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Georgist policy includes the abolition of all taxation, private monopolies, sinecures and special privileges.

All public revenue is the payment of competitively-assessed charges for the advantages which attach to particular land holdings, for royalties, or licences if availed of, or for the operational costs of reticulated and postal services, etc.

We oppose the granting of all private monopolies without payment for their value, and this only when there is no encroachment on personal liberty and freedom.

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The private ownership of land without payment for the market-assessed advantages is easily the greatest and most devastating monopoly, because it interferes with the right of all people to earn a living by applying their labour to land.

The imposition of tariff barriers to the exchange of goods with the people of other countries is probably the second. This is justified by the knowledge that some people in other countries are expoited to a greater extent than the working people in Australia, and in consequence receive lower real wages.

Taxes, Wages, Interest, Rent -- for people interested in Social Justice
University of Western Australia extension course, $53 for four nights:
7-8.30pm Wed. January 7, 14, 21, 28, 1998

Lecturer: Michael Lynch, of Murdoch University

    As the debate about modern tax solutions focuses on a possible Goods and Services Tax (GST), alternatives are not being widely discussed in the community.Dot_clear.gif

    This course will look at the oldest tax source, 'land'.
    The necessity of identifying the nature of the return from the economics factor 'land' is fundamental to successful and equitable tax reform.
    It is also at the core of understanding the ecological, economic and social crises that beset us in a post-industrial economy.
    Geonomics is about identifying the need to capture the surplus return to 'land' for the general community. It would be a substitute for all taxes and provide a panacea for the socio-economic problems of the latter part of the 20th century.

Forms available from UWA Extension, University of Western Australia, Mounts Bay Rd, Crawley, WA, 6009Dot_clear.gif

Lower wages do not necessarily mean lower production costs; there are many other factors involved:--skills, the availability of capital, interest rates, exchange rates, the cost of economic rent, etc.

People can only sell when they buy equivalent value in return and if this is not possible then exchange rates vary until equalisation is achieved.

It is not a function of government to grant particular monopolies in an endeavour to correct injustice or incompetence The imposition of taxation on people because they produce, exchange, invest or consume wealth is the greatest confidence trick of all time.

Land Values Research Group
BOX 2688X GPO, Melbourne 3001, Australia
Ph: 03 9670 2754 Fax: 03 9670 3063

Closing 31 March 1998, submission fee $10, limit 4000 words on A4
See fuller details, including a Summary and much of the Document to be rebutted, on

or the Summary only put on the Internet by the organisers of the 1996 National Tax Reform Summit, on
or see our Website's brief Challenge document on
or our Website's copy of the organisers' WWW version of the Summary on
Write, telephone, or e-mail to Melbourne for the conditions and documents to be posted to you.

At the turn of the 20th century, the "Single Tax" movement was one of the most vital and influential forces of the progressive era. Single tax Mayors and Legislators were elected in a number of states, most notably Mayor Tom L. Johnson of Cleveland. A statue of Johnson in Cleveland today shows him holding the book that inspired his political career: Progress and Poverty. The Single Tax poster at right was used as an advertisement for The Public, a Chicago Georgist newspaper published by Louis F. Post, the eminent author and advocate who served as Assistant Secretary of Labor in the Wilson Administration.

Pictures and captions by courtesy of Henry George Institute of New York State, U.S.A.

Payroll tax is a "fine" imposed on those who organise employment.

Income tax fines people who engage in production or render services.

Sales tax penalises people for purchasing goods.

Customs tariffs fine people for buying goods produced in other countries. To do this is economic aggression, and invites reprisals which endanger peaceful relations and are a prelude to war.


Excise duties increase the cost of certain products, reduce demand for such, and worsen unemployment, as do all taxes.

It would be tedious to examine all the 60-odd taxes and public charges. The effect is always the same, - reduce the demand by increasing costs and worsen unemployment, which becomes obvious once attention is drawn thereto.

The collection of economic rent for public revenue has an opposite effect, - by making it unprofitable to withhold valuable land from its best use it actually stimulates production and employment. Land must be put to use in order to earn the public charge, which involves the employment of labour and the use of capital.

The writer has endeavoured to find a principle in the taxation system and it appears to be, "If it moves, tax it; if it doesn't move watch carefully for any sign of motion."

I once wrote to Prime Minister Keating, informing him my researches have revealed that the breast feeding of babies is the only human function which is not taxed, either directly or indirectly and advising that this inconsistency could be remedied by the production of titometers.

These should be worn by the mother at the baby's mealtimes. The babies would have to suck harder to motivate the meters, but this would condition them for a political life to come.

Apart from providing keys to the front and bedroom doors for the meter readers, there would be no invasion of privacy. Fines should be imposed for premature weaning, because this would amount to tax evasion.Mr Keating did not reply. (End of section 4.)

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Georgists worldwide invite you to work towards a Pattern for a Better World, and study Georgist Policy,
by selecting from Graham Hart's writings: [ 2. The True Functions of Government ], [ 3. Public Revenue ],
4. Taxation & Monopoly,[ 5. Restriction of Government Functions ], [ 6. A Private Banking System ],
[ 7. Democratic Elections ], [ 8. Phasing in Over a Period ].

And now, our 22 October 1996 leaflet on the [ King Street Land Tax INCREASE ].

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