Religion Clarity Campaign

The purpose of this group of webpages is to encourage people to study some Westernised religions with an open mind.
Some inquirers wonder if some of the faith was muddied near the source. Even the Israelite/Judahite Bible and the Christian Greek Scriptures were not safe.
Are some Hebrew and Christian Greek Scriptures doubtful, and have some been altered, forged, mistranslated, and also misused?
What are authentic teachings about caring for others, violence, forgiveness, honesty, sex, marriage, and child care?  Come and see.

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*** NOTICE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is available here without profit to people who want to read it for research and educational purposes. If you quote from this, please check (if possible) and acknowledge the ORIGINAL source. ***
* Bible: Psalm 43:3 / 42:3

INTENTION: The intention of the "Religion" group of Webpages is NOT to HARM religion, but to assist the faithful to understand their own and perhaps other religions.

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