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OBJECTIVES:   Social Justice, Economic Democracy, Land Rights for All including Aborigines, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals, Taxation Reduction and Fairness, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Freedom from unfair sex and other unfair discrimination, Women's Rights, Men's Rights, Sustainable Families' Rights, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Responsible Government Expenditure, Freeing genuine Enterprise, Exclusive Land Occupation, Collection of Misappropriated "Economic Rent," Natural Public Revenue, Abolition of Involuntary Unemployment, Wealth Producers to keep Full Value of their Production and Enterprise, Reducing Speculation.
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Prosper Australia Victoria,
1st floor, 27 Hardware Street, Melbourne, Vic, 3000, Australia
Tel: [+61 3] (03) 9670 2754   Fax: [+61 3] (03) 9670 3063

EarthSharing™, Victoria, Australia

The Association for Good Government,
The Australian School of Social Science,
PO Box 251, Ulladulla, NSW, 2539,
Telephones [+61 2] (02) 4455 7880, 0500 858 535,   Fax 02 4455 7881

Resource Rentals for Revenue Association (International)
45 Dominion St., Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. Tel. (09) 486 1271, Fax (09) 486 7458

The Canadian Research Committee on Taxation
or if you read French:
Le Comité Canadien de Recherches sur la Taxation

Land Values Research Group
GPO Box 2688 X, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia
Telephone (03) 9670 2754;   Fax (03) 9670 3063
Economic research in general, and
$25,000 Tax Reform Challenge -- closed 31 March 1998, winners have been announced

The Banneker Center for Economic Justice, USA

Land Value Taxation Campaign, United Kingdom

Henry George Homepages on the Web, Netherlands

How Land Value Taxation Benefits the Farmer, Australia

Economic Justice Movement, 6 Briarwood, Bristol, BS9 3SS, England, UK

Henry George Foundation, 177 Vauxhall Bridge Rd., London SW1V 1EU, England, UK

International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (Barbara Sobrielo),
from August 1997 also to be known as: INTERNATIONAL GEORGIST UNION
177 Vauxhall Bridge Rd., LondonSW1V 1EU, UK; Tel. 0171 834 4266; Fax 1071 834 4979

Land Policy Council, (Fred Harrison), 7 Kings Rd., Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 0QB, England, UK; Tel./Fax 0181 943 3352

American Resources Information Network, about "takings" and property

THE PROGRESS REPORT, linked to USA source; we converted  from GIF87a to GIF89a 14Jan98; 8kb
The Progress Report (U.S.A.)
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The William Vickrey Nobel Memorial Home Page

Gaianomics/Geonomics - Our Forgotten Freedom

Site Rating Defence Group, Victoria, Australia

Discussion Room
Economic JusticeDiscussion Room,

Democratic Freedom Caucus Discussion List, USA

Full Employment Requires Equal Land Rights

Council for Economic Inquiry, USA

Henry George Institute, USA

Georgist News Service, USA

Common Ground, USA

Geonomic Services

Balanced Vision



Henry George Gopher Site

Smith's "Websites With Similar Interests" (USA)

An end to Poverty, a Beginning to Prosperity

Russia: New Laws Ease Land Sales

Click here for information about
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Global Internet Liberty Campaign.
which can be found at

Other Economic and Political Reform Groups

Major Tax Reform (Which One?)

International Institute for Sustainable Development (USA)

Taxpayer Assets Project, to halt the giveaways to monopolists

A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency
by Benjamin Franklin

Lincoln Foundation, Incorporated, 3443 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, 85012-2208, U.S.A.; Tel. 602 263 9407, Fax 602 234 3985

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 113 Brattle St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138 3400, U.S.A.

National Tax Reform Summit, October 1996, submissions (Australia)

Institute for Global Communications
includes PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, ConflictNet, Women'sNet

Paradigm 4 -- Australian Community's Independent Directory

Earth Site
By John McConnell - Founder of Earth Day

ComFind: Economic Research and Analysis

Sustainable Justice for All, Local to Global
Al Anderson, USA

Essential's Web Center, for Cool groups

Texas Observer's DownHome Page

Institute for Economic Democracy

Readings on credit and money

American Monetary Institute

Let's Scrap The Economy

People Against Cancer

"Enter Stage Right"

New Internationalist

Fiscal reform group


Earthwatch Australia

FCADP, opposes killing

Viewpoint (Victoria, Australia)

Suppression of Dissent (Australia)

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
Financial Crash Hot-Line   1 902 241 007

HAPPILY commercialising EVERYTHING

Electoral Reform Groups

A Truly Representative Voting System

Proportional Representation Society of Australia
(NSW Branch)
GPO Box 3058, Sydney, NSW, 2001

Advocates for Self-Government (USA)

United People Power Inc

Readings on the WWW

Widening the Tax Reform Agenda,
Phillip Day, on Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, 26 Oct. 1997

Seeing the Cat:
Henry George and the Rise of the Single Tax Movement 1879-1890,
by Ronald W. Yanosky, brief summary of dissertation

Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Fundamentalism,
William Vickrey (late Nobel Peace Prize winner)

How to Revive a Dying City, Prof. Mason Gaffney

Progress and Poverty, Henry George
Abridged by A. W. Madsen

Mark Twain on Land Monopoly, Dan Sullivan

Archimedes, Mark Twain

The Physiocrats, David Domke

Acquisition of Property by Discovery

A General Progress Program, 30 A4 pages, by Edward H. Clarke, in USA

Biography of Henry George, and source material (New York Public Library)

Political Economy, 1815, by J.C.L. Simonde de Sismondi [VERY SLOW LOADING]

Index of Titles by Author (on WWW)from our Sydney, New South Wales, Australia colleagues

Books for sale

Prosper Australia (Victoria), Books On-line
Order by On-line Form, Telephone, Fax, or Mail
1 / 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Telephone (03) 9670 2754;   Facsimile (Fax) (03) 9670 3063

Australian Authors
(Prices include Postage)
Rent as Revenue by Dr L. Hemingway, $13.50
Elementary Economics, George Charles, $8.50
True and False Economics, W.A.Dowe, $13.50
Rehabilitation of Rural Industry, Graham Hart, of Perth, $5.00
Monopoly & the Individual, George Hardy, $11.00
Natural Resources Rental Taxation in Australia, A.R.Hutchinson, $3.50
Why Capitalism & Socialism Failed, A.R.Cannon, $13.00
Land, Phil Day of Queensland, $18.00
The Recovery Myth, Bryan Kavanagh of Melbourne, $8.00
Canberra in Crisis, Frank Brennan, $6.50

Overseas Authors
That All May Live, Godfrey Dunkley, $20.00
The Corruption of Economics, M.Gaffney, F.Harrison, $28.00
The Trial of Chaka Dlamini, S.Meintjes, M.Jacques, $16.50
The Land Question, Shirley-Anne Hardy, $3.50
From Waste Land to Promised Land, R.V.Anderson, J.M.Dawsey, $27.00

Six Booklets (set) by Henry George
, $4.00 the set
Thy Kingdom Come; Thou Shalt Not Steal
The Crime of Poverty
Justice the Object/Taxation the Means
Study of Political Economy

and others

EarthSharing™   in Melbourne, Australia

Georgist Education Association

that's us, in Perth, Western Australia.   If visiting Perth, call in (address on this Webpage), and buy or order one or more books, including.

Natural Resources Rental Taxation in Australia, AR Hutchinson, 1979, 62pp $2.00 including postage
An assessment of the annual value of all lands in Australia as at 1976/77.
This is updated to 1996 as an annexure to the submission to be rebutted in the $25,000 Tax Reform Challenge, closing 31 March 1998.

The Recovery Myth: A Positive Response, Bryan Kavanagh 1994, 20pp $7.95
Graphs, charts and a commentary explaining the critical role of land prices and taxation in triggering the economic downturn of the 1990s.

LAND: The elusive quest for social justice, taxation reform & a sustainable planetary environment, Philip Day, Australian Academic Press, Brisbane 1995 (120pp) $17.95 A study of an enigma: "of how vast wealth is made and disbursed within a tangled maze of institutional arrangements and practices - practices which are seemingly pre-ordained, notwithstanding their manifestly questionable consequences for the welfare of society."

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation list at Earthrights, in U.S.A.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation list at Progress, in U.S.A.

The Lost Science of Money
German and English versions due about mid-1998

An End to Poverty - A Beginning to Prosperity

by Glenn Harrington: Trafford Publishing, Canada; 51 pages; Docutape Black; catalogue #96-0020; CDN$14.50 (approx. US$9.86)
Synopsis of single tax approach to eradicate the cause of recessions and poverty, persistence of poverty alongside progress. Addresses free trade, urban sprawl, slums, crime.
Order through nearest Geonomics office, or to the publishers' one-at-a-time system online, Trafford Publishing, 3050 Nanaimo Street, Suite 2, Victoria, B.C. V8T 4Z1, CANADA.

World Orders, Old and New

by Noam Chomsky ©1994: Pluto Press, London; 312pp, Paperback, ~$32.00.
Land reform in Guatemala would be a threat to investors, according to a US State Department document (p. 122). Land proprietors were created in India during the British "permanent settlement" of affairs (p. 116). Dacca at one time was as big and as prosperous as London, until the multinationals of a couple of centuries ago ensured that its textile industry was swamped by regulations and "free" trade, thus ensuring wealth for their Manchester factories. Nowadays the Indian Government's minister of finance must report directly to the World Bank in Washington (p. 127).
Economic rationalists and the market economy theorists are working in the interests of the masters of the global economy, and to the detriment of the rest of the world, Chomsky writes in this book.
Chomsky, author of many books including The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many, Turning the Tide, The Culture of Terrorism, and Necessary Illusions, is Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusets Institute of Technology. He co-authored Manufacturing Consent, in which the claim was made that the consent of electors in so-called democracies is "manufactured" by very clever and unscrupulous people working for the super-rich.
For a wide review of his writings and speeches up to recent months, including audio and video online, try: In "Free Market Fantasies" which can be heard online from that link or from, he said that all of the top 100 transnational corporations in the world had benefited from government assistance in their alleged "home" country, and 20 of them had been saved from collapse. Yet these companies were strongly advocating "free market" theory, while receiving government subsidies or being baled out. He covers the reasons for over-fishing through government subsidies while "free" trade was introduced.
Newt Gingrich was one of the most successful politicians in obtaining government help for his electorate's industries, while preaching the "market."

The Losses of Nations

Edited by Fred Harrison: "Economists have produced estimates of the staggering annual shortfall in production caused by current forms of taxation. The authors connect several political crises, like recession and unemployment, to the way in which taxation distorts economic incentives by encourage land speculation at the expense of investment in industry and services."   £UK14.95 paperback, £UK30 hardback, postpaid from Othila Press Ltd, 7 Kings Rd, Teddington, Middx, TW110QB, United Kingdom;   $US15 paperback postpaid from Robert Shalkenbach Foundation, 41 East 72nd St, New York, NY, 10021, United States of America, Tel. (212) 988 1680
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We are working for the sun to set on the old "Greed, Growth, and Grab" Economics.

Site and Resource Revenue Reformers' Worldwide Contacts

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Argentina, Australia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Dominican Republic,
Ethiopia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea,
Malawi, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa,
Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America.
If you wish to join this movement, please mention to your local representative
that this Website was your point of contact.

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E-MAIL us at
WESTERN AUSTRALIA, on:, or contact:
   NEW SOUTH WALES, Association for Good Government, AND Australian School of Social Science: PO Box 251, Ulladulla, NSW, 2539, Australia, Tel. 02 4455 7880, Facsimile 02 4455 7881,
   VICTORIA, Prosper Australia Victoria (formerly Tax Reform Australia), 1 / 27 Hardware Lane, off Bourke St, Melbourne, Vic. 3000, Tel 03 96780 2754, Fax 03 9670 3063, .
   QUEENSLAND, Site Revenue Society, Mr David Spain, PO Box 8115, Gold Coast Mail Centre, 9726, Queensland, Tel 07 5574 0755,
   SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Henry George League, 26 Landsdowne Ave, Belair, SA, 5052, Tel 08 8278 7560, 08 8332 6660,
   TASMANIA, Mr Leo Foley, 31 Brushy Creek Rd, Lenah Valley, Tas., 7008, Mobile Telephone 04 1939 5017, Fax 03 6233 2777,
   NEW ZEALAND, Mr R.D.Keall, 43 Dominion St, Takapuna, Auckland, NZ, Tel 09 486 1271, , AND Miss Betty Noble, 6 / 83 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington, 6006, NZ.

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POST Newspapers, 2 Keightley Road, Subiaco, WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6008. PHONE: (08) 9381 3088 FAX: (08) 9388 2258, or

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