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Australia  Australia flag; www.flagaustnat.asn.au/ 
Broken Rites, Australian support group for people affected by sexual, physical or emotional abuse in religious institutions: http://brokenrites.alphalink.com.au , National Hotline: (03) 9457 4999, Broken Rites (Aust.) Collective Inc., PO Box 163, Rosanna, Victoria 3084, Australia. http://brokenrites.alphalink.com.au/contact.html
Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA), Australia: www.asca.org.au , Tel 1300 657 380
Bravehearts Australia, also called People's Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse at www.paacsa.org.au
Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) www.angelfire.com/folk/clan-aust/ , est. July 2000, for recognition of the injustice, mistreatment and ongoing trauma of children who had been made Wards of the State.  careleavers@hotmail.com
Barry Coldrey's page. http://www.barrycoldrey.com . Updates: Feb 27, 2004 - Two new publications have been added to the Religious section. - There are four new sections on this website: 'HSC/VCE English Resources,' 'Miscellaneous,' a 'Leo Griffin annexe', and 'International Orders.' Feb 26, 2004 - Added three new URLs to the links section.
Barry Coldrey, Ph. D., was in a Catholic Church order, the Christian Brothers, which asked him to write a history of unparented child migration to Western Australia.  From writing that a small number of Christian Brothers had molested and been cruel to children, he began to learn that it was a wider problem than that.  An opponent at one time of VOICES (a group of victims) in Western Australia, his later books and writings have helped VOICES and all who expose religion-based sexual abuse of children and women with valuable facts and links.  It is hoped that his website, advised by e-mail on March 3, 2004, will prove similarly helpful. -- Faith Purification Programme, 04 Mar 04
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United States of America United States of America flag; www.edwardmooney.com/miniflags 
Call to Action (U.S.A.) to clean up the Catholic Church: http://www.cta-usa.org/responses/sexabuse_resources.html , cta@cta-usa.org
FutureChurch USA, "We love the Church -- we're working to make it better." Starting a 2003 Corpus Christi Campaign for voluntary celibacy of Catholic clergy. info@futurechurch.org
The National Call To Action USA, "A movement to end child abuse and neglect" in general, has hospitals and community organisations affiliated, based in San Diego, CA . info@nationalcalltoaction.com . This is a DIFFERENT organisation to Call to Action (aim: to clean up the Catholic Church)
Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) (U.S.A. and world), to provide a prayerful voice, attentive to the Spirit, through which the Faithful can actively participate in the governance and guidance of the Catholic Church. http://www.voiceofthefaithful.org and http://www.votf.org/
Speak Truth to Power (STTOP), a global human rights organisation http://www.speaktruth.org/ has some members who parade with placards outside places of worship in the U.S.A. during 2002-03 in protest at child sex-abuse by religious practitioners.
Coalition of Catholics and Survivors, 200 Linden Street H294, Wellesley, MA 02482, U.S.A.
SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (and other Church people) USA: http://www.survivorsnetwork.org
Survivors of Clergy Abuse in Catholic Seminaries (U.S.A.) at www.arizweb.net/seminary.htm
Call to Accountability Campaign to raise public awareness about sexual violence against women in the Catholic Church (including rape of nuns by priests) and to hold accountable the individuals and institutional leadership involved or complicit in this problem, www.calltoaccountability.org/alert.htm
Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) U.S., www.rcf.org/ , exposing child-sex clergy, bishops' betrayal of the Church children and families, ordination of homosexuals plus child-predator men, etc.
Survivors First, Boston-based advocacy group, (reported in Boston Herald, Jun 18, 2003)
Bishop Accountability, US based website at www.Bishop-Accountability.org , staff@bishop-accountability (by courtesy of Broken Rites Survivor Connections, http://members.cox.net/survivorconnections, e-mail Frank Fitzpatrick of Cranston, R.I., a victim of the Rev. James R. Porter and organizer of Porter accusers, survivorconnections@cox.net
Nuns for the Abused. USA. www.nunsfortheabused.com/nunsense.html And see www.freewebs.com/thenuns . Inserted 07 Mar 04
The Messengers 12. USA. www.themessengers 12.net/ index.html . To hear the voices from everyone inside and outside religions concerning the Clergy Abuse Scandal. To record and document these personal testimonials so that Church leaders cannot interpret and rewrite history of its failings for their own advantage. Stephen Lewis, Stephen@themessengers12.net . EMAIL US OR SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO: THE MESSENGERS, P.O. BOX 2240, LYNN, MA., 01903, USA. (By courtesy of Kathy Shaw, Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, e-mail, Sep 20, 2004)
Renegate Catholic. USA. www.renegade catholic.com . This site belongs to Jay Nelson, a survivor of Roman Catholic clergy abuse, and since 1991 a priest of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch Malabar Rite www.churchof antioch.org/ . He fled what he calls the dogmatic prison of the Church of Rome as a young adult long before I realized I had been molested. "The discovery completely overturned my life, and my efforts to found a parish soon withered. My main focus turned to clergy abuse activism. I participated in local protests and even led the only group of victims to demonstrate at World Youth Day in 1993," he writes. For over a decade, he published both the newsletter and website for The Survivors of Clergy Abuse Linkup (now The Healing Alliance), USA. Most of his articles, plus historical "smoking gun" documents and much else, he's republished on his Priests of Darkness website. He wrote a novel: The Harrowing, and later a much funnier work, a movie script for a dark medieval comedy, Once Upon An Inquisition.
The Healing Alliance - USA www.healing all.org , formerly The Linkup (whose webname is now up for sale. - jcm 02 Jul 06)
Canada Canada flag; Mooney's MiniFlags 
Internations' Justice Federation, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. To provide memorials for people who died because of institutional child abuse, to publicise the abuse, and to promote a holistic therapy method for survivors. http://www32.brinkster.com/ interjustice/index2.html . (from Barry Coldrey e-mail of 14 Mar 2003)
Location uncertain
Survivors of Spiritual Abuse (SOSA) for all those that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief; www.sosa.org

Child Wise, Bernadette McMenemin (? spelling) on television news on February 12, 2008, saying they are starting a nation-wide campaign to get more children to speak out.  The proportion of children being molested was a lot higher than previously thought, and many never speak out.
Protective Behaviours (WA), 874 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park, WA, 6101, Tel 08 9472 1875, Mobile 0409 071 068.
Movement Against Kindred Offenders (MAKO Inc.), Australia, wants zero tolerance for paedophiles and sex offenders in Australia, and has a website on which is a list of offenders, including those who have been convicted in a court of rape, committing child abuse, or breaking pornography laws. MAKO is also very interested in the enviroment. www.mako.org.au/ , prevention@mako.org.au or zerotolerance@mako.org.au
Survivors of Child Abuse (SOCA), USA, www.geocities.com/socaorg2002/soca.html . Please send questions and suggestions to: Survivors of Child Abuse, P.O.Box 296, Berlin, NJ, 08009, USA, socaorg2002@yahoo.com

The International Federation of Married Catholic Priests www.marriedpriests.org/International_Federation.htm , The 'International Federation of Married Catholic Priests' is constituted by the affiliation of organizations of married Catholic priests, which have some national representation. The aim of the Federation is the renewal of the ministry of the Church. This renewal is to be seen within the renewal of the Church. Aims include: Changing the law of mandatory celibacy, the ministry of the married priest being as acceptable as the ministry of the celibate priest, and, Speeding up the dispensation process in the meantime, for those who ask for it or have asked for it. The Married Priests' Website homepage www.marriedpriests.org/index.htm has some useful links.
Roman Rite www.romanrite.com of J.R. Lilburne jr@romanrite.com has interesting informative and sourced comments on the Child Sex-Abuse and Hush-up scandals. His main interest is pointing out that the clergy are not performing the rituals of the Catholic liturgy (Latin Rite) correctly, but he makes telling points that if the bishops and priests had followed other Church rules "to the letter," the harm to souls, these damaging scandals, and the increasing costs would not be occurring.
Catholics for a Free Choice. www.cath4choice.org . Took part in a rally urging the United Nations to hold the Vatican liable for clergy sex abuse. The Papacy ought to be held accountable for what the coalition said was an international cover-up by high-ranking Church officials. -- Newsday, www.newsday.com/mynews/ny-nycath092699813may09.story , "UN Urged To Hold Vatican Accountable For Sex Abuse," By Merle English, May 9, 2002

BOOKS on Church child abuse:- These and many others are listed at Carnal Books
BOOKS about carnal abuse by priests and brothers in the Catholic Church, all below $25; P & B Press, P.O. Box 81, Como (Perth suburb), WA, 6952, Australia; Tel 08 9450 2513, Fax 9226 4346; pbpress@iinet.net.au   http://members.iinet.net.au/~pbpress • BOOK Betrayal, by The Boston Globe about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, http://www.boston.com $US 23.95 (inserted 26 Jul 02)

PERIODICALS of interest:-
Fidelity, PO Box 22, Ormond, Vic, 3204, Australia, regarding Catholic Church, including factors leading to clergy sex-abuse. (Shop: 443 North Rd, Ormond), Tel/Fax 03 9578 2706, fidelity@j23.com.au , online book store www.j23.com.au , $22 per year.
The Needle, news sheet about Christian Brothers' child abuse; P & B Press, PO Box 81, Como, WA, 6952, Australia, Tel 08 9450 2513, Fax 9226 4346 pbpress@iinet.net.au , http://members.iinet.net.au/~pbpress , donation.

National Catholic Reporter was stated to be the first in the U.S.A. with exposure of the nun-rape scandal in Africa and elsewhere in its issue of March 16, 2001, from material written by senior members of women's religious orders and an American priest. Now this problem has been tracked in 23 countries (13 Jan 03);
   "Church in Crisis" section of NCR website (only about the RC Church clergy sex abuse, not other religions) is at: http://www.natcath.org/crisis/

Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker (CSAT), webpage www.ncrnews.org/abuse , updated seven days a week, and welcomes e-mailed newsitems with linking URLs to Kathy Shaw at kashaw@peoplepc.com
ALL RELIGIONS have been covered by the ABUSE TRACKER on both the former Website (Poynter Institute) and the current NCR Website.
Pokrov Orthodox - USA, (Protection of the Theotokos). www.pokrov.org , to report Orthodox Church abuse (such as Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc). greta@pokrov.org
Clergy Sexual Abuse in Australia, Clare Pascoe (formerly Clare Pascoe Henderson), an Australian campaigner: www.clergy abuseaustralia. org , cbpascoe@ yahoo.com.au and clare@clergy abuseaustralia.org .
Formerly: http://www. pip.com.au/ ~chenderson/
Perpetrators' List, of Clergy Sexual Abuse in Australia, www.clergy abuseaustralia. org/perplist.htm. (Also see Clare Pascoe entry.) Formerly Perpetrators' List: http://www.pip.com.au/~chenderson/perplist.htm of Clare Pascoe Henderson.
Prof. Patrick Parkinson, Australian specialist in family law, child protection, and the law of Equity and Trusts: http://www.law.usyd.edu.au/staff/p_parkinson_pub.htm
Suing the Pope - Related Links: www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/s552979.htm of the Aust. Broadcasting Corporation
Reformation. United States. www.reformation.com lists 838 Christian ministers, plus has links to websites listing Roman Catholic ministers, who are accused of child sex abuse.
Archive on Dr Judith A. Reisman's website. United States. www.drjudithreisman.org
Voices of Outrage: Where's the Justice? http://www.voicesofoutrage.com ; exposes injustice of religion sex-abusers. Entered 28 Jan 04
Richard Sipe website, on Priests, Celibacy and Sexuality. http://www.richardsipe.com/ . He has interviewed more than 1,500 persons -- priests and others with intimate knowledge of priests -- about the celibate and sexual behaviors of priests. Sipe has documented his findings in books, and in numerous articles and lectures . (Elsewhere on the FPP website is the Sipe Report, or read it on Sipe's website at http://www.richardsipe.com/sipe_report.htm .)

Discerning the Spirit A Guide for Renewing and Restructuring the Catholic Church, by U.S. theologian Anthony T. Massimini www.voiceofthefaithful.org/papers/TheGuide.html
Church in Crisis: List of links about Catholic Church child-abuse crisis www.stjosephshrine.org/church.htm
Archive: Articles on Clerical Child Abuse: www.rainbowsashmovement.org/arcart.html
Interfaith Voices Radio, Maryland, U.S.A. www.interfaithradio.org , promotes interfaith tolerance, and includes clergy the sex-abuse scandal. To listen to the newsitems and interviews, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or higher, or Netscape 4.75 or 6.2 (NOT Netscape 6.0 or 6.1) -- noted 13 Jan '03.
ABC's The Sacred Site Australia, www.abc.net.au/religion/news , giving links to religious talks and groups -- noted 17 Jan '03
Crime Library www.crimelibrary.com/ has a section on clergy child-abusers, including an in-depth study of Father James Porter.
Black Museum of Clergy Child Abuse (1991) www.objectivists.org.au/May09-1999/BM.htm has an accompanying statistical analysis. The author/s say it of supreme importance to parents, social workers and governments. Although on the Australian Objectivists' website, this is said to have been issued in July 1991 in Britain. It claims to be the first time any organisation has punctured the conspiracy of silence which hides the tremendous risk to children from paedophile clergy. It includes cases of ritual abuse. The last update seems to have been Aug 14 1996; a second one was said to be issued in August 1996. (Weaknesses: No sources, no dates, in some cases no names.). -- The Sub Culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation, 6-8 Burley Lodge Road, Leeds LS6 1QP, Yorkshire, U.K. Email Contact John Dennis 100415.2206@Compuserve.com
Father James Porter, Paedophile Priest, in the Crime Library series, www.crimelibrary.com/serial_killers/predators/porter/index_1.html by Michael Newton (Fr Porter was NOT a serial killer)
The Ross Institute, Clergy Abuse webpage, http://www.rickross.com/groups/clergy.html , with PHOTOS, including Geoghan, Shanley, and a cardinal slapping a reporter's hand! E-mail: info@rickross.com
Beliefnet, website discussing various religions, has some information about clergy sex abuse, for example "The First Sign That Rome Is Ready to Face the Sexual Abuse Crisis" www.beliefnet.org/ story/118/ story_11861_ 1.html , by Charlotte Hays, of Dec 13, 2002, around the time Cardinal Law's resignation was accepted by Rome.
Sexual issues, Assistance and advice resources in Western Australia. www.ecu.edu.au/pa/guild/files/education%20and%20Welfare/Sexual%20Issues%20Resources%20List.doc

Catholic News Service, www.catholicnews.com , Washington DC, USA
Catholic Dioceses, Australia, www.catholic.org.au/ccia/diolist.htm

NEWSLINKS and the like:-
Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker (CSAT), webpage www.ncrnews.org/abuse , updated seven days a week, and welcomes e-mailed newsitems with LINK URLs to Kathy Shaw at kashaw@peoplepc.com
(Former Website: Abuse Tracker, Poynter Online (covering U.S. and world); http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=46 , from The Poynter Institute, 801 Third Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA.)
ALL RELIGIONS have been covered by the ABUSE TRACKER on both Websites.
The Boston Globe Spotlight on Clergy Sex-abuse, http://www.boston.com/globe/spotlight/abuse
Boston Herald http://toa.hiasys.com , special Website area on clergy abuse scandals.
Yahoo's Catholic Church Abuse Scandal webpages http://dailynews.yahoo.com/fc/us/catholic_church_abuse_scandal give wide coverage on clergy abuse, with links to news stories and opinon pieces from media around the world.
Louisville, Kentucky, newsitem archive, www.courier-journal.com/localnews/churchabuse.htm The Courier Journal's "Crisis in the Catholic Church" list

Prayer of St. Germaine Cousin, Patroness of victims of child abuse: Saint Germaine, watch over those children who suffer abuse as you did. Help us to give them the love and protection you only got from God. Give us the courage to speak out against abuse when we know of it. Help us to forgive those who abuse the way you did, without sacrificing the lives of the children who need help. Amen http://saints.catholic.org/saints/germainecousin.html
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