CONTENTS (2), Docs. 51-100: Just World Campaign

51. Events -- Just World Campaign; Social Justice, Economic Freedom
52. Politicians' Outrageous Perks: Paul Raffaele, The Readers' Digest, Aug 99.  See also Australia's Outrageous Parliamentary Pensions (Jan 1997)
53. Liberals for Forests membership form, from The West Australian, July 99
54. Taxpayers fund "Corporate Welfare": Ralph Nader, U.S.A., in San Francisco Bay Guardian, 6 July 99
55. Waste, maladministration of WA Coalition Government: (Pt 1) early '99 to Jun 99; continued.
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56. $1m for favourable comments about banks -- John Laws: The West Australian, 15 Jul 99
57. Too many Australians already making too great a demand -- the Ecology: Dr John Coulter, Australia, Aug 99
58. Language needed for international use (Esp) Letter to The Majellan, Melbourne, Jul-Sep 99
59. Citizens' Voice, No. 1, Perth WA, exposing monopolists' plans for globalisation, Jul 99; Issue No. 2
60. The scandal of wealth alongside gigantic misery did not disappear: by Will Simcock, Britain, 1997. (or read Original in Esperanto, Doc. 37)

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61. Global rules could paralyse us -- WTO: by Maude Barlow, National Post, Canada, Aug 31, 99
62. Asian long-horned beetles invade Manhattan -- WTO: Sierra Club, U.S.A., 19 Aug 1999
63. Multinational takeovers versus tax reform -- Free Trade: J. Massam, in Progress,  Melbourne, Sep-Oct 1999
64. Arms, training aid adds to Timor terror: Brian Toohey, The West Australian, 6 Sep 1999
65. Free Trade doctrine trumped Salmon import ban: Brian Jenkins, Perth, Sep 99; AND "Tassie defies salmon policies," The Examiner, Launceston, Tasmania, 20 October 1999

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66. British Labour: Quartermaster to tyranny in East Timor: The Observer, London, 5 Sep 99
67. Boycott Indonesian trade to free East Timor: Campaign for Peace and Security in East Timor, WA, 10 Sep 99
68. Protesters practise for Seattle WTO meeting: David Postman, Seattle Times Olympia bureau , U.S., Sep 99
69. Imports hit job market -- Free Trade: Anne Calverley, Sunday Times,  W.A., 12 Sep 99
70. China's workers exploited: Dr Sally Sargeson, Murdoch University, Perth; AND "Rumblings in the proletariat": Michael Day, The West Australian, 7 July 99

71. Business must be condemned -- East Timor: Nick Forster (Perth), John Barr (Sydney), Jean Jenkins (Perth), Stuart Buss (Perth),  The Weekend Australian, Sep 11-12, 99; and J. Massam, Wanneroo Times, Sep and Oct 99
72. Genocide plans disregarded -- East Timor: Aban Contractor, Canberra Times, 16 Sep 99
73. Non-profit radio stations can have free coverage of W.T.O. Seattle meeting: Seattle, U.S.A., 27 Sep 99
74. Citizens' Voice, No. 2, Perth, exposing monopolists' plans for globalisation, Sep 99
75. Systematic attacks force out Serbs, Gypsies -- Kosovo: The West Australian, 5 Aug 99

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76. Conned in Kosovo -- KLA deceived world: The Christian Science Monitor, U.S.A., 13 Sep 99
77. Parties foster staggering wealth alongside poverty: Clyde Cameron, former Labor Federal Minister, of South Australia, 3 Sep 99
78. Expert on Genetically-Modified food danger vindicated (??): Independent on Sunday, London, 3 Oct 99
79. Waste and maladministration of WA Government, continued: (Pt 2) Jul '99 onwards; First part.
80. New land charges versus the dreaded GST, Geoff Forster of Melbourne, Canberra Times, 30 Aug 1999

81. La rajto por cxiu homo al loko sur la tero, Esperanto, Ejnar Langkilde, Monato, Belgium, Sep 1999
82. The right of each human to a spot on the earth, English, as above.
83-87 Reserved for other translations.
• Echelon -- The NSA's Global Spying Network, Part 2. The US National Security Agency (NSA) uses the ECHELON system not only for surveillance of civilians and politicians, but also for spying on behalf of US corporations. Such spying has been known since at least 1945, when Project SHAMROCK had been initiated to obtain copies of all telegraphic information entering or leaving the United States. "The difficulty is that the technology has now become so elaborate that what was originally a small client list has become the whole world." (Glyn Ford, European Parliament representative for Manchester, England.) The snooping targets have included Margaret Trudeau the wife of Canada's Prime Minister (at the request of the RCMP), US congressmen, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and Christian Aid. UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's aides arranged to do three weeks spying on two government ministers whom she suspected of disloyalty; British taxpayers paid the account. AUTHOR: Patrick S. Poole is a lecturer in government and economics at Bannockburn College in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. -- Nexus, Australia, by Patrick S. Poole, Oct-Nov 1999, pp 19ff

88. Consumer advocate group attacks WTO failures, Ralph Nader speaks again: The West Australian, Oct 15 1999
89. Five-year record of WTO reveals disturbing trends: Public Citizen group, U.S.A., 13 Oct 99
90. Tormenters of East Timor got US's $1bn: Naom Chomsky, U.S.A., Oct 99

91. The Global Debt Problem: David Keane, Perth, Oct 99
92. Treaty right of US firm to Canada's water or $10.5 bn: Nelson Riis, MP, Canada, 22 Oct 99; AND "Council Delivers Petitions Demanding Federal Ban on Bulk Water Exports:" The Council of Canadians, 14 Oct 99
93. E-mails to stop Chechnya slaughter: J.Massam, AND "Russia unleashes final offensive:" Stratfor Inc. information service, U.S.A., 12 Nov 99
94. Citizens' Voice, No. 3, Perth, against a new round of the World Trade Organisation, Nov 99
95. Challenging Corporate Power -- at Cordoba: The Cordoba Declaration, (pan-European), of 17 Oct 99

96. Probe into gifts to Clinton fund expands to include Chinese arms dealer's visit to White House: Los Angeles Times,
20 Dec 96
97. GTE Files Suit Over Internet Access: Peter S. Goodman, Washington Post, 26 Oct 99
98. Portland Wages a Battle Over Access to Internet: Washington Post, 1 Nov 99
99. AT&T Cable-Internet Case Looms Large: Washington Post, 2 Nov 99
100. U.S. bid to own gene rights: Shock at plan to profit from 'human blueprint': Julian Borger, Guardian (London), 25 Oct 99

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Brian Jenkins exposes WTO, compiled by a Perth social justice campaigner

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Massam, John C; no beard; taken at Gerard's wedding Oct 10 2004

  Massam, John C., bearded, taken by Eric Bateman, TAFE, 2002
John C. Massam. Click to hear his welcome (279kb)
Ancestors of 1913? Panel 65.

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