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The "flicker," which was warned of in the introductory sequence when loading, was terrible.

The flicker has two elements, both next to each other about two-thirds of the way down as the page open. In the centre of a sort of task bar a loading "thermometer" keeps building up its blue rectangles, then re-starting, over and over. In the row below that a dark blue line, which shows the TITLE of the WYSIWYG Page, keeps flickering --yes,

Unfortunately, when the introductory sequence was loading, I did NOT write down the instructions about how to stop the flicker.

BUT, by half-remembering and clicking around, I discovered the secret is:
File/ Options/ "ESKO Options: Update automatically in:"
and change the 6 (seconds) to, say, 60.

Green bullet 14x14 1kb from EasyHtml 09 Jan 01
Green rect button 130x49 3kb from EasyHtml 09 Jan 01

This is an HTML Editor, not a Webpage maker, but it has a nice array of dots and buttons, including a couple like drop and splatt!
from EasyHtml 09 Jan 01
from EasyHtml 09 Jan 01
from EasyHtml 09 Jan 01

THANKS: Programme author is: Toni Helenius toni.helenius@saunalahti.fi , of EasyHTML at http://www.saunalahti.fi/tonihele

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