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October 13, 1999 Wednesday 8pm, Dr Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb (1968), etc., of Stanford University USA, was to give a lecture "Population and Environment:  Today and in the Next Century." Discussion panel: Prof. Harry Recher, natural sciences; Prof. Linda Kristjanson, nursing and public health; Mr Bob Pearce (ex ALP State Minister) of Forest Industries Federation; and Dr Monique Gagnon, environmental health.  Government House Ballroom, St George's Ter, Perth.  Bookings must be made by 8 October to the Edith Cowan University corporate affairs office, 9273 8083, fax 9273 8046, e-mail h.shilkin§  -- advert. in The West Australian, Sat Oct 2 99, p 18.  His academic homepage is at:  To read both sides of the population discussion, click  To get an opponent's viewpoint, click:

October 10 1999 Sunday 2pm, Australians for an Ecologically-Sustainable Population (AESP), public lectures, Dr Harry Cohen, Prof. Phil Jennings, another speaker, and Dr Sue Taylor.  Venue -- Agnes Walsh lecture theatre (next to KEMH, Bagot Rd ,Subiaco)
Dr Harry Cohen, on "The World Scene."
Prof. Philip Jennings,  Prof of Physics, Murdoch University, on "Population Growth and Water Resources in WA."
Dr Sue Graham-Taylor, President, ACF WA branch , on "Growth and Clean Air -- Can we have both?"

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PUBLIC  MEETING and Annual General Meeting of
Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population Inc. (WA branch) was  successfully held on
Sunday 18 April 1999, 2.00 p.m.
"The Palms," Cnr Nicholson and Rokeby Roads and Thomas Street, Subiaco

Dr Thomas Hatton:  "Landscape degradation in Australia: Implications for Sustainable Development"
A leading scientist working on the salinity-landscape degradation relationship, Tom Hatton made headline news in The West Australian recently with the warning that much of the land affected by salinity may never be recovered
Ken Robertson:  "Populate and perish"
Economist and Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Education and Law at the University of Western Australia.  His research focuses on Housing and Industrial Development.  He has a particular interest in developing countries.  Contact: Jack Griffin or 08 9386 1890

  From Jack Griffin's letter of 7 April 1999: The past several days must emphasize the global nature of our concern for excessive human population growth.
I am a member of AESP [Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population] and have been asked to co-operate in making the General Meeting a success ...
You should say, "so what? -- Why bother?" ! !
The answer is survival; the survival of my posterity. I'm lucky enough to have been born when there were only 2.5 billion of us, and have thus enjoyed a relatively comfortable 78 years. My six-year-old granddaughter, nor the 5-year-old kid next door, have no such chance without protecting themselves from the 6 billion (and growing) now looking for living space. Yes; 6 billion and growing, growing rapidly, 300 human babies born every minute.
We don't know that the creativity of man can come up with a means to accommodate 6 or 12 billion or even more human beings,  but it looks pretty hopeless right now with humanistic organizations greeting refugees with a few biscuits and lots of pamphlets on brotherly love. I abhor organizations, especially those that depend on a few "high-profile personalities" to rave against tribalism or extol world central government.

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