Indigxenaj dialogoj -- Indigenous Dialogues

Indigxenaj Dialogoj = Indigenous Dialogues 
logoIndigenous peoples have always had to fight for their rights.  The indigenous peoples are the guardians of invaluable natural and cultural treasures, and have ancient widsom and knowledge.

Destruction of their environment, their languages, and their world affects the whole human race.

The indigenous peoples want to tell us about the legitimacy of their own -- different -- realities.

To do this they need a truly international indigenous network -- but they don’t yet have a common language.

The world Esperanto Movement has offered to provide them that common language, and is working during 2000 in three countries on pilot projects to help the indigenous peoples there to learn and use Esperanto, plus Computers, the Internet, etc.

Read more about it at:

Flago de Esperanta Movado, proportions probably 67:40 - jcm 

You can become competent in Esperanto in 20-25% of the time it takes for other languages, and can become fluent in 33% of the time. And when you write or speak -- every country is open!

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Esperanto-Ligo de Okcidenta Auxstralio (Korp.)
Esperanto League of Western Australia (Inc.)

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