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• Potter star's attacker jailed.  [Marry a Muslim or die.  3-hour beating, window escape]   

Potter star’s attacker jailed

   The Sunday Times (Perth, W. Australia), <letters § sundaytimes newsltd com au>; p 71, Sunday, January 23, 2011
   LONDON: The brother of a Harry Potter star has been jailed for six months for a "prolonged and nasty" attack in which she was beaten and branded a "slag" for dating a non-Muslim.
  [Picture] Afshan Azad  
   Afshan Azad, 21, who played Padma Patil, a classmate of the teenage wizard in the blockbuster Hollywood films based on J.K. Rowling's children's books, feared for her life during the three-hour ordeal, Manchester Crown Court 9 was told on Friday.
   She was punched, dragged around by her hair and throttled by her brother, Ashraf Azad, 28, who threatened to kill her after he caught her talking on the phone to her Hindu boyfriend on May 21 last year, the court was told.
   During the row at the family home in Manchester, which also involved her mother and father, she was branded a "slag" and a "prostitute" and told: "Marry a Muslim or you die."
   The actor, [actress,] who now lives in London, had pleaded for leniency from the court, begging the judge not to jail her older brother.
   But Judge Roger Thomas QC sent him to prison for six months after he pleaded guilty to the assault. #

   Jail for Potter star assault
   Perth Now <http://­­jail-for-potter-star-assault/story-fn6mhcc1-1225992674461>
   From: NewsCore January 21, 2011 10:11PM
  [Picture] Star assaulted: Actor Afshan Azad, left, in a scene from the 2009 film 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'. Source: AFP
   THE Muslim brother of "Harry Potter" actress Afshan Azad was jailed for six months Friday for viciously assaulting the young star over her relationship with a Hindu man.
   Ashraf Azad, 28, had pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the day his trial was set to begin.  However, the judge at Manchester Crown Court in northwestern England ruled Ashraf Azad was not guilty on the charge of threatening to kill his sister.
   The actress' father, Abul Azad, 53, was cleared of threatening to kill his daughter during the incident.  He was bound over to keep the peace for 12 months at the previous hearing.
   The attack took place at Afshan Azad's family home in suburban Manchester, northwestern England, on May 21.
   The actress was said to have fled the house she shared with her father, mother and three brothers after the incident by climbing out of a bathroom window.
   Prosecutor Richard Varden was quoted as saying his client was the victim of a "wholly unnecessary and unexpected assault."  Her father wanted to enter into a "forced marriage of some kind," the report said.
   Afshan Azad, who had never acted before, was a student in Manchester in 2005 when she auditioned as a "laugh" for the film "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
   She won the role of Padma Patil, one of Harry Potter's classmates who later became his girlfriend.
   She appeared in a further three "Harry Potter" movies and was set to appear in the series' final installment, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." #

   [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  4:34 (or 4:38):- Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which Allah hath gifted the one above the other, and on account of the outlay they make from their substance for them.  Virtuous women are obedient, careful, during the husband's absence, because Allah hath of them been careful.  But chide those for whose refractoriness ye have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart, and scourge them; but if they are obedient to you, then seek not occasion against them:  verily, Allah is High, Great.
   64:14:- O ye who believe!  Verily, in your wives and your children ye have an enemy:  wherefore beware of them. … > END.]
   [HADITH:  Bukhari's Vol. 5, Bk. 58, No. 236 (Sahih Bukhari's collection): Narrated Hisham's father:  Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina.  He stayed there for two years or so and then he married ‘Āisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old. <­dept/MSA/fundamentals/­hadith­sunnah/­bukhari/058.­sbt.html#005.­058.236>
   9, 86:98: Narrated Abu Huraira:  The Prophet said, "A virgin should not be married till she is asked for her consent; and the matron should not be married till she is asked whether she agrees to marry or not."  It was asked, "O Allah's Apostle! How will she (the virgin) express her consent?"  He said, "By keeping silent."  Some people said, "If a virgin is not asked for her consent and she is not married, and then a man, by playing a trick presents two false witnesses that he has married her with her consent and the judge confirms his marriage as a true one, and the husband knows that the witnesses were false ones, then there is no harm for him to consummate his marriage with her and the marriage is regarded as valid." <http://­­dept/MSA/funda­mentals/hadith­sunnah/­bukhari/­086.sbt.html# 009.086.098> END.]
   [LINKS: The Australian, <http://­­news/world/harry-potter-actress-afshan-azad-missing-in-domestic-violence-case/story-e6frg6so-1225974­261959>; Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad 'missing' in domestic violence case; Russell Jenkins, From The Times, December 21, 2010 8:07AM
   Daily Telegraph (Australia), 'Marry a Muslim or die' threat to Harry Potter actress, From Daily Mail, January 22, 2011 11:57AM. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: So, the father was in the "religious" assaults, too.  And the mother was involved.  What were the other brothers doing - calling for police help?  No, no, no!  Forced marriage in the 21st century?  Surely not!  Surely the 1400-year-old rules of Islam would not allow such a thing?
   Well – the Hadith quoted above approving deceit, forgery, and rape-marriages, and the Koran ordering women to be obedient, and Muhammad having sex with the nine-year-old "wife" Aisha, make Allah's alleged will quite clear.  But, will He appear in person to confirm it in, say, the Manchester court, the London High Court, or at the International Court of Justice in The Hague? END.]
   [WOMEN NOT THE ONLY VICTIMS OF THE FAITH: Daily Telegraph (Australia), Bomber kills 39 at procession, From correspondents in Tehran, AFP, December 16, 2010 5:26AM.  IRAN – The attack came on the eve of the final day of Ashura, one of the high points of the Shiite calendar when large crowds of worshippers gather in mosques across predominantly Shiite Iran.  But unlike most of the rest of the country, Sistan-Baluchestan where Chabahar is situated has a significant Sunni community and has seen persistent unrest in recent years by Sunni militant group Jundallah (Soldiers of God). END.]
[23 Jan 2011]

• WA Lib MPs back Bishop on aid.   

WA Lib MPs back Bishop on aid

   The West Australian, , letters § wanews com au , By ANDREW PROBYN, FEDERAL POLITICAL EDITOR, p 12, Friday, February 11, 2011
   WA Liberals Mal Washer and Judi Moylan are backing Julie Bishop in her stoush with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott over foreign aid.
   Dr Washer said Mr Abbott's proposal to slash funding to Indonesian Islamic schools was "lousy" and "insane".
   He said Ms Bishop showed courage and principle in backing a $448 million Howard government program to protect Indonesian children from extremist Muslims.
   A visit to Indonesia last year convinced him the program was invaluable to the national interest.
   Ms Moylan said Indonesia was of vital regional importance to Australia and aid should not be cut in such a successful program.
   Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull also swung behind Ms Bishop, saying she deserved full support from all colleagues.
   Ms Bishop and Mr Abbott had two rows over the issue this week.
   In a sign the spat could become a split between moderates and conservatives, Liberal Senate leader Eric Abetz said those leaking against Mr Abbott were gutless.
  [Picture] Support: Julie Bishop   #

   [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  9:29:- Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in Allah, or in the last day, and who forbid not what Allah and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled. SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
   [HADITH:  Sahih Bukhari's Volume 1, Book 6 Number 301: […] The women asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?"  He said, "Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?"  They replied in the affirmative.  He said, "This is the deficiency in her intelligence.  Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?"  The women replied in the affirmative.  He said, "This is the deficiency in her religion."
   Sunan Abu-Dawud's Book 14, Number 2483:- Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:  The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: No one should sail on the sea except the one who is going to perform hajj or umrah, or the one who is fighting in Allah's path… TRADITION ENDS.]
[Feb 11, 2011]

• How I lost faith in multiculturalism   

How I lost faith in multiculturalism

   The Australian, <http://­­national-affairs/how-i-lost-faith-in-multiculturalism/story-fn59niix-122603­1793805>, by Greg Sheridan, April 02, 2011
  [Picture] Friday prayers outside Lakemba Mosque in southwest Sydney's Muslim heartland.  Picture: Chris Hyde.  Source: The Australian
   IN 1993, my family and I moved into Belmore in southwest Sydney. It is the next suburb to Lakemba. When I first moved there I loved it.
   We bought a house just behind Belmore Sports Ground, in those days the home of my beloved Bulldogs rugby league team. Transport was great, 20 minutes to the city in the train, 20 minutes to the airport.
   On the other side of Belmore, away from Lakemba, there were lots of Chinese, plenty of Koreans, growing numbers of Indians, and on the Lakemba side lots of Lebanese and other Arabs.
   That was an attraction, too. I like Middle Eastern food. I like Middle Eastern people. The suburb still had the remnants of its once big Greek community and a commanding Greek Orthodox church.
   But in the nearly 15 years we lived there the suburb changed, and much for the worse.
   Three dynamics interacted in a noxious fashion: the growth of a macho, misogynist culture among young men that often found expression in extremely violent crime; a pervasive atmosphere of anti-social behaviour in the streets; and the simultaneous growth of Islamist extremism and jihadi culture.
   This is my story, our story and the story of a failed policy.
   THE three great settler immigrant societies of Australia, the US and Canada have not seen an anti-Muslim backlash on anything like that of Europe's. Australia, the US and Canada are more successful immigrant societies than those of Europe in the modern era, but the usual self-congratulatory explanation we offer for this is simply that our settlement practices are superior to that of Europe.
   In the three countries identity can be credal. Recite the nation's creed, believe the creed, and you are an insider. It's a powerful mechanism because it focuses on values, not ethnicity.
   You sign up to the US constitution and by golly you're an American.
   You take out Australian citizenship and you're Australian. Immigrants are more welcome and make a better contribution than is the case in Europe.
   There is some truth in all this, and in any event it's a mostly benign myth, but it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny as a serious intellectual explanation.
   Certainly the presence or absence of multiculturalism as a state policy seems to have no effect. Canada practices multiculturalism. Australia did for a while but then stopped and is now, apparently, half-heartedly starting again, according to a recent speech by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.
   The US, on the other hand, does not practice multiculturalism, yet is the biggest and most successful immigrant society in history – more than 310 million people live there from every corner of the globe. It has a black President, Asian state governors (including two Punjabis) and a vastly more ethnically diverse cabinet and corporate leadership than Australia.
   There is a big problem of illegal immigration in the US, but that is overwhelmingly from Latin America. The Hispanic desire to be part of America at a civic level is evident in the huge recruitment rates of Hispanics in the US military. If you're willing to die for your new country that is surely a convincing sign of commitment.
   Here in Australia Bowen, in his February 16 speech, titled "The genius of Australian multiculturalism", posited the comforting notion that it is the superiority of our own multiculturalism policies that have made so big a difference between us and the tensions of Europe.
   I'm afraid Bowen's speech had the opposite effect on me. It completed my transformation.
   Whereas once I wholeheartedly supported multiculturalism, I now think it's a failure and the word should be abandoned. Australian society and government were mostly doing this until Bowen's speech.
   As a policy, multiculturalism was introduced by immigration minister Al Grassby during the Whitlam government . It was formalised a bit more by Malcolm Fraser and then further refined by Bob Hawke and Paul Keating before being gently left to die of natural causes under the Howard government. In 1988, during the Hawke government, former ambassador to China Stephen FitzGerald wrote a landmark report on immigration and multiculturalism. He concluded that the policies behind Australian immigration were broadly sound but the program needed a much stronger emphasis on skilled migration and the economic contribution migrants could make to Australia.
   He also essentially said, though in different words, that the term multiculturalism was useless and confusing, but the policies pursued under its heading, such as teaching migrants English and welcoming their contribution and so on, were good policies.
   Hawke and Keating nonetheless stuck with the term. It was hotly contested and highly divisive. It had two big political dividends for Labor: it led to deep divisions within the Liberal Party; and it helped convince migrants that Labor was more naturally sympathetic to them.
   It's very unclear that the term made any positive contribution to the happy settlement of migrants. In the 1990s and beyond, Australia moved away from multiculturalism. A key moment came when then NSW premier Bob Carr abolished the NSW ethnic affairs commission. He felt the constant repetition of ethnic this and ethnic that was not productive and he didn't think migrants needed a special bureaucracy to watch over them.
   Community relations is a more inclusive term than ethnic. It includes everybody, not just migrants.
   Similarly the immigration department acquired the word citizenship in its title and lost the word multiculturalism. This was a natural and sensible evolution and one that reflected the maturing, the normalisation, of a welcoming diversity within Australia.
   Now Bowen proudly proclaims "I am not afraid to use the word multiculturalism" and has restored Multicultural Affairs to the title of his Immigration parliamentary secretary, though not to that of his department.
   Could it be that Bowen hopes once more to inflict division on his political opponents? Is Labor is playing politics with the rhetoric of settlement policies?
   For the word has no agreed meaning. Bowen can't be under the misapprehension that he is communicating something clear by the resurrection of this hotly contested, wildly elastic and downright ugly jargon word, multiculturalism. It seems instead to fulfil George Orwell's observation that "political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind".
   Multiculturalism has not been used much in Australia in the past decade. Its primary meaning now comes from Europe, and to a lesser extent American university debates. If it means something different in Australia there will need to be a massive effort to convince people of its special, non-standard meaning. What is the purpose of such an effort?
   But Bowen's speech alone has not turned me into an opponent of multiculturalism. While I remain a proponent of a big, non-discriminatory immigration program and celebrate and love Australian diversity, it is the real world that has changed my views.
   In particular it is four real-world experiences: watching the debate unfold about the illegal immigrants who come to Australia by boat; a month in Europe researching and writing about immigration issues; 30 years reporting on political Islam in Southeast Asia and the Middle East; and, above all, living for nearly 15 years next door to Lakemba in Sydney's southwest, the most Muslim suburb in Australia.
   In his speech Bowen sets up a neat dichotomy between a good Australian multiculturalism and a bad European multiculturalism.
   Bowen is right to point out that Australian official policy, whether at any given moment describing itself as multiculturalism or not, has always stressed English as the national language and the need for immigrants to commit to democracy and the rule of law.
   But at the declaratory level, European multiculturalism has also stressed the national language and a commitment to democracy.
   Bowen accuses Europe of not welcoming immigrants in the way Australia has.
   Certainly some European nations have not been generous in making citizenship easily available to immigrants in the way Australia has. Citizenship is the great integrating instrument of government policy in Australia, the US and in most immigrant societies.
   But Bowen's broad accusation is not true for most of Europe. Certainly in Britain migrants can become citizens. Similarly, it would be absurd to suggest, at the official level at least, that Britain has not had an officially welcoming attitude to immigrants. London, with New York, is one of the great, diverse metropolises of the world.
   And most important, while all of western Europe seems to be suffering a variety of the same immigration problem, European nations have had radically different settlement policies.
   Britain has practised multiculturalism, France has not.
   There are two obvious, logical flaws in the way Bowen treats immigration into Europe.
   The first is that he puts the entire burden for the success or failure of an immigrant community's experience down to the attitude of the host society and places absolutely no analytical weight at all on the performance and behaviour of the immigrants themselves.
   Second, the problems that Bowen is talking about are problems with Muslim immigrants, not with immigrants generally. Chinese and non-Muslim Indian immigrants have been immensely successful in Britain. Indeed, being Indian in Britain is extremely chic.
   These minorities for the most part have done OK in France, too. Certainly immigrants to Britain from the rest of Europe don't display anything like the alienation of a serious minority of Muslim immigrants.
   So this must, logically, lead to one extremely inconvenient, politically incorrect and desperately fraught question. Could it be that the main difference between Europe, with its seething immigration problems, and the US, Canada and Australia, with their success, is not actually a difference based on some footling interpretation of multiculturalism?
   There is one other variable that is consistent with the results. The US, Canada and Australia have far smaller Muslim migrant communities as a percentage of their total populations than do most of the troubled nations of Europe. Could this be the explanation?
   Several trends in Australian society give pause to wonder whether we, all unintentionally and all fast asleep, may be heading away from the US-Canada-Australia success story and towards a European future. That would be a very bad outcome for Australia.
   Discussing these issues is very difficult. It goes without saying that most Muslims in Australia are perfectly fine, law-abiding citizens. The difficulty with discussing Muslim immigration problems is that you don't want to make people feel uncomfortable because of their religion.
   Muslims are not only individuals, wholly different from each other, but national Islamic cultures are very different from each other.
   The Saudi culture is different from the Turkish culture, which is different from the Afghan culture. So generalisations are dangerous.
   Then there is the ever present risk of being labelled a racist. No matter how calmly the discussion is conducted, that is a big danger.
   But the only people who don't think there is a problem with Islam are those who live on some other planet. The reputation of Islam in the West is not poor because of prejudiced Western Islamophobia, still less because Western governments conduct some kind of anti-Islamic propaganda.
   Instead, it is the behaviour of people claiming the justification of Islam for their actions that affects the reputation of Islam.
   In January, the governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Salman Taseer, was murdered because he opposed the severity of the nation's blasphemy laws.
   One of his last acts was to visit a Christian woman sentenced to death for insulting the prophet. The governor's murderer won wide public support.
   ABC television recently showed a documentary on the killing of Ahmediya sect members in Indonesia, among the most liberal Muslim nations, because their Muslim murderers regarded them as a deviant sect. On YouTube you can watch scenes of a young Afghan woman being publicly flogged because she was seen in the company of a man who wasn't her husband or brother.
   In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive cars.
   In Iran, government thugs beat protesters to death to safeguard the rule of the mullahs.
   This list could go on and on. It may very well be that the overwhelming majority of the world's Muslims reject such actions. But it is fatuous to try to find a similar pattern of Christian, Buddhist or Jewish behaviour. You can find extremists in every religion and from every background, but there is no equivalence in the size and strength of the extremist tendency in other religions.
   The Australian Muslim population is still relatively small, perhaps 400,000 or just under 2 per cent of the population.
   The US-based Pew Research Centre has recently completed a big study on Muslim demographics and migration trends. It predicts that for Australia the Muslim population will grow by 80 per cent between now and 2030, to about 715,000, growing about four times as fast as the rest of the population, and reaching about 3 per cent of all Australians.
   Such forecasts are always rough estimates, but this is based on fertility, migration and mortality trends, and it's highly plausible.
   It may be that by 2030 we will start to have a much more European-style, polarised society as a result.
   Coming to these sombre conclusions marks a crisis of faith for me. All my life I have been, intellectually and as a matter of personal experience, strongly supportive of a big and completely racially non-discriminatory immigration program. This grew out of my convictions, my world view, and also my personal experience.
   Mark Latham once remarked that the journalists and commentators who most vigorously support big immigration in Sydney live in the eastern suburbs, the inner city or the north shore. They don't live in the western suburbs where life is much more hard scrabble.
   Latham has something of a point. It's easy to be completely relaxed about your society when you look down on it from a metaphorical penthouse. But his point never applied to me. I grew up in Lewisham, a modest little suburb about 7km west of the Sydney central business district. Its more affluent neighbours, Petersham and Stanmore, yearn to be seen as inner city. On the western side, Lewisham is flanked by Summer Hill and Ashfield, both a little more affluent. When I was a kid in Lewisham in the 1950s and 60s it was already racially diverse, surely as racially diverse as any suburb in Australia at the time. It was a bit of a religious ghetto: a big Catholic church with four priests, a Catholic hospital, two Christian Brothers high schools, a convent, a Catholic infants' school.
   But because the church was racially universal, so was the suburb. For a time at school we were placed alphabetically: Saad, Scarfone, Sheridan, Taurian – Lebanese, Italian, Irish, Italian.
   In primary school I had one close Aboriginal friend, whom I now suspect may have been part of the Stolen Generations, and very close friends from Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Britain and Ireland. In primary school I didn't seek out diversity, it was just naturally all around me.
   I was a happy kid, I liked my friends and I assumed that a multi-coloured classroom and playground were as natural as the air.
   Like many children of that era, I was more than half in love with America and early on imbibed an American-style belief in growth and greatness. I wanted Australia to be big and strong, and that meant lots more people.
   The politics of the time were all about the Cold War. I was deeply anti-communist. As a result I strongly supported the South Vietnamese in the Vietnam War, which meant I supported the Australian and American commitments in support of the South Vietnamese.
   By the war's end in 1975 I was at university and this was an unusual position among student activists, but support for the alliance was the majority position among the wider population.
   When the South Vietnamese lost the war in 1975 and were invaded by North Vietnam, I knew we had to help our former allies. When the South Vietnamese refugee outflow began, I became committed to refugees.
   This also began a lifelong involvement with Asia.
   My advocacy on behalf of the South Vietnamese refugees was passionate, almost monomaniacal, and I tried the patience of many editors with endless writing on the subject, even, or especially, when it wasn't in the news.
   One politician I met way back then in the late 70s was Philip Ruddock, later immigration minister. We worked together on a number of Vietnamese refugee cases.
   But between the late 70s, and today, the nature of people seeking to come to Australia as refugees has changed fundamentally. Ruddock recognised this before me, but I have caught up eventually.
   For Ruddock, who had argued very strongly on behalf of the Vietnamese, there were two moments that told him things had changed.
   One came in a coastal Vietnamese city, when he met a manufacturing boss, who was also a senior figure in the local Communist Party. He was looking after his grandchildren because his son and daughter-in-law had left as boatpeople, trying to win the prize of resettlement in the US, Canada or Australia. That certainly did not make them bad people, but neither did it make them genuine refugees. The outflow of real refugees had ended and the refugee system for the Vietnamese had become a channel for immigration.
   The second epiphany for Ruddock came when members of the Vietnamese community asked him why the government was admitting so many former Viet Cong to Australia as refugees. Being a former Viet Cong doesn't make you a bad person, even in the eyes of a South Vietnam partisan like me. But neither does it mean logically that you are a refugee from your own political force.
   Because of my passionate commitment to the refugee issue, it took me a long time to wake up to the routine scamming of refugee processes today.
   The Vietnamese outflow ended before I faced up to the change, and when the Muslim boatpeople started to arrive in Australia I mistakenly applied my old paradigm to the new situation.
   In 2009 I spent a month in Europe – Britain, Germany, France and Belgium – working on Muslim immigration issues.
   I interviewed government ministers, immigration officials, non-government organisation advocates, immigrants themselves and almost anyone who would talk to me. What became clear was that uncontrolled Muslim immigration from North Africa (and from Pakistan in Britain's case) had presented itself as an asylum issue, and thereby disabled Europe's political response, and had been a disaster on the ground.
   Christopher Caldwell's book, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, the best book of any kind on public policy I have read, establishes definitively that this has been overwhelmingly a determined illegal immigration, not a refugee question.
   The same is happening in northern Australia now, and as the Gillard government loses control of the situation, the number of illegal immigrants, almost all Muslim, will increase, exactly replicating the dynamics of Europe's disaster, though of course on a much smaller scale.
   So while I remain an advocate of a bigger immigration program, and would be happy to have the refugee quota enlarged, I am now a strong critic of lax borders and allowing illegal immigrants to turn up without papers and then settle permanently.
   Caldwell's book, along with the evidence of my own eyes, also convinced me that many North Africans were not going to Europe to embrace European values but to continue their North African life, with its values, at a European living standard and at the expense of the European taxpayer.
   Living next to Lakemba for nearly 15 years also gave me a different view of how immigration can go wrong. Our sons went initially to a state primary school that had a brilliant principal and did a fine job.
   But as they approached secondary school a senior teacher told us that our boys had academic potential and it would be a tragedy to send them to the local high school. It was riven with violence and misogyny, drugs and gang and ethnic conflict.
   If you find yourself unexpectedly in a war zone, your instinct is to evacuate the family, so the boys went to a private Catholic school, which was racially and even religiously diverse, though I don't believe there were any Muslim kids there. It was excellent.
   Lakemba and surrounding areas such as Punchbowl had a large Lebanese Muslim population, many of whom had come when Malcolm Fraser crazily instituted a come-one, come-all admissions policy for those claiming to be refugees from the Lebanon conflicts of the 80s.
   Replicating the European experience that the second generation had more trouble than the first, it was the sons of some of these immigrants who figured heavily in anti-social activities.
   I was shocked to discover the growth of jihadi culture in Lakemba. We used to go to its main street for shopping and for food.
   One day, waiting for a pizza order, I wandered into the Muslim bookshop. I was astounded to see titles such as The International Jew or The Truth about the Pope, amid a welter of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and pro-extremist literature.
   The revenge attacks on white Australians after the Cronulla riots originated out of Punchbowl. A number of media crews were attacked when they went to local mosques. A large number of those charged with terrorism offences in Australia stayed in or had associations with the area.
   Due to the brilliant and fearless reporting of this paper's Richard Kerbaj, who spoke perfect Arabic, we found that at a number of the mosques in the area outright hatred was being preached: anti-Semitic, misogynist, conspiratorial. Most of the time, these sermons didn't advocate violence. The speakers were what Britain's David Cameron has called "non-violent extremists".
   The advent of satellite television made it easier for these folks to live a life apart. Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV station was available on satellite packages. Most Arab homes you went into had Arabic TV playing in the background.
   The anti-social behaviour became more acute.
   One son was playing cricket with friends when they were challenged by a group of teenagers, whom they presumed to be Lebanese but may have been of other Middle Eastern origin, who objected to white boys playing cricket. A full-scale, if brief, fist fight ensued.
   One son was challenged by a boy with a gun. Lakemba police station was shot up. Crime increased on the railway line.
   I was in the habit of taking an evening constitutional, walking a long route from the station to home. At some point it became unwise to walk on Canterbury Road. A white guy in a suit was a natural target for abuse or a can of beer or something else hurled from a passing car.
   Occasionally at the train station I was recognised and my pro-Israel articles were not popular, though nothing serious ever came of these incidents.
   The worst thing I saw myself was two strong young men, of Middle Eastern appearance, waiting outside the train station.
   A middle-aged white woman emerged from the station alone. She was rather oddly dressed, with a strange hair-do.
   The two young men walked up beside her, began taunting her and then finished their effort by spitting in her face. They laughed riotously and walked away. She wiped the spittle off her face and hurried off home. It was all over in a few seconds.
   These events in Lakemba and nearby are not unique. Lots of people from lots of different backgrounds commit violent crime in Australia. There is a good deal of unemployment, combined with a highly advanced informal culture of welfare exploitation, often freely discussed at the local schools, in the area. But Lakemba is different from most of Australia.
   A senior policeman from nearby Bankstown once told me that policing in the Bankstown area was unlike working anywhere else in Australia, and he was amazed how much violent crime went unreported by the media.
   Does Islam itself have a role in these problems? The answer is complex and nuanced but it must be a qualified, and deeply reluctant, yes.
   This is the only explanation consistent with the fact other immigrant communities, which may have experienced difficult circumstances in the first generation, don't display the same characteristics in the second generation.
   But there is a deeper reason as well. As the great scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, has written: "The community of Islam was church and state in one, with the two indistinguishably interwoven."
   This isn't just a theoretical observation. It means that imams at mosques tend to be preaching about politics, and doing so from a cosmology deeply influenced by paranoia and conspiracy.
   Many Australian Islamic institutions receive funding from Saudi Arabia, but I know from my work in Southeast Asia and Europe that the Saudis almost always fund an extremist interpretation of Islam.
   To have concerns about these matters is not racism or xenophobia. It is reasonable.
   It may also be that when young men of Islamic background experience failure and alienation they are much more readily prone to entrepreneurs of identity who offer them purpose through the jihadi ideology, which has a large overlap with what they hear at the mosque and what they see on Arabic TV.
   This is simply not true for Buddhists or Confucians or Sikhs or Jews or Christians, and to pretend so, to make all religions seem equal, is to simply deny reality.
   Islam is a deep sea with a tradition of much spiritual goodness and genuine insight.
   However, the Koran itself contains numerous injunctions to violent jihad and suppression of infidels. It also contains passages against violence and against compulsion in religion.
   These things are to a considerable extent matters of interpretation but it is undeniable that at the very least a sizeable minority of Muslims choose an extremist interpretation.
   How can Australia sensibly take account of all this while maintaining a non-discriminatory immigration program? Three obvious courses suggest themselves.
   In the formal immigration program, there should be a rigid adherence to skills qualifications so that the people who come here are well educated, easily employable and speak good English.
   The inflow of illegal immigrants by boat in the north, almost all Muslim, mostly unskilled, should be stopped.
   Within the formal refugee and humanitarian allocation of 13,500 places a year, a legitimate stress should be placed on need but also on the ability to integrate into Australian society.
   And, finally, we simply should not place immigration officers in the countries with the greatest traditions of radicalism.
   A few years ago there was an informal view across government that very few visas should be issued to people from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq, as these were the three likeliest sources of extremism.
   These sorts of discussions take place all the time among senior officials, politicians and others. But I have never encountered a policy area in which private and public positions are so different.
   It is right to be sensitive and avoid needless offence.
   It is wrong to avoid reality altogether in such an important area of national policy.
   No one in Europe, 25 years ago, thought they would be in the mess they're in today.
   Australia has been a successful immigration country. But the truth is not all immigrants are the same. And it may be much easier than people think to turn success into failure.
   IN France, recent polls put National Front leader Marine Le Pen ahead of all other contenders for the French presidency. The National Front is a traditionally far-right extreme group, with an inheritance of anti-Semitism.
   It has recently ditched the anti-Semitism and now stands primarily against Muslim immigration and Islamic influence in France.
   German Chancellor Angela Merkel said recently Germany's attempt to create a multicultural society had failed completely.
   Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron recently denounced European-style multiculturalism, saying: "We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream.
   "We've failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. We've even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values."
   France's President Nicolas Sarkozy has agreed with Cameron and Merkel, that multiculturalism is a complete bust, as has Spain's former leader, Jose Maria Aznar.
   Britain's former prime minister Gordon Brown said shortly before he lost office that 75 per cent of terror plots in Britain came from Pakistan or had a direct Pakistani connection. There are 800,000 Pakistanis living in Britain.
   Across Europe, anti-Muslim parties are gaining electoral strength. They are often described as anti-immigration parties but in truth they have little complaint about immigrants other than Muslim immigrants. Switzerland has banned minarets. Even Sweden has an anti-Islam party.
   All this is happening in Europe, the most liberal continent on earth, in the face of furious opposition from the liberal elite, who regard it as racist and, worse, incipient fascism, leftover colonialism and every other kind of -ism you can imagine.  Greg Sheridan
   GREG Sheridan in The Australian, November 6, 1996: There is nothing in multiculturalism that could cause any worry to any normal person. Multiculturalism officially promotes an overriding loyalty to Australia, respect for other people's rights and Australian law, recognition of people's cultural origins, respect for diversity, the need to make maximum economic use of the skills people bring to Australia and equity in access to government services.
   What mostly passes for "debate" about multiculturalism is really the psychology of paranoia as a political style. That is why opinion polls on these issues are often self-contradictory. People will say they think there should be fewer migrants from Asia, but that the policy should be non-discriminatory. Or people might say that everybody should speak English, but then denounce funding for multiculturalism when its chief expenditure is to teach migrants English. #

   [RECAPITULATION: Due to the brilliant and fearless reporting of this paper's Richard Kerbaj, who spoke perfect Arabic, we found that at a number of the mosques in the area outright hatred was being preached: anti-Semitic, misogynist, conspiratorial. […]
   The two young men walked up beside her, began taunting her and then finished their effort by spitting in her face. They laughed riotously and walked away. She wiped the spittle off her face and hurried off home. It was all over in a few seconds. […]
   … violent crime went unreported by the media.
   Does Islam itself have a role in these problems?  The answer is complex and nuanced but it must be a qualified, and deeply reluctant, yes. […]
   In January, the governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Salman Taseer, was murdered because he opposed the severity of the nation's blasphemy laws.
   One of his last acts was to visit a Christian woman sentenced to death for insulting the prophet. The governor's murderer won wide public support.
   ABC television recently showed a documentary on the killing of Ahmediya sect members in Indonesia, among the most liberal Muslim nations, because their Muslim murderers regarded them as a deviant sect. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Read the whole article again, slowly. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  9:73:- O Prophet!  strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.
   47:4:- Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks; at length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind firmly:  therefore either generosity or ransom
   66:2:- Allah hath allowed you release from your oaths.… SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
   [HADITH: Sahih Bukhari's, 5, 59:600:- Narrated Mujahid:  I said to Ibn 'Umar, "I want to migrate to Sham."  He said, "There is no migration, but Jihad (for Allah's Cause).  Go and offer yourself for Jihad, and if you find an opportunity for Jihad (stay there) otherwise, come back."  (In another narration) Ibn 'Umar said, "There is no migration today or after Allah's Apostle."  (and completed his statement as above.)

   LE JIHAD SUR LE CHEMIN D'ALLAH ! -… (Abu-Dawud, Hadith 14/2483). Le prophète a dit: personne ne naviguera sur la mer, sinon pour faire le pèlerinage, ou pour combattre dans la voie d'Allah, parce que sous la mer, il y a …

   SEA TRAVEL ONLY FOR PILGRIMAGE OR FIGHTING: Hadith, Sunan Abu-Dawud's Book 14, Number 2483:- Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:  The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: No one should sail on the sea except the one who is going to perform hajj or umrah, or the one who is fighting in Allah's path  TRADITION ENDS.]
   [EXPLANATORY LINK/S: <http://­­artshow-375-3313.htm>.
   [NEWS LINK/S: "Punjab Governor Salman Taseer assassinated in Islamabad," B.B.C., <http://­­news/world-south-asia-12111831>, Last updated at 22:54 GMT, 4 January 2011
   "Salman Taseer's son Shahbaz is kidnapped in Lahore," The Guardian, UK, <http://­­world/2011/aug/26/­salman-taseer-son-shahbaz-kidnapped>, Saeed Shah in Karachi, 11.39 BST, Friday 26 August 2011 ENDS.] submit/subchron10.htm#how-i-lost
[To this webpage 30 Aug 2011; main article published Apr 02, 2011]
• Why did my brother become an extreme Islamist?     

Why did my brother become an extreme Islamist?

   British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), <http://­­news/uk-12900460>, By Robb Leech, Film-maker, My Brother the Islamist, Last updated at 08:19 GMT, 4 April 2011
   Robb Leech's brother Richard / Salahuddin would only shake his hand using his "dirty hand"
   It was in a national newspaper that my step-brother Richard's transformation into an extreme Islamist called Salahuddin was revealed to me.
   The article was about "the most dangerous man in Britain", Anjem Choudary.  He was the leader of the now banned Islam4UK, an extremist Islamist group intent on implementing Sharia law across the UK.
   A few paragraphs down was Richard's name and that of our hometown, Weymouth, in Dorset.
   Apparently he was Mr Choudary's newest protege.
   He had chosen his new name carefully, and its irony is chillingly revealing.
   Salahuddin was a 12th Century Muslim sultan who drove the crusading King Richard the Lionheart - a title Rich had embraced during his childhood - out of Jerusalem.
  [Picture] Rich/Salahuddin and Ben, 17, often hand out Islamist leaflets in east London  
   Of course I could not quite believe it. Who could?
   Devastated family
   Our parents married in 1992 and we grew up together in Dorset. Richard moved to London five years ago and the family began to grow apart.
   But only in 2008 we spent two weeks sharing a room on a family holiday to Cyprus, playing volleyball on the beach.
   And now a year later he was in a national newspaper talking of his willingness to fight and die overseas for the Islamist cause.
   He said: "Basically what spurred me into reading about Islam was George Bush, funnily enough. He said you're either with us or not. And I thought I'm not with him."
   When I first began making the documentary and set out on my journey, I expected suspicion, hostility and coldness from those within Rich's group.
   They were, after all, brainwashed, hate-filled, crazy people, as often portrayed in the media.
   But to my genuine surprise, many of these people were extremely likable, personable and even funny.
   It would never be long though before they would be planning another demonstration, where, under the spotlight of the media, these guys would scream: "Murderers" at returning soldiers or burn poppies on Remembrance Day.
   It was always a sobering reminder of actually just how far detached from normal society and just how insensitive they had become.
   Rich preached: "You foolish people risking your lives for these degenerate rulers, these people who conspire to misguide you into the hellfire."
  [Picture] Rich/Salahuddin protested in Barking at the return of British troops from Afghanistan  
   To begin with, when Rich had been a Muslim for just a few months, everything was new to him, as it was to me.
   He was living in a world of perpetual fear, not fully knowing what he was permitted to do and say and what was forbidden in accordance with strict Islamist rulings.
   The relationship with non-Muslims such as myself was one of these grey areas, and I found our relationship to be that of just a formality.
   Rich told me: "Allah does say in the Koran, not to take disbelievers as your friends and helpers, because they seek to misguide you."
   'Shock and hurt'
   Gradually he became more relaxed and we have since enjoyed many moments of laughter together.
   But his extremist beliefs are always lurking just beneath the surface.
   There were moments of real shock and hurt, such as when Rich told me he wouldn't shake my hand because I was a "dirty kafir [unbeliever]", or when I watched as he and his "brothers" publicly burned the American flag on the anniversary of 9/11.
   But since the documentary, there have been moments of real hope too. I recently met Rich after he had been given the rare opportunity of a preview of my film.
   His feelings were mixed, but after we had finished talking and I had got back into my car, I noticed he was walking back towards me.
   I switched off the engine and got out. He shook my hand. "Sorry about the handshaking thing," he said. "I didn't mean to cause offence."
   I drove away with a smile on my face. It was comforting to know that things could change, even if only with a fleeting handshake.
   My Brother the Islamist is on BBC Three on 4 April at 2100 BST or catch up on BBC iPlayer.
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   [RECAPITULATION: Rich told me: "Allah does say in the Koran, not to take disbelievers as your friends and helpers, because they seek to misguide you." ENDS.]
   [KORAN (said to be the Angel Gabriel's message from Allah):  5:51 (or 5:56):- O you who believe!  do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.  <>
   5:82 (or 5:85):- Of all men thou wilt certainly find the Jews, and those who join other gods with God, to be the most intense in hatred of those who believe; and thou shalt certainly find those to be nearest in affection to them who say, 'We are Christians.' … SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: The "handshaking thing" was that Rich told his stepbrother the film-maker that he would only use his left hand, the hand he wiped his behind with, because he was not permitted to befriend non-Muslims. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [HADITH:  Sahih Muslim's, Book 037, Number 6670:- Ibn Shihab reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) made an expedition to Tabuk and he (the Holy Prophet) had in his mind (the idea of threatening the) Christians of Arabia in Syria and those of Rome. [***]
   Sunan Abu-Dawud's, Book 41, Number 5186:- Narrated AbuHurayrah: Suhayl ibn AbuSalih said: I went out with my father to Syria.  The people passed by the cloisters in which there were Christians and began to salute them.  My father said: Do not give them salutation first, for AbuHurayrah reported the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_ upon_him) as saying: Do not salute them (Jews and Christians) first, and when you meet them on the road, force them to go to the narrowest part of it.
   2, 23:414:- Narrated 'Urwa: ‘Āisha said, "The Prophet in his fatal illness said, 'Allah cursed the Jews and the Christians because they took the graves of their Prophets as places for praying'." […]  TRADITION ENDS.]
   [LOOK FORWARD: The documentary "My Brother the Islamist" was re-broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on September 18, 2011.  See it at my-brother-the .  ENDS.]
[April 4, 2011]

• Burqa a blight on women: minister; Veil of secrecy   

Burqa a blight on women: minister

   The Weekend West, , By Ben Harvey, State Political Editor, The West Australian, in The Weekend West, 2:55 am, April 9, 2011, printed Page One, Apr 9-10, 2011
   PERTH, W. Australia – Muslims are being urged to refuse to wear the burqa, with a senior State Government minister saying the garment is a symbol of oppression and alien to Australian culture.
   Minister for Women's Interests Robyn McSweeney yesterday blasted the practice of forcing women to wear the burqa, which covers a woman's entire body and has a mesh screen over the eyes.
   "As a Western woman and having raised three daughters, I find the burqa very alien to our culture," Mrs McSweeney said.
   "In WA, we have a beautiful climate and dress accordingly, whether it is in bathers at the beach or the pool. Or in summer clothing, which can be shorts or T-shirts or a dress.
   "Our way of communication is to rely on the spoken word and body language. In most cases the burqa hides all and many people feel uncomfortable with not being able to see the whole person.
   "As in all cultures, there are many women who do things against their will. I find the burqa to be a very oppressive garment.
   "However, that is a personal opinion and people are free in our society to wear what they want."
   Mrs McSweeney urged Muslim women who did not want to wear the garment to refuse to do so.
   But she warned they should protest only "if doing so would not cause them to be physically hurt or to be placed in any danger".
   Mrs McSweeney said the niqab, which leaves the eyes uncovered, was equally oppressive. She had no problem with the hijab, a scarf that covers a woman's head but leaves her face exposed.
   Mrs McSweeney's comments were supported by Ameer Ali, an economics lecturer at Murdoch University and vice-president of the Regional Islamic Council of South-East Asia and the Pacific.
   Dr Ali said Sharia law called for modesty and did not dictate that a woman's entire body and face should be covered.
   Islamic Council of WA spokesman Rahim Ghauri said the Koran called for women and men to wear loose-fitting clothing in order to hide the outline of their bodies, which might attract the attention of the opposite sex.
   A woman should also cover her hair because it was a "beauty part".
   "They are allowed to uncover their full face, right from the forehead to the chin," Mr Ghauri said. "The Koran specifies this."
   He said that burqas and niqabs were "territorial" and had nothing to do with Islam.
   Opposition spokeswoman for women's interests Sue Ellery said Mrs McSweeney was "playing the race card".
   Follow on Twitter

   [COMMENT: Playing the "race card" ?  Just political swearwords, Ms Ellery, because Islam is a religion and a culture, not a race. COMMENT ENDS.]
   [CONTACT: letters § wanews com au , ENDS.]
[Apr 9-10, 2011]

• [Women are third-rate citizens in Islam]

[Women are third-rate citizens in Islam]

   To The Hon. Robyn McSweeney, MLC, Minister for Women's Interests, etc., 10th floor, London House, 216 St George's Ter, Perth, WA, 6000; Monday, April 11, 2011
   Dear Mrs McSweeney,
   It was a breath of fresh air to read your comment about the burqa repression of women, as reported in the "The Weekend West," page 1, April 9-10, 2011.  In reality, Islam's effect on its adherents and victims is that Muslims are first-grade citizens (unless a Muslim declares another Muslim a "hypocrite"), non-Muslims [should be non-Muslim males] who are spared from death are second-grade citizens, and all women are third-grade.  The world's potential "refugees" is [from the Muslim countries alone, therefore, total] about 500 million.
   Reading any denial of your burkha expose, at all times please remember the deceit doctrine of taqiyya, which is scripture doctrine "Allah hath allowed you release from your oaths" at Koran 66:2, backed by tradition in the Sahih Bukhari's Hadith Volume 7, Book 67, Number 427.  (I admit, a Western religion calls its faith-protecting lies "mental reservations.")
   Often called the "veiling" of women, the Koran scripture at 33:59 seems to be to draw their outer garments close around them (note how this seemingly contradicts the loose clothing modesty theory of the quoted Australian apologist for Islam).  The Hadith tradition insists on veiling at Sahih Bukhari's Vol 6, Bk. 60, No. 10 and at 8, 74:257.  (Note the "gloss" added by translators in round brackets to say that the text means complete covering except for the eyes, in the enclosed wording copied from the University of Southern California's webpage.)
   Women's evidence in DEBT cases is worth only half a man's, it would appear from Koran scripture 2:282, and in ALL CASES it would appear from the tradition recorded in Sahih Bukhari's Hadith Vol. 1, Bk. 6, No. 301.  In addition, this hadith states that women are deficient in religion.  (Most people know that the opposite is often true in many religions.)  In addition, in Muslim lands any non-Muslim's evidence in court is counted as near zero.
   Inheritance scripture is that daughters get half of what sons get, according to the Koran scripture 4:11.   This and the women's evidence texts are regularly denied by apologists for Islam, and others.
   Men are allowed to scourge women, according to the Koran scripture 4:34.  Westerners banned this practice a long time ago, but it is standard "divinely-approved" Muslim practice to this day.  Even touching a woman makes a man "unclean" for praying, according to the Koran 4:43 and 5:6.  (Would scourging also make the man "unclean"?)
   Rape-marriage seems to be approved in the tradition recorded by Sahih Bukhari 9, 86:98, allowing lies if solemnly made by the man and two false witnesses.  Marriage sex with a nine-year-old girl Aisha is approvingly reported in Bukhari's 5, 58:236.  Need I add that swapping "wives" is permitted in text-approved customs that to outside eyes look like prostitution, while the Islamists pretend to be extremely chaste and modest, and execute VICTIMS of male seduction and even of rape!
   Most non-Muslims are not aware that although Westerners banned slave-keeping in the 1800s, the Muslims continue the practice, saying (as some Western supporters of slavery did) that it was sanctioned by their scriptures and traditions.  Anti-Semitism ("apes and swine", Koran 5:59-60) and Anti-Christianity ("unclean", Koran 9:28) are in the Muslim scriptures, and are taught to this day and used in prayers.
   The stupidity of the religion is shown by the cutting off of the hands of thieves (Koran 5:38).  How can a thief successfully reform and turn to honest toil, and be trusted by others, with a hand missing ?  The hypocrisy of heading most Koran surahs [chapters] with "In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful" – while ordering great slaughter, holy war, taking ransom, cutting off of hands and feet on opposite sides (!!!), crucifying, scourging, stoning, beheading – should be obvious.
   Just as important as the assaults on women and their rights, are the teachings that the whole Earth belongs to Allah and the Muslims, that Muslims must "Fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left" (Koran 2:193), and that there is no MIGRATION, only JIHAD (Bukhari's Hadith 5, 59:600).  This means that whether arriving by aeroplane or illegally by boat, Muslims see themselves as beginning Holy War to conquer the country, if they take that tradition seriously.
   "Political swearwords" like "Islamophobia" will possibly be hurled at you, just as Churchill was accused of hating Germans when he spent years on the back bench warning of Nazi persecutions and aggression.  On November 2, 2004 a great Dutch painter's descendant, Theo van Gogh, was murdered for exposing Islam's mistreatment of women, and his colleague Ms Aayan Hirsi Ali has needed a bodyguard ever since.  Two prominent Pakistanis were recently murdered because they defended free speech and opposed the repressive "blasphemy" law, and even LAWYERS were rioting to defend the murderers.
   You are a brave person.  I would rather not be quoted.  I urge you and your staff to buy or borrow a Koran and some Hadith volumes, AND look it up on the Internet..
   You are not alone.  Senator Bernardi has recently spoken out.
   Enc. 2  [4 pages of The Koran Key, and 4 pages of The Hadith Key, showing nearly every quote given above in bigger typeface and with the background highlighted in green.]
[Apr 11, 2011]

• Bin Laden's terror reign over.       
‘To those families who have lost loved ones to al-Qa’ida’s terror, justice has been done’ – President BARACK OBAMA

Bin Laden’s terror reign over

   The Australian, by Brad Norrington, Washington Correspondent, Page One, Tuesday, May 3, 2011
9/11 victims’ relatives join world in celebration
Death raises fears of reprisal attacks
   THE death of arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden – after a decade-long manhunt that ended in a gun battle with US forces deep inside Pakistan early yesterday – has sparked immediate fears of a terrorist backlash and heightened security measures across the world.
   (Plus 42 more column-centimetres on page 1, and more on page 2.)

   [RECAPITULATION: … ended in a gun battle with US forces deep inside Pakistan … ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Not "deep" inside Pakistan.  The town Abbottabad, near the 34th parallel, is close to a border with Afghanistan, and closer to Jammu and Kashmir (partly occupied by India). COMMENT ENDS.]
[May 3, 2011]

• Muslims to push for sharia.   

Muslims to push for sharia

   The Australian,­national-affairs/­muslims-use-multiculturalism-to-push-for-sharia/­story-fn59niix-1226­0571­00331 , By Patricia Karvelas, May 17, 2011
   AUSTRALIA – THE nation's peak Muslim group is using the Gillard government's re-embracing of multiculturalism to push for the introduction of sharia in Australia, but it says it would be a more moderate variety of Islamic law that fits with Australian values.
   The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the government's new multiculturalism policy, argues that Muslims should enjoy "legal pluralism".
   In an interview with The Australian, the organisation's president, Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as an area where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system.
   In the submission, the AFIC acknowledges some Muslims believe Islamic law is immutable, regardless of history, time, culture and location.
   "They claim that Muslims may change, but Islam will not," it says.
   The AFIC argues this is not the case and sharia can be applied in a way that fits in to Australia and is not extreme.
   "This means most of the regulations in Islamic law may be amended, changed, altered, and adapted to social change.
   "Therefore, Muslims Australia-AFIC takes the position that Islamic law is changeable according to the requirements of different places and times, and therefore suits the values shared by Australian people," the submission says.
   A hardline reading of sharia confers unilateral divorce rights on men, while women who initiate divorce are stripped of their property and financial entitlements.
   A more moderate interpretation and common practice in Islamic countries is to recognise divorce by mutual consent.
   In the interview, Mr Patel said: "I'm saying that instead of letting the extremists within Islam take over the agenda, we are saying there is a path whereby it will work for all the communities in a moderate way.
   "It is important for someone who is Muslim or a practising Jew that aspects of our religion which can be incorporated within the greater legal system are introduced.
   "This is about personal issues about family, and won't affect any other Australian," he said.
   "It's about a system that does not impinge on the rights of any other Australian."
   In its submission to the inquiry, the AFIC says criticisms of sharia as being biased against women and treating them as second-class citizens are wrong.
   "It is important for Muslims to seriously consider this criticism," the submission says.
   "But it is also important for the Australian government to respect the rights of Muslim women who want to keep and maintain the way they dress, eat and interact with others, as long as such behaviour does not inflict harm to others.
   "Muslims in Australia should accept the Australian values, and Australia should provide a 'public sphere' for Muslims to practise their belief. It takes two to tango.
   "This approach demands a compromise from Islam, which should be open to other values, and also to make a similar demand of Australia.
   "It is not only Australian Muslims who should reconcile these identities, but all Australians."
   Mr Patel says the AFIC, as the peak body of Islamic organisations in Australia, "strongly supports that multiculturalism should lead to legal pluralism … and twin tolerations".
   The submission cites regulations governing Islamic finance and halal certification in Australia as examples of how legal pluralism can work.
   British law since 1996 has allowed for alternative dispute resolution through sharia tribunals, the rulings of which are enforceable in county courts and the High Court.
   The submission calls on the inquiry members to consider "hard questions" from Muslim communities.
   "Muslims are required to have social integration with the majority of people in Australia: what does this really mean? Should Muslims remove the hijab, dress like others, drink alcohol and go to the pub to demonstrate they have actually integrated?"
   In most Western countries, the submission notes, the idea of an "Islamic family tribunal or arbitration is likely to fuel the debate on radicalism and liberalism".
   "But is it true that Australia will never consider Islamic law?" it asks.
   "It seems that in two areas, namely Islamic finance and halal food, the Australian government has been actively involved.
   "So although the Attorney-General ruled out introducing Islamic law, or sharia, at the same time Australian financial institutions are encouraged to do much more to attract Muslim business by developing innovative products which comply with Islamic law.
   "Apart from the economic motive, how can we reconcile the conflicting statement and fact?" #

   [RECAPITULATION: "This is about personal issues about family, and won't affect any other Australian," he said.  "It's about a system that does not impinge on the rights of any other Australian." ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: What, "honour" killings, compulsory marriages, and g*n*t*l m*t*l*tions won't affect "any other Australian."  They make the flesh creep of dinkum Aussies !  The man can divorce the woman, but the woman can't divorce the man !
   Women are forbidden to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.  Is this the "culture" that these people want to introduce to Australia?
   Anyone who stops being a Muslim, automatically can be killed by any Muslim.  Is this what Australians want? COMMENT ENDS.]
   [Read extracts from The KORAN scripture (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah) ENDS.]
   [And look at the HADITH tradition. ENDS.]
  • Christian church fights Muslim sharia law Herald Sun, 1 day ago
  • Even Muslim jurists are divided about what sharia is The Australian, 1 day ago
  • Church wants ban placed on Sharia law Adelaide Now, 2 days ago
  • Avoid the hysteria but reject sharia The Australian, 3 days ago
  • Quest for Sharia law is out of line Herald Sun, 5 days ago
  • ENDS.]
    [May 17, 2011]

    • Muslim bid to introduce sharia law into Australia.   

    Muslim bid to introduce
    sharia law into Australia

    by Bill Muehlenberg
       News Weekly (Australia), , nw § newsweekly com au , by Bill Muehlenberg, p 20, June 11, 2011
       The front page of The Australian (May 17) featured a very revealing – if not alarming – article.  And the most revealing phrase came in its first sentence: "The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the government's new multiculturalism policy, argues that Muslims should enjoy 'legal pluralism'."
       Legal pluralism?  That sounds kind of neat.  But wait a minute.  What they are really calling for is a plurality of legal systems.  Or, in this case, at least two: Western (Australian) law, but also Islamic law, or sharia.  They are saying that they should be governed by their own laws, not by Australian laws.
       Sure, here they speak only of small beginnings, e.g., family law, divorce law, and so on.  But rest assured, things will not stop there.  Indeed, creeping sharia has been taking place in other Western nations, and what has come about as a result has not been very pretty.  Indeed, some of these nations are having a belated change of heart.
       No better summary and commentary on this can be found than in Patrick Sookhdeo's excellent new booklet, Slippery Slope: The Islamisation of the UK (Barnabas Fund).  This brief (5O-page) booklet examines how Islam has managed to fundamentally change the United Kingdom, with a slow but steady process of Islamification.
       He examines the obvious examples of creeping sharia, such as halal foods and Islamic financing, but then moves on to cover other cases, such as education. Muslims have objected to the way the state school system is run, with the result that the state has caved in with one major capitulation after another.
       Says Sookhdeo: "Numerous concessions have been made in response to Muslim demands.  At state schools Islam is often given more prominence and respect than other faiths.  Schools are encouraged to provide halal food for their Muslim pupils, as well as prayer facilities and Muslim religious instruction.  They also allow Islamic dress and gender segregation in physical exercises.  The character of the state education system is gradually changing to give privileged status to Muslim pupils and their religion."
      [Picture]  Dr Patrick Sookhdeo
       In British universities it has been found that the largest financial contributions from overseas come from Arabic and Islamic sources.
       During the past decade, around 30 Muslim graduates from British universities have been found guilty of Islamist terrorism.  This includes the man behind the 2002 Ball bombing which killed over 200 people.  Indeed, higher education in the UK has become a hotbed for Islamist radicalism.
       Sookhdeo provides page after page of other examples of this.  And he points out that all this has not happened by accident.   Islamists have long recognised the means by which a society becomes Islamised.  And they go back to the life and example of Muhammad to promote this.
       Three-stage process
       As the booklet reminds us, a three-stage process is under way in Western nations.
       First is the weakness stage, in which Islam is proclaimed in an unbelieving, infidel society.  Second is the migration stage, where Muslim numbers are built up, and Muslim strength is consolidated.  Third is the jihad stage, where the existing safe haven is used as a launching point to further expand their grip on a nation.
       Islamists have made quite clear their goals, and Sookhdeo cites a number of these.  For example, Egyptian Muslim preacher ’Amr Khalid said in 2008:  "The Muslims keep having children, while the Europeans do not – this means that within 20 years the Muslims will be the majority."
       Many non-Muslims agree.  Middle East expert Bernard Lewis observed: "Current trends will have a Moslem majority by the end of the 2ist century at the latest … Europe will be part of the Arabic West."  The question does not seem to be if but when.
       The Islamist agenda has been until recently aided and abetted by weak-willed and fuzzy thinking politicians and policy experts.
       Sookhdeo notes how the British policy of integration was altered in the 1960s.  Instead of expecting the incoming minorities to fit in with and accept the majority culture, values and consensus, they were to be accepted as they were and allowed to develop almost in parallel tracks.
       This approach reigned supreme for over two decades, but the new Conservative-led coalition government under David Cameron has now proclaimed multiculturalism to be a failure.  It has recognised that multiculturalism simply encouraged Muslims to see Islam instead of their country as their main identity.
       Now we are seeing all this played out in Australia.  The call for "legal pluralism" should be sending alarm bells ringing all over the nation.
       This is not a recipe for assimilation and unity.  Quite the contrary, this is a call for a two-tiered legal system – to begin with – and the complete division of a nation.  No nation can long exist with such separatist leanings and goals.  Either guests who come here accept the values and customs of this land, or they should stay back where they came from.
       We must choose in which direction this nation will proceed.  And we must decide soon.  Because freedom and political Islam cannot co-exist. #

       [RECAPITULATION: They are saying that they should be governed by their own laws, not by Australian laws.    Sure, here they speak only of small beginnings, e.g., family law, divorce law, and so on.  ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: Family law and divorce are NOT "small beginnings."  Pushing women down seems to be an essential part of Islam, so much so that a correspondent has written that women are third-class humans, with non-Muslim males and non-conforming Muslim males being the second-class humans.  Divorce in Muslim "law" is only the prerogative of the male, and he can divorce any one of his four wives by saying "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee."  Haven't trendies and lefties read about this yet ?  Don't the women's libbers read current newsitems reporting "honour killings" and stoning to death of rape victims ?  Do trendies know about cutting off the hands of thieves ?   And the rules that dogs and pigs ought to be killed ? ENDS.]
    [Jun 11, 2011]

    • Burqa must be banned.

    Burqa must be banned

       The West Australian, <letters § wanews com au>, Various Letters to The Editor, p 22, Friday, June 24, 2011

    Burqa must be banned

       In December last year you published my letter expressing concern about a burqa-wearing NSW driver accused of false allegations.  I then said: "How can a driver be identified to the satisfaction of a court if she is wearing a burqa?"
       This proposition was put during the appeal against the conviction of that driver.  The judge accepted this fact and dismissed the conviction.
       The problem of establishing identity does, however, cut both ways.  Arguably no person, including the defence lawyers in the initial trial, could state beyond reasonable doubt what was specifically contained within that burqa.  The trial, by imputation, was itself thus flawed and contaminated.
       That trial should have then been adjourned and advice sought rather than make Australians appear a nation of patsies.
       The process of identification using facial appearance and body characteristics is universally accepted and has resulted in the capture of people from Boadicea to Osama bin Laden.  To throw this method out to satisfy racial mores is nonsensical.
       The burqa should be banned in all public places, including our courts, to aid the needed identification of people in our modern society.

    No excuse

       A Muslim woman has escaped being jailed because she was wearing a veil covering her identity when she allegedly made a false claim against a Sydney police officer, whose livelihood and reputation were saved only by the video camera in his police car.
       The violent behaviour of her Muslim supporters, who left the court chanting "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) and attacking cameramen and jostling with police, was excused by her lawyer who said "they are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them".
       Well, violence and religious extremist chants may be culturally appropriate for Muslims in Muslim countries but for Australians, culture is no excuse for violence and intolerant behaviour. 
       Multiculturalism is destroying this country by bringing in abominable cultural behaviour that we used to see only on TV in foreign lands.


       Where were the scenes depicted outside a court at the acquittal of a woman in a fraud case? The Middle East? No, this was Australia. The protesters? Australian citizens? Possibly, but Muslims first. And just who is behind the veils?
       The process of law in this country has once again been usurped by a religious minority hell-bent on changing this country into a clone of what they have "escaped" from.
      [Picture of woman with patterned green headgear, but from forehead downwards covered by a black mask showing only her eyes and the bridge of her nose] Identity hidden: The burqa  
       Does anyone remember Pauline Hanson and do they also remember the vilification and hatred she suffered for her beliefs in our values and way of life? Anyone else prepared to stand up and defend our way of life is also derided and vilified as "racist". Australia for Australians? I don't think so, not any more. I am a proud Australian citizen with a strong belief in our way of life. Let the angry responses begin.

    It's a joke

       I was stunned (as I'm sure many others were) watching the news and seeing a Muslim woman beating a traffic charge because she refused to remove her headgear so the police could get a positive ID and then in court challenging and winning because the police could not say positively who was behind the headgear.  Is this a joke?
       It was startling to see the behaviour of her so-called supporters outside the court after the verdict.  The fanatical chanting and shaking of fists were more like the streets of Pakistan.
       These people need to be told to comply with the rules of our society or get out.  They are going to cause a lot of grief in Australia in the future, but our pathetic Government continues to ignore the warning signs and the voices of the majority of Australian people.


       Australians have a rule whereby if you're pulled over by the police and asked to see your driver's licence you are required to hand it over and the police officer is required to verify this by looking at the driver's face to see if there is a match to the piece of plastic he or she is given.
       If the officer can't do that because of some sort of head covering, whatever that may be (helmet, mask, balaclava or burqa) he has the right to take the person to the police station to do a full verification of the person's identity.  It is called a reasonable thing to do in our society and we shouldn't change this law to accommodate people because of religious beliefs.
       Other religions can follow this law without making out it is some sort of veadetta. Anyone coming to Australia who knows our laws should follow them. It is called equality, not racism, as some will trot out when it suits them.
       The woman who lied that the police officer was going to force her to remove her burqa against her beliefs shguld get some sort of penalty because he could have lost his job over the lie. The judge had to throw the case out because he couldn't tell if she was the actual woman who made the false allegation.
       I'm afraid Australia is turning into another country – Australiastan. Why are we so afraid to tell people who are invited into this country to follow our rules?
       Letters to the Editor, WA Newspapers, GPO Box N1027 Perth WA 6843. Fax 08 9482 3830. <letters § wanews /./ com /./ au>

       [RECAPITULATION: It was startling to see the behaviour of her so-called supporters outside the court after the verdict.  The fanatical chanting and shaking of fists were more like the streets of Pakistan. ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: The Middle East, or Pakistan, yes.  There were two martyrs to free speech in Pakistan in recent months, where even lawyers began rioting to protest that the suspected murderer of one of them was being brought before a court.
       This Australian newsitem was about automobile driving.  In Saudi Arabia, the land where Islam began under Muhammad, women are not allowed to drive, even though there is no actual law banning them in this royal dictatorship.  In fact, women are not even allowed to go out of the home property without a male family member in many Muslim communities around the world.
       Muslims worldwide must be laughing at the New South Wales police and lawcourt system!  Political correctness gone to seed!
       "Is this a joke?", as correspondent R.Harding wrote. COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Jun 24, 2011]

    • 'Hate-speech' politician acquitted; Apple removes app.  [VICTORY FOR FREE SPEECH]  [APPLE CO. REMOVES TERROR LESSONS]     

    'Hate-speech' politician acquitted; Apple removes app

       The West Australian, <>, <letters § wanews com au>, p 43, Friday, June 24, 2011
    'Hate-speech' politician acquitted
       THE NETHERLANDS – A Dutch court has acquitted populist politician Geert Wilders of hate speech and discrimination, ruling his anti-Islam statements, while offensive to many Muslims, fell within legitimate political debate.
       Presiding judge j Marcel van Oosten said Mr Wilders' claims that Islam was violent by nature, and his calls to halt Muslim immigration and ban the Muslim holy book, the Koran, must be seen in a wider context of debate over immigration policy.
    Apple removes app
       UNITED STATES – Apple Inc says it has removed an application called ThirdIntifada from its App Store after complaints it glorified violence against Israel.
       Israel's information minister, Yuli Edelstein, requested the company remove the app in an email he sent to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.
       Jewish human rights group The Simon Wiesenthal Center also complained to Apple. #

       [COMMENT: Holland must be a sick society, to charge even an elected politician with the "politically-correct" charge of "hate-speech," when in recent years a zealous Muslim murdered a film-maker, a descendant of the artist Van Gogh, and threatened to murder a woman parliamentarian, merely for exercising their rights to free speech.  Experience is supposed to be the best teacher, but evidently the Dutch need more experience before the penny drops.  Why don't they ask the indigenous inhabitants of Egypt what Islamic domination means!  Within the past two or so years the Egyptian authorities killed every pig that the Christian minority owned.  The Coptic bishops put out plaintive pleas for help to stop the various persecutions every now and then.  Recently the authorities decided to prevent the Coptic Christians from restoring a monastery of theirs.
       Holland is about as far from Egypt as Australian cities Perth and Sydney are apart.  There is, therefore, little excuse for the dominant forces in Holland not to understand.
       Britain, too, is among the blind.  Channel 4, which showed real-life hate speech in British mosques, was prosecuted by the police, but the mosques were not prosecuted!
       Regarding Apple's problems with "ThirdIntifada," what else do the non-Muslims expect? COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  8:12:- … I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. <http://­­schools/college/crcc/engagement/resources/texts/muslim/­quran/­00­­ml#008.012> [[Also read: Re "terror" 8:60, 17:59-60, and 59:13.  Re "every fingertip," see "hands and feet" in Muslim scripture Koran 5:33, and possible predecessor text "thumbs and big toes" in Hebrew-Aramaic scripture Judges 1:6.]] SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
    [Jun 24, 2011]

    • GAUBATZ, P. David, and SPERRY, Paul; 2011;    MUSLIM MAFIA: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America  

       Muslim Mafia; P. David GAUBATZ, and Paul SPERRY Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, politicians, academics and the mainstream media have refused to take jihadis and other Islamists at their word, or to accept that when these extremists say they intend to destroy Western civilisation from within, they mean it.
       Most alarmingly, they bend over backwards to see only sincerity in the claims and protestations of local Islamists who insist that they are misunderstood moderates and innocent victims of "Islamophobia".
       The book draws very heavily upon a massive amount of documentary evidence obtained by Gaubatz's son, Chris, who carried out a six-month undercover operation within the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).
       This is a peak Islamist body with close ties to terrorist organisations including Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, and which "receives direct funding from foreign sources – including Arab nations tied to the 9/11 plot and other anti-Western terrorism" (p. 164). …
       Ultimately, "Marshall" obtained around 12,000 pages of documentation on the activities of CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and related Islamist organisations.  This material included confidential internal memos, board minutes, budgets, strategy papers, financial records, employee evaluations and visitor logs.  It was supported by over 300 hours of video recordings made by trained investigators and researchers working undercover in CAIR, along with declassified FBI evidence about the activities of the organisation. …
       Conservatives within Congress fought, with one group pressuring the Administration for action about the allegations in Muslim Mafia, while Congresswoman Sue Myrick wrote the foreword to the book.
       Myrick, who is co-founder of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus, deplored the apathy and ignorance that shields the Islamist threat:  "America is asleep to the danger that confronts us.  Since the 1960s, there has been a concerted effort on the part of radical Islamists to infiltrate our major institutions.  Front groups of terror now operate openly in our country, comprising a network of support for jihadists" (page i).
       Myrick was right to be concerned about infiltration and subversion, as the numerous documented revelations in Muslim Mafia emphasise.  For example, at the level of law enforcement, the book claims that "CAIR has cultivated Muslim moles inside a Washington-area law enforcement agency, including one who illegally accessed classified FBI records to tip off a terrorist under investigation and another with ties to Pakistani intelligence" (p.11). …
       The Islamic Saudi Academy became infamous when a former valedictorian was "convicted of joining al-Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush", shortly after his classmates voted him "Most Likely to Be a Martyr" (p 2O2).
       It was also notorious for its anti-Christian and anti-Semitic teachings, using, for example, a I2th-grade text that assures students that "it is permissible for Muslims to kill adulterers and apostates who leave Islam", and that "Muslims are permitted to take the lives and property of Jews and those deemed 'polytheists' or Christians" (p. 203).
       See News Weekly (Australia) <>; Reviewed by Mervyn F. Bendle, "Don't say we weren't warned," pp 22-23, April 30, 2011

       DETAILS: Publisher: WND Books, New York: Hardcover: 448 pages; ISBN 9781935071105. RRP: AUD $51.90
    [To this website Aug 05, 2011; 2011]

    • European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating; "Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers."   

    European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating; "Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers" blog, <http://­­2011/08/­r-non-muslims-proliferating-occupation.html>, Monday, August 22, 2011
       In a lecture presented to a young Muslim audience at the University of Western Sydney on Friday 30 March 2001, the prominent Australian Muslim leader Dr Zachariah Matthews was discussing the role of 'migration' (Hijrah) in the 'phases' of dawah (i.e. the stages involved in proclaiming and establishing Islam). One of the aspects of establishing Islam through migration, he argued, is to secure local sovereignty, as modeled by the Muslim community when they migrated from Mecca to Medina. Matthews taught:
    "The Hijrah ['migration'] to Madinah provided the Islamic Dawah with one very important thing, land, or a territory over which Muslims could have political sovereignty. The Hijrah made the Muslims Masters of their own internal affairs, external relations and matters relating to war and peace." (The Hijrah: a necessary phase in the Dawah)
       What does it mean in practice when migrant communities establish local territory in which Muslims are masters of their own internal affairs? Is the theological principle of establishing local sovereignty the ideological wedge which is so successfully subverting multiculturalism throughout the lands of migration?
       The following article by Soeren Kern suggests that the answer to this question may well be 'Yes'. #
       Read the Soeren Kern article, of 5:00 am on August 22, 2011, at <http://­www.­­2367/eu­ropean-muslim-no-go-zones>.

       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  2:193 (or 2:189):- … Fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left.  SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH: Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 14, Number 2498: http://­;schools/college/crc­c/engagement/resourc­es/texts/muslim/hadi­th/abudawud/014.sat.­html#014.2498 Narrated Anas ibn Malik: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Use your property, your persons any your tongues in striving against the polytheists.   TRADITION ENDS.]
       [THE Hijrah LINK IS: <http://­­web/­20050615002854/­­salam/Hijr­ah41.htm>. ENDS.]
    [Aug 22, 2011]

       • "Salman Taseer's son Shahbaz is kidnapped in Lahore,"    The Guardian, UK; <http://­­world/2011/aug/26/­salman-taseer-son-shahbaz-kidnapped>, Saeed Shah in Karachi,, 11.39 BST, Friday 26 August 2011. PAKISTAN. [Aug 26, 2011]
       • "Salman Taseer's son kidnapped in Lahore,"   The Telegraph, Calcutta, India; <http://­­1110827/jsp/foreig­n/story_14431119.jsp>, NASIR JAFFRY AND AGENCIES, Saturday , August 27 , 2011,
       Islamabad/Lahore, Aug. 26: Gunmen kidnapped the son of Punjab governor Salman Taseer, who was shot dead by his own police guard in January for opposing Pakistan's blasphemy law, from his car on an upscale Lahore street today.
       The Taseer family, which confirmed receiving threats from "the Taliban and extremist groups", blamed the daylight abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, 26, on Islamic militants who hated the liberal Salman and have hailed his killer as a hero. […]
       "This family (the Taseers) has suffered too much already, and given the security threats directed toward them in the aftermath of governor Taseer's death, this kidnapping underscores the failing writ of the state and its inability to provide security even to those known to be at high risk," Human Rights Watch said in a statement. […] [Aug 27 , 2011]
    • Plight of Egypt's Copts worsens.     
    Christianity under threat
    Refugee Tribunal: forced conversion of Coptic girls in Egypt is ‘well-documented’and ‘rapidly escalating’


       Annals Australasia (RC culture journal, Sydney), <annalsaustralasia § gmail com>, By Peter Day, pp 9-10, August 2011
    THE Australian Refugee Tribunal has accepted that the practice of abducting and forcibly converting young Coptic Christian women in Egypt to Islam is a 'well-documented' phenomenon that 'occurs on a frequent basis and is rapidly escalating'.
       The Tribunal's statements on the incidence of forced conversions comes at a critical time in Egypt, where a powerful coalition of Islamist parties is preparing to face off against secular political forces in parliamentary elections now scheduled for November - the first elections to be held since the fall of the Mubarak government.
       The Tribunal's comments come in the form of a statement spelling out at length the 'decision and reasons' for granting a protection visa to a young Coptic woman from Cairo who had been helping abduction victims resume their lives in the Coptic community. <http://­­au/cases/cth/RRTA/20­11/583.html>.
       The young woman, who came to Australia about two years ago as a tertiary student, told the Tribunal that if she returned to Egypt, she would face persecution from Muslims involved in organised abductions. The Tribunal found that the visa applicant had a 'well-founded fear of persecution' resulting from her church activities, in which she had been 'assisting girls who had been brought up as Christians, converted by force to Islam, and [who had] then returned to Christianity'.
       The Tribunal heard that the applicant had been threatened because her activities were 'considered hostile by … organised Islamic groups based in a nearby mosque.' In one incident, a member of one these groups had approached the visa applicant, shown her obscene photographs of a close female friend of hers who had been abducted, and warned her that 'she would be next'.
       According to the Tribunal, the applicant was a 'credible witness whose claims are consistent with known country information'. She gave 'clear, coherent and spontaneous responses during the Tribunal's hearing and does not appear to have exaggerated her claims'
       The Tribunal accepted that the applicant would be 'unable to obtain effective state protection' in Egypt from the Muslim groups threatening her, and might even be persecuted by the Egyptian state itself if she sought such protection. If she went to the police, 'she may be accused of assisting Muslims convert to Christianity and for that reason may be arrested by the security authorities … '
       According to the Tribunal, arrest for this reason in turn raised 'a very real probability that she would be subjected to serious mistreatment, possibly torture' by the Egyptian security authorities.
       The large amount of 'country information' considered and discussed by the Tribunal in its statement includes recent reports from NGOs such as the International Federation for Human Rights, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, and the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. On the basis of this information, the Tribunal found that there had been an increase in anti-Coptic violence since the fall of Mubarak, and that 'police and military forces have failed to adequately protect Christians and their property'. [***]
       The Copts, whose number is generally estimated at about ten per cent of the Egyptian population, trace their history back to the Pharaohs, and their Christianity to the first century AD. … But since the 1970s they have suffered from the effects of growing Islamist influence within Egyptian state institutions, the media, the education and judicial systems, and in day-to-day life. [***]
       … 'In this very neighbourhood,' he said, 'people are still being insulted as they leave church; and we still have young girls disappearing, kidnapped …' #
    [pp 9-10, August 2011]

    • Egypt's tenuous hold on Democratic Dream.   

    Egypt’s tenuous hold on Democratic Dream

       Annals Australasia (RC culture journal, Sydney), <annalsaustralasia § gmail com>, from Asia/News, p 9, August 2011
    Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Egypt's main cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez to call on the army to press ahead with economic reforms and speed up the trials of Hosni Mubarak and other leaders of the former regime. They also called for the preservation of the country's "Arab and Islamic identity."
       Although organised by Islamic parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, the rally saw the participation of Copts and members of the secular movements that took part in the Jasmine Revolution. Father Rafik Greiche, spokesman of the Egyptian Catholic Church, told AsiaNews that the protests were peaceful without any clashes.
       Without the strong presence of secular groups, such a rally could have appeared very one-sided. However, amidst Egyptian flags and banners hailing the Qur'an, there were thousands of young people shouting slogans in favour of secularism and the country's unity.
       According to the Father Rafik, it is hard to know what will follow. In his view, the risk is great that radical Muslim groups may take over and kill the country's dream for religious freedom and the separation of state and religion.
       In fact, it is likely that the Muslim Brotherhood will take advantage of Muslims' obligation to share during Ramadan to press their agenda among poor and uneducated voters ahead of next November elections. – Source, Asia/News #
    [p 9, August 2011]

    • Religious dissent in Saudi Arabia.  [Book Review, Awakening Islam 
       Annals Australasia, annalsaustralasia § gmail com , by Jude P. Dougherty, pp 25-26, August 2011
    ANNALS AUSTRALASIA     25-26     AUGUST 2011
    Book Review
    Saudi Arabia is the key to the expansion of Islamist movements in the Middle East


    By Jude P. Dougherty
    C ALL IT WHAT you may, 'The Islamic awakening,' 'al Sahwa al Islamiyya,' or simply 'Sahwa,' the movement described by Stephane Lacroix was absent from the Saudi Arabian landscape until it emerged in the 1990s.
       The Sahwa, Lacroix finds, must be regarded as a distinctive form of Islamism, a hybrid of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi tradition. True, the Sahwa was preceded by other movements in the Middle East, notably by the Muslim Brotherhood that emerged in Egypt in 1928.
       The Brotherhood's founder, Hassan al-Banna (1906-1949), created it as an organization to promote the establishment of an Islamic state that would be ruled by Shari'a.
       The movement grew rapidly and provided crucial support to the Egyptian revolution of July 1952, the one that brought Gamal Abdel Nasser to power.
       Lacroix's time framework for this work begins with the late nineteenth century when Muslim reformism first began to appear, but she is primarily interested in the 1960s and the 1970s, a period that witnessed the development of a vast social movement advancing a modern form of Islam throughout the Middle East. Her study of Islam is further narrowed to that which occurred in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s when an intellectual class began to show hostility to both Sufism and popular Islam.
       By Lacroix's account, the intelligentsia became open to Western modes of thinking in the 1970s largely because Saudi Arabia had sent students to foreign universities, at first in Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq, beginning in the 1940s, and later to Western universities.

    Lacroix, Stephane. Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia. Trans. by George Holoch. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2011
    State bureaucratic administrations co-opted many of the returning university students. The young intelligentsia, whose training had introduced them to liberal movements, consequently became in many cases nationalistic, leftist, socialist, or communist.
       Lacroix finds it worthy of note that liberalization in some quarters first took the form of questioning classical rules of poetry. Lacroix began her study convinced that Saudi Arabia remains a blind spot in many Western studies of Islamism. 'Although all writers agree,' she writes, 'that Saudi Arabia is the key to the expansion of Islamist movements in the Middle East, few describe the tenor and methods of the influence.' Lacroix thus takes as her task the description and viability of Islam in Saudi Arabia.
       Saudia Arabia is undoubtedly an exporter of Islam, she reports, but it also has to be seen as the recipient of influences emanating from most currents of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Islamic revivalism. The activist movement inspired by Abd al-Wahhab cannot be ignored. In almost all countries of the Muslim world, Islamism arose and developed outside the state. The converse is true of Saudi Arabia where, from the beginning, Islamism was integrated into the kingdom's official institutions. The situation of the Saudi Islamist movement is thus different from that of most Middle Eastern countries because it is not a question of combating a secular regime that relies on a source of legitimacy other than religion.
       'What is at issue (in Saudi Arabia) is challenging the monopoly over the divine held by a government based on religion.' Yet Islam in Saudi Arabia is a subject of contention not only between the regime and the Islamists but also among the Islamists themselves and the multiplicity of visions that motivate them. Islam is the primary language in which social rivalries and cultural issues are expressed.
       When in August 1990 Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, the Saudi regime was forced to call upon American troops to protect its territory against a possible Iraqi attack. The resulting presence of foreign troops in the land of Islam's holy places fostered a formidable opposition against the royal family.
       Lacroix attributes the Islamic awakening largely to the feeling of anger at the American presence. That presence served as a symbol of the moral and political failure of the Saudi system itself, a presence that continues to motivate multiple protests from the intellectual and religious elite alike.
       Lacroix's investigation leads her to a study of Wahhabism, which she admits is difficult to define because, in her words, 'it is not an unchangeable essence but a tradition in motion subject to interpretation and reinterpretation, possessed of no well-defined characteristics'
       The founding moment of the Saudi field of power as it exists today, she dates to the pact of 1744 'joining the sword of Muhammad bin Sa'ud to the religious call of the preacher Muhammad bin al-Wahhab. In the words of Sayyid Outb, 'The sovereignty of God will be restored only when there is a pure Islamic state, based on Shari'a alone.'

    ‘Progressives,’ and the Root Causes of Islamic Terror

    THERE is much that is clearly wrong with the Islamic world. Women are stoned to death and undergo clitorectomies. Gays hang from the gallows under the approving eyes of the proponents of Shariah, the legal code of Islam. Sunni and Shia massacre each other daily in Iraq. Palestinian mothers teach 3-year-old boys and girls the ideal of martyrdom. One would expect the orthodox Islamic establishment to evade or dismiss these complaints, but less happily, the non-Muslim priests of enlightenment in the West have come, actively and passively, to the Islamists' defense. These 'pro­gressives' frequently cite the need to examine 'root causes.' In this they are correct: Terrorism is only the manifestation of a disease and not the disease itself. But the root-causes are quite different from what they think.
       – Tawfik Hamid, The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, April 3,2007. A onetime member of Jamaah Islamiya, an Islamist terrorist group, Dr Hamid is a medical doctor.

       Although written before the Middle East uprisings in the early part of 2011, this densely packed and well-documented book may be considered essential reading for anyone attempting to understand the significant role that the Muslim Brotherhood has played and continues to play throughout the area.
       From its founding the Muslim Brotherhood has had the dual purpose of fighting foreign occupation and establishing an Islamic state that would apply Shari'a. Several sections of Awakening Islam are devoted to the Brotherhood's presence in Saudi Arabia, where it has played an essential role in moral education and, one may say, cultural education generally.
       The Brotherhood is noted for its creation of institutes and universities and for the establishment of education programs for the children of the Kingdom. Intellectual elites are attracted to its programs. While its leaders do not shy from an exegesis of the Koran and/or from contributions to Islamic jurisprudence, creed is recognized as the exclusive province of the Wahhabi ulema.
       Given her richly detailed study of the Islamic awakening, Lacroix seems reluctant to draw any conclusion except that 'the Saudi Islamists and the Sahwa will remain central actors on the kingdom's political stage for years and possibly decades to come.' The reader, however, will recognize the religious ambiguity, complexity, and plasticity of the movement that the author calls 'Sahwa' and the continuing danger that Islam presents for the West.
       Professor Jude Dougherty is Dean Emeritus of the Philosophy Faculty, Catholic University of America, Editor, The Review of Metaphysics, and General Editor, Series Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, Washington, D.C. #
    ANNALS AUSTRALASIA     25-26     AUGUST 2011

       [SUBSCRIBE: In Australia Aus$33 (pensioner $26), overseas enquire Annals Australasia, annalsaustralasia § gmail com ; PO Box 13, Kensington, NSW, 2033, Australia.  Tel 02 9662 7894, or 02 9662 7188 ext. 252. Fax 02 9662 1910. ENDS.]
    [pp 25-26, August 2011]

    • Immigration soars 20% in a year; Cameron's promise to crack down is in tatters.   


    Cameron’s promise to crack down is in tatters
       The International Express (Britain), West Australian edition, <intexreaders § hotmail com>, pp 1-2, Tuesday August 30 - September 5, 2011
    THE number of foreigners coming into Britain surged by a massive 21 per cent last year, shattering the Government's pledge to bring immigration down.
       Official figures show the number of immigrants soared to 239,000 - up from 198,000 in 2009. A legacy of Labour's open- door policy, it was the second highest annual figure since 1991. A total of 575,000 people moved to this country in 2010 - the equiva­lent of one every minute - with only 336,000 departing for over­seas.
    'Tories have lost the plot on immigration'
       The Office for National Statistics said that the number of people granted settlement - the first step to full citizenship - in the UK also reached a record 241,000 last year. A total of 195,000 were granted British citizenship, down from the record high of 204,000 in 2009, but more than double the level of a decade ago.
       The number of people applying for asylum also fell last year but has started to rise again, with 4,800 applications between April and June, mainly from Pakistan and war-torn Libya.
       The majority of immigrants arriving in Britain - 300,000 - were from outside the EU. But net migration - the difference between those arriving and leaving - from eastern European countries rock­eted to 39,000.
       Britain's total Polish population is now to 532,000, which is the same as the fifth largest city in Poland, Poznan. Campaigners have warned the Government will struggle to fulfil its pledge to slash net migration to tens of thousands by 2015.
       Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the campaign group Migration Watch UK, said: "These figures lay bare the legacy of the Labour gov­ernment. The Coalition will have to face down some vested inter­ests if they are to get anywhere near their target."
       Gerard Batten, Ukip's home affairs spokesman, accused the Government of "losing the plot".
       "The rise of 21 per cent tears a gaping hole in any pretence that this Government has the faintest idea of how to deal with runaway migration," he said.
       "This gives a lie to all those silky promises made by David Cameron at the General Election. They have lost the plot."
       But Immigration Minister Damian Green defended the fig­ures, saying that the rise in net migration covered a period before the Government's immigration reforms were brought in. "The figures stabilised in the last quar­ter," he said.
       "The Government radically changed immigration policy, from our first months in office, to drive the numbers down with a limit on economic migration and changes to student visas."
       Study remained the most com­mon reason for coming to the UK, with three in four of the 228,000 student immigrants from outside the EU.
       Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva, a senior researcher at Oxford University's Migration Observatory, said the rise in immigration from eastern Europe "raises the question of whether Government policies to cut net migration from outside the EU may be stimulating a demand for more EU workers".
       The figures came as an audit by MigrationWatch showed that the old Labour government spent £2million every day on a shambolic asylum system.
       The audit showed how up to £10billion was spent on processing applications as officials struggled to cope with a surge in numbers.
       But only one in four of the 660,000 decisions made on asylum claims between 1997 and 2010 led to the applicant being removed. #

       [RECAPITULATION: "This gives a lie to all those silky promises made by David Cameron at the General Election. They have lost the plot." ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: It is NOT just the Conservatives (the Tories).  They are in a coalition with the Liberal-Democrats.  Also, to lawfully stop the "study" immigration racket, the "refugee" pleas, and the "European Union" ramp, would require Parliament to repeal several treaties.  With the decadent nature of many of the Anglo-Celts, and their blind voting patterns, plus the millions of seemingly unassimilable aliens in the land, this would take a change of ideas verging on the miraculous. COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Aug 30 - Sep 05, 2011]

    • Muslims share same concerns.   

    Muslims share same concerns

      The Record (R.C. Perth, W. Australia, weekly), , <office § therecord com au> , CNS, p 8, Wednesday, August 31, 2011
       VATICAN CITY – The head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has encouraged Catholics and Muslims to work together to promote spirituality.
       Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran said both Christians and Muslims were concerned about the challenges of materialism and secularisation and the loss of the importance of spiritual and moral values in society.
       The message, was issued in 30 different languages and addressed to Muslims around the world to mark the end of Ramadan.
       Cardinal Tauran deplored that "Christians and Muslims were too often witnesses to the violation of the sacred" and often mistrusted by others.
       "We cannot but denounce all forms of fanaticism and intimidation, the prejudices and polemics", as well as the fact that believers are, at times, the object of discrimination by people in society, politics and the mass media, he said.
       "Christians and Muslims, beyond their differences, recognise the dignity of the human person endowed with both rights and duties," the Cardinal wrote.
       Younger generations embracing religious and moral values was a common concern, he said.  CNS #

       [COMMENT: The words about spiritual, religious, and moral values, and "the dignity of the human person endowed with both rights and duties," would sound rather hollow in the ears of the womenfolk living under Muslim repression and disorder.  A captured woman is lawful to be raped, after going through the mockery of giving her a garment and pretending marriage, according to an infamous reading, and slave-girls are common in the Mohammedan texts.  Having sex with a woman married to someone else is permitted, if she is in your hands as a slave !  And if two witnesses can join a man in lying that a woman has agreed to marriage, the man is free to have carnal relations with her, according to a Hadith.  To cap it off, the Koran scripture's rule that good women are obedient is as bad as some other religions' scripture that women must obey their husband. COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  4:3:- … marry but two, or three, or four … or the slaves whom ye have acquired.
       4:24 (or 4:28):- Forbidden to you also are married women, except those who are in your hands as slaves <­suras/­sura4.html­#24> SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH: Sahih Bukhari's Volume 6, Book 60, Number 139:- … We used to participate in the holy wars carried on by the Prophet and we had no women (wives) with us.  So we said (to the Prophet): "Shall we castrate ourselves?"  But the Prophet forbade us to do that and thenceforth he allowed us to marry a woman (temporarily) by giving her even a garment, and then he recited:  "O you who believe!  Do not make unlawful the good things which Allah has made lawful for you.". <http://­­dept/MSA/fundamenta­ls/hadithsunnah/buk­hari/060.sbt.html#0­06.060.139 [[The Koran scripture quoted is of 5:87, <­dept/MSA/quran/005.qmt.html#005.087>.]]
       9, 86:98: … The Prophet said, "A virgin should not be married till she is asked for her consent; and the matron should not be married till she is asked whether she agrees to marry or not."  It was asked, "O Allah's Apostle! How will she (the virgin) express her consent?"  He said, "By keeping silent."  Some people said, "If a virgin is not asked for her consent and she is not married, and then a man, by playing a trick presents two false witnesses that he has married her with her consent and the judge confirms his marriage as a true one, and the husband knows that the witnesses were false ones, then there is no harm for him to consummate his marriage with her and the marriage is regarded as valid.". <­­dept/MSA/funda­mentals/hadith­sunnah/bukhari/­086.sbt.­html#­009.086.098>   TRADITION ENDS.]
    [p 8, Aug 31, 2011]

    • Presentation of Halal Petition in Australia.   
    In Touch

    Presentation of Halal Petition in Australia

       Barnabas Aid magazine, <> (Britain and international), <info § barnabasfund org>, p 26, September-October 2011
       [A member of the Australian House of Representatives] has kindly agreed to present and speak to the Petition against the Imposition of Halal.
       Over 11,500 Australians have signed the petition, which calls for the labelling of meat products so that informed choices can be made when buying.
       While we acknowledge Muslims' right to eat what their religion requires, the petition also expresses concern that part of the purchase price of halal meat goes to halal certifying agencies and is then used to promote Islam in Australia.
       We will give more information on the presentation of the petition in the November/ December 2011 magazine.
      [Picture of Petitions in Binders] Over 11,500 Australians signed the Barnabas Fund Petition against the Imposition of Halal.   #

       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  16:106 (or 16:108):- … whoso openeth his breast to disbelief – on such shall be wrath from Allah, and a severe punishment awaiteth them. <­dept/MSA/­quran/016.­qmt.html­#016.106>
       33:1:- O Prophet, fear thou Allah and obey not the unbelievers and the hypocrites; – Truly Allah is Knowing, Wise. <­dept/MSA/­quran/033. ­qmt.html­#033.001>
       33:48 (or 33:47):- And obey not (the behests) of the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and heed not their annoyances, but put thy Trust in Allah.  For enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.  SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH: Sunan Abu-Dawud's, Book 14, Number 2635:- Narrated Anas ibn Malik:  The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: I am commanded to fight with men till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Apostle, face our qiblah (direction of prayer), eat what we slaughter, and pray like us.  When they do that, their life and property are unlawful for us except what is due to them.  They will have the same rights as the Muslims have, and have the same responsibilities as the Muslims have.   TRADITION ENDS.]
    [page 26, Sep-Oct 2011]

    • Five repressive ideologies 
    Regional Profile


       Barnabas Aid magazine, <> (Britain and international), <info § barnabasfund org>, pp 8-9, September-October 2011
       Within this large area, in which Christian minorities struggle to maintain their worship and witness in the midst of such grave instability, five ideologies [Islam, Hinduism, Nationalism, Communism, Buddhism] dominate the various societies.  Sometimes they are in competition with each other; sometimes they work in uneasy alliance; but everywhere they are bad news for the churches.
    (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives)
       Islam is the majority religion in four of the South Asian countries, commanding the adherence of between 90 and 100% of their citizens. Pakistan and Bangladesh were created as homelands for South Asian Muslims. Although they began their existence as secular states, the former was made an Islamic republic in 1956 and a theocratic state in 1973, while the latter adopted Islam as its state religion in 1988. Afghanistan is also an Islamic republic, and in the Maldives Islam is the only recognised religion.
       The dominance of Islam in these nations poses immense problems for their Christian minorities.
      [Picture] Students at a Bible college in Bangladesh that Barnabas Fund has supported.  
       Legal penalties. As in many Muslim-majority countries, Christians are liable to harassment and discrimination through the legal system. The most notorious example of this problem is Pakistan's "blasphemy law". Under its provisions, desecration of the Quran [Koran] carries the punishment of life imprisonment, and defiling the name of Muhammad incurs a mandatory death sentence.
       The law is often exploited to settle personal scores and grudges, and Christians are especially vulnerable to malicious, false accusation. Although no-one has yet been executed for blasphemy, many of those charged have spent months or years in custody while their cases are considered, and some have been murdered by zealous Muslims. Extremists in Bangladesh are demanding the introduction of similar laws there.
    Christian victim of the blasphemy law
       Aasia Bibi (46), a Christian mother of five, is currently on death row in Pakistan.  She was falsely accused in 2010 of insulting Muhammad and was prosecuted and convicted under the blasphemy law.  If her appeal fails, she faces execution in November.  Two prominent politicians, one Muslim and one Christian, who have taken up her cause have been assassinated during 2011.
       The Maldives adhere strictly to sharia law, and although the 2008 constitution introduced many democratic changes, it contained no guarantee of freedom of religion. In Pakistan too elements of sharia have been Implemented, and it has a significant place in the legal and taxation systems and in public life generally.    Discrimination. Social, political and legal discrimination against Christians is widespread in these countries, where, as in most of the Islamic world, they are regarded as second-class. In Pakistan Christians are generally mistrusted, suspected of siding with the "Christian" West against their own country. Their educational opportunities are limited: they are given no instruction in their own faith and face many difficulties in obtaining university places. Most are from the poorest stratum of society, and many can get only the most menial jobs.
       Anti-Christian discrimination in education and employment is common also in Bangladesh, while in the Maldives the existence of non-Muslims is barely recognised. The constitution expressly forbids them from becoming citizens, and a government minister has declared, "All Maldivians are Muslims." The small number of indigenous Christians are ostracised and carefully watched.
       Violence. Violence against Christians has been characteristic of Islam almost from the first, and the South Asian countries see their share of this. In Pakistan individuals and whole Christian communities have been brutally attacked and their property destroyed, and in Bangladesh several Christians, including some evangelists, have been martyred in recent years. In war-torn Afghanistan, where the Taliban's violent insurgency has destabilised much of the country and cost so many lives, Christians are at particular risk of violence.
    An Afghan martyr for Christ
       A recently-released video shows the beheading of an Afghan Christian, Abdul Latif, by the Taliban in Herst Province.
       One of the killers says, "All praise be to our creator almighty god [sic] that he helped and blessed the holy warriors … he is punished according to the commandment of god [sic] so that it is a warning to other infidels."
       They shout "Allahu Akbar" ("god is great") over and over again during the murder, and they bring an execution notice to hang on the wall.
       Ill-treatment of converts. All schools of Islamic law prescribe the death penalty for adult, male Muslims who choose to leave their religion. This "apostasy law" makes many Muslims in South Asia very hostile to Christian converts from Islam. Television footage of baptisms in Afghanistan in 2010 triggered a frenzied anti-Christian response, with leading political figures calling for the execution of converts. A number of Christians were arrested, and at least two were held for some months.
       Forced conversion. Islam is a missionary faith, and Muslims' zeal for converts is sometimes expressed forcibly. This form of persecution is particularly severe in Pakistan, where some Muslim men abduct Christian girls, force them to convert to Islam, and then marry them. One estimate puts the annual number of forced conversions to Islam as high as 500 to 600.
      [Picture] The husband of Pakistani Christian Rukhsana Abass was murdered by a Muslim for not picking up rubbish quickly enough.  

       [RECAPITULATION: Aasia Bibi (46), a Christian mother of five, … was falsely accused in 2010 of insulting Muhammad … she faces execution in November.  Two prominent politicians, one Muslim and one Christian, who have taken up her cause have been assassinated during 2011. ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: A god who has to rely on executions to win respect is not the real god of the universe.  A religion that supports murders of leaders trying to be decent is not the kind of religion that sensible people want introduced into their neighbourhood.  Rape-marriages are not likely to convince ordinary people of the goodness of this faith.  Sadly, rape-marriage is supported in several texts, including <http://­­dept/MSA/quran/033.q­mt.html#033.050> and <http://­­dept/MSA/fundamentals­/hadithsunnah/bukhari/­086.sbt.­html#­009.086.098>. COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the same book as on tablets kept by Allah):  8:12:- … I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. <­dept/MSA/quran/008.q­mt.html#008.­012> SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH: Sunan Abu-Dawud's, Book 19, Number 2996:- … The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_ upon_him) said: If you gain a victory over the men of Jews, kill them.  So Muhayyisah jumped over Shubaybah, a man of the Jewish merchants.  … He then killed him. …   TRADITION ENDS.]
       [AUSTRALIAN ADDRESS: Barnabas Fund Australia, Postal Suite 107, 236 Hyperdome, Loganholme, Qld, 4129, Australia.]
    [pages 8-9, Sep-Oct 2011]

    • My sensible solution for refugees.

    My sensible solution for refugees

       The West Australian, <letters § wanews com au>, Letters to The Editor, p 22, Monday, September 5, 2011
    My sensible solution for refugees
       Yet another fiasco. When is our Government going to put in place a sensible and humane approach to those claiming asylum? It really isn't that difficult.
       Step 1: Rescind the signature and withdraw from the UN Convention on Refugees (Article 44 was included to permit such withdrawal for exactly the reasons now being experienced).
       Step 2: Enact Australian laws to duplicate the good points of the convention and reject poor ones.
       Step 3: All illegal arrivals of people in Australia, be they by boat or by air, claiming refugee status to be immediately transferred to one of the'many UN recognised refugee camps around the world and an equivalent number of legally recognised and processed refugees in those camps invited as legitimate immigrants to Australia and given assistance to settle and integrate.
       Step 4: Close down all but one offshore temporary holding camp (Christmas Island) and one onshore processing facility for UN-approved refugee immigrants.
       The result of such an approach would be to remove the incentive of people to make the hazardous passage through several countries by seeking the dubious, dangerous and self-centred help of people smugglers; to put those people smugglers out of business; to demonstrate to the world that Australia has a humane approach to refugees by assisting those who have done the right thing and waited patiently, sometimes for 10 years or more, for their turn at resettlement; and finally remove the antagonism engendered in Australians against people who are considered "queue jumpers".
       Costs would also be under control.

    Treat cause

       Yet another attempt to stop the flow of boat people has run aground because we're treating the symptom, not the cause. We are taking the self-righteous sissy path and falling over self-imposed legal hurdles.
       We are only taking charge once they get here. Prevention is better than cure.We should be targeting the people smugglers. Without them the problem disappears.
       There are two ways of achieving this: by placing a bounty of $10,000 for a captured smuggler or paying Indonesia and other countries a few billion dollars a year to stop the flow by any means of their choice.
       I've recently been to Malaysia and, believe me, the locals are really disgruntled with these people. They take jobs, don't pay tax and "lower the tone" of the local society. I'm sure the Indonesians hold similar views, so a nice big fat "cash wedge" would definitely help solve the problem.

    Our hands tied

       With the failure of Labor's Malaysia solution, Australia has finally become the soft underbelly of the Pacific region. We are now the only country in the region which has no control of its own borders and security.
       People who are not citizens have effectively tied our hands so we cannot prevent them from coming here. People smugglers effectively make the final decision on who enters this country.
       We have only ourselves to blame. For the past three years Australia has been engaged in a political civil war between the parties to the extent that it has prevented effective progress and government for the future.
       The High Court decision has apparently rewritten Australia's refugee laws and crippled the elected Government of this nation from taking any action.
       If we are to get out of this mess we need a policy that works and politicians of a higher calibre. I won't hold my breath. Oh for a benevolent dictatorship.

    Safer option

       Australia is receiving a steady trickle of people who are variously described by their advocates as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who are supposedly fleeing from their country of origin in fear of their lives.
       In addition to those people who arrive here "legally" are those who have made their way here by boat. Many of those seeking to live here are from Afghanistan, which is a very long way from Australia.
       Having recently spent several months in the central Asian states and exploring along the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, I can say that the border is relatively open and people officially and unofficially move between countries by crossing the Amu-Darya River. This crossing is easy when the waters are low.
       Surely desperate people would take the easy, safer option and cross the river into Tajikistan where their neighbours speak a similar language and share the same Islamic faith?
       So why do they risk their lives on dangerous boats if they are in danger of their lives at home? It is because open-door Australia is seen to offer so much more than Afghanistan's neighbours. We give generous welfare and benefits with no need to learn English or fit in with the Australian way of life – as well as the scope to repatriate families to Australia.
       As long as our leaders are more concerned about meeting international obligations and bowing to the United Nations and the highly vocal and aggressive refugee advocates, the influx of asylum seekers will continue.
       Our national sovereignty is being destroyed by the very institutions that are supposed to uphold it.
       Every time Australian citizens raise questions about the sustainability of our way of life, our freedom of speech and our ability to support a burgeoning population we are treated with contempt by our leaders who pander to the rest of the world.

    Wrong priority

       It is clear that anyone who could afford to pay people smugglers $6000 for a place on a boat to Australia is not a real refugee. To a Bangladeshi, forced to sell a kidney for less than $2000 to survive, these people must surely seem affluent.
       Refugees from Ethiopia, Somalia and similar places have no idea what money is. These are the people who Have first claim on sanctuary.
       What the advocates for the boat people are doing is to deny others who are much more worthy. Get your priorities right.

    [Can't even deport terror suspects.]

       While, of course, Australia should play its part in resettling refugees, it now appears that we have no control of our borders.
       Queue jumpers are to be rewarded, while those who apply through proper channels are to take second place.
       That is not because of the Government, but because of the High Court, which appears to have made it impossible to settle refugees anywhere because they must be promised access to housing and jobs.
       Even Australians aren't promised access to housing and jobs. It also seems from other recent news that we cannot even deport those who have been given an adverse security assessment.

    [Labor, Coalition]

       Ladies and gentlemen, well may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the Labor Government – but God save us from the alternative.

    [Refugee treaty needs alterations.]

       Our international treaty obligations were signed many years ago when war and its consequences were very different from today
       Conflicts involving terrorists, not armies, drag on for decades, causing untold misery from which people try to escape. Australia is a relatively wealthy country and its people generous to those in need.
       We don't want to turn away those seeking refuge.  Perhaps it's time to re-visit our treaty obligations, taking into account the new global conditions which will be with us for many years.

    [Subject to law.]

       A High Court decision and how the Government bleats when it, too, is subject to the rule of law.

    [Blunderer, time waster.]

       Let us imagine that in the business I work for I went out and spent millions of dollars on a project feasibility study and got it approved by my colleagues and bosses to go ahead. How long do you think I'd keep my job if the project was canned for not getting a simple bit of legal consultancy done to cover my potential liability once started?
       This Federal Government is incompetent to a point of frustration, spending millions of dollars on pushing policies and taxes that none of us can understand or grasp.
       What a pity that our first female Prime Minister will be remembered as a blunderer and time waster. On the flip side, she may have made the same mistake with the carbon and mining taxes, so we can only hope.

    [Pacific Solution best.]

       Please, let's just reopen John Howard's Pacific Solution processing centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru and move on.
       That will stop people drowning, stop the human-flesh traders of South East Asia, stop the Aussie public moaning and give the ALP oligarchy time to think up a policy that really addresses the problem without loads of boats chugging down on us towards a sensitive press and all of us who vote from a feeling-threatened perspective.
       Control your rabid left, stay in power and stop driving and slashing and whipping yourselves into an electoral backwash. Better to be in power without morals than without power with morals!
       Letters to the Editor, WA Newspapers, GPO Box N 1027 Perth WA 6843. Fax 08 9482 3830. <letters § wanews /./ com /./ au>
    [Sep 05, 2011]

    • Where I was on that day.   
          The West Australian, , letters § wanews com au , by Professor Samina Yasmeen, p 11, Thursday, September 8, 2011


       Professor Samina Yasmeen
       I was sitting in front of the TV watching a movie when I flicked to another channel which was showing the attacks.
       I thought it was another movie. It was a very traumatic moment.
       I phoned my family in Pakistan, including my brother who was with the Foreign Ministry at the time and my sister who was the chairwoman of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis, so although I was in Perth, I was very connected to the ramifications this would have for Pakistan and Muslim minorities.
       I remember thinking, "How could anyone in the name of Islam do this?"
       Professor Samina Yasmeen is director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of WA

       [RECAPITULATION: … ramifications … Muslim minorities … ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: The danger is not to Muslim, but to non-Muslim minorities, if the jihadists make further gains.  In Afghanistan the jihadists have killed more U.S. troops than ever in a recent period.  In Pakistan, where Prof. Yasmeen's relatives were, Islamists have in recent months murdered two prominent people who opposed the judicial murder of a woman falsely accused of blasphemy.  This execution is planned "in the name of Islam." COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Sep 8, 2011]

    • Why the 9/11 jihadists killed thousands.
       Letter sent to The West Australian, , letters § wanews com au , on Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Why the 9/11 jihadists killed thousands

       UWA's Professor Sameena Yasmeen expresses wonder that 9/11 could be carried out in the name of Islam ("Where I was on that day" 8/9).
       Non-Muslims might accept her statement if every mosque in the world had declared a fatwa against the perpetrators, and those who sent them.
       Instead, there was rejoicing throughout part of the Muslim world, and small outbreaks in other lands, including a supportive banner in the Darwin area, which was taken down after a short time.
       Right from the days of the small band in Arabia that attacked trading caravans from Mecca, right through the destruction of churches, synagogues and temples, and up to the present day when two Pakistani leaders were murdered for seeking to spare the life of a Christian woman unjustly sentenced to death, many Muslims have followed the rule to fight until no other religion except Islam is left (Koran 2:193 or 2:189) <>.
       Allah has transformed some Jews and Christians into "apes and swine" (Koran 5:60), we read.  With the abhorrence of pigmeat, perhaps the mass-murderers had been pondering on that scripture.
       Or, perhaps those who illegally seized planes to crash into New York and Washington had been reading that garments of fire would be cut out for unbelievers (Koran 22:19 or 22:20). <­suras/sura22.html#19>
       Before reading any answer to this letter, could we ask readers to meditate on the Koran 66:2 and Sahih Bukhari's hadith collection, Volume 7, Book 67, Number 427 about being released from oaths.

    After this was sent, the sender discovered that <­suras/sura22.html#19> did not give a direct link to the Koran 22:19 referred to.  Viewers might prefer to visit <>.
    [Sep 08, 2011]

    • Immoral response; Mistakes       

    Immoral response

       The Sunday Times (Perth, W. Australia), p 4, Sunday, September 11, 2011
       BRITAIN and the US lost their moral authority with measures they put in place after the 9/11 attacks, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.
       Setting up the Guantanamo Bay detention camp was a mistake, Mr Cameron told Al Jazeera TV in an interview to mark the attacks' 10th anniversary.
       "We can certainly see … mistakes were made in that we lost some of our moral authority, which is vital to keep when you're trying to make your case in the world," Mr Cameron said.
       Fresh claims have also emerged that British spies illegally transferred terror suspects after 9/11 to countries where they faced torture.  Libyan Islamist Sami al-Saadi said he and his family were detained by MI6 and handed over to authorities in Libya, who allegedly tortured him. #

       [COMMENT: Regarding UK PM David Cameron's confession in "Immoral response," Sunday Times (Western Australia), Sep 11, Westerners have only "officially" stopped torture in the past 100 or so years.  On the other hand, the alleged hijackers of aircraft that were supposedly deliberately flown into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, and the other plane that crashed after the passengers fought back, were said to be Muslims.
       Torture and cruelty are among the punishments recorded in Muslim texts as being sanctioned by the Muslim leadership around the time of Mohammad (see below).
       Mr Cameron's confession confirms that Britain, as well as the United States, handed prisoners over to cruel torturing regimes such as Libya and the USA.  But, it seems from previous revelations that Australian representatives, also, were involved in the inquisition of prisoners held by the U.S. torture regime at Guantanamo Bay (Cuban territory immorally held by the U.S.).
       For the British leader now to condemn torture, shortly AFTER a commission has reported on the beating to death of a "suspect" who seemingly had nothing to do with terrorism, is politically very adept.  The small percentage of people who study the news will say "Well, that's all right then, we are contrite," and then go back to sleep.  Let us ask, will the British government now prosecute the British spies who acted illegally, plus the politicians who illegally invaded Iraq - led by Bush (junior), Blair, and Howard ?
       By the way, the pretext for the first invasion, that of Afghanistan, was to seize Mr Osama Bin Laden, the supposed leader of the terrorists of Al-Quaeda who hijacked the planes.
       Mr Cameron, the United States has claimed recently to have killed Bin Laden.  (This is the third report of his death!)  So, the supposed cause of the attack being gone, why not leave Afghanistan to work out its own future – Sunni Muslim versus Shi'ite Muslim and vice-versa, both major sects against minor sects, and most Muslim sects versus the Kurds and non-Muslims ?  And refugees by the thousand to flee to the "kufar" infidel West !
       And, do Australians remember, at the start of one of the invasions, a reporter asking how long the Aussies would be in the country, and the then "Liberal" PM John Howard saying "Months, rather than years" ?  How about an Australian Royal Commission to find out why he said that, and why he, and the successor "Labor" governments of Mr Kevin Rudd and Ms Julia Gillard, have not quickly withdrawn the Aussies ?  COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the Angel Gabriel's message from Allah):  5:33 (or 5:37):- The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be exiled from the land; … <>
       5:38 (or 5:42):- And (as for) the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off their hands as a punishment for what they have earned, an exemplary punishment from Allah …
       5:45 (or 5:49):- And We decreed for them in it that:  the life for the life, the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose, the ear for the ear, the tooth for the tooth, and an equivalent injury for any injury. …
       24:2: The woman and the man guilty of fornication or adultery,– flog each of them with a hundred stripes. … <http://­­dept/MSA/­quran/024.­qmt.html#­024.002> SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH:  Sunan Abu-Dawud's, Book 38, Number 4356: - Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: Some people raided the camels of the Prophet (peace_be_ upon_him), drove them off, and apostatised.  They killed the herdsman of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_ upon_him) who was a believer.  He (the Prophet) sent (people) in pursuit of them and they were caught.  He had their hands and feet cut off, and their eyes put out.  TRADITION ENDS.]
    [Sep 11, 2011]

    • J.J shows true colours.     

    J.J shows true colours

       The West Australian, <>, "Inside Cover" with Gary Adshead, <inside cover§wanews com au>, <>, p 2, Monday, September 12, 2011
       Also of historic value to WA is a man called J. J. Simons who died in 1948.  The businessman, politician and newspaper owner arrived here in about 1896 and left his mark so well that Subiaco Oval's three-tier stand, which opened in 1969, was named after him.
       During some research into Mr Simons' life, a colleague turned up – how do we put this – very revealing newspaper articles featuring the views of the 193cm tall gentleman before he became a Labor MP in 1921.
       One came under the heading, The Asiatic Problem.
       "I consider it should be compulsory for every restaurateur and hotelkeeper who employs a coffee-coloured coon to post in a conspicuous position, in letters a foot deep, the following notice," Mr Simons said. "WE EMPLOY ASIATICS HERE.  In this way every true Australian would have an opportunity of expressing his repugnance to the practice by carrying his custom elsewhere."
       Believe it, or not, there was worse than that in the article, which described Mr Simons as a "fine Australian patriot" with "emphatic views on the Asiatic question".
       The founder of the Young Australian League and secretary of the WA National Football League from 1905 to 1914, Mr Simons was described in one biography as "strong-willed". The word racist also comes to mind. #

       [COMMENT: His was a majority view in his time.  He was a part owner of the rival newspaper, the Sunday Times, a Western Australian weekly (which later was bought out by Rupert Murdoch's News Limited).  Often in newspaper and other writings he was referred to as J.J. "Boss" Simons.  Under his leadership, the Young Australian League devised and built the Hills retreat called Araluen.  The YAL has a premises in Murray St, Perth city, with memorabilia of the adventurous activities, including overseas, of its members.  COMMENT ENDS.]
       [MEASUREMENTS: Mr Simons' height given as 193cm tall = about 6 feet 4 inches in Imperial measure in use during his life.  In the fourth paragraph, the phrase "a foot deep" means slightly less than 30·5 centimetres.  ENDS.]
    [Original statement said to be in 1921; Sep 12, 2011]

    • My Brother the Islamist.     

    My Brother the Islamist

       Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), <http://­­compass/­s3294939.htm>, with Geraldine Doogue, 18 September 2011
       Summary: A brother tries to understand why his ordinary middle-class stepbrother has become a fundamental Muslim who believes Britain should be ruled by Sharia Law.
       Tree-surgeon-cum-documentary film-maker Robb Leech grew up in an English seaside town, so too did his stepbrother Rich.  But a year ago Rich became a radical Islamist.  He now calls himself Salahuddin and he associates with jihadist fundamentalists who believe the UK should be ruled by Sharia Law.
       Rob tries to reconnect with his stepbrother and find out why the person he'd once looked up to as a teenager could so strongly reject all that his family and the West believe in.  As Robb spends time with Salahuddin, he witnesses a very particular phenomenon – the embrace of radical Islamism by young men, many of them white.
       More Info: To enquire about obtaining a copy of this program please contact ABC Program Sales <http://­­programsales> 1300 650 587 or <progsales § abc net au>
       Please note the ABC IS only able to provide transcripts for programs produced by the ABC Religion and Ethics department. #

       [COMMENT: The older convert said plainly that the rest of Britain had to convert, or accept a humble status, or be killed.  He had a strong distaste for most of the Western way of life. COMMENT ENDS.]
       [LOOK BACK: This documentary had been broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation on April 4, 2011.  Find newsitem about this at <why-did-my>.  ENDS.]
    [Sep 18, 2011]

    • Government pushed to contain terrorists.   

    Government pushed to contain terrorists

       The Record (R.C. Perth, W. Australia, weekly), <>, p 8, Wednesday, September 21, 2011
       NIGERIA – For the second time in as many weeks, a prominent member of the Nigerian bishops' conference has pushed the government to get a handle on violence perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect.
       The president of the Nigerian bishops'conference, Archbishop Felix Alaba Job of Ibadan, said that, within the past five years, security agencies had furnished governments at all levels with information on activities of the extremist Islamic sect, but nothing significant had been done to curtail their activities.
       "We have spoken at length on it," he said at the opening Mass of the Nigerian bishops' week-long plenary in Abakaliki.  "The blame as I know it is with the government."

       [COMMENT: Nigeria is another African country suffering from Islamic misrule, as the steady push to eradicate all non-Muslim faiths continues.  COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the Angel Gabriel's message from Allah):  2:193 (or 2:189):- … Fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left. SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH:  Sahih Bukhari's, 5, 59:600:- … I said to Ibn 'Umar, "I want to migrate to Sham."  He said, "There is no migration, but Jihad (for Allah's Cause).  Go and offer yourself for Jihad, and if you find an opportunity for Jihad (stay there) otherwise, come back."   (In another narration) Ibn 'Umar said, "There is no migration today or after Allah's Apostle."  (and completed his statement as above.) TRADITION ENDS.]
    [Sep 21, 2011]

    • Spreading the word.  [A council in Victoria, Australia, is spending ratepayers' money to make Muslims feel more at home.]     

    Spreading the word

       Today Tonight, Television Channel 7, Australia, <http://­­today-tonight­/lifest­yle/art­icle/-/104065­68/Spre­adingth­eword-Today­Tonigh­t_files/>, with Jonathan Creek, 6:28 pm, October 5, 2011
       A council is spending ratepayers' money to make Muslims feel more at home, by funding workers to spread the word of Islam.
       Darebin Council in Melbourne's north is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Rober McClelland's Counter Violent Extremism Fund.
       The successful applicant will be paid $66,000 a year.
       As a ratepayer Vicki Janson says the community was never consulted, and as the Deputy President of the Q Society - a group concerned with the Islamification of Australia - she's outraged.
       “We're for integration not segregation, and really for upholding what we would call Australian values,” Janson said.
       The Attorney General sees the plan as a way of building a strong and cohesive society, and resilience in the community against extremism.
       The job description states that the officer’s role will be to "Strengthen the Islamic Society of Victoria and (find) how they can be more effective in the community". Also to implement strategies that assist the Islamic Society to dispel myths and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.
       It’s an honourable pursuit, but should ratepayers be footing the bill to promote one religion over another?
       The Ratepayers Association's Jack Davis asks “are we going to subsidise all these other religions for the same sort of thing?”
       Nazeem Hussein is spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Victoria and says the initiative is all about educating Anglo-Australians, not recruiting for the Islamic faith.
       “I think Australians do need to perhaps step out and understand people who aren't from an Anglo-Saxon background. We do in Australia have a problem with not really understanding our diverse, multi-cultural, multi-religious groups that do exist within this broad society,” he said.
       “I think a lot of the critics actually have that fear or that lack of understanding about what it means to be Muslim and these sorts of people would actually be natural participants in this program.”
       The Attorney General declined to be interviewed but in a statement revealed the Gillard Government has spent more than $9.7 million on similar initiatives to counter radicalisation in our communities - from sporting clubs to Islamic Associations and Arabic social services.
       However, no program like this for any other religious group has ever been run before, so the question that remains unanswered is why now?
       “This isn't specifically targeted at benefiting a section of the community, it's targeted at benefiting the whole community, so we need to keep that in mind,” Hussein said.
       The job description says nothing about having to be a Muslim to apply for the position.
       Media Statement from Darebin Mayor Cr Diana Asmar
       'Darebin Muslims Reaching Out' – Project Officer position
       The purpose of Darebin’s 12 month Federal Government funded ‘Darebin Muslims Reaching Out’ project officer position is to build links between Islamic community groups and the wider Darebin community.
       This project is one example of how Darebin works towards removing barriers to community participation for its many diverse communities, which it does through a broad range of programs.
       Over the 12 month period, the officer will be employed to develop and implement activities that help to dispel myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. The officer will work with the Islamic Society of Victoria and the local community to help develop a range of activities and manage relationships; organise activities that engage the Muslim community in broader community events and vice versa, such as festivals and celebrations across Darebin, with a focus on young people. #

       [ADDRESS:City of Darebin, PO Box 91, PRESTON, Vic, 3072, Australia.
       [LINK/S: City of Darebin (Victoria, Australia), <http://­­page/HomePage.aspx>.
       Q Society of Australia Inc., <http://­>.  ENDS.]
    [To webpage 29 Mar 2012; broadcast Oct 5, 2011]

    • Imam found guilty of abusing young girls.  [Mohammedan = Muslim]   

    Imam found guilty of abusing young girls

       Swindon Advertiser (England), <http://­­news/9307850.I­mam_found_guil­ty_of_abusing_y­oung_girls/>, By Scott D'Arcy, 9:40am Saturday 15th October 2011
       A 'DESPICABLE' paedophile who abused three girls when he was an Imam at a town centre mosque has been convicted by a jury.
       Ebrahim Yusuf Kazi, 67, was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault on three girls aged under the age of 13.
       The offences took place between 1979 and 1986 at Broad Street Mosque, where Kazi was an Imam before moving to Gloucester.
       The victims have been praised by the police for their bravery in coming forward and one victim told the Adver she will come face-to-face with him at court next month to see him sentenced.
       Kazi's crimes were only revealed after one young victim contacted Wiltshire Police.
       PC Dawn Simmonds, the investigating officer, said that Kazi had abused his position to commit his crimes.
       She said: "Ebrahim Yusuf Kazi was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault on three girls aged under the age of 13.
       "The offences took place in the 1980s when Kazi was the Imam at the Broad Street Mosque in Swindon. As an Imam, Kazi was in a position of responsibility and trust, a position which he abused for his own gratification.
       "Not only did he subject these children to these despicable acts but he has shown no remorse for his actions, having now also put them through the ordeal of a trial.
       "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the victims who have shown great courage in coming forward. Without their continued assistance, this trial would not have been possible.
       "We encourage anyone, child or adult, who has been the victim of a sexual assault to tell someone.
       "If you don't want to report it to police, you can tell a trusted adult who can report it on your behalf, not only so that the offender can be identified but to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate help and support.
       "Sexual abuse has an enormous impact on victims and their families. We hope that the outcome of the trial will offer these three women some piece [peace] of mind."
       Kazi is set to be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court on November 2. #
    [Oct 15, 2011]

    • In Egypt, Rockville man witnesses attack on Coptic Christians  [Church burnings, shootings, the trend in Egypt now.]  

    In Egypt, Rockville man witnesses attack on Coptic Christians

    Post-revolution events worry county's Middle Eastern activists
       Gazette.Net (Maryland Community News Online), <http://­>, <http://­­article/­20111026/­NEWS/­7102­69574/­1094/1094/in-egypt-rockville-man-witnesses-attack-on-coptic-christians&tem­plate=gazette>, by Susan Singer-Bart, <ssinger­bart § gazette net>, Staff Writer, Wednesday, October 26, 2011
       Harry Malek attended a church service in Cairo, Egypt, the morning of Oct. 9, then watched on TV in the afternoon as police attacked worshippers marching from the church to a television station.
       The Coptic Christians were protesting the burning of a church in southern Egypt 10 days earlier and the treatment of the Christian minority since February, when President Hosni Mubarak's government fell.
       The estimated 6,000 marchers were shocked when police fired at them with live ammunition and ran them over with tanks, Malek said. The official death toll is 24. Malek suspects the toll is higher.
       Egyptian military officials explained the action to the New York Times by saying soldiers were terrified of the thousands of demonstrators.
       Malek, who lives in Rockville, flew home early the following morning.
       Malek's second trip to Egypt since June, this was intended to be a family visit. He was invited by the new Egyptian government in June as part of a delegation of Copts who met with the government to discuss the future of the Christian minority.
       "We are part of the Coptic Solidarity," he said.
       The Coptic Church, the major Christian church of Egypt, Ethiopia and the Middle East, split in the fifth century from what would become the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. [Webmaster: Or, rather, did the already-split Christian communities "split" from the Coptic Church?]
       Coptic Solidarity was formed in 2009 by Copts in the U.S., Europe and Canada to support members of the church in Egypt. More than 2 million Copts live in the U.S. and there are five Coptic churches in the greater Washington, D.C. area, Malek said. He is a member of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Cabin John.
       "We ask that they not apply Islamic law to Christians," Malek said.
       They also asked the government to liberalize rules that make building new churches difficult.
       Christians, primarily Copts, make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population of 85 million. The New York Times reports more than 93,000 Christians have left the country since the revolution.
       Christians throughout the Middle East are in danger, according to Charbel Moussa of Germantown, director of the Center for Education, Dialogue and Advanced Research of the American Lebanon Assembly in Washington, D.C.
       "Everybody was hoping things would change for the best," Moussa said. "We haven't seen that, unfortunately."
       Moussa meets regularly with Congressional leaders and administration officials to brief them on the Middle East. The Obama administration has not supported Christians in the Middle East, Moussa said.
       "I think what's happening in Egypt right now will happen to every country in the Middle East," he said.
       Coptic Christians who demonstrated in front of the White House last week were asking the U.S. government to help protect their basic human rights of religious freedom in Egypt, he said.
       Malek, who is in his 70s, moved to the United States in 1968.
       The situation was not as bad in June when Malek's delegation and Coptic Pope Shenouda III met with the Egyptian prime minister and cabinet secretaries, Malek said. The delegation told Egyptian officials they would go the international court if the new constitution imposes Islamic law. A new constitution has not yet been written.
       "The government is not free to do what they want because the military council is in charge," he said.
       The delegation did not meet with the military council.
       Shortly before Malek moved to the U.S., the Virgin Mary appeared to millions of Egyptians, he said. She stayed on the roof of a church named for her from 1968 to 1970, then reappeared in Egypt in 1986 and 2000.
       "I hope she will return," Malek said. "Her presence gives us peace and confidence."
       ssingerbart § gazette net #

       [COMMENT: The last two sentences, about the alleged appearances of the Virgin Mary, are quite a worry.  ENDS.]
       [COPTIC POPE? Yes, it isn't just the Roman Catholics, with their pope in the Vatican, who have a pope.  The Coptic Pope Shenouda III, of Egypt, is quoted in the above newsitem.  In addition, Theodore II in 2004 became head of the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchy of Alexandria, also in Egypt, and is titled as "Patriarch and Pope of Alexandria and all Africa," according to at <http://­­encyclopedia/G­reek_Orthodox_­Patriarch_of_A­lexandria> (checked on Nov 5, 2011).  ENDS.]
       [INDIGENOUS: Most of the Coptic Christians in Egypt are descendants of the native people of Egypt, conquered about 1400 years ago by Arabs from Arabia. ENDS.
       [ISLAMIC DOCTRINE supporting the killing of non-Muslims may be found by clicking Koran and Hadith on this website.  ENDS.]
    [Oct 26, 2011]

    • Deaths of Diggers a 'bitter day' for Australia: Gillard.     

    Deaths of Diggers a 'bitter day' for Australia: Gillard

       Sydney Morning Herald, <http://­­world/deaths-of-diggers-a-bitter-day-for-australia-gillard-20111029-1mpx0.html>, By Phillip Coorey, October 29, 2011
       Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the murder of three Australian soldiers and the wounding of three others by a supposed ally was designed to erode the trust in the mission and that between Australian soldiers and the Afghan national army.
       Describing the incident as "a bitter day for Australia", Ms Gillard said the mission would continue as planned.
       She conceded the deaths - which bring to four the number of Australians killed by Afghan allies this year - would cause Australians to ask "deep and troubling questions".
       But Ms Gillard said: "This does not change our mission."
       The soldiers were killed when an Afghan national soldier fired on a parade at a base in Shah Wali Kot, in Kandahar province, at 8.30am (about 3pm AEDT) yesterday.
       An Afghan interpreter was also killed in the incident. Seven others were wounded, including three Australians, two interpreters and two Afghan national army soldiers.
       The Australian Defence Force said the families have been notified.
       This is the largest single incident in Afghanistan involving Australian personnel. So far, 32 Australians have died in the Afghanistan mission and 209 have been wounded, including 43 this year. …

       [COMMENT: The attack on Afghanistan was supposedly because its Taliban government would not hand over Osama Bin Ladin.  Perhaps the Australian and other governments have forgotten that the United States has told the world that its Seals killed him in Pakistan in 2011.  So why are Australian and other troops still in Afghanistan?  "Mission accomplished" surely.  A more useful place to attack would be Somalia, which seems to be a nest of pirates. COMMENT ENDS.]
       [KORAN (said to be the Angel Gabriel's message from Allah):  2:193 (or 2:189):- … Fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left. <http://­­quran/002/002-193>
       9:32:- Fain would they extinguish Allah's Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His Light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it). SCRIPTURE ENDS.]
       [HADITH:  Sahih Bukhari's, 2, 23:414:- Narrated 'Urwa: ‘Āisha said, "The Prophet in his fatal illness said, 'Allah cursed the Jews and the Christians because they took the graves of their Prophets as places for praying'." …
       5, 59:600:- … I said to Ibn 'Umar, "I want to migrate to Sham."  He said, "There is no migration, but Jihad (for Allah's Cause).  Go and offer yourself for Jihad, and if you find an opportunity for Jihad (stay there) otherwise, come back."   (In another narration) Ibn 'Umar said, "There is no migration today or after Allah's Apostle."  (and completed his statement as above.) TRADITION ENDS.]
    [Oct 29, 2011]

    • Massacre in Egypt Said to Cost Government All Credibility.  The Christian Post, <http://­­news/massacre-in-egypt-said-to-cost-government-all-credibility-60352/> From Compass Direct News, 11:53 AM EDT, Thu, Nov. 03, 2011.  Killing of Christian protestors, far-fetched denials leave citizens enraged. [Nov 03, 2011]
    • Chill of Coptic winter on a spring night in Perth.  [Arabic abuse yelled at Perth Christians.]      

    Chill of Coptic winter on a spring night in Perth

       The Record (R.C. Perth, W. Australia, weekly), http://­ , BY SARAH MOTHERWELL, Pages One and 4, Wednesday, November 9, 2011
    TORCHES burned behind the St Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in East Victoria Park during the evening of Friday 4 November.  The 27 flames symbolised the lives of those killed at a protest in Cairo on 9 October against the increasing persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt.
       The candlelight vigil was interrupted as a car drove past the church and a man leaned out the window to shout something in Arabic.  Parishioners shook their heads and muttered "Muslim".
       It seems not even in Australia Coptic Christians can escape the ripples of the religious tensions in Egypt.  Violence towards the country's Christian minority has escalated over the past 10 months since the deposing of former strongman Hosni Mubarak.
       Australian-born Steven Sawiros, 17, told The Record at the Victoria Park vigil that his extended family had fled Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, to the United States on a tourist visa.
       They were now applying for refugee status.
       He said if the US government rejected their application they would have no option but to return to face possible persecution in Egypt.
       In Alexandria many Coptic girls had been kidnapped and made to convert to Islam, he said.  The church near his aunt's house had been bombed and his cousin now carried a taser for protection when out in public.
       Even in their homes, Coptic Christians were targeted.  Christian homes and businesses are looted and burned.
       The leader of the St Mary and Archangel Michael parish, Fr Abram Abdelmalek, said these were dark times.  "It has been called the Arab Spring that is supposed to bring the hope of a brighter future for Egypt.
       I'm sorry to say this Arab Spring has become a Coptic winter," he said.
       "The difficulty is grounded in an Islamic vision for society which affords a clearly defined place for non-Muslims and specifically including Christians.  Not all Muslims are seeking to implement this vision but many are and there is no coherent alternative vision being offered to Muslims in Egypt today."
    Chill of winter on spring night
       Fr Abram Abdelmalek told those at the vigil there had been 27 separate incidents of violence against Egypt's Copts this year.
       The same kind of international pressure that was exerted against the white apartheid regime in South Africa needed to happen again to save the Coptic Christians in Egypt, Fr Abdelmalek said.
       "I wonder every day if I will ever hear the president of Egypt stand up in parliament and say sorry for the persecution of indigenous Copts," he said.
       "What happened a month ago was no less than crimes against humanity."
      [Picture] Perth Coptic Christians and supporters attend the candlight vigil on Friday 4 November in Victoria Park.    PHOTO: R. HIINI  
       Fr Luke Sorsok, of St Mark and St George Coptic Orthodox Church in Wanneroo, said Egypt's economy was suffering due to the escalating violence.  In his parish there were now three families who had escaped Egypt this year.
       Many of those seeking asylum in Australia and elsewhere were qualified doctors, engineers and pharmacists, he said, who faced employment discrimination in Egypt.
       Among those at Friday's vigil was an ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity.  He said he was "taught in school to kill Christians" and survived being poisoned by a Muslim for converting to Christianity.
       The vigil was one of many held simultaneously around Australia, organised by the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of Melbourne.
       In Melbourne, a vigil at Federation Square attracted an estimated 1500 people.
      WA Coptic Appeal
       The community of St Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church launched an appeal in October to aid fellow Copts In Egypt.
       Donations can be made to the following account: Coptic Charities Commonwealth Bank BSB:063159; Account Number: 10246268.

       [RECAPITULATION: He said he was "taught in school to kill Christians" ... ENDS.]
       [COMMENT: Yes, it is in the Koran (scripture), various Hadiths (tradition), and there are some heart-rending stories in the Sita (life of Mohammed). COMMENT ENDS.]
    [Nov 9, 2011]

    • Neighbours ponder future.  [Syrians' freedom to worship might be in danger, too.]   

    Neighbours ponder future

       The Record (R.C. Perth, W. Australia, weekly), http://­ , BY ROBERT HIINI, p 4, Wednesday, November 9, 2011
    THE fruits of the 'Arab Spring' for Christians in Syria are also far from certain, according to a local Syrian Orthodox Church leader.
       Standing in solidarity with Coptic Orthodox Christians at a prayer vigil in Victoria Park on Friday night, the Rev Deacon Theodore Issa prayed for the souls of Egyptian Copts killed in recent protests and persecutions.
       The deacon recently returned from Jordan where he met the Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka.
       According to reports, he said, Christians in Syria were, for the moment, safe and free to worship.
      [Picture] A poster bears the words of St Paul outside the Coptic Orthodox Church in Victoria Park.    PHOTO: R. HIINI  
       "There is a lot at stake in countries like Syria and countries nearby if something goes wrong," he said.
       "What is the alternative (to the current regime)?  The only alternative we can see is what is happening in Egypt and the Christians are not in a better place than they used to be before this revolution."
       "We're hoping that it's not going to become a platform for persecution of Christians all over the world and in the Middle East, precisely," Deacon Issa said.
       "We're hoping for a peaceful resolution for the sake of our people; for the sake ot Syria."
       The Syrian Orthodox Church had established a substantial and dignified presence in Perth, Deacon Issa said.
       He came to Australia from his native Jordan in 1989, where his father, the Very Reverend Fr Chorepiscopus Boutros Touma Issa, served for 31 years before being asked to establish St Ephraim's Syrian Orthodox Church in Western Australia.
    [Nov 9, 2011]

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    Burqa a blight on women: minister; Veil of secrecy. PERTH, W. Australia: Minister for Women's Interests Robyn McSweeney yesterday blasted the practice of forcing women to wear the burqa, which covers a woman's entire body and has a mesh screen over the eyes. Apr 9-10, 2011.
    Burqa must be banned. AUSTRALIA: Five letters to the editor about NSW woman invader fooling police in court after refusing to remove face-mask and falsely accusing policeman of trying to use force to remove her mask. Jun 24, 2011
    Chill of Coptic winter on a spring night in Perth. W. AUSTRALIA: Arabic abuse yelled at Perth Christians. Nov 9, 2011
    Deaths of Diggers a 'bitter day' for Australia: Gillard. AUSTRALIA and AFGHANISTAN. Ally murders Australians and Afghans in a "secure" Australian base in Afghanistan. Oct 29, 2011
    Egypt's tenuous hold on Democratic Dream. EGYPT: Extremists holding banners wanting extremism, but democrats also at rallies. August 2011
    European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating; "Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers." AUSTRALIA: Part 1 of a 2-part presentation. Aug 22, 2011
    Five repressive ideologies: SOUTH ASIA: A segment from a multi-page explanation of the persecution of people trying to practice freedom of religion from Islam, Hinduism, Nationalism, Communism, and Buddhism, which dominate various parts of south Asia. Sep-Oct 2011
    Government pushed to contain terrorists. NIGERIA: Bishops again speak. Sep 21, 2011
    'Hate-speech' [sic] politician acquitted - NETHERLANDS.  Apple removes app - UNITED STATES. Jun 24, 2011
    How I lost faith in multiculturalism. AUSTRALIA: Long thoughtful article by well-known journalist Greg Sheridan.  Seeing Muslim youths taunt and spit at a non-Muslim woman on a railway station helped open his eyes. Apr 02, 2011
    Imam found guilty of abusing young girls.  ENGLAND: Mosque leader Ebrahim Yusuf Kaz molested three girls under 13yrs. Oct 15, 2011
    Immigration soars 20% in a year; Cameron's promise to crack down is in tatters. BRITAIN: British lost the plot on immigration years ago, (so it's not all David Cameron's fault, who after all is sharing power with the Liberal-Democrats.) Aug 30 - Sep 05, 2011
    Immoral response; Mistakes.  BRITISH Prime Minister says handing prisoners over for torture lost some of Britain's moral authority ! Sep 11, 2011
    In Egypt, Rockville man witnesses attack on Coptic Christians [Church burnings, shootings, the trend in Egypt now.] EGYPT and UNITED STATES. Oct 26, 2011
    J.J shows true colours. W.AUSTRALIA: "Boss" Simons was against Asian employees in Australian eating-houses in 1921. Sep 12, 2011
    Massacre in Egypt Said to Cost Government All Credibility. Nov 03, 2011
    Muslim bid to introduce sharia law into Australia. AUSTRALIA: Jun 11, 2011
    MUSLIM MAFIA: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America.  P. David GAUBATZ and Paul SPERRY.  UNITED STATES: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has infiltrated governments in the U.S., and a school is teaching that it is permitted to kill and steal from Jews and 'polytheists' / Christians. 2011
    Muslims share same concerns. VATICAN: the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue continues making an ass of itself. Aug 31, 2011
    Muslims to push for sharia. AUSTRALIA: The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils' Ikebal Adam Patel, nominated family law and specifically divorce. May 17, 2011
    My Brother the Islamist. AUSTRALIA and ENGLAND: This programme was re-broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sep 18, 2011
    My sensible solution for refugees. LETTERS mainly against the invaders and people smugglers, following the AUSTRALIAN High Court change of law. Sep 5, 2011
    Neighbours ponder future. W. AUSTRALIA: Syrians in Australia worry about their compatriots in the old country. Nov 9, 2011
    Plight of Egypt's Copts worsens. AUSTRALIA: Asylum plea granted. Aug 2011
    Potter star's attacker jailed. ENGLAND (Yes! "Mother of the Free" in 2011 !): Marry a Muslim, or die. Three-hour beating, and actress had to escape out of a window. Jan 23 (& 21), 2011
    Presentation of Halal Petition in Australia.  > 11,500 have signed. Sep-Oct 2011
    'Progressives,' and the Root Causes of Islamic Terror.  The non-Muslim 'priests of enlightenment' in the West have come to the Islamists' defense. By Tawfik Hamid, The Wall Street Journal, April 3,2007 (extract published Aug 2011)
    Religious dissent in Saudi Arabia.  Book Review, Awakening Islam. August 2011
    Spreading the word. MELBOURNE (Victoria, Australia): Darebin Council hires a person for $66k p.a. to spread the word on Islam.  It's not as it seems, says a council spokesperson.  Oct 5, 2011
    WA Lib MPs back Bishop on aid. AUSTRALIA: Liberal leader Tony Abbott wants no money to be donated to moderate Muslim schools in Indonesia.  Western Australian Liberals disagree. Feb 11, 2011
    Where I was on that day. W. AUSTRALIA: Islamist professor wonders how the September 11 attacks could have been done in the name of Islam. Sep 8, 2011
    Why did my brother become an extreme Islamist? ENGLAND: Dorset Englishman becomes Muslim. April 4, April
    Why the 9/11 jihadists killed thousands. Letter to editor responding to "Where I was on that day" by Prof. Samina Yasmeen. Sent Sep 8, 2011.
    [Women are third-rate citizens in Islam].  PERTH, W. Australia: Letter supporting the Hon. Robyn McSweeney's opposition to the burqa as being a symbol of repression of women. Apr 11, 2011
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