues, or $14 if not working, to 1 / 122 Litle Eveleigh St, Redfern, NSW, 2016, Tel. 02 9698 2436.  END.]
    [To webpage 02 May 2012; published Apr 2012]
    • [Hunger strike by vilification law prisoner Brendon O'Connell.]  To the Editor.  [Hate crime charges.]     

    [Hunger strike by vilification law prisoner Brendon O'Connell.]
    To the Editor

       On Target (Australia, weekly 4-page newsletter), Letter to Editor, page 3 (Vol 48:71), May 11, 2012
       Dear Editor: I was wondering whether ALOR in the On Target newsletter could place something about Brendon O'Connell please. He is the first and only man in Australia to have been incarcerated as a result of one of the (in his case W.A's.) racial vilification legislation.
       Mainstream media has not covered the fact that he was on a hunger strike prior to Easter, or that after a break, he still is on a hunger strike. There has only been snippets of information that have been made available concerning his current plight, and I think considering the urgency of the matter, and the relevance to the League and to the general freedom and health of our nation it ought to be given a mention.
       It has been a little hard tracking down on the Net where he's at with his hunger strike but it appears that he is in the middle of a second long hunger strike – [Mr X] being in regular contact with him.
       Here is the video that got him in jail (in 2 parts): <http://­www.­­watch?­v=S5C­smBYuFjg>, and <http://­www.­youtube.corn/­watch?­v=mWf9k­z-a_ao&­featur­e=fvsr>.
       I have written to Brendon, and he has written back (his letter was dated the 11th of April). It is also published presently on the blogsites, mainly: <www.­> – if by the time you look at that site, it has gone – Google "hunger striker brendon o'connell writes from Aussie jail" – or Google - "brendon o'connell makow" – and you'll see that and another article(s) on the subject.
       I have noticed sadly by looking through websites that there seems to be more interest in Brendon O'Connell on Canadian websites, than Australian. Again, it would be appreciated if you or your team could put something up in On Target, or another ALOR publication shortly. Signed: with kind regards, [Mr Y]
       FOLLOW-UP: What were Brendon's "Hate Crimes"?  Judge for yourself. The videos that landed him in jail are online and can be viewed here .. <http://­www.­­watch?v=S5Csm­BYuFjg> and <http://­www.­­watch?­v=mWf9k­z-a_ao&­featur­e=fvsr>.
       [Dr Z's] (Occidental Observer) Brief on Behalf of Brendon – "Finally, readers should realize that O'Connell is not at all a White advocate and, as he wrote in an email, has "zero ties with 'neo-nazi' or other such groups."  He describes himself as a Christian - "Catholic but with strong ties to the Russian Orthodox Christian Church."
       Interestingly, he writes that "If I was in Ireland I would most definitely be a White Nationalist of some type. However, I still feel a stranger in this land - 3 generations on - I cannot bring myself to feel I have a right to this land while my fellow Australians refuse to acknowledge the injustices done to the native people's .."
       Mr. O'Connell also has a very blunt, street-fighter style that doubtless makes his statements offensive and unappealing to educated people. For example, in the video, he repeatedly calls his accuser "a racist, homicidal maniac." Nevertheless, a careful perusal of Mr. O'Connell's work shows that he is well-informed on the issues.
       As I write at the end of my brief, we need more people like him – people willing to be assertive and in-your-face about the outrages surrounding us. Most White Americans would rather munch on snack food while watching TV and then move away when the neighbourhood gets overrun by non-Whites. They cower in fear at the thought of offending the powers that be. Of course, Brendon is living proof that those fears are well founded." For those who would like to write to Brendon O'Connell his address is: c/- Locked Bag 1, Kwinana, West[ern] Australia, 6966.

       [COMMENT: Where are the Aussies standing up for Free Speech ? COMMENT ENDS.]
    [May 11, 2012]

    • Welcome to tent city;  Rental crisis forces families into camping grounds.  With no place to rent, they're living in a tent  [$240 per week for a tent SITE - supply your own tent etc.  House?  $425 p.w. please !]     


       The Sunday Times (Perth, W. Australia), by Ashlee Mullany, Pages One and 11, Sunday, May 13, 2012
       PERTH'S rental crisis is so desperate that workers and families are moving into caravan parks.
       With rents leaping 10 per cent and competition extreme, holiday-makers are being replaced at camping grounds by permanent residents making homes out of tents.
       Full story Page 11
    With no place to rent, they're living in a tent
       By Ashlee Mullany, Kristy Symonds, and Mara Fox
       PERTH'S rental crisis is so severe that workers and families are pitching a tent because they cannot find a home or apartment.
       And they're being stung up to $280 a week just for a square of grass to set up camp.
       Metropolitan caravan parks say they are at or near capacity – and most campers sleeping in tents or caravans are not holiday-makers, but residents who cannot find a rental.
       Rents in Perth have jumped 10 per cent in a year, with the median price now $420 a week and the official vacancy rate at just 1.6 per cent, according to the Real Estate Institute of WA.
       It comes as estate agents report crowds of 50 or more would-be tenants turning up at home opens, and rental bidding wars becoming the norm.
       Adding to the housing stress, WA's population growth is outstripping all other states, with 60,700 people moving to the state in the year to September 2011.
       Even highly paid fly-in, fly-out workers are also being forced to live at camping grounds, some wanting to avoid paying rent when they're working away and others who simply cannot find a rental property.
      [Picture] No choice: Suezanne Leaker and Tom Shannon with children Laithan, four months, Jay, 7, Jai, 1, and Riley, 3, at their caravan park home are paying almost $400 a week in rent.    Picture: Theo Fakos  
       Despite having a full-time job in the mining industry, Tom Shannon and his partner, Suezanne Leaker, have been knocked back for a roof over their head many times since moving from Melbourne.
      AT A GLANCE:  
      The median rent for a house in Perth is $425p/w
    Median unit rentals are $400p/w
    Rents have increased 10 per cent in the past year
    The current vacancy rate is 1.6 per cent
    Median rents in Perth have jumped more than $150 in the past 10 years
    WA has the fastest growing population in the country, increasing by 2.6 per cent or 60,700 people in the year to September 2011.

       They say they had no choice but to hire a tiny caravan and set up a temporary home with their four children at an eastern suburbs caravan park in February, paying almost $400 a week while desperately trying to find a permanent home.
       "We went through homes nearly every day or second day looking for a house and there was always 30 people or more," Ms Leaker said.
       "We have no problems paying for a house. It would just be great to have a back yard and room for the children not to be on top of each other."
       Ms Leaker said housing in Perth had hit crisis point and caravan parks were now having to take formal applications to keep up with demand.
       At another camping ground, qualified chef Brad Withyman and his wife said they had been living in a tent for five weeks while they searched for a home to rent.  The camping ground was full of others struggling to find homes, Mr Withyman said.
       "We just heard the same story over and over again with people saying, 'God, you know, this is what we're resorting to'," he said.
       Another camper, FIFO trades assistant Edward, told The Sunday Times he spent his downtime in Perth paying $240 a week for a tent site to avoid the hassle of finding a room.
       At Crystal Brook Caravan Park in Orange Grove, southeast of Perth, the manager said campers were "screaming" for proper accommodation.
       "We've had people call and say they've got nowhere to go but we can't help them," he said.
       Mission Australia WA state director Melissa Perry said the charity was seeing families who had never experienced such chronic housing stress.
       "Ordinary Australians are finding it really, really tough. We've had people asking for tents, sleeping bags, blankets, socks," Ms Perry said.
       Salvation Army spokesman Warren Palmer echoed the need for more to be done to help people keep their accommodation.
       Despite the shortage, REIWA said it expected the rental crisis to ease this year as more people decided to buy their own home and investors bought property to cash in on high rental prices.
       Weekend Property liftout inside #

       [COMMENT:  And within a short time, the federal government announced a $9000 bonus to workers from other States to come to WA to work in the "boom" dig-it-up-and-sell-cheaply mining industry.  How far would $9000 go after removal expenses, if an average house or unit rent is $425 per week, and even a tent-stand costs $240 ?
       Able to BUY a home ?  Read "Perth median house price to hit $500,000," by KIM MACDONALD, The West Australian, March 31, 2010.
       In towns near mining and other huge infrastructure activity, house and other rents have skyrocketed into the thousands of dollars per week.
       Employers called for the unemployment benefit to be cut back or cancelled for dole-recipients in other States who would not come to the West.  And "refugees" (alias invaders) could attract a $300 or $130 per week bonus to Australian householders who would take them in. 
       WAGES for about 300,000 Western Australian workers (almost 1.4 million nation-wide) will rise to $606.40 per week, the Fair Work Australia president announced on June 1, 2012 (The Weekend West, p 19, June 2-3, 2012).  COMMENT ENDS.]
       [GENERAL PROBLEM: Rents for homes etc. and tent-stand charges rise and fall against a background of no clear idea of who, ultimately, OWNS THE LAND.  Theoretically the Crown owns all the land of Australia, and this is interpreted as meaning the public of each ex-colony has effective ownership, subject nowadays to Aboriginal land rights. 
       DEBT arising from fictitious credit plays a part in economic turmoil.  For example, on page 41 of the same newspaper, in the Editorial entitled "Don't lose people in grand plan," the sixth paragraphs states that the State's debt has risen from $3,600,000,000 to $12,000,000,000 during the period that Premier Colin Barnett's Liberal-National State Government has been in office.  That ought to be the subject of a Royal Commission.  But, amazingly, Mr Barnett says that he wants to establish a formal "sovereign wealth fund" if re-elected.  What, put money virtually in a tin for the future, while incurring interest at the rate of millions of dollars a day ?  All the lunatics are not locked up in Graylands !  ENDS.]
       ["ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM":  "WA has the fastest growing population in the country, increasing by 2.6 per cent or 60,700 people in the year to September 2011."  Private enterprise, Local Government, and the State Government do not work together to build enough houses to contain all the people on the waiting lists, and the homeless thousands "sleeping rough," camping out illegally, "dossing down" with acquaintances, or in homeless shelters.  Governments and not-for-profit organisations ought to order factory prefabicated houses to put on some of the 20,000 or more vacant blocks of land in and near the Perth metropolitan area.  It would seem that no politician or high civil servant has any idea of why land prices keep leaping up faster than the cost of living or the general wages and other earnings of the people.  The old names Henry George and Clifford H Douglas come to mind.  ENDS.]
       [DEFINITION: MEDIAN is one of the three major ways of expressing a kind of average.  It is the middle number in a series of numbers (Macquarie Study Dictionary, 1998, page 419).  ENDS.]
       [FLAGS  are NOT in the printed article; the Webmaster has added them.   ENDS.]
    [To webpage on 02 June 2012; publication date May 13, 2012]

    • One year or bust for Smith Foods.   

    One year or bust for Smith Foods

       The Sunday Times, <>, (Perth, W. Australia), <letters § sundaytimes news ltd com au>, p 3, Sunday, May 13, 2012
       OUTSPOKEN entrepreneur Dick Smith, right, will stop donating money from his Dick Smith Foods business as he fights to save his company from collapse after its first loss in 13 years.
      [Picture of Mr Dick Smith]  
       Mr Smith has given himself a year to turn around the struggling company's fortunes or shut it down.
       The move comes amid an ugly stoush between the businessman and veteran TV producer David Salter, who has accused Mr Smith of using "patriotism" to promote his company.
       "He doesn't want me to use patriotism, but how else, if we don't use patriotism, do you get Aussies to buy Aussie products," Mr Smith said.

       [COMMENT:  Who is David Salter ?  COMMENT ENDS.]
    [To webpage 07 Aug 2012.  P. 3, May 13, 2012]

    • Pioneers dishonoured in cemetery contract trickery.     

    Pioneers dishonoured in cemetery contract trickery

       SENT TO The West Australian, <letters ¶ wanews com au>, by "Unusual Suspect", SENT by e-mail at 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
       Dear Sir,
       The plight of Anita Baig's family over the Guildford cemetery plot (18/6) is another example of our dysfunctional politicians betraying the descendants of the pioneers.
       The Baigs will have to pay $2000 to honour their dead mother and bury her with her relatives, but the politically-correct Parliaments around Australia have been spending millions finding and properly respecting the burial-grounds of the ancestors of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
       The betrayal of contract law done by a review in 1986 of the Cemeteries Act show that we do not have to blame just the present unfortunate Premier Colin Barnett and his weak team, or the weak opposition politicians of today.
       People should complain to the Cemeteries Board number 1300 793 109, but reserve your ire for the parliamentarians of the past and the current political parties, most of whom have a big dose of "self-hate".
       As Mrs Baig said, "We signed a contract for 50 years."  Isn't it like the referendums that our WA Parliament keep overriding?  Are there any honourable political candidates to vote for in future? #

       [RECAPITULATION:  … the parliamentarians of the past and the current political parties, most of whom have a big dose of "self-hate".  ENDS.]
       [EXPLANATION:  By "self-hate" the author meant the common beliefs and actions of the "politically correct" leaders and millions of people in Western countries who seem to loathe their own history.  They seem to be imbued with memories of the invasions, murders, child-kidnappings, etc. that were a big ingredient of settlement and colonisation by Europeans.
       These Australians and other Westerners ought to read the history of the Amerinds fighting each other and sacrificing prisoners before the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadores came, and then read of the wickedness of the Chinese Empire when it was expanding, some of cruelties of the Indian kingdoms and its empire, the murders by a Maori chief who obtained guns in Sydney early after the British conquests, etc., etc.
       Yes, Australia needs to repair the damage done to the "Stolen Generation" of Aboriginals, although some of them could be termed the "Saved Generation."  They were saved from drunken bad parents, in some cases.  Similar "kidnappings" took place in Canada, it is being revealed now.
       But, the "self-haters" and other politically-correct people seem determined to tear down and destroy many good parts of the Australian culture.  The latest is a High Court ruling declaring it illegal for the Federal Government to make an agreement with the Scripture Union to provide "chaplains" in State schools, because the Federal Constitution makes it plain that the Federal Parliament may not make any laws establishing a religion.
       Of course, the States, having yielded their income-taxing powers decades ago, and unable because of vested interests to tax land properly, have been trying to pay their way by taking grants from the Federal Government and by going into debt for many millions of dollars.
       If the States faced their responsibilities like brave Australians, they would have been paying for the chaplains themselves.  The State constitutions are not so restrictive, it seems. ENDS.]
    [Jun 20, 2012]

    • [HeadingOrDevisedHeadingHere]


       The West Australian, <letters § wanews com au>, Various Letters to The Editor, p 22, Thursday, June 28, 2012

    [Anti burn-off statements rejected in 1984]

       After reading Beth Schultz' Opinion piece (Fire plan a recipe for environmental disaster, 25/6) I should make some comment.
       Having been chairman of the Legislative Council's Select Committee into National Parks and the Honorary Royal Commission into CALM (1984), plus the Bushfire Review Committee (1994), I can say many of her statements were presented to these bodies and rejected mainly because of inaccuracy.
       The first two committees were made up of senior MPs from all major parties and the Bushfire Committee of people held in high regard in scientific and fire matters, all of whom rejected most of her evidence.
    Sandy Lewis, Baldivis

    [Fell into his own "Most" trap.]

       I am tired of all the letter writers using phrases such as "like everyone" and "most would agree"; plus "I, like most Australians".  How dare you deem it your right to say that you believe we agree with you?  I'm sure most would agree with me.
       Stuart Smith, Kalamunda


       Forename Surname, Town.


       Forename Surname, Town.
       Letters to the Editor, WA Newspapers, GPO Box N1027 Perth WA 6843. Fax 08 9482 3830. <letters § wanews /./ com /./ au>

       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  DOCTRINE ENDS.]
       [CONTACT: ENDS.]
       [ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: ENDS.] cont24.htm# australia/austchron6.htm# religion/religchron6.htm# submit/subchron12.htm#
    [Jun 28, 2012]

    • Beggars fined as more take to the streets .     

    Beggars fined as more take to the streets

       The West Australian, <http://­www.­>, <letters ¶ wanews com au>, <http://­­thewest­/a/-/news/1­4188545/­beggars-fined-as-more-take-to-the-streets/>, by Jane Hammond, Updated 2:10 am, July 11, 2012
       The City of Perth is fining beggars $100 for soliciting money using cardboard signs.
       The on-the-spot fines come after an increase in homeless people and others begging on Perth streets, and more complaints from the public about begging.
       In a practice known as "cadging", Perth's poor have taken to the streets using cardboard signs asking for cash.
       \\ Brandon is 18 and has lived on the streets since he was 13. Pictures Bill Hatto / The West Australian \\
       The city is using a signage by-law to issue infringements.
       City of Perth chief executive Frank Edwards said it was uncommon for rangers to issue infringements but rather to ask beggars to remove signs.
       "Homelessness is a sad fact of life and the city tries to connect people in this situation to services which can help them, so they don't have to beg," Mr Edwards said.
       "But we also have to manage our streets and maintain the amenity of the buildings they sit in front of.
       "Rangers are tasked with acting on complaints and there have been several from the public about beggars in recent weeks."
       The West Australian spoke yesterday to four beggars all within a few hundred metres of one another, in central Perth.
       All said they begged to get cash and preferred to use a cardboard sign than to walk up to strangers asking for money.
       Two of the four said they had received infringement notices for using cardboard signs.
       Homeless teenager Brandon said begging supplemented his welfare payments and "filled in" any gaps between payments.
       Brandon, 18, who has lived on the streets since he was 13, said he had been given so many fines for begging that he had lost count.
       "I just tear them up and throw them away," he said.
       "I understand that the council rangers are just doing their job but I'm just trying to survive."
       Homeless rights activist Corey Wilkinson was fined while cadging with a small cardboard sign on the steps of a church last week.
       He said the City of Perth unfairly targeted the poor and the vulnerable.
       \\ Beggar Harold reads the Bible on St Georges Terrace \\
       He said he knew of at least 20 to 30 people who regularly begged in Perth.
       "With the cost of electricity going up and other bills I can't make my Centrelink payments last the fortnight," Mr Wilkinson said.
       \\ Corey Wilkinson begging outside Trinity Church on St Georges Terrace. \\
       Mr Edwards said Mr Wilkinson "was asked politely by the ranger to remove his sign" but refused and was given an infringement.
       Street worker Mark Reidy, from the Catholic Holy Spirit of Freedom Community, said many homeless and other needy people, including people who did not have access to welfare payments, relied on begging as their sole income.
       Mr Reidy said others used the money to pay for their addiction to drugs or alcohol.
       Almost unheard of in Perth a few years ago, cadging was now common, he said.
       \\ Peter begging in the city. \\ #
    [Jul 11, 2012]

    • [Union official allegedly set up an unauthorised account to extort money from employers in 1992.]  [Present Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, then of Slater & Gordon, allegedly involved with Bruce Wilson.  Threats allegedly made to stop revelations.]       

    [Union official allegedly set up an unauthorised account to extort money from employers in 1992]

       Quadrant Online, <http://­www.­­blogs/q­ed/­2012/07/­alan-jones-interviews-michael-smith>, Alan Jones of Radio 2GB, Sydney, interviews Michael Smith, Friday, July 20, 2012
       Alan Jones interviews Michael Smith
    July 23, 2012
       As a matter of public importance, we provide here the transcript of Alan Jones’ 30-minute interview on Sydney Radio 2GB with Michael Smith on the four-year relationship of Julia Gillard with Bruce Wilson, who misappropriated union funds.

    Julia Gillard, Bruce Wilson and Slater & Gordon

    Alan Jones 2GB Talk Back Radio, 20 July, 2012

    Transcript by Tony Thomas

       Alan Jones: Look I have argued for months now that there must be more to this Thomson affair than we know. Why has it taken three years to investigate Thomson, which is basically about the misappropriating of union funds. Let’s forget for the moment that they might have been used for travel or brothels or whatever; the fact is that there are 1.8 million union members in the country, they pay about 10 bucks a week minimum in union fees, that is $18m a week or nearly a billion a year, so let’s be honest, who is going to miss a couple of hundred thousand. This is just a running tap. If you have 72 Labor members in the House of Representatives and 32 are former union officials, how many of them might have done what Thomson did. If you have 23 out of 32 Labor senators who are former union officials, how many of them might not pass the kind of scrutiny being applied to Thomson?
       Now one of the most trenchant supporters of Thomson has been Julia Gillard. The presumption of innocence must apply, she said. Mind you it didn’t apply when they were attacking the {then} Governor-General Archbishop Hollingsworth; there was no evidence of anything against Hollingsworth, they didn’t care then about the presumption of innocence. Is there more to this than meets the eye, you have to ask. The most powerful union in this nation is the Australian Workers Union. In 1992 Bruce Wilson was a senior official with the union in WA. He was married with young children. He had a reputation for militant behavior. He was known to act outside the law.
       He met Julia Gillard in the early 1990s. She was a partner in the law firm Slater & Gordon. She lived in Melbourne. She started a romantic relationship with him. On April 22, 1992, Julia wrote out an application to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner to register a new legal entity. It was an incorporated association, the sort of entity a local youth club might set up for a hockey team or a kids’ footie club. It allows the association to set up bank accounts, appoint a treasurer etc. BHP, I might add, doesn’t run its business through incorporated associations. Optus doesn’t operate through such associations. If the local manager of the NSW branch of Telstra went to a lawyer mate and asked the lawyer to set up the Telstra NSW Accounts Receivable Association and started to pay Telstra bills into the account, he would be in the dock along with the lawyer. Unions don’t operate their activities either through associations.
       A union is a registered organisation under industrial relations laws. Julia, and as I understand it her handwriting is on it, wrote out the application to register the AWU Workplace Reform Association way back in April 1992. According to a report by Detective Sergeant McAlpine of the WA Fraud Squad, who was, when this matter was before the Australian Industrial Relations Court because that is where it was registered, in WA, and investigated this quote “fraud” unquote, only two people in the AWU knew anything about the existence of this association. Wilson and his accomplice this bloke Ralph Blewitt.
       McAlpine wrote, aside from Wilson and Blewitt, no other person in the AWU had any knowledge of the existence of this organization. Its formation or incorporation had not been authorized by the AWU, despite the fact that one of the objects of this new association was to promote the development of unions.
       Detective McAlpine described how Wilson would visit large building companies and have them write out cheques to the AWU Workplace Reform Association and apparently at least $540,000 went into the accounts. McAlpine of the Fraud Squad wrote, quote: In addition to incorporating this new association and conducting negotiations with Thiess Contractors without the knowledge of the AWU, Blewitt and Wilson obtained a private letterbox at the Northbridge {WA} Post Office to which all mail for the AWU Workplace Reform Association was addressed. The AWU, says McAlpine, was unaware of its existence. So Julia Gillard, a partner in the law firm is in a romantic relationship with this bloke Bruce Wilson. He asks her to set up a new legal entity for the union. She asks for no resolution of the union, no minutes of the union meetings, no national approval for the new legal entity. She doesn’t point out to her boyfriend that the rules of the union prohibit the establishment of a new entity like this association.
       If the new association ran the tea club or a Tattslotto account that might be one thing , but this little cash cow did much more than that. As I understand it, a few months after it was set up, Wilson moved to Melbourne.   
       On February 13 1993 he set up a contract to buy a house in Fitzroy. He paid $23,000 in deposit. A few days earlier he signed a cheque from the association’s bank account for $25,000. Bear in mind that Julia says she knew nothing about why her boyfriend needed this new association for union business.
       She said she was young and naïve, and she was, quote, terribly distressed when she found out what he had been up to. According to her, he was concealing it all from her. He must have been very good (at that) because he chose her legal firm Slater & Gordon to do the conveyancing on the purchase of the house. Slater & Gordon, the firm in which Julia was a partner, wrote a letter to say that the amount of $67,722.30 would be required from Wilson and Blewitt to complete the sale.
       The law firm said it needed a bank cheque. Well, the firm must have trusted Wilson because there was no bank cheque, Wilson signed a cheque from the very association that Julia Gillard had set up just a few months before.
       One of the rules of the association written to satisfy the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner, was, quote: “the property and income of the Association must be applied solely in accordance with the objects of the Association. No part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed directly or indirectly to members unquote.” Well, Wilson and Blewitt at that stage still didn’t have quite enough money in the account to buy the house. They needed an extra $150,000. Who lent them the money? Slater & Gordon, Julia Gillard’s law firm. It gave them as I understand it a mortgage for $150,000 and the firm did the conveyancing for free. This bloke Wilson obviously was an important client. Julia Gillard was in a romantic relationship with him for four years, until he was caught out, as I understand it, in similar frauds using bank accounts in Melbourne. He was sprung in August 1995.
       Wilson had by then renovated the house he bought with the money he had taken out of the union in 1993. He was dealing with many builders. Julia Gillard owned a house too. It was renovated during that time. And as the bank statements point out, huge amounts of cash came out of the AWU Workplace Reform Association, cash cheques for $50,000, $8,000, $5000, every few days. It does make Craig Thomson look a bit of a miser. We don’t know where the cash went. Julia Gillard later produced a handwritten receipt from a builder, to say that she had paid for the renovation to her own home herself. No-one yet knows why $18,000 was paid directly to a women’s fashion boutique in Melbourne, Town Mode.
       In August 1995 it all came crashing down. Wilson left the union. The union paid back tens of thousands of dollars to various construction companies. In October 1995 it was becoming very public. Wilson was gone. The matter had been raised in the Victorian Parliament. It had been reported that Julia Gillard was being sacked from her job with Slater & Gordon. Julia Gillard was interviewed by The Australian on October 12, 1995. She told the reporter Ebru Yaman, “I am still a partner with Slater & Gordon, and I have no intention of going anywhere.” Soon after that story ran, she was gone, her desk was cleaned out. She has never practiced law since. She was without a job, as I understand it, for six months, until Joan Kirner arranged a role for her as chief of staff with John Brumby. Wilson was never charged. He and his accomplice Blewitt sold the house, and the union received not one cent of its money. A couple of people lost their jobs after trying to report this story. Michael Smith is one of them.

       Michael Smith was a policeman in Victoria. He served in the busy Collingwood and Port Melbourne stations. He was in the regular army for eight years. He has been a successful businessman, CEO of a national mobile communications carrier in Jakarta Indonesia, the head of Telstra’s global satellite business. He was chairman of the board of the Queensland University Business School and director of the board of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and actually ran the orchestra as CEO for three years. He was offered a job on Radio 4BC Brisbane, in 2008 and was very successful at that. He moved home to Sydney and last year he hosted Radio 2UE’s afternoon show, and he was the top rating day-time host on that station, but he lost his job over this matter.
       Michael, you have tried to raise this matter and lost your job, how powerful have been the forces seeking not to have this matter discussed?
       Michael Smith: Immensely. It has been done through back channels, never through a direct legal approach. I know that on the morning that I was going to broadcast this matter, Julia Gillard herself phoned the CEO of News Ltd, John Hartigan and made three demands of him
    1. Hartigan withdraw a column that Glenn Milne had published in The Australian that day  
    2. That The Australian apologise for that  
    3. That News Ltd give her an undertaking that it would never again report in any way on websites or in its newspapers on this matter.
       Jones: Why would anyone agree to those sorts of demands?
       Smith: You would have to be present in the conversation with Hartigan. What I was told by a very senior News Ltd executive is that threats were made by the Prime Minister to harm the interests of News Ltd if it didn’t comply with her direct demands of it. In my case, I worked for a radio station owned by Fairfax. Ten minutes before I was due to go to air after having recorded an interview with the former head of the union, Bob Kernohan, after having that exhaustively checked legally over the weekend and producing the various documents that my external defamation lawyer that Fairfax had engaged, required to substantiate the truth of the things we were saying. We had been right through that process, 2UE was promoting the fact that this interview was going to go to air, so it had been approved by 2UE management for broadcast. Ten minutes before I was going to air, a senior executive in Fairfax from Melbourne phoned and said you are not to broadcast it. And then it went on and on for a week or so. Ultimately they would not permit it to be broadcast or spoken about in any fashion. And you have to wonder what influence was brought to bear.
       Jones: This union fellow Wilson, surely he can be located? Has he changed his name or appearance?
       Smith: I have spoken with him, I know where he is, what job, what city.
       Jones: He probably can’t speak without incriminating himself?
       Smith: Absolutely right. If he is to speak, the man seeks protection and immunity. There are others far more senior than him who are involved in this matter. It goes to the heart of unionism and the power of unionism.
       Jones: And the Thomson affair?
       Smith: It is identical, Alan. Michael Williamson the HSU guy, who is in the slot himself. Williamson was to Craig Thomson exactly as another very senior union man, Bill Ludwig, was to this bloke Wilson.
       The best way I can illustrate it is this: If you leave home to go to work, lock the house up and you left $5000 on the kitchen table, you come home and it is gone, you call police, “My money is stolen!”. The police say they will investigate for you. They find the fingerprints, they find the crook. Here he is, here is the man who stole it. You look at the crook. It is your cousin. You go, “Oh shit!”
       The police say they will charge him if you give them a statement. “I can’t make that statement, I can’t do it to my cousin”. If it is your money and he is your cousin. That’s stiff for you, that is your decision. But if you are a union official, it is not your money, it is the members’ money. You can’t say if you are Williamson, “Look, Craig Thomson has used all this money etc” but say to the police. “I am not going to give you a statement”. That is exactly what happened with Wilson. The union chiefs would not give a statement to police that stated we owned this money. If you go to the Police Academy you learn the point of proof for theft, dishonesty, you appropriate property belonging to another with intention permanently to deprive the other of it. If you don’t have a statement from the owner of the money, there is no charge and no offence.
       Jones: The recently appointed CEO of News Ltd Kim Williams said at the SA Press Club last week that the public’s right to know is sacrosanct. Without apportioning innocence or guilt to the Prime Minister, does the public have a right to know what went on in this matter?
       Smith: Absolutely. To have confidence in our system we have a right to know. You look at the face of someone in their 50s or 60s who has been subjected to terrible abuse as a child. If the offender is brought to the dock even a generation later, it gives us confidence in the fact that this is a just place, a just community.
       Jones: When the News Ltd stuff happened in Britain, phone hacking, Julia Gillard said that news organisations had serious questions to answer. From your understanding of this issue, does Julia Gillard have questions to answer, without in any way suggesting she is innocent or guilty?
       Smith: Absolutely. I can’t make a judgement about innocence or guilt. But, as a former policeman, I can look at the facts put in front of me and work out in my own head whether there is a prima facie case to answer.
       Jones: Well, Robert McClelland is her former Attorney General. He, not me, has raised this matter in Federal Parliament. Was not he solicitor at the Sydney law firm Turner Freeman acting for the AWU union officials at the time, Bill Ludwig and Ian Cambridge?
       Smith: Absolutely. It was Ian Cambridge, a former union official in AWU, who was the first union official in this country to call for a Royal Commission into his own organization. The former Attorney General Rob McClelland prepared the paperwork for that. He asked for the Royal Commission, I can see why.
       Jones: To trace the misappropriated funds?
       Smith: Absolutely, and to look at the role of senior union officials who can say to police when they knock on the door saying here is all the evidence, such as with Thomson, for example, and the brothels and the cash and the ATMs, how can it be just that union officials can say to police, no I will not give you a statement?
       Jones: If Cambridge called for a Royal Commission then, Julia Gillard has subsequently appointed him to Fair Work Australia?
       Smith: You have to look at a number of appointments, including the recent appointment of a federal court judge who was a partner in the same law firm with her, in the same IR department. I would be looking very closely at a number of these appointments if I was conducting the Royal Commission of Inquiry into this matter.
       Jones: Cambridge has been calling on the one hand for a Royal Commission but then is appointed (to FWA). He was the author of the affidavit when McClelland was the solicitor. Cambridge is now in the union controlled Fair Work Australia, which has delayed the investigation into Thomson and, as I understand it, he has not pursued the Wilson-Gillard matter since.
       Smith: That is true. He swore an affidavit with penalty of perjury if falsely sworn. You read it; read what he said about Slater & Gordon, and its role and Ms Gillard was a partner who was involved in this position where she had a conflict of interest having a sexual relationship with the man who headed up her client, the AWU, that was undisclosed to her partners. The Law Council would have a view about the appropriateness of that.
       Jones: Did she, as a lawyer, set up accounts into which extorted funds were diverted? This union heavy was going around saying: I want this money, 25 thousand from you and 30 thousand from you in order to get work done. This was 20 years ago, and that money was shoved into another account the AWU would not know about. Did she set up those accounts?
       Smith: I know that her handwriting is present. I have had that analysed by the country’s pre-eminent forensic handwriting analyst, Paul Westwood. He is the same guy who helped me out on the Craig Thomson matter, who analysed the hand-writing on the credit card chits, the signature.
       I am a layman. I can look at her handwriting, I have a copy here and the handwriting on that form. It is identical. But the forensic analyst tells me it is in all likelihood, balance of probabilities, written by the same person, by her.
       Jones: The accounts set up that she as a lawyer opened at the direction of Wilson and Blewitt have been described by an AWU executive as unauthorized, invalid, irregular and used for quote, possibly illegal purposes. There were 13 of them.
       Smith: Yes, a large number of accounts were set up. Wilson was given the flick from the AWU when the accounts that were established in Melbourne were discovered and he was allowed to leave the union, and in fact got redundancy payments. The money was paid back to the organisations that had paid the money into those accounts, in Melbourne. Julia Gillard was questioned in Melbourne and said: I have done nothing wrong. At that point the account she had set up in 1992 in Perth had not been discovered. It was discovered later, after he had left the union and after she had made the public protestation that she did nothing wrong. She had a duty as a lawyer acting for the AWU, upon a report to her law firm that fraud had been discovered, she had a duty to assist her client to find the location of any further monies that might be owing to it, including her knowledge, the fact that a cheque drawn on the association she had set up, had been used to buy a house for a person, not for the union, and she said nothing.
       Jones: This was in March 1993. Slater & Gordon were involved in the purchase of this property at 85 Kerr St, Fitzroy, and money that Thiess Contractors paid was used to pay for the property. Wilson’s signature was on the cheque.
       Smith: Absolutely.
       Jones: Thiess was apparently not aware it was paying money into a fraudulent account. The house was sold in 1996, proceeds of the sale went to Wilson and Blewitt.
       Smith: Correct
       Jones: That was when Cambridge, the then national secretary of the AWU, swore an affidavit that he was unable to understand how Slater & Gordon who were then acting for the Victorian branch of the union, could have permitted use of the funds, which were obviously taken from the union in the purchase of private property of this nature, without seeking and obtaining proper authority from the union.
       Smith: Absolutely. And when his Melbourne frauds were discovered in 1995 she said nothing about the existence of the Perth accounts; she said nothing about acting for him and his offsider for purchase of the house in Melbourne, an asset the union could then have realized to try to get its money back. And weeks after that she had left the law firm Slater & Gordon and never again practiced law.
       Jones: So basically this business, this fund came into existence as a result of an application to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner …
       Smith: Yes
       Jones: … to register an incorporated association and the AWU knew nothing about it..
       Smith: Absolutely right
       Jones: … and money was being funneled out into the bank accounts of that.
       Smith: Correct.
       Jones: And Cambridge became aware of all this and swore this affidavit.
       Smith: He hit the roof mate, as did Bob Kernohan, or would any just person in looking at this. That is why he was so active calling for a Royal Commission into his own union. He wrote to the then chief industrial relations Federal Minister Laurie Brereton: Look mate, the only way to get to the heart of this, who was involved, is by having a Royal Commission.
       Jones: McClelland who was sacked, the dismissed Attorney-General, he was acting for Ludwig and Cambridge, he encouraged both of them, as I understand it, to submit affidavits to the NSW Industrial Relations Court.
       Smith: Well, Con Sciacca was acting for Ludwig, up in Brisbane. It is factual that McClelland was acting for Cambridge. And McClelland prepared the papers and saw the documents and could see clearly what had gone on.
       Jones: He was in the Federal Parliament.
       Smith: He said in the House of Representatives, “What I saw then in the mid-1990s, when I was one side as lawyer and Julia Gillard was on the other side as lawyer, has colored my view about unions.” When I look at Thomson and the HSU it is eerily similar. I have spoken with Rob about this. The Thomson matter could not have happened if the call for reform which McClelland is now making, had been heeded.
       Jones: He wants laws tightened as they apply to union accountability?
       Smith: Absolutely. If you are a shareholder of BHP and the boss there is ripping off money for brothels and pulling out large amounts of cash, you as a shareholder can go to the Securities Commission and they will look into it.
       If you are a HSU worker you put on your purple dress, get up at 5.30 am every morning and work in the furnace-like laundry of the hospital, and you see Thomson ripping off money for brothels, you have no means to bring that to the attention of the authorities.
       Jones: Ian Cambridge who swore the affidavit and had called for a Royal Commission into his own union, was appointed by Julia Gillard to the union-controlled Fair Work Australia, which has taken an eternity and has still not fully reported on Thomson.
       Smith: There are number of appointments I would suggest require some scrutiny.
       Jones: The Industrial Court at the time ordered Wilson to repay some excessive redundancy pay he awarded himself?
       Smith: Yes.
       Jones: What happened to all the other money? Was it spent like Thomson on credit cards, and massage parlours.
       Smith: I went through Thomson’s bank statements chapter and verse, and look, as a copper I saw that a lot of frauds started small, 100 or 200 bucks, and a bloke says, hey I’m getting away with this, and it becomes big. It’s the same with the Wilson matter. Except in the olden days there were no ATMs, it is cheques. They are small now, then huge. This is great, I will buy a house, away we go. At the time when it was discovered and when Cambridge brought his action so vigorously before the court, the union went back to court with an application for more time to find where its assets were and the union, headed by Ludwig, allowed that to lapse. No-one did anything. And now Howes, boss of the union, tells the ACTU Congress that we must run to ground all malfeasance, all crooks, they must be found and put in gaol, and every cent of members’ money recovered. Mate he has the files. He could commence today an investigation and he could heed the call by McLelland to go and find the assets. He could find (those) assets, and he has not.
       Jones: As a lawyer with Slater & Gordon, Julia Gillard wrote out the application to register the AWU Reform Association and yet Slater & Gordon were representing that union and lawyers for Slater & Gordon would automatically know that unions don’t operate their activities through associations of this kind.
       Smith: That association was a sham. I have independently spoken to various defamation lawyers about that statement. I am absolutely confident in the truth of it. It was established to do six things and did none of them. It advised the Corporate Affairs Commissioner that if he registered the association in WA, it would not do one thing – distribute money to its members. But all the six things it was set up to do, it did none of them, and it did the one thing it promised not to do, give money to the blokes who set it up. No-one else in the union knew about it. It set up a private post box office. It is inconceivable that bills that could have been generated by the law firm and forwarded to the union’s accounts payable for advice and work setting up this association, it is inconceivable that (the bills) could have been paid if it was fairly and properly conducted.
       Jones: Is this the reason why the government has been very, very slow to act on Thomson and very, very silent in offering no criticism about him?
       Smith: The Labor Party is so closely affiliated with the union movement. It is so full of people who owe their job to the support of an individual union at the Labor Congress. The AWU is the most powerful of them.
       Jones: That is Bill Shorten’s union.
       Smith: Have a think about this one point. On the night that Rudd got the knife, who was it went on TV on ABC LateLine to announce why Rudd was going, that he would be replaced by Julia Gillard. It was Paul Howes, head of the AWU.
       Julia is from the far left, socialist left. Bill Ludwig, national president of the AWU, is of the far right. It is just noteworthy that she stood by him at the AWU’s National Congress and said, “I am proud to call Bill Ludwig my friend.”
       Well Ms Gillard, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
       Jones: A final comment: Julia has said previously when questioned that she was young and naïve, and she was terribly distressed when she found out what the boyfriend Wilson had been up to. Would that be Wilson’s account of things?
       Smith: (laughs loudly), Alan, no.
       Jones: According to her, Wilson was concealing it all from her.
       Smith: Yeah (laughs). Bruce Wilson lives now in a coastal town, he goes to work in a very old car, he is working in the kitchen at a registered club, he works shifts there cooking meals. He looks at Tim Mathieson and Julia Gillard getting on the plane and thinks to himself about what he knows. What if he was approached by the authorities? What would he have to say under oath? His account is very different from hers. And Alan look, you just add this up, the weight of Cambridge’s affidavit, what Ludwig has to say, what his offsider Blewitt has to say, etc., and all the documents, all the bank statements, all the handwriting analyses, put that on one side of the scale, on the other side of the scale put this statement: “I did nothing wrong, I was young and naïve.”
       Jones: OK, that is Mike Smith, actually when he last tried to raise these matters he lost his job. It is very strange, the world we inhabit.
       Smith: Will you please indulge me …, the hero of this affair is a man called Robert Kernohan, who was offered inducements, offered seats in Parliament, who was bashed senseless in the street, who had bullets mailed to his home address. That man has suffered immensely and has never once wavered in his pursuit of the return of his members’ money, and he Rob Kernohan is a hero.
       Jones: There we are. The public has to work that out for themselves. But nonetheless the people are asking questions about how this Thomson matter still remains unresolved. The genesis of that failure to resolve may lie in matters that occurred many, many years ago.
       Source: The 2GB interview is here… <http://­www.­­index2.­php?opt­ion=co­m_newsm­anager­&task=v­iew&am­p;id=1­3667>

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       [RECAPITULATION:  Jones: Ian Cambridge who swore the affidavit and had called for a Royal Commission into his own union, was appointed by Julia Gillard to the union-controlled Fair Work Australia, which has taken an eternity and has still not fully reported on Thomson.  ENDS.]
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    [July 20, 2012]

    • [Queen's discontent, but millions killed, unsafe water, war weapons]
    Voice mail

    [Queen’s discontent, but millions killed, unsafe water, war weapons]

       The Perth Voice (free newspaper, Perth, W. Australia), <http://­www.­>, <news [at] perthvoice [dot] com>, Letters to The Editor, p 4, Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Bent compass

       YOU cannot claim a moral compass if it is skewed and bent.
       Our news media is crucial to our national consciousness, and to our children's form and content. An Australia-wide lead news item was the Queen's alleged discontent at honeymoon photos of her grandson being published.
       However the news media makes just about zero mention of the 10 million Congolese who have been killed since 1996. Many of you will think: "That's genocide, how wouldn't we know about this? This is more than 12 times the genocidal deaths in Rwanda during 1994."
       That's right, our moral compass needs repair so our consciousness isn't damaged any further, and vacuums of inhumanity slide by out of sight out of mind.
       What is more important? The Queen's discontent or 10 million dead and counting?
       Gerry Georgatos,
       Robyn St, Menora

    A human infestation

       NO doubt the Rwanda massacre was a terrible happening and we should heed the so far unspoken message, that it was caused by an excessive population growth.
       First, a few short years before the tragedy took place I had read an account of what was happening there by a retired British First Officer who went back there on a holiday 25 years later.
       He was stunned by the massive destruction of his beloved forest. Razed to the ground to make room for subsistence settlers and prone to soil erosion, where a crop failure would spell a disaster.
       Looking into it he was amazed to find out that while he was away his local population had quadrupled thanks to the efforts of French RC missionaries who had banned the sale of contraceptives and urged people to have large families. Given that most of these people were distillate, [sic.: "destitute" is more likely] it was highly irresponsible to let them fend for themselves.
       Today all the signs are there about the stress caused by an over-populated world. To start with, a reminder that about four billion people have to live on less than $3 per day with many of them deprived of access to clean and adequate quantizes of water.
       Hedge fund activities in third world countries have driven many small farmers to suicide. Other victims of ruined local economics no longer kill their neighbours, instead they are prepared to die in their desperate efforts to join the affluent world, which is also going downhill thanks to the greed of the corporate world.
       The good news is that millions of ordinary men and women in this affluent world are endorsing the Chinese zero population growth policy aiming for negative growth. They don't fancy raising children whose lives will be at the service of businessman and the self-serving ruling classes, with their inflated salaries and perks.
       Far from taking note of the people's wishes, our leaders worldwide are still promoting growth at all cost as they see more people equals more shortages equals more profits. Isn't it brilliant!
       When it comes to the international community's indifference to the conflict it isn't surprising given the UN is under the firm grip of the US which hasn't a good record of saving lives in third world countries.
       For instance when about two years ago the UN asked for $10 billion to relieve dire poverty world wide it received a mere $lb; meanwhile the affluent world spent $1700 billion in 2011 on military expenditures, with the US leading the way with massive stacks of weapons, chemicals and viruses of mass destruction.
       Frank Schenk
       McDonald St, Osborne Park

    Homes instead

       DEAR planning minister John Day, thank you you for your June 21 letter responding to my May 17 email to premier Colin Barnett about digging up a Crown reserve, the Esplanade.
       Your arguments did not convince me, because the long-term plan is to take away the reclaimed land (yes, reclaimed from the Swan River to stop the reek of the rushes etc, near the marshy river bank), which was set aside for the enjoyment of the general population.
       The proposed canals, besides reeking and possibly breeding mosquitoes, can be used to bring contraband goods and illegal immigrants close to the city's heart. The lower floor or floors of the buildings, standing on land hardly above the river's high tide mark will be subject to flooding during unusual storms and/or upcountry rainfall events.
       But the worst aspect of all is, that like our coalmines, and soon our electricity companies, this crucial piece of heritage land is destined to fall into the hands of overseas interests, including those of the Chinese dictatorship, and an equally warlike nation, India. Or the land might fall into British, German, or US hands, instead of belonging to the people who live here in Australia.
       With the supposed shortage of workers, where will the skilled, semiskilled, and low-skilled workers be found to do all this work on the river bank ? Need I add that the huge waste of funds, like that wasted by a previous government on the "Swan Bells" and the square (formerly called "Union Jack Square") could be put to better use, eg, prefabricated houses ought to be built and placed on the 20,000 vacant allotments in the metropolitan area, and similar land being held by "dogs in the manger" in provincial areas. These houses could then house the thousands of homeless and the evictees.
       Heritage listing will be of little use if only a minority of future generations will have any real attachment to the Swan River Colony, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and Perth's early days. I request that the work be stopped, and the money be used for useful things such as resettling the homeless.
       John C Massam
       Cobine Way, Greenwood

       The Ed says: This letter was edited for length but
    [July 21, 2012]

    • Say No to 130 more gambling tables.

    Say No to 130 more gambling tables

       The West Australian, <letters § wanews com au>, Letter to The Editor, (published soon after sent), Sent Thursday August 2, 2012
       No, Mr Barnett and the Cabinet mainly staffed, it seems, by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the electors do not want the number of Burswood gambling tables increased from 220 to 350 during five years.
       Gambling addiction has claimed thousands of Australian[s], so much so that there is great argument in the Federal Parliament over how to stop poker-machine addiction, and the ramifications spread even to affecting the position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
       Another recent court case was of a person whose career has been ruined through stealing from the employer to feed into gambling. The harm it did to the employer, and the extra cost insurers will have to factor in, are added to the costs of the police inquiry, the courts, and the prison system.
       As for the hotel, why build on low land near a flood-prone river ?
       Don't businesspeople, politicians and their advisers read newspapers, watch television, or listen to radio newscasts ?
       John C. Massam, Greenwood, WA.
       Letters to the Editor, WA Newspapers, GPO Box N1027 Perth WA 6843. Fax 08 9482 3830. <letters § wanews /./ com /./ au>
    [Sent Aug 2, 2012, published ~ Aug 4, 2012]

    • Public housing waits hits 11 years.     

    Public housing waits hits 11 years

       The West Australian, <http://­www.­>, <letters ¶ wanews com au>, <http://­­thewest/­a/-/news/1­4468967/­public-housing-waits-hits-11-years>, by Kate Bastians, 5:42 am, Monday, August 6, 2012
       Although waiting times for public housing have blown out to more than 2 1/2 years, new figures show many WA battlers are waiting much longer to get a roof over their heads.
       Figures provided by the Department of Housing revealed 2493 applicants have been on the waiting list for between five and seven years, 639 have been waiting between seven and 10 years and 23 for more than a decade.

       Mother of four Paula Harkins said she had been on the list for five years and had been told she would need to wait another five years.
       "It's a joke, I'm over waiting," Ms Harkins said. She is finding it increasingly hard to provide for her children as well as pay $400 a week for a private rental. She gets $1200 a fortnight from Centrelink.
       The 32-year-old, whose children are aged two, four, eight and 10, said she was in arrears with her bills and was in debt. "The Government needs to build more public housing and make sure it puts a roof over people's heads rather than building new sports arenas," she said.

       The average waiting time for public housing has blown out from 121 weeks in 2011-12 to 131 weeks currently- more than 2 1/2 years.
       But it was tipped in a Budget estimates hearing to rise further, to 134 weeks by the middle of next year.
       The applicant with the longest waiting time has been listed for 11 1/2 years.

       Department of Housing general manager of service delivery Steve Parry said the number of people who applied for public housing was 22,510 at July 31, down from 22,871 at June 30.
       Mr Parry said applicants could be housed sooner by requesting accommodation in zones with lower demand and a higher turnover.  The department strived [strove] to meet the housing needs of all applicants at the earliest possible opportunity.
       A spokesman for Housing Minister Troy Buswell said housing services were targeted at those in the greatest need such as applicants who were homeless or at risk of being homeless.  They were making progress with their State Affordable Housing Strategy, which aims to deliver at least 20,000 affordable homes by 2020. #

       [COMMENT:  How many invaders are homeless ? COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Aug 06, 2012]

    • Archie's Opinion.   


    Written by Archibald R. Browning
    LETTER NO. 11. AUGUST 8,2012
       Numurkah Leader (PO Box 155, Numurkah, Vic, 3636. Australia, Editorial § leader net au ), (Publication VA 1548), Tel. 03 5862 134, Fax 03 5862 2668; ADVERTISEMENT, p 2, Wednesday, August 8, 2012
       The Australian Federal government is a disgrace in the eyes of an intelligent mind. Australia is controlled by overseas interests, big business, unions, religion and a biased media.
       Australian citizens have already lost their democratic right of unrestricted free speech. It should be illegal for a politician or bureaucrat to tell a deliberate lie when representing the Australian nation.
       I consider a politician who endorses a deliberate lie to be a liar themselves, and are in parliament for their own financial gain.
       Politicians should be forced to tell the truth during question time and the childish behaviour of parliamentarians should be curtailed.
       Parliament should not be an institution that wastes time by unnecessary debate. A trustworthy prime minister does not evade the truth and by law should not be allowed to walk out of parliament during question time.
       Parliament itself is in need of a democratic upgrade. I suggest that a panel of three politically independent adjudicators be given the power to override the speaker and insist that all questions asked in parliament are dealt with in detail and answered honestly. The public should be allowed to put forward questions to any politician during question time and the answers televised.
       A politician is meant to represent all constituents in their electorate and not themselves. Bad politicians bow to their masters and refuse to put their lucrative job at risk.
       All governments should finish their term in office with a surplus on the final balance sheet. If they fail to do so the prime minister and treasurer should be made to resign from parliament in disgrace.
       Governments should not borrow money or sell Australian assets such as the land [that] Australians fought and died for in two world wars.
       I consider any powerful figurehead who advocates the selling of Australian land to overseas interests to be foreigners and not Australians.
       Short term wealth will always cost Australians long term pain. #
    [Aug 8, 2012]

    • Barnett issues law and order challenge:  Liberal conference.     

    Barnett issues law and order challenge

       The West Australian, <>, <letters § wanews com au>, by Beatrice Thomas, pp 4-5, Monday, August 13, 2012
       [W.A. Premier] Colin Barnett has challenged Labor to fight next year's State election on law and order issues as he fired the first salvo with new laws to tackle out-of-control parties. […]
       They were also concerned with out-of-control parties and Mr Barnett outlined tougher new measures in a "no tolerance" approach. [* * *]

       [COMMENT: 1. Supposedly right-wing politicians trot out the "law and order" card now and then, without budgeting for the extra manpower and costs, and not allowing for unpopular measures such as closing liquor outlets and nightclubs before midnight in the interests of having people go home to sleep in preparation for the next day's work.
       2. As pointed out in a letter SENT TO newspapers, the Liberal National Government of Western Australia cannot even collect motorists' traffic and speeding fines, yet Mr Barnett is pretending he can somehow produce extra police, more magistrates, other staff, and prison housing to deal with the party gategrashers, fuelled by alcohol and other drugs. COMMENT ENDS.] cont23.htm# australia/austchron6.htm# religion/religchron6.htm# submit/subchron11.htm#
    [To webpage 02Oct2012; Aug 13, 2012]

    • Barnett has no money to back law and order call.
       To various newspapers, Letter/s SENT TO The Editor, August 13, 2012

    Barnett has no money to back law and order call; Lib-Nats can't collect fines, let alone crack down on lawlessness

       WA Premier Colin Barnett won't fool many with his law and order challenge issued at the Liberal Party WA conference on Sunday (Aug 12).
       Until his cabinet can explain how the State debt has multiplied under the Liberal-National reign, how can they build the remand centres and decentralised prisons to hold the extra crop of accused ?
       Why, they can't even appoint enough bailiffs etc to collect millions owing for speeding and similar fines.
       There weren't enough people working in the DPP's office to handle the Rayney murder charge in far less than four years, and the months of delay for Dutch backpacker Linda Huiskamp is a global disgrace.  Question: Why waste time charging a co-victim of an accident ?
       WA needs less money spent on sporting extravangza buildings and digging up heritage riverfront land, and more on courthouses, legal aid, etc.
       Where will the extra police, DPP people, magistrates and judges come from to investigate, prosecute, and hear all the extra cases as the crackdown starts ?
       Some crime comes from poverty and homelessness, and in WA the public housing waiting time is from five to 11 years.
       The Liberal-National Government ought to commandeer the 20,000 vacant investment blocks in Perth and put prefabricated houses on them, which builders like Len Buckeridge would quickly supply.  The investors could be paid a modest rent.
       And, will accused and convicted children and teenagers get proper compulsory counselling to learn that the Golden Rule is how they ought to conduct themselves?  That would cost money, too.  John C. Massam, Greenwood
       P.S.: Re Len Buckeridge - See "WA" May 17, 2011 # cont23.htm# australia/austchron5.htm# religion/religchron5.htm# submit/subchron11.htm#
    [To webpage 02Oct2012; Aug 13, 2012]

    • Tram system destroyed, now light rail.
       Various newspapers, Letter/s SENT TO The Editor, September 4, 2012
       Light rail for Perth is the latest unfunded plan of the Liberal-National WA Government.
       Would someone remind us that decades ago Perth's tram network, powered by Collie coal, was closed down, with great waste of capital, by the WA Government ?
       And we switched to imported oil to run buses. And what political complexion was that government?
       Yet, Labor in Canberra has let our Collie coal fall into the hands of foreign govlernments who are hungry for hydrocarbon fuels.  John C. Massam, Greenwood, W.A. # cont23.htm# australia/austchron5.htm# religion/religchron5.htm# submit/subchron11.htm#
    [To webpage 02Oct2012; Sep 04, 2012]

    • Magazines, coalmines sales bad omens.
       Various newspapers, Letter/s to The Editor, September 5, 2012
       If well-known Australian magazines including Woman's Day and Cleo are sold this week to a German firm, does this show our economy is strong?
       Prime Minister Julia Gillard has come to Perth, but can she explain how two Collie coalmines have been sold to overseas interests - India and China - if Australia has weathered the global financial crisis?
       And why the Fortescue Metals Group of Twiggy Forrest is burdened with billions in debt?  John C. Massam, Greenwood. cont23.htm# australia/austchron5.htm# religion/religchron5.htm# submit/subchron11.htm#
    [To webpage 02Oct2012; Sep 05, 2012]

    • Still waiting.


       Joondalup Times newspaper (Perth suburb), Western Australia, wannerootimes § communitynews com au , Letter to The Editor, p 8, Tuesday, September 18, 2012
       REMEMBERING that both a bowling club and a library existed and exists at Duncraig - quite a distance from Greenwood and Warwick - can someone please tell me how, some years ago, Duncraig Bowling Club members and others managed to get a bowling club built in our area (Greenwood/Warwick) for their convenience?
       And again, years ago some of us, in the heat of summer, walked the streets of Greenwood/Warwick with a petition for a local library to be built (or provided) for in this area - to no avail.
       Most of the hundreds who signed the petition were delighted to know of our endeavours on their and their children's behalf. There's still a need for a library hereabouts, especially for the aged - on bus routes, if possible - and as a community centre for all ages.
       TV adverts tell us local governments provide libraries in our suburbs; unfortunately, not in the suburbs of Greenwood and Warwick.
    C. VAN VUGT, Greenwood.
    [Sep 18, 2012]

    • Shock jock Jones 'the lowest of the low'.   

    Shock jock Jones 'the lowest of the low'

       The West Australian, <>, by Andrew Probyn, Federal Political Editor, p 5, Monday, October 1, 2012
      [Picture] 'Naive': Broadcaster Alan Jones makes a public apology for his remarks about Julia Gillard's father.    Picture: Fairfax  
       Federal ministers want Sydney radio shock jock Alan Jones sacked for saying Julia Gillard's 83-year-old father died of shame over his daughter's "lies".
       The broadcaster, who has a long association with the Liberal Party, publicly apologised yesterday, saying his comments were "unacceptable".
       The comments, made to a Sydney University Liberal Club function nine days ago, have been widely condemned by Government and Opposition MPs.
       Cabinet minister Greg Combet said Jones was a "voice of hate and vilification" and joined Treasurer Wayne Swan and Trade Minister Craig Emerson in demanding his employer 2GB sack him from his $4 million-a-year job.
       Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull said Jones' comments were "cruel and offensive". WA Liberal MP Ken Wyatt called them "insensitive and appalling" and Kevin Rudd said they were the "lowest of the low".
       Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the remarks were out of line. "It's good he's recognised this and apologised for them," he said.
       A News Limited reporter who paid $100 to attend the function taped Jones' speech.
       "Every person in the caucus of the Labor Party knows that Julia Gillard's a liar," Jones told the crowd.
       "The old man died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament."
       At a rambling 45-minute press conference yesterday, Jones said he was "naive" to repeat comments he heard at a party for his godson.
       Jones said he wanted to apologise to the PM, but her office said she would not take his call.
       He also admitted that at the event he had bought a jacket made from a chaff bag, in reference to his comment last year about wanting Ms Gillard stuffed into a chaff bag and taken out to sea.
       He also denied being sexist when he said on air in August that "women are destroying the joint". #

       [COMMENT: It is suspected that he is a mysogynist (i.e., a woman-hater).  But, does he have a self-destructive gene?  The chaff-bag comments were and are even worse than the latest, because there is a lunatic fringe who take the lead from such remarks to commit crimes.  He has previously talked about a chaff-bag disposal for woman Lady Mayor Clover Moore, as well as PM Julia Gillard.
       In spite of his good work on July 20, 2012, regarding allegations about union officials and Julia Gillard when she was a young lawyer, Mr Jones needs to be retired.  This is easier said than done, because he is said to own a good percentage of Radio 2GB, Sydney, which is his broadcast point, though his programme is also relayed to other radio stations.  Two of these have cancelled relaying it.
       Regarding the "telling lies" allegation, Alan Jones has been around long enough to know that nearly all politicians do it.
       CASH FOR COMMENTS.  REMEMBER, the radio ratings rose for John Laws and Alan Jones, after the Australian Broadcasting Authority reluctantly investigated "cash for comments".  The public is complicit in letting the system down. … "The public has to lift its game." – based on The Weekend Australian Magazine, "Ignorance is no defence," by Phillip Adams, p 11, October 18-19, 2003.  COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Oct 01, 2012]

    • How low can Jones go?
       The West Australian, <letters § wanews com au>, Various Letters to The Editor, p 20, Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    How low can Jones go?

       I am both shocked and outraged at the comments by shock jock Alan Jones at the $100-a-head Sydney University Liberal Club dinner.
       He is on record suggesting that Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father died of shame because of his daughter's lies.
       Just as disturbing is his suggestion that she and Sydney mayor Clover Moore should be disposed of in a chaff bag thrown out to sea.
       What about the jacket made from chaff which was auctioned, signed by Alan Jones, at the same function? I question what is happening in our country.
       How low have we sunk when a well-known radio personality dares to make these comments denigrating our first female Prime Minister and her beloved father whose death she is grieving?  I feel a deep sense of shame.
       I urge decent Australians of all political persuasions to stand up and be counted by condemning Alan Jones' appalling and unacceptable comments.
       Vanessa Drake, Palmyra

    [Two females to be dumped at sea]

       Julia Gillard was "given an easy ride by the 'brainwashed' Liberal Party because she was a woman" declares Alan Jones, after he insults her close relationship with her recently deceased father – a father who was obviously wide awake to the personal attacks on his daughter as she took on the role of first female in the top job in politics in Australia.
       To top it off, Jones declares Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is a humble man of incomparable integrity and conviction but would like to dispose of Sydney mayor Clover Moore (recently re-elected) in a chaff bag shared with our PM and thrown out to sea (2GB, June 2011).
       Respectful?  Fair comment?  I'd say one-eyed and misogynist at every turn.
       Carole Peters, Shenton Park

    [Apology seemed to be for journalists]

       It has to be said that Alan Jones has lost all credibility. His so-called apology was more directed at the journalists who had to attend the press conference than to the Prime Minister herself.
       Saying that he got it wrong did not constitute an apology, especially when he then went on to attack the Prime Minister.
       These viciously cruel and vile comments were rightly repudiated by those who heard them.
       Malcolm Turnbull condemned the comments unequivocally very early on.  Sadly it took the Leader of the Opposition hours to respond.
       His comment tht Jones was out of line was more like an admonishment to a schoolboy caught swearing than a broadcaster engaging in a deeply personal attack in front of the young members of the Liberal Party.
       Mr Abbott should condemn Jones and disassociate [sic] himself from those types of comments (as members of his own party have), otherwise the perception that he has a problem with women will continue.
       Peter Macfarlane, Jolimont

    [Crimes, children wanting beheadings, now Jones' vitriol]

       I have lately despaired of the depths to which the human race will stoop. Random one-punch assaults, the rape and murder of an innocent woman, children calling for beheadings. Nothing, however, has come close to the revulsion I felt when I read of Alan Jones' vitriol directed at Julia Gillard.
      [Picture] Shocking comment: Alan Jones  
       Speaking as someone who has recently experienced the pain of losing two parents in a very short space of time, I cannot imagine how I would feel if these comments were directed at me.
       No, actually, I think I can. A one-punch assault would be infinitely preferable. Shame on you, Alan Jones.
       Lisa Moore. Caversham

    [First Oz woman PM]

       The remarks by Alan Jones about the PM's father were disgraceful. Mr Jones, how do you think Julia Gillard's mother would feel?
       Whether you like her or not, she is the first Australian woman PM, something that will be in our history books. Not like Jones, who soon will be a has-been.
       I think it shows the person he must be to say such things then cringe and try to apologise. If you can't say a good thing about anyone, say nothing.
       How lucky we are that he is not on our airways.
       R. Davidson, Falcon

    [None of the Libs protested]

       There's nothing surprising about the recent hateful things Alan Jones has said about our Prime Minister. What is truly disturbing is that apparently no one at that gathering of the Sydney University Liberal Club expressed outrage at his latest comments.
       Equally repulsive was the auction of the chaff bag which was a reference to Jones' previous offensive remarks about one of Australia's democratically elected Members of Parliament.
       If those attending expect to be among the nation's future elected MPs, I suggest they acquire some sense of decency and civility.
       W. Flynn, Albany

    [Offensive, and let himself fall]

       I am certainly not a fan of Alan Jones, but I did not find his comments about the death of Julia Gillard's father offensive.
       It would appear he let himself fall into a situation for a media beat-up by the Labor Party for past comments.
       Kevin Jackson, Dalkeith

    [Was it to increase ratings?]

       Ethical journalists, and I do believe there are some, must be cringing in embarrassment as they listen to their colleague Alan Jones attempt to up his ratings with this latest prank.
       Perhaps Jones' next step will be to show that the Prime Minister is a hard-hearted person who won't listen to his apology to her and everyone should feel sorry for him.
       H. Rogan, Balcatta

    [Brought OAM into disrepute]

       Having read the absolutely disgraceful comments by Alan Jones, where he has stooped below even his low standards, I pose the question: is he a fit and proper person to retain his OAM?
       While Jones may claim he is a political commentator, commenting on the cause of death of a politician's family member is clearly not on and most un-Australian.
       He has brought the Australian awards into disrespect.
       John Hannah, Fremantle


       Alan Jones spews hate just as Hitler did. I say to Tony Abbott, choose your friends carefully.
       Jean Ritter, Kalamunda


       Monday morning and the leading news story is the Alan Jones comment.
       I accept he made an error in judgment and poor taste with his comments about the death of the Prime Minister's father. But that is all it is, an error in judgment and a cheap shot in bad taste.
       Considering the various news stories of much more importance, why-are we leading with something as minor as Alan Jones' comments?
       Jones is probably rubbing his hands with glee at all the coverage he is getting.
       Tony Bayly, Esperance


       Former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty's warning to the Gillard Government to stay away from tax changes to superannuation in its search for new revenue is tantamount to closing the door after the horse has bolted.
       The cancellation of tax deductions for concessional contributions over $25,000 is a massive tax designed to encourage people away from looking after themselves in retirement and drive them to a deficit-building Government for pension support.
       This attack on the wellbeing of ordinary Australians beggars belief.
       Jeff Trudgian, Carlisle


       Suresh Rajan (Letters, 29/9), the laws regarding out-of-control parties will apply to everyone equally – as they should.
       Mr Rajan is not helping the cause of racial unity by trawling through legislation and then using some rather vivid imagination to portray it as discriminatory.
       Michael Carmody, Kulin


       Because some of the boat people are accepting a modest cash incentive to return to their home country, Chris Bowen sees this as proof that the policy of offshore processing of refugees is beginning to show positive results.
       However, because the intended outcome of the policy was to deter them from attempting to get here in the first place, and since the flood of new arrivals shows no sign of abating, it would appear that it will become yet another Labor failure unless it also includes the other aspects of John Howard's policy, especially temporary protection visas.
       Furthermore, the fact that an increasing number are choosing to return to the country from which they supposedly fled in fear of their lives surely proves that they'are economic refugees.
       Colin Coulthard, Gooseberry Hill cont23.htm# australia/austchron5.htm# religion/religchron5.htm# submit/subchron11.htm#
    [Oct 02, 2012]

    • Death of the giants; Chips off a very old block.     


    Carbon dating has revealed [that] karri trees up to 600 years old are being woodchipped in WA, lighting a fuse between conservationists and loggers that is likely to turn state forests again into an environmental and political battleground, writes Chief Reporter Trevor Paddenburg
       The Sunday Times, <>, (Perth, W. Australia), letters § sundaytimes news ltd com au , by Chief Reporter Trevor Paddenburg, pp 35-36 and 41, Sunday, October 14, 2012
    C HURNED brown mud. Bulldozer tracks. And stumps. Stumps as far as the eye can see.
       The solitary cry of a distant cockatoo breaks the silence as low clouds add drizzle to the depressing scene.
       Welcome to "Channybearup 5", a parcel of land tucked off the South Western Highway 10 minutes south of Manjimup. A couple of kilometres away, tourists stop to marvel at a giant, majestic karri known as the Diamond Tree.
       But here, it's a different story.
       This block was clear-felled earlier this year by the Government-run Forest Products Commission.
    123,000 tonnes
    logged annually, with just 15 per cent used for sawn timber and 85 per cent waste products, woodchips, firewood or charcoal.
    60,000 tonnes
    logged annually, with just 12 per cent used for sawn timber, and 88 per cent waste products, woodchips, forewood or charcoal.
    Source: Forest Products Commission annual report

       At Channybearup 5, there's nothing but a wasteland of bare mud gouged into piles and burnt-out stumps, punctuated by tiny replanted karri saplings just a few inches tall.
       Some of the stumps are so big you could park a family wagon on top of them, hinting at what was once a karri hundreds of years old that towered above the forest floor.
       Now, there are no trees for hundreds of metres in every direction, except two spindly and lonely specimens, each spray-painted with a white "H".
       "They've left those ones behind for wildlife habitat. They've got to leave two per hectare. As if anything's going to live in there. Those trees will die or fall over in a few months because the land around them has been so degraded," Jess Beckerling said.
       Ms Beckerling is a 33-year-old former WA Youth Leadership Award winner, a mother of two who lives in Walpole and as the spokeswoman for the WA Forest Alliance, a thorn in the side of logging companies.
       And now she's become a particularly big thorn.
      [Picture] Felled: WA Forest Alliance spokeswoman Jess Beckerlinq on a karri stump in clear-felled forest near Manjimup.  Far left: Some of the damage left by bulldozers.    Main picture: Daniel Wilkins  
       As revealed in The Sunday Times today, a sample Ms Beckerling took from the centre of a karri tree stockpiled at Manjimup's Diamond Mill woodchip facility has been carbon dated to show it is almost 600 years old.
       She trespassed on the site to take the sample; and the company that runs the mill, WA Chip and Pulp, denies the tree, could be that old. But the results, confirmed by University of Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory head Dr Alan Hogg as having a 91.4 per cent ikelihood of being between 512 md 596 years old, are potentially explosive.
       While it's been documented that big karri trees are still being logged in WA, it is the first time scientific evidence has shown how truly ancient some of these logged giants are.
       What's more, almost all WA karri is woodchipped and exported to Japan, where it is used to produce "high quality" paper. That means the stack in the Xerox machine and the endless piles of glossy junk-mail brochures that clog letterboxes every day. "It breaks your heart to think these trees are being used for nothing more than waste products," Ms Beckerling said as she looked out over the devastation that is Channybearup 5. "Where we're standing should be a protected forest. Instead it's a sea of stumps, burnt-out logs and bulldozer tracks."
       In WA, more than 12 million hectares of old-growth forest and national park is protected. We became the first state in the nation to protect the ancient habitat in 2001. But Ms Beckerling said the definition of old-growth was far too narrow. "You could have one stump in a karri forest that's otherwise been undisturbed and the Government says that's not old-growth.
      ‘Where we're standing should be a protected forest. Instead it's a sea of stumps, burnt-out logs and bulldozer tracks  
       But the scientific definition of old-growth is (where there is only) 'negligible disturbance', which is very different," she said.
       As well as preserving giant trees for their natural beauty and the unique eco-system that old-growth forest supports, old karris grow to form hollows that are a habitat for 26 species, particularly the endangered black cockatoo.
       And only a tiny fraction of logged karris are used for high-quality craftwood such as furniture.
       Three in four logs go directly to the woodchip mill and, of the 60,000 tonnes of karri cut down in 2010-11, the Forest Products Commission annual report shows only 12 per cent was turned into sawn timber. The remaining 88 per cent ended up as waste products, woodchips, firewood or charcoal.
       Ms Beckerling's argument is simple: plantation timber can be grown to supply wood for building and paper; the small amount of native timber needed for the craftwood and furniture industry can come from cleared mine sites; and that means there's simply no need to log native timber.
       "Eighty per cent of native vegetation in WA has already been lost. Everything they're using karri for can be produced instead with plantation timber. So why would we want to lose more native forest?" she said.
       Compounding their sense of injury, critics point out that the Forest Products Commission, which carries out all logging in state forest and on-sells to timber companies, doesn't even make money. In 2010-11, it lost $13 million.
       The industry exists so 400-plus jobs are retained and politicians in country WA can hang on to their seats.
       And that's where the argument gets political.

       Forestry Minister Terry Redman is one of the MPs whose future could be on a knife-edge after the boundaries of his Manjimup electorate were redrawn to include much of the green-leaning Margaret River area.
       A coalition of 27 environmental groups, including the Conservation Council and the WA Forest Alliance, have joined forces to campaign against native timber logging and turn it into [a] major election issue.
       Labor has signalled its support and promised to protect more native forest.
       The timing, six months out from the next state election, is not a coincidence. In fact, it has echoes of the 2001 state election when Geoff Gallop was elected premier largely on the back of a pledge to protect old-growth forest.

       For their part, timber companies claim logging - like shark culling or uranium mining - is an emotive issue that "greenies" have hijacked.
       "If you listen to some sides, we're on our dying last tree," Auswest Timber managing director Gary Addison said. "And that's just not true."
       The timber boss said his company was environmentally friendly because, while only a small portion of logged karri went towards building materials and quality timber, nothing was wasted because the rest was sold as sawdust or woodchips.
       He said also that growing new forest, instead of leaving old forest, soaked up more carbon dioxide and produced more oxygen, while using renewable timber for floors and decking, housing materials, bridges and wharves was a greener alternative to using steel, cement or plastics.
       But these claims are refuted by a 2006 study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, which found mature forests stored far more carbon than young and repeatedly logged forests. And a 2008 Australian National University study showed that protecting forests in southeast Australia had a massive impact on reducing greenhouse gas.
       Ms Beckerling agrees timber is preferable over steel or cement for building, but again, this can be supplied by plantation wood instead of native timber.
       Unmoved by the arguments, Mr Addison insists the amount of timber harvested in WA annually - about 1.5 million tonnes in total – is sustainable. In fact, he said it was a "very, very conservative" taking.
       When public comment closes on November 7 on the next 10-year forest management plan, the Auswest Timber chief will be pushing for the logging quota to be raised, arguing it is 100 per cent sustainable.
       It's a sentiment echoed by Ian Telfer, the chief operating officer of WA Chip and Pulp, which runs the Manjimup mill from where Ms Beckerling took her centuries-old karri sample.
       Mr Telfer said WA's old-growth forests were already "locked up" and any old karris logged today were isolated, individual trees.

       The Forestry Minister insisted harvesting only occurred in previously harvested areas "which may contain individual old trees".
       Mr Redman said his Government supported sustainable logging of native forests because the industry was a "major economic driver in regional communities with flow-on employment, social and economic benefits".
       Despite backing from government, both timber company bosses agree tough times are ahead as they weather a high Australian dollar, community anger over logging, staff shortages and higher wages as a result of the mining boom.
       Today's carbon-dating revelation and the launch of a campaign to end native logging will only up the ante.

       For Ms Beckerling and other conservationists, a major overhaul of the industry can't come soon enough.
       "We can have thriving plantation and native timber craftwood industries and keep our native forests standing," she said.
       "That will be a good day for the forests.
       "It will be a good day for wildlife, for biodiversity, for our state and for West Australians."
    • Visit
    • Click on the "take action" tab to send an email direct to the Conservation Commission of WA.
    • Do so before November 7 to register your opposition to the new 10-year forest management plan.
    • Write to your local MR
    • Donate to the WA Forest Alliance or the Conservation Council.

       [RECAPITULATION: Compounding their sense of injury, critics point out that the Forest Products Commission, which carries out all logging in state forest and on-sells to timber companies, doesn't even make money. In 2010-11, it lost $13 million.  ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: In other words, the commission is selling the State's wealth too cheaply.  Surprised, anyone?  It is just like the leasehold rents charged by sheep and cattle stations in the outback – the total rents received do not cover the cost of the department.  COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Oct 14, 2012]

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