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101. Biotechnology = Hunger: Turning Point Project, Washington, in New York Times, 8 Nov 99
102. Genetic engineering expensive, ineffective: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, New Delhi, 4 Nov 99
103. Calling for a Moratorium on GM Crops and Ban on Patents: Scientists regarding Genetic Modification
104. Europe's lifeline is still choked by debris from that mad bombing -- Danube, Kosovo: Neal Ascherson, The Guardian, (London), 11 Nov 99
• Incident at Sakhalin; The True Mission of KAL Flight 007, by Devvy Kidd, November 19, 1999. It is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. Flight 007 was allegedly shot down by the Russians on September 1, 1983. No luggage has been found, and no bodies or remains. The author Michel Brun is a French aviation expert. His thesis is that those on board, including a Congressman, were kidnapped.
105. NATO turns a blind eye as scores of ancient Christian churches are reduced to rubble -- Kosovo: Robert Fisk , The Independent, London, 20 Nov 99

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106. Seattle and beyond:  Disarming the New World Order -- WTO: Michel Chossudovsky, Ottawa, 24 Nov 99
107. Reserved for possible Esperanto translation.
108. Seattle et là-bas:  Désarmant la Nouvelle Commande du Monde --Organisation De Commerce Mondial (OCM): Chossudovsky; Fraais  French
109 - 110 Reserved for possible other translations.

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111. Reserved for possible other translation.
112. Reserved for possible other translation.
• Uranium Skies: What Was Aboard Flight 1862? -- Earth Island Journal, , Winter 1999-2000. AMSTERDAM, Holland: Israeli El Al Flight LY 1862 crashed shortly after leaving Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, smashing through the five stop storeys of two buildings, spreading flame, poisonous chemicals, and depleted uranium (DU).
113. Free trade, closed minds -- WTO: Peter Garrett, conservation leader, The West Australian, 6 Dec 99
114. The real meaning of Seattle -- WTO: Hugh Mackay, columnist, The West Australian, 14 Dec 99
115. Lack of cash as 'booming' economy does little to help unemployment: Tony O'Brien, South Australia, letter in The Weekend Australian, 18-19 Dec 99

116. The Last P.U.-litzer Prizes Of 1999 for shabby  US journalism: Norman Solomon, for F.A.I.R., U.S.A., 24 Dec 99
117. Might not right in trade wars -- WTO: John McCarthy, Perth, The West Australian, 23 Dec 99
118. Reserved for 'Alan Carpenter rejects high superannuation'.
119. Cabinet is arrogant and bureaucrats have taken over, says ex-minister Kevin Minson: Wendy Pryer, The West Australian, 24 Dec 99, AND  "Why the silence?" J. Massam letter to editor, The West Australian, 29 Dec 99
120. Loans to Soviet war machine still hard to repay, Stratfor, 31 July 99

121. Trade protection for citizens and environment J.Massam letter to editor of News Weekly 17 Mar 2000 in reply to "Free trade benefits everyone" letter from Mark Hassed of Victoria, 11 Mar 00, AND reply to Mr Hassed by R.A.D'Arcy in the 25 Mar 00 issue.
122. Contents, documents 51 to 100
123. Chinese police being trained in Britain, Sophie Goodchild and Raymond Whitaker, The Independent, London, 19 Mar 00.

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124. Killings in Bolivia due to water rising 35% after sell-out to foreign firms, Agence France Presse, Sat. 8 April 00; AP, La Paz 8 Apr; American Chamber of Commerce in Bolivia; Jim Schultz, The Democracy Centre 10 Apr 00.  Click Spanish Español 
125. Bolivia cry for help from Los Tiempos newspaper, Los Tiempos, Cochabamba, Bolivia; Jim Gladwin 10 Apr 00; Michael P 10 Apr; Peter McFarren, Associated Press 9 Apr; Mercury News, San Jose 8 Apr; Agence France Presse 10 Apr; RTE Online, Dublin 9 April; British Broadcasting Corporation 10 Apr 00.
126. Martial law deaths in Bolivia -- How you can help, Jim Schulz, The Democracy Centre, 9 Apr 00; J.Massam, Perth 12 Apr; IWL/BECHTEL 11 Oct 99; Agence France Presse, 11 Apr 00.
127. Multinationals had $20,000 deposit for waterworks in Bolivia, Mike Ingram, WSWS 11 April 00; Gail Apps, Bechtel, 11 Apr; Reuters, La Paz 10 April; Gregory Palast, Observer, London, 23 Apr; Alejandro Campos, IPS World News 21 Apr 00

128. (126.) Matanzas en Bolivia después de que la toma de posesión del agua aumente los precios 35%, 8 - 9 abril 2000, Español  Spanish.  Presionamos Inglés (English)
129. Translate -- Bolivia cry for help from Los Tiempos newspaper

132-5. (127.) Reserved for Esperanto translation of No. 124, "Killings in Bolivia ... water ..."

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136. (125.) Bankers under siege -- demonstrators expose IMF and World Bank policymakers, Nathaniel Harrison, Agence France Presse, 11 April 2000
137. Hospitals privatising, government lowering property tax, J.Massam, in The West Australian, 20 Apr 2000; and Jennifer Lynn, Duncraig; Mark Bateman, Thornlie; Angela Carroll, Fremantle; John Day, Minister for Health (denying everything)
138. Citizens' Voice, No. 4, Perth, 'WTO - SHRINK or SINK' is theme of worldwide organisational sign-on for 2000,  Feb 2000
139. Economic and campaign espionage by multinationals made easier in Holland and Australia, Bob Olsen, Toronto, 22 Apr 00 (original 11 Apr 00).
140. Globalists want the power over our universities, and are closing the gate on independence, Richard Sanders, Australia, 5 Aug 99, 29 Apr 00

141.  Citizens' Voice, No. 5, Perth, 'Against Global Corporate Control,' May 2000
142. Kierath admits mogul's a mate, Wendy Pryer, The West Australian, 11 May 00, AND "Stop order on Buckeridge job",  Steve Butler, The West Australian, 16 May 00, AND "No action on deals: Cowan", Julie Butler, The West Australian, 7 Apr 00
143. Tax Rip-Off: 140 multi-millionaires pay less than $41,000 a year in tax; Alan Thornhill, The West Australian, 14 June 00
144. Land tax would be fair (response to above), J.Massam, in The West Australian, 16 Jun 00, AND (a criticism of that letter) Rural people could not afford exorbitant taxes, Raymond Love, Lake Clifton, WA, in The West Australian, 23 Jun 00
145. A land tax would catch the super-rich (reply to 23 June critic), J.Massam, in The West Australian, 28 June 00

146. Graylands mental hospital site to be sold off?   Geoff Smith, York, in The West Australian, 14 June 00; and Jann McPherson, Cottesloe; Edward Cade, Inglewood; and anonymous
147. Citizens' Voice, No. 6, Perth, Globalisation Convention planned for November 00, July 00
148. Citizens' Voice, No. 7, Perth, More news on concentration of power into globalised corporations, Oct 00
149. Bell banks made up evidence: QC, Neale Prior, The West Australian, 17 Oct 00
150. Loans gave Bell Group a 'chance', Neale Prior, The West Australian, 18 Oct 00

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