in the Site and Resource Revenue Social Justice Reform movements
OBJECTIVES:   Social Justice, Land Rights for All including Aboriginal and other Australians, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Freedom from Unfair Sex and other Unfair Discrimination, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Responsible Government Expenditure, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Natural Public Revenue, Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Wealth Producers to keep Full Value of their Production and Enterprise, Reducing Speculation.
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Affiliated with the Henry George Foundation (Australia).
Tuesdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at above address: Discussion group, bring your own Luncheon (Gold Coin donation).

Thursdays, 11am to 3pm, at office: Letter-writing. (Book by phone about a week ahead. Doers only, not just talkers.)

Fridays, 10am: Working Party (by invitation).

1997 November 2 (Sunday): Henry George Centenary gathering, 10 Broome St., South Perth
4-4.30pm Light Refreshments
Approx. 5.30 or 6 pm: Guest Speakers: Assoc. Prof. PATRICK O'BRIEN (since deceased 1998), "Power to the People -- the Constitutional Convention"
Former GEA President, Councillor GRAEME MAJOR (since lost position by undemocratic actions of Western Australian Government in replacing the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Wanneroo by unelected Commissioners), "Henry George, Beacon of Hope"

1998 August 30, Sunday, 3pm: Annual General Meeting of GEA, at 10 Broome St., South Perth
President: Charles Eadon-Clarke
Vice-President: Anthony Webb
Secretary: John Massam
Treasurer: Eileen Bennett
Consultant: Graham Hart

1998 October 6, Tuesay, 2pm: Trustees declare all seats on Executive Committee vacant, and call for fresh elections.

1998 October 30, Friday, 5pm: Closing of Nominations, on Nomination Forms, for seats on the Executive Committee. Members only. All enquiries to the Trustees (see the documents dated 13 October 1998)
1998 October 30, Friday: Deadline for reports and notices of motion, Henry George Foundation (Australia), Melbourne.

1998 November 8, Sunday, 2pm: Special General Meeting and fresh Elections, at 10 Broome St., South Perth. Only Financial, or Ex-officio, or Honorary Life Members eligible to be elected and to vote.
(By a fortunate coincidence, this is the same date as the AGM of Secession 2001, which is to commence at 2.30pm)

1998 November 10, Tuesday: Federal Parliament with newly-elected House of Representatives Members to open.

1998 November 14, Saturday, 4.30pm for 5pm start: POSSIBLY the Social at the Rose and Crown, Guildford. All enquiries to the Trustees.

1998 November 27, Friday: Georgist Council of Australia Inc. six-monthly meeting in Melbourne.

1998 November 28, Saturday, 10am: Henry George Foundation (Australia) six-monthly meeting in Melbourne.

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or contact any Geonomics office to subscribe to Magazines

PO Box 608, Nedlands, WA, 6909, Australia

Tel. (08) 9335 7646, 9246 3882   E-mail brian@nettrek.com.au
Australian Website at http://www.avid.net.au/stopmai/
Planning Meetings will now alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays every second week

1998 October 14, Wednesday: PARIS, Oct 14 (Reuters) - France will not participate in the next round of talks on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) within the OECD, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin said on Wednesday. ... Copyright © 1998 Reuters Limited.

1998 October 17, Saturday, 10am-2pm: Stop-MAI stall, Corner Murray St and Forrest Pl, Perth city.
1998 October 17, Saturday: World Protest Against Poverty Day.

1998 October 29, Thursday, 5.30pm for 6pm, Lower Hall, 10 Broome St, South Perth, Planning Meeting: more delegates and individuals urgently required because other pro-monopolist treaties, agreements, and protocols are going through the Federal Cabinet without public participation and/or Parliamentary debate.

1998 November 10, Tuesday: Federal Parliament with newly-elected House of Representatives Members to open.

For future meetings, contact Brian Jenkins brian@nettrek.com.au (08) 9246 3882, or Dion Giles dgiles@chem.murdoch.edu.au (08) W. 9360 221, H. 9335 7646

1998 April 21, Tuesday, 7 pm, Victoria Hall, 179 High St. (near Town Hall and Queen Street), Fremantle: STOP THE M.A.I. -- PUBLIC PROTEST MEETING (Collection).
See a report at: Stop the MAI

1998 June 30, Tuesday, 7.30pm, Sports Hall of W.A. Deaf Society, 16 Brentham St., Leederville.
See a report at: Stop the MAI

1998 July 17: Press Club Luncheon about MAI
Speaker: The Greens (WA) Senator Dee Margetts
Topic MAI
Ibis Hotel, 334 Murray Street (vicinity of King Street), Perth
Bookings ph 9444 0071 or phone Carole at Senator Margetts' office on 9470 2688
When? Friday 17 July 1998 at 12.15pm for 12.45pm start
Cost $28 members / $36 non members

1998 August 27, Thursday, 5.30 pm for a 6pm start, Lower Hall, 10 Broome St, South Perth, Planning meeting;
1998 September 8, Tuesday, 7.30pm: PUBLIC MEETING, Rockingham.

(16 Phillimore St., Fremantle, WA, 6160)

(Tel. (08) 9335 2711)
1998 February 23, Monday, 5.30-7.30pm, at Dillon Whitelaw & Associates' building, 1 b Packenham Street (near Railway Station), Fremantle: You could win $25,000, Site Value Taxation, Michael Lynch, please book on 9339 3754, facilitator), seminar ($15)

1998 Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28 (Wednesdays), 7-8.30pm; $53 for four nights.
Lecturer:   Michael Lynch, from Murdoch University
As the debate about modern tax solutions focuses on a GST, alternatives are not being discussed. This course will look at the oldest tax source, 'land'. The necessity of identifying the nature of the return from the economics factor 'land' is fundamental to successful and equitable tax reform.

31 Hardware St., Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

Telephone (03) 9670 3063; Fax (03) 9670 3063   E-mail: information@earthsharing.org.au
E-mail to Progress editor Mark Hassed: mhassed@lexicon.net.au
WWW: http://www.earthsharing.org.au
Affiliated with the Henry George Foundation (Australia)
Friday (3rd Friday monthly), 4-7pm, Discussion evenings, nibbles, drinks; $2; TRA, 31 Hardware St., Melbourne

Corrrespondence course, contact Anne Schmid at TRA, or Home (03) 9729 2379; $25 including course materials.

Magazine Progress, 1 year $15, with TRA membership $25, New Zealand by air $A30, Other overseas by sea $A24, Other overseas by air $A36.

1997 October 25, 7-11pm: Henry George Centenary Dinner (formal), Supper Room, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston St., Melbourne; $30 each; music, guest speaker; RSVP.

1997 December 15, 6.30pm: End-of-year Social with light meal, headquarters, $7; RSVP 12 Dec.

1998 January 20-23, ?6-8pm: Economics for Those Seeking Social Justice, course (Richard Giles, of Sydney); 31 Hardware St., Melbourne (Gold coin each session).

1998 February 17, 8.00pm: Annual general meeting; 31 Hardware Street, Melbourne. (Nominations for office due 13 February.)

1998 February ? closing: Clear Expression Competition for a single-paragraph explanation of site revenue, $50 prize; best entries to be published in next two issues of Progress, winners in March-April 1998 issue; entries to Clear Expression Competition, 31 Hardware St., Melbourne, Vic., 3000

Diary of Events in the Site and Resource Revenue Social Justice Reform .. movements
P.O. Box 443, Enfield, NSW, 2136

Tel. (02) 9744 8815, (02) 9746 5154; Fax (02) 9744 3804

Affiliated with the nationwide body Henry George Foundation (Australia) and the Georgist Council of Australia Inc.

The Association's office opened to the public regularly at Henry George House (which is owned by the NSW Henry George Foundation Ltd.), 122 Little Eveleigh St., Redfern, about 50 metres from Redfern railway station, from 25 August 1998, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10am - 4pm. Office (02) 9319 3313

February 11, 10am-12noon or 6-8pm: "Economics for Those seeking Social Justice," course, Henry George House, 122 Little Eveleigh Street, Redfern (50m from Redfern Station). ($20)
February 27: "Land Rights for All," seminar, UTS, Harris Street, Building 6, Room 322 (entrance level).
April 17, 2-5pm: "The Asian Currency Crisis," seminar, UTS, Harris St, Building 6, Room 322 (entrance level).
May 1, 2-5pm: "Political Curruption," seminar, UTS, Harris St, Building 6, Room 322 (entrance level).
July 8, 10am or 6pm: "Economics for Those seeking Social Justice," course, four weeks, Redfern.
August 16, 2pm-3.30pm: Sunday Forum, Redfern. Speaker: Richard Giles.
August 23, 2pm-3.30pm: "Resource Rent Tax," Sunday Forum, Redfern. Speaker to be announced.
August 25, Tuesday, 10am-4pm, Association's office open to the public regularly from now on. Mr Ron Johnson will staff the office every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-4pm.
August 25, Tuesday, Association's annual general meeting of members.
September 4, Friday, 2pm, "Political Corruption," public seminar; Level 4, Building 6 UTS, Harris St., Ultimo (about 50 metres off Broadway). Convener: Dr Geoffrey Hawker, School of History, Philosophy and Politics, Macquarie University; $2. Book on (02) 9744 8815 or (02) 9319 3313.
September 20, 2pm-3.30pm: "Pricing Frequencies," Sunday Forum, Redfern. Speaker to be announced.
September 27, 2pm-3.30pm: "GST," Sunday Forum, Redfern. Speaker: Dr Geoffrey Hawker.
October 7, 10am or 6pm: "Economics for Those seeking Social Justice," course, four weeks, Redfern.

from 1997 also to be known as: INTERNATIONAL GEORGIST UNION

For address see Links and Contacts

Affiliated with the Henry George Foundation (Australia).

1997, July 27 - August 3: Conference, Brighton, England

Election results:
President: Dr Robert Andelson, USA
Deputy President: Ole Lefmann, Denmark/England
Immediate Past President: Godfrey Dunkley, South Africa
General Secretary: Barbara Sobrielo, England
Assistant Gen. Secretary: Norman Slater, England
Treasurer: Jose Mernane, England

Vice Presidents: Per Moller Andersen, Denmark; Carlos Deltell, Spain; Drew Harris, USA; Michael Horsman, Ireland; Robert Keall, New Zealand; Doris Norris, England; Mary Rawson, Canada; Tanya Roskoshnaya, Russia; Fernando Scornik Gerstein, Argentina; Karl Williams, Australia.

Executive Committee: George Jukes and Betsy Harris, both of Australia; Ben Sevack, Canada; Svend Dinsen, Denmark; Jessica Baker, Julia Bastian, Fred Harrison, and John Loveless, all of England; Alanna Hartzok and Lowell Harriss, both of USA.

(At a subsequent Executive meeting, Frank Peddle, of Canada, was co-opted to the Executive Committee.)

Victorian Division
G.P.O. BOX 2620 W, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia

Tel. c/o (03) 9650 3155; Fax (03) 9650 8642

1997 July 29: Economics and Equity: the impact of rates, a forum; Condell Room, Melbourne Town Hall (enter via main door in Swanston Street); $10, or $5 concession, AIUS members free.
Phil Anderson: Economic Forecaster
Neil Noelker: Economic Development consultant; former Local Government chief executive officer.
Ray Berryman: Manager of Valuation, City of Melbourne.

Diary of Events_ Site and Resource Revenue Social Justice groups

Henry George moving to free a trapped bull, linked to original source "Near the window by which I write. a great bull is tethered by a ring in his nose.   Grazing round and round he has wound his rope about the stake until now he stands a close prisoner, tantalised by the rich grass he cannot reach, unable even to toss his head to rid him of the flies that cluster on his shoulders.

This bull, a very type of massive strength, who, because he has not wit enough to see how he might be free, suffers want in sight of plenty, and is helplessly preyed upon by weaker creatures, seems to me to be no unfit emblem of the working masses.

But until they trace effect to cause, until they see how they are fettered and how they may be freed, their struggles and outcries are as vain as those of the bull.   Nay they are vainer.   I shall go out and drive the bull in the way that will untwist the rope.   But who shall drive men to freedom?"

Introduction to Protection or Free Trade 1888 by Henry George. Click picture for source
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Diary of Events -- Site and Resource Revenue Social Justice _groups
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