CONTENTS (4), Docs. 151-200: Just World Campaign

151. Special Trade Zones -- Protests highlight suffering in Slave Zones, June Beckett, The Issue magazine, Sydney, October 2000
• Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks.       

Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks

   Time (U.S.A.), http:// www.time. com/time/ magazine/ article/ 0,9171, 998512, 00.html , By WILLIAM DOWELL, Monday, Nov. 13, 2000
   NEW YORK CITY – Europe's dream of promoting the euro as a competitor to the U.S. dollar may get a boost from SADDAM HUSSEIN. Iraq says that from now on, it wants payments for its oil in euros, despite the fact that the battered European currency unit, which used to be worth quite a bit more than $1, has dropped to about 82[cents]. Iraq says it will no longer accept dollars for oil because it does not want to deal "in the currency of the enemy."
   The switch to euros would cost the U.N. a small fortune in accounting-paperwork changes. It would also reduce the interest earnings and reparations payments that Iraq is making for damage it caused during the Gulf War, a shortfall the Iraqis would have to make up.
   The move hurts Iraq, the U.N. and the countries receiving reparations. So why is Saddam doing it? Diplomatic sources say switching to the euro will favor European suppliers over U.S. ones in competing for Iraqi contracts, and the p.r. boost that Baghdad would probably get in Europe would be another plus. --By William Dowell/New York City

   [COMMENT: Some keen observers at the time, and others later, see in this the REAL REASON for the later invasion of Iraq by the Coalition of the Killing -- oops, Willing! COMMENT ENDS.]
   [ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Brian Jenkins, e-mail of June 22, 2008. ENDS.]
[Nov. 13, 2000]

152. Citizens' Voice, No. 8, Perth, Convention of 25 November 2000 in Perth, 29 Nov 00
153. Continuation of Citizens' Voice No. 8, 29 Nov 00
154. The Named Colours ~ 13 July 1999
155. The Safe Colours, 25 June 2000
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156. Bridging Attempts Fail to Solve Language Problems, hived off Translation webpage on 04 Feb 2001
157. GM bug could end all life, The New Zealand Herald, 3 Feb 2001, tagged 07 Feb 2001
158. Nuclear Waste Dump -- A Sinister Agenda? Patrick Armstrong, 22 Feb 2001
159. Send bill to illegal immigrants' last departure country, Perth resident (unpublished), 24 Feb 2001
160. Richardson receives Packers' money to lobby for them, The West Australian, 24 Feb 2001, p 38

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161. CIA worked in tandem with Pakistan to create Taliban, The Times of India Online, 7 Mar 2001; copied to WWW 13 Mar 01
162. A Common Language -- Esperanto, The West Australian, Ed Magazine page 6, Cyberia, 03 Apr 2001
163. NCC Manifesto for Australia is important, Clyde Cameron, S.A., News Weekly, Melbourne, 10 Feb 2001, p 11
164. Citizens' Voice, No. 9, Perth, Issue in preparation for the Australian national elections, April 2001
165. Electoral Fraud in Australia, Council for the National Interest, meeting for 2 May 01

166. Mexicans pay price for NAFTA, The Star, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on-line 15 Apr 2001
167. Electoral Fraud in Western Australia, 1989, Electoral Enquiry Group and Anonymous, papers of the 1989 Western Australian electoral fraud, issued in conjunction with the Electoral Enquiry Group around 1989 and 1991
168. Biggest Obstacle to Selling Trade Pact Is Sovereignty -- FTAA, David E. Sanger, The New York Times, New York, United States of America, on-line 23 Apr 2001
169. Woodside saved, now save BHP for Australia, J. Massam, W.J.Burgess (Kingsley), and another, in The West Australian, 27 Apr 2001
170. GATS vs Democracy: The Corporate Take-Over Continues (the General Agreement on Trade in Services); StopMAI Coalition (WA), public forum planned for Perth 7 Jun 01; inserted 01 May 01
170 A. Globalisation and Civil Society: Where in the world is social justice?: Non-WA speakers will be Dr Keith Suter and Ms Jagjit Plahe (formerly of Kenya), conference planned for Perth 15-16 Jun 01; inserted 30 May 01

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171. Forrest hits at Anglo's tactics, Anglo American's moves to go from largest shareholder in Anaconda Nickel to complete control: Michael Weir, The West Australian, 2 May 01, p 47
172. Contents (3): Documents 101 to 150
173. Contents (4): Documents 151 to 200
174. Contents: Globalism, Multinationals, MAI, WTO, GATT, GATS, TRIPS, etc.
175. Contents: Experimental and example webpages

176. Evidence against Globalism given to Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Brian Jenkins, John Massam, Helena Chomley, Otto Mueller, from JSCOT Hansard, 20 Apr 01
177. Weed spread feared in free trade regime -- WTO, Peter Trott, The West Australian, 29 May 01
178. Why we need balance -- Globalism, Dick Smith, in The Australian, 03 May 01, responding to an article by Dennis Shanahan in The Australian on 27 April 2001 attacking Dick Smith for trying to create a balance between foreign-owned companies and Australian-owned companies operating here.
179. To have, and have no political clout -- Globalism, Shelley Gare, The Weekend Australian, 2-3 June 2001
180. Concern over postal vote fraud loopholes in UK, Michael White, political editor, The Guardian, Manchester, UK, 5 June 2001

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181. Guarding against electoral fraud in UK, The Guardian, Manchester, UK, 11 May 2001; inserted here 07 Jun 01.
182. Tongue twister in Interlingua -- (Esperanto questioned), The West Australian, André Malan, Malan on Saturday, Big Weekend page 2, 9 June 2001; inserted 11 Jun 01.
183. User-pays bell tolls for them (attacks on losses of $600 per week by taxpayers on the Coalition's belltower), The West Australian, J. Massam, D. M. Thomas of Mahogany Creek, Ilse Enston of Churchlands, 19 June 2001, and others varying dates, inserted 19 Jun 01.
184. Salinity meeting. Wilson Tuckey, MHR, will address a public meeting organised by the Council for the National Interest, for 25 July 2001, inserted 30 Jun 01.
185. Citizens' Voice, No. 10, Perth, New 'GATS attack' Initiative, July 2001, inserted 01 Jul 01

186. Secret meetings for almost 50 years -- the Bilderbergers; Peter Bratt, Dagens Nyheter, Swedish daily newspaper, 13 May 2001; Jon Ronson, Guardian Weekend, England, 28 March 2001; Grattan Healy; Denise Michel; The Observer (London); Gregory Palast; Renata Adler; Maria L. Green, Harvard; inserted 05 Jul 01
187. "The Shepherdson Inquiry: An Investigation into Electoral Fraud" -- Executive Summary, April 2001. Queensland fraud had been proved in court, the Deputy Premier resigned over it, etc.; inserted 08 Jul 01
188. The Named Colours, to assist Webmasters to select colours; from book Teresa Martin & Glenn Davis The Project Cool Guide to HTML, 1997; coded 1999-2000, re-organised 01 Jan 2001, hived off 17 July 2001.
189. 1500 mourn idealist Carlo, G8 riot victim, Informal last rites for protester shot dead at the G8 conference, Genoa -- Rory Carroll in Genoa, The Guardian, England, 26 July 2001; inserted 26 Jul 01 [Later a video was received, showing that Carlo was with other protesters, one holding a metal bar and one a wooden staff, looking dangerous near a police vehicle, in what looked like a quiet street. In the back was a man with a gun. It seemed that Carlo had a fire extinguisher in his hands. My opinion is that he and other people were doing dangerous things, and that the policeman might have fired in self defence.]
190. H. S. Chapman Society dedicated to cleaning up Australia's corrupt electoral system; inserted 04 Aug 2001

191. Electoral fraud affects results (1): Australian Federal Parliamentary Committee's 'Managing the roll' report June 2001; inserted here 10 Aug 01.
192. Electoral fraud affects results cont. (2): inserted here 10 Aug 01.
193. Electoral fraud affects results cont. (3): inserted here 10 Aug 01.
194. Electoral fraud affects results concl. (4): inserted here 10 Aug 01.

195. Electoral fraud inquiry claims Qld Deputy Premier Elder, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 22 November 2000, to WWW 14 August 2001
196. Beattie's dilemma , Labor Premier risked losing power if he enforced electoral honesty; Lateline, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 24 November 2000, to WWW 14 August 2001
197. ALP 'ignored' warnings on electoral fraud , Greg Roberts, The Age, Melbourne, 26 November 2000, copied Aug 01
198. Another Labor State Condones Electoral Fraud , Senator Eric Abetz (Tas), Federal Special Minister of State, media release 19 June 2001, copied Aug 01
199. Lord Haskins has been chosen to spearhead the assault of the agro-industrialists, misnamed Labour Party will attack small farmers, George Monbiot, The Guardian (Manchester), 7 August 2001; tagged 11 August, to WWW 14 August 2001
200. "The prevention of electoral fraud Interim report," (Complete, requiring Acrobat® Reader™) to read the Acrobat PDF component of the webpage. -- Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee {LCARC} (Legislative Assembly of Queensland), November 2000; tabled 14 November 2000, to WWW on this website 18 Aug 01. (For ease of study, also available divided into seven parts in Documents 201-207.)

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* Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks. NEW YORK and IRAQ. Nov. 13, 2000
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