OBJECTIVES: Social Justice, Abolition of unemployment and poverty, Just wealth distribution, Relieving the taxation burden, Government revenue from Land and Resource 'Economic Rent,' Exclusive Land Occupation, Competition with co-operation, Free enterprise and initiative, Equal opportunity, Access to land under attractive conditions, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Honest government, Proportional Representation, Freedom from unfair sex discrimination, Reducing Speculation.
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Build a BETTER FAIRER world ..Build a BETTER FAIRER world   Georgists worldwide invite you to work towards a Pattern for a Better World, and to study Georgist Policy.   Select from GRAHAM HART'S other writings, or study his Course Scientific Economics and the Art of Government, and our 22 October 1996 leaflet on the King Street Land Tax Increase.  Read the prophetic statements of CLYDE CAMERON, former Federal Minister, in "The closest Geoist encounter with Canberra," ("from Clyde with love") written 1974, and his Revenue that is not a Tax of 1989, whose words are just as true today as then.

If interested in ELECTIONS look at "You Don't Have to Vote" by EILEEN BENNETT.   Other information includes: the Sydney course by RICHARD GILES and RAY CAMPTON,  RENT AND SOCIETY, or a shortish clear explanation in the ABC Radio talk of PHIL DAY called  PROFITING FROM LAND.

See GRAHAM HART'S submission to the National Tax Reform Summit, and his 1997 article FULL EMPLOYMENT with FULL EARNINGS, and a MIKE LYNCH paper "The Implementation of and Compensation for Land Taxation".

  Check about OVERSEAS STUDENTS FIND CREDIBILITY GAP. Or read the  Good News from Cape Town, South Africa, and perhaps take a holistic approach to all of life by contacting the  Alliance for Reconciliation and Community Healing

  Our EXPERIMENTAL PAGE and AUDIO TRIAL PAGE are where we try out some new ideas, and we have a BANNERS display and trial page.   For a complete overview, click CONTENTS.

  Out of respect for the majority of the world's population, who DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, we have put in a translation of this "page" in a language made up of the main root-words of many, many languages, Esperanto.   If you want to test out your translation skills from the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE--ESPERANTO--click  LA GEORGISTA KURACILO, that is, this page in Esperanto.   Se vi legas esperanton, claku gxin, ni petas vin.   Ankaû legu: Esperanto--Ne Malaperis la Skandalo de le Ricxeco apud Gigantaj Mizeroj de Vilcxo Simcock, de Britujo.


Or for joining in a DISCUSSION where you can see what several others have written, visit Economic Justice DISCUSSION ROOM, monitored by another group of Georgists.  Please collect our Internet address as a Bookmark, Favourite site, Hotlist, or Lists site.
Build a BETTER FAIRER world..Build a BETTER FAIRER world
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