We arm Indonesia for profit while they slaughter thousands

  On Monday the 16th December 2002 Geraldine Doogue interviewed a lecturer of the Australian National University (ANU) on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about the situation in Aceh.
  Though Geraldine's questions were inclusive and to the point, the answers were evasive without any possible negative implication let alone any statistics, or mention of what role Australia played in equipping and maintaining the Indonesian army.
  This is not surprising, as all previous interviews with ANU professors or lecturers were remarkably of the same policy: "We have to be friends," or in more realistic terms: Let's not kill the fat pig (oil, mining, cheap labour, etc.).
  However, at what price?
  The billions of dollars Australia poured into that bottomless vat, went at the cost of our underfunded education, social security, and hospital systems, and national development, especially in Western Australai, Aboriginal youth training programmes, etc., etc.
  And this is only for Australia!
  What Indonesia concerns the above could be repeated as well as the thousands of deaths by slaughtering of (Australian-trained) army! Between 35,000 and 40,000 Christians in the Molluccas, 5000 to 10,000 Sulawesi Dayaks etc. who protested against the complete annihiliation of their forests (export profits went to the President's relatives), the thousands slaughtered in Papua, Palembang and any other place that did not agree with Djakarkata's extortionist army and policies.
  While the ABC regularly reminds us of the German Holocaust after 60 years, and billions of compensation, these holocausts of our poor black neighbours seem of no concern whatsoever. Their blood be upon you and upon your children! -- Letter to the ABC Board, from Mrs Josie Leeden, South Perth, 20 December 2002

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