Petition for Optional Married Clergy

   We call on the Buddhists, Orthodox Churches, Catholic Church, and other religions to stop taking any promises or vows of celibacy, and to declare that clergy, brothers, and nuns are free to be married: 1.To give religions' workers normal family rights, and to relieve them from much loneliness, temptation to sin, deviation, and ignorance of family life; 2.For the safety of children and others; 3.To save religions millions in compensation; 4.To reinstate Roman Catholic or other clergy lost through marriage; 5.To staff clergy-less areas; and 6.To give good example in cultures turning away from marriage and towards concubinage.  Having a career and marriage before ordination would be usual, thus removing a pastoral barrier to dismissing sinful, or ineffective, clerics.  We are mindful of support for marriage (i) In the centuries-old practice of some religions and most branches of Judaism, Christianity and cognate faiths, (ii) By the clergy's continued rights in Orthodox Churches and the Catholic Eastern Rites, (iii) By Rome ordaining married clergy converts, and (iv) Bible: Matthew 19:5, Mark 10:6-7, 1 Corinthians 7:2-5, 7:10-11, and 9:5, (1 Timothy 3:2-7, and Titus 1: 5-9).  RC Canon Law confirms the ancient right of laypeople to "make their views known about matters which concern the good of the Church."
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"By all means we call down God's power on the media!" - Boston Cardinal Bernard Law on May 23 1992, blaming the news media, while ignoring serial predator Fr James Porter's crimes.  Card. Law resigned as archbishop in disgrace on Dec 13 2002, but after about a year was promoted to Rome to take charge of the Basilica of St Mary Major, still retaining the power of a cardinal.  A change of Pope did NOT change this travesty against purity and justice.
"Paying for the sins of the Fathers," Australia and Canada, C of E & RC, The Weekend Australian, March 2-3 2002, p 23
Background Briefing, worldwide and Australian clergy problem, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, April 14 2002
Perpetrators' List of Australian campaigner Clare Pascoe Henderson:
Broken Rites Australian support group for those who have been abused:
Prof. Patrick Parkinson, specialist in child protection:
Guidelines to handling non-marital carnal activity of Church workers:
"Priest was evil one, says cover-up victim," blackmail of higher-ups? U.S.A., The Weekend Australian, Apr 20-21 02, p 16
Sex hush riles seminarians in Rome, U.S. cardinals allowed sexual misconduct; The West Australian, Apr 27 02, p 23
Priest talked up boy-love, papers show that bishop did nothing, The West Australian, Apr 27 02, p 23
Fr Roman Kramek in the U.S.A. on Dec 18 2002 sexually assaulted a girl, 17. See "Abuse fighters set sights on Bishop" The Weekend Australian Dec 28-29 2002 p 8
40% of U.S. nuns sexually abused: St Louis University report The West Australian Jan 6 03
In Baltimore 6.2 percent of priests ordained in the last half-century have been implicated in the abuse of minors. In Manchester, N.H, 7.7 %, Boston 5.3%. US courts have convicted 1205 priest child molesters in the past 60 years. New York Times "Decades of Damage; Trail of Pain in Church Crisis Leads to Nearly Every Diocese" Jan 12 03
[Sex "Hush money" denier appointed by Vatican to deal with sex!] The West Australian Jan 15 03
Sex abuse scandals lead to only 42% of U.S. Catholics believing in the Church's organisation The Record Jan 16 03
"Silent mistresses find voice against priests" Scotland on Sunday, Jan 16 2003
Rockville Centre Diocese blasted by Grand Jury; Depravity against girls and boys, deceived, deprived of rights, predatory serial child molesters unchecked by supervisors and bishops. Suffolk County Supreme Court Special Grand Jury, http://­­news/lo­cal/lon­gisland­/ny-suf­folkrep­ort0210­,0,2290­700.acr­obat?co­ll=ny%2­Dtop%2D­span%2D­headlin­es Jan 17 2003
Sliding naked around oily floor with five children under 13 in February 2002, in Western Australia! The Sunday Times Online, Perth, <http://­­common/­story_p­age/0,7­034,587­0079%25­5E2761,­00.html>, Jan 21 03
"Priest admits abuse," and "Our trust was betrayed: mother," Fr Adrian Van Klooster, 60, of Leschenault, Western Australia, pleaded guilty. The West Australian, , Jan 22 03
Vatican appeal put rapist Fr John Picardi back on duty 1997-2003 The Arizona Republic Feb 5 03
"Former Wesley head remanded" on 2002 internet peeking charge. The West Australian Feb 20 2003, p 17
Opposed to Unjust Wars, Irresponsible Sex, Drugs, and Dishonesty?  Can your Preachers convince the public while under a cloud? Break the Deadlock!
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