"The great teachings unanimously emphasize that all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us; we don't have to gain, develop, or attain them.  We're like a child standing in a beautiful park with his eyes shut tight.  We don't need to imagine trees, flowers, deer, birds, and sky; we merely need to open our eyes and realise what is already here, who we really are–as soon as we quit pretending we're small or unholy."

Bo Lozoff, an American writer, musician, and interfaith humanitarian.



What is the Gaia Foundation?

The Gaia Foundation is part of an international network of individuals and Gaia groups, that share concerns with living more sustainably on the Earth. Members of the Gaia Foundation are committed to its three objectives;

  • personal growth - commitment to your own healing and empowerment
  • community building - strengthening the communities of which you are a part
  • service to the Earth - enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of all life
The structure of the Gaia Foundation avoids the central committee-passive periphery structure of conventional non-government organisations. All activities of the Foundation are created as independent "projects" in which participants involved in that project have all power and authority. This unique "chaordic" structure of the Foundation, designed as a number of inter-linked projects, works in a similar way that nature interconnects ecologies. Each project is independant, autonomous self-governing, and self-funded. All projects inform and support each other to meet the three objectives.

Since its inception in 1987, in Western Australia over 450 outrageously successful projects have furthered these objectives of the Foundation. For further information on past projects check out the Background and History links above, for information on current projects, chose the Current Projects link. Associated Gaia groups are starting elsewhere. For information on these see our Links page.

Being a Member of the Gaia Foundation

As a member of the Gaia Foundation of Western Australia

  • you are welcome to use the Gaia House Library, the Web page, the list of current Gaia projects and other resources,
  • you are invited to create and participate in your own and others' projects which meet the objectives of the Foundation
  • you will be getting involved with one of the most exciting groups of people on the planet, who are making huge differences for the future of our children's children
  • membership of the Gaia Foundation (WA) is free :-)

Each activity of the Gaia Foundation is organised as a self-generated project, by those people committed to its goals.

Different Gaia groups elsewhere in the world may have different terms and conditions.

Gaianet and Gaia Foundation Journal

This is also true of Gaianet, which is Moderated by a small group of dedicated Gaia members, committed to producing the best environmental and community building service in Australia. The costs of producing the Gaia Foundation Gaianet list server is currently carried by US Advertising, although we seek to find alternatives that offer an equivalent service without fostering wasteful consumption. You don't need to be a subscriber to the list server to be a member of the Foundation

Benefits of subscription to the Gaia Foundation Gaianet

* receive the Gaia Foundation posted to your email address,
* receive information on forthcoming Gaia Project events,
* receive information on Gaia Foundation workshops and training programs.

Our Gaia Foundation Journal has not been regular of late. If you are interested in being involved in this project phone us at Gaia House on (08) 9470 5334.

Who can become a Member?


Being a member of the Gaia Foundation is open to all who adhere to the objectives of the Gaia Foundation, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual preference, age, nationality, marital status, religious or political affiliation.

The Gaia Foundation works to build bridges between groups of people that may otherwise not be in close relationship. It has members drawn from many different national and religious backgrounds. All that is needed is that you have a commitment to your own growth, care for the community of which you are a part, and a love of the Earth.

The Gaia Foundation is unlike most conventional organisations where membership is usually determined by the payment of an administration fee. As a vehicle for empowering personal projects, the Gaia Foundation charges no fee for its members. Instead what is required is for those wishing to become members of the Foundation to comunicate their intention to the Gaia Foundation Networking Project, which maintains a registry of members and of projects. Because of this novel structure members of the Foundation are requested to keep in touch with each other. The best ways of doing this are by email (using the Gaianet), through the Gaia Foundation Journal, by regular face to face gatherings, or by participating in one or more of the projects on offer through the Foundation.

If you are interested in becoming an active participating member of the Gaia Foundation, please contact the Gaia Foundation Networking Project and we can tell you what is involved.

Visit us Gaia House and Billabong Gardens, 35 Camberwell Street, East Victoria Park, Wadjuk Bioregion, (please phone first if you are coming) for more information

More information

If you would like any more information on the Gaia Foundation you can contact the Networking Project as follows:-

mail us at:

The Gaia Foundation,
PO Box 1417,
East Victoria Park,
Wadjuk Bioregion
WA 6981

Phone: 9470 5334 or email: jdcroft@yahoo.com

More information


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