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Our Islamic Fifth Column, Radical clerics are recruiting British Muslim kids as terrorists, by Farrukh Dhondy, City Journal, BRITAIN. Terrorists who wanted to bomb British interests in Yemen were traced back to the mosque at Finsbury Park in north London. (Northern) Autumn 2001.
The Koran, that is, the Recitation. A selection. With World Wide Web links. Oct 7, 02.
The Hadith, that is, the Traditions. A selection, with WWW links. (Started on 18 Dec 06, hived off "koranhadith.htm" on Jul 9, 07.)
La Korano, Esperanta tradukaĵo, kun kunigiloj.  (Tradukado komencis Januaro 1, 2006, dividis for la "koran.htm" retpaĝo je Aŭgusto 23, 2007.)
Loud silence on Jihad, The Record, PERTH, Western Australia, letter to editor, Nov 21, 2002
From BALI to BETHLEHEM, The Anglican Messenger, PERTH, by Anthony H. Nichols, Anglican Bishop of North West Australia, December 2002
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Texts used to back the call to SUBMIT TO SELF-APPOINTED LEADERSHIP, ~ 18 Jan 03, AUSTRALIA
Islam not a peaceful religion, Wanneroo Times (PERTH northern suburbs), letter to editor, Jan 21 2003
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Saudi Arabia’s DEADLY EXPORT, Australian Reader's Digest, AUSTRALIA, by Brian Eads, pp 119-125, February 2003
Powell doesn't know who he is up against, The Observer, LONDON, by Jason Burke, Sunday February 9, 2003
Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda said "all those who collaborate with the Americans against Iraq are breaking with Islam.  ... the United States of America ... is endeavouring to realise the Zionist dream of Greater Israel in the area." Al Jazeera Satellite Channel, DOHA, 11th of February 2003;
AND, "Bin Laden Tape Urges Iraqi Suicide Bombs," The Miami Herald, NADIA ABOU EL-MAGD, Associated Press, Tue, Feb. 11, 2003
Reading: Surrender to Leadership, PERTH, Mar 28, 03
Smiling song of death by Bali accused. Amrozi, wearing knitted prayer cap, sang "Banish the Zionist bastards! Banish the filthy Christians!" The West Australian, AAP, August 1, 03
Mahathir delivers war cry to Muslims "We need guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships." Oct 16 2003
INCLUDING "Malaysia PM Calls for Muslims to Unite," By Rohan Sullivan, Associated Press Writer, PUTRAJAYA [new capital city], Malaysia, Thu Oct 16 2003
AND "Malaysian Urges Muslims to Unite Vs. Jews," By Slobodan Lekic, Associated Press Writer, PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia, Thu Oct 16,10:29 PM ET, including: "... a summit of Muslim leaders ... a standing ovation from the kings, presidents, sheiks and emirs -- including key U.S. allies ..." Oct 16 2003
Bin Ladin tape of threats to nations, Oct 18, 2003, Aljazeera TV, "We reserve the right to retaliate ... against ... especially the UK, Spain, Australia, Poland, Japan and Italy, ... those Muslim states that took part, especially the Gulf states, and in particular Kuwait, which has become a beachhead for the crusading forces." Saturday October 18, 2003, 20:24 Makka Time, 17:24 GMT.
Here's Lucy, caving in, taking flight, The Sydney Morning Herald, SYDNEY, au/articles/ 2003/10/24/ 1066974313719. html , attempt by certain Australian "invisible" pillars of the community including Kathryn Greiner to deny Palestinian woman peace activist Dr Hanan Ashrawi the full backing of the Peace Foundation, which had invited her to receive an honour. By Alan Ramsey, October 25, 2003
Links – Submit To Self-Appointed Leadership, January 06 2004
Chronology -- Submit To Self-Appointed Leadership, March 02 2004; Time-line of some of the major milestones in the movements seeking obedience to self-appointed leaderships, often vested in traditional garments.
The Islamic vacuum. RenewAmerica, by Barbara J. Stock, December 8, 2004. A man wrote to her there were no angry words in the Quran. When she sent him hundreds of lines such as, "Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them," there was just silence. Many Muslims live in a kind of vacuum, cut off from the society in which they live, and are subjected to hours of hate-filled, incoherent preaching every Friday in their Mosque.

We Are All Torturers Now.

  NEW YORK: The United States senators are likely to give full legitimacy to a path that the Bush administration set the country on more than three years ago, a path that has transformed the United States from a country that condemned torture and forbade its use to one that practices torture routinely. By Mark Danner, New York Times, Thursday, January 6, 2005.

Escape from slavery

  SUDAN: Light-skinned people speaking Arabic have been raiding villages in black-owned parts of the Sudan (the south, and the Darfur region in the west). They murder the men and enslave the women and children. Enslaved as a boy, Francis Bok has written of his experiences, his final escape, and his work in America to enlighten the world about the Sudan and similar tragedies. -- Australian Reader's Digest, readersdigest. com , extracted from book by Francis Bok with Edward Tivnan, pp 128-146, dated January 2006, received December 21, 2005
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Global Economy: The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns, By Ranjit Devraj, Asia Times Online, , October 6, 2001
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