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Alliance for Reconciliation and Community Healing
Organiser: Victor Guest, Telephone (08) 9246 4674, 11 Carew Place, Greenwood, Western Australia 6024
E-mail to

Read more about some of his work on Everybody's Electronic Post Office  at

ARCH held a forum on organic foods, assisting prisoners, reconciling with Aboriginals, sustainable agriculture, alternative medicine, etc. at the University of Western Australia's social sciences lecture theatre on 12 April 1997.  The kind of groups that are interested in the work of ARCH include Soma, Safafoods, Permaculture, Alternatives to Violence, Revaluation Co-Counselling, Youth in Focus, Noongar Alcohol and Substance Abuse Service (Inc.), and Teen Challenge.

Publicised by the GEORGIST EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, INC., 10 Broome Street, South Perth, Western Australia, 6151 (open most weekdays 11am - 4pm, please telephone before coming); Telephone (08) 9367 5386 (international +61 8 9367 5386); or:
E-mail: or write your COMMENTS on our  VISITORS' PAGE.
Internet address:
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