Books etc. about carnal child pollution and abuse by clergy, Brothers, Sisters, etc., PLUS others

• HUMPHRIES, Lawrence Peter; ????;    A Chip off What Block?    A child migrant's tale  

   He found siblings in Europe whom he never knew existed and chronicled his story in a book, A Chip off What Block? A child migrant's tale, currently available free online.  Far from a maudlin tale of child abuse, it is testament to the human spirit in adversity. - "Voice for the voiceless; Social justice advocate," The West Australian, by Torrance Mendez, p 38, Tuesday, July 3, 2012
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• Oranges and Sunshine.  [MOVIE.]     

Oranges and Sunshine , (the website and online notepad of Sydney based blogger John Lampard), <http://­ww­­2011/06/10/oranges-and-sunshine/>, posted by John Lampard at 11:04 am on Friday, 10 June, 2011
4 stars
The premise
   Oranges and Sunshine, movie Oranges and Sunshine (trailer), a drama set in 1986, is the debut feature of British TV producer Jim Loach, and is based on the book Empty Cradles by British social worker Margaret Humphreys, which chronicles her efforts to expose the British government’s child migrants program of the 1950s and 60s, [actually started before 1950s] where over 130,000 children were forcibly sent overseas.
   Many of these children – who came from struggling, or single-parent families, and were sent to Australia, and other former British colonies – were under the impression their parents were dead, and that a happier life awaited them elsewhere.  The reality was usually far harsher, many were abused by their new carers, or became child labourers.
The play
   Humphreys (Emily Watson) is a Nottingham social worker caring for orphaned children.  She first becomes aware British children were sent overseas when a woman from Australia [in 1986] asks for help tracing her mother.  During this investigation though Humphreys uncovers numerous instances of children being sent overseas.
   After learning that Nicky (Lorraine Ashbourne), a woman in a support group she convenes, has a brother Jack (Hugo Weaving), who was sent overseas as a child, Humphreys travels to Australia where she soon meets many hundreds of others who were taken from their families, including Len (David Wenham), who is trying to find his mother.
   It soon becomes apparent that it wasn’t just the children who were lied to, and as Humphreys continues to reunite now adult children with their families, she learns the parents, whose children were often forcibly removed from their custody, were also lied to, often being told they had been adopted locally, not sent overseas.
   Humphreys’ work however is an uphill battle that takes a physical and emotional toll on her.  The British and Australian governments are unhelpful, while the charity and church groups who took the children in are angered by the allegations of abuse levelled at them, resulting in threats against her from their supporters.
The wrap
   “Oranges and Sunshine” is an intimate and personal portrayal of an historical episode that culminated with the 2009 apology by then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to the British child migrants, or Forgotten Australians as they are also known, an action that was followed by his British counterpart, Gordon Brown, in 2010.
   A compassionately made film that is neither sentimental or sensationalistic, “Oranges and Sunshine” is a moving, harrowing, and emotional drama that lifts the lid on a government policy that aimed simply to save money – care for children was cheaper in Australia than Britain – and one that had no regard at all for those it purported to be helping. #

   [OTHER LINKS: <http://­www.­­atthemovies/txt­/s3230720.htm>, <http://­www.­­title/tt1438216/>, <http://­www.­­films/film/oranges_­and_sunshine/>, and watch the trailer at <www.­orange­sandsuns­­>. ENDS.]
   [MORE READING: The West Australian, Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Today section page 8, "Pain of empty cradles" by Lucy Gibson, the story of "Oranges and Sunshine" star Emily Watson who plays the Nottingham social worker Margaret Humphreys, and "Into the heart of darkness," a review of the film, some of which focussed on Bindoon in Western Australia. 
   Margaret Humphreys, who wrote Empty Cradles (1996 review noted also on this webpage) about what we now call the "Forgotten Children," is quoted as saying that more than 150,000 children were shipped to the outer reaches of the British Commonwealth.  The film is now screening in Perth, Western Australia.  ENDS.]
[Jun 10, 2011]

• ALI, Nujood, with MINOUI; (orig 2009 in French) 2010;    I Am Nujood,    Age 10 and Divorced  

  [Parents etc. in Muslim culture, and "husband".  Marriage consummated on girl (10), plus beatings.]     
   (Originally published in French in France as Moi Mojoud 10 Ans, Divorceé, © 2009)
   I am Nujood; Nujood ALI with Delphine MINOUI; 210x321 'I'm a simple village girl whose family had to move to the capital, and I have always obeyed the orders of the men in my family.  Since forever, I have learned to say yes to everything.  Today, I have decided to say no.'
   Forced by her father to marry a man three times her age, young Nujood Ali was sent away from her parents and beloved sisters, and made to live with her husband and his family in an isolated village in rural Yemen.  There she suffered daily from physical and emotional abuse by her mother-in-law and nightly at the rough hands of her spouse.  Flouting his oath to wait until she was no longer a child, he took her virginity on their wedding night.  She was only ten years old.
   Unable to endure the pain and distress any longer, Nujood fled – not for home, but to the courthouse of the capital, paying for her taxi with a few precious coins of bread money.  When a renowned Yemeni lawyer heard about the young victim, she took on and fought the archaic system in a country where there is a conspiracy of silence about the fact that almost half the girls are married under the legal age.
   Nujood now tells her full story for the first time.  As she guides us from the magical, fragrant streets of the Old City of Sana’a to the cement block slums and rural villages of this ancient land, her unflinching look at an injustice suffered by all too many girls around the world is at once shocking, inspiring, and utterly unforgettable.   (from back cover)
   From page 169 it appears that Nujood Ali got her divorce in April 2008.  On November 10, 2008, in New York City, the youngest divorcée in the world was named a Woman of the Year by Glamour.  Others to be given the title that year included Nicole Kidman, the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Senator Hillary Clinton.
   On pp 170-1 we read that more than half the girls in Yemen are married off by their families before they are 18.  Since Nujood (10) bravely got divorced, two other girls - Arwa (9) and Rym (12) - undertook the legal struggle to break the barbaric bonds of "matrimony".
   In neighbouring Saudi Arabia, one year after Nujood's historic court case, an eight-year-old Saudi girl married off by her father to a man in his fifties successfully sued for divorce – the first time such a thing has happened in that ultraconservative country.
   Page 172 tells us that child marriage is also widespread in a number of other countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Mali, and Pakistan.  But also in the West, conjugal violence and child marriage occur.  But in the countryside of Yemen there is a tribal proverb: "To guarantee a happy marriage, marry a nine-year-old girl."
   On page 188 we read that the recreational drug khat plays a small but sinister role in Nujood's story.  On page 179 we read that khat's side effects include emotional instability, manic behaviour, and hallucinations.  So widespread is the addiction that khat is Yemen's main agricultural product, absorbing more than two-thirds of the scarce water resources.  Page 188 asks what does its use tell us about a society that devotes so much of its resources to "tuning out" from itself, so to speak.

   DETAILS: A William Heinemann book, published by Random House Australia P/L, North Sydney, <http://­www.­>.  Originally published in French in France as Moi Mojoud 10 Ans, Divorceé, © 2009 by Éditions Michael Lafon, Paris.  Translated by Linda Coverdale.  In English first published in the United States of America by Three Rivers Press in 2010.  I.S.B.N. 978-1-86471-035-9 (pbk); Categories: Child Marriage - Yemen (Republic); Girls - Yemen (Republic) - Social Conditions; Yemen (Republic) - Social Conditions.  Dewey shelf number 306.872'3092, 192 pages, soft covers, 13·5 x 21 x 1·5 centimetres (5 3/8 x 8 1/4 x 5/8 inches), contents, no index, endnotes (but without reference numbers), study questions, acknowledgements, notes.  Cover photograph: Delphine Minoui; Front cover design: Nupoor Nagle; Design: Lauren Dong.  Printed in Australia by Griffin Press. AUD $24·95, secondhand $10.95 from Warwick Book Exchange <http://­www.­>.
   [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah in Heaven): 
   65:4:- If you are in doubt concerning those of your wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be three months.  The same shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated. …  SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
   Sahih Bukhari's Vol. 5, Bk. 58, No. 236: … Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina.  He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Āisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.  TRADITION ENDS.]
   [QUOTES from the book's Notes:  (Page 181) Re page 44, "Too young.  When the prophet …  The reference to the marriage of the Prophet reflects widespread misunderstanding of the fact, as pointed out by scholars, that the marriage between Mohammad and Aïsha ("Mother of the Faithful") was God's wish. 
   (Page 180) Yemen has one of the highest rates of infant mortality and maternal deaths during childbirth in the world.  ENDS.]
   [COMMENT:  With beliefs that somehow a nine-year-old's vagina could be big enough for sex with a grown man, and that girls may safely give birth before they have grown old enough, no wonder!  COMMENT ENDS.]
   HELP for victims is being offered by the Girls World Communication Centre (GWCC), a non-government organisation (NGO) based in Sana’a, Yemen.  Recently the group started a programme to help such girls get an education, skills, etc.  Potential donors may contact <http://­www.­>, <gwcc ¶ yldf org>.  (p 189).  ENDS.
[To this website on 28 Jun 2012. Divorce April 2008. (In French 2009). Published 2010]

Charles Lewis: an interview with authors of new book on sexual abuse in Canadian Catholic Church

  [BOOK – HIGGINS, Michael W., and KAVANAGH, Peter. 2010. Suffer The Children Unto Me. RCC.]  
   National Post, <http://­­2010/11/01/­charles-lewis-an-interview-with-authors-of-new-book-on-sexual-abuse-in-canadian-catholic-church>; Charles Lewis, November 1, 2010
   Suffer the children unto me; Michael W. HIGGINS, and Peter KAVANAGH; CANADA - Toronto-based Novalis publishing has just released Suffer The Children Unto Me by Canadian journalists Michael W. Higgins and Peter Kavanagh. The book examines the sexual abuse crisis in the Canadian Roman Catholic Church and puts it in the context of the problems occurring in the global Church. It also focuses heavily on the media coverage of the Church and whether it was really fair and balanced.
   It is worth noting that both authors are practicing Catholics and Novalis is a Catholic publishing house. Mr. Kavanagh noted that his personal faith was not an impediment to writing the book since inequity wherever it takes place is something that needs to be addressed. Mr. Higgins said that as a Catholic, writing about the sins of the Church was a "painful experience." But neither man felt their faith hindered their objectivity.
   On Monday I sat down with the authors to discuss some of the findings of their book as well as related issues. A full book review will appear on this site in the next few weeks.
   HP: Former Supreme Court justice Michel Bastarache delivered his confidential recommendations to a New Brunswick diocese on Monday about what would be appropriate compensation for local victims of sexual abuse. In Antigonish last year the diocese there paid out $13-million in compensation. That financial burden left a lot of resentment among parishioners who felt they were being punished for the sins of others and it has created a terrible problem for local parishes. Is financial compensation the best way to deal with victims?
   PK: In modern times this is how you resolve issues. You decide there's been a wrong and right it through cash, which is a legal response. All kinds of people say the people [of] Antigonish shouldn't have to pay for this. But the way the Church is structured, the diocese has the legal obligation. It's not good or bad, it's just the way it is. People will feel hard done by for something they're not responsible for. Think of this outside of a Church situation: if a secular institution does wrong, it is the members of that institution that end bearing the cost. Every wrongful conviction in this country {for example} has required the outlay of significant amounts of money out of taxpayers' pockets. And even though those taxpayers did nothing wrong, they have to bear the cost. Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 1, 2010 7:35 PM
   [BOOK REVIEW: <http://­­2010/11/19/­book-review-suffer-the-children-unto-me-by-michael-w-higgins-and-peter-kavanagh/>  [2010]

Respected expert to talk on Catholic church future

  [BOOK – ALLEN, John. The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church. RCC.]  
   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, <http://­­pg/10305/1099694-455.stm>, By Ann Rodgers, Monday, November 01, 2010
   PENNSYLVANIA -- John Allen, a renowned reporter on Vatican affairs for both the National Catholic Reporter and CNN, will speak in the Pittsburgh region Wednesday, and again on Nov. 11.
   He will speak Wednesday night in McCandless, and on Nov. 11 he will give a six-hour seminar at the Villa Maria Community Center in Villa Maria, Lawrence County. Both draw from his book, "The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church." …
   Americans' concerns are important, "but if we are going to be part of the global family, we need to think bigger about what the challenges facing us are," he said.
   One example of a disconnect is a call from the advocates for victims of sexual abuse for Pope Benedict XVI to expand the reporting requirement in the United States to the entire world. Reporting sex crimes to the police is the right policy in the U.S., where the police are generally honest and the rights of Catholics are respected, Mr. Allen said. But it could be disastrous in nations where the police are complicit in persecution of the Catholic Church. An abuse report could bring violent attacks on the entire Catholic community.
   "You can understand why Catholics in such places aren't eager to cooperate with the police. A mandate to do so would seem to them like a death sentence," Mr. Allen said. Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 1, 2010 7:48 AM

Two books look at clergy sex abuse crisis

  [BOOKS. RCC]  
   Catholic San Francisco, , By Brian T. Olszewski, October 13th, 2010
   "WHEN VALUES COLLIDE: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, SEXUAL ABUSE AND THE CHALLENGES OF LEADERSHIP" by Joseph P. Chinnici. Orbis Books (Maryknoll, N.Y., 2010). 192 pp., $25.
   "POPE BENEDICT XVI AND THE SEXUAL ABUSE CRISIS: WORKING FOR REFORM AND RENEWAL" by Gregory Erlandson and Matthew Bunson. Our Sunday Visitor (Huntington, Ind., 2010). 207 pp., $12.95.
   UNITED STATES (CNS) – Given the number of books written over the past eight years about the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the United States, one wonders if another one would offer new insights. "When Values Collide" does. Franciscan Father Joseph P. Chinnici was provincial minister in the Franciscans' Province of St. Barbara from June 1988 to January 1997. Four years into that position, he had to deal with allegations that members of his religious community had abused members of the Santa Barbara Boys Choir and St. Anthony Seminary during the '70s.
   The national revelation of the sexual abuse scandal was still 10 years away, as was the Dallas "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People" and all the initiatives that followed. Thus, Father Chinnici, his community and the board of inquiry that dealt with the abusers and their victims were pioneers. In recounting their work, he tells a story that includes the effects and the affected – staples of stories that would be told a decade later, but which were unique in 1992 and 1993. Posted by Kathy Shaw on October 13, 2010 8:20 AM [2010]

Musical tackles church sex abuse

  [NEW MUSICAL "Mirrors of Desire," by Billy Kirchen. RCC.]    
   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, http:// features/religion/ 104192634.html , By Annysa Johnson, Oct. 1, 2010
   MILWAUKEE (WI) -- A new musical by Milwaukee composer-entertainer Billy Kirchen about child sex abuse in the Catholic Church might make it to the stage in Berlin.
   But it won't get a reading at St. Vincent Pallotti Parish in Milwaukee.
   Kirchen and Veronika Nowag-Jones, a German actress and director who says she'll mount his autobiographical "Mirrors of Desire" in Berlin next year, had planned to stage a reading Friday night at the West Side church where Kirchen plays the piano.
   But they moved it to Kirchen's home on short notice after one of St. Vincent's priests took issue with its sometimes graphic content.
   "The church is not a theater. It's a worship space," said Father Greg Serwa, who had fielded a complaint from the mother of one of the actors who had auditioned at the church Thursday night. Posted by Kathy Shaw on October 2, 2010 8:54 AM [2010]

• DAVIE, Edgar; 2010 (© 2007);   Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith  

   Salem-News, "The Roman Catholic Church Now Faces A New Reformation," http:// articles/february112010/ catholic_sex_abuse.php ; February 11, 2010
   Illicit Celibacy, Edgar DAVIE PART 2 in this series will discuss these historical changes by Catholic author, Edgar Davie. Please Stay Tuned to
   Part 1 in a continued series on the Roman Catholic Church's greatest imminent issue: sex abuse.
   NEW YORK, United States – A newly released book alleges the Roman Catholic Church today faces its greatest threat since the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century splintered Christianity.
   The book, Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith, asserts an unorthodox papal change in Christ's original teaching now requires sexual abstinence for priests and bishops who prove incapable of living celibate lives. This ancient papal requirement of celibacy for priests is now determined by independent Catholic historians and theologians to be illicit, and the source of today's clerical sex abuse scandals.
   Since 2002 the news media has exposed co-ordinated efforts of Catholic bishops to conceal sexual crimes committed against young boys; but it is largely unreported that world wide sexual abuse of adult women and young girls are even more prevalent.
   [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:57 AM, February 12, 2010]
   [DETAILS: (Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith, © 2007, by Edgar Davie, Publisher: CreateSpace (October 8, 2008), , Charleston, South Carolina, 25 August 2010 edition.  ISBN 978-14404-26988.  178 pp +, soft covers, 15·2 x 23 x 1·3 cm (6 x 9 x ½ in), contents, no index, endnotes.]
   [WEBMASTER'S REVIEW: The book needed a better proofreader and some scholarly improvement.
   However, the author has traversed much literature, and seems to have proved that banning marriage of clergymen is quite illicit and unscriptural.
   After the 2nd Vatican Council in the 1960s, the Roman Catholic Church created the office of Permanent Deacons who are married (see p 24).  In the very early Church the office of "deacon" was set up, and they were married men, (1 Timothy 3:8-13) and allowed to re-marry if their wife died (see p 23).  (By the way, at least one deaconess, Phoebe, is mentioned in scripture, at Romans 16:1, if the New Jerusalem Bible 1990 edition and the Revised Standard Version 1971 are to be believed.)  The RCC's "modern restriction against re-marriage for Permanent Deacons is illicit," writes Davie (p 24).
   Pro-celibacy Hellenistic teachers were excommunicated by Pope Hyginus in A.D. 137 and Pope Pius I in A.D. 156 (p 48).
   (As a relevant scripture notes, "If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God's church?" (1 Timothy 3:5, NIV)
   The contrast between the married clergy that the early Church appointed, and the Catholic Church adopting celibacy for clergy about 1000 years later, is highlighted by the scripture 1 Timothy 4:1-3 (p 24), a better translation of which is: "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.  Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.  They forbid people to marry …" (NIV)
   One can only be amazed that such a passage of scripture could exist side by side with mandatory celibacy in the Catholic Church, Davie writes (p 25).
   "Paul considered mandatory celibacy to be un-Christian because it was a doctrine of many pagan beliefs … Gnostic celibacy was a heretical belief system … spurious secret knowledge … It will be the end of Medieval times, more than a thousand years after Christ, before this practice is successfully mandated for Catholic priests, by hypocrites." (p 25)
   Regarding the words "hypocritical liars" foretold in the Bible text, and Davie's use of the word "hypocrites", later in the book he gives examples of pro-celibacy Popes who had mistresses and children, the sons being promoted and some becoming Popes themselves, while they hypocritically fastened the yoke of celibacy on the rest of the clergy. (see pp 138-9)
   (In addition, the following pro-celibacy decisions are hard to square with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who reportedly said "My yoke is sweet ("easy" in the AV) and my burden light." - Matthew 11:30, Douay version):-
   1022 AD, Synod of Pavia: "Children of priests shall be sold into slavery." (p 114)
   1049 AD, Synod of Rome: "Wives of priests shall be taken as slaves of the Lateran Palace." (p 114)
   1080 AD, Synod of Lillebonne: The fifth canon declares that no priest shall be forced to give anything to the bishop of the diocese beyond their lawful dues, and especially that no money shall be exacted on account of women kept.  (This infamous custom of licensing concubines continued until the sixteenth century.) (p 120)
   1089 AD, Synod of Melfi (under Pope Urban II): "Married priests who ignore the celibacy laws should be imprisoned for the good of their souls, and their wives and children to be sold into slavery and the money accrues to the Church of Rome."  (p 114.Check )
   1471 AD, Pope Sixtus IV.  He licensed and taxed the brothels of Rome to pay for the Sistine Chapel.
   This book has many such treasures, including the lowlights of the various pagan infiltrations that finally led to RC clergy of the Latin Rite being banned from marriage.  (The book does not seem to cover the unscriptural deviations by the Orthodox Churches, which still follow the apostolic practice of allowing matrimony for parish clergy, but unscripturally ban marriage for bishops, and also, unscripturally, take no-marriage promises from monks and nuns.) - John Massam, Sep 07, and Nov 19, 2010 ENDS.] [2010]

Sex allegations shock Kerala Church

  [BOOK: Here Is The Heart Of The Priest, autobiography of Shibu KALAPARAMBAN.] [Years. Unnamed Church workers*. RCC. Men, women, children.]  
   CathNews (India), http:// 2010/09/02/sex-allegations-shock-kerala-church , Sep 02, 2010
   INDIA -- Kerala Church has been rocked by the release of a controversial book which accuses its clergy of a range of misdemeanours and abuses. An official has responded by describing the book as "an all-out attempt to malign the Church."
   Here Is The Heart Of The Priest, the autobiography of Shibu Kalaparamban, a former member of the Vincentian congregation, was officially launched on Sep. 2.
   It alleges that Catholic priests and nuns have broken the vows of chastity and engaged in sexual sins including homosexuality, child abuse and illicit relations. The author narrates confessions he has heard, to substantiate his allegations. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on September 2, 2010 8:06 AM] [2010]

The Trouble with the Pope – A Documentary

   GLT News, http:// 2010/09/02/ the-trouble-with-the- pope-a-documentary , September 2, 2010
   Channel 4 documentary presented by Peter Tatchell Broadcast Monday 13 September at 8pm
   UNITED KINGDOM -- Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell presents an hour-long examination of Pope Benedict XVI, broadcast on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday 13 September, three days before the Pontiff's State Visit to Britain.
   Summarising the documentary, Peter Tatchell said:
   "The programme questions the Pope's policies on a range of issues including his opposition to contraception, condom use and embryonic stem cell research, as well the Pope's mishandling of the child sex abuse scandal, his distortions of the life and ideas of Cardinal Newman and his readmission to the church of the holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson. ..." Posted by Kathy Shaw on September 2, 2010 1:50 PM [2010]

A mother's tale of truth and suffering

  [BOOK: Hell On The Way To Heaven, by Chrissie FOSTER. 2010. R.C.C.]    
   Dandenong Leader, http:// lifestyle/story/a-mothers- tale-of-truth-and-suffering ; by Sam Landsberger, 08:00am, 1 Sep 2010
   AUSTRALIA -- THE story of disgraced parish priest Kevin O'Donnell is a horrific one.
   The convicted pedophile's crimes stretched across five decades, during which he abused several victims. He served 13 years at Dandenong's St Mary's parish and 16 years in Oakleigh.
   It was at Oakleigh that he sexually assaulted primary school students Emma and Katherine Foster. Their mother, Chrissie Foster, has written a book called Hell On The Way To Heaven about that horrific period.
   From 1988 to 1993 the Catholic priest sexually assaulted the girls. Posted by Kathy Shaw on September 1, 2010 8:32 AM [2010]

'Attack on Ratzinger': Italian book assesses Benedict's papacy

  [BOOK: Attacco a Ratzinger: Accuse e scandali, profezie e complotti, by Andrea TORNIELLI and Paolo RODARI. RCC.]  
   National Catholic Reporter (USA), http:// blogs/all-things- catholic/attack-ratzinger- italian-book-assesses- benedicts-papacy ; All Things Catholic, by John L Allen Jr, on Aug. 27, 2010
   ITALY -- Friends and foes alike of Pope Benedict XVI concur that he's got an image problem. Where they place the blame for it may differ, but the fact itself seems clear: From a PR point of view, this is a pontificate defined by its train wrecks.
   Cataloguing those train wrecks is the burden of a valuable new book by two of the best Italian vaticanisti going: Andrea Tornielli of Il Giornale and Paolo Rodari of Il Foglio, both of whom also operate widely read blogs -- "Palazzo apostolico" for Rodari and "Sacri palazzi" for Tornielli. Their work is titled Attacco a Ratzinger: Accuse e scandali, profezie e complotti ("Attack on Ratzinger: Accusations and Scandals, Prophecies and Plots"), published in Italian by Piemme.
   The book came out in Italy on Tuesday, and one hopes an enterprising publisher in the States will bring out an English translation quickly. (Let me volunteer here and now: I'd be happy to put together a preface introducing the book, and its authors, to an English-speaking audience.) Posted by Kathy Shaw on August 27, 2010 1:22 PM [2010]

• Among the Flutterers

  [RCC. BOOK The Pope Is Not Gay, by Angelo QUATTROCCHI. 2010.]    
   London Review of Books, v32/n16/colm-toibin/ among-the-flutterers , Colm Tóibín, ~ August 16, 2010
   The Pope Is Not Gay, by Angelo Quattrocchi, translated by Romy Clark Giuliani Verso, 181 pp, £8.90, June 2010, ISBN 978 1 84467 474 9
   IRELAND -- In 1993 John McGahern wrote an essay called 'The Church and Its Spire', in which he considered his own relationship to the Catholic Church. He made no mention of the fact that he had, in the mid-1960s, been fired from his job as a teacher on the instructions of the Catholic archbishop of Dublin because he had written a novel banned by the Irish Censorship Board (The Dark), and because he had been married in a register office. Instead he wrote about the great gift of being brought up in the Catholic Church:
   I have nothing but gratitude for the spiritual remnants of that upbringing, the sense of our origins beyond the bounds of sense, an awareness of mystery and wonderment, grace and sacrament, and the absolute equality of all women and men underneath the sun of heaven. That is all that now remains. Belief as such has long gone. Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:38 AM, August 16, 2010

Robertson questions Pope's legal liability over priest abuse

  [BOOK re RCC: The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse, Geoffrey ROBERTSON, QC, 2010]    
   The Bookseller, news/125784-robertson- questions-popes-legal- liability-over- priest-abuse.html ; Benedicte Page, August 13, 2010
   Penguin is reviving the "Penguin Special" tradition with a book it describes as a "devastating indictment of the way the Vatican has run a secret legal system that has shielded paedophile priests from criminal trial around the world".
   The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse is written by prominent human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC and will be published on 8th September, ahead of the Pope's visit to the UK on September 16th.
   The book explores whether the Pope is morally responsible or legally liable under domestic or international law for the negligence that has allowed crimes of child abuse to go unpunished and questions the Vatican's claim to statehood which has given it immunity from scrutiny. Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:11 AM, August 13, 2010

Clare author in fight for Magdalen justice

  [RCC. PLAY. "Eclipsed," opened 1992]    
   The Clare People, ; Written by Andy Seamus Hamilton, Saturday, 07 August 2010
   IRELAND -- Clare author Patricia Burke Brogan has vowed to fight to prevent a monument dedicated to the women who were housed in the Magdalen Laundries being torn down.
   The 78-year-old Kildysart woman, who one served for a trainee nun at the Magdalen Laundry in Galway, said removing the monument would be a final insult to the thousands of women who were made into virtual slaves by the state and religious orders.
   Burke Brogan was one of the first people in Ireland to highlight the plight of the women in the Magdalen Laundries when her play Eclipsed was first produced in 1992. She was part of a group who, in consultations with Galway City Council, erected the statue in March of last year. Posted by Kathy Shaw on August 7, 2010 9:05 AM

Abuse 'may badly impair papal legacy'

  [RCC. Book Pope Benedict XVI: The First Five Years, by Michael COLLINS]      
   Belfast Telegraph, ; ~ Aug 5, 2010
   IRELAND -- Pope Benedict's place in papal history will depend on how he deals with paedophile clerics, a new biography of the German Pontiff claims.
   The book, Pope Benedict XVI The First Five Years, is written by Irish priest Fr Michael Collins, an expert in Vatican affairs.
   "As the pontificate continued, the unfolding issue of clerical child abuse and its management by religious superiors, bishops and the Holy See occupied more and more of Benedict's energy," writes Fr Collins. "His leadership was reactive, not pro-active." Posted by Kathy Shaw on August 5, 2010 8:37 AM

• Understanding the Abuse of Adults by Catholic Clergy and Religious

   Open Heart Life Coaching, by Kathryn R. Byrne, M.P.M., To be released in October of 2010. ~ August 3, 2010
   UNITED STATES -- Some have expressed the valid concern that the struggle of sexual abuse of adults by Catholic clergy and religious is causing hidden damage to many, and has the potential to explode in the face of the church as the child abuse problem has done.
   This book approaches the problem with compassionate understanding as well as thoughtful discussion about healing.
   It contains true stories of this form of abuse, and is a valuable resource for victims/survivors of abuse by clergy and religious, for all who advocate for healing and justice for the abused, and for the concerned people in the pew. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:37 PM, August 3, 2010

• Toward a Literature of Abuse

  [BOOK. This Gorgeous Game, by Donna FREITAS, 2010]  
   Religion Dispatches, http://www. religiondispatches. org/books/rd10q/ 2682/toward_a_ literature_of_ abuse__ ; By Donna Freitas, ~ June 02, 2010
This Gorgeous Game, Donna Freitas, FSG (2010)
   UNITED STATES -- What inspired you to write This Gorgeous Game? What sparked your interest?
   Well, the book is about a seventeen-year-old girl, Olivia Peters, who is stalked by a Catholic priest. There is never any sexual intimacy between them. The priest, Father Mark Brendan, falls in love with Olivia and pursues her in very intense, manipulative, insidious ways. While at first Olivia is excited about his attention – he is a famous novelist and lit [= literature] professor and she wants to be a writer – it isn't long before she is crumbling under the weight of his unrestrained need to see her, to be near her, to possess things that have to do with her. What was once excitement soon turns to disgust and repulsion and most of all, Olivia's fear of telling on him, which isolates her from her family, friends, and boyfriend.
   Both in the first wave of press in 2002 about abuse in the Catholic Church and now during this second wave, we've talked very little about girls, and even less about stalking and the other kinds of abuse that people in power, in particular religious authorities, enact on the unsuspecting and the young. While we have a lot of journalists covering the scandal and talking to victims, we have very little in the way of "personal narrative" of what this experience is like. I hope this novel and Olivia's first-person voice will offer a new perspective on the conversation. Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:24 AM, June 02, 2010

Author: Pope Being Unfairly Blamed for Abuse Scandal

  [BOOK Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis, by Gregory ERLANDSON and Matthew BUNSON]      
   Newsmax,; By Dan Weil, June 20, 2010
   UNITED STATES -- Pope Benedict XVI doesn't deserve blame for the sexual abuse crisis among Catholic priests, says Greg Erlandson, co-author of a recent book on the subject.
   His work is titled "Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis."  Erlandson is president of Our Sunday Visitor, one of the world's largest Catholic publishing companies.
   "I don't believe Pope Benedict is culpable," Erlandson told Newsmax.TV. "I believe he's in fact the right man for the job." Posted by Kathy Shaw on June 20, 2010 3:24 PM

• HAWKINS, John; 2009;   The Bush Orphanage.  

  - RCC.             
   Sky News online UK, "Orphan's horrible chapter," as reproduced at http://www. thebush orphanage. com/media. php , By Alex McKinnon, November 18, 2009
   Thousands of children sent to Australia from 1922 to 1967 as part of the forced migration programme from Britain have this week (book review by Sky News, United Kingdom, Nov 18, 2009) received a formal apology from the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The Bush Orphanage, John HAWKINS
   Book cover is from:
   One of the children with ties to Geraldton was John Hawkins.
   Mr Hawkins was taken from his adoptive parents in London at the age of seven and shipped to Castledare and then to Tardun College, east of Geraldton.
   Mr Hawkins said being forced to come to Australia in 1954 and placed at Tardun was a horrible and unforgettable chapter in Australia's history.
   "I only wish Mr Rudd knew in detail what this was about.  These were crimes against children," he said on Monday, shortly after hearing the national apology.
   After his birth to a single mother, Mr Hawkins was taken to the Sisters of Nazareth in Southampton who had promised his mother he would be adopted locally.
   Seven years later, after being raised by a local couple, he was sent with 30 or so other young children by ship to Australia.
   "I remember, our names were registered at Australia House that same afternoon – we were instant Australians," he said.
   Mr Rudd told about 900 child migrants at Parliament House on Monday he was sorry for the emotional damage caused to children forced to come to Australia without friends or family.
   Mr Hawkins said he thought the apology was "very sincere."
   The apology coincided with his release of a detailed "forensic" account of the so-called "Lost Innocence" group of children.
   Mr Hawkins has just published The Bush Orphanage, a book in two parts – the first part a personal biography of his life, and the second part a detailed account of the policies and events of the two nations.
   "My book is a forensic account of the crimes against humanity committed by British and Australian Government authorities in the quest to get British children to fill Australian institutions," he said.
   Mr Hawkins' mother-in-law, Margaret Moorhead of Geraldton, said Mr Rudd's apology on Monday was a vital first step to mending the emotional wounds.
   Mrs Moorhead, who went to England to help find Mr Hawkins' adoptive mother, said it had been a very emotional journey for everyone. #
[Nov 18, 2009; Feb 26, 2010] [published 2009]

CLEMENGER, Michael; 2009; Holy Terrors; CBS concentration camp inmates still suffer from the 'holy terrors'

   Irish Examiner, http://www. irishexaminer. com/opinion/ columnists/ ryle-dwyer/ cbs-concentration- camp-inmates- still-suffer-from- the-holy-terrors- 107120.html ; By Ryle Dwyer, Saturday, December 05, 2009
   IRELAND -- ELSEWHERE in today's paper (News Analysis, page 17) I have reviewed Michael Clemenger's book Holy Terrors, dealing with life in the industrial school in Tralee in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It evoked many memories for me, having grown up within a mile of the school.
   Did we know what was going on there? No. But we did have a fairly good idea and local protestations of total ignorance ring about as true as claims by religious superiors that they had no understanding of paedophile abuse.
   Michael Clemenger managed to secure a position of some trust at the school. He was sent into town to collect the morning paper.
   "As I carried out my chores in the town my mind was continually asking questions about the people I saw," he writes. "Did their children have to put up with being pawed and slobbered on by old men?" [2009]

• ARNOLD, Bruce, 2009, The Irish Gulag. How the State Betrayed its Innocent Children; "The State in the dock for horror of the Church's gulag"

  - Irish State and Roman Catholic Church (RCC).  
   Irish Independent, http://­­books/the-state-in-­the-dock-for-horror-­of-the-churchs-gulag-­1930363.html ; By Ronan Farren, Sunday November 01, 2009
   The Irish Gulag. How the State Betrayed its Innocent Children. Bruce Arnold. Gill and Macmillan, €16.99
   IRELAND -- Bruce Arnold's book The Irish Gulag, 10 years in the writing, is an insistent, outraged, disgusted condemnation of the agencies of the Roman Catholic Church and the Irish State. It is a compilation and in some cases an extension of Arnold's articles in the Irish Independent over the 10-year period of the investigation into institutional child abuse in Ireland.
   The title springs from the infamous Soviet Gulags, because, the author claims, (and it is hard to disagree) the structure of "industrial schools" operated by the religious orders in Ireland on behalf of the State since independence (and in some cases prior to that) is equivalent to the Soviet penal system: a vast network of prisons to which people were committed without cause, trial, due process, and in most cases without justification.
   Except that in Ireland, the inhabitants of the gulags were children often committed for periods in excess of 10 or 15 years. And contrary to public perception, they were not guilty of any offence (other than poverty) nor were they usually orphans. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 6:57 AM, November 01, 2009] [Copied from ethcont166.htm] [2009]

• NELSON, Jay; 2009; Sons of Perdition; New Mexico in the Secret History of the Catholic Sex Scandals.  "Linkup 1998 newsletter scanned here, to whet appetites for new book by survivor Jay Nelson, Sons of Perdition"

  - RCC. Jay Nelson campaigned in the 1990s.  
   City of Angels, http:// cityofangels5. 2009/09/ linkup-1998- newsletter- scanned-here- to.html ; By Kay Ebeling, ~ September 09, 2009 Sons of Perdition, New Mexico; Jay NELSON
   UNITED STATES – Before there was an Abuse Tracker or Bishop Accountability, Jay Nelson was producing The Missing Link newsletter for Linkup, an early clergy abuse survivor organization. Every three months The Missing Link arrived in postal mailboxes with up to the quarter news 1990s style, reporting on the crimes and scandals of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.
   Jay Nelson has now written a new book, Sons of Perdition, about "New Mexico in the Secret History of the Sex Scandals." Sons of Perdition emerged on Amazon for sale last month, and here at City of Angels we are developing a story about the book and Jay's journey as an adult victim of a pedophile priest, for an upcoming post.
   To whet your appetites, read through these pages of The Missing Link, winter 1998 edition, which we have scanned in below, click to enlarge and read on your full screen. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 3:46 PM, September 09, 2009]
   [Copied from ethcont164.htm .] [2009]

• TYRRELL, Peter, edited by WHELAN, Diarmuid; © 2006, reprinted 2008;    Founded on Fear:    Letterfrack Industrial School, War and Exile; A childhood stolen, a life destroyed.  

   I warn society against the child who has been hurt. Peter Tyrrell Founded on Fear;  Peter Tyrrell
   A tormented childhood in Letterfrack industrial school with the Christian Brothers left an enduring mark on Peter Tyrrell.
   Ignored by the authorities and distressed by his memories, he later burned himself to death on Hampstead Heath in London on April 26, 1967.
   His story of horrific abuse is told with childlike simplicity, penned in a series of letters to the late Irish Senator Owen Sheehy Skeffington.
   Bringing to life, with touching sincerity, a shocking reality where beatings of children as young as five were commonplace, this startling account might have gone unpublished if not for its chance discovery amongst Skeffington's papers.
   At last, Peter Tyrrell has been given a voice.  Tyrrell never recovered from the abuse he suffered, yet he was determined that his story should be heard.
   His memoir makes for harrowing yet extraordinarily compelling reading.  It is impossible not to be touched by it.
   'He has articulated the grief and fear of something like 30,000 men and women … they have badly needed this unforgettable testimony.  But we should all welcome it, and read it.' – Irish Independent
   'A remarkable book.' – Mary Raftery, Irish Times (back cover)
   … one Brother … embezzled funds in order to fund his lifestyle of finely-tailored clothes, drinking, a new car, and almost incredibly – a girlfriend.…
   When Fahy stopped going with the girl he started taking boys to his room at night to commit improper offences. … (page 15)
   Now all at once a Christian Brother comes running out, he is chasing the young children with a very long stick and beating them on the backs of the legs. (p 70)
   … on Sundays … Brother Walsh … would listen, or look through the key hole, and anyone who was talking or out of bed was taken away, and beaten naked. (p 73)
   … Brother Keegan … would often take two or three lads away and beat them with their pants off. (p 75)
   (It seems from page 8 that Mr Tyrrell was committed to Letterfrack in 1924, and from page 221 that he was released from Letterfrack about 1932.  Later chapters tell of his joining the British Army and serving in India, taking part in the World War II liberation of western Europe during which he was taken prisoner, and later of his post-war life.)
   Cover photograph © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis.  (The person in this image is not in any way related to any of the people portrayed in this book).  Design: Anne Kragelund/TW

   DETAILS: Publisher: Transworld Ireland (Random House), <>, London; first published in 2006 by Irish Academic Press (© 2006 Tyrrell and Whelan).  Republished 2008 by Transworld Ireland. 
   ISBN 9781848270237; Biography, 352 pages, soft covers, 10·6 x 17·8 x 2 centimetres (4 1/8 x 7 x 7/8 inches), contents, index, introduction by Diarmuid Whelan, note on the text, foreword by Peter Tyrrell, notes, appendix, list of illustrations, acknowledgements.  UK £6·99; discounted price Feb 2011 AUD $5.95 from Major Books. ethics/carnalbooks.htm#founded-on-fear
   [COMMENT: No comment is necessary.] [To webpage Aug 06, 2011; © 2006, reprinted 2008]

• DOYLE, Fr. Thomas; SIPE, A.W. Richard; and WALL, Patrick; 2006, Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church's 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse.

  - RCC.    
   UNITED STATES: Since exposure of clerical sex abuse reached critical mass in 2002, Catholic leaders have sometimes defended their mishandling of the problem by claiming insufficient knowledge.  Publicly, some bishops said they didn't understand that pedophilia is incurable; thus the attempts to "rehabilitate" abusive clerics, then shift them from assignment to assignment. Sex, Priests and Secret Codes, DOYLE, SIPE, WALL
   The book asks, "What did [the Catholic hierarchy] know, and when did they know it?"  The answer, the authors emphatically proclaim, is "in a nutshell … all about it and all along." […]
   In fact, from that 12th-century period when church doctrine began to be codified into canon law, the authors find specific references regarding the abuse of young boys, a practice known by the telling Latin term stuprum. (Put stuprum into its verb form and you get the more familiar infinitive "to stup.")
   Perhaps of greater value is the book's explication of how canon law encourages -- and even requires -- church leaders to engage in secrecy so as to prevent scandal.  If a bishop suspects a cleric has committed sexual abuse, for instance, canon law requires the bishop to conduct an investigation (or delegate the investigation) and then place the results into a secret archive.  Those privy to such investigations swear secrecy and risk excommunication for violating that secrecy, note the authors.
   Then there's the technique of "mental reservation," which, say the authors, is "used by a person who is caught between an obligation to keep a secret and a duty to tell the truth."  Furthermore, "Catholic moral theology allows a person caught in such a dilemma to use misleading words to deceive another so long as a deliberate lie is not told.  This is commonly employed in order to avoid a greater harm."  Justification for mental reservation is built into the oath cardinals take to "never reveal to anyone whatsoever has been confided in me to keep secret and the revelation of which could cause damage or dishonor to the Holy Church."  This might go a long way toward explaining why church officials lie about scandal when, as the authors contend, honesty is the best policy. (Pub. Date: May 2006)
   -- National Catholic Reporter, "Sex, lies, secrecy and abuse," http://ncron Online/archives 2/2006b/ 050506/ 050506n.htm , Reviewed by BILL FROGAMENI, ~ May 02, 2006
   [MORE DETAILS: Barnes & Noble - Product Details: ISBN: 1566252652, Format: Hardcover, 350pp; Pub. Date: May 2006; Publisher: Bonus Books, Inc. http://search. barnesandnoble. com/bookSearch/ isbnInquiry. asp?r=1&isbn= 1566252652& popup=0 . B. & N. $US 23.96
   Amazon Books - $US 18.87 (on WWW Aug 02, 2006) at com/gp/reader/ 1566252652/ ref=sib_dp_pt/ 104-0464592-669 7539 #reader-link . ENDS.]

• FERRITER, Diarmaid; 2009; Occasions of Sin; Sex and Society in Modern Ireland. 

"Occasions of Sin by Diarmaid Ferriter"

  - RCC. Book.      
   The Guardian, http:// books/2009/sep/12/ occasions-of-sin-review , by David Dwan, Saturday, September 12, 2009 Occasions of Sin, Diarmaid FERRITER
   IRELAND -- "Sex – my introduction to sex was in the back kitchen of Letterfrack, jammed up against a boiler, getting my leg burnt and getting raped by Brother Dax." Testimony such as this has racked Ireland since the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse published its report in May this year. The 2,600-page Ryan report exposed "endemic" physical and sexual abuse in church-run schools and orphanages in Ireland – 800 alleged abusers in more than 200 institutions during a period of 35 years. This grim litany reveals obvious failings in the Catholic church, the negligence of the state and an alarming capacity for collective bad faith, which no amount of public handwringing now can mitigate or disguise. Diarmaid Ferriter's Occasions of Sin is thus an important and timely book: it is a richly textured history of modern Ireland's complicated attitude to sex.
   Throughout the 19th century, Ireland's sexual mores reflected broader British trends, but on some fronts the country remained stubbornly different. The famine of the 1840s, which led to a million deaths and an exodus of two million within a decade, reconfigured Irish reproductive habits. People married less and did so later in their lives. In 1907 the Farmer's Journal complained that women "are no longer attractive", but the reasons for the mass bachelordom were clearly economic. Until the 1950s Ireland had the highest rate of postponed marriage and permanent celibacy of any western state that kept such records.
   The state that secured its independence from Britain in 1922 legislated busily about sex. Ferriter investigates its laws against divorce, the importation of contraception, unlicensed public dances and its censorship of literature and film (the censor's invective against Hollywood – "the sort of drunken debauched hen-run 'society' rubbish that almost justifies communism" – makes lively reading). The repressiveness of these measures is easily exaggerated; judged by international standards, as Ferriter illustrates, its laws on censorship and birth control were unremarkable. Illiberal laws could also claim democratic legitimacy. By the 50s, more than 94% of Irish people were Catholic and minority views were easily over-ridden. Some worried that prohibitions on divorce and contraception would alienate Protestants and entrench the division with the North.
   But, as Ferriter compellingly argues, attitudes to sex in Northern Ireland were often equally censorious. Family planning may have been legal, but it was often taboo. The British Abortion Act of 1967 was not extended to Northern Ireland, and measures to legalise homosexuality the same year were vigorously resisted. The DUP's "Save Ulster from Sodomy" campaign attracted 70,000 signatures. Those who wished to save Ulster from the DUP were often no more enlightened. One Sinn Féin spokesman asserted that there "has never been a homosexual republican". [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:23 PM, September 11, 2009]
   Buy at The Guardian bookshop. [2009]

• BROWN, Christa; 2009; This Little Light; Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and his Gang.

  - Baptists. Book.   
   Baptist Planet, "This Little Light of hers outshines the abusers," http:// baptistplanet. 2009/09/08/ this-little- light-of-hers- outshines- the-abusers ; September 08, 2009
   UNITED STATES -- The Rev. William Thornton offers a concise, powerful review of Christa Brown's book, This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang. This Little Light, Christa BROWN
   Thornton's summary of what follows Ms. Brown's decision to seek justice after having been emotionally and sexually molested by a Baptist minister, is searing.
   What you get is: a lot of people wishing you would go away, a lot of people just ignoring you, some people in the BGCT making promises and then silently letting them slide by; you get hardball tactics from church and BGCT attorneys, mellifluous words from some Baptist leaders in private but never in public; encouraging words from SBC Executive Committee members in private, but followed by "you can't ever tell anyone I said that"; you get a lecture from the clergy sex abuse expert in the denomination; you get snubbed by some denominational leaders and rudeness from others. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:53 AM, September 09, 2009] [Copied from ethcont164.htm] ethics/carnalbooks.htm#this_little_light

Sunday Salon: The Memory Bird

  - Book The Memory Bird; 1997; by survivors of sex abuse.
   Facing Abuse, http://eft. fabglitter. org/blog/? p=221 , ~ April 26, 2009
The Memory Bird: Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Edited by Caroline Malone, Linda Farthing, & Lorraine Marce
Temple University Press, 1997
   Like Dangerous Families, The Memory Bird is an amazing anthology of writing by abuse survivors, free from intervention or direction by psychological "experts."
   Its rareness (at least to me) comes not only in presenting the voices of sexual abuse survivors, but in the particular community involved: survivors of all sorts from New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
   The authors range from utterly unknown to nearly famous activists, pouring their hearts out sometimes for the first time; and the anthology's editors are no slackers themselves. [Copied from ethcont159.htm]

NY must give child sex abuse victims more time

  - Book Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse, 2009, by Richard B. GARTNER.  
   Newsday, http://www. news/opinion/ oped/ny-opgar 2312679312 apr22,0,254 9040.story , BY RICHARD B. GARTNER, April 22, 2009
   Richard B. Gartner, a psychologist and psychoanalyst in New York City, is the author of "Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse."
   NEW YORK -- As the New York State Assembly considers two competing bills to extend the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse crimes, astonishingly little has been said about the prevalence, effects or economic and social costs of such crimes. These factors demonstrate the urgent need for a lengthened window for justice, which will help enable victims to heal.
   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about one in five American children is sexually abused. So in a classroom of 25 children, five will be victimized before adulthood.
   Abusers prey on the most susceptible, often choosing children already at risk: isolated, weaker, smaller, nonathletic, disabled or from a disadvantaged minority. Victims may have troubled, addicted or physically abusive families, or be separated from their parents. They look to other adults for healing, advice and emotional support. Abusers profess to offer solace while laying the groundwork for victimization. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on April 23, 2009 8:35 AM]

Rethinking Catholic Boston at 200 years

  - Two Centuries of Faith: The Influence of Catholicism on Boston, 1808-2008, 2009, by Thomas H. O'Connor. RCC. Seductions' long-term impact unknown.  
   The Boston Globe, http://www. news/local/ articles_of_ faith/ 2009/04/ rethinking_ cath.html , ~ April 23, 2009
   BOSTON (MA) -- Boston College's Church in the 21st Century Center has pulled together a series of thematic essays reflecting on Catholicism in Boston over the two centuries since the Archdiocese of Boston was established. The essays are collected in a new book, "Two Centuries of Faith: The Influence of Catholicism on Boston, 1808-2008," edited by university historian Thomas H. O'Connor. The book is not a comprehensive history of the archdiocese, but rather takes a look at several aspects of the development of the archdiocese, from the French influences on its beginnings, to the role of women and minorities in its ranks, to the role of Catholicism in Boston politics, social services, education and literature.
   BC held an event Tuesday to present a copy of the book to Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, the archbishop of Boston; the authors and a variety of faculty and students gathered in the Irish Room at BC's Gasson Hall, under a giant stained glass window of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the archdiocese. …
   In the book, one of the contributors, the Rev. William T. Schmidt, pastor of St. Patrick Church in Stoneham, offers a sober look at the history of parish life in the archdiocese, observing that the sexual abuse scandal caused a "crisis of confidence and trust in the leadership of the Catholic Church" and saying "the long-term impact of this crisis is still unknown." [Posted by Kathy Shaw on April 23, 2009 6:13 PM]

Marty Gervais: History of diocese includes scandals

  [BOOK on Canada's London Diocese, 2009, by Power and Brock. RCC]   
   The Windsor Star, ~ April 13, 2009
   CANADA - It's not a pretty picture.
   So says Windsor-born historian Michael Power about the history of the London diocese of the Catholic Church that he co-authored with Daniel J. Brock.
   He said the scandalous revelations in the 1980s of sexual abuse by its clergy, in particular those of Rev. Charles Sylvestre, stand out as "a great shame, and a great hurt."
   Power maintained the infamous behaviour of such priests was "sickening and revolting, and it has left a black mark on all the good loyal priests in the diocese, and has certainly harmed the moral authority of the church itself, and left parishes bewildered and upset." [Posted by Kathy Shaw on April 13, 2009 9:45 PM]

STARRED REVIEW for Kim Michele Richardson's The Unbreakable Child !

  - BOOK. RCC. Nuns in unheard of punishments.  
   Kunati, <http://­­news/2009/3/10/­starred-review-for-kim-michele-richardsons-the-unbreakable-c.html>, March 10, 2009
   KENTUCKY -- "While the abuses of Catholic priests have been making headlines in recent years, little has been heard about mistreatment at the hands of nuns. Here Richardson, who was raised in a Catholic orphanage in Kentucky in the 1960s, recounts the horrors that she and countless other children endured there and takes readers on her journey to rid herself of the awful memories.
   Her catharsis comes with a lawsuit, which she and 44 other survivors brought against the order that ran the orphanage. Richardson tells two simultaneous stories. In one, she recalls episodes from her childhood where her misbehavior (such as leaving soil on her panties) led to unheard-of punishments.
[? 2011]

Church tried to avoid latest Haggard gay sex scandal

  [ 2006 Haggard*] - DOCUMOVIE 2009-09 - request by "New Life Church" to delay its release. 2nd male "lover".
   Rocky Mountain News, By Mark Barna, The Gazette, January 24, 2009
   COLORADO -- New Life Church tried to head off the fallout that has embroiled the congregation in its second sex scandal involving Ted Haggard, the Rev. Brady Boyd said Saturday.
   Boyd asked the church's disgraced former pastor in December to postpone the release of the HBO documentary "The Trials of Ted Haggard," telling him that it could lead to a second gay sex partner coming forward with allegations against him.
   Three weeks ago, Boyd told the New Life volunteer not to go public about his sexual relationship with Haggard during the evangelical leader's reign as pastor that ended in 2006.

• Cleaning Up Our Own Backyard

  [Regarding Judaists. Book Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals, by Dr. Amy Neustein.] 
   The Jewish Voice, http:// jewishvoice andopinion. com/a/JVO 20090302.html , By Susan Rosenbluth, March 2009
   NEW YORK -- For more than 20 years, Dr. Amy Neustein has been tackling the sticky issue of child-molestation, especially in the Jewish community. For years, it has been a lonely struggle, with many people in the community castigating her for even suggesting there might be a problem.
   But there is evidence now that an increasing number of Jews are willing to look at the issue honestly, usually concluding that while it may not be a crisis of epidemic proportions, as some polemicists have proclaimed, it is a challenge, and one case is one too many.
   The author of numerous articles on the subject as well the co-author with Michael Lesher of the book, From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts–and What Can Be Done about It, Dr. Neustein has just edited a new book, entitled Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals, published by Brandeis University Press. [CSAT March 3, 2009] [2009]

Bruce Davison, Dan Lauria, Hamish Linklater, and More Set for Sin, A Cardinal Deposed in Los Angeles

  [Decades - Card. Bernard Law*] - RCC. Docudrama play "A Cardinal Deposed."  
   Theater Mania, ; By Dan Bacalzo, Feb 12, 2009
   LOS ANGELES (CA) -- Bruce Davison, Gary Cole, Dan Lauria, Wendie Mallick, Hamish Linklater, and James Handy will star in Michael Murphy's Sin, A Cardinal Deposed, to play Thursday night performances at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles, February 26-April 2. Paul Mazursky will direct.
   The docudrama centers on lawyer Orson Krieger as he relentlessly pursues answers from Cardinal Bernard Law, the Archbishop of Boston, for his failure to protect the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests in his archdiocese. The entire text of the play was taken from two hearings and one trial, and all the characters are real. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on February 12, 2009 6:54 PM]
   [THE WORD "deposed" in the USA is often used to mean "gives a deposition," i.e., undergoes a legal proceeding to elicit facts.  In that usage, it does not mean "removed from office." ENDS.] [2009]
McLERNON, Terence J.; 2007; The Fifth Estate, The Sequel; If the Hat Fits, Wear It   
  The Fifth Estate  
  The Sequel  

If the Hat Fits, Wear It
   This book covers some aspects of the twistings and turnings of Western Australian politics.  … […]
   In chapter 7 WA Attorney-General Jim McGinty (Labor) is said to have been sent a copy of the previous book, by a contact of Mr Ray Mickelberg, one of the family that it is said had been wrongly convicted over the Perth Mint Swindle.
   Mr McGinty allegedly returned the book in a plain envelope.  Requests for a response finally were rewarded. […]
   Read … why Scaley hanged himself at a Christian Brothers' orphanage.
   Then there's the story of Tommy Trantrum being sent from Clontarf Boys' Town, freeing him from a paedophile Christian Brother, to a farm where he shot the farmer's wife and as a result went to prison.
   Then follows page after page about the four Christian Brothers' orphanages in WA – Clontarf, Castledare (both in Perth), Bindoon, and Tardun.
   Fifteen Brothers allegedly either had sex or quasi-sex, and/or gave cruel beltings to a boy called Fred Smith.  Urinating on him and bare-bottom beltings are described, with the names of the paedophile-sadistic offenders.
   The exposé of the Christian Brothers by Barry Coldrey, and the campaigning and publications of the late Bruce Blyth are covered.
   Jim McGinty (Labor) had spent time at a Roman Catholic seminary.  His sister Susan became a nun.  Father Anthony McMahon was sent to Kwinana parish.
   "Now, Jim is a cousin of mine but it could not be alleged that we are close.  No, not close at all." (p 130)
   Leo McVeigh at the age of five was being babysat by the priest and the nun, and while with the priest only was allegedly sexually abused.  (The priest and the nun fell in love and married.)  He told Church authorities in 1998.  He tried to get the police's sexual abuse unit to investigate, but it didn't.  The author thinks that the relationship with highflyers is why no apology was made, nor justice served.
   "Holy Double Cross" is the story of the widow Mrs Catherine Musk who in 1947 left £47,000 in trust (worth millions now) so that suitable Bindoon boys would be helped to be set up on their own farms. (p 157)  None of the money went to the boys. The Church went to court to ask it to allow the balance, $167,000 in 2006, to be used for scholarships for deserving students to attend at Bindoon a commercial agricultural college – run by the Brothers.  Paying themselves again.  See Gary Adshead's report, The West Australian, January 24, 2006. (p 159)
   Senator Andrew Murray (Australian Democrats, retired June 30, 2008) tried to help justice. […]
BlackDogsBarkingBooks NOT DISPLAYING Dec 30, '08

   Publishing details: Black Dogs Barking Books, http://www. blackdogsbarking , (NOT DISPLAYING Dec 30, '08), Perth (Post Office Box Z 5392, Perth, WA, 6001, Australia.) ©2007, published 2007, 200pp, 15 x 21 cm (5 7/8 x 8 1/4 inches), soft covers, photographs and photostats, contents, no footnotes, no index. ISBN 978 0 9803561 0 6, © 2007 Terence John McLernon, Tel +61 411 491 744. [See non-paedophile aspects as well in Australia/Austbooks.htm] [2007]

ROBINSON, Geoffrey, 2007, Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus     
   THE Roman Catholic Church is still not serious about confronting sexual abuse, only "managing" it, according to the Sydney bishop who headed Australian efforts to tackle abuse.
   Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, formerly a bishop in the Sydney archdiocese, says the Catholic Church needs to reverse 2000 years of teaching on sex and power as part of radical reforms from the Pope down.
   While it refuses to look at some fundamental teachings – including sex outside marriage, women priests, homosexuality and papal power – the culture that produced and protected abusers will continue, he says.
   These explosive claims – unprecedented for a bishop – are in a book to be launched tomorrow: Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church..
   -- Adapted from The Age (Melbourne, Vic.), "Bishop calls for Catholic reform," www.theage. national/ bishop-calls- for-catholic- reform/ 2007/08/24/ 11874625 24580.html , by Barney Zwartz, August 25, 2007

Plaintiffs' advocates call for release of L.A. documents

  - Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America – and Found Unexpected Peace - 2009, William Lobdell.  
   National Catholic Reporter, http:// ncronline3. org/drupal/? q=node/3329 , By TOM ROBERTS, Published: February 17, 2009
   COSTA MESA, CALIF.--. William Lobdell sat in an outdoor café in Costa Mesa just days after it was revealed that a federal prosecutor was now taking his turn at investigating the sex-abuse scandal in the Los Angeles archdiocese.
   Lobdell, a lean man in his late 40s with a shaved head, smiled an I-understand-this grin. He had covered the scandal for the Los Angeles Times and paid a price for it. His tale is told in his newly released Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America – and Found Unexpected Peace (Collins, 2009).
   The book is a complex and compelling account of his loss of faith while he was delving deeply into religion in America as a journalist. His encounter with the sex-abuse story and especially the hierarchical cover-up of abuse, at the same time he was taking classes to enter the Catholic church, played a significant role in his eventual loss of faith. What he understands now, however, as an ex-believer and an ex-Los Angeles Times reporter, is that the story of the Catholic clergy sex-abuse scandal in Los Angeles is far from over. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on February 17, 2009 10:07 AM]
FRAWLEY-O'DEA, Mary Gail, 2007, Perversion of Power: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church   
   UNITED STATES -- Clinical psychologist Frawley-O'Dea offers a detailed look at the church sex-abuse scandal.
  [Picture] Perversion of Power book cover  
   From a 1983 case in the Louisiana bayou to the Boston Archdiocese's headline-fueled implosion in 2002, clinical psychologist Frawley-O'Dea offers a detailed look at the church sex-abuse scandal.
   -- Boston Magazine, http://boston arts_entertain ment/articles/ city_journal_ perversion_ of_power , By J. L. Johnson, ~ March 08, 2007
AND "Perversion of Power: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church" Chosen as an Outstanding Book of 2007
   UNITED STATES -- I have praised Perversion of Power: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church by Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea previously on this blog.  I am pleased to report that CHOICE Magazine, the magazine of the American Library Association, has chosen Perversion of Power as one of its outstanding books of 2007.
   -- Voice from the Desert,, ~ December 27, 2007
   [Posted by Kathy Shaw on December 27, 2007 8:28 AM] [2007]
• HILL, David, 2007, The Forgotten Children; Fairbridge Farm School and its betrayal of Australia's child migrants.
  - Unofficially Anglican.          
   AUSTRALIA and BRITAIN: The author, Mr David Hill, a British child migrant who went on to become head of NSW railways, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and Soccer Australia, called on the Fairbridge Foundation to confront the evidence in its files and abandon its policy of refusing compensation to people who say they were traumatised by their experiences at the Kingsley Fairbridge Farm Schools.
   Brutality is reported in several pages of the book, and sexual abuse on 16 different pages.
   With the help of his wife Ruby, in 1912 Kingsley Fairbridge opened the first Child Emigration Society Farm School in Pinjarra, 80km south of Perth, Western Australia. …
   Mr Fairbridge had envisaged that each boy would leave the farm school with a sum of money and a land grant from the dominion government. (p. 30) (Just like the Bindoon legacy story, not one boy was set up on a farm.)
   Mr A.O.Neville, a Western Australian official, reported around 1913 that the conditions were primitive and the Pinjarra set-up was overcrowded and … it was not training children for farm work.
   In 1922 a former matron, Miss Williams Freeman, alleged maltreatment of the children at Pinjarra. (p 33)  Kingsley Fairbridge sailed to London, where he successfully … secured more funding. …
   Fairbridge Farm School near Molong NSW, … established in 1938.
   Approximately 1000 children passed through the school until it closed in 1974 (p 290), …
   Mr Hill said reports of violent punishments (e.g., with a cut-down hockey stick), sexual abuse, neglect, substandard hygiene or inadequate food were made over several decades, …
   Another similar but differently-oriented farm school was opened in Rhodesia, the first children arriving in 1946. (p 38) …
   THIS REVIEW in full is at Ethcont135 # forgotten_children .
   MORE DETAILS: Random House Australia, North Sydney; ISBN 978 1 74166 684 7; 362pp, soft covers, 15·5 x 23·5cm (6 x 9¼in), contents, index, endnotes, bibliography and further reading, photographs. (AUS$19.95)
   SEE ALSO "Abuse of migrant kids 'covered up'," and "Abuse was their single lesson," The Weekend Australian, April 28-29, 2007

PODLES, Leon, 2007 (September 1), Sacrilege.  - RCC.  
   A few chapters in and I began to see obvious patterns in pedophile priest rape crime across the country.
   The more I read the more I realized, in city after city for the last half century kids in Catholic churches were raped, perpetrators were enabled to continue raping, victims and victims' families were shut up. And most astonishing, bishops and other hierarchy lied many times under oath, or conveniently forgot, and documents disappeared.
   The way the pattern of crime is laid out in "Sacrilege" the logical next step from here should be federal indictments and Senate hearings to expose the reasons these crimes were able to continue for more than 50 years in the United States.
   "When he was auxiliary bishop of Fresno, Mahony was also a licensed social worker and was therefore required by law to report child abuse. When he became bishop of Stockton, California in 1980, Mahony surrendered this license and removed himself from the reporting requirements."
   -- See City of Angels, "Where do we go from here? Just keep telling the stories. A good place to start is "Sacrilege" by Leon Podles", Review by Kay Ebeling, ~ September 11, 2007 [2007]

• TOUHER, Patrick; 2007;    Fear of the Collar:    The True Story of the Boy They Couldn't Break  

  [Artane Industrial School. RCC]  
   Continuous labour, never-ending hunger, malicious cruelty and sexual assault – this was not a normal childhood. Fear of the Collar; Patrick TOUHER
   Sent to an industrial school in Dublin at the age of seven, Patrick Touher was forced into a tough regime of education and training, prayer and punishment, strict discipline and fearful nights.
   No allowances were made for emotion, sentiment or boyhood worries, and anyone who disturbed the routine was severely punished.  Artane demanded absolute obedience, absolute submission; Patrick's was an education in cruelty and fear.
   Patrick spent eight long years from 1950 in Artane Industrial School. Run by the Christian Brothers, the school has become synonymous with the systematic and widespread abuse of children in Ireland in the 1940s and 1950s which is currently the subject of a formal inquiry.
   A harrowing true story, Fear of the Collar bears testament to the courage and determination of the children that society forgot. (back cover)
   Sexual abuse of the author is reported on pages 35-7 and 159-60.
   In 1998 News of the World journalist Colin Kerr requested an interview with Patrick Touher.  Mr Touher's story ran for many Sundays.  (In mid 2011, the paper was shut down dictatorially by News Ltd, which was dominated by Rupert Murdoch and family, after telephone "hacking" became notorious.)

   DETAILS: Autobiography.  Publisher: Ebury Press (Random House), <>, © 1991, 2001, 2007, United Kingdom.  First printed in Ireland by the O'Brien Press Ltd, 1991.  ISBN 9 780091 941086; 262 + x pages, soft covers, 11 x 18 x 1·7 centimetres (4 3/8 x 7 x 3/4 inches), contents, no index, acknowledgements, epilogue, historical notes.  Cover photograph © Getty; Cover designed by Two Associates.  UK £6·99, bought discounted for AUD $5.95. ethics/carnalbooks.htm#fear-of-the-collar
[To webpage 04 Aug 2011; © 1999, 2001, 2007]

'Cruel nuns stole my childhood'

  - RCC. Book.  
   EADT, < http://www. content/eadt/ features/story. aspx?brand= EADOnline& category= Features& tBrand= EADOnline& tCategory= features& itemid= IPED13% 20Jan%202009% 2010%3A17%3 A46%3A773 >; By STEVEN RUSSELL, ~ January 14, 2009
   UNITED KINGDOM -- At the age of two, Frances Reilly was abandoned by her mother and brought up in a convent where relentless mental and physical abuse drove her to the brink of despair. Now living in Essex, she's written a book about how her childhood innocence was destroyed. Steven Russell met her. These are her allegations and this is her story
   "WE have a pagan in the convent!" screams Sister X - not her real name - as she sweeps into the dormitory, waving a stick. "Where is she?" She points at a small girl. "Reilly! You are a heathen, a child of the Devil! Nobody is to come anywhere near you!" Frances Reilly's knees give way and she begins to tremble from head to toe. She doesn't know what "heathen" means and she doesn't know what she's done wrong, but she knows what's coming. "Please, Sister .." she starts to say.
   "Silence!" yells the nun, running towards her, face crimson with fury. "The Devil's in you, Reilly! We'll beat him out of you now!"
   She leaps at the child, bringing the stick down on her head and then chasing her down a corridor, shouting "Demon child! Devil spawn!" Sister X drives Frances into a room in the nuns' section of the convent, where she begins to beat her even more viciously. Two other nuns arrive and join in, raining blows. The girl lies hunched on the floor, while Sister X slaps her across the face and the others hit her all over her body. Soon, mercifully, Frances passes out. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on January 14, 2009 8:42 AM]

Briefly Reviewed

  - RCC.      
   New Oxford Review, ~ January 07, 2009
   Our Father, Who Art in Bed: A Naïve and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ.  By J. Paul Lennon. Book Surge Publishing. 379 pages. $15.
   Irishman J. Paul Lennon, author of this autobiographical work, was a priest of the now much-embattled Legion of Christ for 23 years. Having left it behind in 1984, he went on to found the ReGAIN Network (, which provides documentation about the Legion and Regnum Christi, its lay branch.
   The Mexican founder of the Legion, Fr. Marcial Maciel (1920-2008), was "invited" to retire to a life of prayer and penance by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 after years of being investigated for sexual abuse. Until that time, Fr. Maciel was convinced that he would one day be canonized.
   Through the aid of James Cardinal Hickey, former Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Lennon was able to function as a diocesan priest until 1989 when, a broken man, he left the priesthood to seek recovery from the wounds of his Legionary experience. He credits Cardinal Hickey with showing him kindness and understanding, in contrast to Fr. Maciel, who was known within the order as Nuestro Padre ("Our Father"). [Posted by Kathy Shaw on January 7, 2009 2:32 PM]

Book Review: Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia, by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

  - RCC exposed, again. Book.
   Restoration II, http:// restoration. 2008/12/ vatican-ii- homosexuality- and- pedophilia.html ; ~ December 29, 2008
   Title: Vatican II, Homosexuality, & Pedophilia. Author: Atila Sinke Guimaraes; Publisher: Tradition in Action.
   Excellence: 4 stars; Why? Much needed hard evidence of destruction in the Church. Summary in a sentence: A devastating dossier of deviancy.
   The last book I reviewed by TIA was Previews of the New Papacy. I gave it only 2 stars because I thought it was not responsible to give such an extensive grouping of photographs with so little (con)textual commentary to guide the reader. But I will say that generally TIA, and Guimaraes in particular, are relentless when it comes to documentation. This was no exception, with 573 footnotes in just over 300 pages.
   I certainly don't agree with TIA on everything, and they would certainly say the same about me, but I don't let that get in the way of endorsing and heartily agreeing with good work that they do.
   Many of us don't remember where we were when we first heard of the sexual scandals plaguing the Church. There was no liminal event. We just started hearing bits and pieces on the news, punctuated with the names of Weakland or Bernadin or Law. It seemed at first a slow trickle that became a torrent. What Guimaraes does, with a flood of horrifying information, is show that the crisis is much, much worse than our worst nightmares.

Community notes: Author signing books at Borders Wednesday

  - Fiction.  
   Athens Banner-Herald, December 14, 2008
   ATHENS (GA) -- Athens author Eugene Bianchi will sign his latest religious-thriller "The Children's Crusade: Scandal at the Vatican" 7 p.m. Wednesday at Borders.
   The fictional story revolves around scandals within the Catholic church, including controversies related to sex, abuse and cover-ups scaling the hierarchy of the church.
   Bianchi is a former priest and professor of religion at Emory. For more information, go to [Posted by Terry McKiernan on December 14, 2008 7:00 AM]

A cluttered telling of tragic tales

  - A play review.  
   Globe and Mail, http://www. theglobeandmail. com/servlet/ story/LAC. 20081212. POLITE12/ TPStory/ Entertainment ; December 12, 2008
   Review by J. Kelly Nestruck of A Very Polite Genocide, written by Melanie J. Murray, directed by Yvette Nolan; a Native Earth Performing Arts production
   TORONTO (ON) – In A Very Polite Genocide, Winnipeg playwright Melanie J. Murray examines the lingering effects of the residential-school system on a fractured family of aboriginal Canadians.
   The pain from the abuse and dislocation echoes down the generations in the form of alcoholism, AIDS, suicide, sexual abuse, prostitution, violence, self-mutilation and panic attacks. […]

The McGurk

  - Fictional book.  
   The McGurk, ~ December 22, 2008
   PHILADELPHIA (PA) -- The McGurk is a novel about the many cultural facets of Catholicism within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. We read about a small aspect of that very large story as it plays out primarily in the lives of bishops, priests and nuns who are struggling with their Faith, their loyalties and their sense of 'church'. Many aspects of historical Jesus research are integral to the storyline. The Irish in Philadelphia and Irish Catholicism as it existed there is the nucleus of the story. … Topics portrayed include clerical sexual abuse of children, Satanism within the Church, the loss of Faith and its eventual return and the overall influence of Irish Catholicism and its paradigms on the formation of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 4:38 PM]

Vinayan on Sister Abhaya murder case

  - RCC. Film. Fiction.  
   Galatta, ~ December 01, 2008
   INDIA -- Ace Malayalam director Vinayan, famous for his ability to take risks by presenting a variety of differences in every film, will soon direct Pious Tenth Garden, based on the controvercial Sister Abhaya murder case about a Catholic nun who was found dead in a well in St Pious X convent in Kottayam nearly 16 years back.
   Vinayan said that the theme is not exactly the murder case of Sister Abhaya, but the relationship between a priest and nun who fall in love and the pressure of that situation. The script is also handled by the director. He revealed that he would try to get Suresh Gopi in the lead role. Two producers have showed interest in making the film. Shooting will start in January 2009.
   Sister Abhaya (21), a pre-degree student and inmate of the St Pius Convent, Kottayam, was found dead under mysterious circumstances on March 27, 1992 in a well. Initially, the local police and the state Crime Branch which investigated the case concluded that the nun had committed suicide. Later, the case was handed over to the CBI by the High Court on a petition by Abhaya's father. The case is that Sr. Abhaya happened to witness sexual congress between priests and nuns and was murdered to keep the illegitimate relationship concealed.

What does church abuse look like?

  Book: Church as a Safe Place
   Society & Religion (India) Written 10:35 am, on December 19, 2008
   What does abuse in the church look like? Authors Peter Holmes and Susan Williams contend that “abuse” includes the many different ways people mistreat each other and create an environment that makes people feel unsafe and uncomfortable. It can happen when church leaders become “Messiah figures” and misuse their power or when a church member lashes out at someone else in anger–even when portions of Scripture or the use of the phrase “It's God's will” are used to inflict additional pain on someone who is already suffering.
   As a background and resource to their book Church as a Safe Place, Holmes and Williams have incorporated the experiences of many who were “former Christians”–people who had a history in the church but for various (and sometimes shocking) reasons had left congregational life. They were able to identify harm and abuse in the church in five major areas: verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual. The abuse is happening more often than many would believe or recognize.

Mary Ann Mulhern Tackles Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

  - RCC. Poetry book "Where Angels Weep".  
   The Windsor Review, By WJ Hull, December 4, 2008
   CANADA - You can tell that a book of poetry is important when the hall in which it's launched is packed to capacity ten minutes before the reading is even scheduled to start. On Thursday, April 10th, as many people as could fit in Katzman Lounge, the largest reading venue on the University of Windsor campus, were crammed together to witness the launch of ex-nun Mary Ann Mulhern's groundbreaking anthology, "When Angels Weep". Most listeners were forced to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for want of space–but every single one came away glad that they did.
   "When Angels Weep" is a collection of poems that outline the abuses of Father Charles Sylvestre, a priest who had been bounced around Southwestern Ontario, abusing little girls at every stop, moving whenever the local authorities became suspicious. He had been victimizing children for decades before finally being turned over to police. He was found guilty of 47 counts of sexual assault, spending his last few days in a jail cell, dying alone in prison.

Trent professor's book studying the deaths of residential school children

  - 4 Churches, and Government.  
   Peterborough Examiner, By LAURA MUELLER, ~ December 08, 2008
   CANADA – A Trent University professor will lead an extensive study to reveal what happened to aboriginal children who died in Canada's residential school system.
   John Milloy, who wrote the book "A National Crime" about residential schools, has been tapped to compile extensive lists of the children who died and their gravesites.

Play explores pain of hiding clergy sex abuse

  - PLAY , BY JOHN CHADWICK, ~ December 04, 2008
   NEW JERSEY -- For 20 years, Joe Capozzi kept a dark secret about his parish priest.
   Capozzi, a Ridgefield native, said Monsignor Peter Cheplic molested him multiple times as a teenager and young adult.
   "You say to yourself, 'I can handle it, it's not a big deal,' " said Capozzi, now a 38-year-old resident of Manhattan and a professional actor.
   But the self-imposed silence poisoned his relationships and filled him with self-loathing.
   Now, several years after he and two other North Jersey men broke their silence and accused Cheplic of abuse, Capozzi has written a play that explores how his secretiveness exerted a paralyzing pall over his life.

Former priest accused of sexual assault tells his side of story

  - RC priest publishes book.  
   Gazette, By TED SULLIVAN, Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008
   JANESVILLE (WI) – The Rev. Gerald Vosen was accused of sexually assaulting a Janesville boy at a time when pedophile priests made headlines, but he said he's innocent. …
   Vosen, 74, has written a book, "Pick a Number: Stories of Faith," and he tells his side of the story in a chapter that rips into the Janesville boy's accusations and the Catholic Church. He'll be in Janesville this weekend for a book signing.

In a violent and abusive world, do churches offer real safety?

  [A new book]  
   Society & Religion (India), 2:32 am, October 1, 2008
   While stories of sexual abuse by priests or others in authority make headlines, many instances of abusive behavior in the church occur unnoticed, and the abused rarely feel free to speak out about their suffering. In their new book, Church as a Safe Place, authors Peter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams expose the truth about abuse in the church, challenging churches to be the safe places God has created them to be. People come to church looking for a haven from this abuse. Unfortunately, they often discover that the church isn't so different from the rest of the world, after all.
   "Most abuse is not as brazen as sexual assault. It is much more subtle, hidden, and subversive. Often it cloaks itself in the ordinary," Holmes states. "Unless we proactively choose to find ways of making churches safer places, they will naturally take on the character of the surrounding environment, in which abuse is just a part of life," adds Williams.

A Matter of Faith

  - Book by Senator Bobby Kennedy's daughter.  
   The New York Observer, by Charles Taylor | October 31, 2008
   This article was published in the November 3, 2008, edition of The New York Observer.
   Being Catholic Now: Prominent Americans Talk About Change in the Church and the Quest for Meaning; By Kerry Kennedy; Crown, 247 pages, $24.95
   UNITED STATES – Kerry Kennedy's book may be called Being Catholic Now, but her opening is pure chutzpah. Given an audience with Pope Benedict a few years back, she asked him, "In view of the tragedy unfolding in Africa, for the sake of the sanctity of life, would you consider changing the Church's position on the use of condoms?" It's a great, inescapable moment, one of those times the powerful are called on their own hypocrisy and given the chance to rise above it. At Ms. Kennedy's audience, His Evasiveness merely "gazed beneficently, imparting 'God bless you' as he passed." …
   That scandal is implicit in Ms. Kennedy's scathing treatment of Cardinal Bernard Law, the former Boston archbishop whisked to a job in the Vatican beyond the reach of investigators just as his involvement in covering up the Boston child rape scandals were leading some to speculate that he'd be indicted. Ms. Kennedy, who is Bobby Kennedy's daughter, recalls the archbishop as a publicity-hungry martinet barging into the spotlight after the suicide of her brother David.
   LIKE MANY OF THOSE she interviewed, Ms. Kennedy seems to think it imperative for Catholics to stay in the church because she believes that the presence of such Catholics will finally compel change. But while I respect the work she's done here–the honest attempt to grapple with the reconciliation of spiritual calling and social progressivism–I can't help but feel that she and her interviewees are deluding themselves.

Priest's book rebuts allegations

  - Fr Vosen's version.
   Baraboo News Republic, By Brian Bridgeford and George Althoff, ~ October 18, 2008
   BARABOO (WI) -- The Rev. Gerald Vosen has vivid recollection of that September day in 2003. It was a "bright and glorious fall day" and he had just conducted a funeral Mass for Chappie Fox, one of the founding fathers of Circus World Museum. A procession of horse-drawn circus wagons carrying Fox's remains had left St. Joseph's Catholic Church headed to the cemetery, while the strains of "Amazing Grace" emanated from a calliope.

Book review - Nobody Heard Me Cry, John Devane

  - RCC.  
   Adelaide Independent Weekly (Australia) http://www. independent au/news/ local/news/ entertainment/ book-review- nobody-heard- me-cry-john- devane/ 1335500.aspx ; By STEPHEN DAVENPORT, 12:23:00 PM, October/16/2008
   IRELAND – Nobody Heard Me Cry lifts the lid on the sordid underworld of paedophilia in Ireland. This is a shocking memoir that palpates the wounds of growing up abused and raped by neighbours, family friends and a paedophile ring that included lawyers, police and the clergy.
   That John Devane survived his early life is wonder enough but as an adult he became a lawyer and altruistically represented one of the men who abused him. His exposé reveals how vulnerable some children are and just how terrible the cost of an unstable childhood can be. He was only eight years old when a neighbour molested him and a chain of sexual abuse began, and would sadly continue throughout his youth.

In a violent and abusive world, do churches offer real safety?

  [A new book]  
   Society & Religion (India), 2:32 am, October 1, 2008
   While stories of sexual abuse by priests or others in authority make headlines, many instances of abusive behavior in the church occur unnoticed, and the abused rarely feel free to speak out about their suffering. In their new book, Church as a Safe Place, authors Peter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams expose the truth about abuse in the church, challenging churches to be the safe places God has created them to be.

• Cardinal Francis George criticized in book over honesty on involvement with accused priests

  [Card. George] - RCC. United  States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags 
   Chicago Tribune, http://www. chicagotribune. com/news/local/ chi-cardinal- george-websep 09,0,487844. story ; By Margaret Ramirez | 1:56 PM CDT, September 8, 2008
   Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who headed an advisory board for the nation's Catholic bishops on clergy sexual abuse, sharply criticized Cardinal Francis George and accused him of being dishonest in a new book being released Tuesday.
   In Kerry Kennedy's new book, "Being Catholic Now," Burke said the Chicago-based cardinal withheld from her the fact that he was housing in his residence a priest accused of abuse in Delaware. She says she was "furious at his casual attitude" and that "the cardinal wasn't honest with me. Perhaps he was not honest with himself."
   "I found the cardinal's lack of honesty really difficult to deal with. How do I go on to trust what he says to me? This continues to the present day. He and his brother bishops have been in denial all along," Burke said.
   Asked by the Boston Globe about Burke's comment, George said in an e-mail that he allowed the Delaware priest to stay in his residence during a visit to Chicago, and that "to the best of my knowledge, I have been honest in every public and private statement I have made about the sexual abuse issue." [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 4:43 PM]

DUIN: Secrecy cloaks bishops

  - RCC keeps to secrecy path. Book.
   The Washington Times, by Julia Duin, Thursday, August 28, 2008
   His new book, "Nothing to Hide: Secrecy, Communication and the Communion in the Catholic Church,"

Strong Recommendation for "Justice Denied," by Marci Hamilton

  - Religions. Justice Denied book.  
   Voice from the Desert, ~ June 22, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- It's impossible for me to recommend more highly Marci Hamilton's new book, Justice Denied. Along with her previous work, God v the Gavel, and her many columns at and numerous op ed pieces and essays published across the United States, Professor Hamilton has set the agenda for urgently needed legal reform of child sex abuse laws in the United States.
   Marci has virtually become a Wisconsin resident over the past several years, three times arguing for clergy abuse victims before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. You know she's persuasive because even Justice Prosser (and Crooks and Wilcox) agreed with her to open WI courts to clergy abuse victims to file fraud case against religious leaders who covered up child sex crimes. That was a landmark, unanimous decision and as Churchill would say, not the end or even the beginning of the end, but maybe, for Wisconsin's long suffering survivors, the end of the beginning.

From Justice Denied: What happened in Ohio 2005 when lawmakers were about to pass SOL reform? And why would bishops even buy sex abuse insurance?

  - RCC. BOOK Justice Denied. Behind-the-scenes?  
   City of Angels By Kay Ebeling, ~ June 30, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- Reading JUSTICE DENIED, I have to stop and copy this here with permission of Author Marci Hamilton.
   It's in Chapter Six, page 80, "The Ohio Sleight-Of-Hand." Someone in a position of authority over Ohio Republican lawmakers as well as Roman Catholic hierarchy needs to investigate. Who else can we go to but our federal legislators?
   What happened in Ohio when legislators were about to pass a law opening a window to eliminate the statute of limitations on child sex crimes in the fall of 2005? What happened overnight in closed door meetings that caused the bill to turn into something entirely different?
   Behind closed doors, in secret meetings? This is America, not Louisiana under Huey Long.
   As described in Hamilton's book quotes below, Catholic lobbyists at least crossed lines of ethics, if not into criminal activity, in Ohio in 2005, and considering the offender is a tax exempt church, the level of amorality and influence peddling is astounding. When people work hard to get to their state capital and testify, they expect the democratic process.

Turning a new page: Guelph author hopes book will spark discussion about sex abuse in Catholic Church

  [BOOK Requiem for Black Shoes by Ken HILLS. Mixed fact and fiction.]  
   Guelph Mercury, Kim Mackrael, , June 19, 2010
   GUELPH, CANADA – Ken Hills is a storyteller. You can see it in his eyes when he starts reminiscing – and in his hands, which mould the air in front of him like it's clay to emphasize his words.
   Ask him about his dog, Bear, or how he met his wife, Louise, and he'll readily regale you with the stories, his eyes shining and his lips turned just slightly upwards in a smile as he speaks.
   But when the topic of conversation turns to his latest novel, the smile fades and Hills is a little quieter. It's not that the local children's author is unwilling to share the story. It's just that this one's been a long time coming, and after years of keeping it to himself, he wants to be sure he tells it right.
   Hills says he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest when he was a young adolescent living in Toronto. His newest book, Requiem for Black Shoes, uses a mix of fact and fiction to tell the story of the impact that abuse had on his life and his long journey toward healing. Posted by Kathy Shaw on June 19, 2010 4:23 PM

Directorial debut handles heavy subject with humanity

  - "Older than America" FILMS and "Honour Thy Father"  
   Edmonton Journal, Mari Sasano, Freelance, Published: 1:33 am, ~ June 04, 2008
   Director: Georgina Lightning
   Starring: Adam Beach, Georgina Lightning, Tantoo Cardinal
   When: Canadian premiere tonight at 7, with Lightning in attendance
   With: World premiere of short film, Honour Thy Father
   Where: Ziedler Hall at the Citadel Theatre
   EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada -- The horror of the treatment of students at native residential schools has been in the headlines for years. The extent of psychological damage on generations of aboriginal children, taken away from their families to be raised in Christian boarding schools, is almost unimaginable. But even though the last survivors of that system are now growing old, the repercussions of the physical, psychological and sexual abuse are still being felt by the descendants of those who were first victimized.
   That is the background to Older Than America, the directorial debut of actor/writer Georgina Lightning. But rather than merely dwell on the past, the film makes a strong case for hope and healing by focusing on the children of the last generation of survivors who are now understanding the issue as adults. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:12 AM]

Religious book with Minnesota ties

  - BOOK traces priest-sex problem back to Ireland.    
   Star Tribune, ~ July 05, 2008
   MINNESOTA -- Local authors are prolific producers of religious books. Here are some of the new books with Minnesota roots: …
   "An Irish Tragedy: How Sex Abuse by Irish Priests Helped Cripple the Catholic Church"
   Joe Rigert (Crossland Press, $10.99). Rigert, a veteran investigative journalist, is retired from the Star Tribune. His search for the roots of the Roman Catholic church's sex-abuse scandal led him to Ireland and a society, he argues, that fostered criminal sexual activity.

What happened to the boy they couldn't break?

  BOOKS [Industrial schools: Sexually abused, flogged naked.] - RCC mainly. Children.  
   Irish Independent, By Kim Bielenberg, Monday June 30 2008
   IRELAND -- The cruelty inflicted on boys in industrial schools is perhaps the darkest stain on our history since independence. Boys, who were frequently incarcerated at the schools simply because they were orphans, were routinely flogged naked, and many were sexually abused by Christian Brothers. Those in powerful positions in the Catholic church and in government turned a blind eye to the evils inflicted in institutions that have been aptly described as the "Irish gulags".
   Back in the early 1990s, Patrick Touher helped to expose this scandalous abuse with his account of life in Artane Industrial School, Fear of the Collar. The book became a bestseller in Britain, with Patrick characterised as "the boy they couldn't break".
   Now Patrick has written a follow-up, revealing the full story of his life.  Scars that Run Deep tells how Patrick struggled to adjust to life after Artane, and also explores some of the terrifying episodes in his boyhood, including how he was seized and taken away from his foster family to become a virtual prisoner in the industrial school.


   Rentapriest, http:// rentapriest. blogspot. com , by Juan G. Bedoya, El País, http://www. articulo/ sociedad/ Martini/pide/ reforma/ Iglesia/ elpepisoc/ 20080525 elpepisoc_ 3/Tes ; May/25/2008
   Web Editor's Note: Translation from the Spanish by Phoebe, formerly known as Rebel Girl.
   "The Church must have the courage to reform itself." This is the main idea of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (Turin, 1927), one of the great contemporary church leaders. With praise for the Protestant reformer Martin Luther, the Cardinal asks the Catholic Church to consider the possibility of ordaining viri probati (married men, but of proven faith), and women. It also calls for an encyclical to end the prohibitions of Humanae Vitae, issued by Paul VI in 1968 with severe censorship in matters of sex.
   Cardinal Martini has been rector of the Gregorian University of Rome, archbishop of the largest diocese in the world (Milan) and papabile. He is a Jesuit, has published books, written for newspapers and debated with intellectuals. At the Synod of European Bishops in 1999, he called for the convocation of a new council to finalize the reforms put on the back burner by the Second Vatican Council, held in Rome between 1962 and 1965. Now he is back in the news because his book, Jerusalemer Nachtgespräche (Nocturnal Talks in Jerusalem), has been published in Germany (by the Herder publishing house) -- the spiritual testament of a great thinker. Georg Sporschill, also a Jesuit, is co-author.
   Book cover: Click http://bp3. blogger. com/_RNLerqo K2lo/ SEqlamRtPgI/ AAAAAAAAAww/ 378KSbmKkmY/ s1600-h/ martini- cover.jpg

Through a Glass, Darkly: Secrecy and the Catholic Church

  - RCC. Book Nothing to Hide, by Russell Shaw  
   InsideCatholic, May 27, 2008
   Inside Catholic contributor Russell Shaw's 20th book, Nothing To Hide: Secrecy, Communication, and Communion in the Catholic Church (Ignatius Press), takes a candid and sometimes surprising look at the abuse of secrecy in an ecclesiastical context. In this interview, Shaw, former information director of the Catholic bishops' conference and the Knights of Columbus, explains the book's genesis and the nature of the problem it examines. Nothing To Hide is available from,, and other outlets.
   UNITED STATES -- Inside Catholic: What moved you to write a book about secrecy in the Church?
   Russell Shaw: I guess I first became conscious of the problem in 1969, when I went to work for the bishops' conference as director of information. At the time, the bishops' relations with the press were in terrible shape, and much of the tension focused on the bishops' general meetings. They were entirely in executive session, with no reporters and observers allowed in. Yet the bishops invited reporters to come to the meeting and cover it -- which they did, partly by means of briefings and partly by means of leaks. Needless to say, there was no good reason for all that secrecy. The situation was a mess and very harmful to the bishops' own best interests.
   I was one of those who helped get them to open the meetings, starting in 1972. That arrangement worked well for the next 20 years, but starting in the mid-1990s, when I was no longer with the bishops' conference but was covering the bishops as a journalist, I realized that, without any announcement or explanation, they were spending more and more of their meeting time in secret session behind closed doors. Once again, there was no good reason for so much secrecy. So I started writing about that and about secrecy in the Church in general.
   Then came 2002 and the sex-abuse scandal. The cover-ups were a big part of it. Now it was clear that the abuse of secrecy wasn't just counterproductive -- it was capable of doing very serious harm in a very serious matter. I concluded that to do justice to the problem would take a book. Nothing To Hide is the result. …
   But ever since Vatican II haven't we had structures and processes of consultation to prevent what you're talking about -- pastoral councils, finance councils, things like that?
   On paper, yes. But in many places, if not most, they don't seem to be working very well. What did diocesan and parish councils do to detect and prevent sex abuse? Nothing -- evidently they were frozen out, kept in the dark. In lots of parishes and dioceses, nobody knows who the council members are or when they meet or what their agenda is or what they do. There's a common impression that very often -- there are exceptions, of course -- the main role of these bodies is to be a sounding-board and rubber-stamp decisions by the authorities.

Book Review: Holding Bishops Accountable by Timothy Lytton

  - RCC.
   Priests, Celibacy, and Sexuality, Review by Richard Sipe, ~ June 01, 2008
   Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse Author: Timothy Lytton. Harvard University Press, 2008.
   [See also the webpage for Holding Bishops Accountable.]
   LA JOLLA (CA) -- Just when I think I have read the final word on the clergy child abuse crisis an important book pops up that focuses on a new facet of the whole ordeal. What a great job law professor Tim Lytton has done to explain part–an important part–of the response to the crisis that confuses many lay folk (and some lawyers); the persuasive value of the tort system.
   In 1988 I reviewed 1,800 letters and reports from men and women who alleged that they had been sexually abused by a Catholic priest, bishop, or member of a Catholic religious order. Not one–not a single person–was asking for money. What they were seeking was recognition of their suffering, validation of the facts in their case, and belief in their word against a powerful person and structure that denied, defied, and at times humiliated and abused them further. An apology would have been comforting and healing. Their pleas were not heard.
   Timothy Lytton's title says it all–how lawsuits helped the Catholic Church. What some people think is only a money-driven effort is rightly exposed in the sex abuse crisis as fundamentally a reform-driven tool. I was a consultant on a number of cases where the victim asked for modest sums to finish their education only to be denied. When the case was litigated the plaintiff was awarded several millions of dollars. The victim then was in a position to demand conditions to assist other victims.
   Murder at Holy Cross
   With criminal charges of murder and sexual abuse still unresolved, a monastery in Florida left the Eastern Catholic Byzantine Eparchy and in 2003 was accepted into the Orthodox Church in America by Metropolitan Herman (Swaiko).
   Click on the image above to buy this book by a veteran true-crime journalist who reveals this story with never-before-disclosed details.

CELIBACY: It's the reason fewer men want to be priests, author says

  - RCC.
   Winston-Salem Journal, By Nicole Neroulias, RELIGION NEWS SERVICE, Published: May 31, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- During his recent trip to America, Pope Benedict XVI attended a youth rally at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, N.Y. -- the same school where enrollment has dwindled to the point that no new prospective priests are enrolled next fall.
   As the U.S. church ordains its crop of about 400 new priests in the coming weeks, church leaders hope that Benedict's words of encouragement will inspire more men to consider the priesthood.
   The Rev. Donald Cozzens of John Carroll University, however, says that it will take a major change in Vatican policy on celibacy to revitalize the priesthood.
   Cozzens, 69, has tracked the decline in vocations for more than 10 years, including as rector of Cleveland's St. Mary Seminary from 1995 to 2000. In his 2006 book, Freeing Celibacy, and in lectures all over the country, he argues that celibacy should be optional for Catholic priests.

La explotación de la fe

  - RCC. Salesians.    
   Proceso, by Rodrigo Vera, March 16, 2008.
   Los salesianos: pederastia solapada (Proceso 1637/16 de marzo de 2008)
   Casos documentados de abuso sexual contra menores de edad implican a los salesianos, la congregación religiosa fundada a mediados del siglo XIX por San Juan Bosco. En su libro La explotación de la fe, que acaba de ser puesto en circulación por Ediciones B, el investigador Jorge Erdely afirma que el sacerdote Juan Manzo Cárdenas abusó de 50 menores en una escuela-orfanato que los salesianos tienen en León, Guanajuato, con la protección, nada menos, que del rector mayor de la orden. …

   This is a review of a recently published Spanish-language book called "The Exploitation of Faith" by Jorge Erdely (reviewed in Proceso by Rodrigo Vera) March 16, 2008.
   Mr. Erdely discusses cases of sexual abuse against minors by Salesians, a religious congregation founded in the mid-19th century by St. John Bosco. One priest, Juan Manzo Cardenas, is said to have abused 50 children in a school-orphanage and the crimes were concealed for years by the rector of the global order, Pascual Chavez Villaneuva, a Mexican.

Duquesne U. dean's book tells how church dealt with pedophile priests

  - Cafardi book.    
   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, By Ann Rodgers, Monday, April 07, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- To help ensure that the Catholic sexual abuse scandal never repeats itself, a local civil and canon lawyer has written a book on how the U.S. bishops handled cases of child molestation by clergy before they pledged themselves to zero tolerance at a 2002 meeting in Dallas.
   In "Before Dallas," Nicholas P. Cafardi, dean emeritus of Duquesne University School of Law and a past chairman of the committee the bishops created to oversee their efforts to end the abuse, says that changes to church law under Pope John Paul II inadvertently tied the bishops' hands. The book, based on his recent doctoral thesis in canon law, was published last month by Paulist Press.

Power Lawyer Bennett Explores Pugilist Side in Memoir: Review

  - Book review.  
   Bloomberg, Review by Susan Antilla, April 1, 2008
   WASHINGTON (DC), (Bloomberg) -- Robert S. Bennett was at his desk on April 1, 1998, when word reached him that Paula Corbin Jones's sexual harassment suit against his client, then-President Bill Clinton, had been thrown out.
   Bennett instantly dialed the White House to share the news with the president, but while on hold he glanced at his calendar and noticed the date: April Fools' Day. Frantic that the news could be a prank, he balanced a second phone on his free ear to verify the information before Clinton came on the line. He got the confirmation just seconds before the president greeted him from Senegal. …
   He also faced emotional battles. His father moved out when Bennett was 7, and he describes watching him pack to leave -- a heartbreaking scene. Further chinks are made in his emotional armor by the Catholic Church: When his father remarried and asked Bennett to be best man, a priest told him it could "bring scandal to the church." He did it anyway.
   Yet Bennett remains a devout Catholic and was even chosen to lead a review board that examined sexual abuse of minors by priests. The boxer from Brooklyn pulls few punches when he writes about the scandal, which includes some of the most intimate insights in the book.
   Breaking The Silence

'Harrowing' story of West Donegal abuse must be told says writer

   Ocean fm , ~ April 04, 2008
   IRELAND -- The co-author of a new book that looks at the Garda investigation that brought two Donegal serial abusers to justice, has said he feels it is vital that the harrowing story of the victims is told.
   Gerard Cunnigham was speaking ahead of the launch of the book 'Breaking The Silence' in Letterkenny tonight, which he wrote alongside former Garda Martin Ridge
   The book examines a series of events in West Donegal that led to a Garda investigation which revealed local priest Fr Eugene Greene as a serial child sex abuser for decades.

A disturbing trip to Bountiful - abuse in the name of God

  - FLDS.  
   Toronto Star, by Kim Hughes, 04:30 AM, Mar 30, 2008
   The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect
   by Daphne Bramham, Random House Canada, 464 pages, $32.95
   CANADA -- Suggesting a North American religious group is like the dreaded Taliban is a grave accusation.  Fighting words, you might say, and sure to spin heads.
   But Vancouver Sun columnist Daphne Bramham has plenty of strong language for the polygamous Mormons of Bountiful, B.C., Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Ariz. – members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS for short.

Faith & Values calendar

   Sun-Sentinel, ~ March 29, 2008
   CORAL GABLES (FL) -- Charles L. Bailey, author and sexual abuse survivor, 6 p.m. Sunday at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. Bailey is the author of In the Shadow of the Cross, about his abuse as a boy at the hands of a priest. Admission free.
   [Do not confuse with book of same name, by the late Bruce Blyth, 1997, Western Australia]

Best-selling author to visit Norfolk bookstore

  - ? Fiction.  
   Daily Press, February 09, 2008
   NORFOLK (VA) -- Author Kimberla Lawson Roby, whose books have been on the Essence magazine and New York Times best-sellers lists, is making an appearance in Norfolk today as part of her book tour for her latest work, "Sin No More."
   Roby's book revisits the character the Rev. Curtis Black, who is caught up in all kinds of behavior unbecoming of a reverend. She's been interviewed as a source for her opinion on church corruption, preachers falling from grace, infidelity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, social status and discrimination.

Skip Shea performs one-man show with art, his story of pedophile priest rape survival, now at City of Angels Blog

   City of Angels, February 09, 2008
   MASSACHUSETTS -- Click the video square at the top of this blog to watch nine minutes of "Catholic Surviving Abuse," a theatrical memoir of original art and poetry as performed by Skip Shea of Uxbridge. In the segment at the top of this page, Shea discusses his rape by a Worcester priest and his later discovery as a teenager that "you can communicate through art."
   Shea conducts this one-man show with art and music in venues around Boston.

Paved with the Skulls of Bishops

  - RC Bp Bruskewitz praises book.  
   FIRST THINGS, By Richard John Neuhaus, February 02, 2008
   [See also an excerpt from The Faithful Departed.]
   NEW YORK (NY) -- That's a grim metaphor, maybe too grim. It's from an endorsement of Philip F. Lawler's book, to be published next week, The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture (Encounter).
   The endorsement is by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, who says: "Lawler's masterful analysis is sobering and provides an urgent incentive for authentic renewal.

Investigate former school's burial site: researcher; Mohawk Institute is 'natural place' to look into deaths of native children

  - United Church. Indigenous children.  
   THE BRANTFORD EXPOSITOR, ONTARIO (CANADA), By Susan Gamble, ~ February 06, 2008
   The well-treed yard of the Woodland Cultural Centre is as good a place as any to look for evidence of Canada's "genocide" against natives, says former United Church minister Kevin Annett.
   Speaking at Laurier Brantford at the beginning of an Ontario tour, the B.C. man said Tuesday the former residential school, called the Mohawk Institute, was the oldest in the country and certain to contain evidence of what he calls the systematic culling of native children.
   Annett has spent 12 years researching and documenting a litany of horrors perpetrated against native children in Canada's 100-plus residential schools. He wrote a book called Hidden From History and created a documentary called Unrepentant, screening a portion of it at Laurier Tuesday.

How truth got lost between canon and civil law

  - RCC. 20 detectives investigated. 450 court actions in one diocese.  
   Irish Independent, By Dearbhail McDonald, Legal Editor, ~ February 02, 2008
   DUBLIN, IRELAND -- Six years ago, anger at the Catholic Church's handling of clerical sex abuse reached a zenith when a damning documentary, 'Cardinal Secrets', was screened.
   'Cardinal Secrets', which followed swiftly on the heels of 'Suing the Pope' -- an expose of sickening abuse in the Diocese of Ferns -- chronicled how priests in the Dublin diocese were granted a virtual licence to abuse children even after Church authorities received complaints from parents.
   The scandal that shook the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world to its foundations broke in Dublin with an almighty vengeance.
   The public, incensed by the scandal in Ferns {see the Ferns Report}, clamoured for the resignation of Archbishop Desmond Connell, whose tenure was devastated by revelations of paedophiles among his clergy.
   The scale of the problem in the country's largest diocese, where 450 legal actions had been initiated against clerics, was staggering.
   Within days of the broadcast, a 20-man team of detectives, dubbed the "God Squad," was assigned to examine existing and historic allegations of clerical sex abuse.

Can the Church learn to listen?

  - RCC.  
   NJ VOICES, By Raymond A. Schroth, ~ January 06, 2008
   NEWARK (NJ) -- […] I'd like to say that I thought of that analogy myself. But the Shakespeare-God is the creation of George Dennis O'Brien, whose new book, Finding the Voice of the Church (Notre Dame University Press), is an imaginative and challenging attempt to get the Catholic Church, which he acknowledges has recently lost much of its moral authority, to speak with a different voice by first learning how to listen.
   I first encountered Dennis O'Brien, philosopher and president emeritus of the University of Rochester, in the 1970s when he wrote in Commonweal magazine that philosophy should be taught not by philosophers but by English teachers.

Burnout on the God beat - second top religion writer calls it quits

  [Writing about faithless clergy saps a second writer's faith.] - Nearly every Eskimo boy was seduced.
   Reuters, http://blogs. faithworld/ 2007/11/15/ burnout-on- the-god-beat- second-top- religion- writer-calls- it-quits ; filed by Tom Heneghan, November 15th, 2007,
   Covering religion may be harmful to your faith. Two leading religion journalists – one in Britain, one in the United States – have quit the beat in recent months, saying they had acquired such a close look at such scandalous behaviour by Christians that they lost their faith and had to leave.
   Stephen Bates, who recently stepped down as religious affairs writer for the London Guardian, has just published an account of his seven years on the beat in an article entitled "Demob Happy" for the New Humanist magazine. Bates followed the crisis in the Anglican Communion for several years and even wrote a book on it, A Church At War: Anglicans and Homosexuality.
   "Now I am moving on," his article concludes. "It was time to go. What faith I had, I've lost, I am afraid - I've seen too much, too close. A young Methodist press officer once asked me earnestly whether I saw it as my job to spread the Good News of Jesus. No, I said, that's the last thing I am here to do."
   Bates announced his move back in September in another interesting article, this time for the website Religious Intelligence.  Writing from New Orleans, where he was covering the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops meeting with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, […]
   Shortly before Bates called it quits, William Lobdell, who gave the Los Angeles Times first-class coverage of the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal in California, threw in the towel with a wrenching story of his own struggle with organised religion.
   His farewell story in July, "Religion beat became a test of faith" was a moving testimony of a journalist who started off as a Presbyterian, was active with evangelicals and seriously considered becoming a Catholic.
   But, during his eight years on the beat, the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandal put him off religion so badly that he lost his faith altogether. For an example of what he came across, take a look at Missionary's Dark Legacy, a powerful story from 2005 about the trail of sexual abuse a Catholic missionary left behind after seven years among the Eskimos. Nearly every boy in the settlement was abused. […]
   [RECAPITULATION: Nearly every boy in the settlement was abused. ENDS.]

New Documentary - Without A Voice

  - Orthodox Judaism.  
   Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out, ~ November 04, 2007
   UNITED STATES -- It's amazing to watch the changes that have been happening in the orthodox world.
   Back in 1994's the documentary "Unorthodox Conduct" was created. Then there was silence until Israel Moskovits film "Narrow Bridge" was released earlier this year.
   Some time this year or the early part of 2008, the documentary "Without A Voice" created by Moshe Schulman will be released.

New book shares portraits of abused

  - RCC. , By LESLIE BRODY, STAFF WRITER, Tuesday, October 30, 2007
   NEW JERSEY -- A new book by Carmine Galasso, an award-winning photographer at The Record, focuses on the scars of hidden wounds inflicted long ago by predatory priests and nuns.
   "Crosses: Portraits of Clergy Abuse" contains black-and-white photos of 30 adults who endured excruciating ordeals as children. In detailed interviews, they share graphic memories of sexual abuse, brutal rapes and intimidation by the authority figures their families trusted most.
   Patricia Anne Cahill, for example, recalls how the priest who pursued her would take off all his clothes, except for his white collar. If she tried to flee, he locked her naked inside a cold, dark closet. She was only 5 or 6.
   Galasso calls his subjects victim/survivors, and spent three years traveling the country to record their faces and memories. For many, the abuse had relentless consequences, including depression, drug abuse and sexual confusion. Some were shunned by their families. A few attempted suicide.

Reconciliation needs truth and justice, not damage control

  - RCC. VOTF. New chairperson.  
   Voice of the Faithful ~ October 29, 2007
   PROVIDENCE (RI) -- Carolyn Disco, winner of the Catherine of Sienna Award, is the New Hampshire VOTF Survivor Support Chairperson.
   I am both deeply moved and humbled even to be nominated, for this is an extraordinary honor. I just assumed someone of the national prominence of Justice Anne Burke would be selected. To follow in her footsteps as the second recipient of this Award was a stunning surprise. I thank the committee for naming me.
   I am here because I have come to know survivors of clergy sexual abuse, both personally and through the documents from diocesan secret archives. Like many who joined Voice of the Faithful, I am repulsed by the betrayal of bishops who protected the institutional church at the expense of vulnerable children. So many survivors do not know God's love, how precious they are in His eyes. That is what was stolen from them. The destruction of a child's trusting relationship with God, his spiritual heritage, is especially cutting.
   William D'Antonio and Anthony Pogorelc conclude accurately in their new book, Voices of the Faithful: Loyal Catholics Striving for Change that "revelations of the underbelly of the church were a surprise to (VOTF members, who) were not in possession of the 'cynical knowledge' of insiders who knew the church bureaucracy and of what it was capable."

They Who Understand

  - RCC.  
   Illinois Review, Book Review by George Kocan, October 24, 2007
   "The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church," by Randy Engel, New Engel Publishing (2006), Export Pennsylvania, 1283 pages;
   UNITED STATES -- TV cameras recently caught the Archbishop of San Francisco giving Holy Communion to men dressed up like what can best be described as blasphemous clowns. They wore heavy make-up to hide their sex and costumes to make them look like nuns. No one could miss the fact that homosexuals staged this hateful stunt to mock the Catholic Church.
   Yet, Archbishop George Niederauer dutifully presented the sacred hosts as if nothing was wrong. Later on, he apologized, pleading ignorance. […]
• The shameful tale of our child migrants. Empty Cradles.  Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags   Australia flag; 
   Australian Reader's Digest, editors au § readersdigest com , pp 52-58, issue of October 1996
In the 1940s, '50s and '60s, about 10,000 British children, some less than five years old, were sent to Australia under a government-backed child migrant scheme. Many were told they were orphans. Most of the parents believed they were still in Britain, adopted or in the care of charities. It was a wicked lie. One woman made it her business to expose it.


I T WAS A COLD winter morning when two women got out of a taxi in a quiet street in Hastings, southern England. Social worker Margaret Humphreys noticed that her companion was trembling.
   Pamela Smedley had flown from Adelaide in the height of the Australian summer. But it was not the unaccustomed raw weather that was making her shiver. All her life she had believed she was an orphan. Now, in her fifties, Pamela was about to meet her mother. All she had to do that day in 1989 was to walk up to the neat bungalow in front of her and ring the doorbell.
   "Margaret," she said urgently, "you'll have to hold me up. I can't get to the door." Margaret took Pamela's arm. Her painstaking detective work had brought mother and daughter together, but her pleasure at the coming reunion was mixed with sorrow and anger. At the age of 11, Pamela had been sent to Australia under a British-government backed migration scheme. Her mother, forced by family pressure to place her with the Catholic Church for adoption, knew nothing of the girl's fate.
   The front door opened, and Margaret saw the joy on the elegant elderly woman's face as she held out her arms to greet her daughter. They have lost more than 40 years when they might have known each other, Margaret thought. What a waste!
   Margaret Humphreys' autobiography, Empty Cradles, is published by Transworld Publishers at $14.95.
   FILM: A film based on Empty Cradles, called "Oranges and Sunshine," opened in Perth, Western Australia, on June 9, 2011. [Oct 1996]

Barbara Kay: Forgetting the male victims of child abuse

  - Broken Trust.  
   National Post, September 26, 2007
   CANADA -- At the age of 26, 10 years before earning his first million dollars as cofounder of the Second Cup coffee empire, Frank O'Dea was a homeless alcoholic panhandler. Almost 40 years on, the reason for his life of desperate squalor - three rapes during his boyhood - is revealed in O'Dea's new book, When All You Have is Hope.
   Broken Trust: Stories of Pain, Hope and Healing from Clerical Abuse Survivors and Abusers, by Patrick Fleming, Sue Lauber-Fleming and Mark T. Matousek. Crossroad (New York, 2007). 228 pp., $19.96  
   - Catholic Online 'Broken Trust' offers new approach to sex-abuse scandal, focusing on healing after betrayal, http://­www.­­ae/book­s/revie­w.php?i­d=25455 , By Kaitlynn Riely, Catholic News Service ( ) Sep/24/2007

Pedophile priests in liberated LA: from Ziemann to Baker, no wonder Mahony won't testify; plus Doyle and Strutynski respond re church attorneys

  [Decades - Bishop Ziemann] - RCC.  
   City of Angels, By Kay Ebeling, ~ August 21, 2007
   LOS ANGELES (CA) -- "When he was auxiliary bishop of Fresno, Mahony was also a licensed social worker and was therefore required by law to report child abuse. When he became bishop of Stockton, California in 1980, Mahony surrendered this license and removed himself from the reporting requirements."
   That's from "Sacrilege" by Leon Podles due out from Crossland Press September 1st.

Where do we go from here? Just keep telling the stories. A good place to start is "Sacrilege" by Leon Podles

  - New BOOK.
   City of Angels, By Kay Ebeling, ~ September 11, 2007
   Around mid-July the tone of this blog changed as I began reading a new book "Sacrilege" by former federal investigator Leon Podles. A few chapters in and I began to see obvious patterns in pedophile priest rape crime across the country.
   The more I read the more I realized, in city after city for the last half century kids in Catholic churches were raped, perpetrators were enabled to continue raping, victims and victims' families were shut up. And most astonishing, bishops and other hierarchy lied many times under oath, or conveniently forgot, and documents disappeared.

Catholicism At The Crossroads

   Father Lasch, by Paul Lakeland, Continuum ISBN 978-0-8264-2810-3, 164 pages $19.95 (U.S.) 2007
   A Book Review by Regina Schulte, Ph.D., rschulte8 § execpc com , for CORPUS REPORTS, A Bi-monthly Newsletter of the CORPUS COMMUNITY, July / August 2007
   Posted with permission of Regina Schulte and CORPUS REPORTS.
   UNITED STATES -- The Catholic Church is in crisis–certainly not "breaking news" to the clergy and laity, although it might be to some of the hierarchy. Scandalous sex crimes and their cover-ups are not the source of the crisis (nor what this book is about), although they have made us acutely aware of the shadow side of perpetuating an exclusivist clergy. Thus, even though it is a good thing to do, creating mechanisms to insure the safety of children from sexual exploitation will not address the root problem.
   "The real scandal is clericalism," says Paul Lakeland, author of this little gem of a book.

A 'window' for victims of abuse

   Los Angeles Times, By Marci A. Hamilton, hamilton02 § aol com , July 19, 2007
   LOS ANGELES (CA) -- MARCI A. HAMILTON is a law professor at Yeshiva University and author of the forthcoming book "How to Deliver Us From Evil: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children."

Survivor recounts his abuse

  - Play, "The Highbury Hilton".  
   The London Free Press, By JOE BELANGER, SUN MEDIA, July 07, 2007
   CANADA -- Robert Berube knows first-hand the impact on a child of being abused by a priest.
   And on July 28, Londoners will get a chance to hear about the lifelong, life-changing pain of child sexual abuse survivors when Berube's play, "The Highbury Hilton," …

Church Knew About Canada's Worst Pedophile Priest

   John McGiggen's Abuse Claims Blog, Published July 5th, 2007
   CANADA -- I just watched the CBC's documentary "The Good Father" about one of the worst pedophile priests in Canadian history, Charles Sylvestre.

Ladies & gentlemen, the Commonweal podcast.

   DotCommonweal, Posted by Grant Gallicho, June 28, 2007
   UNITED STATES -- A few weeks back, dotCommonweal contributor Paul Lauritzen generously offered to helm an experiment in podcasting for the site. His first effort is an interview with Fr. Donald Cozzens, author of Freeing Celibacy.

A kiss is not just a kiss when it could be abuse

  - RCC. Book review; fiction.
   San Francisco Chronicle Reviewed by Dan Zigmond, Sunday, June 3, 2007
   Be Near Me, By Andrew O'Hagan, HARCOURT; 305 PAGES; $24

Why did this 'saint' fail to act on sinners within his flock?

   The Herald, By ANNE SIMPSON, May 26 2007
   ROME -- When David Yallop … It has taken Yallop more than eight years to write The Power and the Glory, the goal of which is to de-sanctify a man on the road to sainthood: the late Pope John Paul II. Yallop, who describes himself as a Catholic agnostic, is aware that many will regard this work as heretical.

Narrow Bridge

- Judaism. Film.  
   June 12, 2007
   A trailer to a new film by Izzy Moskovitz called "Narrow Bridge" can be seen at this link.
   Vicki Polin, executive director of The Awareness Center, said she has read one of the original scripts and believes the film is well done.
   The story is about a young Jewish college student who was sexually abused by his rabbi as a child and the numerous struggles he encounters as he attempts to heal himself and seek closure.

CLERIC ABUSE EXPOSED: Preachers and victims dialogue about the problem to reach healing.

"All in the Name of God" documovie.   br />   EURWeb, By Mona Austin / mona § lachurchscene com , May 30, 2007
   UNITED STATES -- No one expects to visit a doctor and be issued a prescription that would intentionally worsen their condition. Many entrust their very lives to medical practitioners. Likewise, no one would expect to have their trust violated by a pastor.

Washington to star in 'Least of These'

  FILM. Fiction.  
   Variety, By DAVE MCNARY, ~ April 17, 2007
   HOLLYWOOD (CA) -- Isaiah Washington ("Grey's Anatomy") will topline indie thriller "The Least of These," written and directed by Nathan Scoggins.
   Project is produced by James Duke and Number 3 Films in conjunction with producers Allison Calleri and Christina K.Y. Lee. "The Least of These" will begin production in Los Angeles in June.
   Washington will portray a priest with a troubled past who's transferred to a Catholic boarding school after the mysterious disappearance of one of the priests. Thesp's feature credits include "Clockers," "Get on the Bus" and "Bulworth."

The Forum: Church scandal reflects ascetical breakdown, authors argue

  - RCC.  
   Catholic World News, special to , Apr. 10, 2007
   UNITED STATES ( -- The sex-abuse crisis within the Catholic Church was brought on in large part by a collapse in the traditions of ascetical discipline, especially among the clergy. That is the argument of an important book about the crisis, and after years of research on the topic, I find that argument persuasive.
   Just over one year ago, the Linacre Institute released After Ascetism: Sex, Prayer, and Deviant Priests. Regrettably, the book has received little public attention -- certainly nowhere near the attention it deserves.

Homosexual Prelates Add An Extra Risk Factor in Catholic Diocesan Bankruptcy Cases

  [Bishop Brom + 24 other hierarchs] - RCC. Homosexual allegations.
   Christian Newswire, Mar. 20, 2007
   PITTSBURGH (PA) -- The recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Bishop Robert H. Brom of the Diocese of San Diego is an excellent example of how homosexual prelates in the Catholic hierarchy place their dioceses at extra risk for clerical sexual abuse lawsuits, abuse cover-ups and potential bankruptcy, says Randy Engel, an expert on pederasty and clerical sex abuse and author of the controversial new book The Rite of Sodomy - Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church.
   Engel, a pro-life activist and investigative reporter for over 30 years, noted that the Catholic laity of the San Diego Diocese, who will ultimately foot the bill for the bankruptcy filing of February 27, 2007 and subsequent settlements for victims of clerical sexual abuse in the diocese, have been forced to face some painful truths about their wayward shepherd. The first is that private vice has public consequences. The second is that cover-ups connected with the crime of clerical pederasty are closely connected to the rise of the Homosexual Collective both within and without the Church.
   Bishop Brom is one of more than 25 Catholic bishops and cardinals whose homosexual history is documented in The Rite of Sodomy, released in July 2006.

• Perversion of Power

- RCC. Book notice.  
   Boston Magazine, http://boston arts_entertain ment/articles/ city_journal_ perversion_ of_power , By J. L. Johnson, ~ March 08, 2007
   UNITED STATES -- Clinical psychologist Frawley-O'Dea offers a detailed look at the church sex-abuse scandal.
  [Picture] Perversion of Power book cover  
   From a 1983 case in the Louisiana bayou to the Boston Archdiocese's headline-fueled implosion in 2002, clinical psychologist Frawley-O'Dea offers a detailed look at the church sex-abuse scandal.

Victims of paedophile priests seeking justice

- RCC. Book.    
   Radio Netherlands, by Marta Durán de Huerta, in Mexico*, Mar-09-2007
   MEXICO -- Journalist Sanjuana Martínez has broken a taboo with revelations about sexual abuse in the Mexican Catholic Church. Her book Purple Cloak is about Nicolas Aguilar Rivera, a priest known to be responsible for 90 cases of child sexual abuse. It's also about the people who against their better judgement have always protected him.

Local author describes abuse in 'Blind Faith'

  - Fiction.
   The Messenger, By SANDY MICKELSON, ~ March 04, 2007
   FORT DODGE (IA) -- Fort Dodge author Janet Clark has published her first novel, "Blind Faith," and will have a book signing at the Fort Dodge Public Library on Saturday.
   Memories don't always bring soft smiles and sighs. Sometimes they hurt.
   Sometimes when they're gathered, they take on the feeling of fiction. They can't be real -- or so it seems.
   Fort Dodge author Janet Clark has used her memories to create a novel called "Blind Faith," the story of a Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal as seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy.
   But this made-up 12-year-old boy, Jack O'Donnell, is made up of many memories from Clark's life. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:38 AM]

Victim of Clergy Abuse Empowers Readers to Take Action

  [Clergy] - RCC. High statistics of clergy HIV-AIDS and paedophilia.
   PR Web, February 3, 2007
   PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, (PRWEB) -- In Vatican Conspiracy Theory author Eric Bepots reveals alarming information about the high rate of HIV and Pedophilia found within the Catholic Clergy and shares statistics that lend credibility to the various claims of abuse that have come into the limelight.

Author Exposes Controversies in Catholic Church

  - Autobiographical novel. , press-release/ 27970 , January 25, 2007
   Detroit author and school teacher announces the release of her autobiographical novel, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl. Zeroing in on the Catholic Church controversy, author Michelle Kane reveals the kind of secrets the Catholic Church has been sweeping under the rug for years.
   DETROIT (MI), (PR.COM) -- "Most people are too afraid to take on the Catholic Church, but not narrator Valerie Bernowski," author Michelle Kane notes in reference to her latest book. "This is one protagonist who tells it like it is. Nothing and no one is off limits; including Valerie's dead-beat dad, Ivan, and school pastor, 'Father Fingers.' "

Gadfly Ohio priest challenges mandatory celibacy

   Coshocton Tribune, By ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS, Associated Press Writer, January 08, 2007 ~ January 15, 2007
   UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio - A former seminary president who drew national attention to the number of gay Roman Catholic priests tackles mandatory celibacy in a new book, calling it burdensome and unnecessary.
   The Rev. Donald Cozzens says the requirement is hurting the church at a time of priest shortages.
   "Many, if not most, of the inactive priests would be serving in our parishes if it were not for the law of celibacy," Cozzens writes in "Freeing Celibacy." …

VOTF to host author Dwyer

  - VOTF; New group; New book.
   Woburn Advocate, Wednesday, November 22, 2006
   WINCHESTER (MA) - Kathleen Dwyer, a survivor of incest and priest ritual, sexual and spiritual abuse as a child, will speak to Winchester Area Voice of the Faithful's weekly meeting on Monday, Dec. 4. The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. at St. Eulalia's Parish, 50 Ridge St., Winchester. Admission is free, and all are welcome.
   Dwyer is co-director of the Truth and Recognition Coalition and is a member of several of several other survivors of sexual abuse support groups. Ms. Dwyer is also an artist, poet and writer, and is a contributing author in the forthcoming book, "Predatory Priests: The Sexual-Abuse Crisis and the Catholic Church."
   The Truth and Recognition Coalition is a nonprofit organization that was formed to create a process for truth telling and to create a permanent verbal and visual historical record of the widespread crimes of sexual abuse by clergy.
   This will be the first formal introduction to The Truth and Recognition Coalition project. A videotape of Dwyer giving her testimony about her abuse will be shown as an example of the work that the coalition is in the process of recording. Ms. Dwyer will then speak about the TRC Project and she and other members of the coalition will be available to answer questions.


   La Repubblica, http://ricerca. repubblica/ archivio/ repubblica/ 2009/01/24/ atti-impuri- quegli-abusi- nel-mondo- della.html ; pagina 39, sezione: CULTURA, 24 gennaio 2009 (= January 24, 2009)
   […] The book Atti Impuri. La piaga dellabuso sessuale nella Chiesa cattolica, editor Raffaelo Cortina, 294 pages, 20,00 euros (In English the book is titled: Predatory Priests, Silenced Victims: The Sexual Abuse Crisis and the Catholic Church by Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea and Virginia Goldner) is not only a description of a catastrophe which has shaken the American Catholics and led to the bankruptcy of more than one diocese for compensation money, but it's above all an analysis of that institution in which all that has happened and a reflection upon the individuals who were the victims, mainly males in the prepuberal or postpubelar age between 11 and 17, when the psyche is more fragile. Reflections and denunciations coming from within the same Catholic Church.
COLEMAN, Gerald D., S.S.; Formation and Human Development, Liguori. 141pp, $19.95 (paperback) -- Answering the 'Call' -- America R.C. Magazine, ~ October 20, 2006
   The Sulpician priest Gerald D. Coleman is to be commended for this volume. In it he shares with the Catholic community at large not only his long-term experiences as a rector, professor and guide for seminary life, but also his keen insights into the practical needs of priestly formation.
Sin, Shame & Secrets. By David Yonke. Continuum. 240 pages. $26.95. by David Yonke (Blade religion editor). Subtitled: "The Murder of a Nun, the Arrest of a Priest and Cover-up in the Catholic Church."
   Sin, Shame & Secrets chronicles the events leading up to the 2006 imprisonment of the Rev. Gerald Robinson, 68, a Toledo Roman Catholic priest currently serving 15 years to life for the 1980 murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. -- "Fascinating path to a conviction," Toledo Blade, By JAVAN KIENZLE, October 15, 2006
• Not recommended -- Kathy's Story a.k.a. Don't ever tell. Seems to be a dishonest fraud.
The Rev. Donald Osgood of New Hampshire: A Shallow, Likeable Guy with a Taste for Young Men, By Lee Podles -- The scandal of Father Donald Osgood  
   Renew America, by Matt C. Abbott, August 27, 2006
• Sex In The Church. My good friend, Winston 'Bello' Bell has taken a bold move by penning a book titled Sex In The Church -- The Jamaica Observer, by Tony Robinson, Sunday, August 20, 2006

Former altar boy writes comic book about clerical sexual misconduct

   Catholic Online, Catholic News Service ( ), By Simon Caldwell, July/25/2006
   LONDON, United Kingdom - A former altar boy who says he was abused by a priest has written a comic book to help to educate churchgoers about clerical sexual misconduct.
   The man says that as a child he suffered a series of indecent assaults at the hands of John Lloyd, a former parish priest in Treforest, who was sentenced to eight years in jail in 1998 for a series of sexual offenses.
   Writing under the pseudonym Martin O'Shea, the author uses his own experiences to unveil a "perception of scenarios" likely to occur following a complaint of abuse.
   In the comic book, "The Least Among Us," O'Shea and illustrator Tony Wright tell a story of how a fictional bishop tries to deal with a clerical abuse scandal.
   The comic, which will be published by Ascendant Press Aug. 21, follows the classic comic strip genre. Some of the cartoons show priests breaking the news to the bishop that a priest has been accused, and others show the bishop taking hostile questions from journalists at a press conference.

Fight Back and Win: Gloria Bloom Allred

  [BOOK: 2006]    
   The Huffington Post, ; Susan Braudy, Aug 13, 2010
   UNITED STATES -- I'll stop cracking my knuckles, gentle reader, to tell you how powerful I feel after reading the inspirational page-turner Fight Back and Win by Gloria Allred, the famous world-changing women's rights lawyer from California.
   Okay, I'm no slouch, I've corrected history about the notorious and violent Kathy Boudin. I also nudged social history for six years writing and editing Ms. Magazine.
   But I don't hold a candle to Allred. Reading her excellent memoir made me hear the approaching drumbeat of legal matriarchy. I can't think of another lawyer or judge who's made a bigger contribution to women's rights. ...
   Gloria Allred's a hero who's fought twenty-three years to force the system to acknowledge wrong doing to one woman. Gloria won the plaintiff millions of dollars in damages. I'll never forget reading Gloria's chapter in Fight Back and Win about this client, a devout sixteen year old Hispanic teenager Rita Miller who wanted to become a nun. Back in the early 1970's, she wrongly believed her priest knew the difference between good and evil and allowed him to rape her. This was before we had a clue about such atrocities. But he wasn't content to exercise his cruel power alone--he recruited six other priests who raped her, sometimes together. When she got pregnant they gave her $350 dollars and shipped her to the Philippines for an abortion. She refused the abortion and almost died of malnutrition.
   Rita Miller came to Allred to force the priests to take DNA tests because she wanted to know who her daughter's father was. Allred believed Rita's fantastical story and sued the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who repeatedly denounced Allred and her client. One LA Bishop charged on TV that Rita was 'a bad girl with a bad reputation." In fact she had never had a date or kissed a boy. Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:28 AM, August 14, 2010
   [BUY this 2006 book:] [Book: 2006]

• "Hand of God"
   Thanks to the Cultreras' second son, a filmmaker named Joe, the family is working through Paul's recovery together. This week Joe will present his new documentary for the first time in his hometown. "Hand of God," which screens at 7 p.m. Thursday at Cinema Salem and 6 p.m. Saturday at AMC/ Loews Boston (as part of the Boston International Film Festival), is a frank examination of Paul and his arduous journey.
   -- The Boston Globe, Showing faith in his family, June 06, 2006

The ring of truth

  - 'Deliver Us From Evil' FILM
   Los Angeles Times, By Kevin Crust, June 22, 2006
   LOS ANGELES (CA) -- IT'S not unusual for documentaries to dominate a festival. And this year's Los Angeles Film Festival is no exception, with a strong group of nonfiction works largely connected by a search for justice and redemption. …
   'Deliver Us From Evil'
   The concept of the infallibility of priests receives a stinging critique in writer-director Amy Berg's understandably angry documentary, the story of a remorseless pedophile Catholic priest.
   A deceptive figure - a Barry Fitzgerald façade with a Peter Lorre lurking beneath - Oliver O'Grady served as a priest in Central California for nearly 20 years, quietly terrorizing the region before being arrested.
   Focusing on a handful of O'Grady's victims, now adults, the film assays the suffering of their families while it cogently builds an argument implicating the complicity of Cardinal Roger Mahony, once O'Grady's bishop, in covering up the crimes.
• John Charles McQuaid, Ruler of Catholic Ireland. Referred to a passage in Cooney's book John Charles McQuaid, Ruler of Catholic Ireland. It claimed that in 1944, Dr McQuaid, archbishop of Dublin, made representations to the then minister for justice Gerard Boland to have a Garda investigation into allegations of abuse at Artane stopped. -- "Solicitor apologises to journalist," One in Four, Irish Times, ~ June 22, 2006

New novel inspired by alleged clergy sex ring

  - RCC. Book. "The Principal's Office". Fiction.  
   Catholic Online, By Matt Abbott, Op/Ed, ~ June 11, 2006
   "The Principal's Office"
   UNITED STATES -- "Sister Rosemary was around 35 years old. She paid much attention to her appearance, wearing her hair up, a touch of lipstick and large, gold hoop earrings.
   • A victim of the church in Mexico. , www.bergen. com/page.php? qstr=eXJpcnk3 ZjczN2Y3dnFl ZUVFeXk0MDAm ZmdiZWw3Zjd2c WVlRUV5eTY5ND A5NTQmeXJpcn k3ZjcxN2Y3dn FlZUVFeXkxNA== ; By MARIA ELENA SALINAS, Tuesday, May 30, 2006
   As I recount in my book, "I Am My Father's Daughter," Athie once held highly respected positions within the Catholic Church in Mexico. He was an international coordinator for the Vatican's charity, Caritas. He also served as a leader in the church's commission for peace and reconciliation in the insurgent Chiapas region. But the confession of a dying man and Athie's search for justice led to the downfall of his promising career in the church.

• Top-notch acting keeps 'Agnes' afloat

  - RCC. Play critique.  
   Courier-Post, www.courier postonline. com/apps/pbcs. dll/article? AID=/20060509/ LIVING/6050 90304/1004/ LIVING ; By KEVIN RIORDAN, Tuesday, May 9, 2006
   NEW JERSEY -- The conflicts in "Agnes of God" -- religion vs. science, faith vs. reason, head vs. heart -- are timeless.
   But John Pielmeier's 1982 play, now onstage in a stark new production by the Woodbury-based Luna Theater Company, has not aged well.

Seminary spiritual proving ground, says author of insider's narrative

  - RCC. Book review.
   Catholic Online, ~ May 3, 2006
   NEW YORK -- Today's seminary is a spiritual boot camp that forces seminarians to face external and internal challenges, including obedience and celibacy, and a proving ground to test their vocation, said the author of a book published in April about five men who give up careers to study for the priesthood.
   Jonathan Englert interviewed more than 50 seminarians as well as spiritual directors, faculty members and officials of several seminaries and researched seminary life over a five-year period in writing The Collar: A Year of Striving and Faith Inside a Catholic Seminary (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2006, 300 pp., $25.95). …

Sex-abuse coalition pushes legal change

  - RCC. [Unnamed priest] - Altar boy. [Philadelphia Archdiocese] - > 100 victims testified.
   Philadelphia Inquirer, By Martha Raffaele, Associated Press, ~ April 25, 2006
   HARRISBURG (PA) -- Brian Guarino's, 42, said in a 15-minute DVD recording
   The DVD, which includes accounts from alleged victims and their family members, will be sent to state lawmakers

Let's end the pain.

   One in Four, ~ April 23, 2006
   IRELAND -- Today we publish exclusive extracts from the book The Irish Virus by clerical abuse victim Peter McCloskey, who sadly took his own life a few weeks ago.
• Empty Cradles
   Margaret Humphreys' autobiography, Empty Cradles, is published by Transworld Publishers at $14.95.    
• Strong at the heart STRONG AT THE HEART By Carolyn Lehman READ Book Details BUY from SNAP
• Epistles on Clergy Abuse Vincent J. Nauheimer, whose son was molested by a priest of the New York archdiocese, has published a book titled Epistles on Clergy Abuse, which can be purchased here. The following is the preface of Nauheimer's book. -- 'Epistles on clergy abuse', Renew America, by Matt C. Abbott, April 2, 2006
• Pedophiles and Priests, According to the best and most current study of this abuse, Pedophiles and Priests (Jenkins [non-Catholic]), there is 'less' likelihood that a Catholic priest will be a sex offender than a married man. -- Stoning the Catholic Church for Child Abuse Anyone? Opinion Editorial, by Kevin Roeten, March 07, 2006
• Abusive priests, other sex offenders differ
   Telegraph Herald, by ERIK HOGSTROM, ~ March 08, 2006
   IOWA -- Thomas G. Plante, professor and chairman of the psychology department at Santa Clara University in California.
   He edited the book, "Bless Me Father For I have Sinned: Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests." ALSO see and
   • The Rite of Sodomy. UNITED STATES -- A forthcoming book by investigative journalist The Rite of Sodomy -- Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church by Randy Engel, is likely to be one of the most controversial books of its kind in quite some time.
-- Book details gay, pederastic clergy
   Renew America, , by Matt C. Abbott, March 25, 2006
   AND Renew America, by Matt C. Abbott, June 27, 2006 AND Renew America, by Matt C. Abbott, ~ August 19, 2006
• The Catholic Church in State Politics.
   Wake Forest University News Service, By Cheryl Walker, 336.758.5237, January 9, 2006
   UNITED STATES -- The Catholic Church plays an increasingly important role in state politics, according to a new book by Wake Forest University sociologist David Yamane.
   "The Catholic Church in State Politics," published by Rowman and Littlefield, documents how conferences of Catholic bishops in 33 states and Washington, D.C., bring the church's theology into the legislative arena as they lobby on major issues such as abortion, capital punishment, education, health care and same-sex marriage.
• Listen to the Cry of the Child
   Hansen, now 61, shares her story in "Listen to the Cry of the Child: The Deafening Silence of Sexual Abuse," a book she published herself in 2003 that is now available in local bookstores and online.
   -- Writing and talking to heal scars of abuse , Boston Globe, By Susan Chaityn Lebovits | January 15, 2006
• WELSH, Lionel P., 1990 (orig. 1988), Geordie, Orphan of the Empire.   - RCC.        
   WESTERN AUSTRALIA: In 1936, aged 2, Lionel Welsh and his sister were put into Catholic orphanages in Newcastle-on-Tyne in northern England. His story of the cruel treatment with the nuns there is capped only by the cruelties he writes about at his next orphanage, the Christian Brothers' "Boys' Town" at Bindoon, north of Perth, Western Australia.
   There the boys were expected to work in bare feet building the buildings. Reinforcing steel was old railway lines, lifted one at a time by several boys, at great risk. Concrete, mixed by hand, was taken by the boys up ramps in wheelbarrows.
   Punishments included hits with the walking stick of Brother Francis Keaney (stated to be a Marist brother on page 20, although it was a Christian Brothers' institution), punches, and strappings on the bare backside.
   On one occasion his leg was broken while he was out rabbit-shooting with "Pinky" Hayes, an adult visitor from Perth. He was forced to sit up in the kitchen for hours to instruct other boys how to prepare meals, before it was decided to take him by motor vehicle to Royal Perth Hospital to have his leg set and put in plaster.
   One of the cruellest aspects was psychological. Those who ran Bindoon never told him about his mother, nor that she had put him into the orphanage because she had contracted tuberculosis (TB). He found out her existence only by breaking rules (a regular occurrence) by peering into a register kept by the orphanage.
   The building skills he learnt there meant he could earn good wages, and at the age of 25 or so he went sub-contracting. Although he claims his personality had been harmed by the cruelties and hardships he had suffered, he married -- but after a few children had been born he began drinking alcohol to excess. His marriage broke down. After years in and out of alcoholism, Skid Row, etc., when he finally took the Alcoholics Anonymous programme seriously he went teetotal for a time. After a relapse, he finally straightened up.
   (Laudatory comments on the back cover are by: The West Australian, Senator Jean Jenkins, Scott Hicks of Colour & Movement Films, and Max Harris.)
   (COMMENT: The failure of supervision by both the Western Australian State Government and the Catholic Church's "Abbey Nullius" of New Norcia (since amalgamated out of existence) are obvious by reading between the lines. These supervision and discipline failures are also central to the disgraceful conduct of such institutions around the world in other countries like Ireland, Great Britain, Canada (native children), and Malta.  Always remember, however, that the Churches are NOT to blame for the cruel orphanages that existed in Romania when it was a member of the Soviet bloc, and which for years since had not been made humane.)
   IT USED TO BE OBTAINABLE from P & B Press, 1990, Perth (Western Australia), PO Box 81, Como, WA, 6952, Australia, Tel 08 9450 2513, Fax 9226 4346, but the owner has died - Webmaster, 19 June 2007; 174pp, 13 x 20 centimetres (5 x 8 inches), No index, 2 photographs. ISBN 0 9596606 5 8 [1990]

• ANDERSON, Jane, 2005, Priests in Love: Australian Catholic Clergy and Their Intimate Relationships, (John Garratt Publishing, $34.95).  
   WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Albany woman Jane Anderson, 47, this year published this book, based on interviews with 50 Australian Catholic priests who have had intimate, sometimes sexual relationships.
   She did the research for her doctorate, which she completed last year.
   The ratio of priests worldwide has fallen from one for every 1797 Catholics in 1978 to one for every 2677 in 2003.
   "Fr Jethro" says: "Priests who deny their sexuality go sour; they become very strict on others and become very rigid when it comes to doctrine. We priests don't see ourselves as good or beautiful, or as whole. We have a sense of being broken and dis-eased."
   She cites former Benedictine monk Richard Sipe's findings that half of American priests are engaged in sexual relationships, and believes the figure would be similar in Australia.
   (See more at Religion / Religion Chronology # Erodes.)
   -- The West Australian, Weekend Extra section page 10, "The Human Spirit" column, "Celibacy erodes the priestly vocation," by Keith McDonald, keithmcdonald §p wanews com au , November 5, 2005
   [MORE DETAILS: Barnes & Noble - Product Details: ISBN: 0826417027, Format: Hardcover, 208pp, Pub. Date: February 2005, Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group, B&N Price: $24.95.
   Amazon Books - Hardcover - (Feb 2005) Buy new: $US 24.95 $US 16.97 (sighted 02 Aug 06); Paperback - (Mar 2006) Buy new: $14.95 $9.72 , Used & new from $7.95. ENDS.] [Feb 2005]

FENSTER, Julie M., and another; ? 2006, Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism.    
   ROME (CNS) -- Julie M. Fenster, a historian who co-wrote Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism, spoke about the book to U.S. priests and seminarians Feb. 27 at Rome's Pontifical North American College.
   There are moves to have the 19th-century Father Michael McGivney become the first American-born parish priest to be canonized. After founding the Knights of Columbus, he worked as a simple pastor until his death at age 38.
   -- Catholic News Service, "Author says McGivney bio could help restore respect for priests," data/stories/ cns/0601 197.htm , By John Thavis, ~ February 28, 2006 [? 2006]
KENNEDY, Eugene Cullen, ? 2005, The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality.  
   CHICAGO (IL) -- After viewing the inconsistent and defensive management and monitoring of sex-abusing priests in Chicago, many Catholics ask how could the bishops in general and Cardinal Francis George in particular have bungled the implementation of the clerical sex-abuse procedures that they themselves hacked out in Dallas four years ago?
   The Frankenstein creature composed of hierarchical cast-offs is now rending the bishops who shocked it into life.
   Eugene Cullen Kennedy, a former priest, is professor emeritus of psychology at Loyola University Chicago. This is his most recent book.
   -- See: Chicago Tribune, "Victims of their own monster," www.chicago news/opinion/ chi-0602160 145feb16,1, 134315.story ; By Eugene Cullen Kennedy, February 16, 2006 [? 2005]
CULTRERA, Joe, 2006, "Hand of God," FILM.  
   SALEM (MA) -- Joe Cultrera, a documentary filmmaker from New York City, has come home again to tell a story.
   This story is about his older brother Paul, who was sexually abused by the late Rev. Joseph Birmingham, a serial predator who served at St. James Parish in Salem in the 1960s.
   Today in Montana "Hand of God" will premiere at The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, its first stop on a whirlwind tour across the country.
   -- Salem News, "Far off in Montana, story of Salem man's abuse unfolds," www.ecnnews. com/cgi-bin/ 05/snstory. pl?-sec-News+ 1k589g0+fn- handofgod- 20060221 , February 21, 2006 [2006]
DAVIDSON, James D. (Prof.), 2006, Catholicism in Motion: The Church in American Society.  
   UNITED STATES -- This new book by Purdue University sociology Professor James D. Davidson is a series of essays about Catholicism in America. (Liguori Publications, $19.95)
   Davidson covers the priest shortage, church leadership, worship practices, wealth of parishioners, the growing immigration population and the sexual abuse scandal.
   Catholics' faith in God is steady, but Catholics' faith in the church is constantly in flux, especially with its leadership, according to his book.
   Davidson's essays are based on columns he has written for 12 diocesan newspapers, including ones in Indiana, California, Maryland and Utah.
   -- Newswise, "Expert: Catholics' Faith in Church Leadership in Motion," www.newswise. com/articles/ view/518095/ , ~ February 15, 2006 [2006]
PAPESH, Michael (Rev. Fr.), 2006, Clerical Culture.  
   MINNEAPOLIS (MN) -- A new book written by a Minneapolis priest is helping shocked parishioners examine the clerical culture Father Ryan Erickson was a part of.
   Fr. Ryan Erickson is suspected, by a court decision, of having shot dead two people in 2002. It is said that one of them might have discovered he was sexually abusing a minor, and the other was shot because he witnessed the first shooting. In 2004 Fr Erickson, after being questioned on the two murders, is said to have suicided.
   Father Michael Papesh's book, "Clerical Culture", recounts his own sexual assault as a young seminarian nearly four decades ago. -- Based partly on: KSTP, "Priest says Erickson part of 'clerical culture'," article/stor ies/S13965. html?cat=1 , ~ February 04, 2006 [2006]
SHEA, George "Skip", 2005, "Catholic (Surviving Abuse and Other Dead End Roads)". MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE.  
   UXBRIDGE (MA) -- George "Skip" Shea will be taking his one-man multimedia show -- "Catholic (Surviving Abuse and Other Dead End Roads)" -- to New York City this weekend.
   Mr. Shea said he was 11 when he was first abused by Rev. Thomas H. Teczar in 1971 and it continued with Rev. Robert Shauris until about 1977.
   "I think it is important to point out -- which is something I think gets lost -- it's not only the horror of the physical abuse, but the horror of the mental abuse," he said.
   "God and the guilt that the Catholic Church already ascribes to a kid is magnified by these priests," he said. The effect of both God and the guilt eventually created the path his life would take, he said. -- Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, Mass., USA), "Abuse victim deriving art from anger," www.telegram. com/apps/pbcs. dll/article?AID =/20051128/ NEWS/511280 358/1006/ NEWSLETTERS07; By Kathleen A. Shaw, kshaw § telegram com , November 28, 2005 [2005]
JURKWICZ, Regina Soares, Unveiling the Politics of Silence: Sexual Abuse of Women by Priests in Brazil.    
   BRAZIL -- Regina Soares Jurkwicz, author of Unveiling the Politics of Silence: Sexual Abuse of Women by Priests in Brazil, said the South American country (about 125 million Catholics) could now be facing a problem of even greater dimensions than that uncovered in the US in 2002.
   This week, a Brazilian priest was given a lengthy jail sentence after a court heard extracts from a diary that read like a paedophile priest's "how-to" manual. A magazine earlier published evidence that, according to estimates by Vatican investigators, one in 10 of Brazil's priests is involved in some form of sexual misdemeanour.
   The Vatican was expected soon to publish details of a clampdown on the recruitment of gay priests aimed at quelling concerns that the church has become a refuge for paedophiles (man-boy). However, in Brazil many of the claims relate to male-female abuse.
   -- Mail & Guardian, "Sex-abuse scandal shocks Brazil's Catholics," za/articlepage. aspx?area=/ breaking_news/ breaking_news__ international_ news/&articleid= 257788 ; November 26, 2005
   Also see: Sydney Morning Herald, "Priest sex scandal shocks Brazil," au/news/world/ priest-sex- scandal-shocks- brazil/2005/11/28/ 1133026 405263.html ; By Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro and John Hooper in Rome, November 29, 2005 [????]
LANGBERG, Diane, ? 2005, On the Threshold of Hope.
   DELAWARE, U.S.A. - "Abuse destroys relationships," said psychologist Diane Langberg in her book "On the Threshold of Hope," written for survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones. "Instead of being known, we are hidden. Instead of being loved, we are used. Instead of having a voice, we are silenced. … Relationships become painful, frightening, chaotic places."
   When priests sexually abused kids … the damage they did extended far beyond those boys -- their marriages, their friendships, their families, their faith in God, their trust in people. The effects can extend for generations.
   -- The News Journal, "Impact extends beyond sex abuse victims," www.delaware apps/pbcs.dll/ article?AID=/ 20051121/NEWS/ 511210354/- 1/NEWS01 ; By BETH MILLER, Nov/21/2005 [? 2005]
HAGGETT, Louise, 2005, The Bingo Report. $17.95 plus $3.95 shipping ($21.90) from CSRI Books, P.O. Box 246, Freeport, ME 04032. Quote ISBN No. 0 9770402 0 8. (sighted Nov 15, 2005 on www.axcessnews. com/modules/ wfsection/print. php?articleid= 6558 ).   FREEPORT, Maine, U.S.A.: This book links sexual abuse to mandatory celibacy in the Roman Catholic priesthood. According to the new groundbreaking study conducted by the Center for the Study of Religious Issues (CSRI), the longer a priest remains in the priesthood, the more likely he will struggle with mandatory celibacy both biologically and psychologically, and the more likely he will act on his struggles and become deviant or criminal in his actions. -- U.S. Newswire, "New Book Links Clergy Sexual Abuse to Mandatory Celibacy," http://releases. GetRelease.asp? id=56474 , Nov. 9, 2005 [2005]
PIERRE, Abbe, 2005, My God … Why?   FRANCE: Abbe Pierre, 93, RCC priest who tops French popularity lists, and who champions the cause of the homeless, speaks out for married and female priests in a new book where he confesses having broken his vow of chastity. He also writes "that he could imagine that Jesus Christ had been married to Mary Magdalene." -- Reuters, http://today. news/news Article.aspx? type=world News&story ID=2005-10- 27T134016Z_ 01_SCH749130_ RTRUKOC_0_US- FRANCE- PRIEST. xml&archived= False ; By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor, ~ October 27, 2005 [2005]
COZZENS, Donald (Rev. Father), ? 1990s, The Changing Face of the Priesthood. In this book he commented that "straight men in a predominantly or significantly gay environment commonly experience self doubt." -- Quoted in The Dallas Morning News, "Are gay priests the problem?" by Michael S. Rose, Sunday, October 16, 2005 [? 1990s]
HAMILTON, Marci A., 2005, God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the Rule of Law, 2005, Cambridge University Press, New York, Cambridge, etc., Hardback (ISBN-10: 0521853044 | ISBN-13: 9780521853040) Published May 2005 | 408 pages | 228 x 152 mm (9 x 6in). In stock $US 28.00 (A) (sighted on WWW August 31, 2005)  
   UNITED STATES of AMERICA: In my recent book, God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the Rule of Law, I document the harm that comes from elected representatives acting according to the dictate of religious lobbyists, without consideration of the larger public good. This is a severe defect in our representative government -- and Santorum is the best modern example. … There was an abiding belief, at the Convention and among the Framers, that representatives should be "filters" of factions -- including religious factions, of which there was quite a variety at the time of the framing -- within the society, not simply stand-ins for such interests.[…] Senator Rick Santorum is no filter, as the following concrete examples will illustrate.[…] An uncontroverted fact is that the failure by the Roman Catholic Church and others to report the abuse meant that the vast majority - 98% of the predators - avoided conviction due to the short statutes of limitations. -- FindLaw, http://writ. news.findlaw. com/hamilton/ 20050811.html , ~ August 11, 2005 [2005]
ALLEN, John L., Jr, Opus Dei, 2005. UNITED STATES / VATICAN - Its defenders characterize Opus Dei, that ultra-Catholic movement, as a knitting circle, its detractors as a dangerous cult. Allen, Vatican correspondent for National Catholic Reporter, finds middle ground. He says no Opus Dei priest has ever been accused of sexual abuse, but on the other hand it has a body of doctrine that can seem confused. -- Monsters and Critics, "How Senator Rick Santorum, In Acting for His Church, Persistently Fails to Consider the Larger Public Good," http://books.monsters /nonfiction/reviews/ article_1042647. php/Book_ Review_Opus_ Dei_by_John_L._ Jr_Allen , By Kirkus, Aug 20, 2005 [2005]
WHITE, Marsh Reggie, A Huddle for Righteousness, May 2005. Fiction. UNITED STATES -- Due to the number of clergy sexual abuse and misconduct cases being reported today, US religious leaders are going through one of the most traumatic periods in religious history. In his timely new novel, A Huddle for Righteousness (AuthorHouse, May 2005, $12.95 paperback, 1-4208-1587-3), Marsh Reggie White presents a dramatic and creative story involving a Priest's fall from grace and God's justice for him and, ultimately, for us all. It involves a court room scene played out in heaven whereby Joshua, a High Priest, has been caught in a sinful act by Satan. (Fiction.) -- The Open Press, A Huddle For Righteousness, www.theopenpress. com/index.php?a= press&id=2948 , August 9, 2005 [2005]
AHERN, Cornelius, An Inch From Murder, 2005. UNITED STATES - This book was written 20 years ago and is now being brought to print for the very first time and deals with the author's life as a male victim of sexual child abuse. Drawing from the memory of past molestations from the age of four until 16, a trauma unfolded in adulthood profiling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The abuse by seven men (including Boston Catholic Priests, a policeman, close relatives and friends) was followed by the attempted murder of the author's latest assailant; the ensuing incarceration and the attempt now to bring the issues of male victimization into focus. -- eMediaWire, PRWEB, June 14, 2005 [2005]
JOSEPH, Dieuner, Restoring Honor to an Honorable Vocation, AuthorHouse, 2005. COLONIA, N.J. (PRIMEZONE) -- Unscrupulous evangelists and predatory priests have shamed Protestant and Catholic leadership and promoted mistrust among their faithful. The book offers readers an honest look at the problem of sexual abuse by priests and pastors and challenges Catholic and Protestant churches to be more proactive in dealing with the issue. -- ArriveNet, June 9, 2005 [2005]
DIOCESE OF ORANGE, "Breaking the Silence", 2005. CALIFORNIA - "Breaking the Silence," the recent documentary produced by the Diocese of Orange ostensibly to warn kiddies about its priestly sex-abuse problem, doesn't blame anybody. It wholeheartedly ignores the role Church leaders played in condoning child rapes in Orange County parishes over the past three decades. The cover-up continues. -- Orange County Weekly, by GUSTAVO ARELLANO, ~ June 09, 2005 [2005]
[Unknown], Toward Understanding and Healing, 2005. -- "Group Seeks Support for Victims of Clergy Abuse," WQAD, Global/story.asp? S=3433747&nav= 1sW7ag2E , ~ June 5, 2005 [2005]
SWETLAND, Kenneth L., Facing Messy Stuff In The Church, 2005. UNITED STATES - What do you do when a convicted pedophile gets saved in prison and upon release wants to join your church? What do you say to him and how do you confront the issues involved? Do you inform the church of his being there? In this book, author and theological professor, Kenneth L. Swetland (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he also serves as campus chaplain) prepares church leaders to deal head-on with the messy stuff, rather than merely doing damage control after the problems have erupted. -- MichNews , May 16, 2005 [2005]
CORNWELL, John, The Pontiff in Winter: Triumph and Conflict in the Reign of John Paul II, 2005, Doubleday, 336 pages, $US24.95. UNITED STATES: As one of the longest-serving and most active popes in history, John Paul II has left an indelible mark on the Roman Catholic Church. But his major legacy, Cornwell believes, will be his centralization of authority in the Vatican and his enfeeblement of local dioceses. Bishops thought they lacked the authority to act decisively. -- ; "The legacy of John Paul II", By Bill Williams, The Hartford Courant, Sunday, March 20, 2005 [2005]
KELLY, Judith, Rock Me Gently: A True Story of a Convent Childhood, 2005, Bloomsbury, €15.80.   BRITAIN - I read Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra many years ago and vividly recall having to stop halfway through, as the story became too harrowing. I never did finish the book. Rock Me Gently by Judith Kelly awakens those same feelings. The complete helplessness you feel as stories of childhood abuse unfold before your eyes is overwhelming. -- Sunday Business Post, "Haunting tale from a convent", February 27, 2005 [2005]
DEERY, John, writer-director, "Conspiracy of Silence'," 2005. FILM. Fiction. UNITED STATES: Catholic Church scandals are the stuff of "Conspiracy of Silence", the latest Irish outrage, an over-the-top attack on church-celibacy rules, the price paid by pretending priests don't have sex, and the extremes (at least in the movies) that the Vatican and its bishops will go to in keeping this dirty little secret from the faithful. A priest stands up in the middle of a secret Vatican conference and shouts, "The church has AIDS! How many of you here in this room are HIV positive?" Nobody hears of this until, three years later, when Father Sweeney (Patrick Casey) kills himself. His circle of friends, including young priests who were under his influence, comes under suspicion. The message is that celibacy is denying the church good priests, and that the fact that there are noncelibate priests corrupts the entire institution. (Fiction.) -- Orlando Sentinel, March 11, 2005 [2005]
BENNETT, Sean David, "A House Divided," 2005. PLAY.   NEW YORK - Two days before the world premiere of this damning indictment of the Catholic church's handling of its sexual-abuse scandal, defrocked priest Paul Shanley was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison for child rape, and indecent assault and battery. Bennett's recent plays include "George W. Bush - The Musical" and "An American Fall," about Adlai Stevenson and Joseph McCarthy. The family at the center of "A House Divided" comes together for an ostensibly happy occasion. But Molly and Thomas' sons and their daughter-in-law all split before the candles are lit. -- Newsday, "The church scandal in a family spat," February 24, 2005 [2005]
ROSE, Michael S., The Lavender Mafia, 2006 proposed. UNITED STATES - Spence Publishing announced it had acquired the rights to publish Michael S. Rose's The Lavender Mafia, according to a report in "Publishers Marketplace." The book is an account of the inner workings of a far-reaching network of gay clerics and their allies in the Catholic Church that has promoted its own, intimidated its enemies, and paved the way for the current sex abuse scandals. -- Renew America, "Author's forthcoming book," www.renewamerica. us/columns/ abbott/ 050220 , by Matt C. Abbott, February 20, 2005 [2006]
PANDE, Vinod, "Sin", 2005. FILM.   MUMBAI, INDIA - The Catholic leaders of Mumbai have condemned Vinod Pande's latest movie "Sin." The film is being viewed as a sensationalized depiction of a Priest's romantic escapades. The Director claims that the story is true and is that of a Christian priest in Kerala. -- IndiaFM, "Steamy 'Sin' upsets Catholics," February 19, 2005 [2005]
BONAVOGLIA, Angela, 2005, Good Catholic Girls; How Women are Leading the Fight to Change the Church, Harper Collins Publishers. NEW YORK -- "I remind this Church how fortunate it is to have such brilliant and devoted women clamoring for the Catholic hierarchy to open its doors, bring the wizard out of the sacristy, rethink the sacred with women in mind, and make a new Catholic Church." Publisher's news release quoting the introduction to journalist and author Angela Bonavoglia's new book Good Catholic Girls. Despite the movement's growing profile, only recently has the world learned that Catholic women are the driving force behind reform.
   They include Joan Chittister, Mary Ramerman, ordained a Catholic priest before 3,000 jubilant supporters in a packed theater in Rochester, New York; Frances Kissling, Barbara Blaine, who created the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests [SNAP]; and Sister Jeannine Gramick, who defied orders and ministered to gays and lesbians. These and other Catholic women are rethinking theology, working to open ordination to all, challenging the Church's sexual repression, and calling the Church to openness and accountability. -- U.S. Newswire, "Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church," http://releases. GetRelease.asp ?id=43107 , Feb. 14, 2005.
   [COMMENT: Before faithful RCs turn away from such rebellious thoughts about, for example, "women's reproductive rights," think what the Church has taught.  It taught that every act of sexual intercourse had to be within marriage and open to life (no birth control), and wives had to give way to their husbands.  For most people, this means a multiplicity of conceptions.  The clergy (who in the Latin Rite don't officially have sex or wives or conceptions) have been brought up on a diet of man-made Natural Law, plus scripture quotes and misquotes such as the the Lord giving Eve her punishment. 
   In the RC Douay version published in 1609, God is supposed to have told Eve her conceptions will be multiplied: "I will multiply thy sorrows and thy conceptions. In sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee." (Genesis 3:16) This is a translation that is just plain wrong, and the "twist" is somewhat softened in the Authorised Version of the Church of England, but is not in most other translations, nor even in some modern RC translations. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [DOCTRINE: Get a modern Bible translation of Genesis 3:16.
   Catholic Monsignor Ronald Knox, The Holy Bible, 1954: "Many are the pangs, many are the throes I will give thee to endure; with pangs thou shalt give birth to children, and thou shalt be subject to thy husband; he shall be thy lord."
   Good News Bible, © 1976: "I will increase your trouble in pregnancy, and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him."
   New World Translation, 1984 rev.: "I shall greatly increase the pain of your pregnancy; in birth pangs you will bring forth children, and your craving will be for your husband, and he will dominate you."
   New Jerusalem Bible Pocket edition, 1989: "I will give you intense pain in childbearing, you will give birth to your children in pain. Your yearning will be for your husband, and he will dominate you."
   Not a word about multiplying her conceptions! The real meaning in the original Hebrew is more likely to be that He would multiply her SUFFERING during pregnancy, NOT multiply the NUMBER of her pregnancies.  Has the penny dropped?
   (Leave for another day the part about the husband dominating the woman.  And suspend judgement on how Eve, who had never been pregnant, could be told that her pregnancy sufferings would be increased!)
   The RC women who oppose the Vatican's reproductive policies are not revolting against the Lord.  Instead, such opponents are rejecting vain human reasonings, most of which are against scripture, science, compassion, and common sense. DOCTRINE ENDS.] [2005]

BECK, Martha Nibley, Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith, 2005, Crown (Random House).   UTAH - A daughter of famed Mormon intellectual Hugh Nibley has accused him of ritually abusing her as a 5-year-old, possibly wearing some kinnd of Egyptian garb and imitating the sacrifice of the biblical Abraham.
   Martha Nibley Beck makes this and a host of other allegations against her aged father, mother, siblings, Brigham Young University, Mormons in general as well as leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an explosive new book.
   -- "Rebel Mormon's memoir ignites a furore," The Salt Lake Tribune, www.sltrib. com/search/ ci_2555256 , By Peggy Fletcher Stack, ~ Feb 07, 2005. [2005]
   BROWSE at Powells City of Books: www.powells. com/s?kw= Leaving+ the+Saints &x=64&y=8
MARIN, Carol, "Keeping the Faith: Becoming a Priest in Today's Catholic Church", Documentary Film, 2005. MOUNT WASHINGTON (OH) -- Local seminary became filmmakers' subject as church scandal unfolded. Cincinnati Enquirer, February 01, 2005. The sex abuse scandal was unfurling in the Roman Catholic Church - and a documentary film crew wanted to watch from inside the walls of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's seminary. Church officials agreed. And what the cameras saw in 2002 and 2003 - the impact the scandal had on the archdiocese's future priests - became a documentary called "Keeping the Faith: Becoming a Priest in Today's Catholic Church." [2005]
DICK, Kirby, and SCHMIDT, Eddie, "Twist of Faith", DOCUMENTARY FILM, 2005. TOLEDO (Ohio) USA: This is a documentary recounting the sex abuse scandals that erupted in the Toledo Catholic Diocese in 2002. The filmmaker is the well-regarded director Kirby Dick. It'll be debuting and playing in the American Documentary competition - generally considered the strongest segment of Sundance. It is on the shortlist for a best documentary nomination at the Academy Awards. Five nominees are picked - and are set to be announced on Jan. 25. Toledo Blade Jan 14, 2005 [2005]
REYNOLDS, Lisa Rene, RUTLEDGE, John P. (Editor), Coming Out & Covering Up, 2004. TORRINGTON (CT) USA -- While she has yet to find a specific niche among the fiction, non-fiction and self-help books she's written, Dr Lisa Rene Reynolds puts a great deal of her personal experiences as a therapist into all of her subject matter. Reynolds, who lives in New Milford and works in Torrington, has been caught up in the whirlwind of attention over her latest release, Coming Out & Covering Up, a commentary by local priests on the pedophilia scandal that has rocked the Catholic faith. Jan 12, 2005. Also see Dead End Street Bookstore. Amazon Books paperback list price $US9.95 (sighted Jan 13, 2005). Amazon details: Paperback: 76 pages; Publisher: Dead End Street Publications; LLC (August, 2004); ISBN: 097484103X; Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches [approx 21.5 x 14 x 0.5cm]; Shipping Weight: 3.8 ounces. [2004]
SCHWAB, Charlotte Rolnick, Sex, Lies and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust, 2004 / 05, Bloomington: 1st Books Library, 277 pages, $14.95.   ISRAEL: This book reveals how rabbis violate the trust placed in them by female followers The analogy between a religious leader and a shepherd, and between his parishioners and a flock of sheep, illustrates the relations of power and authority that exist between the two sides.
   The rabbi, qadi, sheikh or minister are the leaders of a community of believers, who come to them for counseling and advice. Partly a horrifying personal memoir, partly research survey, this book ought to be read by people of any faith, or none.
   Source: Haaretz, "When trust is abused." www.haaretz. com/hasen/ spages/524 120.html , By Eli Somer, ~ Jan 7, 2005. [2004]
HEALEY-CONLON, Mary, "Holy Water-Gate: Abuse Cover-Up in the Catholic Church", DOCUMENTARY FILM, 2005. WARREN (Rhode Island) USA: Mary Healey-Conlon has refinanced her home to free up funds to make this film, which she began videoing in 1999 after, working with a team of attorneys, she met abuse victims who had been years trying to get cases with the Roman Catholic Church into court. Fearing that the Church's lawyers might stall "forever," she resolved to document victims' stories. Now she, a Roman Catholic, is only just beginning the painful process of reconciling her discoveries with past assumptions about faith and the Church. Co-producer is Louise Rosen of Brookline. The hour-long film will debut for the general public at Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, on Monday, Jan. 10, 2005. Main source: Barrington Times, "Warren woman exposes Church cover-up on film," www.east story/2836 1599683 1321.php , ~ Jan 06, 2005
   [COMMENT: "For what sharing do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?" (2 Cor 6: 14). COMMENT ENDS.] [2005]
PODLES, Lee, A Harsh Light: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, Due out soon, according to RenewAmerica. 2004/05. CHICAGO (IL): An example - "They had strong connections to the Chicago area. When Bishop Hayes discovered James Janssen was an abuser, he sent Janssen to Chicago to live at St. Isaac Jogues parish in Hinsdale, to study at Loyola University, and to be treated by Father William Devlin, S. J., M. D., and J. V. P. Stewart.
   "No one told the pastor of St. Isaac Jogues that Janssen was an abuser. Janssen worked with the Boy Scouts and families of the parish, and started abusing a twelve-year-old scout while convincing the therapists that he was cured." See - RenewAmerica, "Pedophile priests took victims to morgue," www.renew america. us/columns/ abbott/ 041210 by Matt C. Abbott, December 10, 2004. [2004/5]
TASMANIAN OMBUDSMAN Listen to the Children; Review of claims of abuse from adults in State care as children, 2004.     HOBART (Tas) Australia: Most of the allegations relating to these institutions were of sustained physical and emotional abuse and, while they were established to cope with difficult boys which may help to explain the strictness and severity of the discipline regimes, there can be no excuse for the reports of sadistic and inhumane physical punishment that allegedly took place. Female claimants mostly complained of sustained emotional and physical abuse, but there were also instances of sexual abuse reported. 62 claimants (25 per cent of the total) reported abuse in church run Homes. Most of the complaints were made against the Catholic Church followed by the Salvation Army. Given that these were the largest homes, the number of abuse incidents reported is consistent. The allegations related mostly to serious physical and emotional abuse but there were 17 separate incidents of sexual abuse alleged, mostly at Barrington Boys' Home, Maylands Girls' Home, at Boys' Town and St Joseph's Orphanage/Aikenhead House. No sexual abuse claims were received in respect of Mt St Canice. [66 pages printed, 77 in PDF] Source link: Report by the Tasmanian Ombudsman, www.justice. ombuds man/ Child%20Abuse %20Report%20- %20Final. pdf , ISBN 0- 0-9757146-0-0, November 24, 2004 [2004]
SHANLEY, John Patrick, "Doubt", 2004, STAGE PLAY. NEW YORK (AP) - In a fast 90 minutes, Shanley skillfully examines the uncertainty surrounding a priest and his relationship with a young male student in a Catholic grade school. Rumors swirl. But are they true? "Doubt" provides the wondrous Cherry Jones with her best role -- authoritarian principal Sister Aloysius in the Bronx -- since her Tony-winning performance in "The Heiress" in 1995. The time is 1964 and Vatican II has sent winds of change blowing through the Catholic Church. But Sister Aloysius has standards to uphold, and she wants to bring down the personable Father Flynn (Brian F. O'Byrne). [COMMENT: Do not confuse the play's author, John Patrick Shanley, with the Father Shanley who is facing trial for alleged child sex abuse. END.] Source: WTOP radio network, www.wtopnews. com/index.php? nid=114&sid= 340910 , By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Critic, November 23, 2004. [2004]
GANDOLFO, Geraldine, "Unholy Orders," DOCUMENTARY FILM, 2004, about abuse of children in Church institutions.     AUSTRALIA / SCOTLAND: Through a mutual friend, Gandolfo was introduced to 84-year-old Cath Yeomans, who, now living in Australia, had along with her sisters suffered a horrific childhood at an institution run by the Sisters of Nazareth in Glasgow.
   Recklessly, by her own admission, she suggested to Cath that she make a documentary about the Scottish claimants, who at that time were mounting what became a 450-person class action. She had never made a film and took herself to film school to learn the craft.
   Gandolfo herself appeared before an Australian senate inquiry into the care of children in institutions. The title of the report, Forgotten Australians, has also, much to Gandolfo's regret, become its fate. It was tabled in August 2004 and became lost in the recent election campaign. Unholy Orders was screened on Thursday Nov 4, 2004, at 8.30pm on SBS. -- adapted from The Age, "Victim rallies abused," au/articles/2004/ 10/26/ 109866 7752831.html , By Paul Kalina, October 28, 2004 [2004]
PARKER, Jim, Raped in the house of God, (iUniverse, Inc.; April 2004) ISBN: 0595317529. PAPERBACK 142 pages. List Price: $15.95. SNAP Price: $14.95. Raped in the House of God is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to understand the lifetime effects sexual abuse by priests has on a person's life. Author Jim Parker tells his story of soul murder and his ongoing journey of recovery. His story recounts not only the immediate castastrophic impact of a 12-year-old boy being sexually abused, but how his parents' request to keep the abuse a secret led to over forty years of frustration and self destructive behavior. Parker gives the readers details of how his life has been altered. READ: Jacket Text. BUY THE BOOK (Found at SNAP 11 Oct 2004) [2004]
ALLEN, John L. Allen, Jr, All the Pope's Men: The Inside Story of How the Vatican Really Works, 2004, Random House. Allen is the Vatican Correspondent for National Catholic Reporter and an analyst for CNN and National Public Reporter. -- The Reading, http://www2. reading/arts Lifestyle/ articleid=101682 , Thursday, October 7, 2004 [2004]
COLDREY, Barry M., Dr., 2004 A Christian Apocalypse: The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church, 1984-2004.  
   AUSTRALIA: Table of Contents: Part 1: Foreword, Celibacy practice, third millennium; 'High Noon in Boston' The Crisis Time-Line; Catastrophe to Action; Sexual Network/Sexual Underworld; The Dynamo of Reform; The Celebrity Molester;Lay collusion in sexual abuse; Community and Zero Tolerance; Investigator, Whisteleblower, Busybody
   Part Two: Sexual Abuse by clergy through the ages; Brotherhood of St Gerard Majella; The Sexual Revolution; The history of the modern abuse crisis (USA); The abuse crisis in Australia; 'Men behaving badly'; The Gay Underworld; The Active Gay Priest; Theory and Practice; AIDS and the Priesthood; Bibliography
   Copies at: $Aust 34.95 / £34.95, $US 34.95 p&p included, are available from Tamanaraik Press, P.O. Box 12792, a'Beckett Street Post Office, Melbourne Vic 8006, AUSTRALIA email: busherw § bigpond com or Tel: (03) 9480 2119. ABN: 28 979 094 649. Ordinary personal cheques will do. ISBN 1 875258 88 4 (E-mail 05 Oct 04; the Foreword came by e-mail of 17 Oct 04) [2004]
LIEBREICH, Karen, Fallen Order; Intrigue, Heresy, and Scandal in the Rome of Galileo and Caravaggio, 2004, (Piarist Order), is a book claiming that the priest who is the patron saint of Catholic schools covered up sex abuse. Father Joseph Calasanz, the 17th-century Spanish priest who founded the Piarist Order to educate the children of the poor, was canonised in 1767. In the book, Karen Liebreich, a Cambridge-educated historian, quotes from a letter Calasanz wrote to the headmaster of one of the order's schools in Naples in 1631 about a priest accused of abuse: "I want you to know that your reverence's sole aim is to cover up this great shame in order that it does not come to the notice of our superiors, otherwise our organisation, which has enjoyed a good reputation until now, would lose greatly." -- The Guardian, Britain, "Saint who covered up for child abusers," http://books. news/articles/0, 6109,1192267, 00.html , by Stephen Bates, April 15, 2004; and see book review in The Guardian, http://books. reviews/ history /0,6121,12219 70,00.html , May 22, 04
Also: "New Book On Priestly Abuses In 17th Century A Timely Topic For Today," Religion News Service, www.religion press02/PR092304.html , Sep 22, 04 [2004]

• Community Affairs References Committee, Australia, SENATE COMMITTEE REPORT; 2004;   Forgotten Australians:  A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children.  

   AUSTRALIA: About 500,000 Australian children were "taken into care," and so experienced orphanage, Home, or other out-of-home care during the 1900s. Forgotten Australians; Community Affairs References Committee
   Many suffered abuse -- physical, emotional, sexual, child labour exploitation, and neglect.  This report by a committee of the Senate of the Australian Parliament examines the evidence, sifts the reasons, and makes recommendations, including a suggestion that Parliament apologise to those who were victimised.
   This volume, which contains horrible cruel reports of locking children into cupboards, belting them around the body with sticks, belts, straps, and in one case a chair leg, psychological abuse and denigration, sex abuse and rape, should be required reading for anyone trying to fathom the hypocrisy of the past generations.
   There were a few shining examples of where the unfortunate children remember their institutional or foster carers with fondness, but it seems that nearly all of the institutions were breaking the laws of the States.  Some were government-run, and most were run by religions or charities but were supposed to be under State supervision.
   Adelaide's Catholic Orphanage, Goodwood, run by the Sisters of Mercy: "... we would all get belted with the strap for wetting our beds. … At 4.30 am, my little, sick sister and I were forced to carry two mops and buckets up steep stairs to the next floor and scrub toilets and bathrooms. … No shoes or underwear for me. … " (Item 2.108, p 41)
   "... 10 years in 8 different homes. … During this time I was bashed, had my face cut, locked in a broom cupboard, in … solitary confinement, the dungeon, told I wasn't worth the dirt under their feet, dumb [Australian slang for stupid], an idiot, not worth the clothes on my back.(Conf Sub 119) (Item 2.179, p 62)
   Good report:  Then when I was 13 I was sent to St Augustine's in Geelong … I spent time in Baltara Boys' Home and then a hostel run by Tally-ho for a couple of years.  I was shown how adults should be, and that not all are bad. … (Item 2.183, Sub 342, p 63)
   Friday night was bath time in the toddlers' block.  We soaked ten at a time in a big raised bath.  The big girls scrubbed and polished us one by one and pushed us out quickly to make way for the next lot. (Item 4.13, Sub 18, p 91)
   The Committee believes that evidence to the inquiry warrants a Royal Commission into the extent of physical and/or sexual assault within institutions and the degree to which criminal practices were concealed by the relevant State and/or Church authorities. (Item 8.197, p 243)
   … Neerkol … ex-residents made complaints to the Mother Superior of the orphanage; the priest resident at the orphanage; child welfare officers; Rockhampton [Queensland] police … ; families when taken in for the holidays; families in cases when ex-residents went to live on farms; and on leaving the orphanage, the Catholic Bishop of Rockhampton.   'to our knowledge all reports were ignored'. (Item 8.200, p 244)
   … Salvation Army … {Captain} Morton … Salvation Army   fully aware of his atrocities against the boys in the orphanages.  I complained of Morton and {Captain} Patteson [spelling as in report] …
   … a very young boy named Norman Stenning who wrote … to the Salvation Army headquarters in Sydney … Captain Morton and Captain Patteson … then set upon this brave young boy … (Item 8.202, pp 244-5)
   The familiar pattern of 'cover up' of abusive practices was evident in State-run institutions [too], as is illustrated below in a care leavers' experience of Parramatta Girls Home and Hay Detention Centre.  Neither the staff nor inspectors took action against clearly criminal behaviour inflicted on residents.  
   Senator [Andrew] MURRAY – In your submission you say: 'I could barely lift my head.  I was so sore I was in agony – busted lips, black eyes, bruised, teeth missing.'  The women staff would have seen that. … What did they do about it?
   Ms Robb – Nothing. … They knew what happened, but they kept their jobs … (Item 8.204, p 245)
   One lad was belted on the bare buttocks by {Brother} Doyle with a fan belt.  He absconded [i.e., ran away] and on being picked up by the Welfare he showed them the black and blue state of his bottom. … Doyle … reply, "the boy inflicted such on himself".  The lad in question never returned to Clontarf, however the Welfare never stepped in to protect the other kids still at risk from this sadist. (Item 8.105, Sub 25, p 246) [Clontarf was a Perth Roman Catholic boys' "home."]
   Table 7B: Forms of abuse experienced by care leavers (who had made submissions to the Senate inquiry): Emotional, 289 children, 32.7 per cent; Physical 315, 35.5%; Sexual 186, 20.9%; Child Labour Exploitation 66, 7.6%; Neglect 33, 3.3%. (see p 410)
   (To get the full flavour of the failure by State Governments, Churches and charities of past decades, also read the Senate report on the "care" of child migrants, and the report on indigenous children in "care." )
   DETAILS: Parliament of Australia, Senate/committee/clac_ctte/ inst_care/report/ , August 30, 2004. 410pp. ISBN 0 642 71239 5
   Brief note and Internet link to this website on Oct 30, 2004; book cover image and write-up done 15 Nov 2010.
[August, 2004]

• BERRY, Jason, and RENNER, Gerald, Vows Of Silence: The Abuse Of Power In The Papacy Of John Paul II. 2004, Free Press, 353 (or 368) pages, $US 26; Tom Roberts review: It makes clear that no matter how many new reports and norms are issued, no matter how many episcopal apologies are stacked up amid the wreckage of the crisis, the only real way out of the current mess is to institute bold new mechanisms for establishing transparency and for holding church leadership accountable. -- National Catholic Reporter, USA, "Authors capture deeper story of crisis," (entered by courtesy of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.ncrnews. org/abuse , of February 04, 2004) Picture by courtesy of a US newspaper around March 16 2004
And see The New York Review of Books, "," , Gary Wills review, Volume 51, Number 6, April 8, 2004
   AUSTRALIAN EDITION: (Being released 1 April 2004) Berry, J and Renner, G, Vows of Silence, Hodder Headline (Australia), Level 17, 207 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000. Tel: (02) 4390 1300, email: hsales § hha com au ; ISBN 07 336 168 87. By courtesy of Dr Barry Coldrey, March 31, 2004
REVIEW of AUSTRALIAN EDITION: Review by Gavin Simpson, gavin simpson § wanews com au , "Belief and Beyond" column, "Book scathing of Vatican silence," The West Australian, p 14 of "Weekend Extra," Saturday, May 15, 2004.
… Pope John Paul II … Depite his inspirational commitment to universal human rights, … for many years this charismatic Pope chose to ignore the gravest violations of the rights of children in his own Church. Nearly a decade before the scandal drew widespread coverage in America, … bishops from North America and Australia briefed John Paul II about the crisis but he provided no plan of action. […] Both the authors are committed Catholics […]
   … one of the Pope's favourites, Spaniard Marcial Maciel, founder of … the Legion of Christ … abuse of young seminarians and has got away with it … complaints to the Vatican … have been ignored or covered up.  … years of abuse at the hands of Father Maciel. Legionaries take … a special oath never to speak ill of "Nuestro Padre" … Maciel …
   … American canon lawyer, Father Tom Doyle, … went from a career in the Vatican's diplomatic service in the United States to becoming something of an outsider as a crusader for the rights of victims of abuse.
   … Berry and Renner say … it is, above all, a matter of abuse of power. […]
   Vows of Silence also faces up to one of the most difficult issues about sex abuse -- how much it is related to a "gay culture" in the priesthood. […]
   "There is a crucial distinction between homosexual priests who embody genuine Christian witness, and the gay priest culture that arose in the 1970s, cynical about celibacy, riddled with hypocrisy and narcissistic behaviour. […]
   In the end, the authors say, it is hard to imagine how a rejuvenated priesthood can be created without optional celibacy. (Hodder Headline, $35) [The front cover or dust jacket illustrated in the WA review is different to the illustration of the U.S. edition.]
   See also: Boston Globe, "Vows of Silence authors make their case against John Paul II," com/ae/books/ articles/ 2004/08/24/ vows_of_silence_ authors_make_ their_ case_ against_john_ paul_ii ; By Kevin Cullen, August 24, 2004
   And see "Why Orthodox Catholics Are Angry With the Legion of Christ", By Michael S. Rose, New Oxford Review, ~ June 11, 2005
   FILM: Journalist Jason Berry explored this scandal in his documentary "Vows of Silence," which he showed to an audience of approximately 30 people last night in Chafee Social Science Center as part of the University of Rhode Island Film Festival. -- The Good 5-Cent Cigar, "Filmmaker screens documentary on church sex scandal", http://media. www.ramcigar. com/media/ storage/ paper366/ news/ 2008/04/23/ Campus/ Filmmaker. Screens. Documentary. On.Church. Sex.Scandal- 3343289.shtml ; by Bridgette Blight, April 23, 2008. [2004]
MORAN, Martin, The Tricky Part. 2004 Stage play. RCC.   UNITED STATES: Moran regales his audience with anecdotes involving the nuns who educated him on the joys of music, the mystery of grace, and the sinfulness of the flesh. But it's a seminary dropout in a sleeping bag who teaches him a lesson so profound it takes decades to sink in -- that evil can wear a friendly face, seductive on the surface, treacherously sad underneath. -- The Village Voice, "Pains of Youth," www.village issues/0417 /mcnulty.php , by Charles McNulty, April 26th, 2004 [2004]
• GREELEY, Andrew M., Priests: A Calling in Crisis, 2004. In this book Father Greeley, a U.S. author, takes up the cause of men like Fr Tom Doyle - men who do a tough job in difficult circumstances. A sociologist, Greeley examines the abuse crisis through the prism of statistics. He concludes that most priests like their work. Celibacy is not a burden to most of them. Dissatisfaction comes in not being appreciated, either by their bishops or a public that now views too many of them with suspicion. University of Chicago Press, 156 pages, $US 19. Review by courtesy of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, , Tuesday March 16 2004. Picture by courtesy of a US newspaper around March 16 2004 [2004]
• GREELEY, Andrew, The Priestly Sins, 2004, a novel, by the Rev. Andrew Greeley. Source: "Local author's novel tackles problems within Catholic Church," ARIZONA, Fox 11, By Stephanie Innes, ~ March 5 2004, www.fox11 news/local/ stories/ KMSB_local_ novel_ 030504. 58a9 a748.html .
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WILLIAMS, Sue, Mean Streets Kind Heart: The Father Chris Riley Story.   AUSTRALIA : Father Chris Riley, a Salesian Catholic priest, who runs the Youth Off The Street network and has helped about 45,000 street kids, says a pedophile Salesian brother physically assaulted him when he was a student at the order's Rupertswood College, Melbourne, Victoria, and he saw fellow students being abused. Other former students say that physical violence was the norm and sexual violence was not unusual. -- The Age, July 8, 2004 [2004]
COLEMAN, Monica , 2004 The Dinah Project: A Handbook for Congregational Response to Sexual Violence. (Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, $US 23).   Source: Ann Arbor News, "Church's silence deepens a wound ," news/aanews/index. ssf?/base/news- 9/108703533 067660.xml , BY CATHERINE O'DONNELL, Saturday, June 12, 2004 [2004]
JAKES, T.D., "Woman, Thou Art Loosed", 2004, feature-length FILM. This is the effort of Bishop T.D. Jakes, the well-known pentecostal preacher and writer from Dallas, Texas, to put a face on the problems associated with childhood sexual abuse. The film, starring Kimberly Elise, is due to open Friday October 1st in more than 400 theatres. It got a first-place win at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. -- See Providence Journal, www.projo. com/ religion/ content/ projo_20040925_ relsex25. 4a02c. html , By Richard C. Dujardin, September 25, 2004 [2004]
VILLARRUBIA, Mona, 2004, From Hurt To Healing. UNITED STATES: Villarrubia tells much of the story of her sexual abuse at the hands of two trusted priests, and the ways it distorted all her roles as an adult: as a mother, friend, sister, wife and lover. Her psychic damage had lain buried and ticking away for years, long after the acts stopped during her childhood in England. It emerged with a fury in the late 1980s when she, as a young mother, raged inexplicably at her two bewildered sons. Years of grueling therapy followed. A serious flirtation with suicide. Two hospitalizations. -- See New Orleans Times-Picayune, search/index.ssf?/ base/news-0/109427 5688100820.xml?nola , By Bruce Nolan, Saturday, September 04, 2004 [2004]
BRESLIN, Jimmy, 2004, The Church that forgot Christ. Free Press, 239 pp., $US26. UNITED STATES: "Breslin's latest book, "The Church That Forgot Christ," is an impassioned denunciation - not of the Catholic faith, which Breslin has practiced since his days as a parochial school kid in Queens - but of the Church as an institution. As Breslin documents here, his slow recognition of his own moral disgust with the Church came as more and more accounts of the sexual abuse of children by priests began to reach his desk." -- Newsday, "Faith in turmoil," www.nynews ures/books mags/nyc-a393 5426aug22, 0,1906340. story?coll= nyc-bookre view-head lines ; August 22, 2004. Also see: Taipei Times, "Jimmy Breslin: Man of faith or bully?" News/feat/ archives/ 2004/08/14/ 2003198762 ; Reuters, Page 16, Saturday, Aug 14, 2004. Also see: Boston Globe "A man of his words," com/ae/ celebrity/ articles/ 2004/07/29 /a_man_ of_his_words , By Irene Sege, July 29, 2004. [2004]
GILL, Alan, 2004 Interrupted Journeys, Simon and Schuster, Australia.   AUSTRALIA: Formal book launch to be on 5th July 2004, at NSW Parliament House, Sydney, by novelist Patrick Keneally. It is about Youth Migration to Australia. Dr Barry Coldrey's e-mail of 2nd June 04 says the book has hit the bookstalls. (Listed 6 June 2004) [2004]
STEINFELS, Peter, 2004, A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America.   UNITED STATES: Steinfels fears that unless American Catholics overcome what he calls a "vacuum of leadership," they will experience "a soft slide" into Catholicism in name only, as has happened in much of Europe. -- Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, "A People Adrift, book by Peter Steinfels," wnet/religion andethics/ week705/ perspecti ves.html , ~ October 5, 2003 [2004]
REED, Cheryl L., Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nuns. ? 2004. UNITED STATES: Margaret wasn't a rule-breaker when she first entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Mankato, Minn., in 1942. But when she reported a priest for molesting high school girls under her care, and nothing was done, she began to see a problem. In 1969 Margaret founded the National Coalition of American Nuns. Its first proclamation demanded that priests stop meddling in women's religious communities. -- Chicago Sun-Times, "The life that led to rebellion," www.suntimes. com/output/ lifestyles/ cst-nws- nuns05. html , March 5, 2004 [? 2004]
BERGERON, Gary, 2004, book Don't Call Me a Victim: A Personal Story of Faith, Hope & Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church", Arc Angel Publishing . Newsitem in "Abuse survivor pens story," By Eric Convey, Boston Herald, Sunday, July 25, 2004. BOSTON (MA): Bary Bergeron, who was sexually abused, was vocal for fellow plaintiffs. Then at the height of the crisis, he stepped forward as an unofficial liaison to the Roman Catholic church for abuse survivors who wanted to preserve or re-establish ties to their faith. What started as a kind of log or diary during 2002-03 has now been expanded into a book. Also see the newsitem of September 10, 2004. Arc Angel Publishing handed distribution to Koen Book Distributors - ArriveNet, Jan 12, 2005. [2004]
THOMAS, Anthony, 2004, FILM "Celibacy: The Devil and the Flesh". This film was reviewed around June 28, 2004. One comment was that "the official Church's rigid perception of sexuality is rooted in a fascinating history of denial and coercion. The catalyst for filmmaker Anthony Thomas' work was the recent global wave of crimes involving priests who have sexually abused children. He uses this topic to launch an exploration into the psychological and theological origins of the crisis, and it is an incredibly information-packed hour and 15 minutes." -- The Seattle Times, http://seattle times.nwsou artsenter tainment/ 2001965816 _kay28.html , by Kay McFadden.
   And see: "It's an unsubtle knock on the Catholic Church spiced with a peep at some of the world's more peculiar self-abuse practices performed in the name of religion." -- Denver Post, www.denver Stories/0, 1413,36~ 78~223 7093,00.html , By Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post TV critic [2004]
MULLER, James, and KENNEY, Charles, 2004, Keep the Faith, Change the Church, the first book dedicated to telling a story of Voice of the Faithful's founding. Co-authored by VOTF founding president James Muller and author Charles Kenney. UNITED STATES: Keep the Faith, Change the Church is a highly readable narrative of the founding story of Voice of the Faithful. While no single book can tell the whole story, Muller and Kenney articulate the steady advance of an awakening spirit in the laity that has moved from outrage to resolve in returning responsibility to Catholicism. From the first gathering in St. John the Evangelist School basement in Wellesley, MA through the 2002 convention in Boston, and on to the time of Cardinal Law's resignation, the authors describe the surprises, disappointments and revelations about Church dynamics and politics as well as survivors' prophetic courage, priests' struggles and Catholic activism. To order, click: www.kintera. org/TR.asp? ID=M63741 5325574225 663355&iEv ent=14456 [2004]
ALMODÓVAR, Pedro, 2004, FILM "Bad Education".   SPAIN - It's a comic thriller film about bribery, the Catholic Church, abuse and obsession in Spain (in Spanish, subtitled in English). It defied the grim public mood just after the Madrid bombings to become an unexpected box-office sensation in Spain. It's Almodóvar's first proper tilt at film noir, and it's as fatalistic and beautiful as anything he has put on screen. It's also the first Spanish film to open a Cannes festival. See -- The Times (Britain), "Bad boy grows up," www.timeson article/0,, 7943-1107479, 00.html , approx. May 16, 2004.
   Review -- The Telegraph (Britain), "Guys in many guises," www.telegraph. main.jhtml? xml=/arts/ 2004/05/21/ bfbad21.xml , May 21 2004; the film explores the fallout from sexual abuse at a Catholic school in 1960s Spain. [2004]
CHALBERG, Michael, 2003, Shattered People: Journeys to Joy.   SAN LEANDRO (CA) - Pastor Michael Chalberg has helped victims heal from the damage of childhood clergy abuse. Now, he is writing a series of books about the spiritual and emotional healing process, including 2003's "Shattered People: Journeys to Joy," which relates the story of one victim of Monsignor Vincent Breen at Holy Spirit Parish in Fremont. [2003]
GILSON, David, "The Coming Catholic Church: How the Faithful are Shaping a New American Catholicism;" 2003. Amazon Books provides details: Hardcover: 368 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 9.18 x 6.34 [2.6 x 23.2 x 16.6 cm]; Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco; 1st edition (July 1, 2003) ISBN: 0060530707. In-Print Editions: Hardcover, Paperback (Rev&Updtd).
   UNITED STATES: Review from Amazon Booklist: Much has been written about the crisis over sexual abuse that has plagued the contemporary Catholic Church. It is Gibson's contention that this scandal and the subsequent reaction to it are rooted in a much larger and long-term crisis. That the church has been in a state of turmoil for decades is a reality that cannot be ignored. Coupled with this is the fact that American Catholics have always struggled with their dual identity … (The author will be among those honoured at the conference of Voice of the Faithful, planned for the Worcester Centrum Centre, Mass, USA, on Saturday, November 13, 2004. Frist noted in a Telegram and Gazette newsitem of Nov 3, 2004) [2003]
ST PAUL CHURCH MEMBERS (Boston), "A Cry Heard at Ramah," 2003, Stage presentation of dance, music, and readings. BOSTON (MA): The sordid stories of sexual abuse by Catholic priests is dealt with in this presentation on a simple stage in a church basement, two stools flanking a crude table of branches in front of a cloth backdrop of navy, sky blue, and gold. The choir sings: "Nothing can trouble, nothing can frighten. Those who seek God shall never go wanting." The song comes near the end of "A Cry Heard at Ramah," a stage work mingling dance, live and recorded music, and readings from the Bible and Catholic documents. The work was written and performed twice during Lent by congregants at St. Paul Church near Harvard Square. -- Boston Globe, 'Ramah' voices pain, rage - and hope, By Rich Barlow, Apr 19, 2003 [2003]
LAKELAND, Paul, The Liberation of the Laity: In Search of an Accountable Church, Released: 01 April, 2003, Hardcover, ISBN: 0826414834. Review from Reference Place: A Must for Concerned Catholics. UNITED STATES: Paul Lakeland has produced a work which needs to be read by every Catholic concerned with the Roman Catholic Church's current preoccupation with its internal institutional self and thereby missing its mission to the whole world. Lakeland explains historically the development of clergy/laity roles and the need to re-think them in this era when HUMAN solidarity is essential to end any and every kind of poverty of body, mind, or spirit of all humanity. He poses instead the reality of "ministers in the church" and "missionaries to the world". He posits that all who work "ad intra" are there precisely to facilitate the institutions mission "ad extra". He wants an end to anything that sees the mission to the world as second class or second place in the life of the institution. (This author, also, will be among those honoured at the conference of Voice of the Faithful, planned for the Worcester Centrum Centre, Mass, USA, on Saturday, November 13, 2004. Frist noted in a Telegram and Gazette newsitem of Nov 3, 2004) [2003]
FLYNN, Eileen P. (Ph.D), Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure; 2003, Paraview Press, USA. UNITED STATES: Prof. Eileen Flynn teaches at Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, and is author of Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure, (Paraview Press, 2003). Contact Dr. Flynn at Eileenpflynn § aol com . Source: Paraview (Transforming the World, One Book at a Time), www.paraview. com/features/ flynn.htm [2003]
FLYNN, Eileen P. (Prof), Catholicism: Agenda for Renewal. (A professor at St Peter's College.) -- See "At a crossroads" Chicago Tribune, April 5, 2005 [? 2005]
JACKOWSKI, Karol, The Silence We Keep (approx. October 2003) (Harmony / Crown). A book about the Catholic church's clergy sexual abuse crisis from a nun's perspective. UNITED STATES: See The Republican, USA, www.masslive. com/cries/ republican/ index.ssf?/ base/news- 0/10669806 1629000.xml , section in column "Cries and Whispers," Oct/27/2003.
   And check: "She thinks the sex abuse scandal that rocked the church, which is spending hundreds of millions to settle cases stemming from the misdeeds of its priests, is only the tip of a very large iceberg. She sees a time when American Catholics will split from the Vatican and when women will be ordained as priests, the kind of talk that rattles the walls of the Catholic Church." -- "A denim nun with the writer's habit," Newsday, www.newsday. com/news/col umnists/ny- ddugg4031423 nov07,0,19 78793.column? coll=ny-news- columnists ; by Dennis Duggan, November 7, 2004 [2003]
POWERS, William, Tar Heel Catholics: A History of Catholicism in North Carolina (October 2003, University Press of America, USA). The editor of a Catholic newspaper, John Strange, was dismissed just before Christmas 2003 for publishing an interview with Powers that included a statement that the Catholic Church is broken and wounded and in need of healing. Also, Strange quoted Powers as saying, "No organization has trouble finding key workers unless there is something wrong with it." -- Independent Weekly, http://indyweek. com/durham/ 2003-12- 31/news2.html , by Patrick O'Neill, December 31, 2003, AND, News Observer, http://news observer. com/news/ story/317 8530p-2863 418c.html , By Vicki Lee Parker [2003]
WEIGEL, George, The Courage to be Catholic: Crisis, Reform, and the Future of the Church; ? 2002, USA. The three main parts of the crisis are: (1) Clergy sexual abuse, the most prevalent of which is homosexual abuse of teen-age boys and young men, (2) The crisis of failed episcopal leadership, (3) The crisis of discipleship.
   "Sexually abusive priests and timid or malfeasant bishops are inadequately converted Christian disciples," Mr Weigel said. "And it's not a media-created crisis." Mr Weigel is the author of the papal biography Witness to Hope. -- The Record, Perth, "New study cites a culture of dissent… and more," p 14, Jan 23 03 [? 2002]
FRANCE, David, Our Fathers: The Secret Life of the Catholic Church in an Age of Scandal; Broadway Books. $US 26.95. 672 pages, ? 2004. UNITED STATES: Recent child sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church have brought new meaning to the term "white-collar crime." In Our Fathers, an incredibly detailed and insightful examination of the crisis, author David France of Newsweek reveals a corporate cover-up soaked in depravity and deceit and completely devoid of compassion and Christian charity. The verdict: Stunning in its insight.
And see: www.thedaily stories/2004/ 03/06/book.html , Mar 6 2004 sunday/ content/epaper/ editions /sunday/arts_ 049049507537 51e90029. html , January 18, 2004. [? 2004]
FRANCE, David, "Showtime's Our Fathers" proposed film cast has been joined by Ted Danson (Emmy and Golden Globe Awards) to play Mitchell Garabedian, the bold Boston lawyer who represented some of the first victims of molestation to have the courage to speak out. It is the film version of David France's bestseller. Brian Dennehy will play no-nonsense, straight-talking, Father Domenic "Spags" Spagnolia who finds himself on the defensive when he tries to work from within the Church. Tony and Emmy-winning stage and screen actor Christopher Plummer will portray Boston's controversial Cardinal Bernard Law in the film. Production is slated to begin June 21 in Toronto and Boston. -- "Danson Joins Showtime's Our Fathers; Telepic examines the sexual abuse scandal that erupted inside the U.S.'s Roman Catholic Church", ; www.filmstew. com/Content/ DailyNews /Details.asp? Content ID=8728& Pg=1 , By Lisa Johnson, Wednesday, May 19, 2004 [? 2004]
COLDREY, Barry M., The devoted, the dull, the desperate and the deviant: the staff problem in traditional care, AND other essays.   AUSTRALIA: Still available 28 Oct 2003. $24.95 Australian, the same figures in $US and £sterling (because of airmail costs and bank charges). Send orders to Dr Coldrey, busherw § bigpond com , or Tel. (03) 9480 - 2119, 7/67 Collins Street, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia. (Inserted 10 Feb 04)
Coldrey, B M, The devoted, the dull, the desperate and the deviant: The staff problem in traditional residential care … and other essays. The other essays are: (1) 'The special dimension of horror': Corporal punishment, pervasive severity, criminal assault and sexualised violence in traditional residential care. (2) 'A strange mixture of caring and corruption': Church orphanages and industrial schools', Reprinted from Studies, Dublin, Ireland, Autumn, 2000. (3) 'The Queensland Inquiry into institutional abuse' – a good model for Ireland, Studies, Dublin, Ireland, reprinted, Winter 2000. Recommended Retail Price inc. p&p. Australia: $24.95; UK and Ireland: £ 24.95; US: $US 24.95 from: Tamanaraik Press, P.O. Box 12792, a Beckett Street Post Office, Melbourne, Vic 8006, Australia. Tel (03) 9480-2119, and email: barry5coldrey § yahoo com . (E-mail info of 31 Mar 04) [? 2003]
PARKINSON, Patrick, Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches; 2003, Aquila, Australia. Review at www.anglicanmedia. article/articleview/ 773/1/17 (checked June 2003). AUSTRALIA: There are numerous questions that Christians ask when sexual abuse within the Church is raised. The most common include "Why don't children tell?", and "Shouldn't Christians who were abused forgive and forget?" In this courageous book, warmly commended in the foreword by Australian Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen and published with the support of the Diocese of Sydney's Professional Standards Unit, Professor Patrick Parkinson addresses these and many other questions. [2003]
ESPINOSA, Alejandro, 2002, The Legion.   MEXICO CITY - Alejandro Espinosa, a 67-year-old rancher and former seminarian said he was forced to perform sexual acts on the Legion of Christ founder Rev. Marcial Macielin the 1950s. In 2002, frustrated with the lack of a Vatican investigation into the men's allegations, Espinosa published The Legion, a book in which he relates the alleged abuse in graphic detail. He said he received death threats after the book came out. -- The Boston Globe, By Marion Lloyd, May 9, 2005 [2002]
• LIKOUDIS, Paul, Amchurch Comes Out; The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda; 2002, Roman Catholic Faithful Inc, Petersburg (Illinois, USA).  
Amchurch Comes Out, Paul LIKOUDIS; Fidelity Books

(Image by courtesy of Fidelity Books http://www. fidelity books. , sighted June 25, 2010.)
UNITED STATES: The Wanderer's news editor Paul Likoudis has written what we believe to be the most definitive and comprehensive analysis of the present crisis of the Catholic Church in America. The book reflects Paul's fifteen years of intensive reporting on the disastrous effects of modernist, dissident bishops, priests, theologians, and Church bureaucrats on the integrity of the Catholic Church in America.
   Nothing has been spared by these arrogant, homosexual-friendly hijackers: Sacred Scripture, the Sacred Liturgy, the sacraments, every aspect of Catholic doctrine including the Church's moral teaching, catechesis, Catholic education, seminary formation, and priestly life.
   Chapter 10 has about ten pages summarising part of Dr Barry Coldrey's findings in his book Religious Life Without Integrity: The Sexual Abuse Crisis Within the Catholic Church. It states his book stemmed from a detailed report he had been asked to write for the Congregation for Religious Orders and Secular Institutes in Rome.
   The book began circulating privately in April 2000; his then superiors in the Christian Brothers asked him to withdraw it, but copies began circulating on the internet. In late March 2001, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Vatican had "banned" Dr Coldrey's book. (pp 215-224). [It can be bought from P & B Press in Australia, and is on the internet (see elsewhere on this page).]
   Paul Likoudis's book ends with quoting the Fr Paul Shaughnessy, S.J., article of November 2000, stating that the Catholic Church had become corrupt and needed strong actions by the laypeople and the Vatican, including a policy of removing corrupt bishops, refusing to allow homosexuals into the seminaries, and restoring simplicity, that is, removing luxury from the clergy's life.
   Available for $US 24.95 postpaid from amchurch.htm (checked June 2003) .
   Also available in hardcover from John XXIII Co-op Ltd, , shop § j23 com au , PO Box 22, Ormond (Melbourne) Vic, 3204, Australia, for $45.90 in June 2003; 260pp, 15 x 23 cm (6in x 9in), hard covers, index, bibliography (partial list of newspaper headlines). ISBN 0-9719558-0-8 [2002]
GILHOOLEY, Steve, 2001, The Pyjama Parade.   IRELAND - At his junior seminary in Cumbria, the outwardly pious enforced a regime of physical and sexual abuse. For Gilhooley, now 42, the sexual abuse was less serious than for some other students, but it was there and the repercussions were intense. Several of his contemporaries would later attempt, or actually commit, suicide. For Gilhooley, the issue would erupt volcanically, the molten lava of suppressed childhood memories suddenly cascading into adulthood with devastating consequences. He underwent therapy, was advised to write down his experiences, and the result was the publication in 2001 of a searing memoir called The Pyjama Parade. The title was a reference to the weekly caning of young boys in their pyjamas. […] "… I was listening to all these poor people saying they had been abused and then been called gold-diggers. One of the reasons I came out was to stand beside these people and say, 'No, they are telling the truth.' And then they went for me too." Gilhooley is an RCC priest. -- The Scotsman, "Act of Faith," by CATHERINE DEVENEY, ~ July 17, 2005
For the book's details, visit http://uk-shop.aest. cgi?mode=books_uk& search_type=Author Search&input_ string=Steve+ Gilhooley&locale=uk . [2001]
KENNEDY, Eugene Cullen, The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality, 2001, St. Martin's Press, USA, ISBN: 0312266375, Hardcover, $US 19.95 ($13.97 discounted). UNITED STATES: Kennedy is emeritus professor of psychology at Loyola University, Chicago. See www.christianity- Unhealed_ Wound__ The_Church_ and_ Human_ Sexuality_ 0312266375.html . Found Jun 3, 2004, at http://natcath. org/ NCR_ Online/ archives2/ 2004b/052804/ 052804x.htm [2001]
LIVINGSTONE, Tess, 2002, George Pell, Duffy & Snellgrove, Sydney.   AUSTRALIA: "This is a fine biography of one of Australia's most controversial figures [Sydney Roman Catholic Archbishop, Dr George Pell, formerly R.C. Archbishop of Melbourne]. Meticulously researched and clearly written, it also raises the crucial matter of how unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse can be used as a weapon against those who are perceived as ideological and political opponents." -- Professor Ross Fitzgerald. In recent decades a war has been waged within the Catholic Church between traditionalists and those who want to drain its teachings and institutions of much of their meaning. This is the story of that struggle, told through the life of a leading combatant, George Pell, who has spent much of his adult life battling attempts to, in his words, "trivialise Jesus Christ". [COMMENT: Dr Pell's part in the famous "60 Minutes" programme of June 2 2002 in which he admitted that the Catholic Church paid "silence money", and his 10-day denial of this is told in a way that avoids his contradictory and incorrect statements. No attempt is made to explain his four-fold denial when he was asked if young Ridsdale had contacted him to report that his uncle, Father Ridsdale, had sexually abused him. COMMENT ENDS.] Tess Livingstone is the editor of the opinion page at the Courier Mail in Brisbane. -- www.duffyandsnell au/titles/ george_pell.htm . 484pp, 13 x 19.8cm (5 1/8 x 7 3/4 in), soft covers, index, endnotes, ISBN 1 876631 52 X, $22.00. Also see comment at news/301/167.php [2002]
DE BECKER, Gavin, 1999, Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children And Teenagers Safe (And Parents Sane), The Dial Press, Random House, Inc., New York, NY, USA.   UNITED STATES: Useful book to read for parents who are interested in learning how to better protect their children. (by courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/Pokrov/ resourc.html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1999]

• My Response to the Quinn Spin on Bishops

  [RCC. BOOK: Altar Boy: A Story of Life After Abuse, by Andrew MADDEN. 1995]  
   Andrew Madden's Blog, 2010/08/my-response- to-quinn-spin-on-bishops.html ; August 12, 2010
   DUBLIN (IRELAND) -- {This useful collection of excerpts from Ireland's Murphy report was compiled by Andrew Madden and posted on his blog. Madden was the first person in Ireland to go public (in 1995) about his abuse by a Catholic priest and is the author of Altar Boy: A Story of Life After Abuse (Penguin, 2003). For background on Madden's role, see Chapter 24 of the Murphy report, about Rev. Ivan Payne. See also the Irish Times and David Quinn on Madden's formal defection from the Catholic church, and Quinn's comment on the Irish bishops whose resignations were not accepted by the Vatican, all referred to below.}
   Some time ago David Quinn, of 'christian think-tank' the Iona Institute was explaining to readers of his Irish Catholic blog why it was understandable that I had chosen to formally leave the Catholic Church - I had been abused by Fr Ivan Payne as a child and the Catholic Church had failed to do all it could to bring him to justice. If I were to summarise Chapter 24 of the Murphy Report in one sentence I wouldn't use Mr Quinn's flowery language: I'd say the Catholic Church covered up for Fr Ivan Payne in 1981 and as a result of that cover up many more children were sexually abused by Payne. Mr Quinn likes to minimise the church's role in covering up the sexual abuse of children.
   He was at it again today on the RTE News at One when he said it was unfair for Bishop Field to have to resign because there was no cover up after 1996. The Dublin Archdiocese's handling of clerical child sexual abuse in 1996 and for some years after was no less obscenely disgraceful than in the years which preceded 1996 and Bishop Field's appointment in 1997.
   I appreciate you may not have time to read all of the Murphy Report but if you want a flavour of what was going on in the Archdiocese of Dublin from mid 90s on I have added relevant quotes from the Murphy Report below. [Posted by Terry McKiernan at 6:56 AM, August 16, 2010] [BOOK 1995]
• BERRY, Jason. Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children; 1992. Won a Religious Public Relations Council Wilbur Award and a Catholic Press Association Book Award; 1992, Foreword by Professor Father Andrew M. Greely. Doubleday, New York. University of Illinois Press: 2000 edition, 440 pages, 6 x 9 1/4 inches (15 x 23.5 cm), Paper, ISBN 0-252-06812-2, $US19.95 (checked 07 Feb 03, Paperback $US19.95).
UNITED STATES: The Catholic Church's history of monarchical rule, grounded in celibacy, stands at a painful crossroads. The book gives mini-biographies of some abuse victims and their families, fallen priests and their bishops, lawyers for both sides, prosecutors, admirable priests and Vatican diplomats, therapists, insurers, nuns, homosexual activists, seminarians, theologians, journalists and editors, who took part as the sex abuse crimes were exposed and publicised. Jason Berry, a journalist, stumbled onto the clergy sex-abuse problem, little dreaming it was as big as it was and would involve him for years. The first part of this book follows the child molestation scandal from Father Gilbert Gauthe in Louisana, 1983, to Washington, as abuse cases and cover-ups began breaking nationwide.
   Mr Berry found that when he wrote up a $US 405,000 sex-abuse settlement by the Catholic Church on ONE FAMILY, the Campbells, around 1985, the following important news media refused to publish it: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Nation, and Mother Jones. Finally a progressive editor, Linda Matys, of Times of Acadiana, Lafayette, put him on the staff for a month, thus allowing Berry to publish in national news media after his newsitems appeared in that local paper. (page 32. For background research look at the issue of May 23, 1985.) Part two studies the political dynamics of celibacy and homosexual-heterosexual tensions in clerical culture. The final section chronicles the bishops' reaction to escalating abuse cases, and also reports a countermovement by women and men challenging them.
   Also, the 1992 edition of 408 pp, ISBN 0-385-47305-2, was available from John XXIII Co-op Ltd, , shop § j23 com au , PO Box 22, Ormond (Melbourne) Vic, 3204, Australia, for $26 (Australian) in June 2003. [1992]
HARRIS, Michael, 1991, Unholy Orders: Tragedy at Mount Cashel.    CANADA - Local headlines claim that more Catholic churches are closing their doors, this time in Cape Breton. Growing up Catholic, I sometimes wondered about the dogma. The Michael Harris book … turned innocent doubt into sickened outrage. I didn't want to believe that priests could be that deviant and the church that devious, but Harris's book was a slap in the face. … For decades, the church had kept a clean house by simply moving the dirt around from school to school and parish to parish. -- CBC News, "Mass exodus," news/viewpoint/ vp_robertson/ 20051109.html , CBC News Viewpoint | More from Vicki Robertson | November 9, 2005
CROSBY, Michael H., 1991, The Dysfunctional Church; Addiction and codependency in the family of Catholicism; Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame (Indiana, USA).   UNITED STATES: In this book the Rev. Michael Crosby argues that the Roman Catholic Church is dysfunctional because it is addicted to power and control plus the unmarried clergy method of working. Using modern writers' theories as a framework, he then uses parts of St Matthew's Gospel as a corrective. Clergy celibacy and the power structure led to the clergy child sex abuse in Newfoundland, a 1990 report states. This inquiry found that the St John's "Archdiocesan leadership did, in fact, have knowledge, since the mid-1970s, of deviant or sexually inappropriate behaviour" by clergy, but because of the clerical celibate climate of the institutional Church let it go on. A celibate Capuchin Franciscan himself, he has opposed the addiction to celibacy, power and money that is exhibited by the RC leaders. He says that like the other followers he was a co-dependent, striving to leave his co-dependency arising from the addiction of RC leaders. He uses modern thinking allied with the collegiate co-operative thinking of the early Christians as shown in The Acts and Galatians. 256 pp, 15 x 22.5 cm (6 x 9 inches), soft covers, no index, endnotes (chapter by chapter), International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 0-87793-455-x (pbk.), Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 91-71250; 1991 (to this website 24-25 Jan 2004) [1991]
BARTON, Ronald G. and LEBACQZ, Karen; 1991, Sex in the Parish; Westminister/John Knox Press, Louisville. BOSTON GLOBE book Betrayal, about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, $US 23.95 (inserted 26 Jul 02) [1991]
HUNTER, Mic, Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse, 1990, Ballantine Books, NY, NY, USA. UNITED STATES: This book addresses the spiritual dimensions of abuse. (By courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/Pokrov/ resourc. html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1990]
HODGES, Mark (Father), Forgiving, 1990, 1994; Elijah Publications, Grove City, OH, USA. UNITED STATES: Orthodox priest discusses forgiveness on a deeper level than a superficial forgive-and-forget mentality. [Note: Forgiving is available through St. Ignatius of Antioch Press, 442 South Charles St., Lima, OH 45805-3365, (419) 222-2029, Click here to go to the St. Ignatius Press Web site.] (By courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/Pokrov/ resourc.html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1990, 1994]
RUEDA, Enrique T. (Father), The Homosexual Network, 1981, 700 pages, details with extensive documentation some of the inroads made by homosexuals into the Catholic clergy 25 years ago. -- York Daily Record, story/op-ed/19895 , by DAVID M. DREW, Sunday, March 14, 2004; listed here after that date [1981]
  BLYTH, Bruce, 1997, In the Shadow of the Cross;         This is the story of VOICES (Victims of Institutionalised Cruelty, Exploitation and Supporters); how the victims of the Irish Christian Brothers' Western Australian orphanages and the United Kingdom and Malta child migrant schemes fought for justice; the scandal that ought to have cleaned up the Roman Catholic Church in Western Australia; lecherous brothers let loose on orphans and others, a police and legal system that turned its back, the brothers' names plus some facts also about priests caught for sex abuse.
238 pages, 15.5 x 22 centimetres (6 1/8 x 8 5/8 inches), soft covers, index, references and endnotes, bibliography. ISBN 0646337742 __ $24.95
   The author, Bruce Blyth (~ 80) of P & B Press, died on July 25th, 2006. [1997]

  BLYTH, Bruce, 1999, Counting the Cost. This includes the Text of the VOICES submission to the British House of Commons Health Committee inquiry in 1998 about the ill-fated British children who were sent to Australia up to 1967 and who were physically, sexually and psychologically abused and ruthlessly exploited in the R.C. Christian Brother's orphanages. The evidence shows how the Western Australian Government ignored and brushed aside reports they received from the civil service and others; 64pp, 15.2 x 22 cm (6 x 8 5/8 in), soft covers, footnotes, no index. ISBN 0-9586413-0-7 (postage and packing free) -- $15.95 [1999]
  COLDREY, Barry M., 2001, Religious Life Without Integrity; (he was ordered to take it off the Internet, but it appears at; addressing the sexual abuse crisis throughout the Catholic Church, including material from countries other than Australia; sexual problems in the seminary, gay priests and the sexual underworld, the problems of celibacy, the "Inquisition" alive and well, priests who "spill the beans" marginalised, "hush money" and the art of covering up.
(This book represents a maturing and widening of study by Dr Coldrey, who had previously been an official historian for the Christian Brothers in W.A., and who inter alia wrote The Scheme, the Christian Brothers and Childcare in Western Australia, 1993, Argyle Pacific Publishing, O'Connor, and the much franker secret report Reaping the Whirlwind which surfaced about 1995. He has researched far wider now into the worldwide Catholic Church, and his startling additional conclusions are moving a bit towards those of the U.S. R.C. Doyle-Mouton Report 1985, and of the author and former U.S. priest A.W.Richard Sipe, who stated on the ABC's "Foreign Correspondent" on 19 June 2002 that about 50% of priests were not keeping to the celibacy rule, invented in 1079 / 1123 A.D.); 82pp, 21 x 29.7 cm (8 1/4 x 11 3/4 in), soft covers, footnotes, index, bibliography. ISBN 0-9586413-1-5 -- $17.95 [2001]
Books in this group published by: P & B Press (Owner semi-retired but still operating, he said Dec 2004; but died July 25, 2006), PO Box 81, Como, WA, 6952, Australia, Tel 08 9450 2513, Fax 9226 4346
Used to publish The Needle periodically   pbpress § iinet net au

HOPKINS, Nancy Myer, and LAASER, Mark (editors), Restoring the Soul of a Church, 1995, The Order of St. Benedict, Inc. Collegeville, MN, USA. Articles about how to heal congregations, work with victims, deal with the abuser, and more. (by courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/Pokrov/ resourc.html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1995]
VANVONDEREN, Jeffrey, When God's People Let You Down / How to Rise Above Hurts That Often Occur Within the Church, 1995. (By courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/ Pokrov/ resourc.html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1995]
FORTUNE, Marie, 1989 / 1999, Is Nothing Sacred? The Story of a Pastor, the Women he Sexually Abused, and the Congregation he Nearly Destroyed; Harper, San Francisco. (Image by courtesy of Pokrov Book Recommendations www.pokrov. org/ Pokrov/ resourc.html , sighted Mar 9, 2005 [1989, 1999]
ORMEROD, Neil and Thea, 1995, When Ministers Sin; Sexual Abuse in the Churches; Millenium Books, Sydney.   It was written from a Christian perspective, covering Catholic and other Western Churches, and sex abuse of children, teenagers and adults of both genders. It compared the Church leaders' hiding reaction to what they ought to have done.
   Scriptural explanations are given covering the problem of evil, and the book argued the idea that the Old Testament demand on Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac (Genesis 22:2) arose from "compulsive religious fanaticism" (p 95), and this and the New Testament idea of the sacrificial death of Jesus could be thought of as parental child abuse. (p 97) After quoting Jesus's remarks including "whoever wishes to be first . . . must be slave of all" in Mark 10:42-45, the book states: "Until the Christian churches develop cultures and structures which minimize the possibilities of such abuse, they will not be following the example of Jesus." (p 106)
   The book also gave case histories, including abuse by non-celibate and celibate male clergy and by a nun sexually molesting a female.
   Besides listing important previous books and articles on the subject, the book stated that the three key books about pastoral sexual abuse were by Marie Fortune 1989, Peter Rutter 1989, and Karen Lebacqz and Ronald G. Barton 1991. (p xi) The preface was by Dorothy McRae-McMahon, national director for mission, Uniting Church in Australia. Neil Ormerod was listed as a theologian and author, dean of studies, St Paul's Seminary, Sydney, and Thea Ormerod with a degree in social work worked as a domestic violence project officer. They had four children; 178 plus xiv pp, 15 x 23 cm (6 x 9 inches), soft covers, footnotes, no index, select bibliography. $13.20 from Elizabeth's, Perth, Mar 2003 (previous price $19.95). [1995]
• PORTER, Dr Muriel, 2003, Sex, Power and the Clergy,   AUSTRALIA: This was written by an insider, tells the story of the current crisis and asks the hard questions: why have Church leaders failed again and again to deal with sexual abuse? Is celibacy to blame in the Catholic Church? Is unfettered clergy power and lack of accountability a factor? Or is the true cause much deeper - the Churches' failure to come to terms with their ancient suspicion of both women and sexuality? $29.95 including GST from Anglican Media Bookshop.
   "Dr Porter also wrote Sex, Marriage and the Church: Patterns of Change, $18.65 inc GST. Muriel Porter knows well the resistance of churches in dealing with very sensitive and explosive issues. She's an active Anglican who has sat on church synods, she is married to priest Brian Porter, and she's a journalist and author.
   Muriel has been awarded the Order of Australia for her advocacy of women's and social justice issues in the church, and she is the author of many books, including her latest, Sex, Power and the Clergy." -- Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Religion, The Spirit of Things, "Sex, Power and the Clergy," rn/relig/spirit/ stories/s841561.htm , with Rachael Kohn, on Sunday 4 May 2003.
   The book's launch was reported in The Melbourne Anglican, "Sexual abuse: a question of power," by Roland Ashby, pp 1 and 3, June 2003.
   The above book is also available for $29.95 at St John's Books, Highgate Court, 26 Queen St, (behind Travelworld) Fremantle,W.A.; Tel 08 9335 1982, freo § tpg com au ; ; advertisement The Anglican Messenger, Perth, W. Australia, p 16, Sep 2003 [2003]
ROSE, Michael S., 2002, Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church; Regnery Publishing, Washington.   UNITED STATES: The child sex-abuse crimes in the U.S. and some causes. Some U.S. seminaries prefer their versions of "diversity", "inclusion," and "tolerance" to traditional clean holy living.
  He tells of a seminarian, John Bollard, who sued people in a Jesuit seminary for sexual harassment! (pp 21-22, 82). [Page 21 says he told KGO-TV on Aug 14 97, but p 82 said the matter was made public during his appearance on CBS's 60 Minutes in May 1999.] And the harassment was of a homosexual kind! Another man was sexually harassed so much at a seminary that he obtained a restraining order from the court! (p 69)
  A health professional who was also the Master of a Masonic Lodge (long opposed by Catholicism) and had lapsed from the Church, Dr Joseph Wicker, was deciding on admissions to a Cincinnati seminary. (pp 34-35)
  One seminarian got into trouble with the authorities at Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon, when he refused to study a book they said was part of the course, but which showed men performing oral sex! (p 52)
  Senior seminarians expected the juniors to be their sex-partners. A man who raped two novices was promoted to "dean of novices." (p 84) Students who affirmed the standard Catholic teaching on sex, authority, and the sacraments were marked down as out-of-date, and some were expelled.
  The rosary, visits to the chapel, and having a picture of the pope in your room were actively discouraged in some seminaries! Throughout the book examples are given of such un-Catholic and/or un-Christian behaviour being reported to heads of orders and bishops, but no corrective action was taken. A huge inquiry ordered by the Vatican was staffed by U.S. people, and was a whitewash.
  The non-traditional teachers and students problem also allegedly existed in Louvain, Europe. Several facts about the sex-abuse scandal are detailed, too. $54.95 from Fidelity, fidelity § j23 com au, online book store , PO Box 22, Ormond, Vic, 3204, Australia; 276 pp, 15 x 23 cm (6" x 9"), hard covers and dust jacket, index, references/notes, ISBN 0-89526-144-8, Dewey 262.142
  [ADDENDUM: Lawyers for the American College at Louvain, Belgium, are asserting that Fr David Windsor was defamed in this book -- Fidelity, Oct 2002, p 9, reprinted from The Wanderer, Aug 1 2002. END of ADDENDUM] [2002]
THE RECTOR of The American College at Louvain Responds to Michael S. Rose's Goodbye, Good Men's%20 Response%20to%20Goodbye,%20 Good%20Men.htm "It is with sadness that I am obliged in the interests of justice and truth to respond briefly to scurrilous charges made against The American College of the Immaculate Conception, its students, and faculty members in the book Goodbye, Good Men, by Michael S. Rose. First of all, the former student upon whose testimony the allegations are based was dismissed from The American College seminary program with just and reasonable cause. The Formation Faculty's professional decision to dismiss him in June 2000 was unanimous." (and more) -- Very Reverend Kevin A. Codd, Rector
MICHAEL ROSE responds to critics of Goodbye, Good Men; Defends accuracy and says critics did not do their homework. Lifesite News ldn/2002/dec/ 02121806.html , Dec 17 02. Some of the critics allegedly had not even read the book, but got their criticisms into print. Or go direct to each response: www.cruxnews. com/crisis printer.html , www.cruxnews. com/register printer.html , www.cruxnews. com/scurrilous. html , and www.cruxnews. com/goodbye. html [2002]
• GREELEY, Andrew , 1999, Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest.
   CHICAGO (IL) -- Catholic attorney Sheila Parkhill, who for the past few years has been gathering information and evidence to eventually expose a clergy pedophile ring in the Chicago area, received an online greeting card from unknown individuals that she believes was a threat to her and her husband's safety.
   The ring has been alluded to by priest-novelist-columnist Andrew Greeley -- an acquaintance of Pellegrini -- in his 1999 non-fiction book Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest (page 80):
   The ring, known as The Boys' Club, was probably connected to the unsolved 1984 stabbing murder of Chicago professor and choir director Francis Pellegrini, a day before a scheduled meeting with the then Chicago archdiocese vicar for priests.
   -- Renew America, "Attorney investigating clergy pedophile ring was threatened," www.renew columns/ abbott/ 060224 , by Matt C. Abbott, February 24, 2006 [1999]
• MOORE, Chris, 1995, Betrayal of Trust: The Father Brendan Smyth Affair and the Catholic Church; Marino, ISBN 186023027X .         BELFAST, DUBLIN, and the UNITED STATES: A summary of the affair by Free Definition ( Brendan-Smyth.html ) follows:
   Father Brendan Smyth (1927-1997) was a Northern Ireland-born Norbertine Order Catholic priest.
   In one of the worst cases of active paedophilia in the priesthood, Smyth systematically raped hundreds of children in parishes in Belfast, Dublin and the United States.
   The Norbertines, also known as the Presonstratensians, were alerted in the late 1940s that Smyth, who has joined the Order in 1945, had sexually abused children.
   However they declined to report him to the Garda Siochána (the Republic of Ireland's police force), or the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the RUC, the police force in Northern Ireland).
   Instead he was moved from parish to parish and between dioceses whenever allegations were made against him.
   In some cases, the Order did not inform the diocesan bishop in Ireland or the United States that the priest they had supplied to his diocese had a history of paedophilia and should be kept away from children.
   His final exposure led to the collapse of an Irish government when the incompetent handling of an extradition request from the RUC by the Irish Attorney-General's office led to a further delay of some months in Smyth facing trial.
   An award-winning UTV Counterpoint programme on the affair by journalist Chris Moore (which was followed up by a book), accused the head of the Norbertines and the Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh of gross mishandling of Smyth, the Norbertine's negligence and failure to tell others of his longstanding paedophilia enabling Smyth to sexually abuse large numbers of children freely for forty years.
   When Smyth some years later died in prison, the Norbertines felt it necessary to hold his funeral late at night, with his grave then covered in cement, to avoid drawing abusive crowds, or people who might vandalise the grave. In the aftermath, in less than a decade, Ireland's Mass attendance rate plummeted from 68% to 48%. [1995]
• LEBACQZ, Karen, and BARTON, Ronald G. Sex in the Parish 1991. See Barton [1991]
• ROSSETTI, Stephen (ed), Slayer of the Soul: Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church; 1990, Twenty-Third Publications, Mystic. [1990]
• RUTTER, Peter; Sex in the Forbidden Zone: When Men in Power -- Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers and others -- Betray Women's Trust; 1989, Mandala, London. [1989]

BOOK opposing Celibacy for Catholic Clergy:-
• HERMAND, Pierre, The Priest: Celibate or Married, 1965, Dartman Longman & Todd, London; Translation © Dartman Longman & Todd; a Libra Book. First published by Calmann-Lévy (Paris) 1963 under the title Condition du Prêtre: mariage ou célibat? Also published in the Netherlands. [1965]

PRIEST'S BOOK on Roman Catholic Church and his life, commenting adversely on celibacy, and hinting in favour of women clergy:-

• GAINE, Tom, and BRENNAN, Elizabeth, 2002, Winter has passed,

  Published by Elizabeth Brennan, Perth, Western Australia.        Winter has passed, Fr Tom GAINE and Ms Elizabeth BRENNAN; Cover of Irish reprint
   The recollections of Father Thomas Gaine (born 1929), trained in Ireland, officiated mainly in Western Australia, who retired in June 2001, returning to his family farm at Kenmare, Ireland.
   "In my opinion, celibacy should not be a prerequisite for Priesthood. … I do not believe that a celibate is necessarily a better Priest. … Of course there have been times when I have been lonely. … it should not be imposed, it should be freely chosen.  Unfortunately, we have lost some wonderful young -- and not so young -- men who were loving, caring, sensitive Priests." (p 143)
   "I pray that in the future, in whatever way that future experiences the Priesthood -- celibate or not, open to women or not -- …" (p 161)
   "Yes, I would have loved family life and a partner to help me in my vocation as a Priest. … I do believe that Priests should be able to marry if they wish.  And I do believe that the time is not too far off when celibacy for Priests of the Catholic Church will no longer be obligatory.  I pray for that day." (p 247)
   "Untold damage has been done to so many by Priests and Religious who got through the net, and their actions and behaviour have left a trail of damaged lives in their wake.  My earnest prayer is that the Church Authorities begin to really listen to the people …" (p 249)
   Orders to 4 / 4 Maybole Court, Greenwood, WA, 6024, Australia. 254pp, 14.8 x 21 cm (5 3/4 x 8 1/4 in), soft covers, no index or footnotes, ISBN 0-9581026-0-0, $15 plus $4.50 postage and packing.  Later reprinted in Ireland, without photographs.
   [The Rev T. Gaine: His death in Ireland was the subject of death notices on October 11 and 12, 2010.] [2002]

Book covering sexuality and other feelings of ex-Catholics
BISHOP, Sherry, Immaculate Misconceptions.   
   More than 15 million Catholics have made the decision to leave the Church permanently, yet so many still struggle with the conflicting issues of their Catholic upbringings and a painful legacy of Catholic guilt. This is a healing book that takes an honest look at the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of numerous former Catholics as they deal with these important issues.
   Incorporates interviews and anecdotes with exercises to help former Catholics face and cope with psychological and emotional factors like shame, sexuality, self-doubt, and guilt, this manual also stresses the importance of integrating what was valuable about being raised within the Church. Special advice and help for the victims of childhood abuse are also included.
   Visit: for access to printable order form. Or Telephone Orders: 1-800-571-3422; Fax Orders: (360) 683-2568; Mail Orders: Veranda Press, RE: Immaculate Misconceptions by Sherry Bishop, P.O. Box 626, Carlsborg, WA 98324, USA [? year]

BOOKS on general child abuse:-
• MULLINAR, Liz, and HOPKINSON, Simon, The Liz Mullinar Story, 1997,    Hodder & Stoughton, Rydalmere NSW, 302pp, $25, with index, hard cover. Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA), asca § hunterlink net au PO Box 361, Cessnock, NSW, 2325, Australia. [inserted 10 Nov 02] [1997]
• MULLINAR, Liz, and HUNT, Candida, Breaking the Silence, 1997,    Hodder & Stoughton, Rydalmere (NSW) Australia, 326pp, $20, no index, soft cover. Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA), as above. [inserted 10 Nov 02] [1997]


Shocking documentaries about paedophile priests led to probes

  - RCC. TV documentaries.   
   Irish Independent, http://www. independent. ie/national- news/shocking- documentaries- about-paedophile- priests-led-to- probes-1595180.html ; by John Cooney, Thursday January 08 2009
   IRELAND -- THE controversy raging over the Church's handling of child sex abuse allegations has its roots in three powerful television documentaries broadcast more than a decade ago.
   'Dear Daughter', 'Sex in a Cold Climate' and 'States of Fear' caused huge public outrage in the early 1990s at the scale of cover-ups of child clerical abuse by bishops and religious superiors.
   The storm of public indignation at 'the sins of the Fathers and the Sisters' perpetrated behind the closed doors of parish houses, monasteries, seminaries and industrial schools led to the announcement in 1995 by the Government of its intention to set up a Commission of Inquiry. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on January 8, 2009 2:24 AM]

Facing Fears in the Orthodox Community

  - Orthodox Judaism. Fictional movie "Narrow Bridge."  
   The Observer, Clara Hersh, December 30, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- In the film "Narrow Bridge," writer and director Israel Moskovits confronts the controversial issue of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish world. Moskovits plays the protagonist, Daniel Schneider, a philosophy major attending secular college. He meets Rachel Goldberg (Samantha Leshin) in a philosophy class. The pair quickly forges a bond discussing philosophy and religion, enhanced by the fact that they are seemingly the two Jews on campus. While Rachel has not grown up religious, she is interested in learning more about her heritage. Daniel helps Rachel learn about Judaism and both grow to admire each other over the process, during which they begin dating and eventually become engaged.
   Their relationship has its complexities. Rachel is quick to open up to Daniel and divulge her past, but Daniel is very elusive about his life before college. Whenever Rachel asks about his past, Daniel evades her questions and hastily changes the subject. A flashback reveals that the reason for Daniel's elusiveness is because when he was young, Rabbi Kaufman, a teacher whom he trusted and who had helped him in his struggle with Judaism, had one day offered him a ride home, then took a detour and sexually abused him.
   When Rachel goes home with Daniel to meet his parents, Daniel is once again confronted with his childhood trauma, as well as Rabbi Kaufman himself. This throws Daniel into a state of panic. He starts to fight with his mother and fiancé and draws away from them. His behavior is so erratic that Rachel begins to question whether or not she made a mistake accepting Daniel's marriage proposal.
National Catholic Reporter, The Independent Newsweekly, Established 1964, The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company, 115 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111, USA

For anyone who imagines that only one or two Churches are facing accusations of child sex abuse, please check:
"Paying for the sins of the Fathers," Anglican (equivalent to Church of England and Episcopalian Church), Roman Catholic Church, United Church, and Presbyterian Church in Canada all face child sex and physical abuse compensation claims for $CAD 1000m, while Australian Anglican dioceses are facing ruin: The Weekend Australian, March 2-3 2002, page 23
"Abuse of Trust: Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches," Background Briefing; Catholic Archbishop of Denver U.S.A. apologises to victims of Church sexual misconduct; Australian Anglican Primate says abuse claims could bankrupt dioceses in Australia as in Canada: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, April 14, 2002
The Governor-General, former Anglican archbishop Peter Hollingworth, apologises to abused woman: The West Australian, Mar 2, 2002, p 8
Guidelines to handling non-marital carnal activity of Church workers:
Perpetrators' List of Australian campaigner Clare Pascoe Henderson:
Broken Rites Australian support group for those abused in a Church setting: Box 163, Rosanna, Vic 3084; 02 4990 9030
Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA), Australian general support group, i.e., not specifically targeted on abuse in a Church setting (most perpetrators are family, acquaintances, teachers, etc.): Box 361, Cessnock, NSW 2325; 1300 657 380, 02 4990 9030
PARKINSON, Patrick (Prof), author of Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches; Sydney, 2nd edition 2003, about/ staff/ Patrick Parkinson
   DEFINITION: "ISBN" means International Standard Book Number.


ANCHOR LIST (After reading an article, use Browser's "Back" button to return to Anchor List)
Amchurch Comes Out; The U.S. Bishops, Pedophile Scandals and the Homosexual Agenda; Paul LIKOUDIS; 2002
• The Bush Orphanage; Book by John HAWKINS.  W. AUSTRALIA: At age 7, removed from Southampton, England, to the Christian Brothers Roman Catholic order near Perth, W. Australia, and then to the orphange in the bush, Tardun.  His research showed that the authorities knew of the child abuse nearly all the time. 2009
• A Chip off What Block? A child migrant's tale, by Laurie Humphreys. BRITAIN and W. AUSTRALIA [????]
Empty Cradles; Book by Margaret Humphreys, about the British export of children. Oct 1996
Fear of the Collar: The True Story of the Boy They Couldn't Break. IRELAND: The infamous Artane Industrial School of cruelty and sex abuse. 2007
Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children. Community Affairs References Committee, Australia, SENATE COMMITTEE REPORT; 2004
• The Forgotten Children; Fairbridge Farm School and its betrayal of Australia's child migrants.  BRITAIN and AUSTRALIA. 2007
Founded on Fear: Letterfrack Industrial School, War and Exile; A childhood stolen, a life destroyed.  IRELAND, ENGLAND, and World War II biography, by Peter Tyrrell.  Cruelty, malnourishment, and sex-abuse at the hands of "Christians." 2006 and 2008
• The Holy Terrors, by a victim, Michael Clemenger. IRELAND. 2009
Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith.  U.S.A.: Rome's change to celibacy was illegal, and it has failed. By Edgar DAVIE. 2010
• The Irish Gulag.; How the State Betrayed its Innocent Children. IRELAND. By Bruce Arnold. The industrial schools, orphanages, etc., where the Irish State left children to the R. C. Church. 2009
Occasions of Sin; Sex and Society in Modern Ireland, by Diarmaid FERRITER. 2009
Oranges and Sunshine MOVIE about Margaret Humphreys' brave fight to reunite the child deportees from the British Isles with their mothers.  BRITISH ISLES and AUSTRALIA: The British Government and orphanage operators in Europe and Australia told lies in the enforced deportation of more than 130,000 children to Australia and other parts of the British Empire.  Jun 10, 2011
Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church's 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse.  WORLDWIDE: For centuries the RCC has kept records of clergy paedophilia and other seduction, so the leaders knew all about it and all along, in spite of their denials since 2002.   May 2006
Sons of Perdition, by Jay NELSON.  NEW MEXICO, U.S.A. 2009
This Little Light; Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and his Gang; by Christa BROWN.  U.S.A. 2009
• The Unbreakable Child! STARRED REVIEW for Kim Michele Richardson's book. 2011
Unholy Orders: Tragedy at Mount Cashel, by HARRIS, Michael.  NEWFOUNDLAND, Canada. RCC moved the "dirt" from place to place. 1991
Winter has passed, GAINE, Tom, and BRENNAN, Elizabeth, 2002.  AUSTRALIA AND IRELAND: An RC priest's biography, and quiet opposition to celibacy, and hint to include women as clergy. 2002
USA memory jogger: AK = Alaska; CO = Colorado; IA = Iowa; ME = Maine; MN = Minnesota; MO = Missouri; MT = Montana; NE = Nebraska.
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