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Just World Campaign, Social Justice, Economic Democracy, Land Rights for Everyone, Collection of Site Revenue and Resource Rentals, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Decentralisation, Opposition to Anti-Enterprise Taxes and Monopolies, Proportional Representation, Freedom from unjust Sex Discrimination, Responsible Government Expenditure, Exclusive Land Occupation. Useful Links.

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   Campaign Against the Arms Trade. (CAAT), http://­www.­, 11 Goodwin St, London N4 3HQ | Tel: +44-(0)20 7281 0297 | Fax: +44-(0)20 7281 4369 (sighted Jan 22, 2005). Amongst the activities are the Clean Investment Campaign , the Fanning the Flames campaign (highlighting how UK arms exports are fuelling conflicts around the globe) and arms fair campaigns.
   CAAT has drawn together a number of reports and letter-writing campaigns concerning issues of pressing importance. These include arms export control, the proliferation of small arms, and legislation concerning mercenaries. The group issues CAAT News magazine. To request action packs e-mail enquiries§ . See CAAT website for all other e-mail addresses.
   Australian Campaign Against Arms Trade. ACAAT, http://­www.­ . Phone / Fax : 07 4096 3236 + 61 7 4096 3236 (international) Email : admin§ . PO Box 1529, Atherton, Queensland, 4883, Australia [NOT DISPLAYING August 13, 2007]
   People for Nuclear Disarmament. PND, www.pndwa. , PO Box 37, Maylands, WA, 6931, Tel 08 9271 4488, pnd.wa§ iinet. . [In 2008, the "Perth Sun Fair" was held at UWA, April 6.] [Sun Festival, April 9, 2006.]


H.A.S.C.O. People's Poll, PO Box 642, Nango, Qld, 4615, Australia. Tel. 07 4163 2160,, 02 6723 2351. Fax 02 6723 2364. On November 1, 2006, they changed from issuing multi-issue polling forms, to single-issue forms. The first of these is on Water, and is due in by December 10, 2006.  In 2007 they resumed polling on a mixture of subjects.  Their results were published by them in The Poll Star.  (Did you get the clever pun?) (BUT, around 2009, actual effects in the real world were not as great as the effort expended, so the group stopped polling. - jcm 17 Aug 09)


Agritech Smartwater, 6/439 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, WA, 6100, Australia; Tel.: (08) 9470 4334 - Fax: (08) 9470 6640, <http://­> (NOT RESPONDING today 30 Oct 2011).  This group, whose website states comprises of 27 of the State's best scientists, engineers, and academics, has a proposal to initially re-treat the saline scour water from the Wellington Dam (in the Collie region), currently wasted to the sea, to supply 45 gigalitres of fresh drinkable water without any power requirement.  A reverse osmosis plant near Brunswick Junction would remove salt from some of the water.  The bulk of the water would go through a hydro-electric power station that would provide the power required, and have surplus power for the State electricity grid.  Save Aus$500m plus.  Also see next entry. (The Sunday Times TV Guide, page 21, April 29-May 5, 2007, and webpages sighted Apr 30, 2007.)
Agritech Hydropower, 6/439 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, WA, 6100, Australia; Tel.: (08) 9470 4334 - Fax: (08) 9470 6640, <http://­> (NOT RESPONDING today 30 Oct 2011).  This group, whose website states comprises of 27 of the State's best scientists, engineers, and academics, has three proposals to remove saline ground water from the Wheatbelt to the top of the Darling Scarp, and to use this water to generate clean, green, renewable hydro-electric power.  Part of this water can be treated by reverse osmosis with most of the power coming from electricity generated by water flowing down the hills.  This would provide up to 250 gigalitres of fresh clean water for the State annually.  An extract:
   In brief, the Agritech Hydropower proposals relate to three major projects, covering the Blackwood, Murray and Avon Catchments. These areas contain most of WA's salinity problem, which totals some 2.2m hectares of lost land. The State is losing land at the rate of 11.4 hectares per hour. Nearly every river, stream and lake in the wheatbelt has become saline.
   The Blackwood, Murray and Avon rivers were seen as potable sources of water for the South West of the State. The Blackwood River is now discharging more salt at its mouth than the mighty Murray-Darling system.
   Finally, Agritech Smartwater and Agritech Hydropower collectively believe these projects to be far better and a more viable solution for the provision of potable water for Perth and environs than to resort to expensive seawater reverse osmosis desalination or risking our precious groundwater aquifers.
[WEBPAGES not responding Oct 30, 2011. Advert. dated April 29-May 5, 2007.]
Conservation Council of Western Australia, and WA Forest Alliance (WAFA) <http://­> City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth 6005, 9420 7265, fax 9420 7273, conswa§
Artists for Old Growth Forests, Perth, WA, 08 9335 3343, 9336 1831
Permaculture Association Western Australia, PO Box 430, Subiaco, WA, 6008. Aims: 1. Care of the earth, 2. Care of the people, 3. Share the surplus. (July 2004)
Lorax forest activist centre, 78 High St, Fremantle, WA, Australia, 08 9431 7053, fax 9433 3505, lorax§
Wilderness Society, was City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth 6005, 9420 7255, fax 9420 7256, ws§, but Oct 1999 only link found was http://­www.­
Campaigners for Ancient Forests, 113 Brookton Hwy, Roleystone, WA, Australia, 9496 1122, fax 9496 1120, forest§
Friends of Jane (Inc.) working to save the Jane and other forest blocks, PO Box 116, Northcliffe, WA, 6262, Australia, friendsofjane§
FIFWA (working on clearfelling), Perth 08 9380 4510
The Turning Point Project, USA, will publish advertisements about the environment in the New York Times and on its Website at: http://­www.­ from about September 1999 into 2000.
Conversations for the 21st Century group based in Sydney discusses: Community disintegration, environmental degradation, old forest destruction, toxic waste accumulation, social breakdown, and unsupportable levels of resources consumption. http://­www.­ (Closed down - Dec 19, 2008)
Reworking Tomorrow group studies unemployment, social breakdown, resource consumption, toxic waste, etc. http://­www.­ [NOT DISPLAYING 05 July, 2008]
Reworking Tomorrow Western Australia (RTWA), PERTH. Formed in 1998 (Checked Dec 19, 08). Reworking Tomorrow WA invites people to work towards individual and community resilience in ways that promote ecological integrity, social cohesion and a sustainable high quality of living.  RTWA is making visible the existing contribution and the desires of many people to move towards a life-sustaining society.
   The group connects and supports people involved in the process of creating personal and social change.  It provides the opportunity for people to come together to discuss issues relevant to the 21st Century.
   RT-WA encourages members of the community to participate in Conversation Groups.  There they can expound their views on issues such as Climate Change Prevention, Sustainable Energy Sources, Water Solutions etc, as well as topics suggested by the members.  The Northern Suburbs Conversation Group (in Perth, WA) started on March 2, 1999, at 52 Ford St, Marmion. (Checked 30 Dec 08).  The group wrote and published the booklet, You Enjoy a Share of the earth's resources, the YES book.  It contains a wealth of local knowledge and references for Chapters on Basic Needs, Development and Lifestyle.  This book is on sale for $10. (Wording received, and to webpage, Dec 19, 08)
Information for Action, automated lobbying service for a better environment. (Checked Dec 19, 2008). Rowland Benjamin, President, Information for Action, PO Box 245, North Perth, WA, 6906 Australia; Multilingual information. Volunteers wanted.  (No response in June 2012, so put strikeout through this entry. -jcm 16 Jun 2012).

The Gaia Foundation, Western Australia, founded 1987:  Part of an international ring of independent Gaia groups.  Members of the Gaia Foundation are committed to its three objectives;
  • personal growth - commitment to your own healing and empowerment
  • community building - strengthening the communities of which you are a part
  • service to the Earth - enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of all life
    The structure of the Gaia Foundation avoids the central committee-passive periphery structure of conventional non-government organisations. All activities of the Foundation are created as independent "projects" (450 so far) in which participants involved in that project have all power and authority.
    The Gaia Foundation, PO Box 1417, East Victoria Park, WA, 6981, Australia; Tel: 08 9470 5334.
    Malleefowl Preservation Group, Western Australia.  The malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) is a large ground-dwelling Australian bird that incubates its eggs in mounds, a method also used by other members of the Megapode family.  The other two species of Megapode in Australia are the Brush Turkey and the Scrubfowl.
       The group has a headquarters at Ongerup.  E-mail malleefowl wa § wn. com au .   Its journal is Malleefowl Matter, c/o Department of Environment and Conservation, 120 Albany Hwy, Albany, WA, 6330, Australia. Tel 08 9842 4500, Facsimile 08 9841 7105. jonathan pridham § dec wa gov au (as at June 2007).
    Animal Pest Alerts. Join in the battle to prevent certain introduced creatures from becoming a danger to human activities and to native species.  For example, around August 2009 a National Animal Pest Alert leaflet was issued about the non-native Red-eared Slider Turtle.  Any sightings ought to be reported on Freecall 1800 084 881.  The main difference between Red-eared Sliders and native turtles is that when threatened, they pull their heads straight back into their shells, while native turtles fold their necks sideways into their shells.  The male Red-eared Sliders have long claws, but the native ones do not.  To prevent them driving native species out, it is illegal to keep Sliders and all other foreign turtles, or to release them. 
       The coloured leaflet was produced with support from the Bureau of Rural Sciences, and was endorsed nationally by the Vertebrate Pests Committee and relevant state and territory authorities.  Technical information and maps were provided and published by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia.  Additional information was provided by Mr Scott O'Keefe of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Queensland, which also provided a photograph of Angus the sniffer dog.  Report Red-eared Slider Turtles to Freecall 1800 084 881. (To webpage Aug 17, 2009)


    Endeavour Forum Inc. , babette § endeavourforum org au , 79 Church St, Beaumaris, Vic. 3193, Australia.  Founded 1979.  Opposes abortion, and the removal of the rights of doctors etc. to refuse to take part in abortions, and in favour of the natural family.  The group opposes "gender mainstreaming" and much of the propaganda against heterosexual behaviour.  By February 2009 the group had issued 133 newsletters. (inserted Apr 11, 2009)


    Energy-efficient housing. The main features of energy-efficient housing relate to:
  • Building orientation [which way it faces]
  • Internal room layout.
  • Window placement, sizing, and shading.
  • Use of insulation.
  • Ventilation.
  • Draught-proofing.
  • Use of heat-absorbing building materials.
  • Landscaping.
  • Use of energy-efficient appliances.
       Orientation: If possible, in the south-west of Western Australia have the north and south facing walls about 1.5 to 2.0 times the length of the other walls.
       True north is the ideal orientation for windows.  However, windows oriented approximately 20 degrees east or west of true north will still allow good sun entry in winter, and if eaves are designed correctly, will exclude most of the direct summer sun.
       Arrange indoor living and entertaining rooms to the north, and bedrooms to the south.  Doors are better than arches, to allow more efficient and cheaper heating and cooling.  By grouping together rooms that use hot water (kitchen, laundry, bathroom) less heat is lost from hotwater pipes.
       A louvred "solar pergola" can be arranged to let winter sun in, and to exclude direct beams from the summer sun.
       Double-glazed windows (glass separated by 10mm = 3/8") can greatly cut heating costs.  Concrete floors are recommended.
       (And on the 8-page leaflet went with excellent suggestions.)
       The "Energy efficient housing" leaflets of the W.A. Sustainable Energy Development Office, <http://­www.­> were distributed by a voluntary group at the Sustainable Lifestyle fun day at Jubilee Park, City Beach (Perth beachside suburb) on Sunday, March 18, 2007. [Mar 18, 07]
    Homes, Solar. Naturally warm in winter and cool in summer, through energy efficiency. The right design principles and appropriate building materials take advantage of natural heating and cooling. Mr Griff Morris, director, of Solar Dwellings, <http://­www.­>, 23 Green St, Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia, 6016, <contact § solardwellings com au>.  Won two Housing Industry of Australia awards in 2004, one shared with Elizabeth Karol for the Subiaco Sustainable Demonstration Home, <http://­www.­>, 2 Allora Avenue, Subiaco, WA, (open Wednesdays 2-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm).
       Or study the Sustainable Mandurah Home, which has greywater and rainwater tank systems to supplement scheme water, as well as other sustainability systems similar to the above. <http://­www.­>.
       For the walls, consider Timbercrete ® blocks, fire resistant because other ingredients have been added to a sawdust base, and lighter than conventional clay blocks.  Standard blocks are 400mm by 164mm by 200mm and cost $5.75.  There are half blocks, and internal wall blocks and half blocks, plus pavers.  (Prices valid to July 1, 2006.)  Timbercrete Avon Valley, <contact § timbercrete com au>, PO Box 11, Northam, WA, 6401, <http://­www.­>.  Leaflets for the above were at the Sun Festival, Oak Lawn, University of WA, April 9, 2006.  [In 2008, the "Perth Sun Fair" was held at UWA, April 6.] [April 2006]
    Timbercrete South West (different town to above): Timbercrete was invented, patented, and produced in Australia.  Lightweight, able to be nailed, screwed, and sawn.  <http://­www.­> , <southwest § timbercrete com au>, PO Box 34, Donnybrook, WA, 6239, Australia, Tel 08 9731 0544, Fax 08 9731 0588, Mobile 0403 166 495. [In 2008, the "Perth Sun Fair" was held at UWA, April 6.] [Possibly leaflet at Sun Festival, 2007]
    Sustainable Schools Programme. The Sustainable Energy Development Office of the Western Australian Government, <http://­www.­>, provides rebates of 80 per cent to Government primary, middle and high schools, for new and complete solar electrical generating systems.  The aims are to enable students and the community to learn about sustainable energy, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Excess power would be purchased by Western Power, <http://­www.­>. [April 2006]
    Biodiesel. Planning for a sustainable future for engines used in farming, the WA Department of Agriculture <http://­www.­> (taking no legal responsibility) has a mobile biodiesel display to promote biofuels and biolubricants. Biodiesel can be made from any vegetable oil or animal fat, but canola (rapeseed) is the most preferred.  Waste oils and fats can also be utilised.  Compared with mineral diesel, biodiesel products produce no sulphur, little or no nett carbon dioxide, and up to 20 times less carbon monoxide.  In short, up to 75 per cent cleaner than petroleum diesel fuel.  More information from <enquiries § agric wa gov au>. Also contact the Renewable Fuels Association of WA, Mr Tony Clark, president, 1 Westview Cl, Mt Nasura, WA, 6112, <ar clark § bigpond>. [April 2006]
    Farm Ecovillage, Rosneath. Peace, tranquillity, live closer to nature, space for children to explore, are at Rosneath, Dunsborough, in the Busselton district in Western Australia's south-west corner. There are 70 strata-titled lots on 120 hectares of jointly-owned woods and farmland. Prices start at $AUS 145,000. <http://­www.­>. [April 2006]
    Modern Cloth Nappies. What Makes a Good Nappy?  A good nappy catches all of baby's output, keeps his or her skin dry and stops anything from leaking onto clothes or Mum and Dad!  Cloth nappies can do all this and more...
       Modern cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of terry towelling squares and safety pins.  These days cloth nappies come in a wide range of materials and styles to suit all bottoms and budgets - and the best part is, they're simple to use and they care for baby and the environment.
       Modern cloth: What's New?
       COVERS: Gone are the days of sweaty PVC covers!  Improved materials are used today (including polar fleece, nylon, wool and Polyurethane Laminates or PUL) that are easy to maintain and keep waste products in while allowing your baby's skin to breathe.  Modern covers can either be pull-up or use fasteners such as hook & loop (e.g. Velcro ®) or snaps, and are an unbeatable companion to any modern cloth nappy.
       LINERS: These can act as an extra line of defence in any cloth nappy.  The most versatile liners today are made of microfleece - an inexpensive material that is durable and easy to clean (you can even purchase the material and cut it yourself - no sewing required!).  Alternatively you may choose a biodegradable or flushable liner.  Liners help to keep baby dry and make disposing of solid waste far easier. -- <http://­www.­>, <wa § modernclothnappies org>.  [In 2008, the "Perth Sun Fair" was held at UWA, April 6.]  [Leaflet obtained at Sun Festival, UWA, April 9, 2006]
    Electric Torches, "Battery-free" wind-up. No new batteries required ever; No new globes required ever – so the package on the Sontag "Magic Torch"™ reads.  Wind the handle for 1 minute to provide 25 or 30 minutes light from the 5 x 15,000 mcd Nichia LEDs, with collimated lens.  To store power there are 3 600mAH / 3.6v Ni Mh cells.  Yes, you can probably charge a Mobile Telephone (cellphone) with it or talk while winding (ratio 2 to 1).  Fits most Nokia, and many Sony-Ericsson and Siemens models, or perhaps others too.  Size 160 millimetres x 57.5mm x 56mm, weight 270 grammes.  Price $AUS 29.95. (~ 2006-07)
       Sontag Magic Torch  Plus  (available in Perth W.A. 2008) has fittings for charging three kinds of mobile telephones (cellphones), AND an AM/FM radio (!) plus earphone socket, AND even a siren with flashing light alert.
       Specifications according to the packaging: 175mm x 58mm x 55mm [6 7/8" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/8"], weight 270g (10 oz].  Internal power store: 600mAH / 3.6v NiMh (instead of batteries).
       Five light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used instead of a light globe.  For each minute of winding fast enough to show the green LED pilot light, one can obtain: Approximately 20-25 minutes of continuous torch light, ~ 15-20 min. continuous radio play, ~ 3 min. cellphone talking, or 45 minutes on standby.  www.­sontax. [For WWW 31 Aug 2008]
       Discovered on the Internet, December 2005, were:
       Freeplay Sherpa Wind-up torch. www.­thetorch freeplay_ wind_up_ torch.html . Xenon bulb - no batteries - fully rechargeable. A high quality Xenon bulb torch, which is fully rechargeable by way of simply winding the handle for approx 30 seconds. Quality internal components ensure a long life of repeated use. A charge level indicator tells you the optimum winding speed. Sherpa torch being wound, 5.4KB
    Winds in either direction, Fits comfortably in your hand, Transparent Blue or Cool Plum, Normal & ultra-bright light options, AC/DC adapter included for optional mains charging, Burn times (Fully charged battery): 5 hours (normal beam), 30 mins (ultra bright beam); Approx dimensions: L - 160 millimetres, W - 60mm, H - 55mm. £27.99 with FREE UK delivery.
       Treehugger's "Electrilite Wind-up Torch and Phone Charger", www.­treehugger. com/files/2005/ 12/electrilite_ win.php . (Warren McLaren, Sydney , www.­treehugger. com/files/2004/ 05/author_ bio.php ) Electrilite wind-up torch, 8KB Yet another human powered torch (flashlight), that doubles as a mobile phone charger. Crank the winder for 1 minute to obtain 30 mins of light, from up to 5 LEDs. One is a red LED, so you can have illumination without upsetting your night vision. If away from the power grid you may delegate the Electrilite other duties, charging your cell phone. Get winder happy for 3 minutes, and be rewarded with up to 8 mins of talk time. Comes with adapters for 7 brands of phone. The pocket sized Electrilite device online www.­ is $25 USD. [December 2005]


    WIKILEAKS, a global defender of news sources and press freedoms.  WikiLeaks publishes documents that have been suppressed, or are supposedly secret, often to hide the mismanagement - or worse - of people in charge of various governments, private companies, enterprises, institutions, etc.  It was shut down by court action in February 2008, but this order was set aside.  (Sighted March 1, 2008)
       In 2010 an even stronger attack on WikiLeaks came from United States authorities, who claimed that the leaking of documents showing that the U.S. and other Allies knew that their evidence for Saddam Hussein's Iraq having "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was weak bordering in non-existent, was treason.  From Sweden then came a claim of some sexual misadventure, without wearing a condom on the second insertion, calling this a form of rape.  WikiLeaks' founder was in Britain at the time of these charges, and handed himself in to the police there.  On February 6 and 7, 2011, the evidence against him seemed to have contradictions and inconsistencies, according to news media reports.
       On March 21, 2011, in spite of "The Insiders" blocking its main website, WikiLeaks continues to be displayed by mirror websites, including , , , http://­ , http://­ , http://­www.­ , http://­www.­ , http://­www.­ , http://­www.­ , http://­ .
       And read http://­ exposing the Thailand cabled comments that had been suppressed by that country (sighted Mar 21, 2011)
    TRUTH OUT http://­ gives various newsitems and comment to awaken people to the tricks of the political and corporate leaders.
    CRYPTOME http://­ exposes popular misconceptions, government and corporate misinformation, attacks on privacy through computers and Information Technology, etc.


       Citizens Against Selling Telstra. www.­citizens againstselling . (By courtesy of StopMAI Coalition WA, 25 June 2005.)  (A brave Australian Senator who threatened to oppose the sale was misled by the Coalition, gave his vote in November 2005, and within a short time expressed surprise that the imported Chief Executive Officer announced he was dismissing 25 per cent of the employees.  This is a great blow to Australian employment.  In Aussie slang, he was "dudded," and so were the "sheeple.")
       Make Trade Fair www.­
       ENN.COM www.­
       Oxfam (Oxford Famine Relief) www.­
       Greenpeace www.­
       Water Aid www.­
       Planet Save www.­
       Crisis www.­
       Future Forests www.­
       Globalisation Roundtable. PERTH: It is a forum for people, networks and sectors who/which are concerned about the effects of corporate globalisation in their fields of interest.  These forum meetings are examining how state and national governments are making executive decisions to bring in "deregulation" and "free" trade rules.  Former Senator and former MLC Dee Margetts was one of the driving forces.  Contact Bridget Blackford 08 9322 1384 bridgetb§ . . (Bridget is leaving WA, going back to Ireland - jcm July 25, 2005.)
       Oxfam Community Aid Abroad. PERTH. It is an independent, Australian, secular, and voluntary community-based organisation. Self-help aid has shown that communities in poor countries can achieve a lot, but they need broader solutions such as for problems like debt, unfair trade, conflict and denial of basic rights. Contact Adie Wilmot on 08 9371 7844 or adiew§ , www.­ to learn about our Make Trade Fair Campaign.
       StopMAI (WA) Coalition. PERTH: Since 1997 this loose coalition has met monthly.  In its early years the group organised public forums such as the N25 held on Nov 25 2000, and the S11 held on Sep 11 2001 (the same day as the US catastrophe).  The coalition contests the impact of WTO treaties such as GATS (the General Agreement of Trade in Services) which facilitates the contracting of more and more services to overseas multinationals.  The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) was also opposed.  Free online newsletter WAS at www.­ .
       Affiliated with AFTINET, SimPol, and Perth Globalisation Roundtable.  Information from B. Jenkins 08 9528 1864, jenks§iinet net au , or M. Jenkins (no relation) 08 9418 2117, mjenkins§eftel com

       Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET). www.­ .
       Corporate Watch. www.­
       Global Trade Watch. www.­
       Read the "WTO" website exposing the WTO; www.­ is the spoof website that exposes the World Trade Organisation.
       FutureAus. www.­
       Perth Active. PERTH. For the latest progressive events in Western Australia www.­ (above listed on the Trade Justice Movement leaflet of the Globalisation Roundtable, Perth)
    FRIENDS OF THE ABC in Australia is a group devoted to preventing the under-funding of the independently-run government-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which broadcasts radio and television, and used to own all its own infrastructure like radio towers, until "outsourcing" and "corporatisation" practices took hold. The group also issues information about attempts by Cabinet and others to interfere with its independent stance on public issues. Visit www.­ , www.­ . Western Australian branch e-mail rogerrr§
    THE CORNER HOUSE of Britain is a United Kingdom NGO which aims to support the growth of a democratic, equitable, and non-discriminatory civil society in which communities have control over the resources and decisions that affect their lives and means of livelihood. The Cornerhouse on-line version is produced by ICAAP. There are currently (09 July 2001) 88 open access scholarly journals and resources affiliated with ICAAP and 171 resources in the ICAAP journals database. Read more at
    GREGORY PALAST of Britain exposes alleged rogue corporations, money links to the Bush family, etc., and is on June 29, 2001 being sued under Britain's archaic libel laws. See: http://­www.­   He writes for and is a part-owner of the Observer newspaper in Britain.
    RESISTANCE BY MILLIONAIRE DICK SMITH, see website at http://­www.­ which gives as its mission statement: "Dick Smith Foods will support:
  • Products which are Australian grown or made (as this employs Australian workers)
  • Products which are produced by Australian owned businesses (as the profits will stay here and benefit Australia)
  • Companies which act responsibly and pay the correct taxes in Australia (as this increases national wealth)
  • Australian owned companies which operate in a highly ethical manner
    Our plan is to create an Australian food company which aligns with these views and benefits our country. In general our plans are that, after full company taxes have been paid, one-third of the profit will be donated to charitable and other important causes and one third will be ploughed back into the company to assist in ongoing viability." (Inserted 31 May 2001). In 2005 he decided to offer shares in this company on the open market.
       On May 13, 2012, The Sunday Times (Perth, W.A.) it was reported that for the first time since Dick Smith Foods began 13 years ago, it had made a loss.
       On Wednesday Aug 29, 2012, Dick Smith Foods issued a magazine in newspapers around Australia.
    THE SIMULTANEOUS POLICY (Simpol) at http://­www.­ said around 2001: "The principal barrier to the implementation of any significant measure to improve today's economic, environmental or social problems, ... is competition. Global de-regulated capital flows and corporations know no national boundaries and by their ability or threat to move elsewhere, force nations to compete with one another for capital, jobs (and therefore votes) and ever scarcer natural resources.
      Global financial markets have engineered strong leverage over the economic, social and environmental policies adopted by any country ensuring that only market and corporate-friendly policies are pursued - regardless of the party in power. The result is the strangle-hold of pseudo-democracy in which, whatever party we elect, the policies delivered remain substantially the same."
      The aim is to get reformers all around the world to ask politicians everywhere for similar reforms to turn back the attack. The first three reforms are:
      1.1: Re-regulation of global financial markets with the objective of bringing about far greater stability and making the global financial system 'safe' for further changes to be applied to it. Such measures would probably include the Tobin Tax and measures to abolish all tax havens and other means of avoiding tax. Regulations covering corporate 'transfer pricing' would also probably form a part of such measures.
      1.2: The complete cancellation of Third World Debt.
      1.3: Stabilisation is also required in politics. Measures would be implemented to abolish political funding of any kind by business in order to restore independence and public accountability with funding coming instead from public funds on an equitable basis. Inserted 30 May 2001. Checked 16 Nov 2006.
    SIMPOL AUSTRALIA: www.­ . International Simultaneous Policy. "The Simultaneous Policy" aims to deliver social justice around the world, resolve global problems like environmental destruction and regulate the economic power of international capital for the good of all. Simpol seeks solutions to problems that individual national governments cannot resolve by acting alone. Simpol aims to achieve these objectives by encouraging ordinary people around the world to oblige their political representatives and governments to move toward co-ordinated international resolution of global issues for the good of all. Simultaneous implementation of such policies would ensure that no country became uncompetitive as a result of pursuing policies that were right for the planet and which embodied people's higher aspirations. (The original founder is Bunzl, of Britain.  The Australian Website was launched November 2006. Brian Jenkins of Perth is the Australian national coordinator.)
    ALLIANCE FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE at http://­www.­ says: "We envision societies which explore and implement alternatives to the unjust interference of governments, global financial institutions and multinational corporations which denigrate the world's peoples and devastate ecosystems." Unfortunately, the last entry seemed to be April 16, 2000 when this entry was inserted on 12 May 2001; checked 16 Nov 06
    WORLD SOCIAL FORUM in March 2001 displayed the documents summarising the debates at the WSF-2001 http://­www.­ , which was a conference organised by reformers to rival and challenge a conference of the globalisers.  Checked 16 Nov 06
    • PERTH SOCIAL FORUM was founded 7 July 2004 at 315 Bagot Rd, Subiaco. Contact: PO Box 58, Northbridge, WA, 6865, Tel 0423 356 415, Marco 0401 324 084, www.­ , info§ perthsocial ; perth­social­forum § .
    To subscribe to discussion e-group, http:// lists. perthimc. listinfo/ socialforum . For low-volume announcements, send a blank e-mail to psf_ announcements- subscribe§ yahoogroups. com.
    Send a short article about your activities for possible inclusion in a PSF Yearbook, to be published when the main event is held in the next few months after the foundation. (This group did hold a function, then seemed to fade away, and around November 2005 no-one much seemed to attend its meeting. - jcm Dec 12, 05) E-mails are not answered; it might be moribund now - jcm Apr 13, 2006. The website seems to have been taken over by an interesting personality - 16 Nov 06

    • MAY 1 PROTEST: The M1 group held massive protests against global corporate dictatorship in Melbourne and other cities, including Perth, on 1 May 2001. Read: http://­www.­
    • STATEMENT FROM MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL CIVIL SOCIETY OPPOSING A MILLENNIUM ROUND of the WTO signed by nearly 1500 organisations http://­www.­
    • FRIENDS OF THE EARTH exposing World Trade Organisation in Nov 99: ~foei/campaigns/ wto_press.htm

    JOHN RALSTON SAUL: John Ralston Saul was the only Canadian included in the prestigious Utne Reader's 1995 list of the 100 leading thinkers and visionaries.  This Who's Who of contemporary creativity, including Noam Chomsky and Vaclav Havel, were selected for their liveliness, conviction and clarity of vision.  Read more at: - inserted 25 Jan 2001. Webpage not working 16 Nov 06, still dead 21 Mar 2011

    M.A.I. (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) and related links on other Websites:
    Stop MAI WA Campaign Coalition: ,
    MAI-Not (Canada) An international newsgroup archive
    The MAI is Undead: Brian Jenkins's MAI links
    Swindle of Multinationals Paying Little or No Tax
    MAI-Day Alert about Multilateral Agreement on Investment

    Citizens' Voice newsletter exposing World Trade Organisation's moves and the globalism danger.
    News Bulletins by the Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy (IATP) include WTO material, so click http://­www.­
    MAI-Day Alert about Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) The Georgists of America weren't fooled by the "Free Trade" clothing in which the MAI dressed itself.
    Public Citizen, founded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader (Unsafe at any speed) http://­www.­
    Common Courage Press, progressive thinkers including Naom Chomsky's forthcoming book (July 1999) on Kosovo and the world's Corporate Raiding Parties, at http://­www.­
    THIRD WORLD RESOURCES: The French and German Governments stopped the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) in late 1998 after a worldwide outcry, but the plan probably was to have the substance of MAI agreed to by the meeting of the world's Trade Ministers at Seattle in November-December 1999. Click Third World Resources at: sg/souths/twn/ title/shift- cn.htm
    Selling Suicide - Transnational corporations have found how to stop plants producing seed that will propagate, and so how to make poor farmers absolutely dependent on the money system and the most powerful companies. See http://­www.­ f_reports.htm
    Russell Mokhiber is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter. Robert Weissman is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Multinational Monitor. They are co-authors of Corporate Predators: The Hunt for MegaProfits and the Attack on Democracy, Common Courage Press, 1999, http://­www.­ "Focus on the Corporation" is a weekly column written by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman. Please feel free to forward the column to friends or repost the column on other lists. If you would like to post the column on a web site or publish it in print format, they ask that you first contact them at: russell§ or rob§
    "Focus on the Corporation" is distributed to individuals on the listserve corp-focus§ To subscribe to corp-focus, send an e-mail message to listproc§ with the following all in one line:
    subscribe corp-focus <your name> (no period). "Focus on the Corporation" columns are posted at
    Opposing Globalization Could Justify Resource-Based Basic Income: by Mary Lehmann, mlehm § ibm net, at the seventh international conference of Basic Income European Network (B.I.E.N.), 10-12 September 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Environmental and human rights organizations understandably regard as disastrous the "globalization" or breaking down of barriers protecting a country's culture and resources that its people want protected. This paper proposes incorporating Basic Income into a stable system that can limit unwanted globalization by giving all citizens shares in the income from natural resources, notably land. These "land-shares" would be converted legally to the status of an individual's beneficial interest in a trust. The Trust would enforce environmental standards on behalf of its beneficiaries rather than relying on environmental or social laws of governments, against which international trade lawsuits can be filed. The paper will also look at stable systems and show how using the trade exchange could amplify the Basic Income and stabilize the local economy. Read more at:
    Australian Conservation Foundation, 1999 address is <http://­www.­>. At the old WWW address ACF had an exposure of economic Treaties - posing the question "For whose benefit?"
    BRIBERY, OR CAMPAIGN FUNDS? The United States Congress is ever-so-slowly moving to change the law on "campaign" funds. Read other parts of this website for just an inkling of what is really going on. In the meantime, read "Senate OKs Raise in Campaign Funds" at: http://news.excite. com/news/ap/010328/19/ news-campaign- finance?print story=1
    Susan GEORGE, author who exposes the global manipulators, is at george/misc/ parallel.htm
    GLOBAL ELITES meet to plan how to increase power and wealth, if http://­www.­ is accurate.
    Use KEYWORDS to SEARCH Webpages. With most systems press [Ctrl] + F. This will cause a Find or Find/Replace dialogue box to appear. (With some old programmes, start by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + F. However, if your system requires it, click Edit, then click Find.) Type in a keyword, and press [Enter], or click Find.

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    Living Now , 8 Simpson Pl, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122, Australia.
       "Depleted uranium and the poisoning of humanity," by Alok O'Brien, Living Now (Australia), pp 18-20, WA issue No. 84, May 2006; first published in Byronchild magazine, www.byron , issue 17 . This article and full list of references is on the Living Now website.
       "Biodiesel," by Martin Oliver (of Lismore, NSW), Living Now, pp 4-5, May 2006. "In 1895, when Dr. Rudolf Diesel designed his first eponymous engine, it was intended to run on vegetable oil." (As most people know, nearly all diesels run on fossil-fuel diesel, cheaper to refine than petrol, but in Australia at least now being sold at petrol's prices, while oil companies make super-profits.)
       The huge increase in petrol prices means that biodiesel is of interest yet again. Grabbing mineral oil is one of the aims of the Khartoum regime in the Sudan, as they use official and unofficial means to displace the black farming communities to the south and the west (Darfur). Efforts by massive corporations, and others, to produce bio fuels include an attempt to push a highway through the wilds of the Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
       The Australian government has placed an excise tax on bio fuel, and other laws insist on a whole set of safety and purity requirements.
       CONTACTS: Biodiesel Association of Australia; Alternative Technology Association www.ata. ; Australian Taxation Office biodiesel excise resources 1300 657 162 au/excise ; Journey to Forever biodiesel resources ; Biodiesel Yahoo! Group biodiesel- subscribe § yahoogroups com .
       RETAIL: Around Adelaide and Sydney; and from the Byron Bay plant in 205-litre drums.
       OTHER ARTICLES in this issue include "A biography of herbs," "The perfect night's sleep," "Creating community", and "How shall we deal with our grief in these tumultuous times?"
      Parts Geek: <http://­www.­­parts/b­iodiese­l_resou­rce_pag­e.html> (Looks like a commercial website.  Thanks to Brigid Taylor, by e-mail of Nov 24, 2009.)


    Council for Civil Liberties in Western Australia Inc. <http://­www.­>, <info § civillibertieswa org>, G.P.O. Box T 1816, Perth, WA 6845 or 6001.  If the matter is urgent, you can call or fax: 08 9384 1196.  Inserted 29 Aug 2011
    T h e  I n n o c e n c e   P r o j e c t   WA http://­www.­ (not displaying 29 Aug 2011) .  The Western Australian Innocence Project ("IPWA") was founded on the 7th of July 2006 after the wrongful conviction of Salvatore Fazzari, Carlos Pereiras and Jose Martinez.  The necessity to establish an organisation focused on freeing innocent persons became apparent after the convictions of some men.
       Spearheaded by co-patrons Mr Malcolm McCusker QC and the Honourable David Malcolm ACQC, the Innocence Project WA strives to free other innocent men and women, provide support to their families and raise public awareness on this very live issue of innocent people wrongfully convicted in Western Australia.
       John Button (who was wrongfully convicted), his wife Helen Button, Estelle Blackburn (author of Broken Lives), Maria DiBenedetto (a law-student from your ECU) as well as Mirella Scaramella (the driving force behind the Walsham case) are the founding members of our organisation while our current volunteers are made up of both members of the public and interested law students from universities around Western Australia. (From the homepage, copied Nov 18, 2009)
    Rights Australia www.rights australia. (Not displaying, 29 Aug 2011) .  Columnist Phillip Adams, building on the experience of A Just Australia, under the leadership of his friend Howard Glenn, who led AJA, has created a new organisation: Rights Australia. info § rightsaustralia org au -- The Weekend Australian Magazine, September 10-11, 2005. Not recommended.
    School of the Americas Watch http://­www.­ .  Fort Benning has been where the secret police of the United States train Latin American police and soldiers for their "dirty wars" marked by "disappearances", torture, and death without trial.  The White House (i.e., Big Business) thinking behind this is how the USA under Bush found it easy to invent a new term, "illegal combatants," and thus deny Prisoners of War and supposed criminal terrorists their rights to a fair prompt trial.  Although the School of the Americas has been re-named, its opponents keep the old name, and mount campaigns at the site, some of which entail civil disobedience.  You can use the form on their website to contact SOA Watch, or write to School of the Americas Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington DC, 20017, USA. Tel: 202-234-3440, Fax: 202-636-4505. info§ . Also, en Español. (to WWW l7 Sep 05).  Checked and has current content Nov 18, 2009.
    Australian False Memory Association <http://­www.­> (checked 29 Aug 2011).  The Australian False Memory Association abhors child abuse.  It is concerned about the serious individual and social effects of Recovered Memories.  This includes the impact on the accusers, those who recover false memories of child abuse, and individuals and families devastated by false accusation.  All are victims of memory. Robert Kenward Story  (Adobe Acrobat Format 97kb):   How I endured a living hell in jail for a crime that I didn't commit."   (By courtesy of Sunday Mail - Brisbane, Australia) (Sighted and to WWW 20 Feb 2005).  false.memory§ (Sighted 17 Sep 05).  (On WWW but looks dormant, Nov 18, 2009.)
    The Medical Foundation Caring for Victims of Torture: www.torturecare. . New Address: London: 111, Isledon Road, Islington, London N7 7JW, England (on Internet May 14 2004). Switchboard: 020 7697 7777, Fax: 020 7697 7799. Asylum Team Fax: 020 7697 7730. Legal Officer Fax: 020 7697 7740. Donor Enquiries: Phone: 020 7697 7788. E-mail: fundraising§ . Press Office: 0779 367 1518, E-mail: pressoffice§ (Checked, active: Nov 18, 2009)
    Fair Go For David: ( http://­www.­ - abandoned website ) ; David Hicks : Australian Citizen; Location : Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay (a US "colony"), Cuba; Legal Status: David Hicks was tried by a U.S. Military Court, although as a non-US citizen, and a non-military person, this is completely illegal.  The first groups of US military lawyers appointed to "defend" those illegally detained at Guantanamo Bay refused to continue.  A lawyer appointed later stated that Mr Hicks will not get a fair trial.
       Another Australian, Habib, was also illegally detained there, but was sent to Australia in 2005. If he is ever compensated, guess which taxpayers will bear the burden? C/- P0 Box 634 PROSPECT EAST, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, 5082, fairgofordavid§ (found 17 Sep 05)  (Website has been abandoned, Nov 18, 2009)
    Justice for Jack (Thomas): ( http://­www.­ - abandoned website ) website to help "Jihad Jack" Thomas, according to The Big Issue, "He ain't a terrorist, he's my brother," by Les Thomas, p 13, No. 233, July 18 to August 2, 2005.
       Mr Thomas writes that his elder brother Jack, who converted to Islam nine years ago,went off with his Indonesian-born Muslim wife and their baby daughter to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan to see for himself what an Islamic society was like, with the idea of working for an ideal Muslim state.  He didn't believe the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was barbaric.  He learnt in Pakistan that many people were being shipped off to Guantanamo Bay or worse.  On January 2003, using his own passport in his own name, he was arrested at Karachi airport, and was held without charge, although interrogated by United States and Australian agents.  Five months of incarceration ended in being allowed to return to Melbourne.  On November 18, 2004, police came crashing though the front door of his rented house with machine guns and barking dogs.  The mass media's cameras were there. To make contact, ring Les on 0409 399 429 or e-mail info§ (Tel and e-mail found on WWW 17 Sep 05)
       [COMMENT: It looks as if he is another "dupe", who besides moving towards defending the indefensible new faith he had found, his case will help stop the authorities from thinking straight about the propagators of "Fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left." <http://­­quran/002/002-193.htm> (Book 2:193).  This is a sad case of self-deception of Jack Thomas.  On the other hand, the Western "authorities" while pretending to fight terrorism are cancelling civil rights, and the illegal and un-Christian invasion and other actions of the United States and its lackeys, Great Britain and Australia plus others, give the Islamic religionists ample facts to convince their dupes that they ought to continue attacking all other groups.  COMMENT ENDS.] (Checked, website abandoned, Nov 18, 2009)

    Red Cross: http://­www.­ ; founded 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland.  (Still active, Oct 28, 2011).
    Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Federation of: <http://­www.­>; founded 1919 in Paris, France. (Still active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Reporters sans frontières, or RSF (English: Reporters Without Borders, or RWB) <>, is a France-based international non-governmental organization that advocates freedom of the press. It was founded in 1985, according to Wikepedia.  (Inserted Oct 28, 2011)
    Amnesty International: <http://­www.­>, founded 1961 by Peter Benenson and The Observer <http://­> newspaper in Britain.  (Still active, 29 Aug 2011).
    Human Rights Watch: http://­www.­ ; hrwnyc§ ; founded 1978, originally called Helsinki Watch, in the United States.  Exposes hypocritical attacks on Israel's crimes while trying to prevent exposures of Islamist crimes.  (Last sentence written July 19, 2009)  (Still active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Australian Civil Liberties Union: www.­ and folk/aclu ; aclunion § hotmail com ; founded 1980 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, breaking away from the Council for Civil Liberties there. (Looks as if no additions since about 2005 - jcm Nov 18, 2009)
    Jihad Watch: http://­www.­ .  (inserted 19 Jul 09)  (Very active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Dhimmi Watch: http://­www.­ (inserted 19 Jul 09).   (Very active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Henry Jackson Society: http://­www.­ , Project for Democratic Geopolitics, founded and launched in England 2005. (inserted 19 Jul 09)  (Very active, Nov 18, 2009).
    International Crisis Group: http://­www.­ , Working to Prevent Conflict Worldwide. (inserted 19 Jul 09)   (Very active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Compass Direct News: http://­www.­ , News from the Frontlines of Persecution.  A Christian news service, covering most of the persecuting countries including the Communist and Islamic blocs. (inserted 19 Jul 09)   (Active, Nov 18, 2009).
    Justice First: To Change LAW into JUSTICE. http://­www.­ justicefirst. . WESTERN AUSTRALIA: James Richardson, Chairman. (In loving memory of Grant Richardson.) contact § justicefirst org au .  Telephone 0450 631 230; Mail, PO Box 235, Melville WA 6156.
       We are seeking to help all those families and friends who have suffered the death of a loved one, someone permanently crippled, brain damaged or affected in any other way by drunk or drug crazed predators who hunt in packs and those who bash and rob our young and the elderly.
       We will also target cases of repeat offenders who drive without a licence, receive ridiculously low sentences and escape the true penalties for the pain their actions impose on innocent victims and their families.  (Current, Nov 18, 2009).
    The Australian Fluoridation News, , GPO Box 935, Melbourne, Vic. 3001. afavaust § gmail com .  AUD $25 per year, posted.
       On May 14, 2009, Queensland Premier Anne Bligh reported that the water supply of two northern suburbs of the capital, Brisbane, had been overdosed with fluoride chemical nearly two weeks previously, with 30 times the standard dose piped to 4000 households. – Issue dated April-June 2009 (but presumably printed AFTER May 14), page 4.  Acknowledgement: Mrs Noreen Gliddon.
       For the Anti-Fluoridation Association of Victoria, contact the GPO Box above.  Or contact the NSW group at GPO Box 369, Sydney, NSW, 2001.
       Fluoride chemicals are a by-product of certain industries, and some are added to public water supplies, and now toothpaste, with the claim that the fluoride will reduce dental decay in children.  It is, of course, involuntary medication, which is why this periodical is listed in the Human Rights section of this webpage.  (Still publishing quarterly - Nov 18, 2009).
    • Mr Avon Lovell, crusading author / journalist working to free the innocent victims of police corruption and court failures; <http://­www.­>. He wrote The Mickelberg Stitch and its follow-up.  On March 13, 2011, he saw the launch of his book Litany of Lies; A true story of gold heists, bombings, feral cops, greed, murder & revenge, at Elizabeth Books, Rokeby Rd, Subiaco (Perth), WA.  


    YELLOW TIMES, Censored pictures of U.S. prisoners in Iraq. The U.S. authorities "requested" that the pictures be removed from www.yellowtimes. org/article.php? sid=1199 , and the internet service provider acted, resulting in the whole website being closed down. The alternative website address is below. The few pictures are harmless, except to certain U.S. leaders with a "supremacist" mentality. The headings on the affiliate website are: "Scoop Images: U.S. POWs Shown On Al Jazeera TV; Monday, 24 March 2003, 10:06 am; Article: " mason/stories/ HL0303/ S00212.htm
       The polite message on the real YellowTimes website does not give the full story, but is possibly to be expected. On 26 March 2003 all that could be seen on the homepage was: "Welcome to Currently our site is down while we upgrade our servers. Please check back in a few days. Thank you."
       To see why they were shut down, supposedly for an hour, around 24 March YellowTimes had suggested clicking www.yellowtimes. org/article.php ?sid=1204 .
       To explain why they had decided to show these pictures early Sunday morning before they were up elsewhere, they recommended visiting this URL: www.yellowtimes. org/article. php?sid=1203 . These webpages could not be found, generating an error 404, around 6pm on 26 Mar 03.  (The website is now a "parked" website, available for sale. - jcm Nov 18, 2009.  Website still FOR SALE.  Evidently the Money Power has silenced the brave "leakers," just as the Money Power is trying to do the leader of WikiLeaks during early 2011. - jcm Mar 21, 2011)

    WikiLeaks, which has exposed evil in high places around the globe, in early 2011, in spite of "The Insiders" blocking its main website, continues to be displayed by mirror websites, including and on March 21, 2011

    YELLOWCAKE FORGERY against Iraq's dictatorship ENDORSED BY BRITAIN AND U.S., exposed 13 days before Iraq was attacked by three nations. NEW YORK: President [George W.] Bush cited a uranium deal, along with the aluminum tubes, in his State of the Union Message, on January 28th, while crediting Britain as the source of the information. The official line was that Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in Iraq was trying to build nuclear bombs. Officials had been told that the C.I.A. had recently received intelligence showing that, between 1999 and 2001, Iraq had attempted to buy five hundred tons of uranium oxide from Niger. A headline in the British Guardian declared, "African gangs offer route to uranium." On March 7th, Mohamed ElBaradei, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, in Vienna, told the U.N. Security Council that the documents involving the Niger-Iraq uranium sale were fakes. One senior I.A.E.A. official said, "These documents are so bad that I cannot imagine that they came from a serious intelligence agency. It depresses me, given the low quality of the documents, that it was not stopped. At the level it reached, I would have expected more checking." One letter, dated October 10, 2000, was signed with the name of Allele Habibou, a Niger Minister of Foreign Affairs and Coöperation, who had been out of office since 1989. [The United States, Britain, and Australia attacked Iraq on 20 March 2003] -- The New Yorker, "Who lied to whom? Why did the Administration endorse a forgery about Iraq's nuclear program?" www.newyorker. com/fact/ content/ ?030331fa_ fact1 , by Seymour M. Hersh, Issue of 2003-03-31, Posted 2003-03-24  


    The Epoch Times (Australia). Exposes the Communist Chinese Government's persecution of the Falun Gong movement. www.the epochtimes. . Subheadings from an article "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" include: How Jiang Zemin uses the CCP to persecute Falun Gong; Exploiting the media to block the flow of information; Imposing fines and ransacking homes without due process; Brutal acts of torture and wanton killing; The 610 office extends the tentacles beyond the framework of the law; On How the Chinese Communist Party destroyed traditional culture. (Inserted Dec 14, 2005).
    How richest U.S.A. firms plan to stop sanctions against dictatorships. "So you want to trade with a dictator," at Mother Jones http://bsd. mother_jones/ MJ98/silver stein.html
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    (We take no responsibility for the content or currency of these websites.)
    IMF STAFFER TALKS ABOUT TAX HAVENS: See it on the ABC's Background Briefing at: au/rn/talks/ bbing/ stories/ s265 977.htm

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    The Centre for Tax System Integrity http://ctsi.

    "Globalization, Technological Developments, and the Work of Fiscal Termites" - Vito Tanzi, Fiscal Affairs department, International Monetary Fund external/ pubs/cat/ longres. cfm?sk&sk= 3844.0

    Tax Analysts - United States defaultf.htm

    Tax News


    United States' same-day recognition of the State of Israel, in spite of the terrorism that preceded its foundation, plus a pre-history, at a National Archives and Records Administration webpage: http://­www.­


    Engineers without borders, Australia. . This group works with disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas to improve their qualith of life through education and the implementation of sustainable engineering projects. 
       EWB envisions a transformed Australia where appropriate and sustainable technology is as the forefront of every engineer's mind.
       Examples of projects -- Nepal: wind turbines in rural areas.  Cambodia: Biomedical training for prosthetics school.  Australian inland: Infrastructure assssment for remote communities.
       PO Box 79, Elsternwick (Vic, 3185), Australia. Tel +61 (0) 3 9696 9040, Fax ends in 34.  info § ewb org au .
    Also use search engine to find Doctors without borders.


    Information Clearing House. News you won't find on CNN or Fox Mooooo's. Samples: EXPOSED: The president's real goal in Iraq http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­2319.htm : The official story on Iraq has never made sense. Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President ( article1221.htm ): 'This is a blueprint for US world domination. The Project for the New American Century. http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/ar­ticle1­665.htm Dick Cheney's Song of America . http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­1544.htm . WILL IRAN BE NEXT? http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­3288.htm . How We Got Into This Imperial Pickle: A PNAC Primer http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­3544.htm . Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­4997.htm . God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden http://­­r8de : Gen Boykin has repeatedly told Christian groups and prayer meetings that President George W Bush was chosen by God to lead the global fight against Satan.  Sharon's main plan is to capture more land http://­information­clearinghouse.­info/­article­4996.htm : Ariel Sharon and his friends in Washington are in a hurry. They are racing to achieve their objectives before anyone stops them. And when they are in a hurry, they are particularly dangerous. Syria and Iran are in their sights, with further down the road Saudi Arabia, and even Egypt. -- www.­information­clearinghouse.­info/ (inserted Oct 18, 03)
       [COMMENT: Attacking Syria, Iran, Arabia and Egypt? Far-fetched? Read "That day Yahweh made a covenant with Abram in these terms: 'To your descendants I give this country, from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the River Euphrates'." - Hebrew Bible, Genesis 15:18, and see similar at Deuteronomy 11:24.  Syria is well INSIDE such a proposed empire, which was dreamed of more than 2500 years ago, it is estimated. COMMENT ENDS.] (inserted Oct 18 03)


    Radio 3CR (Melbourne, Vic., Australia), "Renegade Economists," <http://­www.­­au/econom­ists>.  Wednesdays 5:30pm to 6:00pm, Delving into the murky world of modern economics and seeking innovative solutions. Presenter: Karl Fitzgerald.
    Henry George Institute, "Understanding Economics," <>, justice and economics trainers, who also publish Georgist Journal, United States of America.  If anyone knows their e-mail address, please send it to Just World Campaign.  (from webpage sighted 30 Jul 2013)
    Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, <>, realistic social and economic justice book publishers, 90 John St #501, New York, NY 10038, United States of America.  If anyone knows their e-mail address, please send it to Just World Campaign.  (from webpage sighted 30 Jul 2013; link updated 30 Oct 2013)
    Affordable Land website, started around May 27, 2011, by John Hollywood, of the Alkimos affordable land campaign in a northern developmental area of Perth, Western Australia.   Not displaying 30 Oct 2013

    Contents of the WA Georgist Education Association Inc. Website from 1996 onwards, which includes a global outlook and links.
    Links of the WA Georgist Education Association Inc. Website, of Western Australia.
    <http://­www.­>, the 2010 Georgist Education Association Inc website.

    Good Government (incorporating The Standard founded 1905), Association for Good Government, PO Box 251, Ulladulla, NSW, 2539, Australia. Tel 02 4455 7880, Fax 02 4455 7881 ; <goodgov § westnet com au> <www.­associationfor­goodgov.­>.  1st floor, Henry George House, 122 Little Eveleigh St, Redfern (50 metres from Redfern railway station, suburban SYDNEY), NSW.

    Australian School of Social Science.

    Earthsharing website of Prosper Australia Inc is at www.­

    Progress (first published May 1904), Prosper Australia Inc (formerly Tax Reform Australia, previously Henry George League), 1 / 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Vic, 3000, Australia. Annual subscription $15. Fax 03 9670 3063, Websites: www.­, and www.­

    NSW Henry George Foundation Ltd WAS at two Websites:, which was noted to have closed some time before July 25, 2005, & http://­www.­ , which is being used now by Pacnet, a broadband hosting group.  It was the website of the (Australian) New South Wales Henry George Foundation Ltd., which has been legally closed down, so that its functions revert to a Trust.

    Council of Georgist Organisations, (Global, meets in the United States of America), <http://­www.­>.  Officers, 2009 - 2012: Ted Gwartney, President; Lindy Davies, Vice President; Paul Justus, Secretary; Toni Gwartney, Treasurer; Dan Sullivan, Advisor.
       Scott and Sue Walton, Administrators; P.O. Box 57, Evanston, IL 60204, USA; <sns
    Tel. 847-475-0391

    International Union for Land Value Taxation, (Global, headquarters in Britain, meets in various countries every two to five years), <http://­www.­theiu.­org/>. 
       Officers, 2006 - Fernando Scornik Gerstein, President; Fred Harrison, Deputy President; Megan Campbell, General Secretary & Treasurer; Ole Lefmann, Honorary Assistant Secretary.
       The International Union, 40 Adelaide Terrace, Great West Road, Brentford, LONDON TW8 9PQ, United Kingdom.

    The Progress Report (U.S.A.),   PO Box 57, Evanston, IL 60204, United States of America. Senior Editor is Fred Foldvary.

    Henry George School of Northern California is at www.­­a/indig­oa/henr­ygeo.htm

    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (U.S.A.) <http://­www.­>, 113 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138-3400, USA; Tel. 617/661-3016 or 800/LAND-USE (800/526-3873); Fax: 617/661-7235 or 800/LAND-944 (800/526-3944); < help

    Argentina: El ICE Instituto de Capacitación Económica es una asociación sin fines de lucro, fundada en Buenos Aires en 1986 para contribuir, mediante la investigación y la enseñanza, a la educación de los ciudadanos sobre sus derechos, obligaciones y responsabilidades en vistas a la constitución de una sociedad solidaria de hombres libres, capaces de elegir gobernantes idóneos, respetuosos de la Constitución y capaces de dictar la legislación necesaria para satisfacer las necesidades colectivas del país y las individuales de sus habitantes. http://­www.­
    Machine translation: Argentina: I.C.E., The Institute of Economic Qualification, is a non-profit association, founded in Buenos Aires in 1986 to contribute, by means of investigation and education, to the education of citizens on their rights, obligations and responsibilities in view of the constitution, of a society of free people sharing in common, able to choose suitable, respectful governors of the Constitution and able to dictate the legislation necessary to satisfy the collective necessities of the country and the individual ones of its inhabitants.

    The Geonomist which had resumed publication, issues 3 and 4 in 1999 went to the Internet at www.­­geonom49.htm , BUT unfortunately years later only Volume 7, 1999 could be found -- John C. Massam, Perth, W.A., April 30, 2007.
       Editor: Jeffery J. Smith. There are references to the corruption of governments by the privileged groups. Quote: "Russians feel uneasy about the commoditizing of their land. Former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin left office with over $5 billion dollars. Whether feeling sated or remorseful, or just positioning himself to run for the presidency, in the Kremlin he told our cohorts, Drs. Mason Gaffney, Fred Harrison, and Nic Tideman ... , that he supports plans to tap land rent for public revenue. On [a] sound moral footing, Russia would be again a superpower." (Comment by John Massam 1 May 1999: Is this the same Chernomyrdin who around 30 April 1999 went to Yugoslavia to talk about peace for Kosovo, where murder (i.e., ethnic cleansing) proceeds while NATO bombs Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia?)

    The Georgist News, www.georgist. com/ gives worldwide news on the struggle to let the poor raise themselves by tax reform. (Checked 30 Apr 07)

    The Economic Cycle of Growth and Recession http://­www.­ . (Checked 30 Apr 07)  


    An Australian federal election will be held in September 2013

    AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY: (from forwarded e-mail of 16 April 2012) PO Box 593 Rockdale NSW 2216, PO Box 103 Crows Nest 4355, PO Box 223 Croydon Vic 3136, PO Box 129 Collie WA 6225. Web Site <http://­www.­>.  National Contact Line 02 8587 0014.  ausfirst § hotmail com
       Beer brands that now make money for foreigners:-
       NSW: Tooheys Beer - Lion Nathan - Japanese TAS: Boags Beer - Lion Nathan - Japanese
       TAS: Cascade Beer - SABMiller - Sth African QLD: XXXX - Lion Nathan - Japanese
       W A: Swan Beer - Lion Nathan - Japanese VIC: Carlton Draft Beer - SABMiller - Sth African
       VIC: Victoria Bitter Beer - SABMiller - Sth African NSW: Hahn Beers - Lion Nathan - Japanese
       S A: Westend Draft Beer - Lion Nathan - Japanese
       The Coopers Brewery from South Australia tops the Australian owned list.  This family company {founded 1862} exemplifies the Australian Spirit, continually producing an exemplary quality range of beers to traditional standards and Aussie taste.  The Coopers family have tenaciously defended Aussie ownership and their independence, against globalist pariahs including the Japanese.  The Coopers Family Brewers stand out as an example for us all !
       Australian Craft or "boutique" style beers, and Pub Breweries offer quality beers and should also be supported.  Encouragement of our traditional 375ml size stubbies is recommended.
       Aussie family pubs and liquor stores should not be subject to the strike pending their securing of adequate beer supplies from Australian owned brewers.
       Australia First supports:-
    (1) curtailing the excise tax on beer {now near 50% of the price} for Aussie owned brewers, reducing beer prices to realistic levels,
    (2) ensuring the best quality beers to complement a healthy cultural and leisure lifestyle, and
    (3) booting foreign brewery owners out of Australia !
    (at 6 July 2010 and 5 Aug 2010) , ausfirst § alphalink com au .  PO Box 593, Rockdale, NSW, 2216. Tel. 0407 732 868
       The party exposes the "spin doctors" of major parties who mean to deceive the voters that they will be tough on illegal immigration and have sustainable population plans.  The Establishment intends to continue dispossessing the Australian people through continued immigration, and economic globalisation.
       March 31, 2010 blog: The Australia First Party supports the rally, to be held at Parliament House Canberra on May 11, against free trade in beef – against the import of Mad Cow Disease infected meat products into Australia !
       Victoria: www.­ , ausfirst § hotmail com .  PO Box 223, Croydon, Vic, 3136. Tel. 0408 554 542.   Queensland: .   Western Australia: .

    AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS: National website: http://­www.­ .
       Western Australia: www.­ campaign § wa democrats org au
       Used to be fully member-controlled, but this ended in the 1980s.  "The fact that migration, including refugees, brings such big economic, social and cultural benefits to Australia is not promoted strongly or consistently enough by our leaders," Senator Bartlett said. (Nov 19, 07 press release) 
       July 29, 2010: The Senate candidates: ACT: Darren Churchill, Anthony David; Northern Territory: Duncan Dean; NSW: Fiona Clancy, Jen Mitchell; Queensland: Paul Stevenson, Jen Cluse; South Australia: Jeanie Walker, Andrew Castrique; Tasmania: Paulene Hutton, Tim Neal; Victoria: Roger Howe, Rick Westgarth; Western Australia: Paul Young, Matthew Corica. (Whole entry checked 05 Aug 2010.)

    AUSTRALIAN PROTECTIONIST PARTY: (updated Aug 2010) http://­www.­ ; e-mail sa protectionist § gmail com .   National Chairman Mr Andrew Phillips.  PO Box 1452, Mt Barker, SA, 5251, Australia; Tel. 0403 699 086.  First newsletter dated December 2007.  Destiny  magazine; 1 issue $5 donation, 4 issues $20 donation. (Apr 08 and Aug 2010 issues) "One People, One Destiny."  No sharia law in Australia, send illegals back. Available from PO Box 722, Croydon, Vic, 3136.
       New South Wales: State Branch: nsw protectionist § gmail com .  PO Box 1281, Sutherland, NSW, 1499; Tel. 0431 739 260
       Sydney: PO Box 999, Rozelle NSW 2039.  Tel. 0417 679 972 (checked Aug 2010)
       Newcastle / Central Coast: PO Box 453, Charlestown, NSW, 2290.  Tel. 0414 297 008. (Aug. 2010)
       Victoria: Melbourne: www.­ . vic protectionist § gmail com . PO Box 722, Croydon, Vic, 3136. Tel. 0448 786 177 (Aug 2010).
       Queensland: Brisbane: qld protectionist § gmail com . PO Box 801, Indooroopilly, Qld, 4068. (Aug 2010)
       South Australia: Adelaide: www.­ . sa.protectionist \AT\ gmail com .  PO Box 1452, Mt Barker, SA, 5251, Tel. 0403 699 086.(Checked Aug. 2010)
       Western Australia: Perth: www.­ . wa protectionists § hotmail com .  PO Box 196, Dianella, WA, 6059, Tel. 0408 920 881. (Aug 2010)
       Bunbury: PO Box 6306, South Bunbury, WA, 6230. (Aug 2010)
       Tasmania: Devonport / Burnie: PO Box 411, Ulverstone, Tas, 7315. Tel 0424 792 745. (Aug 2010)
       Northern Territory: Central Australia: PO Box 2931, Alice Springs, NT, 0871. (Aug 2010)
       Australian Capital Territory: Canberra: PO Box 144, Woden, ACT, 2606. (Aug 2010)

    CARERS' ALLIANCE: Australia-wide (facts obtained 19 Aug 2010): http://­www.­ for policies.  Marylou Carter, Party Secretary 0425 363 421.  Contesting WA senate seats.

    CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY: W. Australia (Facts updated 30 July and 13 Aug 2010).  www.­ ; cdpwa § cdpwa org au .  Telephone 1300 305 237.  "By increasing our primary vote by just 2%, CDP will almost be guaranteed a seat in the Senate, and the opportunity to promote the rights and values all Australians have enjoyed ..."  Authorised by R. Moran, 64 Canning Hwy, Victoria Park, WA.  In contradiction to The Greens, the CDP will vote to retain chaplains and scripture teaching in schools, prayers in parliaments, and exemptions for Christian organisations to employ Christians; will oppose same-gender marriage, same-sex adoption and surrogacy, mercy killing and other anti-life policies.

    CITIZENS' ELECTORAL COUNCIL: http://­www.­ , cec § cecaust com au .  (checked 30 July 2010).  Favour use of atomic power for huge public works, and retention of national industries.  They opposed the Australia-US Trade Agreement (which gives Big Business the whip hand) in 2004.  On Apr 30, 2007, their website said that global warming was a fraud.
       CEC electoral candidates all over Australia listed at: .
       Western Australia: Senate: Stuart Smith and Judy Sudholz.  House of Representatives: O'Connor: Jean Robinson; Pearce: Chris Pepper; Canning: Ian Tuffnell. (as at 05 Aug 2010).
       Stuart Smith has long been concerned with the effects of deregulated banking and free trade, both of which have contributed to the destruction of Australian agriculture and other productive industries.
       WA Contact: PO Box 275, Kojonup, WA 6395; Tel 08 9831 1038; Fax 08 9831 1638; E-mail: jhr00 § optusnet com au . (Updated for WA 05 Aug 2010).

    DEMOCRATIC LABOR PARTY of Australia (DLP): http://­www.­ .  Policies include defending workers, marriage, the family, and Australia's self-reliance and security, and opposing laws that would damage the sanctity of human life.  They resist encroachments of Canberra on state functions, and oppose the proposed mining super tax because it can lessen superannuation incomes for senior citizens.
       Western Australian 2010 Senate team: Elaine McNeill, Joe Nardizzi.  Fremantle House of Representatives candidate: Keith McEncroe.  WA Secretary Mr Eric Miller: wasec § dlp org au ; 248 Grove Rd, Lesmurdie, WA, 6076; Tel. 08 9291 7580 (checked 05, 13 Aug 2010).

    FAMILY FIRST: www.­ . Favour decent ethical system and laws.  "... we are passionate about making Australia the best country to raise a family."  Senator Steve Fielding is the federal leader.  (To WWW 20 Feb 2005; checked 16 Nov 06, and 19 Nov 07.)

    F.R.E.E. Australia Party: (inserted 30 July 2010) www.­ .  166 Smart Rd, St Agnes, SA, 5097. Tel 08 8396 3355 (9am-5pm), Mobile 0423 244 495.  Also on Facebook.

    THE GREENS: .  Sustainable responsible economy, but want breakdown of "Ten Commandments" and dictionary meaning of marriage, are pro-abortion, etc.  No war on Iraq.
    WA Greens, PO Box Y 3022, Perth WA 6832, Australia.  Tel: (08) 9221-8333; Fax: (08) 9221-8433; office§ , www.­ .

    INDEPENDANT LIBERAL (Group A 2010. No Party name shown on Electoral Commission webpage for Senate, 2010 election.  Group A first candidate is Anthony Fels, whose website calls the group "Independant Liberal"); www.­ .  Mr Fels was elected to the WA upper house for the Agricultural Region.  He supports obeying the referendum results that banned daylight saving and Sunday trading, he fought for the investors who lost money through financial advisers (helping to get $30 million compensation for them), so he supports stricter regulation of the advisers, opposes genetically-modified canola (rapeseed), and wants election funding to be by the parties, not from taxpayers.  Electorate office tel. 08 9387 8737, fax 08 9387 8237.

    JUSTICE.FIRST: justice first § westnet com au .  (JF's bulletin No. 26, 5 July 2010)

    LIBERALS FOR FORESTS: <http://­www.­>.  Want a halt to destroying environment in name of progress and prosperity.  To WWW 20 Feb 2005; checked 16 Nov 06, 30 Apr 07, and 19 Nov 07.

    LIBERTY AND DEMOCRACY PARTY (LDP) www.­ .  Promotes individual liberty, free markets and small government.  To WWW 19 Nov 07.

    ONE NATION, New South Wales: (inserted 30 July 2010): <www.­>, onenation § myisp net au .  PO Box 4213, Lugarno, NSW, 2210. Tel. 02 9709 2332.
    ONE NATION, South Australia: (inserted 30 July 2010): <http://­www.­>.  15 Lorikeet Ave, Modbury Hts, SA, 5092; Tel. 0427 605 118.
    ONE NATION Western Australia (updated 30 Mar 2011): <www.­>, brmcrae

       Please address all correspondence to: The State Secretary, One Nation WA, PO Box 3030, Carlisle South, WA, 6101.   Tel. 0437 417 263.
       Policies include: To rebuild Australian industry, owned by Australians, and stop the sale of Australian property to non-Australians, withdraw from treaties that usurp sovereignty, stop importing foodstuffs that are economically or environmentally damaging to Australia, stop the policy of forced multiculturalism, end all immigration except of Europeans, strengthen defence designed for the Australian region only, break up private cartels, eliminate Goods and Services Tax (GST) for pensioners, with age pension starting at 65, re-regulate the banking industry, support traditional families, have income-splitting for married couples, use flat-rate personal tax, support environmental repair but oppose ETS taxes.

    PARTY FOR FREEDOM:http://­>.  EXTREMELY SLOW LOADING - in fact, the webpage did not appear at all - today, 9 May 2013

    PAULINE HANSON group in 2011 New South Wales election.

    SOVEREIGNTY PARTY: <http://­www.­>; info § sovereigntyparty org au .  PO Box 7110, Richmond, VIC, 3121, Australia.
       Fighting to restore the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Magna Carta to their rightful place in society, restore true sovereignty to this nation, and expose and defeat the perverse agenda being implemented by globalist forces of the New World Order. (Copied early August 2010)

    STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION (Group B on Senate ballot paper 2010; No party name; Independents): Mr Paddy Embry, PO Box 8269, South Perth, WA, 6151; Cellphone: 0427 473 075.  Aim to stop the increasing armade of 'boat people' illegally entering our country. When you welcome a Muslim immigrant into our country you welcome two people – the Muslim immigrant and Allah.  The former won't integrate because the latter won't let him.  In the Senate vote, place your vote in box B above the line.  Senate candidates 2010: Paddy Embry, Juanita Finnegan.. (see advert. The West Australian, page 34, Wed, Aug 28, 2010)

    STABLE POPULATION PARTY, <http://­www.­populatio­>, PO Box 601, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia.  Founded in 2010. 
       "It opposes population growth and advocates a stable population for Australia. It missed out on registration for the 2010 federal election by several days, but leader William Bourke ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in New South Wales on an independent ticket with poet Mark O'Connor. The party was successfully registered shortly after the election on 23 September 2010." – Wikipedia, <http://­­wiki/Stable_Populatio­n_Party_of_Australia>, (sighted 29 Aug 2011).
       "GRASSROOTS concern about Australia's burgeoning population is being ignored by the 'hopelessly conflicted' major parties and needs a fresh voice in Canberra, says political hopeful William Bourke.
       "Mr Bourke, a Sydney small businessman and founder of the newly established Stable Population Party of Australia, plans to field candidates in all states at the next federal poll, running on a platform of restricting the nation's population to 23 million. …" – The Australian, <http://­www.­­politics/sustainable-population-party-says-massive-cuts-needed-to-australias-immigration-intake/story-e6frgczf-1225855709419>, Stephen Lunn, April 20, 2010 (sighted 29 Aug 2011)
    H.S.Chapman Society, which opposes electoral frauds, is at: www.­ ; secretary § hschapman org . PO Box 159, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia. To join, send $25 to the society.
       The widespread ALP electoral frauds of 1989 in Western Australia, smothered partly by inaction of some Liberal leader/s, are partly documented at www.­­electoral-1989.htm .  The Queensland, 2000, Shepherdson Inquiry into Allegations of Electoral Fraud, is at: .

    Authorised: John C. Massam, 46 Cobine Way, Greenwood, WA, 6025. Tel 08 9343 9532.
       One Vote: http://­www.­ ; christians /AT/ onevote com au .  Make our collective Christian voices heard and promote our rights and values.  Do not vote for any anti-Christian party like the Greens; many parties now have sound environmental policies.  Some of the radical policies the Greens have announced include: Remove chaplains and scripture teaching from all State schools; remove prayers from Parliaments; remove exemptions for religious organisations to employ only Christians; approve same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and surrogacy, euthanasia and other anti-life policies.  (Copied from leaflet Aug 9, 2010).  Authorised: M. Carter, 15 Cressbrook Way, Carine, WA, 6020.
  • Group Voting Tickets (Senate preference flows) for WA, 2010 federal election, copied from http://­www.­
    Senate candidates for WA, 2010 Federal Election
    Group Code | Candidate name | Party ballot name | Occupation | Contacts
    A) FELS, Anthony [No party name] Farmer PO Box 120 FLOREAT WA 6014 Phone (home): 08 9387 8737 Phone (work): 08 9387 8737 Mobile: 0413 202 990 Email:
    A) CHANDRA, Felly Business Woman Phone (home): 0413 202 995 Phone (work): 08 9387 8737 Mobile: 0413 202 995 Email:
    B) EMBRY, Paddy [No party name] Self Employed Mobile: 0427 473 075
    B) FINNEGAN, Juanita Retiree
    C) SIEWERT, Rachel [previous senator] The Greens Senator Phone (work): 08 9228 3277 Email:
    C) MUIR, Kado The Greens Anthropologist PO Box 13 LEONORA WA 6438 Mobile: 0419 866 506 Email: KADO4SENATE@GMAIL.COM
    C) CUNNINGHAM, Christine The Greens Lecturer
    D) McCOURT, John The Nationals Local Govt Officer PO Box 1135 BROOME WA 6725 Phone (home): 08 9192 2171 Phone (work): 08 9192 2171 Mobile: 0429 946 777 Email:
    D) FLEAY, Ronnie The Nationals Self Employed PO Box 698 EXMOUTH WA 6707 Mobile: 0429 206 506
    D) ROSE, Michael Eric The Nationals Agribusiness Manager PO Box 170 CORRIGIN WA 6375 Phone (home): 0427 986 739 Mobile: 0427 986 739 Email:
    E) CORMANN, Mathias [previous senator] Liberal Senator Phone (work): 08 9325 4227 Email:
    E) BACK, Chris [previous senator] Liberal Senator Phone (work): 08 9328 3688 Email:
    E) ADAMS, Judith [previous senator] Liberal Senator Phone (work): 08 9481 0349 Email:
    E) MOURITZ, Jane Liberal Farmer
    E) HUSTON, Jonathan Liberal Executive Chairman
    F) SUDHOLZ, Judy F Citizens Electoral Council Farmer PO Box 59 BROOKTON WA 6306 Phone (home): 08 9642 6035 Phone (work): 08 9642 6035 Mobile: 0407 427 075 Email:
    F) SMITH, Stuart Bruce Citizens Electoral Council Farmer 103 Pingelly Aldersyde Rd PINGELLY WA 6308 Phone (work): 08 9887 1024 Mobile: 0448 166 439 Email:
    G) MARTIN, Justine Australian Sex Party Domestic Engineer Phone (home): 08 9274 2415 Phone (work): 08 9274 2415 Mobile: 0403 564 942 Email:
    G) COLEMAN, Mark Peter Australian Sex Party Retail Manager Mobile: 0419 266 649 Email:
    H) PETERSON, Ben Socialist Alliance Student 1 Rosebery St BAYSWATER WA 6053 Mobile: 0400 878 322 Email:
    H) GRAY, Julie Socialist Alliance Lab Assistant PO Box 204 NORTHBRIDGE PRIVATE BOXES WA 6865 Mobile: 0413 445 394
    I) WOODS, Beau The Climate Sceptics Chiropractor Mobile: 0421 826 842 Email:
    I) DEWAR, Heather The Climate Sceptics Office Manager Email:
    J) McNEILL, Elaine D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Home Duties 72 Eldorado St TUART HILL WA 6060 Phone (home): 08 9440 3661 Phone (work): 08 9440 3661
    J) NARDIZZI, Joe D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party Builder Developer Phone (home): 08 9245 2222 Phone (work): 08 9245 2222 Mobile: 0411 725 818 Email:
    K) CURTIS, Guy Secular Party of Australia Academic Mobile: 0402 913 634
    K) THOMPSON, Andrew Secular Party of Australia Doctor Mobile: 0421 371 330 Email:
    L) ROSE, Linda Family First Sales Mobile: 0417 933 263 Email:
    L) FUHRMANN, Steve Family First Business Partner Mobile: 0417 933 263
    M) BRADSHAW, Craig One Nation Self Employed Mobile: 0414 250 290
    M) COOK, Bill One Nation Pensioner
    N) YOUNG, Paul James Australian Democrats Electrician
    N) CORICA, Matthew Australian Democrats Investment Advisor
    O) EVANS, Chris [previous senator] Australian Labor Party Senator 51 Ord St WEST PERTH WA 6005 Phone (work): 08 9481 4844 Email:
    O) STERLE, Glenn [previous senator] Australian Labor Party Senator Phone (work): 08 9455 1420 Email:
    O) PERDON, Wendy Australian Labor Party Manager Email:
    O) MacFARLANE, Peter Australian Labor Party Campaign Organiser 25/591 Hay St JOLIMONT WA 6014 Phone (work): 08 9328 7222
    P) WALMSLEY, Mark Liberal Democrats (LDP) Manager Mobile: 0417 111 433
    P) DIXON, Mark Liberal Democrats (LDP) Manager 89 Lockhart St COMO WA 6152 Email:
    Q) YOUNG, Trevor Christian Democratic Party Farmer PO Box 125 WOODANILLING WA 6316 Mobile: 0417 950 512 Email:
    Q) DUNJEY, Lachlan Christian Democratic Party Medical Practitioner 33 Bunya St DIANELLA WA 6059 Mobile: 0407 937 513
    R) PEAKE, Paul Shooters and Fishers Teacher Phone (home): 08 9277 6436 Phone (work): 08 9277 6436
    R) PEAKE, Christine Shooters and Fishers Bookeeper
    S) GILMORE, Julie Carers Alliance Carer PO Box 133 DRUMMOYNE NSW 1470 Mobile: 0466 244 263 Email:
    S) POLAIN, Aileen Carers Alliance Director PO Box 133 DRUMMOYNE NSW 1470 Mobile: 0466 244 267 Email:
    T) MAYER, Daniel J Senator On-Line Media Producer
    T) HOFFMAN, Keturah Senator On-Line Medical Practitioner Email:
    U) GEORGATOS, Gerry [No party listed] General Manager 9 Arion Ave ARMADALE WA 6112 Mobile: 0430 657 309 Email:
    U) HAYWARD, Bill Chiropractor PO Box 519 FREMANTLE PRIVATE BOXES WA 6959 Mobile: 0407 998 463 Email:
    U) MACKAY, Marianne Activist Phone (home): 0401 320 047 Mobile: 0401 320 047 Email:
    U) MENKENS, Lara Lawyer PO Box 9 COMO WA 6152 Phone (home): 0433 128 766 Phone (work): 0433 128 766 Mobile: 0433 128 766
    V) COWANS, Scott [No party listed] Managing Director Email:
    V) GOODLAD, John Stockbroker
    V) VERSTEEGEN, James Student 10A Haig Rd ATTADALE WA 6156 Email:
    UG) STEINECK, Rosemary Independent Retired Phone (home): 08 9313 1083 Phone (work): 08 9313 1083
       This is how "Saĝulo" voted:
    1 and 2 (Group B) "Stop Illegal Immigration:" Paddy EMBRY and Juanita FINNEGAN;
    3 and 4 (Group M) One Nation Party: Craig BRADSHAW, Bill COOK;
    5 and 6 (Group Q) Christian Democratic Party: Trevor YOUNG, Dr Lachlan DUNJEY;
    7 and 8 (Group J) Democratic Labor Party: Elaine McNEILL, Joe NARDIZZI;
    9 and 10 (Group L) Family First Party: Linda ROSE, Steve FUHRMANN;
    11 - 14 (Group U) "Ecological, Social Justice and Aboriginal party:" Gerry GEORGATOS, Bill HAYWARD, Marianne MACKAY, Lara MENKENS;
    14-17 (Group V) "WA First:" Scott COWANS, John GOODLAD, James VERSETTGEN;
    18 (Ungrouped) Independent: Rosemary STEINECK;
    19-20 (Group T) Senator On-Line: Daniel J. MAYER, Keturah HOFFMAN;
    21-22 (Group S) Carers' Alliance: Julie GILMORE, Aileen POLAIN.
    23-24 (Group A) Independant Liberal: Anthony FELS, Felly CHANDRA;
    25-26 (Group H) Socialist Alliance: Ben PETERSON, Julie GRAY;
    27-28 (Group R) Shooters and Fishers: Paul PEAKE, Christine PEAKE;
    29-30 (Group N) Australian Democrats: Paul YOUNG, Matthew CORICA;
    31-32 (Group F) Citizens' Electoral Council: Judy F SUDHOLZ, Stuart Bruce SMITH;
    33-34 (Group P) Liberal Democrats: Mark WALMSLEY, Mark DIXON;
    35-36 (Group K) Secular Party: Guy CURTIS, Andrew THOMPSON;
    37-38 (Group G) Australian Sex Party: Justine MARTIN, Mark COLEMAN;
    39-41 (Group D) The Nationals (formerly the Country Party): John McCOURT, Ronnie FLEAY, Michael Eric ROSE;
    42-44 (Group C) The Greens: Sen. Rachel SIEWERT, Kado MUIR, Christine CUNNINGHAM;
    45-49 (Group E) Liberal Party: Sen. Mathias CORMANN, Sen. Chris BACK, Sen. Judith ADAMS, Jane MOURITZ, Jonathan HUSTON;
    50-53 (Group O) Labor Party: Sen. Chris EVANS, Sen. Glenn STERLE, Wendy PERDON, Peter MacFARLANE.
    ARCHIVE section:

    Community 1st, Kingsley, WA. [Not found 16 Nov 2006] www.­ . KINGSLEY (Perth, W. Australia): No other electorate has ever created its own party to champion its interests.  But that's what the people of Greenwood, Woodvale and Kingsley did in 2004 when nearly 600 of them became members of Community 1st, at the request of Marie Evans, who is the candidate for the State Electorate of Kingsley, in the State Election due on February 26, 2005.  Marie Evans, Tel. 0400 231 617, community1st§ , Community 1st, PO Box 307, Greenwood, WA, 6924, Australia.  Originals authorised by Dr Sean Monahan, 7 Kiah Ct, Kingsley 6026, received October 26, 2004. (To Links 21 Feb 05)[### Needs checking before 2007 election.]

    New Country Party [Dead 16 Nov 06, dead 30 Apr 07, dead 02 Mar 08] www.­newcountry . info§ . Strong national unity, and retention of national identity and industries. Oppose the current National Competition Policy, wanting it reconstructed to give more careful consideration to effects on regions, industries, communities and people.  GPO Box 516, Brisbane, Qld, 4001. To WWW 20 Feb 2005, updated 21 Feb 05.

    KEEP as archive - jcm 6 Aug 2010. One Nation Party, WA division: Unit 2, 931 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park WA. 6101; PO Box 3030, Carlisle South, WA 6101;
       www.­ .  Strong national unity, and retention of national identity and industries.  http://­www.­
       TEL: 08 9361 9388. Fax: 08 9361 9800. Tel/Fax: 08 9361 1477.  Office email: phon§ ; Webmaster email: brmcrae§ . To WWW 20 Feb 2005; checked 16 Nov 06, 30 Apr 07, and 19 Nov 07.
    The Great Australians: "Liberal and Labor have been persuaded by our Treasury Department to support the take over of our country, so, if Australian-controlled parties don't win control in the next election, we have lost all we have fought for." Click http://­www.­
    © AUSTAND Inc., PO Box 173, Noosa Heads, Qld. 4567, Australia; Tel. (07) 5447 2943; e-mail admin§ (Inserted 29 Aug, 01. No response 16 Nov 06, nor 16 Aug 2010)
    TONY PITT'S NATIONAL INTEREST newspaper list of "Groups, Individuals, and Publications" said to be working for the freedom of Australia is NO LONGER on the WWW. Inserted 12 July 2001. Mr Tony Pitt died ~ February 2006.

    Queenslanders for Constitutional Monarchy is at: Inserted 25 July 2001; checked 16 Nov 06 , checked but found new website a bit out of date 16 Aug 2010
    The Monarchist League of New Zealand, Inc. is at: www.­ . Inserted 25 July 2001; checked 16 Nov 06
    Australian National Flag Association (WA) Inc., PO Box 7603, Cloisters Square, Perth, WA, 6850. Tel 08 9321 7406, Fax 08 9321 7007. www.­ . Checked 16 Nov 06, and 16 Aug 2010.
    The Australian Monarchist League, Suite 3303, 70 Market St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia; Tel 02 9232 4959, Fax 02 8580 4923.  E-mail ; Internet http://­www.­ . National Chairman: Mr Philip Benwell, MBE.  Periodical: Liberty.  PO Box A 1213, South Sydney, NSW 1235.
    CIVIL REPRESENTATION IN AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, a book published from November 2000 ON THE INTERNET by David Keane, a Western Australian political commentator, who supports the idea of a People's Participation Movement. Used to be able to read the book on www.­ ~keane/civilrep/   Extra chapters have been written now. Inserted 31 March 2001. Missing from Internet for some time now - jcm 16 Nov 06. Still missing 30 Apr 07.
    The Goof Troop that are Australia's politicians. Numerous blunders made by the Australian Government.  Seems dormant Apr 30, 2007.
      Anti-imperialism website is at: www.­boondocks . Working, but slow to show itself 16 Nov 06. It now seems to be a historical political cartoon website - jcm 30 Apr 07.
    David Syme Foundation for information about "Gangs" that infest Reform Groups; see book Gangs, Counter-Gangs and other Political Crimes, Don Veitch , B Comm, B Arts, Dip Ed, 2 vols = 1161 pp, 1997, Flemington (Victoria, Australia), David Syme College, $60.  Not opening 16 Nov 06, nor 30 Apr 07.
    Students Uncover Doubtful Advertising.  How overseas students were being exploited in Western Australia in 1988.  It is complete with photocopies of documents from a student newspaper of the time. Checked 16 Nov 06, 30 Apr 07. (In April 1999 somebody put the link on the Newsgroup "aus.politics".) 
    Fairness In Reporting = FAIR, 130 W. 25th Street, New York, NY 10001, U.S.A., at: http://­www.­ Contacts: Steve Rendall: SRendall§ and Janine Jackson: JJackson§ . Website checked 16 Nov 06
    Funding of British political parties -- information and a petition. Not located 16 Nov 06 www.­ , (from the "New on the Net" column, PCHome, Britain, issue 135 (no date discovered yet), p 11 . Inserted 07 Aug 03


    Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). www.­ , PO Box 3851, Weston Creek, ACT, 2611, Australia; info § population org au , Tel 02 6288 6810, Fax 02 6288 7195; branches in most States and Territories. (Formerly called Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESP), at: http://home. au/~aespop/ )
       WA branch: 89 Fairway, Nedlands, WA, 6009, Australia; Tel. 08 9386 1890
    {Australians Against Further Immigration seems to have closed down around the time that the One Nation Party (Pauline Hanson) was getting good Upper House results in Queensland and Western Australia, and the Australia First Movement (Graham Campbell) was still operating.}
    Dick Smith's population website 2010: http://­www.­ . In September 2009, my youngest daughter, Jenny, phoned me and said, "dad, they are all talking about human induced climate change, and they're all going off to Copenhagen. Why don't they talk about the 'elephant in the room'”. I said, "Jenny, what's that?”. She said, "population!”. [...]
       Yes, I knew that our oceans were being over-fished and stocks were reducing. I knew that our Federal Government was paying tens of millions of dollars to our farmers in the Murray Valley to stop farming and to bulldoze their crops because of a lack of water. But for some reason I'd never linked the two together – population and environmental degradation. (Sighted 15 Aug, 2010)  


    (Non-Government Organisations).
    Médecins sans Frontières, global (Medecins sans Frontieres): <http://­www.­>, <msf & sect: msf com>.  MSF, or Doctors Without Borders, sends expert medical teams to world trouble spots, whether caused by humans or natural disasters.  It was founded in 1971 by a small group of French doctors, and its headquarters is in Switzerland, according to Wikepedia.  (Inserted 28 Oct 2011)  


    Speakers' Corner, Melbourne: www.­  NOT RESPONDING on October 28, 2011
    Australian Rostrum Western Australian website www.­; e-mail ian§ . Learn Public Speaking, Chairmanship, Meeting Procedure, etc. Complete a semester course for $82.50, at Wanneroo, Curtin University, Midland, Dianella, Belmont, East Perth, Sorrento, Duncraig, Perth, and more. Student Scholarship are available. (Facts from handbill of Rostrum Western Australia Inc., August-September 2006)

    Keep the Internet open to ANY BROWSER and EVERY SYSTEM
    Animated GIF by Scott R. Loban


    Parliament House, Canberra, http://­www.­
    Prime Minister: http://­www.­ John Howard

    House of Representatives -- changes after 09 Oct 2004 to be inserted later

    (Parties: If not marked, they are Liberals)
    D.Adams.MP§ ALP
    A.Albanese.MP§ ALP
    John.Anderson.MP§ NAT
    Peter.Andren.MP§ INDEPENDENT, country NSW
    Larry.Anthony.MP§ NAT
    Hon Geoffrey Prosser MP, 82 Blair Street, Bunbury WA 6230; Tel: (08) 9791 1146; Fax: (08) 9721 3974 (Forrest MHR, WA, Liberal) ALP ALP ALP ALP ALP ALP NAT ALP ALP
    Luke Simpkins, Visit http://­www.­­house/m­embers/­member.a­sp?elec­torate=C­owan , then Click Contact Form <http://­www.­­house/members/­­p?id=HWE>; or <> ALP ALP NAT ALP ALP (INDEPENDENT prev., gaoled 2002 for alleged immig. fraud) ALP NAT NAT ALP
    The Hon Daryl Williams AM, QC, MP (Tangney, WA, Liberal ), Attorney-General; Suite 8, Gateway Building, Andrea Lane, Booragoon WA 6154; PO Box 1206, Booragoon WA 6154; Tel: (08) 9316 3633; Fax: (08) 9364 9971 Windsor, Mr Tony, IND., Member for New England, NSW


    (Parties: If not marked, they are Liberals) DEMS DEMS ALP Mark WA ALP NATS GREENS Bob Brown ALP Ian LIB WA ALP DEMS ALP ALP Peter ALP WA ALP Trish ALP NT ALP ALP Alan LIB WA Christopher LIB WA Christopher ALP WA ALP ALP ALP Brian DEMS WA ONE NATION Len Harris ALP ALP David LIB WA Susan LIB WA IND Meg Lees (former DEMS leader!) Ross LIB WA ALP ALP ALP NATS ALP ALP IND Shayne Murphy (formerly ALP) Andrew DEMOCRAT IN EXILE from late July 2002 for a month or so, then DEM WA GREENS (Kerry Nettle) ALP ALP ALP DEMS ALP Nigel COUNTRY LIB NT DEMS Natasha Stott Despoja Ruth ALP WA

    Parliament House, Perth, http://­www.­


    Cadby, Hon. Alan Alfred, Electorate: North Metropolitan; Party: LIB; Electorate Office: Suite 24, 5th Floor Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, West Perth WA 6005; Tel: (08) 9222 5336; Fax: (08) 9222 5337 ...

    Cash, Hon. Samuel (George) Ernest, JP, Deputy President and Chairman of Committees; Electorate: North Metropolitan; Party: LIB; Parliament Office : Parliament House, Perth WA 6000; Tel: (08) 9222 7333; Fax: (08) 9222 7815; Electorate Office: Unit 9 2A Progress Street, Morley WA 6062; Tel: (08) 9275 7474; Fax: (08) 9275 7574; ...

    Chance, Hon. Kimberley (Kim) Maurice, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries the Midwest, Wheatbelt and Great Southern, Leader of the House in the Legislative Council; Electorate: Agricultural; Party: ALP; Ministerial Office : 11th Floor, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, West Perth WA 6005; Tel: (08) 9213 6700; Fax: (08) 9213 6701; Electorate Office: Shops 10-11, Geraldton Shopping Centre, 6-8 Chapman Road, Geraldton WA 6530; Tel: (08) 9921 2856; Fax: (08) 9921 3138;

    Chapple, Hon. Robin Howard; Electorate: Mining and Pastoral; Party: GWA; Electorate Office: Ground Floor, 7 Harvest Terrace, West Perth WA 6005; Tel: (08) 9324 1424; Fax: (08) 9321 1371;

    Cowdell, Hon. John Alexander; President of the Legislative Council; Electorate: South West; Party: ALP; Parliament Office : Parliament House, Perth WA 6000; Tel: (08) 9222 7211; Fax: (08) 9222 7814;   Electorate Office: 199 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210; Tel: (08) 9535 8811; Fax: (08) 9535 8911

    Criddle, Hon. Murray John; Electorate: Agricultural; Party: NPA; Electorate Office: Shop 2, Penny Lane Shopping Centre, Chapman Road, Geraldton WA 6530; Tel: (08) 9921 3344; Fax: (08) 9964 2978

    Dermer, Hon. Edmund (Ed) Rupert Joseph, BSc (Hons), Dip. Ed.; Government Whip in the Legislative Council; Electorate: North Metropolitan; Party: ALP; Electorate Office: 82 Collier Avenue (cnr Amelia Street), Balcatta WA 6021; Tel: (08) 9345 2767; Fax: (08) 9344 5355

    Donaldson, Hon. Bruce Kirwan; Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council; Electorate: Agricultural: Party: LIB; Electorate Office: Parliament House, Perth WA 6000; Tel: (08) 9481 0082; Fax: (08) 9321 1287;

    Doust, Hon. Catherine (Kate) Esther; Electorate: South Metropolitan; Party: ALP; Electorate Office: Shop 3, 99 Petra Street, East Fremantle WA 6158; Tel: (08) 9339 0399; Fax: (08) 9339 0301;

    Ellery, Hon. Suzanne (Sue) Mary; Electorate: South Metropolitan; Party: ALP; Electorate Office: Shop 4, 99 Petra Street, East Fremantle WA 6158; Tel: (08) 9339 0633; Fax: (08) 9339 0603;

    Embry, Paddy; Hon. Patrick (Paddy) Embry MLC House: Legislative Council Electorate: South West Party: IND (formerly ON) Other Office : Unit 11 69 Lockyer Avenue ALBANY WA 6330 Ph: (08) 9842 8235 Fax: (08) 9842 8236 Email: Electorate Office: 1st Floor 8 Parliament Place West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9324 3155 Fax: (08) 9324 3166 Email: From http://www.­ on 04 Feb 04

    Farina, Hon. Adele; Electorate: South West; Party: ALP; Electorate Office: 5th Floor, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, West Perth WA 6005; Tel: (08) 9222 5171; Fax: (08) 9222 5172

    Fischer, John; Hon. John Duncombe Fischer MLC House: Legislative Council Electorate: Mining and Pastoral Party: ON .... Electorate Office: Level 3 9 Colin Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9486 4081 Toll Free: (1800) 664 080 Fax: (08) 9486 4086 Email: Email2: From www.­parliament. parliament/ home.nsf/ (FrameNames)/ Members on 04 Feb 04. LOST election in 2005.

    Ford, Hon. Jonathan (Jon) Robert Electorate: Mining and Pastoral Party: ALP Electorate Office: 37 Newman Drive Newman WA 6753 Ph: (08) 9177 8904 Toll Free: (1800) 199 343 Fax: (08) 9177 8917 Email: ...

    Foss, Hon. Peter Gilbert da Conceicao , QC Electorate: East Metropolitan Party: LIB Electorate Office: Suite 8 Noranda Palms Shopping Centre Benara Road Noranda WA 6062 Ph: (08) 9375 9072 Fax: (08) 9375 9071 Email: ... .

    Giffard, Hon. Graham Thomas Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Planning and Infrastrucure. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education Sport and Recreation Indigenous Affairs. Electorate: North Metropolitan Region Party: ALP Electorate Office: 1st Floor 7 Harvest Terrace West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9481 4780 Fax: (08) 9321 4844 Email: ... .

    Griffiths, Hon. Nicholas (Nick) David , LL B Minister for Racing and Gaming Government Enterprises Goldfields-Esperance Electorate: East Metropolitan Party: ALP Ministerial Office : 10th Floor 216 St George's Terrace Perth WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9222 8950 Fax: (08) 9222 8951 Email: Electorate Office: 35 The Crescent Midland WA 6056 Ph: (08) 9274 3855 Fax: (08) 9274 3665 Email: ... .

    Halligan, Hon. Raymond (Ray) James , MNIA Electorate: North Metropolitan Party: LIB Electorate Office: Unit 6 91-95 Wanneroo Road Greenwood WA 6024 Ph: (08) 9343 9333 Fax: (08) 9343 9091 Email: ...

    Hough, Frank; Hon. Francis (Frank) Carson Hough MLC House: Legislative Council Electorate: Agricultural Party: ON Parliament Office : 3rd Floor 9 Colin Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9486 4080 Fax: (08) 9486 4085 Email: Electorate Office: 16 Chapman Road Geraldton WA 6531 Ph: (08) 9921 8190 Toll Free: (1800) 664 080 Fax: (08) 9921 8190 Email: From http://­www.­ on 04 Feb 04

    House, Hon. Barry John , B Econ, JP Electorate: South West Party: LIB Electorate Office: Shop 6 Wooditchup Centre 157 Bussell Highway Margaret River WA 6285 Ph: (08) 9757 9555 Fax: (08) 9757 9599 Email: ... .

    McSweeney, Hon. Robyn Mary Electorate: South West Party: LIB Electorate Office: 1a The Coach House 141 York Street Albany WA 6330 Ph: (08) 9841 2250 Fax: (08) 9841 1847 Email: ... .

    Moore, Hon. Norman Frederick , BA Dip Ed Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Electorate: Mining and Pastoral Party: LIB Opposition Office : Parliament House Perth WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9222 7282 Fax: (08) 9222 7297 Email: Electorate Office: Shop 5A Karratha City Shopping Centre Welcome Road Karratha WA 6714 Ph: (08) 9143 1277 Toll Free: (1800) 630 277 Fax: (08) 9143 1286 Email: or ... .

    O'Brien, Hon. Simon Electorate: South Metropolitan Party: LIB Electorate Office: 904 Canning Highway Canning Bridge WA 6153 Ph: (08) 9364 4277 Fax: (08) 9364 3542 Email: ... .

    Pratt, Hon. Louise Clare Electorate: East Metropolitan Party: ALP Electorate Office: Level 5 Dumas House 2 Havelock Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9222 5156 Fax: (08) 9222 5158 Email: ... .

    Ravlich, Hon. Ljiljanna Maria Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Community Development, Women's Interests, Seniors and Youth Disability Services Culture and the Arts. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health. Electorate: East Metropolitan Party: ALP Electorate Office: Shops 17-18 Sevenoak Village 53 Cecil Avenue Cannington WA 6107 Ph: (08) 9350 5522 Fax: (08) 9350 9022 Email: ... .

    Scott, Hon. Barbara Mary Electorate: South Metropolitan Party: LIB Electorate Office: 29 Adelaide Street Fremantle WA 6160 Ph: (08) 9430 7233 Fax: (08) 9430 7207 Email: ... .

    Scott, Hon. James (Jim) Alan Electorate: South Metropolitan Party: GWA Electorate Office: 19 Point Street Fremantle WA 6160 Ph: (08) 9336 1991 Fax: (08) 9430 4778 Email: ... .

    Sharp, Hon. Dr Christine (Chrissy) , PhD, MA, BA (Hons) Electorate: South West Party: GWA Electorate Office: Shops 5-6 Cnr Brockman Street and South West Highway Balingup WA 6253 Ph: (08) 9764 1440 or (08) 9764 1327 Fax: (08) 9764 1426 Email: ... .

    Stephens, Hon. Thomas (Tom) Gregory , BA Minister for Housing and Works Local Government and Regional Development the Kimberley, Pilbara and Gascoyne Electorate: Mining and Pastoral Party: ALP Ministerial Office : 11th Floor Dumas House 2 Havelock Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9213 6500 Fax: (08) 9213 6501 Email: Electorate Office: ANZ Bank Building Chinatown 16 Carnarvon Street Broome WA 6725 Ph: (08) 9193 7344 Toll Free: (1800) 199 344 Fax: (08) 9193 7734 Email:

    from Parlt House webpage www.­ on 30 Aug 01


       CUNNINGHAM, Mrs Liz; http://­www.­ ; Gladstone, IND, Date of Election: 15 July 1995, 2/191 Philip Street, Gladstone QLD 4680,
       FLYNN, William Bond Ingpen (Bill), Mr; Lockyer, One Nation, Date of Election: 17 February 2001, Shop 1, 47 North St, Gatton QLD 4343,
       FOLEY, Chris (C.J.), Mr; Maryborough, IND, Date of Election: 17 February 2001, Shop 1, Comet Place, 133 Lennox Street, Maryborough QLD 4650,
       LEE LONG, Rosa, Mrs; Tablelands, One Nation, Date of Election: 17 February 2001, 210 Byrnes St, Mareeba QLD 4880,
       PRATT, Dorothy Ruth (Dolly), Mrs; Nanango (BARAMBAH 13 June 1998 - 17 February 2001), IND, (Pauline Hanson's One Nation 13 June 1998 - 6 Feb 1999), Date of Election to present seat: 17 February 2001, Shop 2, 34A Alford Street, Kingaroy QLD 4610,
       ROBERTS, Elisa Mary, Mrs; Gympie, IND, (Pauline Hanson's One Nation 17 Feb 2001 - 18 April 2002), Date of Election: 17 February 2001, Cinema Complex, 82 Monkland Street, Gympie, QLD 4570,
       WELLINGTON, Peter William, Mr; Nicklin, IND, Date of Election: 13 June 1998, Shop 3, 51 Currie Street, Nambour QLD 4560,
       – From Queensland Parlt. House webpages www.­ on 4 Sep 03  


    Steve Keen's Debt Watch: <http://­www.­debtde­flation.­com/blogs>.  Steve Keen is a professional economist and a long time critic of conventional economic thought.  As well as attacking mainstream thought in Debunking Economics, I am also developing an alternative dynamic approach to economic modelling.  The key issue I am tackling here is the prospect for a debt-deflation on the back of the enormous debts accumulated in Australia, and our very low rate of inflation. (Current on Oct 22, 2013)

    World debt comparison; THE GLOBAL DEBT CLOCK:  The Economist periodical, Britain, gives its "interactive overview of government debt across the planet", <http://­www.­economist.­com/con­tent/glo­bal_debt­_clock>
       On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, in the evening, Australia, Western Standard Time, at one reading it was $051,824,817,663,548.  Is this "trillions," or what?
       Would some viewer please tell the Webmaster if there is a debt clock of NON-GOVERNMENT debt.  (Current on Oct 22, 2013)

    Economic Indicator Services: <http://­www.­business­cycles.­biz>.  Phillip J. Anderson of London and Melbourne, etc., gives subscribers investment advice.  In 2008-09 he published The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking, describing how the land and overall real estate market changes, how banks issue credit "out of thin air," and other economic factors. (Current on Oct 22, 2013)

    Making a Beautiful World: <http://­www.­>.  "Currently, our Playground, planet Earth, is being trashed.  And tens of thousands of people each day are dying.  Our joint creations accept this, otherwise we would have stopped it, long ago.  We are allowing it to happen!  It is being trashed by companies whose only motives are to increase profits for their shareholders.  It is being trashed by Governments who allow this to happen.  Let us have a new creation.  A new vision."
       Like to stay in touch, add or edit some pages or join a group? Please start by sending an email to clementclarke § ozemail com au .  (Inserted Dec 15, 2008; Current on Oct 22, 2013) )

    David Kidd's website:  (Used to have a webpage called:) Australia Needs an Industry Policy (Checked Dec 15, 2008; not displaying on Oct 22, 2013) )

    TWN = Third World Network:  http://­www.­ .  Links exposing World Trade Organisation (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc., etc.  (Checked Dec 15, 2008) Order their books from twn§ .  (Test e-mail sent Dec 15, 08; Current on Oct 22, 2013)

    Economic Reform Australia <http://­www.­>
       In order to become a member of ERA, forward a cheque or money order for $20.00 (single), $25.00 (double), or $15.00 (concession, pensioners), together with postal address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.&bnbsp; Cheques should be made out to 'ERA'. Cheques and money orders should be directed to the ERA Treasurer, c/- PO Box 505, Modbury, SA 5092, Australia.  In addition to regular membership, one may subscribe to either or both of our email networks.  In order to do so, simply send a requesting email to ERA's network editor. (sighted Sep 20, 2012).
       Dr John Hermann is the convener of its discussion group.  <hermann § chariot net au>. (Current in April 2012.)
       Postal address from previous facts: PO Box 505, Modbury, SA 5092, Australia. Newsletter Editors: Peter Lock and Frances Milne; Email Network Editor: John Hermann (Current on Oct 22, 2013)

    The Community Economic Development Centre, Canada, has published "An Essay on Civil Society" by Bryan H. Massam Ph.D. F.R.S.C., at www.­ .  (Inserted 04 May 1999, still displaying Dec 15, 08, NOT available 22 Oct 2013.)

    David Syme Foundation. (LINK NOT WORKING Dec 15, 2008)  A sample: "After Whitlam came a period of drift until 1984 during which the Mount Pelerin forces under Von Heyek strengthened their 'hard right economics' hold on a global basis.  It was the Hawke/Keating Labor governments which from 1984 guaranteed the hegemony of the 'new global economic order' under the Mount Pelerin forces.  Since that time economic rationalists [who in fact are quite irrational] took over."  admin§ (E-mail failed again on Dec 15, 2008)


       Eureka Multimedia, www.­ and www.­ .  Its training DVDs go from pre-primary to Year 10.
       The Big Box of Languages; © Eureka Multimedia The Early Learning and Development DVD costs AUD $29.95, with more than 139 printable activity worksheets such as counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s, the sequencing of the alphabet, letter to sound relationships, etc., etc.
       For Primary Schooling, there is a Phonics home tutor, a Phonics Skills Builder, a Spelling Home Tutor (winner of the 2008 ATOM awards for best primary education resource, and a Spelling Skills Builder (the recommended retail price, or RRP, being AUD $29.95 for each).
       The Maths Skills Builder covers such matters as long division, averages, factors, money in buying and selling, etc.
       Eureka has a Practice Exam Creator on DVD disks, and High School Maths Tutors for Years 7 to 10.
       Other DVDS include Brainy Fun Games, Human Society & its Environment, Literacy Tool Kit, a general DVD called The Big Box of Australian Education, Mental Maths Booster, The Big Box of Games, Casual Games Collection, Creative Home & Craft, and Business Essentials.
       Language learning includes $10.95 discs on learning French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Greek, and Latin.
       Eureka's Big Box of Languages is meant for visitors to foreign lands, and covers seventy languages (including some you might not have heard of), including international languages like French, Arabic, Spanish, Yiddish, Latin, and Esperanto, http://­www.­ , a proposed global auxiliary language that is more than a century old.  Benu Dion!. (Purchased by the Esperanto League of Western Australia Inc. in 2010, AUD $29.95.) (To this Website Feb 7, 2011)
       Talking to the Whole Wide World website says "Welcome to the Languages Apprenticeship Strategy!"  And "Esperanto: Integrated Primary LOTE."  http://­www.­­   
       Talking to the Whole Wide World;  Penelope VOS © 2009 The use of the words "apprenticeship strategy" is because Esperanto, devised by a multi-lingual son of a multi-lingual father in a multilingual community in Eastern Europe, was made so easy that it can be thought of as an "apprenticeship" language, because it can give children a taste for learning languages other than English (called LOTE in Australia).  The editor of the Mondeto system © 2010, Ms Penelope Vos, writes: "We equip primary school teachers to give all our children a simple, multicultural foreign language for confidence and greater success in mastering any target language."
       The book and DVD are designed so that either ordinary classroom teachers, or language specialists, can learn Esperanto as they start giving lessons in it.  (Yes, such is the ease of Esperanto, as has been shown in various ways throughout its history.)
       Eminent linguist Claude Piron has written an essay, that Mondeto gives, which says in part:
       Most Westerners do not imagine that some languages are so consistent that irregular verbs, exceptions in plural formation or unclear derivation are, for their speakers, unthinkable, something like the aberrant product of a neurotic mind.  It is so much more pleasant to do without those inconsistencies and yet to understand one another perfectly!  Among such languages are Chinese, Vietnamese and… Esperanto.
       These three have in common a feature that sets them apart from most languages, especially the Indo-European ones:  they are composed of strictly invariable elements which can combine without restriction.  For people who speak such a language, the idea that 'first' cannot be derived from 'one' as tenth is from ten, seems quite bizarre, as it seems incomprehensible that there is no pattern in the modulations of pronouns, so that you have to learn, besides I, a whole series of words like me, my and mine. In Chinese, 'my' and 'mine' are, so to say, the adjective form of 'I': …
       Here is another example.  The Chinese who tries to acquire a Western language and wishes to be able to speak accurately of animals has to memorize a whole series of nouns which, in his own language, follow regular patterns.  To have learned horse is of no avail if he has to express (or to understand) mare, colt and stallion;  similarly, knowing how to say ox does not help him to say cow, calf and bull (to say nothing of beef, veal and similar words). In Chinese, such words are part of a consistent table. …
       The A4-size spiral-book teaching resource Talking to the Whole Wide World (pictured) is an absolute pleasure to read.  It has 202 pages (equivalent to 404 of a "normal" book) and DVD support.  Its secondary title is "Integrated LOTE and Intercultural Studies for Australian Primary Schools."  ISBN 978-0-646-51961-6.
       The section "Teach your Computer Esperanto!" (pp 19-20) is recognised by the Webmaster as being by John C. Massam © of Western Australia, who discovered the "shortcut keys method" on 30 November 2001, with the exception of the part about Apple Macintosh ™ computers, where the accented letters system is "built in," which was sent by Mr Ian Green ©, of Aŭstralio, to Massam in an Esperanto e-mail on November 13, 2007.  Ah, well! 
       The Esperanto accented letters, which Windows computers have to "learn," are Ĉ, ĉ, Ĝ, ĝ, Ĥ, ĥ, Ĵ, ĵ, Ŝ, ŝ, and Ŭ, ŭ.
       The essential points and the main bulk of the Microsoft ® Word © shortcut keys method as detailed by Massam also appeared in La Nigra Cigno (of Western Australia) periodical for Nov-Dec 2001, and the idea was differently worded later on in the Australian Esperanto national journal Esperanto Sub la Suda Kruco, both in Esperanto. 
       Its first appearances on Australian webpages were http://­www.­ a few days after November 30, 2001, which was the date it was discovered in Western Australia, and http://­www.­­shortcu­tkeys.htm of December 12, 2001.  An Esperanto version is at http://­www.johnm.­­fulmokl­avoj.htm ("Lightning keys," which in some circles are called rapidklavoj, which means "Quick keys").
       Professor John Webb of London told Massam late in December 2001 that he had known about it much earlier.  "It's because Word 97 is Unicode-enabled," he wrote in an e-mail of December 28, 2001.  He had been trying to alert the mainstream Esperanto movement to this fact for at least 18 months.  However, some leading Esperantists kept on using and recommending to newcomers and others the use of makeshifts, specially-loaded fonts, etc., even at the Australian Esperanto Summer School sabato 5-a ĝis vendredo 18-a Januaro 2002 in Perth, though Massam had e-mailed around the movement.
       Prof. Wells had promoted the "Alt" shortcut-keys method in a talk he gave in Verona on "2001 11 03", plus the Unicode codings to put Esperanto's accented letters into Internet Webpages, instead of the previous work-arounds.  And notes for another talk on these subjects, also in November 2001, were found at http://­www.­ , giving both the shortcut keys method and the Unicode codings.
       The losses of "Alt" functions (all of which have easy substitutes) had been picked up gradually in Western Australia, with GANM and Alan Mendelawicz reporting one each to Massam.  Prof. Wells had also given a link to an alternative method for fairly easily producing the Esperanto special letters, which involves typing a back-slash "\" in front of and after the required letters.  (Obtained by ELWA probably before September 2010.  To this Website Feb 7, 2011)
       LOTE Teaching Aids © LOTE Teaching Aids, http://­www.­ markets flashcards, posters, stickers and other resources for language education instructors.  It is based in Western Australia, but serves the whole country.  Most of its products could be used in most other countries, because in spite of its name LOTE (languages other than English), it wisely has the range of products for English too.
       Towards the end of 2010, the firm issued its 68-page, full-colour catalogue, sending one to each school in late January 2011.  The "comprehensive range of unique products are quality made, beautifully illustrated and designed for beginning to intermediate language students," the firm says on its website.  And "95% of our resources are developed and manufactured right here by our graphic design & production team at our design/publishing headquarters."
       The languages covered include Chinese, Chinese Pinyin, English (yes!), Esperanto, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Japanese Romaji, Modern Greek, Noongar (a Western Australian Aboriginal language), Spanish, and Vietnamese.
       Contact: Telephone 08 9459 7618.  Or write to PO Box 733, Kalamunda, WA, 6926, Australia.
    . (Known to ELWA ~ 2001, To this Website Feb 7, 2011)
       National Tertiary Education Union. http://­www.­ .  AUSTRALIA: Globalisation has been "corporatising" and "marketising" higher education during recent years, resulting in "rationalising" which negatively impacts on the diversity and quality of educational offerings.  Higher education is under attack from the Nelson "review" and "reforms."  (inserted 18 Aug 2003)
       "NTEU writes to Minister Evans re HE cuts to fund flood rebuilding," by Jeannie Rea (National President) from NTEU National Office, Posted 1 February 2011; Dear Senator Evans,
       I write in regard to the Prime Minister's announcement of 27 January 2011 with respect to the Federal Government's $5.6b package to help rebuild flood affected areas of Australia.  We note that in order to keep the Government's election promise to return the Budget to surplus by 2012-13, this expenditure is to be financed through:
  • A one-off $1.8 billion progressive levy on people earning over $50,000,
  • $1 billion in delaying some infrastructure projects, and
  • $2.8 billion in spending cuts (over four years until 2014-15).
       The NTEU understands and supports the decision to introduce a one-off levy and the reprioritisation of other public infrastructure projects to respond to these unusual and unexpected circumstances, especially given that the levy is progressive and will only be paid by those earning more than $50,000.  Read more: http://­www.­ (copied 13 Feb 2011)
       PERTH: Contact your local branch of the National Tertiary Education Union, wa § nteu org au . Office: 97 Broadway, Nedlands WA 6009; tel.: 08 6365 4188, fax: 08 9354 1629 (updated 13 Feb 2011).


    Positive Money, United Kingdom <http://­www.­> (correct at 02 May 2012)

    Monetary reformer, Canada <http://­­~cshank­/socred­info>

    Social Credit Secretariat www.­

       On Target, GPO Box 1052, Melbourne, Vic, 3001, Australia, www.­ , Facsimile 03 9650 9368; weekly, $40 p.a. (Current Nov 21, 08)

    Towards Ideal Monetary Reform Legislation, An Introduction to Monetary Reform Principles, by Patrick S.J. Carmack, B.B.A., J.D. at www.­ .  Serious problem with this article is a proposal to abolish all property and land taxes.  


    Reuters newsitems about WTO www.­planetark. org/searchresults. cfm?criteria= seattle+AND+ trade&sort

    Newspapers of the World, at: www.­webwombat. newsprs/ index.htm

    News & Newspapers on the Net (worldwide) http://library. christchurch. newsandnews papers

    Auburn University Libraries database of a more than 30 leading U.S.A. newspapers, for which they record abstracts www.­­madd/do­cs/npa.­html

    My Virtual Desk, at: www.­­news.html Failed 23 Aug 02

    New Zealand Herald, at: www.­

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