References (1) Clergy and other Child Molesters

25 A.D. approx.: Jesus said: "But anyone who is the downfall of one of these little ones who have faith in me, it would be better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck, and that he were drowned in the deep sea. … alas for that man who provides the causes of falling." (Bible, Matthew 18:6, 7; and see Mark 9:42; Luke 17:2.  In the R.C. Douay instead of "the downfall of" the word is "scandalize", and in the AV / King James it is "offend".)
Around that time: Jesus said: "You have heard how it was said, You shall not commit adultery. But I say this to you, if a man looks at a woman lustfully, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Matthew 5:27-28)
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2nd Century A.D. book: The Didache, supposedly the oldest existing commentary on the gospels, early second century, commands in item 2.2: "Thou shalt not seduce young boys." (pronounce Didache "di dah KAY".) -- adapted from Barry Coldrey book, Religious Life Without Integrity, 2002, P & B Press, Como (W.A.), page 27.
   (Some years after he wrote the above book, Barry Coldrey started a website: . Checked in 2010)
   A list of online translations of the Didache is at didache.html .  Some variant translations found on the Internet are: "You will not sodomize young boys" at didache.htm , "you shall not seduce boys" 1998-01Didache.html , "thou shalt not corrupt boys" text/didache-lightfoot.html and noncanon/fathers/ante-nic/ didache.htm , "thou shalt not corrupt youth" OrthodoxPage/reading/St.Pachomius/ Liturgical/didache.html , and "you shall not commit pederasty" at fathers/0714.htm .
309 A.D., Council of Elvira, expulsion proposed: The earliest Church council after the Council of Jerusalem for which records exist took place at Elvira in 309 A.D.  This council proposed irrevocable* exclusion for those who sexually abuse boys (Canon 71).  That is, they were not to receive the Sacrament of Communion even at the point of death. (Based on Religious Life Without Integrity, p 27, Barry Coldrey, 2001, ISBN 0-9586413-1-5, $17.95, P & B Press, PO Box 81, Como, WA, 6952 Tel 08 9450 2513, Fax 9226 4346 . (This website seems to be closed now -jcm 21 Oct 2010)  See integrity-toc.html [Seek elsewhere, not working now - June 2006] )
  * People who doubt irrevocable exclusion (i.e., permanent excommunication) is authentic Jesus teaching could check Matthew 12:32 "shall not be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come," Hebrews 6:4-6 "impossible to renew them to repentance," and 1 John 5:16-17 "there is a sin that means death, no prayer for that."
Middle Ages: Father Thomas Doyle, a United States canon lawyer who has testified on behalf of plaintiffs in some 200 sex-abuse lawsuits, states that in the Middle Ages Irish monks of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) published penitential books for handling confessions. Several of the tomes, according to Doyle, refer to sexual crimes committed by clerics against boys and girls. One widely-used volume, known as the Penitential of Bede, advises clerics who sodomize children to repent their sins by subsisting on nothing more than bread and water for anywhere from three to 12 years. "The reason sexual abuse of minors is in these books," says Doyle, "is because it was a problem." Refer Kristen Lombardi, "Failure to Act," part 1, The Phoenix, 126 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A., October 4 - 11, 2001, <www.­­boston/­news_fe­atures/­top/fea­tures/d­ocument­s/01847­612.htm>

1908: Did Chesterton warn early in 20th century?

  Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags   The RCC convert and apologist, essayist, critic, and novelist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) linked protection of children (prophetically?) and his doubts about celibacy in his book Orthodoxy, 1908. He also noted the connection between "virginity" beliefs and paganism: "I have not myself any instinctive kinship with that enthusiasm for physical virginity, . . . Paganism . . . Greeks . . . Artemis . . . Romans . . . vestals . . . (p 269) For any man who loves children will agree that their peculiar beauty is hurt by a hint of physical sex. . . . It takes all sorts to make a church; she does not ask me to be celibate. . . . I have no appreciation of the celibates . . ." (p 270) -- Orthodoxy, Gilbert K. Chesterton, 1949 (first edition 1908), Bodley Head, London, pp 269-70.
1920: Christian Brother sentenced in Perth:   Australia flag; /  Western Australia, State flag; Aust. Nat. Flag Assn.  In December 1920, RCC Brother Philip Carmody was sentenced by the Supreme Court in Perth, Western Australia, to nine years gaol on three charges of "indecent dealing beyond the course of nature" at Clontarf. -- Barry Coldrey, book The Scheme: The Christian Brothers and Childcare in Western Australia, pp 385-388, 1993, Argyle Pacific Publishing, O'Connor, Western Australia, cited in Bruce Blyth, book In the Shadow of the Cross, p 73, (1997 P & B Press, PO Box 81, Como, WA, 6952, ISBN 0646337741, $24.95)

MODERN ALERTS -- 1947 W. Australian Government, 1954 W. Australia Brothers, 1967 U.S. bishops invited to hear at Notre Dame University, 1971 R.C. worldwide Synod of Bishops, 1975 and 1988-89 Newfoundland R.Cs., 1983-84 Protestant Clergy, 1984-85 then 1993 U.S. R.Cs., 1987 West Australia Protestants and R.Cs., 2001 world and U.K. R.Cs.

1947: Western Australian Government told child immigration had undesirable effects: In 1947 the Secretary of the Child Welfare Department of Western Australia wrote to his Minister about the proposal to resume bringing child migrants to Catholic institutions: "The 1938-39 scheme in many ways was disastrous. Children brought out under this scheme became anti-social, anti-Australian and anti-Christ, and some of them unfortunately have returned to the Old Country, not at all satisfied with the treatment received at the hands of the authorities here. This at all costs must be avoided in the future." Refer Bruce Blyth (pp 10-11), book In the Shadow of the Cross, (1997).
1954: Australian Christian Brothers' leaders knew: Ireland, Republic of / Eire, flag;   In 1954 Brother P.L.Duffy, an assistant to the R.C.C. Christian Brothers' Superior-General in Ireland, wrote to Brother Carroll, a member of the local council in Melbourne: " … I think you would be well advised to let Brother L. O'Doherty know during the next visitation of the desirability of keeping Brother Lambert Wise away from all supervision of the boys except, perhaps, when they are in the field. His relations with boys have given rise for concern before and for everybody's sake the greatest care should be taken to protect both him and the boys." Brother O'Doherty, one-time principal of Castledare and Clontarf in Western Australia, was asked during a Melbourne court case in 1994 if he had received this direction, but he said he had not. Refer Bruce Blyth (pp 100-01), (1997), In the Shadow of the Cross
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1964: Father James Porter (U.S.).  United States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  In March 1964, Monsignor Humberto Medeiros -- later R.C.C. archbishop of Boston, and later again a cardinal -- admitted to Bishop Connolly that Porter had molested 30 or 40 children during his years at St. Mary's. (Some published estimates place the number at more than 100.) Still, no action was taken, until Porter embarrassed the church with his arrest for molesting a 13-year-old boy in New Hampshire. State police obliged the church by escorting Porter to the Massachusetts border and setting him free. -- The Crime Library, "Father James Porter: Pedophile Priest," Michael Newton, . Month the abuse was advised by Mons. Medeiros to Bishop Connolly was March 1964
1967: Public discussion in U.S.A.: "The first [U.S.] public discussion of priest sexual abuse of minors was at a meeting sponsored by the National Association for Pastoral Renewal held … [U.S.] Notre Dame University in 1967. All American Catholic bishops were invited to that meeting." -- A. W. Richard Sipe, psychotherapist (member RCC Benedictine order 1953-70), in the Sipe Report, paragraph 22, [Seek elsewhere - June 2006]
1971: United States RC bishops were told that big percentage of priests needed character development; Church in Crisis; Bishop Gumbleton remembers
   National Catholic Reporter,, "Church in Crisis," , spoken by Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, on May 25, 2002, at Lexington MA, posted June 17, 2002
   LEXINGTON (MA): . . . [Small extract of long speech] I can remember very clearly the meeting we held in 1971 when the chief authors of the sociological and psychological studies made a presentation to the Catholic bishops. That psychological study should have been an exceptionally helpful eye opener for the Catholic bishops. It categorized, from a psychological development perspective, what the priesthood in the United States looked like. At one end of the spectrum are maldeveloped priests. And according to the study, there were about 7 or 8% of the priests in the United States who were seriously maldeveloped. Then there was a very large category -- 65-66% of the priests in the United States who were described as underdeveloped. And then another category of about 13-14% or so that were developing persons. At the other end of the spectrum about 7 or 8% of priests who would be termed developed persons. [Apologies for not recording this sooner - jcm 25 Jan 04. For a long summary of his points, "visit" at the publication date, June 17, 2002]
(Check 1972.) He said that the US bishops' conference he referred to was in 1971.

1971: Baars tells global R.C. bishops in Rome, after treating 1500 priests:

  Vatican City / Papal flag;  United  States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  "In 1971, psychiatrist Conrad Baars traveled to the Vatican, where he presented the first of two studies about the US priesthood to the Synod of Bishops, an assembly of bishops from around the world. Baars based his research on 40 years' experience treating 1500 priests. He found that 20 to 25 percent of American clergy members had serious psychiatric problems, while 60 to 70 percent suffered emotional immaturity -- by which Baars meant 'an insufficiently developed or distorted emotional life.' According to his report, The Role of the Church in the Causation, Treatment, and Prevention of the Crisis of the Priesthood, these priests often exhibited a 'psychosexual immaturity expressed in hetero- or homosexual activity,' as well as in 'masturbation, sexual impotence or frigidity … or sexual exploits'." Refer Kristen Lombardi, October 4 - 11 2001 <www.­­boston/­news_fe­atures/­top/fea­tures/d­ocument­s/01847­612.htm>
1972: Kennedy tells U.S. bishops: Twelve months later, Baars's findings were mirrored in an exhaustive study about the state of mind of American priests, The Catholic Priest in the United States: Psychological Investigations, which the NCCB had commissioned in 1969. Eugene Kennedy, a former priest and psychologist reported that 66 percent of priests were underdeveloped psychologically and emotionally, while another eight percent were maldeveloped. In a separate interview, Kennedy says his work pinpointed priests with major psychosexual development problems. Kristen Lombardi, October 4 - 11, 2001, <www.­­boston/­news_fe­atures/­top/fea­tures/d­ocument­s/01847­612.htm>
1972: In U.S., Paraclete staff training to deal with child sex-abuse priests. Kristen Lombardi, "Failure to Act," part 3, The Phoenix, Boston, October 4 - 11, 2001, <www.­­boston/­news_fe­atures/­top/fea­tures/d­ocument­s/01847­612.htm>
1975: Newfoundland 1975 cover-upCanada flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  Newfoundland (Canadian province) flag;   Christian Brothers Mount Cashel orphanage in St John's, Newfoundland, had been the subject of a formal 1975 cover-up of explicit allegations of widespread abuse at that time. Refer Dr Barry Coldrey (p. 4), book Religious Life Without Integrity, (2001) [Seek Linkup archives elsewhere - June 2006]
1976: Paracletes, New Mexico, launched two programmes for paedophilic priests; Kristen Lombardi, October 4 - 11, 2001, boston/news_ features/top/ features/ documents/ 01847613.htm
1978: Melbourne priest Father Michael Glennon in 1978 served seven months of a two-year sentence for indecently assaulting a ten-year-old girl. (See 1985 and 1991 for the facts on his resuming priestly office, and then being charged and convicted again for child sex. See 2003 for end of news blackout, and total of offences rising to 50.)
1978: Priest alerted Australian RC bishop about sex-abusing priest from 1978 but he was not stopped. Phil O'Donnell, for 24 years a priest, said his Church superiors let the priest continue, and the perpetrator kept doing it, and Fr O'Donnell kept alerting the Church authorities. More kids got abused. The Church had a strategy of denial and rejection, he said. See June 9 2002 screening of "60 Minutes," Richard Carleton, TV Channel 9 http://sixty minutes.ninemsn. minutes/ stories/ 2002_06_09/ story_610.asp
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1981: Book on the homosexual incursion into the RC Church's US seminaries.   "One of the priests who assist us at Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission, Fr. Enrique T. Rueda, wrote the book, The Homosexual Network, a 700-page work published in 1981 that details with extensive documentation some of the inroads made by homosexuals into the Catholic clergy 25 years ago." -- York Daily Record, , by David M. Drew, Sunday, March 14, 2004
1983-84: Half Protestant clergy at fault, see "Cease Clergy Sexual Abuse" website at www.advocate csa.htm by Frances Park, including a doctoral thesis by Richard Blackmon, saying that 50 per cent of Protestant clergy responding to a survey admitted to having sexual contact with parishioners (adult as well as child), written in 1983-84

1985: The seeming sanctity of the Catholic Church

  (U.S.A.) received a huge crack in 1985 with the grotesque revelations coming out of the swampy Cajun country in rural Louisiana about Fr Gilbert Gauthe who had molested scores of boys. His story was picked up by the major news wire services, the television networks, and the print media. See "Survivors of Clergy Abuse in Catholic Seminaries" at

1985: Michael Glennon: In Australia, there was huge adverse publicity

    regarding the repeat offender Father Michael Glennon when he faced new charges for sexually interfering with five boys and one girl aged 12 to 16. The trial was aborted when broadcaster Derryn Hinch publicised Glennon's previous offence/s (see 1978 above). Hinch was gaoled for 12 days and fined $15,000 for contempt of court. Glennon was eventually tried in 1991, found guilty of attempted anal penetration and two counts of bu**ery with violence and without consent, being sentenced to nine years gaol. Refer Bruce Blyth (1997, p 111), In the Shadow of the Cross; event 1985
1985: National Catholic Reporter U.S.A. saw the Sex Abuse Crisis in 1985,   and named molesting priests in an attempt to get the bishops to act: "Priest child abuse cases victimizing families; bishops lack policy response." In cases throughout the nation, the Catholic church is facing scandals and being forced to pay millions of dollars in claims to families whose sons have been molested by Catholic priests. These are serious and damaging matters that have victimized the young and innocent and fuel old suspicions against the Catholic church and a celibate clergy. But a related and broader scandal seemingly rests with local bishops and a national Episcopal leadership that has, as yet, no set policy on how to respond to these cases. As the articles in this issue show:
  • All too often, complaints against the priest involved are disregarded by the bishops, or the priest is given the benefit of a doubt.
  • Frequently, local bishops exhibit little concern for the traumatic effects these molestations have on the boys and their families -- even though mental disturbances and, in one recent case, suicide, have followed such molestations.
  • Only legal threats and lawsuits seem capable of provoking some local bishops into taking firm actions against the priests. In some cases reported here, the priests, once identified for their offenses, have been moved to other parishes and again placed in positions of responsibility.
  • In a decision following considerable internal discussion, the National Catholic Reporter decided to publish the names of the priests involved, though not those of the boys and their families. In each case, these priests have already been named in open court or in legal depositions, and they have been the subjects of national wire service or national magazine coverage. … Publication at this length comes in order to explain the extent of the serious nature of the problems involved *** The possibility of exorbitant insurance premiums for all dioceses resulting from the current crop of civil and criminal cases. In April, Wilfred Caron, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) general counsel, was in Lafayette, La., to meet with insurance lawyers preparing to admit liability in that dioceseís suits. Caron has to monitor the pace and extent of criminal and civil suits filed in other dioceses across the country. (Caron did not return NCRís calls.) -- National Catholic Reporter, Kansas City, MO, "Sex Abuse Crisis: Priest child abuse cases victimizing families; bishops lack policy response." , by Jason Berry, Mark Day, Gordon Oliver, and Arthur Jones, June 7 1985
    1985: PROBLEM OF SEXUAL MOLESTATION report to US bishops: UNITED STATES: Because of unease arising out of the publicity, three professionals decided to help the Catholic bishops understand the problem, with suggestions for future action. They wrote a confidential report warning of the spiritual, credibility and financial dangers to the Church. It was sent to every U.S. Catholic bishop in 1985 and discussed at the bishops' national conference. The authors were Father Gauthe's solicitor F.R.Mouton, Church law expert Father Thomas P. Doyle, and Father M. Peterson, the founder of a Maryland institute for sexually-troubled priests. Father Doyle from 1986 onwards publicised the lack of action by the bishops, and his career entered the doldrums, but he became a miliary chaplain. Refer Barry Coldrey (pp 2-3), Religious Life Without Integrity, (2001); and see Kristen Lombardi, October 4 - 11, 2001,
       Read the above-mentioned report on-line: "The Problem of Sexual Molestation by Roman Catholic Clergy: Meeting the problem in a comprehensive and responsible manner," in 4 parts, starting (PDF requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™), Final draft June 8-9, 1985

    1986: Alarming rise in child sex abuse [in general]. PERTH, W. Australia: State Government figures showed 995 cases of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and neglect in the year to June 30. And at least 200 other cases were handled by the police, resulting in 426 charges being laid against 152 people. Dr Barbara Meddin, a US child protection specialist now working with the Community Services Department, put a lot of the cause down to defacto partnerships, due to the lack of commitment. -- The Western Mail No. 303, Perth, "Alarming rise in child sex abuse," by Norm Aisbett, pp 1 and 12, August 23-24, 1986
    1986: Jason Berry wins the 1986 U.S. Catholic Press Association Award for his coverage of clerical sex abuse. [1986]

    1987: Australia -- The History of the Sexual Abuse Controversy there: Australia flag;  Community attention in Western Australia was first drawn to child migration, and to the complaints of abusive behaviour in some of the state's religious residential care, in an exposé in The Western Mail (Weekend), of August 8-9 1987 p 20, followed by Aug 15-16 pp 26-27, Aug 22-23 pp 24-25, and Aug 29-30 p 26. A former child migrant, Gordon Grant (Nigel Fitzgibbon), had interested the editor, André Malan, in the problems child migrants were having as a result of their earlier experiences. Under emotive headings such as 'The lost children Britain sent away to Australia,' 'The faceless kids of Fairbridge Farm' and 'The nightmare at Bindoon' the articles revealed an underside of Western Australian residential care which had lain dormant for 30 and more years. Some former inmates denounced child migration as such 'robbing them of their identity'; others claimed horrific physical and sexual abuse in the institutions in which they were placed. The focus was on the Christian Brothers' St. Joseph's Farm and Trade School, Bindoon; Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra; and Nazareth House, Geraldton. See Barry Coldrey, Religious Life Without Integrity, page 5 (2001) [Seek these archives elsewhere - June 2006]
    1987: Child Migrants Trust set up in UK. Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags   In Britain, Margaret Humphreys, county council social worker for Nottingham, learning that children as young as four had been shipped off to Australia, and told they had no family, set up this Trust. Abuse, -- sexual, physical, and psychological -- was the lot of many of the child migrants. Falsehoods were the order of the day. She worked to reunite the now-adult migrants with their mothers. (See p 53 in "The shameful tale of our child migrants," Australian Reader's Digest, pp 52-58, October 1996.)
       [LOOK FORWARD: Elsewhere on this website find her book, a film made about her successful campaign to reunite them with their mothers, and her receiving an honorary Australian honour.  ENDS.]

    1987: Newfoundland prosecutions.

      Canada flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  Newfoundland (Canadian province) flag;   In Newfoundland there were criminal prosecutions for repeated molestations committed by two parish priests. Over time other priests were implicated until some ten per cent of the diocesan clergy were tainted by allegations, arrest, trial and commonly conviction. (See cover-up item of 1975.) Refer Dr Barry Coldrey (p 4), book Religious Life Without Integrity, (2001), [Seek these archives elsewhere - June 2006]
    1987: Protestant television evangelists: United States of America flag; Mooney's MiniFlags  In 1987-8, U.S. and world interest in clerical sexual and financial scandals shifted temporarily to the Protestant 'televangelists'. The four major cases of these years concerned Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Tony Leyva and the South African Rev Allan Boesak. Refer Barry Coldrey (p 3), Religious Life Without Integrity, (2001)

    1989: Newfoundland again, but attention shifted to the long history of both physical and sexual abuse committed by members of the (Irish) Christian Brothers Congregation against teenage boys in the Mount Cashel boys' home in St John's, Newfoundland. In this case, allegations had surfaced originally in 1975 and in a widespread state-church cover-up certain Brothers had been permitted to leave the Province without facing criminal proceedings. In following years there was a Royal Commission. Ibid

    1989: Australian "whistleblower" Crocker:

      In 1989 three men told Fr. Morrie Crocker about their abuse at the hands of Fr. Peter Comensoli and Br. Michael Evans. Crocker went to Bishop William Murray and the police. The police and the bishop failed to act, so he battled for justice, then went to the Press in 1993. The police then acted, and the Woods Royal Commission inquiry into paedophiles was set up. But he was ostracised by the Church, his scrapbook with details about three other priest-suspects disappeared, and the whistleblower was found hanged in 1998. Read [Seek these archives elsewhere - June 2006]
    1989: Book Sex in the Forbidden Zone: When Men in Power -- Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers and others -- Betray Women's Trust; by Peter Rutter, published by Mandala, London.
    1989, May: Lost Children of the Empire: In May 1989, a television documentary based on Margaret Humphreys' work, Lost Children of the Empire, revealed the child-migrant tragedy to people in Britain for the first time. It was shown in Australia later the same year. -- Australian Reader's Digest, pp 52-58, October 1996
    1989: Book Is Nothing Sacred? The Story of a Pastor, the Women he Sexually Abused, and the Congregation he Nearly Destroyed by Marie Fortune, published by Harper in San Francisco.
    1989: Book Gay Priests. by James G. Wolf, Harper & Rowe, San Francisco, 1989.

    1990: Newfoundland RC inquiry issues its report. The Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Sexual Abuse of Children by Members of the Clergy (Winter Commission Report) (St. John's, Newfoundland: Archdiocese of St. John's, 1990)
    1990: Webpage including 1989 and some 1990 abuse newsitems. Various religions, including non-Christian, included the well-known faiths, plus First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Victory Center Church, Kent Covenant Church, etc. (Several more pages of newsitem references are on this website.) -- The Skeptic Tank, "A Safe Heaven for Pedophiles: Section 2," , 1990
    1990: Book Slayer of the Soul: Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church by Stephen Rossetti, published by Twenty-Third Publications, Mystic (a city).

    1991: Article "Soul Stealing: Power Relations in Pastoral Sexual Abuse" by Pamela Cooper-White, published in The Christian Century, Feb 20 1991
    1991: Repeat offender Michael Glennon in Australia was eventually tried (see 1985), and was found guilty of attempted anal penetration and two counts of bu..ery with violence and without consent, being sentenced to nine years gaol. (But at some time later, arising from the Hinch affair, the courts had to impose a news blackout, during which time important court cases occurred. The blackout was lifted around Oct 10 03.) Refer Bruce Blyth (p 111), In the Shadow of the Cross, (1997). Occurred in 1991
    1991: Book Sex in the Parish by Karen Lebacqz and Ronald G. Barton published by Westminister/John Knox Press, Louisville. [1991]
    1991: Book The Dysfunctional Church; Addiction and codependency in the family of Catholicism, by Michael H. Crosby, 1991, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, Indiana. UNITED STATES: In this book the Rev. Michael Crosby argues that the Roman Catholic Church is dysfunctional because it is addicted to power and control plus the unmarried clergified method of working. Using modern writers' theories as a framework, he then uses parts of St Matthew's Gospel as a corrective. Extracts and comments are in "Religion Clarity Campaign, Dysfunctional" [1991]
    1992: Glennon's convictions and sentence reinstated by High Court of Australia.  Australia flag; /  AUSTRALIA: Repeat paedophile ex-priest Michael Charles Glennon, who had been freed by a court ruling that publicity had prevented his getting a fair trial, found his convictions and sentence reinstated. His first conviction was in 1978. (By courtesy of , "Sex monster may get life," By Philip Cullen, Oct 11 03)

    1992: U.S. priest James Porter's

      story became public during 1992. UNITED STATES: Publicity helped to reveal more offending priests, who were told to repent. Many were sent away for a few months of treatment at places such as the Servants of the Paraclete Treatment Centre in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. And many resumed offending. See Survivors of Clergy Abuse in Catholic Seminaries at and, The Crime Library, "Father James Porter: Pedophile Priest," Michael Newton, . On May 7, 1992, Frank Fitzpatrick and seven other survivors appeared on WBZ-TV in Boston, describing their victimization by Porter. See . Television exposure dated May 7 1992.

    !!!: 1992: God's power called down on the news media!

      UNITED STATES: Boston Cardinal Law responded to the increasing number of survivors telling of James Porter molesting them to television, radio and newspapers on May 23 by raging at the Press, ignoring Porterís crimes and the officials who had covered for him (Police around 1964-65 had taken him to a State border and set him free -- see No 3 in the series) . "The papers like to focus on the faults of the few," Law declared. "We deplore that. By all means we call down Godís power on the media!" -- The Crime Library, "Father James Porter: Pedophile Priest," Michael Newton, , curse occurred May 23, 1992
    1992: Article "Is the Dam of Sexual Assault Breaking in the Church?" by Peter Horsfield published in Australian Ministry, May 1992.
    1992: Book Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children by Jason Berry published. Foreword by Father Andrew M. Greely. Doubleday, New York. Berry had won the 1986 Catholic Press Association Award for his coverage of clerical sex abuse.
    1. More than 400 Catholic priests in North America had been caught molesting children between 1984 and 1992.
    2. The typical molester abuses scores to hundreds of children.
    3. The Church has paid out over $400 million in settlements, and the total is expected to reach $1 billion before they are done.
    4. The Church tried to cover it all up.
    5. The press has underreported it. The New York Times refused his stories, saying, "We want to do a child abuse story but not in the context of the Catholic Church." (See how the myth of sanctity persisted?) Subsequent refusals came from The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Nation, and Mother Jones.
    See / and . Published 1992
    1992: The Leaving of Liverpool: This two-part television drama about the child migrants, was shown in Australia. It was also shown in July 1993 in Britain. -- Australian Reader's Digest, pp 52-58, October 1996. [1992]

    1993, January: Sex abuse in convents, rectory bedrooms and sacristies. [Pcolka, Stubbs, Federici, Bietighofer Gorecki, Grady, Bietighofer, Deshan, Donovan, McGoldrick, Gray, Morrissey, Glynn, Shiner, and Foley]
       Tremont and Sheldon, Trial lawyers specialising in Personal Injury, "Sexual abuse by priests," , Date unknown.
       UNITED STATES: Connecticut citizens were shocked in January of 1993 when two lawsuits were brought on behalf of individuals who were sexually abused by Father Raymond Pcolka, a Catholic Priest in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Over the next two months, fifteen additional individuals stepped forward claiming that they too were sexually abused by Father Pcolka. The media reported that these abuses, which included rape and sodomy, occurred in Roman Catholic convents, rectory bedrooms and sacristies throughout three parishes in Fairfield County for over a decade while these children were acting as altar boys or involved in the Catholic Youth Organization. [This website also has a Chronology from 1993 to 2002]
    1993: Australian priest tells the Press: Father Morrie Crocker, who had battled since 1989 to expose the abuse of three males at the hands of a priest and a brother, went to the Press, who splashed the story across the front pages. The Woods Royal Commission resulted. Check 1998 or read [Seek elsewhere]
    1993, July: The Leaving of Liverpool: In July 1993 when The Leaving of Liverpool, a two-part television drama about the child migrants, was shown in Britain a year after it had been seen in Australia, it brought the UK Child Migrants Trust more than 15,000 calls. -- Australian Reader's Digest, pp 52-58, issue of October 1996
    1993: Bishops seemed to decide to act, but didn't. U.S. R.C. bishops seemed to accept a special report on sex-abuse scandal, but many did nothing, according to Bishop John Kinney in "Sins of the Fathers" on "Foreign Correspondent", June 19 2002, Australian Broadcasting Commission radio.
    1993, Dec.: Medal to Margaret Humphreys: At Government House, Canberra, the Australian Governor-General, Bill Hayden, conferred the Honorary Medal of the Order of Australia on Margaret Humphreys - a rare award for non-Australians - in recognition of her outstanding work in reuniting child migrants with parents, whom they had been told were dead. Governments, charities, and Churches had taken part in this deception. -- Australian Reader's Digest, pp 52-58, October 1996

    1994: England and Wales: R.C. guidelines adopted to handle clergy child sex abuse. They proved ineffective. See April 18, 2001 item "England and Wales, child-abuse representatives …"

    Mission nuns abused by priests, private report:

      Medical Missionary of Mary Sister Maura O'Donohue, a physician, wrote a 1994 report that constitutes one of the more comprehensive accounts of nuns being tricked into or forced to have sex with priests, particularly in Africa. At the time of its writing, she had spent six years as AIDS co-ordinator for the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development based in London. (See years 1995, 1998, 2000, and 2001) Visit [Seek elsewhere]
    1994, Mar.: Boston theology group told of nun abuse: The U.S. priest who gave a similar account of sexual abuse of women religious is Fr. Robert J. Vitillo, then of Caritas and later executive director of the U.S. bishops' Campaign for Human Development. In March 1994, a month after O'Donohue wrote her report, Vitillo spoke about the problem to a theological study group at Boston College. Vitillo has extensive knowledge of Africa based on regular visits for his work. His talk, which focused on several moral and ethical issues related to AIDS, including priests seeing nuns as preferred sex-partners because less likely to be infected, was titled, "Theological Challenges Posed by the Global Pandemic of HIV/AIDS." See [Seek elsewhere] March 1994.
    1994, Mar and Jun: Western Australia, Christian Brother Gerard Dick pleaded guilty on March 31 1994 to indecently assaulting a boy at Castledare (in a Perth suburb) between January 1960 and December 1965. He was sentenced to 3 1/2 years gaol in June. Refer Bruce Blyth (p 106), In the Shadow of the Cross (1997). March 31 1994, and June 1994
    1994, Oct.: Australia, Father Peter Lewis Comensoli. Age:63 (2002) State:NSW (Wollongong and Gwynneville). In October 1994 the Priest pleaded guilty to 2 counts of Indecent Assault on two young boys (10 and 17yrs). Comensoli was sentenced to 2yrs imprisonment. (with picture) Other: Still listed in the Australian Catholic Directory. -- MAKO/File within the Church, (as on WWW 27 Jul 03) [Refer back to 1989 item on Australian whistleblower Fr Crocker who reported Fr Comensoli unavailingly to his bishop, went to the news media in 1993, and then followed action by the authorities, but Fr Crocker on Mar 6 1998 was found hanged, with his notebooks missing.] Conviction of Fr Comensoli Oct 1994
    1994, Nov.: Ireland: (R.C. and Protestant) The cover-up of the Father Brendan Smith child abuse case , involving the Attorney General's Office, brought down the Irish coalition government of Fianna Fail under Albert Reynolds and the Labour Party under Dick Spring. See and , which also has a picture, plus a picture of Fr Fortune, and a picture of "Born Again" convicted paedophile Lindsay Brown , who was Religious Studies teacher at Bangor Grammar School in the Ulster Protestant community. November 1994

    1994, Dec.: New order of brothers abolished in Australia;

      Parramatta Bishop Bede Heather just before Christmas 1994 told parishioners that because of "sexual misconduct and problems of governance" he was going to disband the Society of Gerard Majella, a small teaching order. A brother had been convicted the previous year. His own vicar-general, Fr Richard St John Cattell, had been gaoled two weeks before for sexual offences committed two decades earlier. -- The Australian newspaper, "The Boys' Club," S.Maris and S.Powell, 23 Dec 1994, cited in Bruce Blyth, In the Shadow of the Cross, (1997) page 142 -- December 1994.

    1995: Vatican told of nun-abuse: On Feb. 18, 1995, Cardinal Eduardo Martínez, prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Religious Life, along with members of his staff, were briefed on the problem of priests sexually abusing nuns by Sr. Maura O'Donohue. (see 1994, 1998, 2000, and 2001 x 2).
    1995: In Australia, R.C. Marist Brother David Christian, one-time principal of Newman Junior College in Perth, was fined $10,500 on seven charges of indecently assaulting boys at the school. Refer Bruce Blyth (p 181), In the Shadow of the Cross, (1997)
    1995: Australian book When Ministers Sin by Neil and Thea Ormerod was published. It was written from a Christian perspective, covering Catholic and other Western Churches, and sex abuse both with children and adults. It compared the hiding reaction of Church leaders to what they ought to have done. It also gave case histories, and listed some previous books and articles on the subject. The preface was by Dorothy McRae-McMahon, national director for mission, Uniting Church in Australia.

       * -- NEW*, and in later entries summarising the facts just an asterisk (*), signify predatory clergy whose offences were not known to the public, and probably/possibly not included in previous overall statistics and enumerations of the numbers of seducing etc. clergy.
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    * Chesterton = Did Chesterton warn in his 1908 book Orthodoxy?
    * Crocker = In 1989 three men told Australian Father Morrie Crocker about their abuse at the hands of Fr. Peter Comensoli and Br. Michael Evans. The police and the bishop failed to act, and the RCC ostracised him. In 1993 he told the news media, a Royal Commission inquired, in 1994 Comensoli was convicted, and Father Crocker's whistleblowing continued until in 1998 he was found hanged. His notebooks were missing.
    * Gauthe = Father Gilbert Gauthe had molested scores of boys in Louisana. The news in 1985 shattered the myth of the sanctity of the RC Church. .
    * Gerard = In 1994, an Australian bishop disbanded the Society of Gerard Majella, a new-found Australian teaching order, because of "sexual misconduct and problems of governance". Court cases had already resulted in convictions.
    * Glennon = Father Michael Glennon, Australian repeat offender, was the centre of huge publiciy in 1985 when broadcaster Derryn Hinch was gaoled and fined for revealing that he had been allowed to return to RC ministry although convicted in 1978. Hinch's breach of legal rules led to the adjournment of the charges, and the keeping out of the news media of the various prosecutions, convictions, and appeals, for years.
    * God's power = God's power was called down on the news media in 1992 by the rogue Boston Cardinal Law in response to the increasing number of survivors telling of James Porter's seductions and molestations. [It might not have been God, but someone ensured that Law later went to a cushy sinecure in Rome, instead of to a penitential monastery on bread and water.]
    * Intention = The intention of this group of Webpages is to help Religions improve, and to protect children in religious situations.
    * Newfoundland = TEN per cent of the Newfoundland clergy were eventually, after the 1988 convictions of two priests, tainted by arrest, trial and commonly conviction for child sex seduction and molestation..
    * Nuns = Nuns on the mission fields were being tricked into or forced to have sex with priests, particularly in Africa. Sister Maura O'Donohue in 1994 wrote a wide-ranging report on the problem. In 1995 Fr. Robert J. Vitillo told a Boston theology group of the nun-abuse problem, and the Vatican was told that year by Sister Maura O'Donohue.
    * Porter = Father James Porter: US Pedophile Priest. His story became public in 1992.
    * Uniting = Uniting Church moderator wrote a preface to a 1995 book When Ministers Sin, contrasting the "hiding" of the sex abusers with what ought to have been done.

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      of this group of Webpages is to help RELIGIONS IMPROVE, by encouraging leaders to: 1. Admit that the religions' sex-abuse, child-abuse and women-abuse problems are long-term, widespread, still continue, are seriously damaging, and reduce the opportunities for goodness; 2. Acknowledge the victims/survivors, and compensate, apologise to, and pray for them regularly; 3. Apologise to, reinstate, and honour nuns, brothers, clergymen, parents, victims, and others who have told religions' leaders or the police of abuse known to them, sometimes suffering for their bravery; 4. Cease blaming the news media; 5. Stop hiring and hiding sex-abusers, and stop pretending that clergy don't have sex; 6. Stop telling lies about all forms of abuse; 7. Stop wasting the fruits of self-sacrifice by the people and honest clergy to pay for hiding employees' criminal activities; 8. Join with people of good will to eradicate abuse; 9. Remove the worst of the leaders who have connived at the abuses; and 10. Adopt policies that will prevent potential abusers entering the ministry.
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