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extable.htm "Coffee Cup" Table demonstration copied 17 Jan 99 from Wrox Press website, plus my own experiments starting 07 Jan 2001. First done 17 Jan 99

exdynswi.htm DYNAMIC HTML PAGE (as below), to SWITCH visitors to the correct version, see Chapter 12, pp 453-91 of HTML Complete,, Brenda Frink, Michael Anderson (eds), 1999, San Francisco, Sybex Inc., see ; Chapter 12 was adapted from Dynamic HTML: Master the Essentials, Joseph Schmuller, Sybex Inc.; 02 July 2000
exdynnn.htm DYNAMIC PAGE, designed for Netscape NAVIGATOR, 21 June 2000
exdynie.htm DYNAMIC PAGE, designed for Microsoft Internet EXPLORER, 21 June 2000

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EasyHtml 2.2 HTML editor trial page invented in Finland, is at: exeasyhtml.htm , including small display of author Toni Helenius of ToniArts's buttons, 09 Jan 2001

The Named Colours, the 140 named colours and their hexadecimal equivalents, adapted from Martin and Davis, The Project Cool Guide to HTML, 1997, 21 June 2000
Safe Colour Samples (216; adapted from Paul Lujan's webpage 1999), The Named Colours (140; using codes of Martin & Davis 1997), the old Basic Colours (16), Massam's Background Colours including Castro's tints 2003, other colour ideas, all testable against two Background Colour Changers (one from Frink and Anderson 1999).  02 July 2000
Background Colour Changer, 07 July 2000 (A different kind to those working on other webpages, but NOT working after an experimental change on 07 Jul 00 did not work) -- jcm 08Jul00)

Images examples, includes flags and novelties, and music, copied off a 28 Jan 1997 webpage on another website, copied here 07 Jan 2001
Images, animated examples, includes some music, part of eximages.htm copied off a 28 Jan 1997 webpage on another website, hived off eximages.htm, 01 Feb 2001

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Sound file examples, in fact so many that the plug-ins don't always initialise, but will sort this out later, perhaps with the META/DELAY system. Composed on another website 24 Feb 1997, copied here 07 Jan 2001

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Curtain Rising -- Bottom to Top, 08 July 2000
Curtains Open -- Centre Open, 08 July 2000

Exp. -- Scroll -- One Letter at a Time, in Status Bar , 08 July 2000

exroller.htm, Exp. Roller Coaster (but it is STATIC), from = Website Abstraction, 28 Dec 2000

Exp. -- Scroll -- "Select Menu" moving up, in a Box, on Webpage, 08 July 2000
exdynmess.htm, Exp. Dynamic Message + Link (3 messages, linked by button), from, 28 Dec 2000

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exorderform.htm, JavaScript Order form, copied from Musicmaker's Kits, Inc., 05 Jan 2001
exorderzip.htm, Non-JavaScript (and detects JavaScript-enabled Browsers!), Easy Order Form, from Zippo Products (windproof cigar lighters, etc. -- their homepage takes a while to load, but gives music and entertainment!) AND Mace Products , Connecticut's Best! 445 New Haven Avenue, Derby, CT 06401, USA,, 05 Jan 2001
exformmail.htm, FormMail, from, NOT working too well, 05 Jan 2001
exorderbenjamin.htm, John Benjamins Publishing Company, magazine subscription form (to be posted or faxed), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from , 02 Feb 2001

Exp. Unicode, showing Esperanto's accented letters, 14 July 2000

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G79   Multinationals' News 1: Aug 98
G79 - 2 Transnationals and Money News 2: 1998
G79 - 3 Transnationals and Money ;News 3: Aug 1998
G79 - 4 Transnationals and Money News 4: Oct 1999
Documents attached in Oct-Nov 1999 are: biotech.htmchinese.htm , cordoba.htm , danube.htm , delay.htm , genes.htm , genetic.htm , inter1.htm , inter2.htminter3.htm
G84 Alarma del AMI-día referente al Acuerdo Multilateral con respecto a la Inversión  Español Spanish, Aug 98


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